Questions Asked on
March 12, 2017

  1. Math / Physics

    A block P of mass 3.56 kg is lying on a rough inclined plane of angle θ = 0.73 radians. Block P is attached via a model string that passes over a model pulley to a second block Q of unknown mass M kg hanging vertically as shown in diagram. The coefficient

    asked by SL
  2. Science

    Find molecular mass of an element having- Density= 1.56 gm/l Temp.= 65 degree Celsius Press.= 745mm

    asked by Anushka
  3. Algebra

    Astronomers measure large distances in light-years. One light-year is the distance that light can travel in one year, or approximately 5.88 *10^12 miles. Suppose a star is 3.2 * 10^2 light-years from Earth. In scientific notation, approximately how many

    asked by Evelyn
  4. Math

    A uniform beam AB of mass 84.78 kg rest against the smooth wall at A and the rough horizontal floor at B. The coefficient of static friction between the beam and the horizontal floor is U=0.249. Calculate the magnitude of the horizontal force P, in N, such

    asked by Mike Lian
  5. science

    why does the load reaches 50 meters from the ground will the correct position of the PE and KE that the problem isa crane lifted a 1000 kg load to a height of 50 meters from the ground. at which position are the PE and KE of the load equal

    asked by renalyn
  6. physics

    A cricket ball travelling north at 100km/h is deflected so that it travels north-east at 100km/h. What is the change in velocity of the cricket ball?

    asked by Xy
  7. physics

    A cricket ball travelling north at 100km/h is deflected so that it travels north-east at 100km/h. What is the change in velocity of the cricket ball?

    asked by Xy
  8. english

    are these thesis good? 1) Cell phones are becoming increasingly popular and are in use almost anywhere one goes. 2) Now a day computers are so valuable and accessible that you can find them almost anywhere such as schools, offices and public places. 3)

    asked by elean
  9. physics

    why does water show abnormal behaviour?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. calculus

    A circular swimming pool has a diameter of 20 meters, the sides are 3 meters high, and the depth of the water is 2.5 meters. The acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2 and the density of water is 1000 kg/m3. How much work is required to: (a) pump all of

    asked by maggie
  11. calculus

    Find the centroid (¯ x, ¯ y) of the region bounded by: y = 6x^2+7x, y = 0, x = 0, and x = 7

    asked by maggie
  12. Chemistry

    Determine the Enthalpy of combustion of ethyne (C2H2) using the following enthalpies of formation; Data: DHf°(H2O)= -285.9kj/mol DHf°(2H2)= +226.7Kj/mol DHf°(CO2)= -393.5Kj/mol Equation; C2H2--------->CO2 + H2O

    asked by Steve
  13. math

    Which of the following fractions is in its simplest form? 16/4 7/8 100/35 3/27

    asked by mpendulo
  14. English

    All things considered, it seems reasonable to accept that injecting a small dosage of drugs in animals as it could help and improve of find cures for the help

    asked by Sarah
  15. Math

    Building A is 40m high.The angle of depression of the top of Building B from the top of A is 26 degrees.if the two buildings are 10m apart,find the height of building B

    asked by Deborah
  16. Algebra

    If x=16 is one of the root of the quadratic equation x square-2(7x+16)=0,find the other root.

    asked by Mandar
  17. math

    A trader has shs 250,000,he buys boxes of books at shs 25000 each and boxes of candles at shs 10,000 each,the money spent on books is atleast shs50000 morethan that spent on candles,he buys atleast 5boxes of books and atleast 7boxes of candles.Write down 4

    asked by Deborah
  18. English

    All things considered, it seems reasonable that injecting a small dosage of drugs in animals is acceptable. This practice could help to find cures for the illnesses as well as animals. Having said that people are not acknowledging the positive results of

    asked by Sarah
  19. Physics

    the speed of a train increases from 15 mi/h in a distance of 500 ft. calculate the average acceleration in ft/s squared

    asked by Amel
  20. Economics

    A firm in a perfectly competitive market has the following cost function: c=1/3q3-5q2+30q+10 in the market- clearing price is 6, obtain the profit maximising level of output?

