Questions Asked on
February 12, 2017

  1. college algebra

    A rock is thrown upward with a velocity of 28 meters per second from the top of a 38 meter high cliff, and it misses the cliff on the way back down. When will the rock be 7 meters from the water, below? Round your answer to two decimal places. Gravity

  2. Algebra

    Katie invested a total of $7,000, part at 2% simple interest, and part at 3% simple interest. At the end of 1 year, the investments earned, $184.00 interest. How much was invested at each rate?

  3. chemistry

    A stock solution of HNO3 is prepared and found to contain 11.1 M of HNO3. If 25.0 mL of the stock solution is diluted to a final volume of 0.500 L, the concentration of the diluted solution is ________ M.

  4. ART

    in gilbert stuarts painting,he successfully captured A) a casual image of a soldier. B) a formal image pf a soldier. C) a war scene. D) a casual family image. please send a link of guilbert stuart he has red hair and looks like mans from frozen

  5. Math

    Prove 3(x+1)(x+7)-(2x+5)² is never positive So, 3(x+1)(x+7)-(2x+5)(2x+5) =3(x²+8x+7)-(4x²+20x+25) =3x²+24x+21-4x²-20x-25 =-x²+4x-4

  6. Stats

    Running times for 400 meters are Normally distributed for young men between 18 and 30 years of age with a mean of 93 seconds and a standard deviation of 16 seconds. Thus, 99.7% of running times are approximately between Need help

  7. electrical

    transformer overheat while taking a shore supply which is the likely cause

  8. Trigonometry

    A pulley system consists of a 10 inch wheel and another whose radius is unknown. A point on the rim of the wheel of unknown radius moves 450 inches when it revolves through an angle of 225 degrees. Find the angle the 10 inch wheel turns through

  9. Algebra

    How to write |y|-2=0 in standard form?

  10. chemistry

    10.5g of potassium trioxonitrate(v) salt saturated 5g of solvent at 15°c. Calculate the solubility of potassium trioxonitrate(v) salt at that same temperature in: a)g/100g of solvents b)moles per dm^-3

  11. chemistry

    if 6.0g of carbon is heated in air, the mass of the product obtained could be either 22.0g or 14.0g depending on the amount of air present. with what law would this be in accordance? (C=12, O=16)

  12. college math

    two cars are approaching an intersection one is 3 miles south of the intersection and is moving at a constant speed of 20 miles per hour. at the same time the other car is 4 miles east of the intersection and is moving at the constant speed of 30 miles per

  13. Physics

    A force F 1 of magnitude 5.90 units acts on an object at the origin in a direction θ = 28.0° above the positive x-axis. (See the figure below.) A second force F 2 of magnitude 5.00 units acts on the object in the direction of the positive y-axis. Find

  14. Physcis 1315

    A ball is thrown vertically downward with a velocity of 12m/s How far has the ball fallen 1 s later?. 2s later?

  15. Math

    From the top of a Cliff 90metre high, the angle of depression of a boat on the sea is 26.2 degree.calculate how far the boat is from the from the foot of the cliff and from the top of the cliff

  16. Chemistry

    While you are doing heavy work, your heart pumps up to 25.0 L of blood per minute. Your muscles get about 80% by volume of your blood under these conditions. What volume of blood in quarts is pumped through your muscles in 107 minutes of work that causes

  17. Science

    A pool ball leaves a 0.6 m high table with an initial horizontal velocity of 2.4 m.s.calculate horizontal and vertical velocity and time taken for the pool ball to fall to the ground

  18. Math; Calculus

    You toss a rock up vertically at an initial speed of 55 feet per second and release it at an initial height of 6 feet. The rock will remain in the air for_______ seconds. It will reach a maximum height of_______ feet after ________ seconds.

  19. Algebra

    |3y+4|-|=0 Write in standard form

  20. math

    a grocer bought 25 dozens of eggs for Rs 525. out of these, 18 eggs were found to be rotten. he sold the remaining eggs at the rate of Rs 26 per dozen. find his gain or loss percent.

  21. Chem

    A collection of coins contains 12 nickels, 3 quarters, and 9 dimes. What is the percent of dimes in the collection?Express your answer to the ones place.

  22. Physics

    1. Calculate the kinetic energy of a 5.2kg object moving at 2.4 m/s 7. Calculate the potential energy of a 5.2kg object positioned 5.8m above the ground 21. Calculate the speed of a 5.2 kg object that possesses 26.1 J of kinetic energy.

  23. English

    Please help me. I don't how this is a personification. Wearing a top hat and bow tie, the rabbit bowed politely to the turtle.

