Questions Asked on
February 17, 2017

  1. Chem

    The combustion of propane (C3H8) produces CO2 and H2O: C3H8 (g) + 5O2 (g) → 3CO2 (g) + 4H2O (g) The reaction of 3.5 mol of O2 will produce ________ mol of H2O.

    asked by Agum
  2. geometry

    In ΔABC, m∠ACB = 90°, and m∠ACD = 45°. Find:AC, if CD =6√2 in. can u put answer and solution

    asked by Allie
  3. Stat

    If radio station call letters must begin with either K or W and must include either two or three additional​ letters, how many different possibilities are​ there?

    asked by Rocio
  4. business communication

    please help me to revise this paragraph I’m fed up with the mistakes that our current accounting firm makes. I run a small construction company, and I don’t have time to double-check every bookkeeping entry and call the accountants a dozen times when

    asked by JP
  5. Physics

    Hi, the following is a problem that concerns angular momentum: Modern hard drives spin very fast! The part that holds the data is a disk called the platter. Assume an aluminum platter that is 3.5in. in diameter, 1mm thick, and spinning at 5400 rpm. Treat

    asked by Grace
  6. math

    Fair Race Portfolio Template: Functions Instructions: Follow the instructions provided in the lesson. Use this template to record your work and answers. Please submit this template to the dropbox along with any other evidence you would like to provide for

    asked by help
  7. geometry

    Given: ∆AKL, AK = 9 m∠K = 90o m∠A = 60 ° Find: The perimeter of ∆AKL The area of ∆AKL for this one i got 81 for the perimeter side a 6 and side b is 12

    asked by Allie
  8. math

    The particular solution of the differential equation dy/dt equals y over 4 for which y(0) = 20 is y = 20e−0.25t y = 19 + e0.25t y = 20 e0.25t - my answer y = 20e4t

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Physics

    How much does it cost to operate a 23-W porch light for 24 h if electric energy costs 8¢/kWh?

    asked by Mary
  10. Math

    If the probability that an identified hurricane will make a direct hit on a certain stretch of beach is 0.04, what is the probability against a direct hit? So if it is against, would I take 1-.04 and that would be the answer? Thanks!

    asked by Katie
  11. physical science

    The heating elements of an electric toaster is typically made of nichrome wire (an alloy of nickel and chromium). As current passes through the wires, the wires heat up, thus toasting the toast. Estimate the overall resistance of a heating element which is

    asked by michelle
  12. Maths

    Make h subject of formula in A=πr√h²-r²

    asked by Luke
  13. pyhsical science

    A wire of uniform cross-section has a resistance of R Ω. What would be the resistance of a similar wire, made of the same material, but twice as long and of twice the diameter?

    asked by michelle
  14. physical science

    What length of German silver wire, diameter 0.050 cm, is needed to make a 28 Ωresistor, if the resistivity of German silver is 2.2 × 〖10〗^(-7) Ω m (show work)

    asked by michelle
  15. Equilibrium concentrations, please help!!!

    Lead metal is added to 0.150 M Cr3+(aq). Pb(s)+2Cr3+(aq)⇌Pb2+(aq)+2Cr2+(aq). KC=3.2×10−10 What is [Pb2+] when equilibrium is established in the reaction? What is [Cr2+] when equilibrium is established in the reaction? What is [Cr3+] when equilibrium

    asked by Sara
  16. Psychology

    7. Research examining the perceptual abilities of newborn and very young infants has: a) provided little information regarding the notion that infants experience a "blooming, buzzing confusion" b) tended to contradict the idea that infants experience a

    asked by Muhammad
  17. computers

    13. Someone who is young, lacks funds, and really wants to gain technical skills while serving his or her nation should consider

    asked by payton
  18. Stoichiometry


    asked by Jose
  19. math

    Vivian is going to do some yard work, but she needs to leave her house at 2:00 to go to a football game. She is going to mow the lawn for 1 hour and 15 minutes, trim some bushes for 40 minutes, and put down some mulch for 25 minutes. She will also need 30

    asked by someone
  20. math

    One wet weekend, 0.86 inches of rain fell on Saturday. The next day, 1.52 inches of rain fell. How many inches of rain fell over the weekend? i need help I've been stuck on this for 30 minutes

    asked by someone
  21. math

    the difference between two whole numbers is of the numbers is 1.there are two possibilities for the second number. what are they?

