Questions Asked on
March 10, 2017

  1. statistics

    A bag contains red and blue marbles. Two marbles are drawn without replacement. The probability of selecting a red marble and then a blue marble is 0 .28. The probability of selecting a red marble on the first draw is 0.5. What is the probability of

    asked by uos
  2. Math

    The lock is numbered from 0-49. Each combination uses a right,left, right pattern. Find the total # of possible combinations. I know for a fact it equals 125000 but how do you get that????

    asked by Madeline
  3. PRe calc story problem!!

    A radioactive element decays exponentially according to the function Q(t) = Q0ekt .If 100 mg of the element decays to 25 mg in 12 days, find the half-life of the element.

    asked by Rania
  4. Math

    Abigail and Bailey wash dogs to make extra money. Abigail can wash all of the dogs in 5 hours. Bailey can wash all the dogs in 3 hours. How long will it take them to wash the dogs if they work together?

    asked by M, S, E
  5. math

    The value of an investment A (in dollars) after t years is given by the function A(t) = A0ekt . If it takes 10 years for an investment of $1,000 to triple, how many years will it take for the investment to be $9,000? Simplify your answer completely. I am

    asked by Melissa
  6. math

    the scale 1;20000.calculat actual distance between two points which are 2.7 cm apar map..give answer in koilometers

    asked by shafiqah asim
  7. pre calc

    The number N of bacteria in a culture at time t (in hours) grows exponentially according to the function N(t) = 1000e^0.01t. 1.What is the population after 4 hours? 2.When will the number of bacteria reach 1700? 3. When will the number of bacteria double?

    asked by Denice
  8. pre calc

    The population of a colony of mosquitoes grows exponentially according to the function P(t) = P0ekt 1. If there are 1,000 mosquitoes initially and there are 1800 after 1 day, what is the size of the colony after 3 days? 2. How long will it take the colony

    asked by robert
  9. geometry

    Do you use the formula: (n-2)180 / n to find the measure of each arc that corresponds to a side of a polygon? Example: a hexagon (6-2))180/6 = 120 ?

    asked by jill
  10. Math

    Marcus bake loaf of bread of banana bread for a party he cut the loaf into equal size . At the end of the party there were 6 pieces left . Explain how you can find the number of pieces in the whole loaf if Marcus told 1/3 of the loaf was left

    asked by Jojo
  11. Algebra

    Alka and Shweta invested ₹1800 and ₹2400 respectively in a small business.They made a profit of ₹1400.They decided to divide the profit between them in the ratio of Thier investments.How much did each get as profit? ₹1800/₹2400=3/4

    asked by Purva
  12. english

    Why is the initial background research step important? a. It helps you find very detailed information about the topic to answer key questions. b. It helps you become familiar with a topic before doing deeper research. c. It helps you to determine which

    asked by catie
  13. English

    7. After he is wounded in Act III, Scene 1, Mercutio says to Romeo, "Why the devil came you between us? I was hurt your arm." Which of the following is the best paraphrase of Mercutio's words? a. I am so badly wounded that I feel I will die. b. Why did you

    asked by Julie
  14. Math

    The empty gas tank of the truck needs to be completely filled. The tank is shaped like a cylinder that is 4 feet long with a diameter of 2.4 feet. Suppose gas is poured into the tank at a rate of 1.7 thirds of a foot per minute. How many minutes does it

    asked by Beenda
  15. economic

    You have a credit card that charges 18% per year interest or 1.5% per month. You buy a TV for $1100 on the credit card, but at the end of the month you only pay $100. You continue to pay $100 the next month. You pay the entire balance in the third month.

    asked by niani
  16. CHEM 101 (edited)

    Calculate ΔHrxn for the following reaction: CaO(s)+CO2(g)→CaCO3(s) Use the following reactions and given ΔH values: Ca(s)+CO2(g)+1/2O2(g)→CaCO3(s), ΔH= -812.8 kJ 2Ca(s)+O2(g)→2CaO(s), ΔH= -1269.8 kJ I have literally tried everything and I don't

    asked by Katie
  17. geometry

    when do you use the following formula: (n-2)180 divided by n

    asked by jill
  18. Math,science,social,Hindi,english

    A person weighing 50kg runs up a hill raising himself vertically 10m in 20sec. Calculate the power of the person.