    asked by Karthik
  21. chemistry

    Water, compared to other substances, has one of the highest specific heat values. What is the advantage of this fact for the human body? -Thank you ☺

    asked by Gennelle
  22. Chemistry

    The specific heat of a copper metal is 0.385J/g-°K. How many kJ of heat are needed to raise the temperatue of 1.1 kg block of copper from 27.5°C to 50°C? -Thank you ☺

    asked by Gennelle
  23. Chemistry

    A 6.3 g sample of solid NH4NO3 is dissolved in 50g of water, causing the temperature to drop from 24°C to 19°C. Calculate the ∆Hsolution in J/mol. -Thank you ☺

    asked by Gennelle
  24. chemistry

    how to prepare CO from this equation in the lab CaCo3 + 2HCl → CaCl2+H2O+ CO2 (g) Or CaCo3 ----(Heat 500 to 600 C0→ Cao +Co2 (g) 2- CO2 + H2 → CO (s) + H2O(g)

    asked by roro
  25. english

    Which of the following sentences from Zora Neale Hurston's "What White Publishers Won't Print" best supports the author's opinion that white Americans perceive educated African Americans as a threat? a. Man, like all the other animals fears and is repelled

    asked by catie
  26. Life Orientation

    How can you adevise a friend who responds to Avoidance and why it is not healthy in sustaining positive relationships

    asked by Vukile
  27. Life orientation

    Ways in which sport can support nation building?

    asked by dineo
  28. Chemistry

    Convert the information described below into balanced equation: (a) When a mixture of copper(II) oxide and carbon is heated, elemental copper forms and carbon monoxide evolves into the atmosphere. (b) When a concentrated solution of sodium hydroxide is

    asked by Dan
  29. english

    Read the excerpt from O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi. " Which three sentences in this passage reflect traditional stereotypes of men and women? A. White fingers and nimble tore at the string and paper. B. And then an ecstatic scream of joy; and then,

    asked by catie
  30. English

    This might look funny and foolish but i seriously need answer.Can someone give the scientific definition of food?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Statistics

    Childhood participation in sports, cultural groups, and youth groups appears to be related to improved self-esteem for adolescents (McGee, Williams, Howden-Chapman, Martin, & Kawachi, 2006). In a representative study, a sample of n 5 100 adolescents with a

    asked by Shannon
  32. Math

    Sarah can afford $255 per month for 6 years on a car payment, what is the price of a car that she can afford at this time? Assume an annual interest rate of 8%. I do not remember how to solve for problems like this one.

    asked by Maddie
  33. chemistry

    what is the method to prepartion CO from these equation in the lab CaCo3 + 2HCl → CaCl2+H2O+ CO2 (g) Or CaCo3 ----(Heat 500 to 600 C0→ Cao +Co2 (g) 2- CO2 + H2 → CO (s) + H2O(g) i have CaCo3 powder and i do not have any idea how to work in lab???

    asked by roro
  34. Math (Sinking fund)

    Kenny opened a sinking fund account and hopes to accumulate $16,000 in 25 months. The yearly interest rate is 7.8%. How much should he invest per month to reach his goal? Would the answer be 591.58?

    asked by Kerry
  35. Maths

    Find the ratio of 5 days to 20 hours

    asked by Jumana
  36. Maths

    Find the ratio of 200ml to 8litres

    asked by Jumana
  37. Social Studies

    which of the following was an effect of nativism in the United States in the 1920s? A. the Great Migration** B. the Scopes Trial C. the Jones Act of 1917 D. the quota system

    asked by Kylita335
  38. math

    A tower casts a shadow of 16m at the same time that a 2.5m post cast a shadow of 4m. How high is the tower?

    asked by marjorie
  39. Writing

    Anyone who knows a good source on how to write a project proposal?

    asked by Jane
  40. English 11

    Can you send me a good reference about how to create a project proposal for a middle school stude like me? Thanks a lot.

    asked by Jane
  41. Social Studies

    why did president Roosevelt begin the Good Neighbor Policy? A. He hoped to discourage B. He believed it would end the Depression C. He knew it would be highly popular in the United States D. He wanted to strengthen relations with Latin America in a time of

    asked by Kylita335
  42. math

    The ratio of corresponding sides of two similar triangles is 2:3 ,if the longer side is 5cm ,calculate the length of the shorter side

    asked by sharron
  43. Physics

    Six points masses each of mass m are placed at the vertices of regular hexagonal of side l , the forces acting on any of the masses is?

