Questions Asked on
March 9, 2017

  1. Math

    If the ratio of purple bikes to red bikes is 8 to 12 and there are a total of 100 bikes, how many of them are purple?

    asked by Keisha
  2. math

    An 11-ft ladder leans against the side of a house. The bottom of the ladder is 8 ft from the side of the house. How high is the top of the ladder from the ground? If necessary, round your answer to the nearest tenth.

    asked by chrsitna
  3. PE

    Which of the following is the correct order from most complex to simplest for the levels of organization in the human body? A. cells, organs, organ systems, tissues B. organ systems, organs, tissues, cells C. organ systems, tissues, organs, cells D. cells,

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody
  4. Math

    An Aircraft Flies Round A Triangular Course. The First Leg Is 200km On A Bearing Of 115km And The Second Leg Is 150km On A Bearing Of 250km. Draw A Diagram For This

    asked by LEAH
  5. enlish

    why do authors use rhetorical devices in essays? a. to simplify the meaning of the main idea b. to increase the credibility of the essay c. to evoke a personal response from readers d. to show their skill as diverse writers e. to compare two or more essays

    asked by catie
  6. MATH

    1. Jacob mixes the letters J, K, L, J, K, M, N, and P thoroughly. Without looking, Terry draws one letter. Expressed as a fraction, decimal, and percentage, what is the probability that K will not be the letter Terry selects? (1 point) one-fourth, 0.25,

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Science (check my answers)

    11. How do fossil fuels contribute to air pollution? A. By releasing carbon dioxide into the air*** B. By recycling oxygen C. By reversing the greenhouse affect D. By releasing nitrogen into the air

    asked by EmberShy
  8. Pre calc

    The population of a Midwestern city decays exponentially. If the population decreased from 900,000 to 800,000 from 2003 to 2005, what will be the population in 2008? I thought it was 7542 but it is wrong can someone please help me thank you

    asked by george
  9. Math help! Hurry Please~

    1. Scientists estimate the rate of the wildebeest running at full speed to be 66 feet per second. Write a function rule to describe the relationship between the time, t, and the distance ,d, a wildebeest travels when running at full speed.(1 point) a. t =

    asked by Fluffy Unicorn
  10. math

    ----------------- - - - 8 cm - - -6 cm - 4 cm- - - - - ------------------------------ 11 cm what is the area of the trapezoid?

    asked by triston
  11. Chemistry

    Which of these will have a volume of 22.4 L at STP? A) 12.01 g of C(s) B) 16.4 g of CH4(g) C) 36.46 g of HCl(aq) D) 32.05 g of CH3OH(l) E) 22.00 g of CO2(g) I am not really sure how to verify that a particular substance will be at these conditions.

    asked by Anonymous
  12. math

    what happens to the area of a parallelogram when you double both the height and the base. A.the area is halved my answer B.the area is doubled C.the area is quadrupled D.the area is cut in half

    asked by triston
  13. English

    Which sentences in this excerpt from Ernest Hemingway's "In Another Country" reflect the theme of the psychological alienation caused by war? a. We all had the same medals, except the boy with the black silk bandage across his face, and he had not been at

    asked by catie
  14. commercial law

    1. discuss the res perit domino rule in a contract of sale. 2. distinquish between a voetstoot clause and a dictum et promissum.

    asked by ayno
  15. Social Studies

    Which of the following was true of people moving to suburbs and purchasing automobiles? A Women were allowed to drive and thereby gained more freedom. B It was a lifestyle only the wealthy could afford. C Women were left isolated all day as men took the

    asked by Daven
  16. math

    callum wins £300 in a raffle. he gives 5% to charity. he saves 2/5 of the £300.he uses the rest of the money to buy clothes. work out how much of the money callum uses to buy clothes./ I tried this question before in a test we got given the test back and

    asked by jamie
  17. pharmacology

    How many grams of dextrose are in 50ml normal saline solution

    asked by carol
  18. english

    Which is true of a literary argument? a. It should be impassioned in tone. b. It must be made by literary critics. c. It is a disagreement between two literary works. d. None of the above I am thinking the answer in D because a literary argument is making

    asked by catie
  19. science

    A 13,500 kg jet is moved with a thrust of 5,224,700 Newtons west. what is the acceleration of the jet?