    asked by amy
  22. Esol

    Long before his death, Pablo Picasso had became one of the most important artists in history... Long before-in-had became-the most which word or phrase is wrong?? had became is .thanks

    asked by Victoria
  23. english 101

    which word is wrong here? The physician overhead the insurance agent discussing the patient details of a client's medical condition with a personnel friend in the hospital cafeteria. overhead-details-a client's-a personnel-in the- my answer is personnel-

    asked by engl1301
  24. math

    Valerie tells Robbie, "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 50. If I divide the number by 4, then add 5, then subtract 6, I get 6. i tried 12,24,36,48,42 its non of those

    asked by someone
  25. Geometry

    In the △PQR, PQ = 39 in, PR = 17 in, and the altitude PN = 15 in. Find QR. can u guys show how to solve the problem(plz include answer) i got 42 by using the pythagorean theorem i am not sure if i am correct but can u check it

    asked by Allie
  26. physical science

    . The maximum allowable resistance for an underwater cable is one hundredth of an ohm per metre. If the resistivity of cooper is 1.54 × 〖10〗^(-8) Ω m, find the least diameter of a copper cable that could be used (show work)

    asked by michelle
  27. English

    "Marked the mastodon, The dinosaur, who left dried tokens Of their sojourn here" in this stanza of the poem ON THE PULSE OF MORNING what does it mean? I honestly don't know what this stanza tries to tell us

    asked by Ari
  28. Language Arts

    Hi! I just need someone to check my work please! :) Thanks! 1. Which of these is the defining characteristic of a comparison-and-contrast essay? A. Clear thesis statement. B. Organizational structure. C. Reliable sources. D. Similarities and differences

    asked by Emma
  29. math

    a 16 ounce pack of cereal cost $4.what is the unit cost?

    asked by nimsay
  30. English

    11. The _______ of an introduction to an essay establishes how you feel about your topic and the relationship with your readers. A. point of view B. focus C. topic D. tone I believe it is D) Tone.

    asked by studnet
  31. spanish

    How do you say an uncle in spanish? A:uno tio B:unos tios !@#$%^&io** How do you say some female cousins in spanish? A:Unas primas B:Una prima C:Unos primos**

    asked by cam
  32. english 2

    In this scene the Sergeant compares Macbeth and Banquo to “As sparrows eagles, or the hare the lion.” Knowing that the eagle and the lion are predators and the sparrow and the hare are prey, what does Shakespeare reveal about the characters

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Math

    Sanjay borrowed twice the money borrowed by Alkesh at the same intrest of 12% p.a for 4 years. Ig Alkesh paid Rs 72000 less than the intrest paid by Sanjay, find the money borrowed by them

    asked by Kimaya
  34. Psychology

    charles has been told by the doctor he has lung cancer that is beyond treatment. His doctor tells him that he will probably die within a year. Charles suddenly starts to laugh and tells the doctor that the lab must have mixed up the test results. Chalres

    asked by Muhammad
  35. Math definition

    I need the meaning of the following I looked in math book and online but it gives me so many things I need the meaning of it to put in my notes. "Of" "Out of" "Multiply fractions"

    asked by Jessica
  36. algebra

    Annabelle and Navene are multiplying (4275)(4372). Annabelle's Work (4275)(4372) = 4^2 + 375 + 2 = 4577 Navene's Work: (4275)(4372) = 42â‹…375â‹…2 = 46710 Is either of them correct? Explain your reasoning.

