Questions Asked on
March 16, 2017

  1. Social studies

    What is a major risk of using a financial institution? A. The financial institution may fail entirely. B. Financial institutions may choose not to pay investors back C. Investors can be unable to withdraw money when they need it D. Insurance will not cover

    asked by BlurryFace
  2. World History

    Analyze the motivations behind imperialism. ● Select two of the following regions: Asia, Africa, Muslim World/India, the Americas. ● Identify whether political, social, or economic interests were the main motivation for imperialist nations in each

    asked by Shia LaBeouf
  3. LAnguage arts

    Part A In Act 1, Scene 5, the young Scrooge�s beloved ends their relationship. She says, �Have I not seen your nobler aspirations fall off one by one, until the master-passion gain engrosses you He is too intrested in money. she thinks they are too

  4. probability

    Paul is vacationing in Monte Carlo. On any given night, he takes X dollars to the casino and returns with Y dollars. The random variable X has the PDF shown in the figure. Conditional on X=x, the continuous random variable Y is uniformly distributed

    asked by Anonymous
  5. physics

    How much positive and negative charge is there in a cup of water

    asked by sharma
  6. Geometry

    Tirzah wants to put a fence around her garden. She has 22 yards of fence material. Does she have enough to go all the way around the garden? I put No, because she only has 11 5/12 of fence when 22 yards of fence is needed. Please give your opinion about my

    asked by Flowtana Ink
  7. physics

    A block is sent up a frictionless ramp along which an x-axis extends upward. The figure below gives the kinetic energy of the block as a function of position x. If the block’s initial speed is 4.00 m/s, what is the normal force on the block? (initial KE

    asked by julia
  8. LA

    which line in the river poem contains a simile

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Math

    Name the population and the sample in these two 1) The number of roadrunners born within a 50-mile radius of lubbock 2) The cars traveling at a 75 kilometers per hour between beaumont and lufkin

    asked by Josh
  10. Math

    What is the slant height for the given pyramid to the nearest whole unit? Pyramid base = 6cm Height = 4cm A.) 7cm* B.) 5cm C.) 9cm D.) 8cm Ca n someone please check this?

    asked by Dylan
  11. MUSIC HELPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A blank is a mechanical or electronic device used to keep a steady tempo a- metronome b- crescendo c- ritardando d- bar line

    asked by HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Spanish

    I have to answer negatively. ¿Podemos ir a la playa o nadar en la piscina? I answered.. No, no podemos ir a la playa ni nadar en la piscina. But it says there is a word missing between podemos and ir. I tried.. No, no podemos no ir a la playa ni nadar en

    asked by Alyssa
  13. Science

    How are earth and Venus similar? How is Venus different from Earth? Provide two similarities and two differences.

    asked by Justin
  14. Math

    secx+tanx/secx- tanx = 1+2sinx+sin^2x/ cos^2x

    asked by Madison
  15. civics

    what was the basic aim in direct democracy? A. Majority rule B. Legislature C. Suffrage D. Bill of right

    asked by rosalind

    a geneticist is studying a pedigree that shows the family history of a recessive genetic disease. which of the following pedigrees shows an impossible relationship.

  17. Science

    Roseate spoonbills are wading birds that live in the Everglades of Florida. These birds eat a diet of shrimp fish amphibians and aquatic plants. Which of the following sets of words can be classified for these species? A. Autotroph omnivore predator B.

    asked by CanYouHelpMe
  18. Science

    Water is a(n) what factor in all ecosystems that all living things require.

    asked by Trying to be a Science geek
  19. Algebra

    I need the answers to pre algebra pizzazz pg 50 How did the angel lose his job I have the riddle I need the work!! Plz help me!!

    asked by Chloe
  20. Math

    Which set of output values correctly complete the function table? ------------------- | y = -4x | |------------------ |-6 | ? | |------------------ |-2 | ? | |------------------ | 3 | ? | -------------------- A: -24, -8, -12. B: 24, 8, 12.** C: 24, 8, -12.

