Questions Asked on
February 11, 2017

  1. LL

    The following question asks about one or more selections from your textbook Literature. You may use your textbook to answer this question. Both “The Road Not Taken” and “O Captain! My Captain!” are analogies. Write a paragraph comparing the

    asked by yolo sans
  2. math

    explain and demonstrate how to change 4/20 into a percent there are two ways we can work this out 4/20 times by 5 overall to get it out of 100, becomes 20/100. or you can do 4/20 then times that by 10 or 20 x what = 100? 5, right? so multiply 4 x 5 and

    asked by lreyesorg
  3. physics

    For a flourish at the end of her act, a juggler tosses a single ball high in the air. She catches the ball 3.6 s later at the same height from which it was thrown. Part A-What was the initial upward speed of the ball?2sf

    asked by ana22
  4. physics

    You shoot an arrow into the air. Two seconds later (2.00 s) the arrow has gone straight upward to a height of 30.0 m above its launch point part A:What was the arrow's initial speed?part B:How long did it take for the arrow to first reach a height of 15.0

    asked by ana22
  5. math

    A rope goes from one building to another. The distance between the buildings is 10m, and the rope is tied at each building at a point 8m and 4m from the ground. Find the length of the rope.

    asked by maria
  6. math

    In a class, every student knows French or German (or both). 15 students know French, and 17 students know German What is the smallest possible number of students in that class?

    asked by annie
  7. 4th grade math

    Karen jogs 1/2 mile. Selma jogs 1/4 mile more than Karen. Lena jogs 3/4 mile more than Selma. How far does Lena jog?

    asked by ita
  8. Chemistry

    If you wanted to create a equimolar buffer using 1.0 mol of NaHS in 1.0L of water what acid would you need to add? how many moles of that acid do you need to add?

    asked by Jake
  9. Math

    Find the surface area of the cylinder. Use 3.14 for pi. The cylinder's radius is 2 and the height is 15. A)100.4 cm squared B)97.43 cm squared C)36.29 cm squared*** D)33.14 cm squared

    asked by potato
  10. math

    You and some friends rent a limo for a formal reception the bill for the evening is $53.00. A tax of 6% will be added to your total. And you want to tip the waiter you decide to leave him a tip that is 20% of the bill before tax is added, how much will the

    asked by Cactus
  11. *physics*

    what is the smallest time in which a 9.00kW motor can lift a 3500 kg elevator to a height of 9.50m? use 10m/s^2 as g.

    asked by Anonymous
  12. science

    Jane can still pump air in the party balloon even through it is already inflated.What explains this phenomenon?

    asked by Bea
  13. maths

    Find the equation of the line that is the image set of the flattening, f(x,y)=(3x-3y, x-y)

    asked by s17
  14. Physics

    Calculate the final centigrade temperature required to change 20 litres of gas at 120°C and 1 atmosphere to 25 litres at 2 atmosphere.

    asked by Busola
  15. physics

    Find the direction and magnitude of the following vectors. A⃗ =( 22 m )x^+( -15 m )y^ Express your answer in degrees using three significant figures. θA = Part B Express your answer in meters using two significant figures. |A⃗ | = m Part C B⃗ =( 2.5

    asked by ana22
  16. Social Studies

    Which group conducted the first protests against the Vietnam War? My most logical guess is b because I know that during that time many anti-war activists were Vietnam veterans. draft dodgers military veterans black activists

    asked by Ari
  17. Math

    Combine like terms to simplify the expression. 1/_4+6+9y= Answer: 5y+6 2/ 20a+7+3= Answer: 20+10 3/_5k+9_2+9k= Answer: 4k+7 4/ 17+2.9h+3= Answer: 30+14 Simplify the expression. 5/ _4(3+d)+7d_d= Answer: _16+6d 6/ 8+5(j_5)+3j_1= Answer: 32+8j_1 7/

    asked by Nnnnn
  18. Social Studies

    What was the most immediate result of Diem's refusal to hold elections?

    asked by Ari
  19. maths

    a car travels due south for 3km the due east for 8km. What is the true bearing of the car from the starting point?

