Questions Asked on
March 27, 2017

  1. Math 120

    A die is tossed. Find the odds against rolling a number greater than 2 The odds against rolling a number greater than 2 are __ : ___

    asked by Beth
  2. Algebra 2

    Dante is making a necklace with 18 rows of tiny beads in which the number of beads per row is given by the series 3 + 10 + 17 + 24 + ... a. Use summation notation to write the series, give i.the lower limit of the sum ii.the upper limit of the sum iii.the

    asked by Fading
  3. physics

    Two springs, with force constants k1=175N/m and k2=270N/m, are connected in series When a mass m=0.50kg is attached to the springs, what is the amount of stretch, x?

    asked by ana
  4. Pre calc

    A water tower is located x = 375 ft from a building (see the figure). From a window in the building, an observer notes that the angle of elevation to the top of the tower is 39° and that the angle of depression to the bottom of the tower is 25°. How tall

    asked by Beth

    Use what you know from your reading and explain how the Scopes Trial was a reflection of the 1920s cultural clashes and evidence of a changing society

    asked by Help ASAP MS SUE
  6. physics help

    Driving in your car with a constant speed of v= 22 m/s, you encounter a bump in the road that has a circular cross-section, as indicated in the figure. If the radius of curvature of the bump is 52 m, find the apparent weight of a 66-kg person in your car

    asked by anonymous
  7. 8th Grade History

    How did Jefferson Davis's failure as a leader illustrate a key weakness of the Confederacy? A. He failed to secure enough funds for the war, which illustrates the Confederacy's bureaucratic corruption. B. He failed to secure enough trained generals for the

    asked by Mike Dobins
  8. Math

    2. A survey about the student government program at a school finds the following results: 190 students like the program, 135 students think the program is unnecessary, and 220 students plan on running for student government next year. If a circle graph

    asked by Reeses
  9. Chemistry

    Rank from longest to shortest bond length: Si-O, Si-H, Si-S

    asked by CL
  10. math

    What is the circumference of the circle? Round your answer to the nearest foot. ( The inside says 28ft )

    asked by mim
  11. Math (check answers)

    ultiple Choice 1. What is a reasonable distance between two cities? (1 point) 200 km ** 200 m 200 cm 200 mm 2. Which value correctly completes the statement? 6,501.5 km = ______ m (1 point) 6,501,500 ** 65,015 650,150,000 650.15 3. Find the perimeter of

    asked by maggie
  12. Math

    If a rectangular office space is 72 feet wide and has a 410 foot perimeter what is its area

    asked by Leta
  13. pre calc

    To measure the height of the cloud cover at an airport, a worker shines a spotlight upward at an angle 75° from the horizontal. An observer D = 600 m away measures the angle of elevation to the spot of light to be 45°. Find the height h of the cloud

    asked by rachel
  14. US History

    Roosevelt asserted that the expanded reach of the federal government to solve economic problems was not an essential change to the Constitution. Do you agree? Why or why not?

    asked by James
  15. Physics

    Okay, I'm really confused in general. My question says: "A solid piece of clear transparent material has an index of refraction of 1.61. If you place it into a clear transparent solution and it seems to disappear, approximately what is the index of the

    asked by Jo
  16. math

    a bag of fruit contains 3 apples, 2 oranges, 1 banana, and 4 pears. Gerald will randomly select 2 fruit at a time from the bag and not put them back. what is the probability that the first piece of fruit jared selects will be a banana and the second piece

    asked by Bubbles
  17. Pre-cal

    a blimp, suspended in the air at a height of 500 feet, lies directly over a line from Soldier Field to the Adler Planetarium on Lake Michigan. if the angle of depression from the blimp to the stadium in 32 degrees and from the blimp to the planeterium is

    asked by Kelley
  18. Math

    A carton can hold 1,000 unit cubes that measures 1inch by 1 inch by 1 inch. Describe the dimensions of the carton using unit cubes? I don't understand the question

    asked by Joshua G
  19. History

    What has been the most significant effect of artistic development in New Mexico since World War II? Give two reasons to justify your answer.

