Questions Asked on
March 2, 2017

  1. SS

    Why did Britain and France adopt a policy of appeasement when meeting with Hitler at the Munich conference A They knew he had an agreement with the Soviet union over Poland B they were led to believe he wouldn't try to take any more territory in Europe

    asked by Kyle
  2. comsumer math

    9. Your fixed expenses are $1,151.65/month. You saved 4 months' worth in an emergency fund, investing 25% in a savings account at a 3.3% APR and the rest in a 60­day CD at a 4.3% APR. How much total interest accrues over 60 days? (1 point) $ 10. What is

    asked by megan
  3. History please help

    1. Why was it important for Lincoln to wait to issue the Emancipation Proclamation It could have caused revolts in the north It was important to have popular support beforehand It could have ended the rebellion before Union victory It may have caused

    asked by Not my name
  4. Social Studies

    write a paragraph describing how the us government managed the economy during world war I and the economic effects of the management consider the roles played by the food administration the war industries board (wib) and the war labor board. Can someone

    asked by Arianne
  5. : An alien planet uses the narl as a unit of lengt

    An alien planet uses the narl as a unit of length. If a square has a side length of 3.4 narls, what is the perimeter of the square?

    asked by amna
  6. math

    Mona is skating at a speed of 300 feet per minute. Lina is 1000 feet behind her. What should be her speed if she wants to catch up with Mona in 10 minutes?

    asked by jeff penner
  7. Math related rates

    Water is poured into a conical paper cup at the rate of 3/2 in3/sec (similar to Example 4 in Section 3.7). If the cup is 6 inches tall and the top has a radius of 4 inches, how fast is the water level rising when the water is 2 inches deep? I got

    asked by chan
  8. English

    1. Read the following sentence from "The Swimming Contest." "When he saw me coming up the officer said, 'We've lost that information, dang it! They've killed that Arab of yours.' 'We've lost it,' I said. I went over to Abdul-Karim's body and turned it

    asked by Fading
  9. history

    1. What is allocation by need? (1 point) pricing goods based on want rather than need giving or selling goods only to people who most need them giving or selling goods to whoever will stand in line the longest pricing goods so that even the most vulnerable

    asked by check pleaseee
  10. geometry

    The diagonal of a rectangle is 25 meters long makes an angle of 36° with one side of the rectangle. Find the area and the perimeter of the parallelogram.

    asked by jaime
  11. ELA 6th grade

    3. Which statement is true about dialogue? (1 point) A.The words each character says are enclosed by quotation marks. B.The words each character says appear next to the character’s name. C.The words that the main character says appear in italics or

    asked by Kailyn
  12. linear approximation

    Approximate cos (2π/13) by using a linear approximation with f (x) =cos x. cos (2π/13)≈ f(a) + f ' (a)·h = c, what is h, a, and c? I'm having problems with this one please help

    asked by chan
  13. Physics PLEASE HELP

    The two barges shown here are coupled by a cable of negligible mass. The mass of the front barge is 2.22 ✕ 10^3 kg and the mass of the rear barge is 3.22 ✕ 10^3 kg. A tugboat pulls the front barge with a horizontal force of magnitude 34.0 ✕ 10^3 N,

    asked by Haya
  14. Calculus check 1 questiom

    Determine the equation the tangent line on curve 4e^x on (0,4). Since derivative of 4e^x =4e^x, then I plugged in 0 for X and the slope I got was 4. Then I wrote the equation and got y=4x +4

    asked by Evan
  15. Algebra, Math

    A chemist has a bottle of a 10% acid solution and a bottle of a 30% acid solution. He mixes the solutions together to get 500 mL of a 25% acid solution. How much of the 30% solution did he use?

    asked by First Name
  16. English

    If an opinion-adjective and a fact-adjective are used before a noun, which comes first?