    asked by Jess
  20. Physics

    a periscope is an optical instrument made of two plane mirrors inclined at an angle 45 with respect to the axis of the tube. an observer places her eye at point O. draw the path of a ray light issued from A. determine the position and the nature of the

    asked by Sarah
  21. basic calculus

    A page is to contain 54 square centimeters of printed material. If the margins are 1 cm at the top and bottom and 0.5 cm at the sides, find the most economical width of the page (in cm).

    asked by james
  22. Effective Learning Environment

    You're developing your preschool room arrangement. Which would be the most effective way to divide the classroom? A. Divide the room into different centers using low shelves. B. Divide the room into different centers using shelves that are five feet high.

    asked by Priscila
  23. algebra

    As part of her training routine for​ basketball, Shaylle alternates between cycling and running for exercise. She cycles at a rate of 10 mph and runs at a rate of 6 mph. If she spends 2.5 hours exercising and covers a total of 21 miles, how much time

    asked by Brandy
  24. physics

    a car of mass 800kg attains a speed of 25m/s in a second.calculate the power developed in the engine

    asked by Rantimi
  25. math

    A bucket hangs from two wires. The left-hand wire makes an angle of 60 with the vertical, and the magnitude of the tension in the wire is 326N. The right-hand wire makes an angle of 45 with the vertical. Calculate the mass of the bucket, in kilograms, to

    asked by s17
  26. math

    What is the solution of the system of equations? 13x−6y=2 3x−4y=−10 Enter your answer in the boxes.

    asked by Jay
  27. Math

    The amount of bacteria after and then it in the initial amount of bacteria is Q in the amount of the bacteria triples every 15 seconds hence the answer should contain Q as well as n

    asked by Tonya
  28. ratio pls help asap

    divide £180 into 3 parts in the ratio of 3:2:4 divide 108 children into 3 groups in the ratio of 5:3:4 thank you for reading my questions

    asked by mackenzie
  29. Chemistry

    Element X has a face-centered cubic unit cell structure. If the density of the element is measured to be 12.4 g/cm^3, what is the atomic radius of X? units are in pm (picometers) I can't seem to find how to get the atomic radius with only the density given

    asked by Amanda
  30. English

    Evaluate which of the following is the best example of a summary. A.In Goldilocks and the Three Bears, a character named Goldilocks sneaks into a home owned by bears. She eats a bowl of porridge and falls asleep in the house. When the bears return,

    asked by Tim
  31. Math

    A rectangular sand box has a length of 5 1/3 feet and a width of 3 3/4 feet why is the answer reasonable

    asked by Ciara lopez
  32. Chemistry

    Calculate the expected freezing point of a solution of 0.579 g pelargonic acid in 4.225 g of lauric acid, if the melting point of pure lauric acid was measured to be 43.20*C. (MM pelargonic acid = 158.2 g/mol; MM laruic acid = 200.32 g/mol). Kf for lauric

    asked by Amanda
  33. Algebra

    If there are 8 sharpeners in every box, is the formula that relates s Sharpeners and B boxes B=8s or S=8B?

    asked by Bill
  34. math

    A carton of mass 35kg is at rest on a rough plane inclined at an angle of 40 degrees to the horizontal. Calculate the magnitude of the friction force in newtons.

    asked by s17
  35. Social Studies

    Why didn't President Johnson want rich, white southern landowners to return to power? This isn't a question on a test. I just want to know why. Can someone help me? @Ms. Sue @WriteTeacher Thanks! :D

    asked by Kaleb
  36. Physics

    I drew out image of the situation but still need help. Can someone help with this problem about swinging on wrecking ball when at 1st: wrecking ball is in line with birdbath when at a peak in its trajectory, and in line with front door at the lowest point

    asked by henry
  37. English

    In any academic writing, it is appropriate to use the word you, as in: When you read the research, you know that the death penalty does not deter crime. True False I say false. Please check my work.

    asked by Tim
  38. English

    A typical research-based paper contains an introduction with a thesis, a body in which the paragraphs begin with topic sentences, a conclusion, and a references page. True False I say True. Please check my work.

    asked by Tim
  39. Math

    Put these fractions in order smallest to largest 7/10 11/20 4/5

    asked by Amee
  40. English

    To cite sources correctly in APA, a research-based paper must contain both in-text citations and a references page that contains full citations of each source mentioned in the paper. True False I say True. Please check my work.

