Questions Asked on
February 16, 2017

  1. Social studies

    1. which is the most important effect of the Bessmer Process?

    asked by kat
  2. SS

    Well I cant find anything for social studies. No one ever wants to post them... But In what way did Beveridge think overseas expansion would help solve labor problems in the united states? A: Expansion would bring new foreign markets for American goods,

    asked by Random Guy
  3. art

    Match the following. 1. presence suggested by the light in Leonardo da Vinci's paintings The Last Supper 2. painting that displays chiaroscuro shadows 3. important element in chiaroscuro painting Virgin of the Rocks 4. da Vinci's favorite composition La

    asked by cora
  4. Math

    A train goes twice as fast downhill as it can go uphill, and 2/3 as fast uphill as it can go on level ground. If it goes 120 mph downhill, how long will it take to travel 45 miles on flat land?

    asked by Shari
  5. History

    According to the quotation, why does Stevens believe that Johnson should be removed from office?

    asked by MarieGrande
  6. Math

    Hi! I just want someone to check my answers please! I cannot provide you with any pictures as I have gotten them off of my schools website. You cannot access these pictures because you have to be logged in. 1. Andrea drew triangle JKL as shown. A. The sum

    asked by Emma
  7. Math

    1. All real numbers that are less than -3 or greater than or equal to 5 A. x

    asked by EmberShy
  8. Physics

    A pickup truck is carrying a toolbox, but the rear gate of the truck is missing, so the box will slide out if it is set moving. The coefficients of kinetic and static friction between the box and the bed of the truck are 0.340 and 0.750, respectively.

    asked by Braum
  9. physics

    A uniform rectangular marble slab is 3.4m and 2.0m has a mass of 180kg.its originally lying on surface flat ground with It's 3.4m*2.0m surface facing up.How much work is needed to stand it on It's short end?(hint,think about its centre of gravity)

    asked by sarah Basheer zubair
  10. math

    Find the height of a triangle with area = 110 ft2 and base = 10 ft. answers are a)5.5 ft b)22 ft c)550 ft d)11 ft

    asked by unknown
  11. Physics

    A novice skier starts from rest and slides down a frictionless 35 degree incline whose height is 125 m. How fast will she be going at the bottom?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. physics

    A billiard ball travels 22 cm in the positive direction, hits the cushion and rebounds in the negative direction, and finally comes to rest 7.5 cm behind its original position.

    asked by h
  13. Technical writing

    In order to have a complete sentence, you need a ________. Select one: a. subject, verb, and a complete thought b. subject and verb c. subject, verb, and a prepositional phrase d. subject, verb, and a dependent clause

    asked by Michelle
  14. ELA

    This is the poem question 1 is talking about. Full fathom five thy father lies; Of his bones are coral made; Those are pearls that were his eyes; Nothing of him that doth fade But doth suffer a sea change Into something rich and strange. Sea nymphs hourly

    asked by Conexus ELA quiz Help Please
  15. Social studies

    How did zoning laws help to reduce the danger from pollution? They required factories to limit their use of chemicals.*** They kept factories outside of residential neighborhoods. They relocated factories to rural areas far away from the city. They

    asked by Social studies
  16. ELA

    Based on context clues, what is the meaning of deemed in the following sentence? The teacher deemed it necessary that all students turn in their reports before vacation, or they would receive half credit. • voted • ruled • (decided) • clarified

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody
  17. math

    If the sum of the 4th term and the 7th term is 45.The sum of the 9th term is 117.Find the term when the sum of it is 600

    asked by thembeka
  18. ed tech HELP PLS

    why is it important to take responsibility for your online publications? a. What you post can hurt or slander others*** b. people will know who the author is c. your parents need to see what you post d. what you post is important for your grade

    asked by Ali
  19. Chemistry

    Give the oxidation state for the metal ion in each of the following compounds, respectively: K2O,CaO,TiO2,V2O5

    asked by Diana
  20. Physics

    Two ultrasonic sound waves combine and form a beat frequency that is in the range of human hearing for a healthy young person. The frequency of one of the ultrasonic waves is 84 kHz. (The range of hearing for a healthy young person is 20 Hz to 20 kHz.) (a)

    asked by Daisy
  21. Chemisty

    if the chemist mistakenly makes 275 ml of solution instead of the 200ml, what molar concentration of sodium nitrate will the chemist have actually prepared

    asked by Jayla
  22. Art

    What technology does an X-ray use to see below the surface of a work of art? a) laser technology b) electromagnetic radiation c) color spectrums d) computer software