    asked by LM
  20. Math

    Half of a pizza was broccoli and half was mushroom. George ate 2/3 of the broccoli and 1/4 of thee mushroom part. How much of the pizza did he eat? I did this problem but I wasn't sure of my answer so I needed someone to see if I am right or not. My answer

    asked by Nat
  21. Physics

    A wheel mounted on a stationary axle starts at rest and is given the following angular acceleration: 9-12t where t is the time after the wheel begins to rotate. Find the number of revolutions that the wheel turns before it stops ( and begins to turn in the

    asked by Happinessdelight
  22. calculus

    A farmer wants to construct a fence around a rectangular field. Sides with neighbours need reinforced fencing that costs $8 per meter. The other sides use regular fencing that costs $4 per meter. Assuming the farmer has neighbours on the east and west

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Math

    This table shows the number of hours Harry spent watching television and the hours he spent doing his homework on three days last week. hours of tv: 1.5 2 3 hours of homework: 2 1.5 1 What kind of relationship do these data appear to have? A. Directly

    asked by Yo
  24. Physics

    A 200h bag of potato chips contains 4.8MJ of energy. How long would it take you working at your maximum body power to consume this energy? So we did 2 trials where we ran up the stairs, and my final power for 1 was 246W and for the other it was 338W. So I

    asked by Amy
  25. math please help me out fam

    For questions 1 and 2, use integer values of from –3 to 3 to graph the equation. 1) y = –2x2 + 3 2) y = one-third |x| –2 Find the horizontal change and the vertical change for the translation 3) p(4, –4) right arrow (–4, 7). 4) The point c(3,

    asked by jassie
  26. Chemistry

    Based on the ratio of mean moles of O2/mol KClO3 what is the chemical equation for the reaction that occurred? Why? Is this conclusion in accord with the mass of the solid product that you obtained? Explain Moles of O2/mol KClO3 = 1.95x10^-2

    asked by John
  27. Pre calc

    A water tower is located x = 375 ft from a building (see the figure). From a window in the building, an observer notes that the angle of elevation to the top of the tower is 39° and that the angle of depression to the bottom of the tower is 25°. How tall

    asked by Elizabeth
  28. World History

    Choose four of the following questions to ask Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad:? Ok I choose the questions and I got the first and third one I just need help with the second and forth question •Why is the Holy Land an important site for your faith? Moses: The

    asked by Sarah
  29. Social Studies

    The formation of the European Union has created interdependence among nations. How has the most impacted Yasmin's life? A) It allowed her to learn flamenco dancing and tae-kwon-do. B) It allowed her to easily move from Spain to Sweden. *** C) It allowed

    asked by @AmeliaTheGamer
  30. chemistry

    How many grams of iron(II) oxalate dihydrate, Fe(C2O4)·2H2O,mass can be produced when a student begins the synthesis with 3.238 g of ammonium iron(II) disulfate hexahydrate, (NH4)2Fe(SO4)2·6H2O?

    asked by Michael
  31. pre calc

    To measure the height of the cloud cover at an airport, a worker shines a spotlight upward at an angle 75° from the horizontal. An observer D = 600 m away measures the angle of elevation to the spot of light to be 45°. Find the height h of the cloud

    asked by Ruth
  32. precalc

    Suppose that u=log(2) and v=log(5). Find possible formulas for the following expressions in terms of u and/or v. Your answers should NOT involve any log's. a) log(0.4)= b) log(0.08)= c) log(2500)=

    asked by bob
  33. History

    which of the following are outcomes of expanding public education in the early 20th century?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. physic

    Suppose a block of lead of mass 0.4kg at temperature of 95°C is dropped in 2kg of water originally at 20°C in a container. Calculate the final temprereture if no heat is lost to the container and enviroment ;(specific heat of lead is 128j/kg°C and water

    asked by stanis frank
  35. Preclc

    To measure the height of the cloud cover at an airport, a worker shines a spotlight upward at an angle 75° from the horizontal. An observer D = 600 m away measures the angle of elevation to the spot of light to be 45°. Find the height h of the cloud

    asked by meridath
  36. Payroll accounting

    Julie Whiteweiler made $930 this week. Only social security (fully taxable) and federal income taxes attach to her pay. Whiteweiler contributes $100 each week to her company's 401(k) plan and has $25 put into her health savings account (nonqualified) each