    asked by M.DAVINSI
  19. Materials Science

    The atomic radii of Mg2+ and F-1 ions are 0.072 and 0.133 nm, respectively. (a) Calculate the force of attraction between these two ions at their equilibrium interionic separation (i.e., when the ions just touch one another). (b) What is the force of

    asked by Eflatun
  20. Math

    Suppose that y varies inversely with x. Write a function that models the inverse function. x = 25 when y = 5

    asked by M, Ellis
  21. English

    What do you suppose McPhee means by “the influence of Ernest Hemingway evidently extended to the Pentagon”? This is the context this question is referring to: And inevitably we have come to Ernest Hemingway and the tip of the iceberg—or, how to

    asked by Olivia
  22. Physics

    9.) A 1 570 kg satellite orbits a planet in a circle of radius 5.94 x 106 m. Relative to zero at infinity the gravitational potential energy of this satellite is -9.32 x 1011 J. What is the mass of the planet?

    asked by Andy
  23. Social Studies

    in what way did the efforts of the Tuskegee Airmen contribute to the hopes for improved civil rights in the United States? A. The Tuskegee showed that integrated fighting units cold work well. B. The efforts of the African American Tuskegee Airmen during

    asked by Kylita335
  24. Chemistry

    At 25 degree celsius, which balloon has the greater volume, an oxygen balloon O2 at 1.2 atm with a mass of 16.0 g, or helium He balloon at 1.2 atm with a mass of 2.0 g?

    asked by Michele
  25. math

    sector 2 on a spinner is a 90 digrese (sorry for spelling) sector. if the spinner is spun twice, what is the probability that it will stop in sector 2 both times?

    asked by kate
  26. Algebra

    The numerator and the denominator of a fraction are in a ratio 3:2.If 3 is added to the numerator and 2 is subtracted from the denominator,a new fraction is formed whose value is 9/4 . Find the original fraction.

    asked by Purva
  27. Chemistry

    The relationship between velocity(U) of a gas molecules and their relative molecular mass(RAM) is?

    asked by Jonathan
  28. math

    the ratio of dogs to cats in the neighborhood was 3 to 7. If a total of 210 dogs and cats were in the neighborhood, how many cats were there?

    asked by Mom of a 6th grader
  29. Science

    Granite lasts a long time when it is used for building in areas where

    asked by Jay
  30. algebra pleeeease help

    Which solid has one base that is a triangle and three lateral surfaces that are triangles? (1 point) triangular pyramid triangular prism rectangular prism rectangular pyramid 2. Sarah needs to cover the lateral area and the base on top of the cylinder. A

    asked by laila
  31. L.L

    Why do authors use personification

    asked by Young Trippy Lil G
  32. Social Studies

    1. what happened initially when the un forces went to support south Korea? A. North Korean forces were quickly overwhelmed. B. UN forces were outnumbered and poorly supplied. C. The fighting escalated beyond the Korean borders D. South Korea did not want

    asked by EmberShy
  33. Chemistry

    What's the resulting solution if 2000cm3 of 1MH2S04 is mixed with 20cm3 of 1M NaOH? i got 0.5M,acidic in concentration.

    asked by Jonathan
  34. social studies

    1. In what way did both the U.S. government and its citizens benefit from the war? (WWII) A. The government was able to defeat U.S. enemies, and citizens could freely travel. B. The government was able to enforce its isolationist policy, and citizens could

    asked by ss
  35. Math

    can some1 Correct me pls A class of 24 students was asked to identify a team sport in which they have participated. Their responses are shown in the line plot. a. How many responses are recorded in the line plot? b. What is the total number of students

    asked by Eek
  36. Social

    Which of the following was a key factor in the passage of the Emergency Quota Act in 1921? A. the desire to have only American-born citizens in the United States B. the fear of a second wave of communist immigrants C. a fear that immigrants would take jobs

    asked by Kylita335
  37. statistics

    A bag contains 7 red marbles, 2 blue marbles, and 1 green marble. If a marble is selected at random, what is the probability of choosing a marble that is not blue?