    asked by Dejavu
  21. world history

    how was the roman empire latinized? how did roman culture and politics spread?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Connections Academy

    Sooo this isn't really a question about something in school or anything, but I was wondering, how many Connections Academy student really go on here ( Whether its to cheat or not [We don" cheat shame here] )

    asked by nobody
  23. Geometry

    "Find the perimeter of the figure, where AC=26, AD=BF, and D is the midpoint of AC. Round your answer to the nearest tenth."

    asked by James
  24. Math

    I need some help on this function rule question please. 8.) Find the function rule. x: -2 -1 0 1 2 y: 9 4 -1 -6 -11 I'm having a really hard time figuring this out. Thanks to anyone that helps:)

    asked by Anonymous
  25. organic chemistry

    2. An unknown white solid has melting point range 119 – 121o C. Benzoic acid is a white solid of 122 o C melting point. How can a student confirm the identity of the unknown solid (is the benzoic acid or not)

    asked by fatma
  26. Math Algebra

    hi guys need help with a few questions. 1. Which equation represents the axis of symmetry of the function y = 2x^2+4x-6? A. y= 1 B. x= 1 C. x=3 D x= -3 2. & 3. What are the coordinates of the vertex of the graph of the function - 2. y = -x^2+6x-11 A.

    asked by jack
  27. American Government

    Which of the following is the best evidence in support of the view that the United States is a nation of immigrants? A. Declaration of Independence B. Emma Lazarus' poem "The New Colossus" C. Bill of Rights D. Chinese Exclusion Act Thank you!

    asked by Savanna
  28. English

    When should you use a modified outline? 1) when you need to record information quickly 2) when you’re organizing a formal essay 3) after you’ve edited your research paper I think it's number 2.

    asked by M, S, E
  29. pre-Calculus

    find the remainder when (x^40 -3) is divided by (x+1)

    asked by Tod
  30. Chemistry

    When the equation below is balanced and all coefficients are in the lowest, whole number ratio, the coefficients are: Bi+O2⟶Bi2O3

    asked by Driyah
  31. English

    The Rhythm and rhyme patterns of the Limerick form are important because A) funny poems should have rhyming lines B) they make limericks easy to understand C) they add to the humor of limericks D) they make Limericks easy to write

    asked by Katie
  32. Physics

    Physics lab need help with sources of error. In our lab, we had to use carbon tape and a spark timer to find out the maximum velocity and maximum acceleration of a high school student. I'm having a hard time to find sources of errors. Any ideas or insights

    asked by Chris
  33. Math

    You borrow $3200 to buy new kitchen appliances. The simple interest rate is 5%. You pay the loan off after 4 years. What is the total amount you paid for the loan? $___

    asked by Madeline
  34. Math

    I need some help on this function rule question. 8.) Find the function rule. x: -2 -1 0 1 2 y: 9 4 -1 -6 -11 I'm having a really hard time figuring this out. Thnx

    asked by Need Help ASAP!!!
  35. Mathematics

    Point N is the midpoint of MO. Which of the following are true if MO=124 ft? * 62 ft ******* * 96 ft * 124 ft * 248 ft

    asked by Jarzzapan
  36. Math

    The area of a rectangular field is 0.5 hectare if one side is 12.5 metre find the other side in metres

    asked by Hira
  37. math

    A rectangular prism has a base that measures 5 cm by 3cm and a height of 2cm. Cameron fills the prism with 1/2 centimeter cubes.

    asked by Nyan
  38. Algebra

    There are 6 cyclists in a race. There will be a first-place and a second-place prize awarded. In how many different ways can the 2 prizes be awarded?