    asked by Mileena
  17. Biomechanics

    Maddie is standing still when her dancing partner, Paul, begins to lift her up and throw her into the air. Maddie’s mass is 40 kg. Paul exerts an average vertical force of 500 N for 1.0 s on Maddie during the lift and throwing motion. What is Maddie’s

    asked by Kenzie
  18. History

    Which type of rule allowed western governments to run colonies themselves? A: Direct rule B: indirect rule C: Sphere of influence D: protectorate I think it's c or d. I read my textbook but it all seems like they are under some type of government.

    asked by Anon
  19. Technical writing

    Identify the subject and complete verb in each of the following sentences. A pen and a pad of paper are in the top drawer of my desk. Select one: a. paper/drawer; are b. pen; are c. pen/pad; are d. pen/paper; are D

    asked by Michelle

    Which form best describes this poem? narrative poem haiku free verse lyric poem

    asked by angie
  21. chemistry

    3.05 g hydrated copper sulfate produces 1.94 g of anhydrous salt.Assuming complete removal of all water of crystallisation,determine tha formula of hydrated copper sulfate.

    asked by Joe
  22. Physics

    Things around you are emitting infrared radiation that includes the wavelength 1.13 10-5 m. What is the energy of the photons?

    asked by nichole
  23. physics

    After a mishap, an 82.8 kg circus performer clings to a trapeze, which is being pulled to the side by another circus artist, as shown here. (angle for T1 = 15) (angle for T2 = 10) Calculate the tension (in N) in the first rope,T1, if the person is

    asked by Haya
  24. math

    The table shows the height of a plant as it grows. What equation in point-slope form gives the plant’s height at any time? Let y stand for the height of the plant in cm and let x stand for the time in months. A. y – 15 = (x – 3) B. y – 15 = 5(x –

    asked by Anonymous
  25. ss

    What was the purpose of the Gettysburg address ?

    asked by triston
  26. Technical writing

    Identify each as fragment, run-on, comma splice, or sentence. Edgar Allen Poe invented the convention of the solution that is overlooked. Because it is so obvious. Select one: a. fragment b. run-on c. comma splice d. correct sentence A

    asked by Michelle
  27. Science

    When the temperature equals the dew point, what is the relative humidity? B.10% C.50% D.100%

    asked by Blake
  28. Math

    To find the difference of 7 - 3 5/12 how do you rename the 7?

    asked by Chris
  29. calculus

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the curves y = x^8, y = 1 about the line y = 5.

    asked by maggie
  30. math

    A bag contains 2 white marbles amd 3 green marbles. Two marbles are drawn at random, one after the other. The first marble is replaced before the second one is drawn. What is the probability that the first marble is green and second one is white?

    asked by damon
  31. Math

    The volume of this cube is 343 cubic yards. What is the value of t?

    asked by Sandy
  32. Math

    Determine whether the number is rational, irrational, or not a real number. 1. 3.316624. . . 2. 3.16227. . . 3. 0 4. square root of 14 5. square root of 10/3 6. -4 7. square root of 9/16 8. 3/0 9. 6.283185. . . 10. 8.432467. . . 11. 0.25

    asked by Angelina
  33. Math - Linear Approximation

    a) Find a linear approximation of y=sinx at x=pi/6 b) use part (a) to approximate sin(61pi/360) and sin(59pi/360) I just really have no idea how to approach this problem. I know the formula is y=f(a)+f'(a)(x-a). Does that mean it would be

    asked by Jamie
  34. trigonometry

    A tree broken over by the wind forms a right triangle with the ground if the broken parts makes an angle 50 degree with the ground and the top of the tree is now 20 feet from its base how tall the tree?

    asked by frances
  35. Math

    Rosa poured 1 3/4 of orange juice into a container. She added 3 1/3 quarts of apple juice. She then poured 2 2/3 quarts of the mixed juice into a pitcher. How many quarts of mixed juice were left in the container?

    asked by Luly
  36. math

    a football match was played for two hours. a man arrives late for the match. what is the probability that he misses the only goal of the match which is scored at 30th minute of the match?

    asked by paul
  37. math

    1. A formula for converting degrees Fahrenheit F, to degrees Celsius, C, is C = 5/9(F - 32) Express F in terms of C If normal human body temperature is 37C what is this temperature in degrees Fahrenheit?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. chemistry help ?!

