Questions Asked on
February 15, 2017

  1. Social studies

    Which of the following are true about railroad expansion in the late 19th century? Choose all that apply A) it led to new managerial forms and techniques*** B)It accelerated the growth of new territories C) It was financed by the government*** D) It grew

    asked by Sarah<3
  2. Math

    Dave uses 500 milliliters of juice for a punch recipe. He mixes it with two liters of ginger ale. How many milliliters of punch does he make?

    asked by Hannah
  3. precalculus

    Let $R$ be the set of primitive $42^{\text{nd}}$ roots of unity, and let $S$ be the set of primitive $70^{\text{th}}$ roots of unity. How many elements do $R$ and $S$ have in common?

    asked by Bobby
  4. Social studies

    Which of the following is an example of acculturation? speaking a blend of English and another language living in a neighborhood with others from the same country replacing cultural traditions with new ones*** preferring to speak your own language over

    asked by Social studies
  5. Science

    Heat and pressure deep beneath the Earths surface can change any rock into A) chemical rock B) gemstone C) metamorphic rock D) sedimentary rock

    asked by Zack
  6. Physics - Potential Difference

    An electron moving in the + x-direction has an initial speed of 3.7*10^6 m/s at the origin. Its speed is reduced to 1.4*10^5 m/s at x = 2cm. Calculate the potential difference between the origin and that point. Which point is at the higher potential? My

    asked by Kid
  7. math

    suppose you borrow RM 14,000 at a rate of 10.0 % and must repay it in 5 equal installment at the end of each of the next 5 years.How much interest would you have to pay in the first year?

    asked by muham
  8. math

    Let f of x equals 4 for x less than or equal to 3 and equals the quantity 7 minus x for x greater than 3. Use geometric formulas to evaluate the integral from x equals 1 to x equals 7 of f of x, dx. I got 16 but i dont think it is right.

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Chemistry

    In the following chemical reaction between H2 and Cl2 to produce HCl, what is the mass of HCl produced with 0.35g of H2 completely reacts with 12.42g of Cl2?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. chem 3a

    potassium sulfate and lead(II) acetate

    asked by Marlynn
  11. english

    wat the grammatical name of "whose cake is the best"

    asked by dede
  12. Chemistry

    Is the following a properly written thermochemical equation? 2C8H18 + 25O2 → 16CO2 + 18H2O, ΔH = –5,471 kJ/mol No, the equation does not list the enthalpy of reaction. Yes, the equation is correct. No, the equation does not list the states of each

    asked by AM
  13. math

    Traveling from City 1 to City 2, a pilot planned a southeast course along the path labeled d. Instead, a storm forced the pilot to travel 16 miles south, then 12 miles east to reach City 2. How many extra miles was the pilot forced to fly? ~ I got D and D

    asked by gofly
  14. Math

    Alex mounts the clock on a wood base with the shape shown at the right what is the area of the wood base the composite figure is a square with a semicircle on top it the square is 18 inches in length and 20 inches in height

    asked by Jonah
  15. Physics

    A car of mass 1000kg starting from rest and comes down an incline slope if it travel 300m in 30 second calculate i) acceleration ii) force

    asked by Qamar
  16. Math question

    A cone-shaped container has a height of 9 in. and diameter of 2 in. It is filled with a liquid that is worth $2 per cubic inch. What is the total value of the liquid in the container? Use 3.14 for π . Enter your answer in the box. I think it's 18.84 can

    asked by sam
  17. Math

    Alex then paints the face of the clock with white paint. It has a diameter of 14 inches. What is the area of the clock face? Next, Alex glued a band of metal around the circumference of the clock. What is the length of the metal band?