    asked by heather
  39. English

    Which type of dictionary is limited to a particular field? abridged specialized unabridged

    asked by M, S, E
  40. math

    Tickets to a museum cost $3 and $8 for adults. a group of four visitors to the museum spent a total of $22 on tickets. Write and solve a system of equations to represent this situation. Interpret the solution

    asked by max
  41. chemistry

    Calculate the mass of benzoic acid required to prepare 100cm3 each of 0.1m,0.25m, and 0.5m solutions

    asked by elamin
  42. Chemistry

    Consider the titration of 20.00 mL of 0.1728 M Ascorbic acid (Ka = 7.9 x 10-5) with 0.4329 M NaOH. Match the following regions in the titration curve with the appropriate pH range. 1.Initial pH 2.Before equivalence point 3.At equivalence point 4.After

    asked by Sarah
  43. 5 grade math

    An office supply company is shipping a case of wooden pencils to a store. There are 64 boxes of pencils in the case. If each box of pencils weighs 2.5 ounces, what is the weight, in pounds , of the case of wooden pencils?

    asked by Layla Jimenez
  44. Mathematics

    MN bisects PQ at point R. Which of the following is true about point R? A. R is the midpoint of MN B. R is the midpoint of PQ ****C. R is both the midpoint of PQ and the midpoint of MN***** D. R is the new endpoint of PQ

    asked by Jarzzapan
  45. Math: equations

    Samantha has triple the number of braclets as Ruth. Ruth has x braclets. All together, they have 48 braclets. Find the value of x.

    asked by Katherine
  46. physics

    A pulley system of 4 pulleys is used to raise a loan of mass 50kg vertically,if its effeciency is 80%,determine the minimum effort required to raise the load(g=10ms-2)?

    asked by Abba
  47. math

    which of the following describes japan after world war 2 japan adopted a communist government japan adopted a democratic government japan was divided into north japan and south japan japan emerged from the war as one of the world's most powerful nations

    asked by PLZ.Help ME
  48. math

    p(a multiple of 2) A 0.25 B 0.5 C 0.625*** D 0.75

    asked by heaven
  49. math

    The total distance the plane flies from Chicago to New York City is 792 miles. The flight is 2 hours and 5 minutes long. The plane flies at about the same speed during the trip.• Round the flight time to the nearest hour. About how far will the plane fly

    asked by snoyu
  50. English

    1.Whom does the wind visit in the poem,'Daybreak'?What does it say to poem?( Brot Q)

    asked by Biswajit Mandal
  51. Calculus

    How do you use u-substitution with 20sin(x^2/35)?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Chemistry

    Determine the pH of a solution after 20.00 mL of 0.4963 M HI has been titrated with 12.64 mL of 0.5174 M NaOH.

    asked by Sarah
  53. health class

    smoke exhaled from a smoker's lungs is called mainstream smoke id this true or false

    asked by heaven
  54. algebra

    How much of a solution that is 45% sulfuric acid needs to be mixed with a solution that is 90% sulfuric acid to produce 120 liters of a solution that is 60% sulfuric acid?

    asked by Jo
  55. algebra

    How much of a solution that is 45% sulfuric acid needs to be mixed with a solution that is 90% sulfuric acid to produce 120 liters of a solution that is 60% sulfuric acid?

    asked by jo
  56. Chemistry

    You dissolve 2.35 g of sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) in sufficient water to produce a final solution volume of 100.0 mL. Assuming all of the solid dissolves, calculate the solution pH.

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Physics

    A plane directly east at a velocity of 860 km/h for 45 min and then travels directly west with a velocity of 720 km/h for 1h and 30 min. Find the following values for this plane, expressed in km and km/h: a) Total displacement b) Total distance c) Average

    asked by Student12
  58. history

    A shopper choosing a new oven for his home would likely make a decision based on a scarcity of which of the following? a) money b) time c) stores d) space I think it is d.