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Math

    A teacher made a pair of foam dice to use in math games. Each cube measured 10inches on a side. How many square inches of fabric were needed to cover the two cubes?

    asked by Brandy

    Some Polynesian islands are ring-shaped coral islands that surround a body of water, or (1 point) • copra. • coral. • atolls. • plates. 2. In the mid-1800s, what event played a part in the large increase in British immigration to Australia? (1

    asked by foxiecold
  25. Chemistry

    Air bags in cars are inflated by the sudden decomposition of sodium azide (NaN3) by the following reaction. 2 NaN3(s) −→ 3 N2(g) + 2 Na(s) What volume of N2 gas, measured at 1.30 atm and 88.0◦C, would be produced by the reaction of 65.0 g of NaN3?

    asked by Danana
  26. SS

    Image URL: h t t p : / / b i t . l y / 2 l o x J p 0 1. Which of the following best accounts for the number of southern votes cast for Johnson’s impeachment? a). Only a few southern states have been readmitted to the Union. b). Southern states only had

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Science and Hurry!

    The Gulf Stream current shown here makes the waters of the North Atlantic A) warmer. B) cooler. C) more dense. D) less nutrient rich.

    asked by JT
  28. math

    Mike's age right now is exactly 3 times his age 3 years hence minus 3 times his age 3 years ago. How old is Mike right now?

    asked by kim
  29. Math

    Beth has 1/4 bag of candy. She ate 1/2 of the candy. What fraction of the whole bag is leftover.? I say 7/8, she ate 1/2 of 1/4 which is 1/8, there are 8/8's in a WHOLE BAG... subtract the 1/8 she ate and there are 7/8 left. The question Asks what fraction

    asked by Mrs. Terry
  30. math

    Which set of ordered pairs has point symmetry with respect to the origin (0, 0)? (9, 2), (-9, 2) (9, 2), (-9, -2) (9, 2), (9, -2) (9, 2), (2, 9)

    asked by emily
  31. science

    weather maps use isobar lines to show weather conditions. what is indicated by this?

    asked by help me
  32. Math

    In a form of 30 girls, 18 play netball and 14 play hockey, whilst 5 play neither. Find the number of those who play both netball and hockey?

    asked by Erastus
  33. Math (Algebra 2)

    Ann and Tom want to establish a fund for their​ grandson's college education. What lump sum must they deposit at a 9.39​% annual interest​ rate, compounded annually​, in order to have ​$20,000 in the fund at the end of 10 ​years? I cannot get

    asked by John
  34. Chemistry

    Iron pyrite (FeS2) is the form in which much of the sulfur exists in coal. In the combustion of coal, oxygen reacts with iron pyrite to produce iron(III) oxide and sulfur dioxide, which is a major source of air pollution and a substantial contributor to

    asked by Danana
  35. Social Studies

    (please help i need it now.) Where do most people in Southwest Asia live? A) in cities B) in rural river valleys C) in the mountains D) in desert interiors PLEASEEEE help me Mrs. Sue :)

    asked by Kiana
  36. physics

    If a resultant force of 15N acts on a body of mass 4kg for 4seconds.Calculate the change in momentum of the body

    asked by Ibem
  37. Math

    A magician showed a magic trick where he picked one card from a standard deck. Determine what the probability is that the card will be a red color queen card ?

    asked by Jamie
  38. Earth Science

    Slide 1 This is a cumulus cloud. Can you find four things on the word list that you can use to describe this cloud. Cumulus clouds consists of puffy tops, no rain expected, 3,000 ft. high, and flat bottoms. Slide 2 This is an example of towering cumulus

    asked by Sam
  39. Math

    The Fun Guys game rental store charges an annual fee of $25 plus $6.50 per game rented. The Game Bank charges an annual fee of $57 plus $2.50 per game. For how many game rentals will the cost be the same at both stores? What is that cost?

    asked by Brigette
  40. urgent math help plz !!