  24. english 101

    It’s sure ain’t going to rain during the next playoff game. sure-ain’t-during-playoff which of them looks like wrong?ain’t thanks

  25. Biochemistry 105

    8. Arrange the following molecules in the order of increasing polarity. a. (PH3, HCl, H2O, CCl4) b. (NH3, HF, H2O, HBr)

  26. English

    Complete a Soapstone chart of the Crisis December 23, 1776 by Thomas paine with textual evidence.

  27. Program Design and Development

    Design the pseudocode for a program that outputs numbers in reverse order from 10 down to 1 using a loop?

  28. grade7 math

    36unit squares are joined to form a rectangle with lest perimeter what is the perimeter of rectangle?

  29. science

    What is the percent mass of calcium in a calcium supplement if 1.28-g of calcium carbonate is extracted from a 2.72-g pill?

  30. chemistry

    one of the ingredients in detergent making, lauryl alcohol is extracted from coconut oil. A 5.00 g of this substance is added to 100 g of benzene and the solution boils at 80.78° C. what is the molar mass of lauryl alcohol?

  31. Science

    To what temperature must a given mass of Nitrogen at zero degree celsius be heated to double its volume and pressure?

  32. math

    Zach's rope is 15 feet long. He cuts it into three pieces. 1st piece is 3.57 ft longer than the 2nd piece. 3rd piece is 2.97 feet longer than the 2nd piece. How long is third piece?

  33. Managerial Finance

    Gluon Inc. is considering the purchase of a new high pressure glueball. It can purchase the glueball for $200,000 and sell its old low-pressure glueball, which is fully depreciated, for $36,000. The new equipment has a 10-year useful life and will save

  34. Math

    96 calories in 3/4 cup serving how many calories are in 2 cups of the cereal?

  35. Chem

    what mass of ammonia nh3 is necessary to react with 2.1 x 10^24 molecules of oxygen when ammonia reacts with oxygen to form water and nitrogen dioxide

  36. Program Design and Development

    Design a Visual Logic flowchart for a program that prompts the user to enter ten numbers one at a time. After the user has entered all ten number the program will then print out the total of those ten number and quit? In Visual Logic use console I/O?

  37. Calculus

    A point moves along the curve y= x^3 -3x + 5 so that x= 1/2 square root t + 3 where t is the time. At what rate is y changing when t = 4? Need some help!!!

  38. Chemistry

    Consider an alloy that is 14.1% copper by mass in tin. Copper makes up what percentage of the atoms in this sample?

  39. Art

    can one of you post a link of a peasant family cooking over a Campfire? the artist is by bartolomeo pinelli and help me answer a question with the picture? im not cheating or anything but please help!!!!!!

  40. chemistry

    When silver nitrate reacts with barium chloride, silver chloride and barium nitrate are formed. How many grams of silver chloride are formed when 8.0 g of silver nitrate reacts with 15.0 g of barium chloride? Please explain how to do this. I honestly do

  41. Algebra

    When swimming in the direction of the current in a river your average speed is 5 mph. When swimming against the current your speed is 2mph. Find your swimming speed in still water and the speed of the current.

  42. Chemistry

    You are supposed to mix 250 mL of a 0.1 M solution of Pb(NO3)2 solution. You would need to mix ______ g of Pb(NO3)2 with enough water to make 250 mL of solution.

  43. math

    Using a ruler and a pair of compasses only, construct triangle ABC in which angle BAC is 45 degrees, side AB is 7cm and side AC is 9cm. Locate P, inside the triangle ABC, which is 5cm from A and equidistant from B and C

  44. math

    which of the following best describes triangle ABC based on its sides? A) scalene B) right C) isosceles D) equalateral

  45. Math

    If you decrease 300 by 5%, what is the result? A. 15 B. 150 C. 285 D. 315

  46. physics

    a car with 4 wheels has the tyres at a pressure of 20N/cm2. Each tyre of 100cm2 in contact with the road. what is the weight of the car.

  47. Math

    The sum of two numbers is 9.twice their product gives 40.find the numbers. One number exceeds another by 4.the sum of their square is 208. What are the numbers. The area of a rectangular field is 108square .the perimeter is 42. Find the length.

  48. Pre-aljebra

    a rectangular dog pen is to be constructed so that one side is against an existing stone wall and the other three sides are to be fenced. of 500 feet of fence is to be used, determine the dimensions and area of the pen with maximum area. I have no idea how

  49. math

    find the principle that will yield a compound interest of rs-1632 in 2 years at 4% rate of interest per annum

  50. Physics

    If the heat of 110J is added to a gaseous system, change in internal energy is 40J, then the amount of external work done is?