    asked by Tim
  41. English

    Identify the most effective method by which a writer can persuade a reader. A.S/he repeats the same idea over and over, using different words. B.S/he tries to use information that could frighten a reader. C.S/he supports main points with strong research.

    asked by Tim
  42. math

    What is the solution of the system of equations? y=5/6x+1 −x+y=2 Enter your answer in the boxes.

    asked by Jay
  43. area

    the length and breadth of rectangle is 3:1.A 1m wide path runs through the inside of the park has an area of 39 sq.m. Find length and breadth of the park

    asked by kuku
  44. math

    the lenghts of the diagonals of a rhombus are 16cm and 12cm respectively.find the lenght of each of the sides

    asked by Aditya singh
  45. maths

    A ladder leaning against a wall makes an angle 60 with the horizontal if the foot of the ladder is the 2.5m away from the wall find the length of the ladder

    asked by priya
  46. maths

    Let f be the linear transformation represented by the matrix A=(-2 3 4 -4) a=-2, b=3, c=4, d=-4 Find the point (x,y) such that f(x,y)=(4,4)

    asked by s17
  47. math

    An old lady has 125 cats. Seven of them are old, 9 of them are her favorite, 5 of them are both (old and favorite). How many of them are neither old nor favorite?

    asked by annie
  48. math

    A company has sales of 160, 000 which represents a 6.5% increase over the previous year. What were the sales the previous year?

    asked by sukh
  49. Chemistry

    338 grams of the organic liquid hexane is poured into a tall cylindrical container that has a base with radius 2.91 cm. Given that hexane has a density of 0.66 g/mL, what is the distance (in cm) between the bottom of the cylinder and the surface of the

    asked by Daneila
  50. chemistry please help

    what is wrong with these names?provide the correct name for each. i.2-Dimethylpentane {4] ii.2-Ethylpentane {4} iii.5,5-Dimethyl-3-ethylhexane {4]

    asked by sophie
  51. physics

    Seven measurements of the length of a table in centimeters are 184.7, 182.3, 182.7, 182.1, 182.2, 184.1, and 182.9. Find the best estimate for the length of the table. Be sure to include units! Answer: Seven measurements of the length of a table in

    asked by ana22
  52. engl1301

    The patient's voice was a little horse, and he complained of sore throat, so the doctor prescribed a throat lozenge. horse/prescribed/lozenge/so which word would be correct here? so is wrong,thanks.

    asked by engl1301
  53. Math

    A certain medicine requires 10 mg per 40 kg of weight. How much medicine is required for a patient that weighs 203 pounds? Round answer to the nearest 10th. Use Unit Abbreviations for Units

    asked by chirssy
  54. math

    On Wednesday you drove from home to work at 65 mph and got there in 28 minutes. On Thursday you drove at 78 mph. Round answers to nearest 10th. Use: R1T1=R2T2 (double click this to see clearer) Round to the nearest 10th and Use Unit Abbreviations for

    asked by yatta
  55. math

    The line passes through points (4,7) and (-5,-5), where the line intersects the y axis, what is the slope?

    asked by Quarie
  56. French

    I need help to see if my conjugations are correct. It's easy to read or the topic is easy. 1. Il y avait un homme qui a reçu le don du changement et de la transformation. 2. Dieu lui a donné un cancer dans tout son corps. 3. La transformation a été

    asked by Jayden
  57. slope intercept, math

    The line passes through points (4,7) and (-5,-5), where the line intersects the y axis, what is the slope?

    asked by Quarie
  58. thermodynamics

    There are 46 person in a room that has diameter of 14 ft x 30 ft x 34 ft. the initial pressure and temperature are 14.7 psi and 60.8 F. Each person givs off 150 kcal/hr. assume that room is completely sealed off and 0.2 cu.meter per person is occupied.