    asked by Jonah
  18. Physics

    Please help me! 1) Karen shouts across a canyon and hears an echo 5.7 s later. How wide is the canyon? The speed of sound is 343 m/s. Answer in units of m. 2) The distance between two consecutive nodes of a standing wave is 16.8 cm. The hand generating the

    asked by Mikayla
  19. Social studies

    “Immigrants who arrive in American cities are poor and frightened. They are helped to find jobs and housing. These newcomers should show their gratitude at voting time.” Who most likely would have said this? Political boss Factory owner Labor union

    asked by Social studies
  20. Effective Learning Environment

    Which of the following is an accurate statement about improving air quality? A. Burning candles can help to mask odors and to clean the air. B. Humidity should be below 40% to reduce mold and increase children's natural mucus. C. It's important to

    asked by Priscila
  21. science

    what happens to air temperature as altitude increases?

    asked by help me
  22. biology

    what kind of bond holds the hydrogen to the oxygen in one water molecule??

    asked by liana
  23. Science

    When the North Pole is tilted toward the Sun, which hemisphere will have the summer season? Northern Hemisphere - June

    asked by Marie
  24. Social Studies

    How would the simultaneous admission of Missouri and Maine help to maintain peace in the United States? A. It identified the rights of Slave and Free states allowed congress to prohibit Slavery denied congress the power to regulate slavery

    asked by Kamryn
  25. Finding The Missing Percent/Math

    1) ____ of 50% = 45.5 2) ____ of 3 = 1.8 3) 56% of ____ = 3.92 4)69% of 30 = ____ 5)29% of ____ = 26.1 6) ____ of 20 = 6.2 7)82% of 10 = ____

    asked by lei
  26. Math

    An investment is initially worth $11,100. Write a formula for the function V(t) representing the value of this investment after t years in each of the following situations: A) The value decreases by $889 per year. B) The value increases by $899 per year.

    asked by Laura
  27. Math HELP

    1. which of the following side lengths will not make a right triangle A. 12, 16, 20 B. 5, 12, 13 C. 6, 17, 20 D. 3.5, 12, 12.5

    asked by ExamplePlease
  28. algebraic expressions

    Translate the phrase to the equivalent algebraic expression. If no variable is given, use x as the variable. See Example 1. The square of the quantity 34 less than dont know what answer is

    asked by jessee
  29. Science

    Lead(ll) Iodide can be produced from the reaction of Lead(ll) nitrate and potassium Iodide.What mass of lead(ll) iodide is produced when 50.0 mL of each solution is combined,forming a 0.750 M Solution of potassium nitrate? Please help me to solve this

    asked by Christ
  30. Math

    Brandy has a card collection with 64 basketball cards 32 football cards and 20 for baseball cards he wants to arrange the cards and equal piles with only one type of card in each pile how many cards can he put in each pile?

    asked by Sandra
  31. Math

    Ross uses nylon string as a border around a square picture. The string is 60 inches long. What is the area of the picture in square inches? Show your work.

    asked by Amy
  32. Effective Learning Environment

    What color choices would be most appropriate for painting the walls and shelves in a preschool classroom? A. Red, blues, and yellows B. Lime green and neon yellow C. Pastel blues and pinks D. Neutral colors such as whites and tans my answer is d.

    asked by Priscila
  33. Social Studies

    Why did ancient Sumer most likely develop in Mesopotamia? A. The land is situated on a crossroads of trade. B. Highlands shelter the land from outside invasion. ***** C. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers provided fertile land for farming. D. Humans first

    asked by NEED HELP PLEASE!!
  34. Math(Please help!)

    Describe the vertical asymptote and hole for the graph of (x^2+x-6)/(x^2-9). a. asymptote: x=2; hole: x=-3 b. asymptote: x=3; hole: x=2 c. asymptote: x=-3; hole: x=3 d. asymptote: x=3; hole: x=-3 I know that it has to either be b or d because the asymptote

    asked by Olivia N J
  35. Math 3rd grade

    Ms. S cut a pizza into 8 equal slices. Each person in her family ate 2 slices. If there are 3 people in her family, what fraction of pizza did they eat all together?