    Which of the following is an exothermic reaction? sugar dissolving in water

    asked by bebe
  39. Hisory

    I have some questions from a study guide that I can't find information on. What practices did Kublai Khan follow? What was significant about the size of the Mongolian empire? What was the effect of the Mongol conquest of Korea ?

    asked by Kylie
  40. PE

    Which source is the best to follow if you were looking to buy a facial and massage spa package for your mom for Mother’s Day? 1.the spa advertisement flyer that has come to your mailbox several times 2.the huge billboard sign of a beautiful actress who

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody
  41. PE

    What reason do studies show why more people with high blood pressure and diabetes live In the suburbs than in the city? 1.There are much better doctors in the city who treat those diseases more effectively. 2.(People re not as physically active and rely on

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody
  42. Social Studies

    Based on the excerpt how does this newspaper article compare to the yellow journalism articles written about the explosion of the battleship Maine in 1898? A.This article is more biased than the yellow journalism articles B.This article is less biased than

    asked by Arianne
  43. math

    when rounded to the nearest ten I am 350 what am i

    asked by tiffany
  44. physics

    A student pulls a (34) kg box a distance of (13.50) m up a ramp set at 25.8o using a force of (181) N applied parallel to the ramp. Find the efficiency of the ramp. Give your answer in percent (%) and with 3 significant figures.

    asked by l
  45. SCience

    After watching the Farmers and their Lost Dreams: The Dust Bowl Years video segment, reflect back on the stories of two American farming families as they struggled to survive the dust storms that overtook the plains Write a paragraph in reaction to what

    asked by URGENT HELP
  46. Mathematics

    The ratio of boys to girls is 5 to 9. If there are 120 more girls than boys, how many boys are there?

    asked by Anastasia
  47. Language/english

    In a paragraph, compare and contrast the two forms of poetry haikus and limericks. It should include a specific description of each form. Explain how they are both alike and how they are different.

    asked by Dan
  48. math help plz?!

    A town received a large amount of rainfall. Which units would be most appropriate to describe the rainfall in the town? Select each correct answer. in/h

    asked by ains
  49. Check my answer? Math(:

    Solve for x. 4(12)4x=1000 Enter your answer to the nearest hundredth in the box. x ≈ 1.9

    asked by Leia
  50. Physics

    A 1500 kg car is combined to another car of mass of 1000 kg by colliding with it at a velocity of 3 cm/sec.Find the velocity of the cars just after their collision.

    asked by Md shaheen Mahmud
  51. calculus-snell's law

    Suppose A light ray starts at the point A = (0,a) in an uniform medium 1 where the speed of light is c1 and then passes through an uniform medium 2 where the speed of light is c2 reaching point B = (d, −b). The line separating the two media is the

    asked by Mable
  52. maths

    How many glasses can be filled in 21 cans each of 200 milliliters?

    asked by Priya
  53. Urgent math question help!!!

    Drag and drop the correct justifications into the boxes. 4(x−2)+1=9 : subtraction property of equality 4x−8+1=9 :combine like terms 4x−7=9 : distributive property 4x = 16 : associative property of equality x = 4 : division property of equality

    asked by Luke
  54. mathematics

    ... a straight road observes that at two points l km apart, the angles of elevation of a pole in front of him are 30° and 75°.

    asked by Anil
  55. math

    I was just wondering, what is the difference between an arithmetic sequence and a geometric sequence?

    asked by mariam
  56. trigonometry

    plane flies speed of 185km/hr @ 120deg. it changes speed to 32km/hr @165deg due north. Find the direction and course.

    asked by conor
  57. math

    a backpack is discounted 10% on sale for $37.80

    asked by jordan
  58. Math

    The average maximum temperature in January for Killeen, Texas is 59º F. The average maximum temperature in January for Buffalo, New York is 27º F. This January, Killeen’s average maximum temperature was five degrees below normal, and Buffalo’s

    asked by help
  59. Math

    Megan and her 5 friends share 2 pizzas equally. How much of one pizza does each person get ?