  51. College calculus

    Find the dy/dx A. y = u sqrt u + 1; u = 2x^2 - 2/3 B. x = u/ (1 + u^3); y = u^2 /(1 + u^3) Can someone help me

  52. college math

    a rectangular dog pen is to be constructed so that one side is against an existing stone wall and the other three sides are to be fenced. of 500 feet of fence is to be used, determine the dimensions and area of the pen with maximum area. I have no idea how

  53. English

    What is the personification for each one of these sentences? The soft chair wrapped its padded arms around Lisa The stairs groaned in agony as Phillip carried the heavy boxes o the attic Please help!

  54. Algebra

    The speed of a moving sidewalk at an airport is 3 ​ft/sec. A person can walk 79 ft forward on the moving sidewalk in the same time it takes to walk 15 ft on a nonmoving sidewalk in the opposite direction. At what rate would a person walk on a

  55. Accounting 1

    Invested $25000 in cash and office equipment that had a fair value of $6000. What is the journal entry for this?

  56. Algebra

    Set up and solve a system of equations for each problem John and Belinda are selling pies for a school fundraiser. Customers can buy apple pies and cherry pies. John sold 3 apple pies and 9 cherry pies for a total of $183. Belinda sold 6 apple pies and 13

  57. Algebra

    John and Kathleen each improved their yards planting rose bushes and shrubs . They bought their supplies from the same store. John spent $228 on 12.rose bushes and 11 shrubs. Kathleen spent $108,on 6 rose bushes and 5 shrubs. Find the cost of one rose bush

  58. english

    He got it and he wore it and he tore it and he patched it, Which stylistic device is found in line 36? A) allusion B) inversion C) onomatopoeia D) repetition

  59. history

    How do the people of Bulgaria use art to celebrate the Baba Marta holiday? Describe how the artwork is used and created.

  60. English

    For a project I have to come up with some allusions in a couplet format and I am iffy on how to write my own. I was wondering if these were ok. 1) Their death by disease Was not what they pleased. (I was going for a historical allusion to the Native

  61. Chemistry 2

    The molar heat of solution of ammonia is −30.50 kJ/mol. What happens to the temperature of water when ammonia is added to it? I simply don't know how to answer this and wouldn't ask otherwise. I would be very grateful for assistance.

  62. math

    four times a number minus 8 is equal to two times the number plus 12

  63. math

    Amber has a piece of licorie that is 10 feet long. She cuts it into three pieces for her friends. The 1st piece is 4.25 feet longer than the second piece. The 3rd piece is 2.24 feet longer than the second. How long is the 3rd piece?

  64. Chem

    Which of the following salts is water soluble? AlCl3, Li2SO4, BaC2O4, NaF, NiS, FeBr2, (NH4)2CO3, Zn(NO3)2, Na3PO4, Mg(OH)2, Ca(CH3CO2)2. Also specify the concentration of each ion in solution for the following: .10 M AlCl3 (aq) and .15 M (NH4)2SO4 (aq)

  65. math

    a store is going to mark up the cost that was purchased for $36.28 by 30%. What will the coat cost the costumer?

  66. physics

    A ball A of mass M collides elastically with another identical ball B at rest .Initially velocity of ball A is u m/s.After collision

  67. physics

    A ball of mass m moving with speed V collides with another ball of mass 2m(e=1/2) in a horizontal smooth fixed circular tube of radius R . Time after which next collision will take place is?

  68. Algebra

    Set up a system of equations for each word problem One scuba diver starts at a depth of 12 meters below the water's surface and ascends at a rate of 1 meter per second. A second diver starts at a depth of 15 feet and ascends at a rate of 2 meters per

  69. ed tech

    how do u paste a picture on here

  70. physics

    A ball is let fall from a hight h0.There are n collisions with the earth . If the velocity of rebound after n collisions is vn and the ball rises to a hight hn , then coefficient of restitution e is given by ,

  71. physics

    Two identical balls A and B are released from the positions .They collide elastically on horizontal position MN. The ratio of the heights attained by A and B after collision will be ?

  72. Algebra

    A cashew and raisin mixture costs $2 per pound. You buy a 4.5,pound mixture of cashews and raisins. If cashews cost $2.50 per pound and raising cost $1.25 per pound, how many pounds of cashews and how many pounds of raisins make up the mixture?

  73. Chemistry

    A 14.9g of lead at 92.5C is dropped into a calorimeter with 165g of water at 20.0C. The final temperature of the system is 20.2C. What is the lead's specific heat? -Could I get help setting this up? I'm not sure how I'm supposed to set it up.