    The angle θ lies in Quadrant II . sinθ=34 What is cosθ ? −7√/4 7√/4 3/4 −3/4

    asked by sam
  41. History World

    Which of the following results from France giving Russia a loan to Build the Trans-Siberian railway? I think it's Russia defaults on its debt making an enemy of France.Don't I can't find anything. Help please

    asked by Sam
  42. Math

    I am between 40 and 50 and I have 17 ones. Who am I?

    asked by Maggie
  43. science

    10. Which of the following is an effect of global warming? A) increased drought B) falling sea levels C) decreased coastal flooding D) glacier spreading

    asked by help me
  44. Statistics

    Find the area under the standard normal curve between z = 0 and z = 1.37.

    asked by Sharon
  45. Chem

    A gas mixture being used to simulate the atmosphere of another planet consists of 322 mg of methane, 146 mg of argon, and 251 mg of nitrogen. The partial pressure of nitrogen at 319 K is 10 kPa. Calculate the total pressure of the mixture. Answer in units

    asked by Danana
  46. electrostatics

    The magnitude of the electric force between two protons is 2.3 x 10^-26 N. How far apart are they?

    asked by Jv
  47. pre algebra

    Which function rule represents the data in the table? x|-3|-2|-1|0|1 y|-1|2|5|8|11 The answer choices are 1. y=-3x-8 2. y= 1/3x-8 3. y= 1/3x+8 4. y= 3x+8 Please state the answer and how you got it. I want to be able to do this on my own in the future.

    asked by olay
  48. Mrs. Sue

    Mrs. Sue, Is this your job?

    asked by CoxCable
  49. Help MATH

    1. does the equation represent a direct variation? if ao find the constant of variation 5x=-3y Any help???

    asked by DirectHelp
  50. Science

    During what phase of the moon can a lunar eclipse Occur

    asked by Smiley rainbow
  51. physical science

    A 15kg piece of mass suspended from a hook in the ceiling is pulled aside by a horizontal string until the supporting string makes an angle of 30 with the vertical .draw a vector diagram showing all the force acting on the piece of mass

    asked by Veronica molapo
  52. math

    If the area of parallelogram ABCD = 246 mm2 and h = 20.5 mm, what is the length of the base of triangle ABD?. the answers are a)12mm b)24mm c)123mm d) not enough info

    asked by unknown
  53. Math(Please help!)

    1. How do the graphs of y=1/x and y=5/(x+6) compare? I need steps because I want to be able to do these type of problems. Thank you!

    asked by Olivia N J
  54. math

    there are 20 students in mark`s homeroom class. Ten percent of the students in marks homeroom class are also in art class He finds the number of students in his homeroom class who are also in art class like this . Can you tell me the answer of how many

    asked by richard
  55. math

    perimeter of a rectangle is 10 times the width. The length is 9 metres more than the width.Find the width of the rectangle.

    asked by sa
  56. science

    What can people do to reduce global warming?

    asked by Sarah
  57. Math

    Mr rainwater has 9 goats and 36 cows and 6 horses on his farm. He has 4 times as many cows as chickens. How many chickens does he have?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Math

    Thanh and her crew are building a stage in the shape of a trapezoid for an upcoming festival. The lengths of the parallel sides of the trapezoid are 14 ft and 24 ft. The height of the trapezoid is 12 ft. What is the area of the stage? Enter your answer in

    asked by Marie
  59. Research 1

    Bandura's"Bobo doll" study of social learning and aggression (a) exposed children to a videotape in which someone either played nicely with toys or played aggressively with them, and then (b) measured how often children behaved aggressively toward an

    asked by Dianne
  60. Science

    which one occurs more often lunar eclipse or solar eclipse? this is just a question i'v been thinking of

    asked by Savanna Reed
  61. Physics (Magnetism)