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Math

    Solve the system equations y=4x+8,x^2+7x-20 I'm truly lost

    asked by Lynette
  38. Math

    A bicycle tire has a stone stuck in it. The radius of the tire is 46cm. Every time the wheel turns, the stone hits the ground. a.) How far will the bicycle travel between the stone hitting the ground the first and second time? b.) How many times will the

    asked by Bethany
  39. math

    Which equation means three minus a number is equal to 7? A. g – 3 = 7 B. 7 – 3 = g C. 3 + g = 7 D. 3 – g = 7

    asked by mia
  40. Math

    Eleven seats on a condominium association board for buildings Amity, Buddy, and Chum are to be apportioned. Current Representation: Amity Buddy Chum 1 800 2113 4050 2 267 704 1350 3 133 352 675 4 80 211 405 5 53 141 270 Use the given table of

    asked by Katie
  41. Chemistry

    Which of the following liquids should be most soluble in water? A) CH3OH b) CH3CH2CH2CH2OH C) CH3CH2CH2CH2CH2CH3 D) CH3OCH3

    asked by M, S, E
  42. Chemistry

    how many sigma and pi bonds in hooc-cooh

    asked by CL
  43. english 101

    1. Study the words Rowan uses in describing Miss Bessie. Which words have the most impact?

    asked by raj
  44. Science

    The process of desertification can occur when? 1)plants usually found in the desert replace trees that have been cut down 2) farmers use contour farming techniques 3)an area of forest is clear-cut 4)an area of forest is selectively cut I think 3

    asked by Evelyn
  45. Math

    At what time do the hands of a clock form an acute angle

    asked by Jayjay
  46. Physics

    A train blows its horn as it approaches a crossing. A.) if the train engineer observes a frequency of 125Hz and a stationary observer at the crossing observes a frequency of 132Hz, what is the speed of the train? (The speed of sound is 330m/sec on this

    asked by Jared
  47. life orientation

    why do learners stop their studies and fall in their first year of studies at college or universities?

    asked by Anele
  48. Math

    On a quiz a student answered 16 questions correctly. This was 80% of the questions on the quiz. How many questions were on the quiz? 6th grade math.

    asked by Tasleem
  49. Math

    The net shown below forms a square pyramid. Find the surface area of the square pyramid. The numbers are 5, 5 and 4. How do I do this?

    asked by Patrick-Ms Sue
  50. History/American Government

    Identify and explain one difference between the Arizona state constitution and the US Constitution. Explain what you believe to be the reason for this difference.

    asked by bean
  51. Math

    Use the Hamilton method of Apportionment to make the assignment. In a recent census, Iowa's population in thousands was 4,503, Illinois' was 8,220, and Indiana's was 5,300. Allocate 31 members of the U.S. House of representatives to these three states.

    asked by Catherine
  52. Math

    Eleven seats on a condominium association board for buildings Amity, Buddy, and Chum are to be apportioned. Current Representation: Amity Buddy Chum 1 800 2113 4050 2 267 704 1350 3 133 352 675 4 80 211 405 5 53 141 270 Use the given table of

    asked by Katie
  53. Math

    Mrs.Jacobs bought one third of one yard of material at $6.96 per yard, and 3 yards of material at $8.24 per yard. How much did she spend for all of the material?

    asked by Story Problem
  54. Calc. Based Physics

    10.1 Three uniform spheres with masses m1 = 6.0 kg, m2 = 2.0 kg , and m3 = 4.0 kg are fixed at the positions shown in the diagram. Assume they are completely isolated and there are no other masses nearby. m_1 | | 3cm | m_2-- P ^ | 1cm |2cm m_3 (a) What is

    asked by Sarah
  55. Math

    At the same store, Peter bought 2 pairs of pants and 5 shirts for $61, and jissica bought 3 pairs of pants and 2 shirts for $64. How much does 1 pair of pants cost? ~Please explain this problem to me

    asked by Damon
  56. Math

    A rocket is launched vertically into the air and is observed from a tower that is 1.5 km above the ground level. Soon after the launch the rocket is at an angle of 25 degrees. Later the rocket has climbed vertically a further 4 km and its angle of

    asked by Happinessdelight
  57. Accounting help

    Cost flow assumptions-FIFO and LIFO using a periodic system. Beginning inventory was 600 units at a cost of $20 per unit. Goods available for sale during the year 2600 units at a total cost of $57,600. In May 1200 units were purchased at a total cost

    asked by Carla
  58. Accounting

    Cost flow assumptions for FIFO and LIFO using a periodic system. Question 1. Sales during the year were 700 units. Beginning inventory was 400 units at a cost of $10.00 per unit. Purchase 1 was 500 units at $12.00 per unit. Purchase 2 was 300 units at

    asked by boonie
  59. Physics

    A 0.250 kg ball swung on a 1.3 m string in a vertical circle. If it's tangential speed at the bottom of the path is 4.2 m/s, what is the maximum speed the ball can have at the top and still move in a circle?