    asked by For Kate
  36. Math

    ABCD is cyclic quadrilateral and AB =CD then prove that AC=BD

    asked by Hego
  37. Physics

    A Simple Astronomical Telescope In Normal Adjustment Has An Objective Of Focal Length 100cm And An Eye Piece Of Focal Length 5cm What Is The Angular Magnification (a) 20 (b) 25 (c) 1/20 (d) 1/25

    asked by Godwin
  38. chemistry

    magnesium react with hydrochloric acid,what is the volume of hydrogen produced at r.t.p when 0.12g of magnesium ribbon react?

    asked by BLESSING
  39. Business Math

    William has been contracted to paint a school classroom. The classroom is 20 m long, 15 m wide and 5 m high. There are four windows (2m by 3m) and a door (2m by 1m). a) What is the cost of painting the ceiling at N$ 6.50 /m²? b) What is the cost of

    asked by Lassen
  40. Math

    1. The sides of triangle CAB are in the ratio of 2:3:4. Segment BD is the angle bisector drawn to the shortest side, dividing it into segments AD and DC. What is the length, in inches, of the longer subsegment of side AC if the length of side AC is 10

    asked by Anonymous
  41. maths

    in a class the ratio of boys to girls is 3;4 there are 12boys in the class what fraction of the class are boys and how many girls are there

    asked by Anonymous
  42. STE

    A polling firm, hired to estimate the likelihood of the passage of an up-coming referendum, obtained the set of survey responses to make its estimate. The encoding system for the data is: If the referendum were held today, estimate the probability that it

    asked by ALIA
  43. Maths

    There are 150 mangoes in basket p and basket q. 1/4 of the mangoes in basket p were yellow and the rest were green. 3/5 of the mangoes in basket q were yellow and the rest green. The number of green mangoes in both baskets were equal. How many yellow

    asked by Aj
  44. physics

    a sled weighing 100lb reaches the foot of a hill with a speed of 40ft/s.The coefficient of kinetic friction between the led and the horizontal surface of the ice at the foot of the hill is 0.030.

    asked by Anonymous
  45. math

    A band sold out a concert with 4200 seats. A random sample of 120 ticket buyers is surveyed and 28 buyers made their purchase on the first day the tickets went on sale. How many of the 4200 tickets are likely to have been sold on the first day they were

    asked by Ry
  46. Math maps scale

    the distance from chillicothe to the current capital is 48 miles using the scale on the map below how many centimeters apart are the two cities

    asked by J-kid
  47. physics (simple question)

    How does increasing the degree of a ramp change the an object's motion. the object is at the bottom and isn't going to go off the ramp. The object has an initial velocity.

    asked by Anthony
  48. Math

    Write the solution of the inequality in set-builder notation: 5r+8

    asked by EmberShy
  49. maths

    How much money will you have if you started with $45 and put it in an account that earned 10% every year for 20 years?

    asked by Paul
  50. Science, please! help!

    1. How does sea-floor spreading occur? a.New materials are being added to the atmosphere. b. Earthquakes break apart the ocean floor. c. Sediments accumulate at the area of spreading. d. Molten material beneath Earth's crust rises to the surface. 2. Which

    asked by Vanessa P.
  51. 4th grade math

    Eric had 10 cookies. He gave 1/2 to Jeff. he also gave 1/5 of cookies to Mike. How many cookies does each boy have? Jeff: 10 x 1/2 = 5 Mike: 10 * 1/5 = 2 Eric = 10-(5+2)= 3

    asked by Jared
  52. Math

    Given that the measurement is in centimeters of the circle to the nearest tenth (Use 3.14 for r)

    asked by Joshua
  53. algebra

    The divisor and qutient of the number 6123 are same andthe remainder is half of the divisor. Find the divisor.

    asked by Mandar
  54. math

    The mean age of the 43 presidents of the United States (as of 2011) on the day of inauguration is 54.6 years, with a standard deviation of 6.3 years. A researcher constructed a 95% confidence interval for the mean age of presidents on inauguration day. He

    asked by N
  55. Algebra/ please help!!!!