  74. Physics Answer Check

    A note played by a musical instrument has a frequency of 130.8 Hz. What would be the length of the pipe if an organ pipe had this frequency as the fundamental and if the speed of the sound in the pipe is 350 m/s? f = v/2L 130.8(2L) = 350 2L = 2.68 L is

  75. FSCJ

    please help!! A storage tank 32 m high is filled with pure water. (Assume the tank is open and exposed to the atmosphere at the top.) (a) Find the gauge pressure at the bottom of the tank. (b) Calculate the magnitude of the net force that acts on a square

  76. Math

    There are eight slices of pizza 37 1/2% have a olives how many slices have olives

  77. Chemistry

    What volume of 12.1 HCL (aq) is needed to prepare 250.0 mL of 1.00 M HCL (aq).

  78. science

    A body starts from rest, the ratio of distances travelled by the body during 3rd and 4th seconds is -

  79. Algebra (answer check)

    Where is the vertex of the graph of y equals negative x squared plus 2 x plus 5 located? (1,5) < it's not this one (1,6) (-1,3)

  80. algorithm

    Write a C++ program that will accept the marks in a test for a group of 5 students

  81. Algebra

    What is the value of n such that 2^n=4^4 x 8^8 x 16^16?

  82. Ecconomics

    Suppose the equation for a market demand curve is QD = 15 − 0.2P and the equation for a market supply curve is Qs = −3+ 0.4P

  83. c++ programming language

    Write an algorithm,flow chart, psuedo codes and finally a c++ codes that will accept exams scores for 5 users.

  84. physics

    a force of 372 N is used to move a piano with a maass of 532 kg up a ramp 14 m long. what is the vertical height of the ramp

  85. health

    The goal of health/safety education is...

  86. Statistics

    Assume that the mean systolic blood pressure of normal adults is 120 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) and the standard deviation is 5.6. Assume the variable is normally distributed. If an individual is selected, find the probability that the individual's

  87. english

    Read the following passage from the Odyssey: Square in your ship’s path are Sirens, crying beauty to bewitch men coasting by; woe to the innocent who hears that sound! He will not see his lady nor his children in joy, crowding about him,

  88. Chemistry

    What volume of oxygen gas at STP would be needed for the complete combustion of 39.0 grams of octane ?

  89. math

    every diameter of a chord is a chord. A TRUE B FALSE

  90. English

    Write an essay showing that mistake are proof that you are trying

  91. math

    find the maximum and/or minimum values of the function f(x) for the indicated value of x f(x)=x^2 -4x+3 25

  92. Chem

    Water was decomposed by the following reactions. Calculate the mass of HCl produced from 50.0 mL water assuming the following yields H2O=H2+O2 90% H2+Cl2=HCl

  93. math

    (16) Tom took a 1900-mile trip by bus and plane. The bus averaged 60 miles per hour and the plane averaged 700 miles per hour. If the trip took 5 hours, how many miles did Tom travel by bus? [150 miles]math

  94. math

    (13) Dan invested a total of 12, 000. He invested some of that money at 3% and some at 5%. After one year, he earned a total of 460 in interest. How much did Dan invest at each rate of interest?

  95. Biochemistry

    Calculate the pH of a mixture of one mole of benzoic acid and two mole of sodium benzoate dissolved in 1 L of solution. The pKa of benzoic acid is 4.2. What is the final molar concentration of the buffer?

  96. maths

    A brick has length of 1.8m, breadth of 6cm and height 0.5m. What will be the volume of 8 such bricks in cu cm.?

  97. Geometry

    In hexagon ABCDEF, AB = DE = 2, BC = EF = 4, CD = FA = 6, and all the interior angles are equal. Find the area of hexagon ABCDEF.

  98. math

    Ann has $300 in a savings account that earns 1.75% simple annual interest. in how many years will she have$21 in Interest?

  99. Mathematics of finance 1

    A company has sales of 160000 which represents a 6.5% increase over the previous year. what were the sales over previous year? please elaborate the method and formula

  100. algebra

    when the difference of a positive number and two is multiplied by the sum of the number and 9 and the result is 7 find the number i just need help setting this up i can do the work myself heres what i did: 9(x-2)=7 but im sure im wrong.