    asked by Serenity g
  60. Pre calculus

    ramp needs an angle of elevation no greater than 4.8. the business has 8 ft to build the ramp. the ramp must rise 6 inches above the ground. can a ramp be built in this space? if a ramp can be built what is the minimum horizontal distance possible? please

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Math

    If I spend one-third of my money on ice-cream, and half of it on a book, what fraction is left?

    asked by Dimol Sedoc
  62. Albegra

    diego wrote one equation to find a missing angle measure.Write three more equations to solve the same problem 180 grade - -------=48 grade

    asked by Isabella
  63. Algebra

    A large angle is made up of two smaller angles. The smaller angles measure 48 and 11. What is the measure of the large angle?

    asked by Marina
  64. math

    Claire jogs around an oval track and is able to complete one lap in 5 minutes. If she jogs at the same pace for 42 minutes, how many laps would she be able to jog? Write an inequality and find the number of whole laps Claire completes.

    asked by jill
  65. Math

    What criterias do two graphs have to meet in order to be isomorphic? I know they must have the same number of vertices and edges. Do they both have to be bipartite/non-bipartite?

    asked by Winston
  66. calculus

    find dt/dx t=((a^2+x^2)^1/2)/v1 + ((d^2+b^2)^1/2)/v2

    asked by Mable
  67. Math


    asked by Noel
  68. French

    It may seem like a lot, but It's Not! 1. I reserved a one way ticket. J’ai réservé un aller simple. 2. We’re fastening our seatbelts. Nous sommes attachons notre (nos?... what’s the difference) ceinture de sécurité. 3. The train is early. Le

    asked by Sophia
  69. Math check

    What is 6 5/6 - 5 1/2 This is my answer:1 2/6 or simple form: 1 1/6

    asked by Chris
  70. maths

    a room 9m * 7.5m is covered with tiles. size of each tile is 20cm by 25cm. find the cost of tiles at the rate of $45 per tile.

    asked by sanjana
  71. maths

    A train moving on a circular track with a diameter of 14,642 km,takes 50 minute to complete one revolution. calculate the peripheral velocity of the train in km/h

    asked by princess
  72. science plz check

    Describe the outer planets. The outer planets, unlike the inner planets, are much larger and made up of gases. They have many moons, and larger rings of ice that go around the entire planet.

    asked by swimmerGirl
  73. Math Trig

    A ladder 15 m long can so be placed that it will reach a point on a wall 10 m above the ground. By tipping it back without moving its feet, it can be made to reach a point on another wall 8 m above the ground. What is the horizontal distance between the

    asked by Mar
  74. Algebra 1 - Help!?

    Two big questions that are driving me mad. 1) Given the following linear function sketch the graph of the function and find the domain and range. f(x) = 2/7x - 2 2) Given the following linear function sketch the graph of the function and find the domain

    asked by Tori
  75. Chemistry

    What is the volume of a 5.2 molarity solution made with 115g of LiF? I've only learned in class how to go from volume to molarity. How do you do this one?

    asked by Emily
  76. calculus

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified line. x = 1−y^4, x = 0; about x = 1.

    asked by maggie
  77. maths

    dy/dt = -t^3y^2-ty^2 dx/dt=(sin t)/(cos t+10) dy/dx -3y/x =x^3cosx Which differential method should be used for each equation?

    asked by s17
  78. calculus I

    Problem: Consider (1) the parabola y=3-1/10 x^2 and (2) the upper half of the circle centered at (20, 0) with radius of 10. Find the points on the parabola where the tangent line is also tangent to the upper half of the circle. (You can find these points

    asked by Anglela
  79. geometry

    The diagonal of a rectangle is 25 meters long makes an angle of 36 ° with one of the rectangle. Find the area and the perimeter of the parallelogram. how to find the b to arrive to the area?