    WAGE---$ 17.00-an hour---------ANUALLY---28,285.28 APARTMENT VALUE 17.34hrs/pay period towards an apartment value of $934/month----ANUALLY---$11,208----TOTAL-------$39,493.28. My question is: first of all, I get, 17X40= $2,720-not 28,285.28, above. ALSO, I

    asked by Esther
  56. Economics

    Identify four characteristics of capitalists and socialist system of government

    asked by Nana Adwoa
  57. English (put commas )

    The chairman’s past work I believe is quite noteworthy. Parents were once legally required to bestow the father’s surname on their children but these laws have been contested in court and found invalid. We tried to help them with their homework and

    asked by Hilda
  58. Calc

    Find the derivative from x to x^8 (integral) of ln t dt.

    asked by Anonymous
  59. maths

    Sum of four term in GDP is 30 sum of first and fourth terms is 18 then find the term

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Math

    The mass of the boulder is 48,567 kilograms.what is the mass of the boulder in metric tons?

    asked by Angelica
  61. Algebra

    Two cars leave town at the same time going in opposite directions. One travels 44 mi/h and the other travels 47 mi/h. In how many hours will they be 69 miles apart?

    asked by Peter
  62. Maths

    Nancy said, In my number, the hundreds are one more than the tens, the tens are one more than the ones. The sum of the digits is 6. What number is Nancy thinking of

    asked by Varghese
  63. Calculus

    Find the derivative of the integral from 2 to 5x of (sqrt(1 + u^2))/u. My answer: (sqrt(1 + 25x^2)/5x) * 5

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Math

    A large tank is being filled from a tap delivering water at a rate of 125L/hr. If the delivery rate were increased by 25L/hr the tank would be filled 1 hour and 20 minutes sooner. Determine the volume of the tank.

    asked by Dos
  65. science

    Which of the following is a reason to use parallel sentence structures in a literary analysis essay?

    asked by pamela
  66. Microbes and Society

    ) what cancer diseases that are linked to DNA and RNA tumor viruses. Which diseases are they and which viruses are the causative agents? Describe at least 4 diseases linked to viruses (both DNA and RNA). please help

    asked by Dianne
  67. science

    Compare lunar and solar eclipses and answer the following questions: How does a solar eclipse happen? How does a lunar eclipse happen? Which one occurs more often?

    asked by ferraris race
  68. SS

    Which of the following had the most impact on the drawing of modern borders in southwest Asia? A:british mandate B:tribal affiliation C:Ottoman governors D:military districts under world war 1 I think the answer is A. Thank you

    asked by Jaden
  69. Math

    Divide the sum of -1/12 and -4/9 by difference?

    asked by Tsetan
  70. Math

    Yolanda buys two types of flowering plants. She buys 36 geraniums and 63 marigolds she wants to plant an eeach row will contain only one type of flowering each row will contain only one type of flowering plant Yolanda uses all the plants she bought in her

    asked by Manny
  71. Physics

    If we have just counted 15 seconds between the lightning and thunder, how far away do we predict the center of the thunderstorm to be using the 3 second rule and What was the percent difference between the prediction and the real distance of the

    asked by anabelle
  72. Bio 101

    What are the two ways that heat is transferred from a region of higher temperature to a region of lower temperature in this example of an ice cube in a glass of water? Is there another way heat could be transferred between 2 objects?

    asked by J. Marie
  73. Life Orientation

    Recomment two ways in which a person should approach conflict to ensure conflict solution

    asked by Happy
  74. Algebra/ please help!!!!

    Wage $17hr-- Annually/$28,285.28 Apartment Value 17.34hrs/pay period toward apartment $934/month Annually $11,208.00 Total Annually $39,498.28 Working 40 per week/52 weeks per year I can't figure out the breakdown of how they arrived at these numbers.

    asked by Esther
  75. Math

    Andy & Jack each have a number of candies. Andy gives 1/2 of his candies to Jack. After that Jack gives 1/3 of his candies to Andy. At last both of them have 20 candies each. How many candies did Andy have at first?

    asked by Lani
  76. Math

    Graphic designer has offered client 3 options. Poster 1 16x20 inches. Poster 2 1/2 the side of option 1. Option 3 poster that is 5/4 the size of Option 1. The photo on Option 1 is 4x5inches what size would that photo be on Option 2 and Option 3?