  59. Maths

    A product is assembled using four components. Each component has a 20% probability of being defective. What is the probability that the assembled product is also defective?

    asked by Bandula
  60. physics

    A stone of mass 2.8kg is projected upward with a speed of 5m/s. calculate the maximum height reached. use g=10m/s square.

    asked by Mawatta
  61. algebra

    George goes to the supermarket to buy some canned tomatoes to make salsa for a party. The cans are on sale for $0.95 each. He has $4.75. Let x represent the number of cans that he can buy. Write the equation that models this situation.

    asked by Anonymous
  62. 6th grade math

    Am aquarium in the shape of a right rectangle prism is 12.5 inches long,6 inches wide and 8 inches high is the total amount of water needed, to the nearest cubic inch, to fill 90% of the aquarium with water

    asked by Nyan
  63. Language art 4th grade

    What is the best way to combine sentences 7 and 8? (7)We got a few dog snacks from Jenny's dad. (8) we started giving snacks to the dog. Answer choices:- a. We got a few dog snacks from Jenny's dad and then we started giving snacks to the dog. b. We got a

    asked by Kate
  64. English

    (1) I get a kick out of creating model airplanes. (2) I've been making them since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. (3) My grandfather used to fly bush planes in the Outback. (4) He would tell me stories and say that he and I were two peas in a pod. Which

    asked by Aly
  65. Geography

    Is time earlier or later east of the Greenwich meridian?

    asked by Xolisile
  66. chemistry

    When a base is introduced into this buffer, which of H2CO3 and HCO3− reacts with the base to maintain the pH of the solution? HCO3− H2CO3

    asked by Jennifer
  67. physics

    Find the relativistic momentum of an electron and proton accelerated through a potential of 10*10e6 Volts 10.5MeV/c , 137.4MeV/c 10.5MeV/c , 13.74MeV/c 105MeV/c , 13.74MeV/c 105MeV/c , 1.37MeV/c None of the above

    asked by dipali
  68. Grammar

    What is the prepositional phrase in The man sat on top of the historic rock. Underline on top and of the historic rock

    asked by Jeanie
  69. Chemistry

    Determine the number of moles of NaCl in the solution. Measured Mass of NaCl: 11.69g Measured Vol of Water: 100mL Molar Mass of NaCL: 58.44g/mol 11.69gNaCL/58.44g/mol = 0.20 mol NaCl Do I then to multiply my answer by 100ml? 0.20 x 100=20.00mol NaCl?

    asked by Rose
  70. maths

    If the coast of banana is increase by 10 RS per dozen, one can get 3 dozen less for 600 RS . Find the original coast of one dozen of bananas.

    asked by Ankit
  71. Biology

    Which of the following mechanisms for osmoregulation or nitrogen removal is correctly paired with its corresponding animal? A) metanephridium-earthworm B) Malpighian tubule-frog C) kidney-insect D) flame- bulbsnake

    asked by Kara
  72. English

    1. What day is your birthday? - It is June 14th. - It is the second Monday. 2. When is your birthday? - It's this Friday. - It is on January 10th. - It is January 10th. 3. What date is your birthday? - It is January 10th. - It is on January 10th.

    asked by rfvv
  73. physics

    a uniform rod is 1m caring a weight of 100N calculate its tension of the string holding it an the reaction at the hinge

    asked by michael daniel
  74. maths

    The radius of a circle is 8 cm and the length of one of it's chord is 12 cm find the distance of the chord from the center.

    asked by Ashish kumar
  75. math

    the lengths of the sides of a triangle are 10,17 and 21 cm. how long is the altitude of the triangle to the longest side?

    asked by Dominic
  76. Maths

    A car travels 240 km in 2 hours. How long will it take to travel 600 km at the same speed?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. physics

    A soccer ball has a diameter of about 22 cm and a mass of about 430 g. What is its terminal velocity?

    asked by jared
  78. Math

    Help. If p and q are the roots of the equation 2x^2-x-4=0. Find the equation whose roots are p-(q/p) and q-(p/q). Working please

    asked by Majek
  79. Chemistry

    you have a solution of 0.1 m KCN and a solution of 0.1 m of HF what is the buffer?

    asked by Jennifer
  80. Math

    What fraction is equivalent to 6/8?