    asked by emily
  37. Math

    If the ratio between the length and the perimeter of a rectangular plot is 1:3 then the ratio between the length and breadth of plot is?

    asked by Mathematics
  38. Chemistry AP

    Determine the value of x in al2(so4)3 . xh2o when 4 grams of aluminum sulfate hydrate was heated and 3.5 grams remain. (show working please)

    asked by Roger
  39. Chem

    How do peroxides differ from other group of oxide?

    asked by James
  40. business communication

    please help me to revise this paragraph I’m contacting you about your recent email request for technical support on your cable internet service. Part of the problem we have in tech support is trying to figure out exactly what each customer’s specific

    asked by JP
  41. Algebra

    can you help me graph the function y=-5(3^x)please? f(x)=-5(3^x) f(x)=-5*3 f(x)=-5(9) =-15 =-45 Is this the correct way to work this problem out and how to I graph?

    asked by Michelle

    write the net ionic equation (including phases) that corresponds to zn(no3)2 + Na2CO3--->ZnCO3+2NaNO3.

    asked by Alex
  43. math

    A vial contains 20 ml of medicine. If each dose is 1/8 of the viral, how many mL is each dose

    asked by jac
  44. math

    Find the area of the following ellipse Use = 3.14 and round to nearest tenth. a = 7 in.; b = 9 in.

    asked by billie
  45. Algebra

    A frame is 4.8 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall. If it is enlarged to a width of 9.6 inches, then how tall will it be?

    asked by Lisa
  46. physical science

    The resistance of the ohm is very approximately that of a column of mercury 1.06 m long and of uniform cross-section of one hundred of a cm^2. Find the resistivity of mercury.(show work)

    asked by michelle
  47. physical science

    A block of carbon, 1.0 cm by 2.0 cm by 5.0 cm has a resistance of 0.80 Ω between its two smaller faces. What is the resistivity of carbon? (show work)

    asked by michelle
  48. precalculus

    how long will it take an investment of $1,750 to double in value at 8% annual interest compounded continuously?

    asked by sue
  49. Chem

    How many carbon atoms are contained in each of the following number of moles: (a) 1.40 mol; (b) 5.70 mol?

    asked by Lex
  50. Chemistry

    How Would You Classify The Oxides Of period3A Elemet?

    asked by Isaac
  51. College Chem

    A 1000 g sample of metal with a specific heat of 0.50 J/goC is heated to 100.0oC and then placed in a 50.0 g sample of water at 20.0oC. (Hint: Specific heat of water at 20.0oC is 4.182 J/goC). What is the final temperature of the metal and the water? Write

    asked by nia
  52. Social Studies

    I have 4 major events for my portfolio i just need one more could you help me? I already have World War II, Communist Revolution, Climate change, and Cold War. I need one more major event that happened in China.

    asked by Someone
  53. Chemistry

    The number of calories needed to raise the temperature of 5.0g of water from 25C to 55C

    asked by Daph
  54. Math

    Jan scored 17 points with four darts.what numbers did she hit?

    asked by Huda
  55. backwards math

    Valerie tells Robbie, "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 50. If I divide the number by 4, then add 5, then subtract 6, I get 6.

    asked by branden
  56. science, chemistry

    Lead metal is added to 0.150 M Cr3+(aq). Pb(s)+2Cr3+(aq)⇌Pb2+(aq)+2Cr2+(aq). KC=3.2×10−10 What is [Pb2+] when equilibrium is established in the reaction? What is [Cr2+] when equilibrium is established in the reaction? What is [Cr3+] when equilibrium

    asked by Sara
  57. Molarity question!! please help urgently!