    In an experiment on the shuttle, an electron with a speed of 6.3 x 105 m/s [N] and a mass of 9.11 x 10-31 kg is shot through an external magnetic field. Determine the strength and orientation of the magnetic field required so that the electron's direction

    asked by Kim Tuan
  62. s.s

    what was one important political result of the canada constitution of 1982? A) quebec became an independent nation B) english became the official language of canada C) canada became completely independent D) a monarchy was established in canada

    asked by kakashi hatake
  63. math

    Write a function that represents the situation. Find the balance A in the account after the given time period t . $2000 deposit that earns 5% annual interest compounded quarterly; 5 years

    asked by Macey
  64. chemistry

    How much energy is required to increase the temperature of 755 g of iron from 10 ̊C to (40,679 J)?

    asked by monica
  65. Technical writing

    Two independent clauses joined together with no punctuation create a ________. Select one: a. complex sentence b. compound sentence c. run-on d. comma splice

    asked by Michelle
  66. Science and Hurry!

    What causes land breeze and sea breeze? A) The differential heating of land and sea by the Sun results in the movement of air. B) Hot air from the sea blows over the land because there is a high pressure area over the sea. C) Cold air blows from the land

    asked by JT
  67. Chemistry

    Write “yes” or “no” below if the chemical equation is balanced or not. 1. 2H2 + O2 ---> 2H2O 2. S8 + 12O2 ---> 8SO3 3. HgO ---> Hg + O2 4. Zn + HCl ---> ZnCl2 + H2 5. 2Na + 2H2O ---> 2NaOH + H2 6. 2Al + 3FeO ---> Al2O3 + 3Fe 7. 4Si2H3 + 11O2 --->

    asked by Bro...?...
  68. math

    Mary has rehearsed her ballet solo for five and a half hours. A week from now, she wants to have rehearsed at least a total of nineteen and a half hours. If she rehearses for the same amount of time each day for the next 7 days, at least how many hours

    asked by larissa
  69. math

    a circular track has a circumference of 200 pi squared meters. what is the radius of the track?

    asked by kathy
  70. Math

    A positive integer is 2 less than another. If the sum of the reciprocal of the smaller and twice the reciprocal of the larger is 5/12, then find the two integers. algebraic expression is: 1/n-2 + (2)1/n = 5/12

    asked by Sandy
  71. Science

    What does the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram NOT plot? A. temperature and mass B. spectral class and absolute magnitude C. absolute magnitude and luminosity D. spectral class and temperature Is it B?

    asked by Dactyl
  72. Social Studies

    Which physical feature covers most of arabia? A) The Empty Quarter?** B) The Fertile Crescent? C) The Zagros Mountains? D) The Persian Golf? i think it might be A? but I'm not sure, if you could just check this out that'd be great =)

    asked by Kiana
  73. geography

    How did islam mainly spread throughout the region? A) by imperial command? B) through military command? ** or C) via trade?** D) because of religious decree i think its B or C I'm not sure tho : \ if u could just check this out for me that'd be great I'm

    asked by Kiana
  74. Accounting

    Cash $10,000 Accounts Payable $7,000 Accounts Receivable $6,400 Mortgage Payable $65,000 Supplies $1,500 Long-term Debt $36,000 Building $150,000 Notes Payable $9,000 Equipment $80,000 Preferred Stock $32,000 Merchandise Inventory $18,000 Retained Earnings

    asked by Veronica Salas
  75. algebra

    Determine the length of the missing side of each right triangle. Show your work. 1)a=15; b=?; c=20 Answer is b= 5√7 2)a=9; b=12; c=? Answer is c= 15 **How do I show my work to come up with each of these two answers? THANK YOU!!