    asked by jaime
  80. 6 grade math

    I need help with these two problems if someone can explain the steps thank you Use a generic rectangle to find each product Problem 1: 3 and 1/6 × 2 and 1/2 Problem 2: 1 and 1/3 × 1 and 1/6

    asked by Unknown1
  81. calculus

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified axis. y = 64x−8x^2, y = 0; about the y-axis.

    asked by maggie
  82. calculus

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified line. x = 1−y^4, x = 0; about x = 1.

    asked by Sam
  83. science

    Astronauts who are working outside the space shuttle require an audio speaker in their helmets because ________. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    asked by swimmerGirl
  84. calculus

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified axis. x+y = 3, x = 4−(y−1)^2; about the y-axis.

    asked by Sam
  85. Powerpoint Project

    I'm doing an assignment for educational tech and learning 7. But I need help. Can someone provide a similar presentation? Only to help me get ideas. It's about the geological time scale during the Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras. Please help as soon as you can.

    asked by Malakii
  86. maths

    a rectangular gardan has a length of xm and a breadth of ym. It has an area of 20m and a perimeter of 18m determine the velue of x and y

    asked by akhona
  87. Maths

    How many weeks will it take for 50 000 to earn 1500 in interest if the rate is 6% p.a.

    asked by Laura
  88. Science

    which of the following planets are considard rocky venus neptune saturn uranus i think uranus

    asked by Katelynn
  89. Financial maths year 9

    Sophie borrowed $2000 at a simple interest rate of 15% for 3 years to repay the loan and has $900 in interest. If Sophie's interest was calculated at the same rate on the balance owing, how much would she have owed after 6 months if she repaid $40 per

    asked by Laura
  90. E.L.A

    Which Idea Is Conveyed In Both "Dust Of Snow" and Who Knows If The Moon's A.Nature can be playful* B.Nature can be harsh C.Nature can be annoying D.Nature can be mysterious To Which Sense Do Both "Who Knows If The Moon's" and "Dust Of Snow Appeal Most

    asked by Bonnie Key
  91. math

    A shirt is on sale for 30% off. The sale price is $51.50. What was the original price?

    asked by naima
  92. Maths

    Fatima bought 50 apples at the apple Orchard. She bought 4 times as many red apples as green apples. How many more red apples than green apples did Fatima buy?

    asked by Nyasha
  93. English...check my work

    parts of speech 1.Mason is fantastic at gossamer billowing. my answer: Mason=noun, is=verb fantastic=adjective at=preposition gossamer=adjective billowing=noun We get to go home early on Wednesday. my answer: We=pronoun get to go=verb home=noun

    asked by Mark
  94. English

    1. I won first prize in the English speech contest. 2. I won the first prize in the English speech contest. -------------------------------- What is the difference between the two sentences? 3. I got a nice gift for my birthday. 4. I got a nice gift on my

    asked by rfvv
  95. English

    How are you feeling? 1. I am delighted. 2. I am thrilled. 3. I feel overjoyed. 4. I feel disgusting? 5. I feel anxious. 6. I feel dissatisfied. 7. __________ 8. ___________ ----------------------------- Are the answers all correct? What other common

    asked by rfvv
  96. science

    1. In paper chromatography, is the substance being tested the solute or solvent? Explain your answer. I think the substance being tested is a solvent. I think this because it is being dissolved to form the ink on the filter paper. 2. A bucket of paint

    asked by Anonymous
  97. math

    arrange the following fractions starting with lowest 1.2/4,3/9,3/15,25/100 2.5/15,2/8,3/6 3.2/10,4/12,4/20 4.4/16,20/100 5.4/8,3/12,5/10,6/18 6.2/5,6/10,13/20,31/50 7.11/25,1/4,3/50

    asked by john
  98. Math, Pre-calculas

    From each corner of a square piece of cardboard, a square with sides of 3cm is removed. The edges are then up to form an open box. If the box is to hold 243cm^3, what are the dimensions of the original piece of cardboard?

