Questions Asked on
March 8, 2017

  1. Social Studies

    1. What was the goal of the 18th amendment?(1 point) a. to reduce the number of crimes committed with alcohol. b. to force manufacturers to find other drinks to make. c. To end alcohol abuse and improve American's lives. d. to encourage Americans to spend

    asked by BOI
  2. Algebra 1 Polynomials

    Suppose n is an integer. Select all statements below that are true: (choose 3) A) n^2 + n is always an even integer*** B) n^2 + n is always an even integer when n is even*** C) n^2 + n is always an even integer when n is odd*** D) n^2 + n is never an even

    asked by Gerard Way
  3. MATH convert from a smaller unit to a larger unit you ______ by a power of ten A.add B.subtract C.multiply D.divide 2.Which of the following is a correct conversion of 50 kg? A. 5,000 g B. 50,000 mg C. 50,000 g D. 5,000,000 mg 3.Paul has a board that is

    asked by CHEACH PLEASE
  4. Social studies

    Which of the following was the main contributor to finally bringing the United States out of the Great Depression? A the National Recovery Administration B the Good Neighbor Policy C wartime spending D the election of Roosevelt D or B

    asked by Dave
  5. ela

    The poems are concrete cat haiku and limerick in the poems you read in collection 3 the poets choose different forms to express their thoughts and feelings about the subject. Imagine That there poetic forms changed. How would each poem be different if its

    asked by URGENT HELP!! SO URGENT
  6. physics

    Spaceship 1 and Spaceship 2 have equal masses of 300 kg. Spaceship 1 has a speed of 0 m/s, and Spaceship 2 has a speed of 4 m/s. What is the magnitude of their combined momentum?

    asked by Anonymous
  7. algebra

    iris plants to plant 3 different types of flowers in her garden, she has 5 different types of flower seeds to choose from. how many combinations of flowers are possible? I dont want the answer, I want to know how to solve it

    asked by Anony
  8. Math

    Given: LM ∥ KN, KL ∥ NM, LP = h­1 = 5, MQ = h2 = 6, PKLMN = 42 Find: AKLMN

    asked by Elodea
  9. english

    In Another Country by Ernest Hemingway (excerpts) Excerpt 1 "In the fall the war was always there, but we did not go to it any more. It was cold in the fall in Milan and the dark came very early. Then the electric lights came on, and it was pleasant along

    asked by marie
  10. literature

    Why do authors use rhetorical devices in essays? a) to simplify the meaning of the main idea B)to increase the credibility of the essay C)to evoke a personal response from readers E)to show their skill as diverse writers F)to compare two or more essays

    asked by marie
  11. Math

    which expression represents the sum of x and negative 11 A.-11+x B.x+11 C.-11x* D.-11-x which phrase is represented by the expression x/-6 A.negative 6 times x B.x divided by negative 6 C. the sum of x and negative 6* D.negative 6 divided by x which phrase

    asked by Emojiess
  12. science

    Formic acid ,HCOOH, is a monoprotic acid. circle the acidic hydrogen. Write the formula of the conjugate base after the acidic hydrogen is lost.

    asked by jipah
  13. Math

    A play has two roles for men and four roles for women if five men and 12 women tryout for these parts,in how many different ways can the director choose people for the roles

    asked by Ann
  14. English

    Which sentences in this excerpt from Ernest Hemingway's "In Another Country" reflect the theme of the psychological alienation caused by war? We all had the same medals, except the boy with the black silk bandage across his face, and he had not been at the

    asked by marie
  15. Science

    In a heat engine, if 700 J of heat enters the system, and the piston does 400 J of work, what is the final internal (thermal) energy of the system if the initial energy is 1,200?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Social Studies

    Hello, I am researching for the differences in lives of the north and south (for white people) if you could post a link to a site with that information that would be great!