    asked by Tim
  76. Math

    The functions of f(x), g(x), and h(x) are defined below: f(x) = -2x g(x) = 2x + 5 h(x) = x^2 + 3x - 10 Calculate the indicated function values. 1. f(a+b) 2. f(g(x))

    asked by Sam
  77. Physics

    Which of the following properties can be used to measure temperature?

    asked by Anna

    a bristlecone pine in the white house usually adds a new ring when which of the following occurs? a. earths daily rotation is complete b. the full moon causes a monthly high tide c. the new moon is visible from earths surface d. earths northern hemisphere

    asked by honk
  79. physics

    A 22.0 kg box is sliding down on an incline set at (44) degrees up from horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the incline is (.27). Find the acceleration of the box. Give your answer in m/s2 and with 3 significant figures.

    asked by dalia
  80. USG

    federal district judges generally represent the values and attitudes of the states that they serve. how can a president assure that an appointee meets this criterion?

    asked by grant
  81. english 101

    in which sentences snake used as adjective? The spy had to snake his way furtively on to the train- the cobra is venomous snake-the plumber used his snake to open up clogged pipe-you are a snake when you stay from me. my answer is (a snake) because of A

    asked by engl1301
  82. Algebra

    Find three consecutive odd integers such that the sum of 4 times the largest is -191

    asked by Dee
  83. Stephens

    Each of the letters in the word CALCULATOR are on separate cards, face down on the table. If you pick a card at random, what is the probability that it's letter it's letter will be C or L?

    asked by Jamie
  84. chemistry

    Hi, I'm doing a post-lab report and I have no idea how to solve this question. It asks which of the following molecules would be useful in quenching benzophenone photoreduction. it then lists oxygen (s1 = 22kcal/mol), 9,10-diphenylanthracene (t1=42

    asked by Alexa
  85. math

    how many pounds of tea worth $1.54 a pound should be mixed with tea worth $1.70 a pound to make 40 pounds of blended tea to sell at $1.60 a pound?

    asked by lindsey
  86. Math

    7.) Old McDonald wants to build a fence around his farm. If the area of his farmland is 400 square meters, what would the perimeter of the fence be? 200 feet 20 feet 40 feet 80 feet(my answer) 8.) 8) A square has an area of 29 square units. Which is the

    asked by 123bruh
  87. Math

    From the top of a tower,the angle of depression of a boat is 30degree if the tower is 20cm high how far is the boat from the foot of the tower

    asked by Ashifola Davido
  88. Structures/Engineering

    Design for flexure a simple beam 14 ft in length and having a total uniformly distributed dead load of 13.2 kips and a total uniformly distributed live load of 26.4 kips.

    asked by Dib
  89. math statistic

    One of your friends knows that you are taking Advanced Placement Statistics and asks for your help wither Chemistry lab report. She has come up with five measurements of the melting point of a compound: 122.4, 121.8, 122.0, 123.0, and 122.3 degrees

    asked by rhinechilde
  90. science

    what causes clouds to form?

    asked by Sarah
  91. Math

    Monday-$88 4 players Tuesday-$154 7 players Wednesday-$132 6 players Thursday-$66 3 players Friday-$ ? 2 players A-on friday,the coach will collect fees from 2 more players.what is the total amount of money the coach will collect from the 2 players? B-use

    asked by Emma
  92. Socials

    Make up an epitaph for a young coal miner, detailing the cause of death and the circumstance. Were suck people heroes of the Industrial Revolution? Explain your opinion

    asked by Alyssa
  93. fluid

    1. A vertical seawater lock is 4m wide and 2m high. The water level is 2 m above the base of the lock on one side, there being no water on the other side. The mass of the lock is 2.5 t and the coefficient of friction between the lock and the slides is

    asked by sam
  94. Math

    Monday-$88 4 players Tuesday-$154 7 players Wednesday-$132 6 players Thursday-$66 3 players Friday-$ ? 2 players A-on friday,the coach will collect fees from 2 more players.what is the total amount of money the coach will collect from the 2 players? B-use