    asked by Christy Lane Tongcos
  59. Math

    I have fewer than 30 marbled I can put them equally into 2 groups 6 groups or 9 groups how many marbles do I have

    asked by Syahrul
  60. math

    Alex invested money in two accounts, and after one year, one of them had earned 13% interest and the other 9%. He had $700 more invested in the lower interest account and earned a total of 239 in interest after one year. How much did Alex invest in each

    asked by sukh
  61. plant

    A father and his child are playing on a see-saw that is 8 m long.The father weighs 80 Kg and the child weighs 40 Kg.Where would you place them on the see-saw so that it balances? What is the mechanical advantage of this lever

    asked by nicky
  62. Physics

    what are the factors that does not affect the time period of pendulum ?? Please help me in monday there is my exam please help me:-(

    asked by Raghav
  63. math

    The graphs of ​ f(x)=−5/3x+9 ​ and ​ g(x)=2^x−1​ intersect at (3, 4) . What is the solution of −5/3x+9=2^x−1 ? Enter your answer in the box.

    asked by Jay
  64. Physiscs

    Hello, I have a doubt about inertia in a uniform bar and axis of rotation.. What's the difference between a lengthwise axis and a parallel one? In some books I have found that when we're talking about lengthwise axis that pass through the center of the bar

    asked by Peter
  65. Algebra

    1/3 of a number is added to 5. the result is one and half times the original number.find the number.

    asked by Samuel
  66. Physics

    A car accelerates a form an initial speed to higher final sped while the engine puts out constant power. During this time period, magnitude of the car's acceleration was .. a increasing b decresing c constant d unpredictable please explain why also.

    asked by Anonymous
  67. social studies

    What are the pros and cons of attacking Russia? I can't seem to find anything :(

    asked by life
  68. math

    George need to move $2 million out of the country. The dimensions of a US bill is 2.61 inches by 6.14 inches by 0.0043 inches. How many cubic feet will this be in $5 bills? Round answer to the nearest 10th.

    asked by briget
  69. maths

    which is the 19th term of 4n+3

    asked by shamha
  70. Calculus

    Show that there are at least two values of x in the interval (−π,π) such that x=1+sin(x)

    asked by Larin
  71. algebra

    y-7=-2(x+8)graph the following function... really don't now how to figure this out.

    asked by dallas
  72. math

    Find a fraction which reduces to 2/3 when 3 is adding to both its numerator and denominator and reduces to 3/5 when 1 is added to both its numreator and denominator

    asked by naimish dixit
  73. Algebra 2

    Given log(base a)27=b. Find log(base sqrt 3)(a^1/6)

    asked by Alex Chien
  74. Financial management

    You are an incredibly sexy individual and have just won best price in a beauty have the following options a)$1000 received now b)$180000 at the end of five years C)$11400per year for ever Prove to select the optimal price assuming discount rate

    asked by Jane
  75. engl1301

    Finishing quickly/quick/as quick/so quick … is not as important as answering all the question correctly. which word would be correct here?quickly bc of parallel sentence,correctly.,thanks.

    asked by engl1301
  76. physics

    How much elastic potential energy is stored if a 5kg object is suspended from a whose spring constant is 100N/m

    asked by Muller
  77. maths

    increase 20 in the ratio 1:2

    asked by khushi
  78. math

    Nikita sold two wheeler through agent she got Rs 17150 for it after paying agrnt if commission was paid at 2% find selling price

    asked by anjali
  79. English

    What did sodhi think of goeff

    asked by Anonymous

    --------------A /l\ / 1 \ / 1 \ / 1 \ 1 B C the pendulum has a string of .075m. velocity at c is 3.83m/s how do i find the speed at point b when the angle of B and C is 37 degree

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Language Arts

    Help! I have to write an essay and need to know similarities between texting and sign language. I already have using hands, no vocalization, and conveying your thoughts but I need three more.

    asked by Connexus
  82. Matj

    An urn contains 10 Coupons marked 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 are drawn. Then find the chance that the difference of the coupons exceeds 3 ?

    asked by Golu
  83. MATH TEST(tipps)

    i have a math test in a week away plz give me some tips so i can past it (first time here)

    asked by tomboy(girl)
  84. Statistics for Finance

    Question 3 [17 Marks) There are five (5) set of data; A to E is provided for this question. Each group will be assigned to analyze ONE dataset only and answer the questions below. The assigned dataset will be determined by your lecturer in separate

    asked by MohammedFarhanKhan