    asked by Happinessdelight
  60. Science

    Dicot is to two seed leaves as blank is to one seed leaf.

    asked by Francisco
  61. Math

    A small country consists of seven states; there are 189 seats in the legislature that need to be apportioned among the seven states; and the population of each state is shown, State A: 1283 State B: 2374 State C: 2725 State D: 2155 State E: 1592 State F:

    asked by Catherine
  62. Math

    what is the unit price if a 4-pack of candy bars sells for $2.12

    asked by tazzy
  63. Geography

    which cultures have influenced minangkabau Life a Chinese and Indian b. Chinese in Japanese c Korean and Indian d Korean and Japanese A Chinese in Indian

    asked by Johnbig boys little
  64. Science

    A man whose is 75kg walks up a flight of 5.12 steps each 20cm hight in 5second. Find the power developed in walks.

    asked by Theophiluus
  65. Social Studies (Check my answers please!)

    What did the Mayan caldenders track? 1. Religous celebrations and battles 2. Religous celebrations and the seasons ** 3. Games of pok-ta-tok and the seasons 4. Games of pok-ta-tok and battles The Aztech capital of Tenochtitlan stood on the site of

    asked by Zach
  66. Physicd

    A body of mass 2kg initially moving with 10m/s and a force is applied 10 N at an angle 53 degrees with the normal then find velocity and acceleration after 5 seconds

    asked by Sanobar
  67. math help? burnet help.

    How is the the graph of y=1/4x -4 obtained from the graph of y=1/x? Horizontally stretched by a factor of 4 and shifted up by 4 units. Vertically stretched by a factor of 4 and shifted down by 4 units. < my answer Horizontally compressed by a factor of 4

    asked by allen
  68. math

    Recipe calls for 2 cups flour to 3/4 cup milk. How much milk would I need for 11/4 cups flour?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Prob & Stats

    A medical researcher gave 100 patients a new drug to see if it reduces their blood pressure? Did the new drug reduce the patients' blood pressure? Write your hypothesis mathematically. Not sure how to do this, Prob & Stats has been quite a struggle for me

    asked by Jayla
  70. Chemistry

    What ratio of molar concentrations of sodium acetate to acetic acid can buffer a solution at a pH of 4.89?

    asked by Samantha
  71. Chemistry

    Ka for a weak acid HA = 3.46x10^-8, calculate K for the reaction of HA with OH- HA + OH- = A- + H2O This is an equilibrium question, but I do not understand how to find the equilibrium constant K, from the equilibrium constant of an acid, Ka

    asked by Nehemie

    Molly bought two sweaters for $30 each and three pair of pants for $25 each. She had a 20% off coupon for her entire purchase. Model and write an expression for the amount of money Molly spent. State your answer in a complete sentence.

    asked by Crystal
  73. Trigonometry

    If 5cosA+3=0 and 180(degrees)

    asked by Kaylee
  74. History

    Efforts to address the human rights violations during holocaust.

    asked by Sue
  75. Business

    You are shown a coin that its owner says is fair in the sense that it will produce the same number of heads and tails when flipped a very large number of times.

    asked by Maria
  76. math

    find the sum of interoir angles of a anagon 140 1620*** 1260 1450

    asked by bogger
  77. Trigonometry

    If 5cosA+3=0 and 180(degrees)

    asked by Kaylee
  78. Math

    What is 1 7/12 - 3/20 equal to? I tried to do this question but I couldn't quite get the answer. For the directions of the work, its says use the least common multiple as the denominator and when I came across this one, I couldn't quite get the answer. If

    asked by Nat

    Two tugs are towing a ship at Constant speed against a total resistance of 50KN. The angles between the tow ropes and the direction of moment are 30degree and 60degree respectively. What is the tension in each of the tow ropes?

    asked by Assatu
  80. precalc

    Three hours after taking a pain medication, 41% of the medication still remains in the bloodstream. Let m be the 1-hour decay factor. a. What is the 3-hour decay factor as a numeric value? What is the 3-hour decay factor in terms of m ? b. Use your results

    asked by nikita
  81. Chemistry

    An aqueous solution of ethyl alcohol is made by transfering 1.32 mL of liquid ethyl alcohol to a 50.0 mL volumetric flask, and then adding enough water to fill the flask to the mark. What is the volume/volume percentage of ethyl alcohol in the solution?