    asked by Dan
  77. Math

    Yolanda buys two types of flowering plants. She buys 36 geraniums and 63 marigolds she wants to plant an eeach row will contain only one type of flowering each row will contain only one type of flowering plant Yolanda uses all the plants she bought in her

    asked by Anonymous
  78. physics

    a uniform plank of lenght 5m and a mass1kg support two masses of 500g and 300g . determine the centre of gravity

    asked by dan
  79. math

    3.which one of these is a rational number a 150 b. 441 c. 200 d. 250##

    asked by todd
  80. physics

    a typical person can tolerate an acceleration of about -49m/s2 (forward). If you are travelling at 110km/h and have a collison with a solid immovable object, over what minium distance must you stop so as to not exceed this acceleration

    asked by nessa
  81. Maths

    A car depreciates in value by 15% for the first year and for each year later by 12% of its value at the beginning of that year. Calculate the percentage decrease in the value of the car after 3 years. Could someone please confirm the answer to be 38.048

    asked by Zayn
  82. health

    explain how using tolerance can help prevent a conflict

    asked by rosaa
  83. Social studies

    Why the scientific method is better than Aristotelian science and divine Biblical knowledge..? about Galileo on Trial

    asked by unknown

    In which way are the governments of Saudi Arabia and Oman most similar? 1) the rulers are related 2) they both have absolute monarchies 3) they have newly written constitutions 4) their structures descend from OTTOMAN caliphs I think 4 thanks !

    asked by Jaden
  85. Physics

    A cyclist and his bicycle have a combined mass of 55kg. Total area of the tyres in contact with the road is 2.2 in contact with pressure exerted by the two on the ground.

    asked by Angie
  86. Economicsquiz soon! HELP!!!...

    I don't get when to use the 7.65% and then the 1.45% How do you calculate the following below...given: number of hours worked-952 Hourly pay- $120.50 ______________________________ A. Gross pay for the year B. FICA Taxes C. Federal Income Tax D. Net Pay

    asked by Allie
  87. science

    if there is a low pressure area developing over warm water, what type of storm is most likely to form?

    asked by help me
  88. Physics

    A cyclist and his bicycle have a combined mass of 55kg. Total area of the tyres in contact with the road is 2.2 times (10 minus power of 3) in contact with pressure exerted by the two on the ground.

    asked by Angie
  89. physics

    A crate with a mass of (111.5) kg is lifted by a crane. If the crate is accelerating upward at (2.7) m/s2, what is the tension in the cable? Give your answer in newtons (N) and with 3 significant figures.

    asked by d
  90. Physics - Electric force, field, and potential

    A 2μC charge is positioned at x = -0.8m and another 2μC charge is positioned at x = 0.8m. A positive test charge of q = 1.28*10^-18C is positioned at the origin x = 0m. Find (a) the electric force exerted on q, (b) the electric field at the origin, and

    asked by Kid
  91. Calculus

    Air is being pumped into a spherical hot air balloon at a rate of 50 cm^3/min. Determine the rate at which the radius of the balloon is increasing when the diameter of the balloon is 200 cm.

    asked by Kevin
  92. french

    complete each sentence with appropriate expressions to make it correct and meaningful. 1. Ces enfants n'aiment pas ............... au village. 2. Led infirmiers de cet hopital ........... 3. Nous n'etudians ............... bibliotheque. 4. Oulest-ce que

    asked by Christy
  93. Math and Please Help!