    asked by uos
  38. Math

    Find the area of a parallelogram:base 5 cm height 20cm

    asked by Kehlani
  39. geometry

    what is the measure of the arc of a regular octagon inscribed in a circle? i think it is 45. am i correct

    asked by Jill
  40. math

    if you know the radius of a circle how can you find its diameter?

    asked by Naomi
  41. Calculus

    Solve the initial value problem. dy/dx = 3 sinx and y = 2 when x = 0. Is this c = 5?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. CHEM 101

    Calculate ΔHrxn for the following reaction: CaO(s)+CO2(g)→CaCO3(s) Use the following reactions and given ΔH values: Ca(s)+CO2(g)+12O2(g)→CaCO3(s), ΔH= -812.8 kJ 2Ca(s)+O2(g)→2CaO(s), ΔH= -1269.8 kJ

    asked by Katie
  43. math

    walter deposits $5,000 in a bank account that pays 9% simple interest. If he doesn't change the principal, what will his balance be in 4 years?.

    asked by Anonymous
  44. algebra

    How would you graph this, i keep entering it only and keep getting it wrong. x and y axis are numbered 1 to 10. please help y+5=-2/3(x-4)

    asked by Carlos
  45. Algebra

    a large pizza costs $6.80 plus $.90 per topping. a different pizza costs $7.30 plus $.65 per topping. How many toppings need to be added to each piece in order for the pizzas to cost the same thing?

    asked by Dan
  46. Chemistry

    Can someone check my answer and let me know me if the are right or wrong. If I wrong can you give me the right answer plz. 1. What is the maximum amount of KCl that can dissolve in 600 g of water? (The solubility of KCl is 34 g/100 g H₂O at 20°C.) * 34

    asked by Lydia
  47. computer programming

    Create the psuedocode for an application class named Monogram. Its main() method holds three variables that hold your first, middle, and last initials, respectively. Create a method to which you pass the three initials and that displays the initials

    asked by tom
  48. Calculus

    Solve the initial value problem. 7x^6-3x^2+5 and u = 1 when x = 1. Is this x^7 - x^3 + 5x - 4?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Biology

    A biologist found that 20% of a population of bats are brown, which is recessive. assuming the population shows Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, determine the genotype and the allele frequencies of the population?

    asked by Sarah
  50. Math

    Please Help!!!! I do not understand and if someone could help that would be great! Thanks !! Problem #1: Find the total amount if you deposit $500 at a rate of 5% for two years using simple interest. Year 1 Year 2 Problem #2: Find the total amount if you

    asked by Lela
  51. MATH

    The grocery store parking lot is shaped like a parallelogram. Mr.Campbell is paving the parking lot.The area of the parking lot is 6x^2-3x-3m^2. what are the measures of the height and base of the parking lot. i did 3(2x^2-x-m^2) as my first step but now i

    asked by MATH
  52. Math

    Find the volume of a square pyramid with a base length of 9cm and a height of 4cm

    asked by D.C. your
  53. Accounting Help (with answers for checking)

    Ben Guslists, vice-president of sales, has recommended adding a new product line. A market study and cost analysis show that the new line should yield the following annual results: New Sales $2,800,000.00 Cost of Sales $1,600,000.00 Operating Expenses

    asked by anon
  54. Physics

    A magnetic field is uniform in a region of radius 10cm, and increasing at 0.02 Tesla/second. What is the magnitude of electric field in the region outside the magnetic field at radius of 15 cm?

    asked by Mike
  55. algebra

    5 children and 2 adults tickets are $98. adult's ticket is 3 times more than childs solve the equation

    asked by mulenga
  56. Math

    F(x) = -x^2 - x +2 graph function identify the vertex and axis of symmerty. Can some one explain the steps to get answer? I know I need to find the points on a graph just so confused

    asked by Sam
  57. Gen Chem 125

    A process takes place at constant pressure. The volume changes and the temperature increases by 91.0oC. The heat capacity of the system at constant volume, CV, is 695.6 kJ/oC. What is ΔE in kJ? (Careful--pay attention to the units of the heat capacity.)

    asked by dr
  58. Math

    Why does refraction occur?