    asked by Sasha
  82. Maths

    The number of cattle on a ranch was four times the number of horses. After 280 cattle were sold, there were twice as many horses as cattle. What were the total numbers of horses and cattle on the ranch before the 280 were sold?

    asked by Marie
  83. Physics

    In the figure, the meterstick's mass is 0.130 kg and the string tension is 2.30 N . The system is in equilibrium. A) Find the unknown mass m. B) Find the upward force the fulcrum exerts on the stick. I found part A and the answer is .634kg but I can not

    asked by Kaitlyn
  84. Math

    A serving of chicken has 37 grams of protein and 3 grams of many calories are in a serving of chicken

    asked by Nyzaya woods
  85. Physics

    What is the mass of water that has its temperature raised from 27°C to 32°C when it is heated by 5.0 x 106 J of heat energy?

    asked by Student12
  86. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a 1 L buffer solution that contains 0.050 moles of acetic acid and 0.040 moles of sodium acetate to which 0.020 moles of NaOH has been added.

    asked by Kailee
  87. Physic

    3 identical spheres are given equal amount of charge and hang from a common point with 3 massless string .each of length l .as that the lines of these charges will form an equilateral triangle .find and the side

    asked by Shivam tiwari .euro
  88. Statistics

    Consider the population (1,3). Suppose you take all possible samples of size n=3 with replacement. What is the sampling distribution of the sample total?

    asked by Nina
  89. Statistics

    The weight of a randomly selected shipping container follows an unknown distribution with mean 12 tons and standard deviation 2 tons. Your cargo ship always carries a load of 100 randomly selected shipping containers. a. What is the probability the load

    asked by Jes
  90. Algebra 1

    A high school club has a performance, with 800 tickets to sell. Tickets are $6 before the day of the show, and $9 on the day of the show. They must sell $5000 in tickets. How do I write a system of inequalities to represent the equation?

    asked by Abud
  91. Algebra

    John can paint a house in 10 hours. Adam can paint the same house in 15 hours. A. Write an equation that can be used to find the time in hours, t, it would take John and Adam to paint the house together.

    asked by Lidia
  92. Social Studies. Please Help :)

    Hi! What are the similarities and differences between the Common Sense and The Crisis (Published by Thomas Paine)? Thank you for all the help! :)

    asked by Emily
  93. Math

    I don't get this: Arya makes cupcakes at a bakery. She needs 2 cups of sugar for every 3 cups of flour. She needs 5 cups of flour to make a day's worth of cupcakes. How many cups of sugar will she need? (Round your answer to the nearest tenth.) Can you

    asked by Anonymous
  94. English

    I was in a camp when i came back from the camp someone said "good exposure though what shoul i say ??

    asked by David
  95. Physics

    Max has a mass of 65 kg and sits in a canoe that has a mass of 55 kg. He jumps with a horizontal velocity of 2m/s towards the shore. What is the velocity of the canoe?

    asked by Happinessdelight
  96. help with math!

    Morwen bikes around his neighborhood for an hour. He averages 15 mph for the first 40 minutes, but then he tires and averages 10 mph for the last 20 minutes. What is is his average speed for the whole hour?

    asked by Sara
  97. math

    A new shoe comes in two colors, grey or navy, and in sized 6 to 14, including half sizes.if a pair of the shoe is chosen at random for a store display, what is the probability it will be navy and size 10 or larger?

    asked by layla
  98. Physics

    How many calories are needed to heat 247 grams of ice at 14F to water at 50C? s(ice)=0.500kcal/kg/C, s(water)=1.000kcal/kg/C ,hf= 79.7kcal/kg, hv= 540 kcal/kg

    asked by Jared
  99. word problem, please help

    In 1994 the moose population in a park was measured to be 6400. By 1996, the population was measured again to be 6800. If the population continues to change linearly: Find an equation for the moose population, y,in terms of x, the years since 1994.

    asked by Carlos
  100. History

    according to adolf hitler how has germany been treated unfairly by the treaty of versailles

    asked by Anonymous
  101. math

    A janitor cleaned a classroom and found 6 pens, 8 pencils, 3 erasers and 7 sharpeners. What percent of what found is pencils?