    asked by billy
  20. APR Problem

    After visiting several automobile dealerships, Richard selects the car he wants. He likes its $11,000 price, but financing through the dealer is no bargain. He has $2,200 cash for a down payment, so he needs an $8,800 loan. In shopping at several banks for

    asked by MM
  21. english

    Which sentence from this excerpt of Jefferson Davis’s Inaugural Address indicates that secession was the Confederacy’s way of reclaiming its legal powers? A. An agricultural people, whose chief interest is the export of a commodity required in every

    asked by catie
  22. Social Studies 8 B

    Which of the following explains how Hitler was able to build up the German army despite treaty of Versailles restrictions? A) The world was more concerned with the aggression's of Japan in China. B) The Good Neighbor Policy prevented intervention in

    asked by Buddy
  23. english

    Which lines from this excerpt of Jefferson Davis’s Inaugural Address show that Davis believed that he and his fellow citizens had the right to rebel against the government if it failed them? A. Called to the difficult and responsible station of Chief

    asked by catie
  24. Spanish

    5. Read the word below to listen to the Spanish word for a color. Which one of the following food items corresponds to the color spoken? "NARANJA"(in English it's, 'ORANGE') zanahoria*** banana ensalada (A.=carrot)(B.=banana)(C.=salad)

    asked by Ghast
  25. Inflation and Actual Rate of Return

    Becka borrowed $500 from her cousin at the rate of 9% per year. If the inflation rate was 2.9% that year, what is her cousin's actual rate of return on the loan?

    asked by MM
  26. calculus

    A force of 4 pounds is required to hold a spring stretched 0.1 feet beyond its natural length. How much work (in foot-pounds) is done in stretching the spring from its natural length to 0.6 feet beyond its natural length?

    asked by maggie
  27. Social stuides

    Why did President Roosevelt begin the Good Neighbor Policy? A He hoped to discourage Japanese expansionism in Latin America. B He believed it would end the Depression. C He knew it would be highly popular in the United States. D He wanted to strengthen

    asked by SAD
  28. physics

    A ballet student with her arms and a leg extended spins with an initial rotational speed of 1.2 rev/s . As she draws her arms and leg in toward her body, her rotational inertia becomes 0.80 kg⋅m2 and her rotational velocity is 3.9 rev/s .Determine her

    asked by clara
  29. Science

    How are a mold and a cast related Someone plz help

    asked by Side Walks
  30. History

    What is the purpose of ancient myths?

    asked by Young Trippy Lil G
  31. History

    How do myths impact today society?

    asked by Young Trippy Lil G
  32. Math

    Construct on a single diagram parallelogram ABCD with AB=8cm,BC=10cm and ABC=120 degrees

    asked by Tanaka
  33. Algebra

    1.The coordinates of rectangle ABCD are A(2, 2), B(2, 5), C(6, 5), and D(6, 2). Using rectangle ABCD, find the coordinates of the rectangle that results when the center of dilation is the origin and ABCD is dilated by a scale factor of 3.

    asked by Darth
  34. Physics

    Which factors affect the electrical force between two objects? mass and distance between them charge and distance between them mass and electric field strength charge and mass

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Math

    Ann started reading at 4:00 PM and finished at 4:20 PM through what fraction of a circle did the minute hand turn

    asked by Hannah
  36. Maths

    Cynthia’s afternoon train normally arrives at her station at 5:30 pm each day, where she is picked up by Alan and driven home. One day she was on an earlier train which arrived at 5 pm, and she decided to walk in the direction Alan was coming from home.

    asked by Joel
  37. discrete math

    A bubble sort begins with the array: 372418 Work through the lists obtained at each step of the bubble sort. Complete the table below for the intermediate step where 7 is at position four in the array. [][][]7[][]

    asked by AJ
  38. English

    I have to Write a short story about a main character who undergoes a change or learns something. obviously i don't want you to write it for me but i would like some ideas like i don't know about school or something because i seem to not have any creativity

    asked by English
  39. Social Studies

    What led to increased trade between Europe and Asia? A. The Black Death B. The hundred year war C. The Crusades D. The Reconquista

    asked by CanYouHelpMe
  40. Math - extreme values

    Identify the critical points and find the extreme values on the interval [-1,-5) for f(x)=cosx+xsinx+3 I've taken the derivative which gives me f'(x)=xcos(x). I know I have to solve to get the critical points and then plug in the critical points that are