    asked by Brijender
  44. Math


    asked by Jamie
  45. english

    Which literary device is used in this poem? For a Lady I Know by Countee Cullen She even thinks that up in heaven Her class lies late and snores While poor black cherubs rise at seven To do celestial chores. a. onomatopoeia b. repetition c. hyperbole d.

    asked by marie
  46. math

    the ratio of corresponding sides of two similar triangles is 2:3 ,if the longer side is 5cm ,calculate the length of the shorter side

    asked by Sharron.b
  47. URGENT

    Four consecutive integer numbers add to 2. What are the numbers?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Please Help


    asked by Jamie
  49. Mathematics

    Using a pair of compasses, a ruler and a pencil, construct a triangle CDE in which DE =10cm, DC= 8cm and angle DE= 45 degree

    asked by Zoey
  50. chemistry

    Calculate the amount of silver deposited at cathod when 5 ampere of current is passed for 50 minutes through a solution of AgNO3

    asked by ali
  51. geometry

    Given: LM || KN , KL || NM , LP = h­1 = 5 cm, MQ = h2 = 6 cm, PKLMN = 42 cm Find: Area of KLMN.

    asked by Crazy101
  52. Physics

    A solid weighs 4.8g in air, 2.8g in water and 3.2g in kerosene. Calculate the ratio of the density of the solid to that of kerosene

    asked by Patience
  53. english

    Help!!!!! What does the Quote "In winter I plot and plan, In spring I move" mean.

    asked by Erika
  54. Chemistry

    Human blood contains glucose at a typical concentration of 0.100% (W/V). At this concentration, how many grams of glucose would be found in one liter of human blood?

    asked by Tammy
  55. Maths

    Nine Bottles Hold 4.5 litres of water altogether? how many will 5 bottles hold?

    asked by Erica
  56. Physics

    An anti-aircraft gun fires at an elevation of 60 degree at an enemy aircraft at 10000m above the ground. At what speed must the cannon be shot to hit the plane at that height? (g=9.8)

    asked by James
  57. 4th grade math

    1. After saving up for while, Melanie saved $12 of her allowance. She decided to spend 1/3 of that money at the book fair. the book she wanted was $5. Did she bring enough money to buy the $5 book. Draw a model to justify your answer. Answer - 12 x 1/3 =

    asked by Jared
  58. english

    is this thesis good? 1) Cell phones are becoming increasingly popular and are in use almost anywhere one goes. Thank you.

    asked by elean
  59. Business math

    No payments were made on a $3500 loan during its three-year term. What was the annually compounded nominal interest rate on the loan if the amount owed at the end of the term was $4298.73? (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

    asked by Gagandeep Kaur
  60. Maths

    Point P in the curve y=x^3 has coordinates (3,27) and PQ is the tangent to the curve at P.Point Q touches the x-axis.Find the area of the region enclosed between the curve, PQ and the x-axis. My answer: I used differenttiation to find the gradient of the

    asked by Debora
  61. Math

    Joan is 15 years older than her brother Bill.Eight years from now,Joan will be twice as old as Bill.How old is each at this time?

    asked by Maleka
  62. Chemistry

    If 50.00 mL of 0.250 M barium nitrate are combined with 50.00 mL of 0.400 M sodium sulfate, how any grams of precipitate will form? I'd really appreciate it if someone could walk me through this problem. I don't want the answer, I just want to have a hint

    asked by Matthew
  63. Math

    For traffic that flows on a highway, the headway is the average time between vehicles. On four-lane highways, the probability P (as a decimal) that the headway is at least t seconds when there are 500 vehicles per hour traveling one way is given is P =

    asked by Adam
  64. English

    Posted by rfvv on Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 6:51am. What is the part of speech of "for my birthday" in each sentence? An adverb phrase or an adjective phrase? Would you check them, please? Can a phrase be either an adjective phrase or an adverbial

    asked by rfvv
  65. Math

    When wrapping a birthday gift in the shape of a rectangular prism for his mother, Kenji adds an additional 2.5 square feet of gift wrap to allow for overlap.How many square feet of gift wrap will Kenji use to wrap a gift 3.5 feet long, 18 inches wide, and