    asked by Reeses
  59. Chemistry

    what is the relative atomic mass of a silicon containing ore with 92% 28'Si,5%29'Si and 3%30'Si?

    asked by Jonathan
  60. pre calc

    A radioactive element decays exponentially according to the function Q(t) = Q0ekt .If 100 mg of the element decays to 25 mg in 12 days, find the half-life of the element. please help

    asked by Rania
  61. English

    1. I got a nice gift which is for my birthday. 2. I got a nice gift for my birthday. (Can we use #1? In #1, "which is for my birthday" is an adjective clause. In #2, doesn't 'for my birthday' modify 'gift'? Isn't it an adjective phrase?) 3. I'm looking for

    asked by rfvv
  62. science

    were must be the pivot situated on a straight lever 2m long,if a downward effort of 200N at one end is to lift a mass of 50kg at the other end.state the distance from the effort.

    asked by Douglas
  63. math

    Please help, 1) How do you solve 2017^2017 without a calculator? 2) What is the last digit of the solution to this problem: 2017^(2017^2017)? Thank you!

    asked by Onet
  64. Math

    Similar polygons are _____ the same size. 1.(always) 2.sometimes 3.never

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody
  65. Physics

    One guideline for how diffraction affects shadows is that distinct shadows are created if the width of something is a minimum of 10 times greater than the wave’s wavelength. What would be the narrowest width of something to make a distinct shadow with

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Social Studies

    How was the Islamic republic established?

    asked by CanYouHelpMe
  67. Science

    When a silvery powdery substance was added to boiling beans,the beans get cooked quicker than normal. what may this be?

    asked by Jonathan
  68. Physics

    For a pendulum that completes fifteen complete swings in 34.8 seconds, how much is the frequency?

    asked by Lozzzz
  69. Electricity and Magnetism

    Consider free protons following a circular path in a uniform magnetic field with a radius of 1m. At t =0s, the magnitude of the uniform magnetic field begins to increase at 0.001 T/s . Find the tangential acceleration of the protons .

    asked by John
  70. health

    what type of muscle is only found in one place of the body?

    asked by Triston
  71. jk

    A ball is projected horizontally with a initial velocity 8m/s .Find its position and velocity after 1/4 second

    asked by Anonymous
  72. LEA

    ''Nine Haiku's During A Drout'' which form best describes this poem? 1limerick 2haiku (my answer) 3narrative 4concrete

    asked by Triston
  73. English

    PLEASE HELP I DONT UNDERSTAND THIS!!! WHAT IS MOODY VERBS????????????? I have gone through my lesson 3 times and I still don't understand what moody verbs are. can someone explain in a simple way what it is? thx!

    asked by anonomus
  74. All subjects

    The villagers build underground water canal to fill the well, in which water flow with 2m/sec & its width is 30cm & length 80cm. How much time will it take to fill one well of radius 3cm & 21m deep

    asked by Hemlata nishad
  75. Math

    which of the following is a diagram of XY

    asked by PLZ.Help ME
  76. Calculus - Derivatives

    Use implicit differentiation to find the second derivative y'' of the function given. x^2 + 5y^3 = 8

    asked by John
  77. need help zigma mathematics

    find the zigma of 1/2+2/3+3/4+....n/(n+1) please show step help

    asked by paluto
  78. math

    The number of employees at a plant continually fluctuates. One month started at 568. Then 102 employees were hired, and the next 57 employees were displaced. If the plant then plans to add 10% more employees, how many will it have?

    asked by Anonymous
  79. math

    A customer purchased a jacket for $65. This was 80% of the original price.

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Social Studies

    What were Truman’s two goals during the Korean War? A. to punish the Soviet Union for its aggression and unite Korea B. to punish North Korea for its aggression and unite Korea C. to defeat North Korea and fire General MacArthur take South Korea as

    asked by JamesSk8
  81. Maths

    A man has rupees 1200 in his pockets he lost 12 whole number one upon two percent of his money and spend 70% of the remainder of how much money was left with him

    asked by Percent
  82. Science

    How many grams of NaOH will be needed to prepare 250ml of 0.1M solution:-

    asked by Md Shams Rizvi
  83. Math


    asked by Anime Johnson
  84. Math

    I have been told to find the volume of 4 containers then the worksheet asked. "Now that you have completed your research, which container would you recommend using for each portion size that a customer might buy? Why is this size the best choice" I am

    asked by (Not telling)
  85. Language Arts

    "I'd wash the Amazon river and clean the oily Carib & Gulf of Mexico, Rub that smog off the North Pole, wipe up all the pipelines in Alaska, Rub a dub dub for Rocky Flats and Los Alamos, Flush that sparkly Cesium out of Love Canal" In this excerpt,