    asked by Azka
  99. math

    a printer prints 17 pages is 6 minutes. how many minutes per page

    asked by jane
  100. math

    The price of a U.S. stamp is $0.44. That price is expected to rise by 4.5% in January. What will be the price of a U.S. stamp come January? Round the answer to the nearest cent.

    asked by Kurbria
  101. Math

    Tina uses 4 5/12yards of wire for her sience project. Kelvin uses 1 2/3 yards of wire for his project. How many yards of wire do they use altogether?

    asked by Luly
  102. English

    1. I beat him at pingpong. 2. We defeated them at basketball. 3. He beat the big man at wrestling. 4. I defeated him at bowling. 5. We defeated the opponent team at basketball. 6. They beat us at soccer. 7. I was beaten at chess by him. 8. I was defeated

    asked by rfvv
  103. Calculus

    At which point on the curve y = -2+2e^x is the tangent line parrellel to the line 3x-y=5? Just give the x-coordinate as an exact number

    asked by Jeff
  104. math

    how long will it take of a sum of money invested at 80% simple interest the original sum. then solve it.

    asked by williams
  105. language

    1:Which word is a conjunction in the sentence: The man quickly but carefully opened the oysters hard shell. A:quickly B:but C:carefully D:opened

    asked by Dan
  106. Physics

    A car is traveling with constant 20.0 ms for 2.0mins constant rate 0.50 how far can travel for first part of the trip How long does it take for the car to a stop during the decond part of trip How far does it take during second trip What average velocity

    asked by Anonymous
  107. English

    1. He got a nice gift for his birthday. 2. He gave me a present for Christmas. 3. I received a fountainpen for my birthday. 4. She got a ring for the wedding anniversary. 5. Tom gave me a nice bike for my birthday. -------------------- Are they all

    asked by rfvv
  108. Science- Astronomy

    How are Earth and Venus different? I already wrote that they have different atmospheres but I need another reason why are different so can someone help me please?

    asked by Jiskha Student
  109. math

    Tom's t-shirts were either red, yellow or green. 20% of the t-shirts were red, 50% were green and the the remaining 27 were yellow. A)hoow many -tshirts does he have altogether how many t-shirts were red how many more green t-shirts has he than yellow

    asked by indira
  110. math

    The center of a circle is located at (–5, 2) and a point on the circle is located at (5, -22). Which other points are also on the circle? (-29, -8) (-31, 5) (5, 26) (19, 12) (19, -6) So the answers i got that work is 1.(-31,5) 2.(-29,-8) 3.(19,12) That

    asked by Jakis
  111. English

    In Great Expectation, How did Mrs. Havisham past relationship affect the way she lived? How did her past effect the way she raised Estella

    asked by Help!!
  112. history

    what about manifest destiny is undemocratic

    asked by maya
  113. Chemistry

    Is is possible to get 100% on a percent yield? Now, For Cup A I had : Mass of cup water & stirrer: 67.51 mass of sodium bicarbonate: 1.00g mass of citric acid: .76g total mass of all: 69.27g mass of cup, solution, stir after reaction: 68.75g difference

    asked by Rose
  114. Math

    Mode is 126 a d range is 26 what is two possible answers for three baseball card collections

    asked by Katie
  115. English

    1. I like pears, too. 2. I like pears too. 3. I like pears, as well. 4. I like pears as well. 5. I don't like pears, either. 6. I don't like pears either. -------------------------------- 1,2,5,and 6 are grammatical, aren't they? How about #3? There is a

    asked by rfvv
  116. History

    What is one environmental issue that both the U.S and Canada are facing. Explain how the countries are working together to solve the problem. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    asked by swimmerGirl
  117. Finance

    Suppose you would like to retire in 50 years as a millionaire. If you have $7,500 today, what rate of return must you earn on $7,500 to achieve your goal

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Physics

    A 35.0 g ball at the end of a string is swung in a vertical circle with a radius of 35.0 cm. The rotational velocity is 212.0 cm/s. (a)Find the tension (in N) in the string at the top of the circle. (b)Find the tension (in N) in the string at the bottom of

    asked by Haya
  119. Finance

    Jack has $6,000 invested in a bank that pays 3% annually. How long will it take for his funds to double?