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Math Calculus

    Find critical points and extreme values on the interval [-1,5]: f(x)=|x^2-4x+3|

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Science

    Which statement correctly describes the sun and earth? a. the sun and earth both have water. b. the sun and earth both have a surface called the crust. c. the sun and earth both have an atmosphere d. the sun and earth both have breathable air

    asked by Aisha
  43. Physics

    How does the electrical force relate to the charge of an object? It is inversely proportional to the square of the charge. It is directly proportional to the square of the charge. It is inversely proportional to the charge. It is directly proportional to

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Science

    Plzz Help me i need help Why is California's high speed rail such a groundbreaking effort??

    asked by Young Trippy Lil G
  45. math

    After sales tax is added the total cost of 58.00 dollars purchade is 61.48 dollars What is the sales tax rate on the purchase?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. calculus

    You are visiting your friend Fabio’s house. You find that, as a joke, he filled his swimming pool with Kool-Aid, which dissolved perfectly into the water. However, now that you want to swim, you must remove all of the Kool-Aid contaminated water. The

    asked by Sam
  47. Physics

    A battery is used in an experiment and is connected by a 37.5 cm long gold wire with a diameter of 0.590 mm. If the battery has a voltage of 1.70 V and the resistivity of the wire is 2.4×10-8 Ω m, what is the current in the wire?

    asked by Brooklyn
  48. Math

    The sum of two numbers is 80. the ratio of those two numbers is 3:5. find the larger number.

    asked by Keisha
  49. Chemistry

    I’m trying to precipitate out FePO4. Following the reaction: H3PO4 + FeCl3 = FePO4(s) + 3HCl I reacted phosphoric acid to ferric chloride, and according to the reaction, there should be a precipitate. But I haven’t observed a precipitate for the last 3

    asked by Shudip
  50. Social studies

    Which reason best explains the motavation for american expansionism? 1. It would be important to maintain political influence in developing countries. 2. A U.S. naval presence around the world would decrease the chance of future wars. 3. American goods

    asked by Annaca
  51. Math

    Andrew is searching for a cup and discovers that he has 20 plates for every 5 pairs of cups. If he has 40 plates how many pairs of cups does he have?

    asked by Keisha
  52. ELA

    “I want to make sure we use all our talent. Not just 25 percent. Don’t let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity. It’s your place in the world; it’s your life. Go on and do all you can do with it, and make it the

    asked by Kate
  53. physics

    The efficiency of a machine is 80%. Determine the work done by a person using this machine to raise a load of 200kg through a vertical distance of 3.0 (take g = 10m/s)

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Math Lesson

    Dale spends 1/4 of his money on food and 1/3 on drinks what fraction doe he have left

    asked by Dillon Chadee
  55. geometry

    In right triangle ABC, Angle C = 90 degrees, D is a point on AB, and CD is perpendicular to AB. AB = 20 and AD = 5. Find AC I tried formulas like soacahtoa and Pythagorean theorem but I am unable to figure this out.

    asked by Phoenix
  56. physics

    A solid sphere of radius 35 cm is positioned at the top of an incline that makes 20 ◦ angle with the horizontal. This initial position of the sphere is a vertical distance 3.4 m above its position when at the bottom of the incline. The sphere is released

    asked by Rebecca
  57. Hope someone know this Math

    π + e, π − e, πe, π/e, πe, π√2, ππ, eπ2, ln π, 2e, ee,

    asked by Side Walks
  58. S.S

    1.How did Augustus change the roman republic? 2. How did Augustus pave the way for 200 years of peace and prosperty? Please help me im lost

    asked by Young Trippy Lil G
  59. math

    andrew is searching for a cup and discovers that he has 20 plates for every 5 pairs of cups. if he has 40 plates, how many pairs of cups does he have?

    asked by Keisha
  60. Politics

    Are drones an effective use of counter-terror techniques or a mechanism of state terrorism?

    asked by Allison
  61. Chemistry

    What mass of glucose (C6H12O6) must dissolve in 400.0 g of ethanol to make a 1.60 m solution?