    asked by yep
  17. APR Problem

    Joshua borrowed $1,900 for one year and paid $95 in interest. The bank charged him a service charge of $22. If Joshua paid the $1,900 in 12 equal monthly payments, what is the APR? (Enter your answer as a percent rounded to 1 decimal place.) So, I got

    asked by MM
  18. english

    Based on the excerpt, what is the contextual meaning of the word jostle? Although, as we walked to the Cova through the tough part of town, walking in the dark, with light and singing coming out of the wine-shops, and sometimes having to walk into the

    asked by marie
  19. History

    Which of the following is the most likely reason why many Mexicans were opposed to American investment in their country? PLEASE HELP! A. American leaders overthrew the successful government of Porfirio Díaz B. Many Mexicans wanted to invest their own

    asked by Evan
  20. it

    is videos conferencing really a viable green alternative to travel for most companies?

    asked by eljoe
  21. Social Studies 6th grade

    What is a modern form of paper.

    asked by Dan
  22. chemistry

    Which of the following bases is the weakest? 1)(CH3)2NH , Kb = 5.1 x 10–4 2)ClO–, Kb = 2.9 x 10–7 3)SO42–, Kb = 8.3 x 10–13 Im thinking the answer is 2, but im not100%

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Algebra2

    4x^2+4y^2=64. what are the domain and range? my answer is domain;all real numbers range;-4

    asked by Steve
  24. Social Studies HELP.

    10. What non-weapon tactic did the Allies use effectively against the Nazis? A. sending troops to non-combat areas to divert attention from the real target B. sending propaganda to European nations denouncing the Nazis C. sending battlefield communication

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Math

    One corner of a square is folded to its centre to form an irregular pentagon.the areas of the pentagon and of the square are consecutive integers.what is the area of the square?

    asked by Aleena
  26. math

    In the triangle below, mc005-1.jpg represents which ratio? mc005-2.jpg

    asked by Anonymous
  27. english

    _____ describes the life cycle of a star.

    asked by Daniel
  28. physics

    A star the size of our Sun runs out of nuclear fuel and, without losing mass, collapses to a white dwarf star the size of our Earth. The radius of our Sun is 6.96×108m , the radius of Earth is 6.37×106m If the star initially rotates at the same rate as

    asked by clara
  29. physics

    A 10-kg disk-shaped flywheel of radius 9.0 cm rotates with a rotational speed of 320 rad/s. Determine the rotational momentum of the flywheel. With what magnitude rotational speed must a 10-kg solid sphere of 9.0 cm radius rotate to have the same

    asked by clara
  30. chemistry

    what mass of gold can you extract from 34.94g of AuCl3 using electrolysis of an aqueous solution?

    asked by Linda
  31. Math

    1. Write an equation in slope- intercept form of the line that passes through the given point and is parallel to the graph of the given equation. (2,-2);y=-x-2 A. y=-2x B. y=2x C. y=1/2x D. y=-x*** 2. Write an equation in slope- intercept form of the line

    asked by EmberShy
  32. Math

    Felicia makes 1/2 gallon of fruit punch. She pour an equal amount into 8 glasses. What fraction of the fruit punch in each glass

    asked by Jo
  33. Chem

    A tablet containing calcium carbonate and fillers with a mass of 1.631 g was dissolved in HCl. After the fillers were filtered out, the HCl was neutralized by adding sodium carbonate. The resulting precipitate was pure calcium carbonate (with the fillers

    asked by Lynn
  34. Math

    If the total cost of producing X units of a product is given by C(X)= 10,000 + 20xe X/600... find the marginal cost when 600 units are produced

    asked by Tina
  35. Algebra2

    Write an equation of a parabola with a vertex at the origin and a directrix at y=-5. my answer is focus 6,0, directrix =-6

    asked by Steve
  36. social studies

    which economic practice helps to keep prices low and keep good quality

    asked by i am a girl
  37. Math

    3m/2/3=7 How can I solve this problem? I need your help

    asked by Mo
  38. ss

    Compare and contrast the cultures of Native Americans who lived in lived in the Southwest with those who lived on the West Coast.

    asked by triston
  39. Math

    A rectangular garden has a length if 6.8 meters and seea perimeter of 20.6 meters. What is the width if the garden?