    asked by Emma
  95. s.s

    what kind of government does canada have? A) absolute monarchy B) communist C) representative democracy D) parliamentary democracy

    asked by kakashi hatake
  96. english 101

    is this sentence correct, find the best choice?This door to remain unlocked when occupied. -1-is correct. -2-this door to remain unlocked while open. 3-this office must have the door at all the time. 4-this door to remain unlocked while open. my answer is

    asked by engl1301
  97. Chemistry

    Which of the following statements cannot be assumed for the vapourization of a liquid? A)Enthalpy is positive B)Entropy is postive C)Temperature (in degrees Celcius) is positive D)They are all true

    asked by Sarah
  98. Political Science

    Should the same impeachment process and standards be used for judges, justices, and presidents? Are the same process and standards used?

    asked by Alex
  99. Algebra

    I just need to know how to set this problem up. You are given 28 feet of fencing and need to enclose a patio on all four sides. The following variables are defined: Let X represent the width (in feet) and Y represent the length (in feet)of the enclosed

    asked by Ebony
  100. Global/World Ancient History

    How did Greek religion shape Ancient Greek's government and society?

    asked by Rosalyn
  101. math

    What is the standard deviation of the following test scores? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. 82, 76, 93, 82, 73, 80

    asked by qui
  102. Physics

    Question: A 62 kg astronaut floats outside a 3200 kg spacecraft. She's initially stationary with respect to the spacecraft. Then she pushes against the spacecraft and moves away at .50m/s to the left. I got an answer of .0096kg from doing 62*.50/3200 but

    asked by Kay
  103. algebra

    Sagar and akash run 2km race twice.Akash completed the first round 2 minutes earlier than Sagar.In second round Sagar increased his speed by 2 km/h.Sagar finished 2 minutes earlier than Akash.Find their speed running first round.

    asked by saurabh
  104. grid

    A family uses 45.2 litres of water daily,how much water does they use in a week?

    asked by casmir
  105. maths

    A school is organising a pen holder making competition using cardboard, if the pen holder is in the shape of a cylinder having base of diameter 28 cm and height 60 cm .If there are 35 competitors, then how much cardboard is required?

    asked by none
  106. Physics

    The objective lens of a microscope has a focal length of 2cm and that of the eyepiece is 2.2cm and they are placed 8cm and 3cm apart from the objective lens.Find the distance of the; a)image I from the objective lens b)final image

    asked by Gai Samuel Pandak
  107. Math (Probability)

    My friend and I have been debating back and forth on the answer to this question. I say that it is 1/6, while she says that it is 1/60. So, the question is... If you are to roll a fair, six sided die ten times, what is the probability that you will roll a

    asked by Abigail
  108. P4 naths

    Three times a number is greater than half that number by 10. Find the number. Somebody pls help me on this...

    asked by Zapata
  109. Math

    Place parentheses in the expression to make it equal 60? 2×6+6+3×2

    asked by Karen
  110. math

    my question is Identify the percent of change as increase or a decrease. Then find the percent of change. Round to the nearest tenth of a percent, if necessary. 1/3 to 2/3. How do I figure it out? I put 33% decrease

    asked by Jordan
  111. math

    Sam charges a $5 travel fee and then $3.25 per hour for labor. How many hours will he need to work to make $18?

    asked by samantha
  112. math

    a boy noticed that the end of the 3.5m shadow, the top of his head and the top of a 28m tall tree are in a straight line. if he is 1.5m tall, how far is he from the tree?

    asked by josh
  113. Technical writing

    The teacher should have been more patient with her students. Select one: a. students; should have b. teacher: should have c. teacher; have been d. teacher; should have been D.

    asked by Michelle
  114. Math

    Alex bought 9 tickets for $30. Adult tickets cost $4 and children's cost $2. How many children's tickets did he purchase?

    asked by dj
  115. SCIENCE (Connexus)

    how could tree rings from Bristlecone Pines support the theory that some areas have had periods of drought and flooding for hundreds of years?

    asked by Queen
  116. Science and Hurry!