    asked by Thomas
  66. English

    1. She looked at the person on the table.(When the person is on the table, 'on the table' is an adjective phrase.) 2. She looked at the person on the table.(When she is on the table, 'on the table' is an adverbial phrase.) (How can we distinguish the two

    asked by rfvv
  67. Math

    The two stadiums with the largest capacities are Marshfield Stadium and Bowden Stadium. The capacity of Marshfield Stadium exceeds that of Bowden by 7,341 people. Combined, the two stadiums have a capacity of​ 210,355 people. Find the capacity of each

    asked by Tim
  68. MATH

    Vail Ski Shop received a $1,201 invoice dated July 8 with 2/10, 1/15, n/60 terms. On July 22, Vail sent a $485 partial payment. (If more than one discount, assume date of last discount) a. What credit should Vail receive? Credit $ b. What is Vail’s

    asked by AMBER
  69. Advanced Functions

    PLEASE READ THE BOTTOM I ADDED ON!! :) the ferris wheel at an amusement park measures 16m in diameter. the wheel does 3 rotations every minute. the bottom of the wheel is 1m above the ground... a) determine the simplest equation that models Megan's height

    asked by Lily
  70. Algebra2

    What are the vertices, foci, and asymptotes of the hyperbola with the equation 16x^2-4y^2=64? What would the formulas be to find the answers?

    asked by steve
  71. Math

    each block in Toms neighborhood is two-thirds of a mile long. if he walks four and a half blocks how far does he walk.

    asked by Malak
  72. quick question

    Are muscials considered plays?

    asked by Sandy
  73. Math

    Emily walk that a rate of 3 1/2 miles per hour for one and a 1 1/3 hours how far did she walk.

    asked by Emma
  74. chemistry

    When a 8.45-mg sample of a compound containing carbon is burned completely, 18.1 mg of carbon dioxide is produced. What is the mass percentage of carbon in the compound?

    asked by kai
  75. english

    Which four lines in this excerpt from Stephen Crane’s “An Episode of War” show that there were poor medical facilities during the Civil War, and the injured were not properly tended to in the field hospital? a. The drivers were tossing the blame of

    asked by marie
  76. Math

    The manager of a store orders canoes that cost $400 and sells them for 828. what percentage is the mark-up?

    asked by Ana
  77. English, Language arts

    So often Attean made him feel uncomfortable and ridiculous. But he had to admit that on the days when Attean did not come the hours went by slowly Ths is a line from the book. Is this irony?

    asked by apple
  78. Math

    The temperature increased 2° per hour. If the temperature rose 15°, how many hours had the temperature been rising?

    asked by Nikko
  79. Physics

    A 0.145 kg baseball is thrown at a launch angle of 30° and strikes the ground at 18 m/s. How fast would it be moving when it reaches the ground if it's launch angle were 45°? Ignore air resistance. A. 340 m/s B. 210 m/s C. 16 m/s D. 18 m/s

    asked by Mm
  80. Math

    Solve for the missing variable. 4^x =2 Example: 3^2n+1 = 3^4 Cross out both the threes 2n+1 =4 Subtract 1 2n=3 n=3/2

    asked by Aria
  81. english

    Which two elements define a story’s setting? a. geographical location b. character descriptions c. time and weather conditions d. plot structure e. dialogue and action The setting is the time and place definitely A and c? never thought about weather

    asked by marie
  82. Math

    True or false. Explain why 4^x/4 = 1^x 100(1.06)^x = 106^x

    asked by Pam
  83. Social Studies

    A person described as a nativist would most likely support what??

    asked by Lin
  84. Math

    Mr. Kwon has just enough money to buy only 20 mangoes or only 30 oranges. If he wants to buy equal numbers of mangoes and oranges together, how many of each type can he buy with the money?

    asked by Sara
  85. Math

    Mr. Dinkelspiel bought $32.56 worth of stamps. He bought 20 more 19-cent stamps than 50-cent stamps. He bought twice as many 32-cent stamps as 19- cent stamps. How many of each kind did he buy?

    asked by Sara
  86. Music

    1. How is the survival of indigenous music and culture related to the challenges of modernization and environmental degradation?

    asked by Katrina
  87. math

    Graph the equation y = 1 + 2 sin x. This curve crosses the x-axis in several places. Identify all the x-intercepts with 0 < x < 360.