    asked by Amy
  40. Math

    a scale drawing of a billboard uses the scale 4cm: 9ft. The length of the billboard in the drawing is 11cm. How long is the actual billboard.

    asked by Bryce
  41. math

    a segment that is half of an inch long is how many sixteenths of an inch long?

    asked by saigelyn
  42. Probability: Combinations

    The students in Mrs. Mandel’s class need to choose two class representatives from six nominated students. How many different combinations of class representatives are possible?

    asked by Bub
  43. Math

    I brought 10 bananas.Each banana weighed 50 grams. If the price of bananas was $6.50 per kilogram, how much did i pay?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Math

    You visited your local bank. Because of your good credit, they agreed to give you a personal loan, simple interest at a current interest rate of 12.5% APR. you will pay this back in 1 year Interest=prt= Total Payment =Principle +interest = Payment per

    asked by Tracy
  45. Math

    the wall around a playground 410m. if one wall along length 80 . what is the length of the wall along its breadth. and what is the area of playground

    asked by Syed
  46. science

    A ray of light travelling in air strikes the water surface at an Angle of 30 degree calculate the Angle of light refraction if refractive index of glass is 1.5

    asked by vikas
  47. math

    A triangle has vertices at S(4,1), T(2,-3),and U(4,0). The triangle is translated up 3 units. What are the coordinates of the vertices of the image?

    asked by jay
  48. english

    true or false An adverd is a word used to modify a verb.

    asked by Anonymous
  49. physics

    If a car has a mass of 400 kg and a velocity of 30 m/s to the east, what is the magnitude of its momentum?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. physics

    A golf ball of mass 125g hits a billards ball of mass 172.5g that is initially at rest. after the colision, the golf ball moves to the right at a speed of 10cm/s. the billards ball moves to the left with a speed of 58 cm/s. (a) What was the velocity of the

    asked by Milos
  51. Calculus

    At a sand and gravel plant, sand is falling off a conveyor and onto a conical pile at a rate of 6 cubic feet per minute. The diameter of the base of the cone is approximately three times the altitude. At what rate is the height of the pile changing when

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Physics

    A father and son sitting on opposite sides of a seesaw balance each other. What is the father's weight if he is seated at 0.5m away from fulcrum and son is seated at 1.5m away from the fulcrum and weighs 200N?

    asked by Saria
  53. Social Studies

    based off of westward migration and settlement, which states most likely joined the nation last? I'm not sure what it could be

    asked by BlueFire
  54. Algebra2

    Write an equation of an ellipse in standard form with center at the origin and with the given vertex and co-vertex vertex at (-3,0) and co-vertex at (0.2)

    asked by Steve
  55. Finance Help?

    Can someone please describe to me how the concept of Beta impacts financial decision making? Much appreciated!!

    asked by Kiki
  56. math

    Last year, Lucy deposited $3000 into an account that paid 5% interest per year and $7000 into an account that paid 4% interest per year. No withdrawals were made from the accounts.

    asked by DJ
  57. Physics

    A steel beam that is 7.00 m long weighs 352 N. It rests on two supports, 3.00 m apart, with equal amounts of the beam extending from each end. Suki, who weighs 595 N, stands on the beam in the center and then walks toward one end. How close to the end can

    asked by Sara
  58. Geography

    Describe the formation of the earth in refference of Nebular cloud theory

    asked by Petrucci
  59. Bt 112

    Which sentence is correctly punctuated? A. Boston, Massachusetts, was the scene of tragedy, and strife. B. Boston, Massachusetts, was the scene of tragedy and strife. c. Boston, Massachusetts was the scene of tragedy and strife.