    asked by ELissa
  62. prasad

    Where does an object weight most?

    asked by jaya
  63. pre calc

    Over which of the following domains is f(x) = csc(0.1x + 1.2) defined at all points and invertible? a. x = [0,10] b. x = [10,20] c. x = [20,30] d. x = [30,40] I know it's either a or d since 20 is an asymptote, I'm just not sure which one.

    asked by bean
  64. Mat222

    I am having a hard time finding the domain, set notation,excluded value. Rational expression 1. Y^2+11y+30/y+5 Rational expression 2. 5a-3/a^2-49

    asked by Samantha
  65. math

    One store sells milk for $3.00 per gallon. A second store sells milk for $0.80 per quart.If you need two gallons, which store should you buy from?

    asked by anna
  66. math

    a cube with side length 4 cm. is 25% full of sand. What is the volume of the sand?

    asked by help me
  67. Physics

    The wavelength of the emitted light from a laser is determined by which of the following? a. the active medium's composition b. frequency of the amplifying radiation c. the lasing tube's length d. all of the above

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Physics

    What is stimulated emission? a. the process of distinguishing between sources of electromagnetic waves. b. the process of reducing mechanical waves' energy. c. the process of amplifying sound waves. d. producing move light waves which are coherent with an

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Government

    Does Japan have a stronger civil society than South Korea?

    asked by John
  70. Physics 2017

    I have a coil of copper wire. I want to know the length of the wire in the coil. I do not wish to unwind the coil and measure the length directly. I find from a table of densities that the density of copper is 8.89x10^3kg/m^3. Explain how I could find the

    asked by Z
  71. Geometry

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 12 in. If the length and width are whole numbers, what are the least and greatest possible areas?

    asked by yermomsawsome
  72. literture

    I know a memoir can be non-fiction can a drama and a poem be non fiction too?

    asked by catie
  73. @Ms sue

    okay im sorry but i dint know and i dont always post useless information but okay

    asked by Young Trippy Lil G
  74. algebra

    Arrange 9 square tiles having side of lengths2cm in different ways. Find the perimeter of The resulting figure in each case.

    asked by algebra

    1. (-5.1)^0 * 1 2. 3g^-2 b^2 * 3b^2/g^2 3. 3/g^-2 h^3 * 3g^2/h^3 4. 2x^-2 y^-2 x=3 y=-2 * 1/18 5. 1/2^-2 x^-3 y^5 * 16

    asked by Fas
  76. Math

    Tracy needs 2 4/5 pounds of clay, to make 1 scorcher. How many can she make if she has to make 14 pounds?

    asked by Jada
  77. Math

    Half of a circle is shaded. The diameter is 32cm. Calculate the area of the shaded region.

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Math

    I'm a dad trying to help my daughter. Question is kx+6y-5=0 3x+2y+4=0. Need to find 1. Value of k such that the lines are perpendicular and 2. The angle of inclination of the second line given

    asked by Kevin
  79. Math

    A landscape architect is designing a new park for the city.His design must include the following types of figures. Exactly 4 boundary segments Exactly 1 pair of boundary segments must be parallel The intersection of at least two of the boundary segments

    asked by Marina
  80. Math

    How do I compare ages using mean and median. For the first group 12 was both the mean and the median while for the second group, 16 was the mean while 18.5 was the median.

    asked by Reeses
  81. Math

    Kayla has 3 yards of ribbon. She wants to cut the ribbon into pieces that are 1/4 yard long. How many pieces of ribbon will Kayla have

    asked by Eric
  82. phyics

    A Verdant Power water turbine (a "windmill" in water) turns in the East River near New York City. Its propeller is 2.5 m in radius and spins at 32 rpm when in water that is moving at 2.0 m/s. The rotational inertia of the propeller is approximately 3.0

    asked by clara
  83. physics

    An extremely dense neutron star with mass equal to that of the Sun has a radius of about 10 km −about the size of Manhattan Island. These stars are thought to rotate once about their axis every 0.03 to 4 s, depending on their size and mass. Suppose that

    asked by clara
  84. Math

    A commuter plane flies from City A to City B, a distance of 90 mi due north. Due to bad weather, the plane is redirected at take-off to a heading N 60° W (60° west of north). After flying 57 mi, the plane is directed to turn northeast and fly directly

    asked by Emmanuel
  85. natural science/bio

    flow diagram of circulatory and respiratory system combined

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Chemistry

    In the analysis of a sample of drinking water, a rate of 25.00 mL of the water requires 16.04 mL of AgNO3 to 0.05647 M in order to achieve an end to the Mohr method. What is the concentration of chloride ions in the sample?