    asked by grace
  88. Physics

    The figure is just mass A on top of mass B. There are no forces or anything shown. Block A, of mass 3.2 kg, is on block B, of mass 7 kg, as shown in the above figure. The lower block is on a frictionless surface while the coefficient of static friction is

    asked by Ana
  89. Social Studies

    Ancient China irrigation 1. Find out the following information: a. When, where, and why did it develop? b. How was it used or practiced? c. Whom did it affect? d. What was the lasting impact this innovation had on China and its people? e. What are some

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody

    It was a rainy day, but Joan and I had planned a trip. Joan wanted to go to the beach for a swim. I wasn't sure if we should go. "I think we should wait a little longer... at least until the rain shows some signs of slowing down," I suggested. "We can't

    asked by marie
  91. Science-tectonic plates

    What occurrence is caused when transform plates get stuck?

    asked by Nikko
  92. Politics

    Whats is an example of a change in political relations between powers that was in part the result of a change in discourse?

    asked by Karina
  93. Science - Plate Tectonics

    Where does the source of heat for Earth’s convection currents come from

    asked by Jasmine
  94. Statistics

    One hundred students took a statistics exam where the mean score was 78. The distribution was normal. The standard deviation was 4. If Chris earned an 80 on the exam, at approximately what percentile did his grade fall? (Round your answer to the nearest

    asked by ShaQuana Mitchell
  95. English

    In this excerpt from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, what does Scrooge's reflection reveal about his character?   And now Scrooge looked on more attentively than ever, when the master of the house, having his daughter leaning fondly on him, sat down

    asked by marie
  96. Science

    What is the difference between short-circuiting and overloading? From what I can gather from my textbook, both happen as a result of external resistance being lesser than the sum of internal resistance.

    asked by derrickL
  97. Math

    Brian is baking cookies for Zachary's birthday party if an Bryan uses 1 1/4 cups of flour for every 10 cookies if Brian needs to make 50 cookies and he have 4 cups of flour how much more flower Brian need to finish baking

    asked by Bryan
  98. College statistics- SCWK450

    One hundred students took a statistics exam where the mean score was 78. The distribution was normal. The standard deviation was 4. If Chris earned an 80 on the exam, at approximately what percentile did his grade fall? (Round your answer to the nearest

    asked by ShaQuana Mitchell
  99. Tectonic Plates

    How is continental drift different from plate tectonics theory? -Mention 1 type of evidence for plate tectonics

    asked by Max
  100. Geometry

    Find the dimensions of a rectangular solid for which the sum of all the edges is 76, the total surface area is 206 square units, and the volume is 165 cubic units.

    asked by Dodie
  101. Elastic Collisions-Physics

    A 0.16 kg billiard ball moving at 1.20 m/s collides elastically with one of the same mass at rest. It continues at a speed of 0.6 m/s afterward in a different direction from before. What is the final speed of the other billiard ball? I thought it was 0.6

    asked by Mm
  102. Physics

    One guideline for how diffraction affects shadows is that distinct shadows are created if the width of something is a minimum of 10 times greater than the wave’s wavelength. What would be the narrowest width of something to make a distinct shadow with

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Math

    Winnies friend marco guessed that her riddle was about the number 79 Why can't 79 be the answer to Winnies riddle

    asked by Jamaya
  104. Social Studies

    “As I traveled over Qin Mountain one morning, I met two fairies, of brightness and beauty, Riding on a white deer. I realized they were immortals, And kneeled and begged for the Dao. ‘Go west and climb the Jade Terrace, There are gold pavilions and

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody
  105. Accounting

    Jim Hurley is an accountant for a local manufacturing company. Jim’s good friend, Mike Kotowski, has been operating a retail sporting goods store for about a year. Mike has proposed that the fee he will pay for Jim’s accounting work should be

    asked by Carla
  106. math

    Number of different words that can be formed using all the letters of the word DEEPMALA if two vowels are together and the other two are also together but separated from the first two

    asked by dharmapal
  107. Physics

    Three resistance of 8,12, and 24 ohms are in parallel. This combination is in series with another parallel of 10,10, and 20 ohms. The whole combination is then connected to a battery of 16.6 volts. If the current through the 20 ohm resistor is 0.4 amperes.

    asked by Mycah