    asked by Kern
  60. physics

    In using a pulley system, an effort of 100N is needed to raise steadily a load of 800N (a) what is the mechanical advantage?. Data effort=100N load=800N M.A=load/Effort M.A=800N/100N M.A=8

    asked by Victor
  61. maths

    Mere, Sam and Nathan go to a bookshop to buy supplies for their school. Mere bought two erasers and four pencils and paid $2.40 for it. Sam bought six erasers, one pencil and two pens and paid $3.95 while Nathan paid $4.15 for an eraser, a pencil and four

    asked by anjie
  62. physics

    3 charges are placed in a equilateralABC of side l.a point is kept between the sideBc such that the chargeA remains.find the magnitude and sign of the point charge

    asked by sanjay
  63. math

    Tap"A" can fill the tank in 4 minutes .While tap"B" can fill the same tank in 7 minutes . How long will both taps take to fill the tank if they are opened at the same time? The way I worked I took 7× 4 = 28 The answer is 28 minutes

    asked by Rayyan
  64. geography

    In which country have death rates declined markedly even as infant mortality rates are the highest in the world?

    asked by roxann
  65. Math

    A taxi service charges a $1.90 fee for each ride plus an additional .80 per mile. If a taxi ride cost $4.30, how many miles did the taxi travel travel during the ride?

    asked by Amy
  66. science

    A ray of light travelling in air strikes the water surface at an angle of 30 degree calculate the angle of refraction if refractive index of glass is 1.5

    asked by vikas
  67. science

    How many moles of carbon monoxide are needed to react completely with 108 kg of Fe2O3. Fe2O3(s)+CO(g)→Fe(s)+CO2(g)

    asked by Janessa
  68. Science

    Calculate and give answer of appropriate number of significant digits A. 7.6 x21.9 B. 2,15 x 3.1 x 100 C. 38/7

    asked by Mileena
  69. Algebra2

    What is an equation of a parabola with the given vertex and focus? vertex(-2,5) focus(-2,6)

    asked by Steve
  70. Math

    A camera lens rotates 15° and then stops to take a picture.They it rotates 5 take another picture. The camera takes two pictures in each rotation cycle. How many cycles does the camera lens go through to reach 100 Justify your answer.

    asked by Marina
  71. Math

    Peter spends 1/4 of his salary on food, 1/3 on clothing and 1/5 on school fees. He saved the rest. What fraction if his salary did he save?

    asked by Pamela
  72. math

    which statement is false? a.every integer is a real number. b.every real number is a rational number. c. every positive rational number has a square root. d.every integer is a rational number.

    asked by kennahthemartian
  73. Mathematics

    The fencing of a square garden is 20 m in length . How long is one side of the garden?

    asked by Uttkarsh
  74. Physics

    When interference happens with two monochromatic light waves, which of the following is a characteristic of the amplitude of the resultant wave? a. it is zero. b. it is equal to the sum of the amplitudes of the component waves. c. less than the amplitude

    asked by Anonymous
  75. English

    One more question related to 'for' goes as follows. Thank you for your explanation. 11. The nice gift for my birthday was a dictionary. 12. A nice gift for my birthday was a dictionary. (Q1: Do we have to use 'the' or 'a' before 'nice gift' in the

    asked by rfvv
  76. maths

    The diameter of a cycle tyre is 30 cm.How far will it move in one turn of the wheel

    asked by rajgauri
  77. Math ASAP

    1. tell whether the lines of each pair of equations are parallel or perpendicular or neither Y=-3x+7 -2x+6y=3 *Perpendicular 2. tell whether the lines of each pair of equations are parallel or perpendicular or neither Y=-1/4x+10 -2x+8y=6

    asked by As
  78. physics

    A car with mass (452) kg attempts to make a turn with a radius of (31.8) m at a speed of (21.5) m/s on a horizontal surface. What is the minimum value for the static coefficient of friction between the tires and the roadway necessary for the car to make

    asked by dali
  79. Math

    Plane A and B ate both flying eastward with constant velocity in the same horizontal plane at angles 30 degrees and 60 degrees with respect to the horizontal respectively. The speed of A is 100 square root of 3 miles per second. Initially, the pilot of

    asked by Rian
  80. English

    1. Listen and write a number the boy that each dialogue describes. 2. Listen and write a number "over" the boy that each dialogue describes. 3. Listen and write a number "above" the boy that each dialogue describes. --------------------------------- Which

    asked by rfvv
  81. English

    English - rfvv, Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at 2:32pm Thank you for your help. One more question... 6. I got a nice gift on my birthday. 7. I got a nice gift for my birthday. (In #6, I received a gift on the date of the birthday. Is it right? In #7, is it

    asked by rfvv
  82. math

    calculate the area of a cylinder with a height of 60 cm and a circumference of 62.8

    asked by deblahblah
  83. Science

    Why is it better to use a micropipette that can transfer 200 microlitres or less, to transfer 200 microlitres, over using a pipette that can transfer 200 microlitres or more?