    How do ocean currents influence the climate of a place? A) They transport heat over large distances, affecting the wind that blows over the land. B) They bring cold water from the poles, reducing the temperatures along the coasts. C) They draw out moisture

    asked by JT
  117. Math-decimals

    Is 20 times 5/6 greater or less than 20?

    asked by Melanie
  118. 3rd Math fraction answer conflict

    A scarf is knitted at a rate of 3/7 inch per half hour. How much length is added to the scarf in a 6 hour period? This needs a set up for a 3rd grader just starting with fractions. I showed her this: 3/7 inch in a half hour, so 6/7 of an inch in an hour.

    asked by Kate's question
  119. Algebra

    In a two-digit number the units’ digit is 7 more than the tens’ digit. The number with digits reversed is three times as large as the sum of the original number and the two digits. Find the number.

    asked by Lola
  120. SCIENCE


    asked by manjanagouda.patil
  121. Math

    Find two solutions of the following equations, giving your answers in radians sin ϴ = 1/2 cosec ϴ = 2sqrt(3)/3 cot ϴ = -1

    asked by NR
  122. Math

    What operation do I use to solve this problem? Ed's car can travel 93.5 miles on 4.25 gallons of gas. How far can the car travel on 1 gallon of gas?

    asked by Mysterious Beauty
  123. maths

    triangleabcand triangle dcb are right angled at a and d respectively and ac=db.prove that triangle abc is comruent to traingle dcb

    asked by suhana
  124. Chemistry

    Find the number of miles of calcium chloride 0.44g

    asked by Cynthia
  125. Science

    The words to use are: crust, moving, lithosphere, asthenosphere, upper mantle, volcanoes, semisolid The ___1___, which includes the ___2___ and part of the ___3___, is divided into plates that carry all of Earth's lands and oceans. These plates float on a

    asked by Ari
  126. Calculus

    Given k(p) = |p|+4, find the average value of this function on the interval from -4 to 4. I get 6.

    asked by Anonymous
  127. Chem

    Calculate the mass of 0.025 moles of sodium bicarbonat

    asked by Anonymous
  128. Ethics

    n making a decision about the ethics of abortion, is viability (existence, development and growth) of the fetus an ethical valid distinction? Eventually babies may be viable from point of conception. Im really not sure what the question saying? help?

    asked by Anonymous
  129. math

    solve for x in the following. (a) 3/4x+5/6x=5x-125/3 (b) 2(3x-7)+4(3x+2)=6(5x+9)+3

    asked by ayno
  130. Math Help

    If 4 cards are drawn randomly from the standard deck of 52 cards, what is the probability that all 4 cards are red cards? How would I set this up? there are 26 red cards So I would take 26/52 and 48/52? If this is correct, would I multiply them? Thanks

    asked by John
  131. Algebra

    For this question I answered part A. But I am lost on what I am suppose to do for question B. Given d varies jointly as r and the square of s and inversely as t and d =8 when r=3, s=2, and t=6. A. What is the constant of proportionality? Show your work.

    asked by Ebony
  132. Physics

    In really stormy weather and with the right conditions, the sky would dump a bunch of hail, making the roads rather hazardous. A choir director was driving his car in these conditions and going a tad fast under the circumstances. His car began to slip on

    asked by Alisa
  133. Physics

    1) Imagine you were to walk 12 km 25 degrees North of East. If you could only walk south and west to get back to the point that you started from, how far would you have to walk? 2) An airplane has a velocity of 70 m/s [50 degrees W of N] with respect to

    asked by Josh
  134. Chemistry

    If one wanted to a make a 500.0 mL of 4.5 x 10-6M solution of this red dye, how many grams would they need to weigh out? The molar mass of the dye is 492 g/mol. SHOW WORK.