    Suppose you wanted to produce an aqueous solution of pH = 8.70 by dissolving one of the following salts in water: NH4Cl, KHSO4, KNO2, NaNO3. Use salt KNO2. But at what molarity? Please help!! Thank you!

    asked by Sara
  58. 8th grade ss

    I just need help studying the civil war. I only want to study. Another teacher of mine found out other students were cheating on a quiz and it was omitted. I don't want to cheat I just need help studying. My grades are very good, I just want a study buddy.

    asked by Keeper
  59. English

    15. Read the following opening sentence of an introductory paragraph and answer the question that follows. Should you ever find yourself in a situation in which you suspect that someone is listening in your private conversation, you might not be as

    asked by studnet
  60. Englsih

    16. As a strategy for narrowing the topic for an essay on animal medicine, Felecia imagines interviewing a veterinarian. Which method of generating ideas is she using? A. Visualizing B. Questioning C. Brainstorming D. Freewriting Im pretty sure it is B. Is

    asked by studnet
  61. Math

    Rachel answer 20 out of 25 questions correctly on her science test what percent of the questions did she answer correctly

    asked by Ciara
  62. algebra 2

    . Which equation is in standard form and represents a line with slope –1 through the point (–3, 5)? a.x+y=2 b.y=-x+5 c.-x+y=5

    asked by maylea
  63. Englsih

    20. Tressa likes to generate ideas and relationships about a topic by writing a central idea in the middle of a piece of paper and then surrounding it with related ideas connected to each other and the main idea with a series of lines or arrows. This

    asked by studnet
  64. Math- Inequalities

    Riverview Farms sold a combined total of 396 watermelons and cantaloupes. they sold 126 more watermelons than cantaloupes. Use n to represent the number of cantaloupes. Which equation could be used to solve for n? Answers: n + 126 = 396 n - 126 = 396 2n -

    asked by Cassandra Raven Moonstone
  65. grammar simple, compound/complex

    1. We like stories which have unusual endings.

    asked by Anonymous
  66. S.S

    What was the name of the general panic around Communism in the United States?

    asked by kacy
  67. physics

    a bird can fly in still air at 20 miles per hour. when the wind is blowing straight from the north at 10 miles/hr. in what direction must the bird aim in order that it may fly from east to west and at what speed will it have?

    asked by ravi ranjan
  68. Algebra

    Need help trying to solve this question. Using the variables x and y determine the two equations you would need to solve for the maximum area to enclose a patio given 28 feet of fencing.

    asked by Ebony
  69. Politics

    To what extent do wealthy countries, such as the US and the members of the European Union have a responsibility to do more for the refugee crisis? I have to write a short essay on this topic and I do not exactly know how to approach it. Thanks

    asked by Derek
  70. Esol

    The patient was asked to choose ate items from the menu that are his favorites. to choose-ate items-that are-his favorites- ate items is wrong here. thanks

    asked by Victoria
  71. Algebra

    The charge to rent a trailer is $20 for up to 2 hours plus $8 per additional hour or portion of an hour. Find the cost to rent a trailer for 3.2 hours, 4 hours, and 7.6 hours.

    asked by Keisha
  72. Algebra

    Simplify: (x-1/2)-(x-2/2)+(x-3/2)-...-(x-100/2)=

    asked by dian
  73. Math

    An arithmetic sequence has a first term of 0 and a 10th term of 15. If 10 is an output of the sequence, which term number is it? Show and explain how you know you have the correct answer.

    asked by Candy
  74. Maths

    What simple interest rate is equivalent to a compound interest rate of 6% p.a. over 10 years correct to two decimal places?

    asked by Lilly
  75. Algebra 1

    Which is the correct simplification of 2.2*10^4/8.8*10^9 written in scientific notation ? a) 0.25*10^5 b) 2.5*10^6 c) 0.25*10^-5 d) 2.5*10^-6 I think it is either a or c, but please help. * means multiplication sign Thank You !

    asked by Connections Academy student
  76. Physics

    State the similarities between Coloumb's law And Newton's Law Of Universal Gravitation.