    According to the distributive property, 6 (5 + 3) = A) 6 (5 + 3) B) 6 (3 + 5) C) 6 × 5 + 3 D) 6 × 5 + 6 × 3 I think it might be b.

    asked by JT
  94. Science, Health

    Are calories the only difference between eating 100g of chips and skittles vs. eating 100 g of fresh fruit? What are some other things that you think should be considered?

    asked by person
  95. algerbra 1


    asked by Anonymous
  96. math

    ____ of 80= 60?

    asked by lei
  97. Math

    The shipping clerk packs a cube with side lengths of 8 inches into a box with side lengths of 10 inches. What is the volume of the space left in the larger box for packing materials?

    asked by Victor
  98. science

    What the lines making a circle around the high-pressure area indicate. please sombody help

    asked by susie
  99. Effective Learning Environment

    Mother Goose Child Care is remodeling their preschool facility and is on a tight budget. Each of the teachers has a different idea about how to save money on the bathroom. Which of the following responses most closely matches the information found in the

    asked by Priscila
  100. SS

    Which event contributed most significantly to the settlement of Muslim peoples in Israel? 1) Exodus 2) Diaspora 3) Holocaust 4) World War 2 I think 2 but not sure

    asked by Jaden
  101. Math

    Which missing side length makes the perimeter, p=18 feet, true?

    asked by Anita
  102. IB Calculus

    A particle moves along the x-axis so that at any time t≥0, its velocity is given by v(t)=t^2-16t+4 What is the velocity of the particle when its acceleration is zero?

    asked by Angela
  103. Social Studies , World history

    I am learning about Trial of Galileo in Social studies class. I knew Galileo lost his freedom. If you are Galileo, how would you defense yourself? please tell me ideas

    asked by apple
  104. science

    what is the humidity level of the dew point?

    asked by help me
  105. Social studies

    Why would ironclads prove more important to the union then to the Confederacy? A. The war at sea was not in Porten to the confederacy but it was to the union. B. The Confederates you did not have the resources to make ironclads but the union did. C. The

    asked by Cxgjbcf
  106. Help Math One Queation

    A cone-shaped container has a height of 9 in. and diameter of 2 in. It is filled with a liquid that is worth $2 per cubic inch. What is the total value of the liquid in the container? Use 3.14 for π . Anyone who knows the answer are just willing to help

    asked by Mia
  107. Maths

    With the matrix A = (0 6 4 12) I have calculated the inverse of (-1/2 1/4 1/6 0) I'm then asked to find the equation of the image f(C) in the unit circle C, in the form of ax^2 +bxy+cy^2=d, where a, b, c and d are integers. I have currently got; (40x^2

    asked by s17
  108. maths

    For each of the following linear transformations, write down its matrix and describe the transformation a) g(x,y)=(4x,6y) b) h(x,y)=(x+2y,y) c) k(x,y)=(y,x) so I have worked out the matrices: (4 0 0 6) (1 2 0 1) (0 1 1 0) Not sure what the transformations

    asked by s17
  109. Algebra

    factor the following quadratic expressions, if possible. k^2-12k+20 6x^2 + 17x - 14

    asked by Miranda
  110. Physics-Energy

    Loop Track Location 1 Location 2 Location 3 PE (J) 0.16 0.12 0.04 KE (J) 0.03 0.06 0.09 TME (J) 0.19 0.18 0.13 h (m) 0.4 0.3 0.1 v (m/s) 1.2 1.7 2.1 Roller Track Location 1 Location 2 Location 3 PE (J) 0.12 0.08 0.04 KE (J) 0.03 0.06 0.07 TME (J) 0.15 0.14

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Statistics

    The probability that a randomly selected two-year-old male stinkbug will live to be three years old is .59963 what is the probability that to randomly selected two-year-old male stinkbugs will live to be three years old? What is the probability that for

    asked by Audrey
  112. Physics

    A cube weight 15N in air and 20N when totally immersed in water. Find the value of the cube of the density.

    asked by KAUNA
  113. French

    I am a little confused as to how a sentence can have a what looks like a "complement de phrase" but is actually part of the subject. I am supposed to formulate a sentence that is like this. Thanks for any assistance.

    asked by Claire
  114. Science

    A box of mass 50kg is placed on an inclined plane. When the angle of the plane is increased to 30°, the box begins to slide downward. Calculate the coefficient of statics friction b/w the plane and box . Draw the free body diagram .

    asked by Jitender
  115. Science

    A bullet of mass 20g, travelling at a speed of 350m/s, strikes a steel plate at an angle of 30° with the plane of the plate. It ricochet off at the same angle at a speed of 320m/s. What is the magnitude of the impulse that the steel plate given to the

    asked by Jitender
  116. Calculus Question! ASAP!