    asked by Lillie
  84. math

    Write a pair of fractions with common denominators?

    asked by cass
  85. Algebra

    A camera lens rotates 15° and then stops to take a picture.They it rotates 5 take another picture. The camera takes two pictures in each rotation cycle. How many cycles does the camera lens go through to reach 100 Justify your answer.

    asked by Marina
  86. math

    find the term independent of x in the expansion of (2+x^2)^6 (1-3/x^2)^2

    asked by mushtaq
  87. Precaculus

    I seriously have no idea where to start in these questions tumor is a collection of cancerous cells. Suppose each cancerous cell has a radius of 5×10−3 cm, and that the doubling time for a population of cancerous cells is 20 hours. If the tumor has an

    asked by Fel
  88. Math

    Compound interest is a type of exponential growth. Now imagine that Lisa and Elicia each opened a new compound interest account. Lisa deposited $20,000 into her compound interest account. Elicia deposited $15,000 into her compound interest account. Both

    asked by Jakis
  89. physics

    A student with mass (72.0) kg rides on a roller coaster with a vertical loop. At the top of the loop the track has a radius of (23.7) m and the roller coaster moves at speed of (25.9) m/s at the top. Determine the normal force from the seat on the student

    asked by yoalin
  90. physics

    A thin plate glass window with a refractive index 1.5 is tapered at a 5° angle. You are looking from the outside through such a window at an angle of 30° with respect to the normal and see a person standing there behind the window (very similar to the

    asked by joshua
  91. English

    1. I was wondering, what's the best way to travel around Europe? 2. I was wondering, what's the best way to travel around Europe. 3. I was wondering what's the best way to travel around Europe. 4. I was wondering what's the best way to travel around

    asked by rfvv
  92. Physics

    A thin light beam is shining onto a wall. You take a solid block of glass that is 3.0cm thick and place it between the wall and the beam. The refractive index of the glass is 1.5. The angle between the beam and the surface of the block is 60° What is the

    asked by nina
  93. Algebra2

    What are it's line of symmetry? 4x^2+y^2=9 my answer is it has 2 lines of symmetry, the x and y axis

    asked by Steve
  94. math

    A 10-foot ladder is leaning against a wall. The base of the ladder is 2 feet from the base of the building. How far up the building does the ladder fall?

    asked by syria
  95. math

    ell whether each equation has one solution, zero solutions or infinite solutions 5(x-3)+6=4x+3

    asked by bill
  96. world history

    Please check my answers. 1. Which of the following separates the Arabian Peninsula from Africa? 1.The Persian Gulf 2.The Red Sea*** 3.the Indian Ocean 4.The Mediterranean Sea 2. Why is food often used as a positive benefit of the Colombian exchange, as

    asked by please check my answers
  97. physics

    A bicyclist with mass (72.0+C) kg wants to make a turn with a radius of (27.5) m on a horizontal surface. If she is riding at a speed of (14.45) m/s, at what angle from the vertical will she need to lean to make the desired turn? Give your answer in

    asked by yoalin
  98. 6th grade math

    On a math quiz, Mary scored 3 points for each of the 12 multiple choice questions she answered correctly, and 5 points for each of the 8 free response questions she answered correctly. What was the total number of points Mary scored?

    asked by Andrew
  99. PE

    Extra Credit Opportunity Health and PE Project: Body Systems 10 Extra Credit Points! (5 points for the project, 5 points for presenting during LL) What: Choose a Body System from Unit 6 and Create a PowerPoint Slide or a Poster! Why: Teach us about

    asked by Jessica Buhler
  100. social studies

    in what region of the united states were most of the nations cities located by 1850s