    asked by indira
  102. math 8

    can you write any whole number as the sum of powers of 2 and only use each power once

    asked by genie
  103. English

    What the answer if someone ask ???

    asked by Thando
  104. calculus

    dy/dt = 2y^(1/2) y(0)= 2 What is Euler's method for computing yk+1 from yk with step size delta t when yo= 10

    asked by melina
  105. physics

    A steel wire is used to lift heavy object. The cable has a diameter of 14.25 mm and an initial length of 33.5 m. If the cable stretches 2.50 mm, what is the mass of the heavy object? Use 20.0 x 1010 Pa for Young’s modulus for steel. Give your answer in

    asked by Idali
  106. English

    1. I was wondering, what's the best way to travel around Europe? 2. I was wondering what's the best way to travel around Europe. (Which one is gramatical?) 3. Hello? - Hello. It's Mark. - Hi, Mark. How are you? ------------------------------ This is a

    asked by rfvv
  107. Math

    How do you make this problem true 4+3x5-1=22

    asked by Mike
  108. Algebra

    How do I simplify (x+1)(x(-4-5i))(x-(4+5i))?

    asked by Anonymous
  109. precal

    Which of the following functions is the inverse of the function {(1,2),(3,4),(6,8)}? a. {(6,8),(3,4),(1,2)} b. {(2,1),(4,3),(6,8)} c. {(2,1),(4,3),(8,6)} d. {(2,1),(3,4),(8,6)}

    asked by Emily
  110. Science

    Two ofthe inner planets ____?

    asked by Cj
  111. Precalculus

    What is the quadratic factor of x^4+4x^3-10x^2+8x-24?

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Math

    A table cloth covers a circular area of 120cm2. What is the radius of the table cloth?

    asked by Bethany
  113. 6th grade math (student)

    Throughout the season, drew scored 18 touchdowns. He scored 10 in the first 6 games. How many did he score in the last 4 games? Write the equation and solve.

    asked by John
  114. Math

    For the equation 3^x - 3^-x = 1 solve for x by writing your final answer in logarithmic form.

    asked by Happinessdelight
  115. psychology

    I'm having trouble finding a solid answer to this question: Do psychoanalysts-to-be have to be psychoanalyzed by someone already practicing, or do they just analyze themselves as part of their training?

    asked by psychoanalysts?
  116. Physics

    Two resistors each of 15 Ohm and 10 Ohm are in parallel, find the effective resistance

    asked by Balu
  117. Algebra 1

    Find the given value of 5^a= 3^5^2. (the 3^5^2 is a radical, with the numbers in the right place)

    asked by Abud
  118. help math!

    Elisabeti bikes from home to the grocery store and back to pick up in- gredients. On the way to the store, she averages 15 mph. Encumbered by groceries, she averages 10 mph on the way back. What is her average speed for the whole hour?

    asked by Sara
  119. Math

    To win a trivia game you need atleast 60 points. Each question is worth 4 points. So far , you have earned 24 points. Write and solve an inequality that represents the number of questions you need to answer correctly to win a game.

    asked by Aniyah
  120. College Algebra

    I need to insert 1 or more sets of parenthesis or brackets to make the following equation equal 0 and then equal 1: -2^2+2^2/1/3-1/3*3-4 I have tired every combination I could think of and can't get it right.

    asked by Kelsie
  121. College

    I have a genuine question.. I have taken 3 years of Spanish in high school, but when I go into college, do I need to take another language class for my prerequisite, or do I not have to take any more language classes?

    asked by Anonymous
  122. Maths

    4.Suppose that region R is bounded by the parabola y=x^2 and x=y^2 and has a constant density (sigma). Compute its center of mass in terms of (sigma). 5.Using spherical coordinates, compute the volume of an ice cream cone which lies above the cone (phi) =

    asked by Elven
  123. Precalculus

    Simplify (x-4)(x-4)(x+7i)(x-7i)

    asked by Anonymous
  124. History

    Workers refuse to work by going on what?

    asked by Daisy ray
  125. Precalculus

    List the transformations that take g(x)=1/x to f(x)=3x-4/x+2. Is it 1. reflection across y axis? 2. translate left 2 units? 3. translate up 3 units? 4. vertically stretch by a factor of 10?

    asked by Anonymous
  126. math

    can-8 be written in scientific notation?

    asked by genie