    asked by gianna
  81. Math

    The ratio of dogs to cats are 2 to 3 if there is 15 total animals how many cats are there

    asked by First name
  82. Math7/8


    asked by jen
  83. Algebra

    The Peterson family takes their clothes to the local cleaners. The table below gives the number of coats, shirts, and dresses they had cleaned over the course of three months. They had no other items cleaned there. (January) 5 coats, 5 shirts, 6 dresses

    asked by Shelby
  84. math

    Solve the simultaneous equations 2^x-5^y=3 and 2^(x-2)+5^(y-2)=2

    asked by nafiu
  85. Geography

    In which hemisphere is South African situated?

    asked by Xolisile
  86. math

    Mary is borrowing $3130 from a Loan Shark that will charge 4% APR. After being threatened for 18 weeks straight, Mary will pay the Loan Shark back. How much interest will Mary pay for this loan? How much will Mary have to pay the loan shark back?

    asked by chas
  87. math

    A polynomial P(x) has remainder R x +S on division by (x-a) (x-b). If a is not equal to b, express the constants R and S in terms of a, b, P(a), P(b). Find the remainder when P(x) is divided by (x-a)^2.

    asked by youngguru
  88. calculus

    find the volume of the unlimited solid obtained by revolving y=1/(x^4 +1) around its asymptote, show work. helllpp pleaseee, I have no idea how to do this...

    asked by eliz
  89. Physics

    Given that charge of the electron is 1.6 x10^-19 C,What is the energy gained by the cathode ray particle when a voltage of 800 volts is applied between the electrodes of a cathode ray tube

    asked by Anonymous
  90. economics

    Explain why we might be concerned about the potential for the misrepresentation of costs.

    asked by mel
  91. economics

    Explain the difference between efficient and cost-effective. Explain whether an outcome can be efficient and not cost effective. Explain whether an outcome can be cost-effect an inefficient.

    asked by dorthy
  92. algebra

    Please solve the following problem by using factoring and the zero-product property. 9r^2-30r+21=-4 Thanks

    asked by Anneliese
  93. Physics

    When a 2Kg block of metal at 600°C is put into water at its boiling point, 0.5 kg of steam is released. Find the specific heat capacity of the metal?

    asked by Rita
  94. Math

    If your trip cost $8.50 per student if 125 students are going on the trip the total of $1,011.50 has already been collected how many students have not paid yet

    asked by Jordyn
  95. English

    1. His salary is the same as mine. 2. Middle school is not the same as elementary school. (What is the part of speech of 'as' in each sentence?)

    asked by rfvv
  96. Maths

    A,B,C are collinear points and AB=BC. If A is the point (4,5) and B is the point (1,-1) find the coordinates of C.

    asked by todd
  97. economics

    explain the role of moral considerations in policy selections

    asked by anonymous
  98. math

    Sam has 18 employees on his staff. He gave 2 chocolate chip cookies and 5 peanut butter cookies to each employee. What is the total number of cookies he gave away?

    asked by KaVonus
  99. 3rd grade math

    Johns ate 3/8 of a pizza how much was left?

    asked by Heather
  100. Math

    Given that the equation x(x-2p)=q(x-p) has real roots for all real values of p and q. If q=3, find a non-zero value for p so that the roots are rational.

    asked by Majek
  101. biology

    Where is the spinal nerve and what is it made of?

    asked by homework
  102. Mathematics

    Prove that (a,0),(0,b) and (1,1) are collinear,if 1/a+1/b=1.

    asked by Elsa tony
  103. English

    1. Math is complex but useful. 2. Math is complicated but useful. (Are both okay? Which syllable is stressed in 'complex'? First syllable or second syllable? There seem to be two ways in the dictionary.)

    asked by rfvv
  104. Maths

    John was building a fence around a rectangular garden that was 6 meters long and 4 meters wide. What is the perimeter and area of the garden?

    asked by Roshani
  105. math

    Round your answer to the nearest percent. What does it mean? please!

    asked by Jianguo
  106. Math

    If the pth,qth and rth terms of an AP be a,b and c respectively then prove that p(b-c)+q(c-a)+r(a-b)=0

    asked by Elsa tony
  107. Math

    a loan shark charges 81.5% APR. What is this as a percent per month?

    asked by Nek
  108. Algebra HELP ASAP!!!