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Math

    A utility company charges $67.65 plus $1.1917 per therm for gas usage in excess of 50 therms. Last​ winter, one​ homeowner's bill ranged from a low of $196.35 to a high of $214.23. Over what range did gas usage vary​ (in therms)?

    asked by Sydney
  102. 6th grade math

    the volume of a using the formula v=l,w,h. If the base f a prism is 4 inches long, 2 inches wide and the height of the prism is 8 1/2 inches, find the volume of the prism

    asked by Nyan
  103. Chemistry

    Calculate the H+ concentration (M), the OH- concentration and the number of H+ and OH- per litre in solutions having pH value of 2.73

    asked by Hindu
  104. physics

    Consider an object with a mass of 12.5 kg moving at a constant speed in a circular path with a radius of m. The object makes one full revolution in seconds. Calculate the centripetal acceleration of the object. Give your answer in m/s2 and with 3

    asked by dali
  105. Math\

    Find the smallest number which is greater than 4444 n divisible by 8 formulas

    asked by Anonymous
  106. chemistry

    name an invention or event (related to science or technology) from the past 100 years that you think has helped shape the roles of women today.

    asked by ally
  107. Social studies

    Were loyalists refugees? Why or why not? In what way did their experience as farmers make life easier for them in Canada?

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Chemistry

    What volume of N2O (s) will be generated if 3.13 g of NH4NO3 (s) decomposes at 1.00 atm and 50 degrees celsius, given the following decomposition reaction: NH4NO3 (s) --> N2O (g) + 2 H2) (l)?

    asked by Lyndsay
  109. MATH

    20. Write the equation of a line that is perpendicular to the given line and that passes through the given point y-3=8/3(x+2); (-2,3) (is there a formula to follow?)

    asked by As
  110. Algebra2

    -3x^2+12y^=84 What are the domain and range My answer domain: all real numbers range: y (less than -) -sqrt7 or sqrt7

    asked by Steve
  111. Chemistry

    Given the reaction: Fe2SiO4 (s) + 2 H2CO3 (aq) ---> 2 FeCO3 (s) + H4SiO4 (aq) how many grams of Fe2SiO4 (s) are required to completely react with 55.0 mL of .500 M H2CO3 (aq) ?

    asked by Erin
  112. Algebra

    Factor this: x^2-5x+12 It may be prime. I tried to work it out, and I ca't figure out how, and that is whyI think it may be prime. Thanks!

    asked by Katie
  113. maths for management

    suppose a retail business sells its commodity at a margin of 25% on all items purchased and sold.moreover the company used a 5% commission as saving expense and 12000 at a fixed cost.find the breakeven revenue

    asked by john
  114. Ethics

    is it ethical to require patients to participate in a clinical trial in order to obtain, or have a chance of obtaining, an unproven but potentially life-saving treatment? Im not certain.. It would be unethical to use people in a developing country as

    asked by Anonymous
  115. English

    1. They held special services for Christmas. 2. They held special services at Christmas. 3. They held special services on Christmas. -------------------------- Q1: Are they all correct? Q2: Were special services held on Christmas Day in #1? Or were special

    asked by rfvv
  116. Math

    find the measure of the x in the triangle. the other two points are 65 degrees.

    asked by Jack
  117. Physical Science

    A 10 N object rests on a 10° incline. What is the normal force? What is the parallel force? A 10 kg object rests on a 10° incline. What are the normal and the parallel forces?

    asked by Angela
  118. english

    how can towns effect teens health

    asked by keandre
  119. Introduction to finance

    What's the formula for a required return? I have data for a company with a beta of 1.4, risk premium is 9% and the risk-free rate is 4%?