    asked by Jacob
  77. Economics

    You have recently learned that the company where you work is being sold for 275000$ and income statements indicates current profit of 10000$ and interest remain constant at 10 % what constant rates does the owner believe that profits will grow? Does this

    asked by Ubah
  78. chemistry

    Q: Find pH of 0.2 M of CH3COONa + 0.1M of CH3COOH?

    asked by Basharat
  79. Math

    Checking my 6th grade daughter's homework but don't know how write these rational numbers in the form a/b... 4.75 6 1/8 6.3 10 1/2

    asked by Alisa
  80. Physical sciences

    One use of nitrolim

    asked by Anonymous
  81. science

    compute the average velocity in the following two cases: you walk 73.2m at a speed of 1.22m/s and then run 73.2m at a speed of 2.80m/s

    asked by thabisoc seekane
  82. Maths

    A box weighing 20N, resting on a ramp, is kept at equilibrium by a 4-N force at an angle of 20 to the ramp, together with a frictional force of 5N, parallel to the surface of the ramp. Determine the angle of elevation of the ramp.

    asked by Connie
  83. history

    Why did the British look to colonize the region, and how did that change the lives of indigenous people?

    asked by Taiwan
  84. finance

    Inflation, disinflation and deflation can have significant effects on income statements and balance sheets, and therefore on the calculation of ratios. Discuss the possible impact of inflation, disinflation and deflation of the ratios, and explain the

    asked by umme
  85. finance

    Explain in detail on how does the modified internal rate of return include concepts from both the traditional internal rate of return and the net present value methods? Use a quantitative example to present for your answer.

    asked by umme
  86. Social Studies

    In which of the following ways did the 1920s wealth gap contribute to the start of the Great Depression. A. The wealth gap led to a decline in stock investment during the 1920s B. A concentration of wealth led to less spending across the economy C. Many of

    asked by EmberShy
  87. Mathematics

    A ship sails 50 km on a bearing of 70 degrees. How far North is it from its starting position.

    asked by Teresa
  88. math

    dev has 120 stickers.he is going to get some more stickers,n,from his friend.write an expression using n to show how many stickers dev will have. please could you do it quickly i have to give this in after the half term and the other question i did!!!

    asked by amy
  89. math

    a square green rug has a blue square in the center. the side length of the blue square is x inches. the width of the green band that surrounds the blue square is 6 inches.

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Physics 202-help

    If we have just counted 15 seconds between the lightning and thunder, how far away do we predict the center of the thunderstorm to be using the 3 second rule and What was the percent difference between the prediction and the real distance of the

    asked by mariah
  91. Algebra! Please Help!

    What are the next three terms in the sequence? -6, 5, 16, 27,... A. 38, 49, 60 B. 37, 47, 57 C. 36, 45, 54 D. 36, 46, 57

    asked by Lilly
  92. Math

    Describe transformations of f(x)=-f(2-x)

    asked by Kevin
  93. math

    hi I wanna help of this question: eight multiplied by a number is three more than thirteen.

    asked by thaby


    asked by KENT
  95. Ethics

    Please assume that, in the process of assisted reproductive technology (ART), more human embryos were created than are needed by the donors for the purposes of their assisted reproduction. Under these circumstances, which of the following is most likely to

    asked by Anonymous
  96. math

    1. What number is 73% of 215? (1 point) 215 = 0.73n n = 0.73 × 215 0.73 = n × 215 215 = 73n

    asked by not a hero but your hero is
  97. History

    Described the nature of England's first successful colonial settlement ,Jamestown,as it envolved from a flounder,haphazard enterprise into a stable colony,complete with social and racial tensions.

    asked by Nikita

    How were the Aborigine people affected when their children were forced to live with British families or in institutions?

    asked by Taiwan
  99. college chemisrt

    write the net ionic equation (including phases) that corresponds to zn(no3)2 + Na2CO3--->ZnCO3+2NaNO3

    asked by Alex
  100. Vector

    vector PQ is parallel to vector v [-4, -6] and has initial point P(-7,5). Determine the coordinates of Q.