  101. english 101

    Confidentiality be observed at all times , so the nurse should not discuss clients when the conversation can be overheard by the others. observed-be-can be-by hi.I am not sure, but observed is wrong in this sentence

  102. Geometry

    in two congruent triangles the ratio of lengths of two corresponding sides is 5:8. If the perimeter of the larger triangle is 10 ft less than twice the perimeter of the smaller triangle find the perimeter of each triangle

  103. math

    Alex invested money in two accounts, and after one year, one of them had earned 13% interest and the other 9%. He had $700 more invested in the lower interest account and earned a total of 239 in interest after one year. How much did Alex invest in each

  104. math

    (19) Does the following system of equations have a solution? If it does, find one; if not, explain why not. √ x + √ y = 1 r 4x 9 − r 25y 64 = 1

  105. number base help plz

    plz solve for me too hard show step payuto 123_(base4) = N_(base8 )

  106. umm

    How do you concentrate on studying vocabulary words?

  107. EDTECH

    In the following equation, which number is the sum? 30+20+50=100 A)30 B)20 C)50 D)100*** Please help me !!!

  108. Physics

    If two balls made of iron and aluminium of equal volumes are immersed in a liquid, then will they experience equal up- thrust? Justify your answer.

  109. physic

    A particle of mass 10kg Move in a circular orbit of ratio 2cm with a linear velocity of 0.2m/s calculate the angular velocity, the frequency and the centripetal force

  110. CHEM

    How is molar absorptivity used to determine concentration from absorbance?

  111. math

    Find area of triangle. Sides=12cm,9.2cm and 7.2cm

  112. Managerial Economics

    An article in The Wall Street Journal discusses a trend among some large U.S. corporations to base the compensation of outside members of their boards of directors partly on the performance of the corporation. “This growing practice more closely aligns

  113. Algebra

    Set up and solve a system of equations The school that Joe goes to is selling tickets to a spring musical. On the first day of ticket sales the school sold 12 adult tickets and 2 child for a total of $122. The school took $160 on the second day by selling

  114. Economics

    An article in The Wall Street Journal discusses a trend among some large U.S. corporations to base the compensation of outside members of their boards of directors partly on the performance of the corporation. “This growing practice more closely aligns

  115. Information technology

    Write an algorithm,flowchart,pseudo cod and finally a c++ code that will accept exam score for five users and find the average,minimum and maximum of the score

  116. sciance

    is a car faster than usain bolt in a 100m race

  117. physics

    A mechanic pushes a 3090 kg car from rest to a speed of v, doing 5497 J of work in the process. During this time, the car moves 22.1 m. Find the speed v. Neglect friction between car and road. Answer in units of m/s. 1/2mv^2 doesnt work

  118. math

    8 kilometer is how many meters

  119. Chemistry

    what is the molarity of the following solution? 13.8g of potassium trioxocarbonate (IV) in 200cm^3 of solution

  120. Physics

    An object with a mass of (2.844x10^1) kg is subjected to a force of (3.964x10^3) N directed at an angle of (6.374x10^1) degrees from the x axis. A second force of (1.3x10^2) N acting in the negative X directions is also applied to the object. To two

  121. Math

    A supermarket sells apples in bags of 8, how many apples are there in 32 bags?

  122. Chemistry

    You add 3.5 L of an HCl solution of unknown concentration to 2.0 L of 0.5 M HCl and 4.5 L of water. The final concentration of HCl was 1.5 M. What was the unknown concentration of the initial HCl solution?

  123. Algebra

    Write a system of equations to solve each word problem. You deposit a total of $900 in two different accounts. One account provides an interest rate of 5% while the other account provides an interest rate of 8%. If you earned a total of $64.50 in interest

  124. physics

    Question 01: 2.0g of Nitrogen gas is at 270C in a fixed volume. If 20% of its total internal energy is due to rotation what is the average velocity of nitrogen molecules? What will be the temperature 2.0 g of Helium gas in a fixed volume if the average

  125. language

    what was leonardo da vinci first painting

  126. Algebra

    Steve and Belinda are selling pies for a school fundraiser. Customers can buy apple pies and cherry pies. John sold 3 apple pies and 9 cherry pies for a total of $183. Belinda sold 6 apple pies and 13 cherry pies for a total of $276. What is the cost each

  127. math algebra

    Sum the following term of progression to the last term, logx, logx^2 logx^3.... logx^120

  128. Physics

    A stone, 2kg is projected vertically at a velocity of 5m/s at an Angle of 60° Calculate I.Time taken to attain maximum height II.maximum height reached III.The range

  129. physics

    a body of mass 65kg falls freely from rest through a height of 50m find the average force exerted by the ground to bring the body to a rest

  130. s.s

    how was the tea act created? i know this might be a really weird and stupid question but plz help

  131. math

    (78+99)+(100-98) there are no choices please help me with this

  132. projectile motion

    A stone of 2kg is projecter vertically as a velocity of 5m/s at an angle of 60.calculate,the time taking?the maximum hight?the range