    asked by Anonymous
  120. math

    A square patio rug has side lengths of 1/3(x+2) inches a. Write a linear expression involving the perimeter of the square, P in terms of x. b. Solve for x in terms of P.

    asked by plz help im so confused
  121. Math

    A bus driver filled up 7/8 of her fuel a tank for a trip. She used 6/7 of the fuel by the end of the trip. The capacity of her tank is 70 gallons. How much fuel did she use for the trip?

    asked by Luly
  122. math

    -4+7x+4=8 direct vriation

    asked by jo
  123. math

    tatiana is planting a gadern with an area of 25 square feet. what could the length and width of the garden be?

    asked by mia
  124. Health

    1- what effect does a baby have on a teenage couple? A- brings the couple closer together B-school and education is unefected C-Mother drops out of school(my answer) D-physical maturity gets stronger

    asked by Alex
  125. Calculus

    The position of a particle moving along the x-axis as a function of time,t, is given by x(t)=(1/6)t^3-t^2+3t-1 for t≥0. The particle's velocity becomes three times its initial velocity when t=? I know v(t)=x'(t)=(1/2)t^2-2t+3=9, but I do not understand

    asked by Mike
  126. Algebra

    manuella likes pepperoni, mushroom, and extra cheese on her pizza. how many different pizzas can she order with one, two, or all three of these toppings?

    asked by Ed
  127. Health

    When you are full grown in emotional sense, you will reach. A-a midlife crisis B-emotional intimacy C-Emotional maturity(my answer) D-your physical peak.

    asked by Enesiam
  128. biology

    how is the knee jerk reflex (like when a hammer hits the knee and the leg stretchs out) related to proprioception? if someone doesn't have proprioception why would their leg not move when it is hit by the hammer?

    asked by homework
  129. Math(precalc)

    I'm not sure how to start this problem I'm able to get it to (4x-3)log(4)=(9x-6)log(3). Not sure how to continue. Original question 4^(4x-3)=3^(9x-6)

    asked by Beper
  130. Urgent--Geometry(trig part)

    So I am new to sine, cosine, and tangent, so I need some help. Just explain it. No need for the answers unless you want to give it to me. :D Let triangle ABC be a right triangle with angleC=90degrees. Given the tangent of one of the complementary angles of

    asked by Anonymous
  131. mathematics

    In one year one dollar $1 could be exchanged for one Euro and twenty cents A .. derive a formula to exchange dollars into euros. B.. use your formula to work out how many euros you would receive for $250

    asked by SARTHAJ
  132. Math

    The drama teacher is making costumes for the school play. Each costume requires 1 and 2/3 yards of material and 3/4 of a yard of ribbon. The material costs $2.99 per yard and the ribbon costs 59 cents per yard. What is the approximate cost for 2 costumes

    asked by Ashlie
  133. MATH

    se a graphing calculator or Excel to find the solution of the system of equations. (If the system is dependent, enter DEPENDENT. If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION.) 5x + 3y = 2 3x + 7y = −4

    asked by RICH
  134. Statistics

    The table to the right lists probabilities for the corresponding numbers of girls in three births. What is the random​ variable, what are its possible​ values, and are its values​ numerical? Number of girls x ​P(x) 0 0.125 1 0.375 2 0.375 3 0.125

    asked by Nancy
  135. maths

    If sin teta=7/25then find the value of sec teta+tan teta

    asked by razvi
  136. Related Rates

    (A poignant problem) A 3-foot-tall observer holds a balloon 1 foot in front of her face. Experimentally, the observer releases the balloon and watches as it rises vertically at 5 feet per second. 2 seconds after releasing the the balloon, the observer

    asked by chan
  137. Biology

    I am doing a project on the lymphatic system. I need ideas as a activity the class can do. I don't want there to be a lot of materials needed. Help?

    asked by Sherlock