    Hello! I have this problem: x(dx)/sqrt(9-x^2) I was wondering why I can't use trig substitution and substitute sqrt(9-x^2) for sqrt(1-sec^2) and having: integral x = 3sin(theta) dx = 3cos(theta)d(theata) integral 3sin(theta)(3cos(theta))/3cos(theta) having

    asked by Lucy
  117. Science

    A truck of mass 2000kg moving on a highway experiences an average frictional force of 800N. If it's speed increases from 25m/s to 35m/s over a distance of 500m what is the force generated by the truck .

    asked by Jitender
  118. math 103

    find a possible equation for a line that is perpendicular to the graph of 5x-3y=15 if the two lines intersect at x=15

    asked by liana
  119. English

    At my side, my father’s pupils were dilated; they were dark, wide and frightened and the angry expression in his eyes alone was enough for him to be arrested captured by the sheer loss of his daughter. He was wild, unfocused and full of fury. A father

    asked by HELPPP!!!
  120. S

    An automobile travelling at 80km/hrs has tyres of radius 80cm. On applying brakes the car is brought to a stop in 30 complete turns of the tyres. What is the magnitude of the angular acceleration of the wheels? How far does the car move while the brakes

    asked by Jitender
  121. Science

    An insect of mass 20g crawls from the centre to the outside edge of a rotating disc of mass 200g & radius 20cm. The disc was initially rotating at 22.0 rad/s. What will be it's final angular velocity? What is the kinetic energy in the system?

    asked by Jitender
  122. U.S. History (help)

    In the U.S. House of Reps. When California gains a representative, then another state must have what? How often can the number of representatives be adjusted? After a what?

    asked by Gloria
  123. Physics

    A cubes weight 15N in air and 20N when totally immersed in water. Find the value of the cube of the density. Please I need the answer.

    asked by KAUNA
  124. Math

    Which equation can be used to find the measure of an angle that is supplementary to POS

    asked by Alyssa
  125. Math

    I need to know if I'm answering this correctly. How can you figure out the size of a of a part without having to draw a diagram? consider example of 2/3 × 4/5. A) describe how you could draw a diagram to me this calculation. I would do 5 vertical lines

    asked by Jessica
  126. Math

    I need help not sure if I'm doing this correctly. Parts of parts: Find each of the following parts of parts without drawing a diagram for each problem explained clearly A) 2/3 of 2/7 I think it's 4/15 because your multiplying. B) 6/11 × 2/7 I think it's

    asked by Jessica
  127. math

    WAGE---$ 17.00-an hour---------ANUALLY---28,285.28 APARTMENT VALUE 17.34hrs/pay period towards an apartment value of $934/month----ANUALLY---$11,208----TOTAL-------$39,493.28. My question is: first of all, I get, 17X40= $2,720-not 28,285.28, above. ALSO, I

    asked by Esther
  128. language

    define conclusion i need help

    asked by kakashi hatake
  129. math

    Construct a triangle ABC in which BC = 5.8cm ,angle B= angle C= 30°.

    asked by Ankur
  130. Physics

    A Simple Astronomical Telescope In Normal Adjustment Has An Objective Of Focal Length 100cm And An Eye Piece Of Focal Length 5cm What Is The Angular Magnification

    asked by Godwin John
  131. language

    can u tell me al the similarities and the differences of oak trees and maple trees and im not cheating at all i JUST REALLY NEED THIS!

    asked by kakashi hatake
  132. math

    log(u^2÷v) ^3

    asked by jess
  133. Business Math

    Martha earns a gross salary of N$ 40,000 per month. The following deductions come off her gross salary: income tax 28%, pension fund 10%, medical aid fund 5%. a) How much (in N$) does Martha pay in income tax? b) How much (in N$) does Martha contribute to

    asked by Lassen
  134. Math , plz help!!!!!!