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Accelerated Math

    The cost of a student ticket to the school play is $7. Write an equation that correctly relates the total cost, c, for a particular number, s, of student tickets purchased. Identify the independent and dependent variables. (3 points)

    asked by swimmerGirl
  87. English

    The crowd encouraged the team. The team scored 10 points. a-the crowd encouraged the team to score 10 points. b-When the crowd encouraged the team, the team scored 10 points. c-The crowd encouraged the team, the team scored 10 points. d-The team,encouraged

    asked by Kelly
  88. math

    simplify (8*10^7)(7*10^4) i think it's 5.6*10^10 simplify (3*10^6)(8*10^-4) i think it's 2.4*10^3 Astronomers measure large distances in light-years. One light-year 5.88*10^12 mi Star is 9.8*10^1 light years from Earth in scientific notation how many miles

    asked by q
  89. History

    1. Which of the following led to the "county commissioner scandal"? A. False invoicing in return for kickbacks B. Paying off voters to obtain votes during an election C. Falsifying property tax records D. Inflating the state budget to cover up acts of

    asked by Remii<3
  90. English

    Is it ethical to use company time to solicited signatures for a petition concerning social issue?

    asked by Junry
  91. math

    Consider these two tables for Line 1 and Line 2. Line 1: x | y 0 1 3 4 Line 2: x | y 0 0 2 4 (a) Graph Line 1 (already did this) (b) Graph Line 2 on the same graph (already did this) (c) What is the solution to the system? Use graphing to solve. Explain

    asked by Bella
  92. SS-HELP

    i have no idea what they are asking, help!! For this portfolio project, you will conduct research and examine documents that show the thoughts of both immigrants and people who opposed immigration. You will use the research and primary documents to write

    asked by W.D gaster blaster master
  93. Physics

    A 4700 kg truck on a level surface experiences a force applied due to the engine of 3700 N forward. If the force of friction acting on the truck is 189 N backward: a) Determine the values of the other forces acting on the truck. b) Draw a free body diagram

    asked by Naz
  94. SS

    1. What is true about both Germany and Italy leading up to World War II? A. Both believed they had a right to land outside of their borders. B. Both countries owed repayments for World War I. C. Both wanted revenge for WWI. D. Both wanted to transform into

    asked by Anonymous
  95. english

    what are nonverbal ways people can show determination?

    asked by Gi
  96. physics

    The drawing shows three point charges fixed in place. The charge at the coordinate origin has a value of q1 = +8.50 µC; the other two have identical magnitudes, but opposite signs: q2 = -5.50 µC and q3 = 5.5 µC. (a) Determine the

    asked by Anonymous
  97. physics

    A positive and a negative charge, each with a magnitude of 1.41 x 10^-5 C, are separated by a distance of 0.44 m. Find the force on each of the particles.

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Technology

    Which of the following is covered by copyright A.Music B. Books*** C. Website content D. All of the above

    asked by Linzy
  99. english

    Do people sometimes communicate their determination in the ways of anger, frighten, annoy, or confuse others? How?

    asked by Gi
  100. english

    What are some constructive ways that people can communicate their determination to take action or reach a goal?

    asked by Gi
  101. Chemistry

    How to calculate the percentage of chlorine isotopes

    asked by Chiamaka
  102. AP English Literature

    I have to write a letter to the King of England asking him to have Hamlet killed for my project. I have no idea about how to go about this. How do I format the letter? What facts and details should I include?? Please help!

    asked by Brighton
  103. physics

    a car is driving at 95 km/h down a highway when a deer runs infront of the car 80 m ahead. if the driver immediately applies the brakes and slows down at 4.2m/s^2, what happens?

    asked by sara