    asked by David
  87. Pharmacy

    Mrs. Montgomery, a regular customer, arrives at your pharmacy and needs a refill for her Synthroid, a prescription drug. While processing her order, you discover that she has no refills left on her prescription. It is 9:00 pm on Friday night and Monday is

    asked by Misty
  88. Algebra

    I have to implify completely without writing complex fractions: (4y^-3/5x^-4)^2

    asked by Tony
  89. Poetry

    I need help what should i write for a poem

    asked by Young Trippy Lil G
  90. Math

    Instead of using the mean, how could you use the median to explain that ages are older?

    asked by Reeses
  91. math help ASAP

    Rico made a function table to illustrate the rate he charges for mowing lawns. Complete the table. Then write a function rule for the function. (1 point) ( ) = blank Hours (h) 1 2 3 4 5 Earnings (E) ( ) ( ) ( ) $22.00 $27.50 a. $5.75, $11.50, $17.25; E =

    asked by josh
  92. Fractions


    asked by Marcus
  93. English

    What does the word “pentimento” mean, and what is its specific implication in this context? "Now General Eisenhower and I were alone in his studio. What on earth to say—with those five stars in pentimento on his shoulders, me a nineteen-year-old

    asked by Emma
  94. science

    How does a sequoia tree sustain itself and support bad weather if its roots are short?

    asked by Acasia
  95. Chemistry

    what mass of h2o is formed when h2 reacts with 384g of o2?

    asked by Amanda
  96. LA Connections Academy

    To which sense does the imagery in line 6 appeal? Line 6: Quiet enough for my every thought. A: smell B: hearing C: sight D: taste Is it B?

    asked by hi:)
  97. Math

    The sum of two numbers is 80. The ratio of those two numbers is 3:5 . Find the larger number.

    asked by Keisha
  98. Math

    3/100=30/x solve for x please help asap!!!!!!!

    asked by Young Trippy Lil G
  99. geometry

    A 12-foot ladder that is leaning against a wall makes a angle with the level ground. What equation can be used to determine the height in feet (y) from the ground to where the ladder touches the wall?

    asked by why
  100. Physics

    physics You kick a .3kg soccer ball at a 30deg. angle. your toe provides an average force of 50N for .5m. How far does the ball go?

    asked by Nazir
  101. Physical Science

    If Argon is 39.948, calculate average at kc mass of argon

    asked by Susan
  102. Math

    If I input 25 and I get an output of January what's the function rule

    asked by Yooooo
  103. Math

    If the ratio of red hair bands to green hair bands is 5 to 9 with a total of 70 hair bands, how many of them are green?

    asked by Keisha
  104. math grade 8/ unit test lesson 13/unit 2

    #12 the cones below are similar,although not drawn to scale.what is the radius of the larger cone. a)10 b)11 c)12 d)13 i think it is c

    asked by chelsea
  105. Mrs Sue Plz help (Science)

    How is an mold and a cast related

    asked by Side Walks
  106. Pre- algebra help please anyone

    X to the power of 11 like x11 and x to the power of two like x2 x9/x2 A x11 B x7 C 7 D x5

    asked by helper
  107. Geometry

    A pre-image segment with endpoints (3,-2) and (4,2) is dilated to the image segment with endpoints (9,-6) and (12,6). What is the scale factor for the dilation?

    asked by Darth
  108. Math

    √-3 is integer

    asked by LEBOGANG
  109. Math

    Write two different numbers that when rounded to the nearest tenth will give you 18.3

    asked by Raul
  110. math

    Determine the number of ways three trumpet players out of 6 are chosen for 1st chair, 2nd chair, and 3rd chair.

    asked by hailey wood
  111. Math - Calculus

    Are endpoints also critical points? I'm trying to find the critical points of a function on the interval [-1,5]. So far,the only critical point I have is 2. Does that mean -1 and 5 are also critical points?

    asked by Anonymous