    A typical Stone on the lowest level of the Great Pyramid in Egypt was a rectangular prism 5 feet long by 5 feet high by 6 feet deep and weighed 15 Tons. what was the volume of the average Stone?? how much did one cubic foot of this stone weigh???plz help

    asked by Mimi ramirez
  135. Business Math

    Determine the following (convert to a mixed number where relevant). a) 20 + 10 × (-½) ÷ 5 b) 16 ÷ (3 + 5) × -1 + 2³ c) ½ + ⅓ + ⅜ d) 3⅝ + 4 × -2 e) -1 × -1 ÷ -2 + 3 + 2°

    asked by Lassen
  136. Business Math

    a) A company issued 150,000 shares to three investors in the ratio of 2:3:5. How many shares does each investor own? b) If the company declares a dividend of 35 cents per share, how much (in N$) will each investor receive?

    asked by Lassen
  137. Business Math

    Craig runs a business importing shoes from Italy and selling them in Namibia. For the below questions (a – g), rounds your answers to cents (two decimal places). a) If the Euro / Namibian dollar exchange rate is € 1 = N$ 13.90 and the cost price of a

    asked by Lassen
  138. Business Math

    a) Solve for x: 2x² + 5x = 3 b) Solve for x and y: x + y = 4 and x² + y² + xy - 12 =0 c) Solve for x: 8 2x + 3 = ½x² d) Factorise: 6x² - 7xy - 3y² e) Factorise: 4x³ + 5x²y - 4xy² - 5y³

    asked by Lassen
  139. Business Math

    You want to buy furniture which will cost N$ 20,000. You could take out a personal loan for N$20,000, which would charge you 9% p.a. interest compounded monthly. You also have N$20,000 in an investment account, where you earn interest of 12% p.a.

    asked by Lassen
  140. Business Math

    a) You have N$ 10,000 to invest, which you want to grow to N$ 100,000. If the bank offers you an interest rate of 6% p.a. compounded monthly, how long must you invest the money for (in months or years)? Round your answer to one decimal place. b) Instead of

    asked by Lassen
  141. Physics

    Physics instructor grew up with a 3 second rule for lightning bolts to allow estimation of the distance of thunderstorms. Why is that? Explain the difference between the “3 second rule” and the “5 second rule”.

    asked by Kailey
  142. Business Math

    a) Given x + y = 2 and y = x² - x - 2, find the x-intercepts and y-intercept of the parabola. b) Find the turning point of the parabola. c) Find the x intercept and y intercept of the line graph. d) Find the point(s) of intersection of the line graph and

    asked by Lassen
  143. Math Breakdown/ please help!!

    WAGE---$ 17.00-an hour---------ANUALLY---28,285.28 APARTMENT VALUE 17.34hrs/pay period towards an apartment value of $934/month----ANUALLY---$11,208----TOTAL-------$39,493.28. My question is: first of all, I get, 17X40= $2,720-not 28,285.28, above. ALSO, I

    asked by Esther
  144. too-hard probability sir damon/reiny/steve help

    A bag contain 10. identical balls of which 4 are black and 6white a random sample of size 4 is drawn without replacement what is the conditional probability that the sample contain exactly two black given that it contain at least 1 white ball.. Please show

    asked by payuto
  145. English

    The worst was yet to come.Still shedding tears, I climbed back into the hearse, to return home.To return to a home which would never be the same again... Help:punctuation&Grammar? Is it good?

    asked by HELPPP!!!
  146. Social Studies please help!!!

    Ms. Sue, Reed or anyone else, please check my answers! 1) How did Muslim turks influence turkey's development? Almost 100% of Turkey's population is Muslims. This means Turkey is following Islamic traditions, for example, Muslims pray 5 times a day and

    asked by enestia
  147. English

    6. The _______ of an introduction to an essay establishes how you feel about your topic and the relationship with your readers. A. topic B. tone C. point of view IS NOT COORECT D. focus

    asked by me