    asked by Connie
  101. Esol

    She was so mad on her boyfriend, she terminated/hanged up/hung up/yelled --him when he called. hung up is correct bc is pp of hang yes guys, am i right??

    asked by Victoria
  102. math

    Prove that the product of three consecutive even integer is divisible by 48l

    asked by sarat
  103. PE

    Explain why a doctor would prescribe medicine to someone who is in good health? A. your cousin got her wisdom teeth removed and has been in alot of pain. B. Your grandmother is not getting enough iron in her food and she feels tired all the time. C. (Your

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody
  104. Satistics

    What is the probability that two 5 year old stink bugs will live to 6 years old?

    asked by Marilyn
  105. math

    Carol buys 1.2 pounds of chicken breast. If each pound of chicken breast cost $3.70,how much will she pay for the chicken breast.

    asked by jac
  106. math

    given the following equations: 2x-3y=10 3x=4y=15 which one of the regression equation x on y? show computation

    asked by AAA
  107. math

    At Yo-Yo Yogurt, the scale says that Sarah has 8 ounces of vanilla yogurt and her father's yogurt weighs 11 ounces. How many Pounds of frozen yogurt did they buy altogether? Express your answer as a mixed number

    asked by jac
  108. Algebra

    Can you please help to solve this problem: 3n2^ + 10n = 5 Thank you

    asked by Lucille
  109. Science

    A silver picture frame has a volume of 5.97 cubic centimeters and a mass of 59.7 grams

    asked by Gabby
  110. Geometry

    ABCD is a parallelogram with diagonals intersecting at E. If AE = 3x + 12 and EC = 27, find the value of x.

    asked by kylie
  111. physics

    A proton travels to the east at 3.5*10⁶ m/s as it enters a region of uniform magnetic field. The magnitude of the magnetic field is 0.15 T and its direction is 30° north of east. Find the magnitude of the force on the proton at the moment it enters the

    asked by uy
  112. math

    5 apples costs 7 kg. Let x be the cost of 7 apples, make an equation to find out the cost of 7 apples

    asked by don
  113. physical science

    Taking the resistivity of platinoid as 3.3 × 〖10〗^(-7) Ω m, find the resistance of 7.0 of platinoid wire of average diameter 0.14 cm.

    asked by michelle
  114. physical science

    A uniform stripe of eureka (resistivity 5-0 × 〖10〗^(-7) Ωm) has a resistance of 0.80 Ω per metre and is 0.25 cm wide. What is its thickness? (show work)

    asked by michelle
  115. cuny

    2.A lab class conducts a 1000 trial scattering probability experiment. Nine (9) target marbles were used on a 46.0 cm wide board. The marble diameter was calculated to be 1.48 cm. 1.How many hits were recorded during the experiment? 2.If the standard value

    asked by ll
  116. Research 1

    The population that is represented by a sample is a. Everyone in the US who is the same age as the participants b. the group of people who are sufficiently similar to the sample members that the results generated by the study can be expected to generalize

    asked by Dianne
  117. Business Math and Statistical Measures

    You decide to take out an ordinary loan of $30,000 at 4%, on a 90 day note. In 45 days you decide to make a payment of $10,000 on the loan. What is your new principal? Expaln how you got answer. How much did you pay at the end of the loan overall? How does

    asked by Linda
  118. um

    Use a calculator to find an approximate value (in radians) of the expression rounded to five decimal places, if it is defined. (If an answer is undefined, enter UNDEFINED.) tan−1(8)

    asked by m
  119. Esol

    Jf Kennedy was a senator before he -- president in 1960. Has elected/was electing/was elected/elected has elected is right answer bc of action in the past ya

    asked by Victoria
  120. Math

    There were 400 people at a festival. 2/5 were adults and the rest were children. 1/3 of the children were boys. How many boys were there?

    asked by Alonzo