    What is the equation (in slope-intercept form) of the line that passes through (-3, -1) and has a slope of 3/5? A) y = 3/5x + 4/5 B) y = 3/5x - 4/5 C) y = -3/5x - 4/5

    asked by help!
  109. Geography

    If you measure a distance of 8cm on a 1:50000 map,what will be the real distance on the ground in kilometers and meters ?

    asked by Xolisile
  110. maths

    show that the radius of right circular cylinder of maximum volume that can be inacribed in a sphere of radius 18cm is 8√6

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Geography

    What time will it be in SA if it id 12 o'clock in Greenwich

    asked by Xolisile
  112. Math

    What percent of 15 is 9?

    asked by Madeline
  113. Series

    One sequence of alternating terms of the series 1+2+3+4+5+8+... forms an arithmetic progression, while the other sequence of alternating terms forms a geometric progression. Sum the first 10 terms of each progression and hence find the sum of the first 20

    asked by youngguru
  114. english

    Is down a PREPOSITION IN THIS SENTENCE? The dog looked down and saw its shadow.

    asked by Jerry Owens
  115. Math

    The ratio of cats to dogs is 2:5. If there are 9 more dogs than cats, how many cats are there???

    asked by Aloha Liah
  116. economics

    Explain why we can’t predict tax revenues by using the amount of the tax and the previous time period’s consumption.

    asked by tom
  117. Math

    What are 7 names for 8 using numbers less then 10

    asked by Amari
  118. Math

    I have a rectangle with a semicircle on each end.the area of the rectangle is 5500 sqare meters. What is the perimeter of the track

    asked by Anonymous
  119. science

    A kid kicks a soccer ball of mass 430g so that the ball moves on a flat rough ground at a velocity of 16m/s towards a stairway. The ball experiences a constant frictional force of 5N over a distance of 200cm. it then hits the stairway and collides

    asked by khosi
  120. Math

    Cashews sell for. 65 per ounce. What is the cost of 3/4 of a pound?

    asked by Bao
  121. math

    Karen borrowed money from a loan shark at an interest rate of 114% APR. Karen paid the loan shark $12150.00 back after 25 months (after being threatened a few times). What will be the time in the formula be for this calculation? How much money did Karen

    asked by chas
  122. Math

    15% of what number is 42?

    asked by Madeline
  123. calculus

    Find y'and y''. y=x^1/2 ln(x)

    asked by christina
  124. Math

    Sade found that 75% of 60 is the same as 30% of another number n.what is the value of n?

    asked by Kim
  125. Algebra Help ASAP PLEASE!

    ((I forgot how to do find inverse functions and this is important)) Find the inverse function of g(x) = 2x + 4. A) g^(-1)(x) = 4x + 2 B) g^(-1)(x) = 2x + 1/2 C) g^(-1)(x) = 1/2x - 2 D) g^(-1)(x) = 2x - 4 I *think* it might be C but I'm not sure.

    asked by Tori
  126. library science

    Factors Affecting the Development of Information resources and services

    asked by Lawan Abdullahi
  127. sience

    What are the smallest stars?what are the medium and the largest stars?

    asked by Jian marqui
  128. Maths

    What is the TSA of fourth part of a lemon?

    asked by Rutva
  129. MAth

    a bank charges 0.037% per day. What is this as an APR?

    asked by Nek
  130. math

    Many thanks, Ms. Sue! then, round to nearest tenth of a percent means 12.35%=12.4%, is this right?

    asked by Jianguo
  131. infomation system

    is a videon great to infom peple about traveling?

    asked by mr j
  132. math

    can someone explain y we have 2 have math???

    asked by Baby girl