    asked by GiGi
  120. math

    find the sets of valuse of x for which 4x^2 + 19x - 5

    asked by skuni
  121. math

    tell whether each equation has one solution, zero solutions or infinite solutions 5(x-3)+6=5x-9

    asked by bill
  122. Algebra 2

    Solve by elimination -2x+2y+3z=0 -2x-y+z=-3 2x+3y+3z=5 Please help. I have 5 pages and 3 hours spent and found the question on Google, but the calculations did not add up correctly. Thank you

    asked by Lulu
  123. Science

    How much more concentrated is 1ml of 0.5mg/ml haemoglobin in 10% sucrose at an absorbance of 2.4, compared to a solution of 0.1ml of 0.5mg/ml haemoglobin in 10% sucrose and 0.9ml of 10% sucrose at an absorbance of 0.350

    asked by Lillie
  124. Math c2

    Transformation from the graph y=(x^2+9)^1/2 onto the graph 3*(x^2+1)^1/2

    asked by Stephan
  125. Science

    1- Freezing of water is ____ change. 2- A solid which dissolve in water is called ____

    asked by Hira
  126. math

    I don't know where to start.The questions says: Give an inequality that has the given solution: a) -2 < or = X < or = 7 Am I supposed to substitute something? Or just guess an equation that might work?

    asked by Anonymous
  127. math

    from a group of 5 people, how many ways can 3 be selected?

    asked by lala
  128. Science, 10th class

    Is the resistance of a resistor change when it cuts into 3pieces

    asked by Is the resistance of a resistor change when it cut
  129. Social studies

    I need a copy of week 16 newspaper

    asked by Shannon
  130. English

    1. He is wearing shoes. 2. He is wearing shoes for gentlemen for formal meeting. 3. He is wearing sneakers or sports shoes. -------------------------- Does #1 mean #2 or #3?

    asked by rfvv
  131. English

    1. We usually take them to the hospital using an ambulance. 2. We usually take them to the hospital as/while we use an ambulance. 3. We usually take them to the hospital which use an ambulance. 4. We usually take them to the hospital, using an ambulance.

    asked by rfvv
  132. Trig

    The vector y has magnitude 5 and direction angle 17°. The vector z has magnitude 3 and direction angle 180°.

    asked by Boyd
  133. math 6th grade

    mrs.smith class sold bars as a fundraiser. mrs smith made a line plot after the first week to describe the sales so far. the horizontal axis represents the of candy bars sold that week.

    asked by Nyan
  134. Math - Calculus

    A piece of wire 16cm long is cut into 2 lengths, one of which is bent into a circle, the other into a rectangle with one side three times the other. a) Determine the ratio of the longer length of the rectangle to the radius of the circle if the sum of the

    asked by Anonymous
  135. Math

    3m/2/3=7 can someone help me with this question.

    asked by Mo
  136. Philosophy

    Question (I): Is there any sense in which it can be said truthfully that this or that member of the cast does in fact transcend some other member? Or are the ten no more or less than as described, a cast of characters, and therefore no judgment of

    asked by Keon Meadowsawdos
  137. math

    Find a cubic polynomial p(x) so that the solution of p(x) ≤ 0 is [-2,1] or [4,∞). Is your polynomial the only one that gives this solution? Explain.

    asked by Cat
  138. English

    I'm doing a research paper..or..starting one and its going to be about tsunamis. I need some idea's for one main question that summarizes the other sub-questions.

    asked by Corrupt
  139. Social Studies

    How has paper changed over time.

    asked by Dan
  140. Chemistry

    Second orbital is ......... Away from nucleus present Ina subshell that is represented by azimuthal quantum number = 3 will be

    asked by Musab
  141. social studies

    what can be that it's old and it's new at the same time??

    asked by lenny
  142. math

    solve for x 2/3x-2/3=x/6+4/3

    asked by carter
  143. maths for management

    suppose a retail business sells its commodity at a margin of 25% on all items purchased and sold.moreover the company used a 5% commission as saving expense and 12000 at a fixed cost.find the breakeven revenue

    asked by john
  144. chemestry

    what causes #catrax??? an eye diseses which causes a suffering petient blindness for sometimes in which the patient have head pain the blindness occars now i wan know what causes it n how it should be treated??

    asked by lenny
  145. maths

    what is the domain of f(x)= 1/root([x]^2-[x]-6)

    asked by vinod pareek
  146. Math

    864 times 2

    asked by Anonymous
  147. math

    solve for x 4x+5=8+x

    asked by joe