    asked by Steven
  135. civics

    what does the constitution grants the federal courts. in several different kinds of court cases

    asked by alivia
  136. Physics - Calculating work required

    Two equipotential surfaces are shown. If Va = -5V and Vb = -15V, find the work needed to move a -2μC charge from A to B along the indicated path. - First of all, does the path of the charge going from A to B matter or can I just calculate using the

    asked by Kid
  137. Math

    The diagonal of a square garden 17ft. Determain the perimeter of the garden, rounded to 3 decimal places.

    asked by John
  138. grid math

    A sack of sand weigh 40.5kg. How much does does 5 sack of sand weigh?

    asked by casmir
  139. history

    How did the development of a written language change feudal China?

    asked by coolgirl
  140. Algebra 1

    I have this extra credit assignment for Algebra 1. It's due tomorrow and I really need help on this. I had a slope of 0.222 for one line and 0.081 for the other line. (y=0.081 * x + 215.378) (y=0.222 * x - 43.829) My intersection point is about 1800,320. I

    asked by Kate_Mack_Son
  141. Physics

    How meny watts need to up the 18kg in 4mtr per 15 second

    asked by Shamsu tractor
  142. math


    asked by Lulu
  143. math

    Mikahla served 10 pints of fruit puch and 10 cupcakes at her celebration party. How many cups of fruit puch did Makahla serve?

    asked by susy
  144. Chemistry

    How many liters of CO2 will be formed from 200. grams of this sugar at STP? C6H12O6--2C2H6O+2CO2

    asked by William
  145. Maths

    What is rank of word prachi

    asked by Prachi
  146. MATH

    I just need to know how to set this problem up. You are given 28 feet of fencing and need to enclose a patio on all four sides. The following variables are defined: Let X represent the width (in feet) and Y represent the length (in feet)of the enclosed

    asked by Ebony
  147. Math - Calculus

    f(x) = { x^2sin(1/x), if x =/= 0 0, if x=0} a. find lim(x->0)f(x) and show that f(x) is continuous at x=0. b, find f'(0) using the definition of the derivative at x=0: f'(x)=lim(x->0) (f(x)-f(0)/x) c. Show that lim(x->0)f'(x) does not exist. In particular,

    asked by Anonymous
  148. Math - Sequences

    Could someone help me with this question?? What are the first four terms of an arithmetic sequence if the common difference is 1.5 and the first term is 15? A. 15, 30, 45, 60 B. 15, 16.5, 18, 19.5 C. 15, 22.5, 33.75, 50.625 D. None of the above

    asked by Amber
  149. Government

    Karl Marx introduced liberalism in one of his communists manifestos. How does Liberalism handle the war on terrorism today? Is liberalism the better approach to terrorism or could conservatism have a more meaningful approach? If so,why? In my opinion, I

    asked by Hunter
  150. Aa pd

    Alex bought 9 mo I'd tickets for. Total cost of $9.00. Each child's ticket cost $2 and each adult ticket cost $4. How many children's tickets did alexdq

    asked by Anonym
  151. math

    Is it possible to write a second linear equation to create a system that had one solution and the same y-intercept as -9x+3y=12?

    asked by Anonymous
  152. science

    It is new and old at the same time

    asked by rose
  153. grid multiplication

    A sack of sand weigh 40.5kg. How much does 5 sack of sand weigh?

    asked by casmir
  154. Social Studies

    how did the paper changed the beliefs of the Chinese and/or the way things were done?

    asked by Plz Help, PLZ?
  155. math

    simply the following (-6*4x^2*y^3/27xy^4)^1/3

    asked by lindsey
  156. Math - Calc/Algebra/Trig

    I'm trying to find all the points on the graph y=4/3cos^3x-cosx where the tangent line is horizontal. I took the derivative, which gave me: -4cos^2(x)sin(x)+sin(x) Now I need to solve it for x and I'm not sure how. Can you help?

    asked by Jamie
  157. algebra

    f(x)=3x^2-2 and g(x)=e^2x find g o f(x)

    asked by chipo
  158. math

    Please help 4(2^-3)(1^-2)

    asked by kacy
  159. Math


    asked by Dona