Questions Asked on
February 10, 2017

  1. Math

    A 6 inch personal pizza has 630 calories, with 240 of those from fat. A 16 inch pizza is cut into 8 slices. Estimate the number of calories in one slice of a 16 inch pizza.

  2. Measurement Unit Test Unit 1 Lesson 13

    Can someone post the answer that goes to connections academy please?

  3. grammer

    find the error?? The client’s hospital stay was prolonged, do to a superinfection. client’s/stay was/do to

  4. Math

    It takes a hose 4 minutes to fill a rectangular aquarium 8 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 14 inches tall. How long will it take the same hose to fill an aquarium measuring 24 inches by 27 inches by 31 inches?

  5. language arts

    Choose the detail that would best support the following main idea for an argumentative essay. Studying on a regular basis improves grades. 1 students who study also try to eat healthier snacks 2 Students who study on a regular basis are usually smarter

  6. math check answers

    For questions 3 and 4, you will be answering by filling in the blank. Please be aware that your answer must include any commas or decimals in their proper places in order to be correct. The dollar signs have been provided. For example, if the answer is

  7. Social Studies

    what region has the workforce to support a new industry I need help asap please help anyone I don't want the answer I just want a link I cant find a good website

  8. n

    A ferris wheel is 20 meters in diameter and boarded from a platform that is 1 meters above the ground. The six o'clock position on the ferris wheel is level with the loading platform. The wheel completes 1 full revolution in 6 minutes. The function h =

  9. Maths

    in how many years will rs. 6750 amount to rs. 8000 at 5 percent S.I. ? the answer is 3 years 8 months 13 and half days but i don't know the process please give answer.

  10. Math

    Moore Supermarket began the year with 300 boxes of oat flake cereal with a unit cost of $1.89. During the year, the following additional purchases were made: May 1 200 boxes@$2.10/each June 1 400 boxes@$2.20/each August 1 250 boxes@$2.40/each At the end of

  11. Math

    You need to buy some chicken for dinner tonight. You found an ad showing that the store across town has it on sale for $2.89 a pound, which is cheaper than your usual neighborhood store, which sells it for $2.99 a pound. Is it worth the extra drive? First,

  12. english

    As we go to the party, our glasses were --Arose / risen / raised /rosed -and a toast was made by our host. hello guys. I just little confused about this question, to choose risen or raised . past= were+past v

  13. Math

    The land area of Statesville, NC, is 20.5 square miles. If the entire US population (currently about 320.2 million) were put inside the city limits of Statesville, determine the number of square feet that each person would have. Round your answer to two

  14. english 101

    hi guys I need a help in my grammer class?? After throwing their sleeping bags into the backseat of their cars they-- ((had drove/drove/drivig/having driving))--more than 400 miles to reach their destination. I think driving is right.??

  15. 4th grade math

    A grocery store has 5 pounds of granola. One customer buys 2/3 pound of granola and another buys 5/6 pound. After these purchases, how much granola is left?

  16. Chemistry

    The heat of combustion of liquid hexane (C6H14) to carbon dioxide and liquid water at 298 K is -4215 kJmol−1 . Find ΔrU of the reaction.

  17. chemistry

    The density of a certain type of plastic is 0.89 g/cm3. If a sheet of this plastic is 10.0 m long, 1.0 m wide, and 1.0 cm thick, what is its mass?

  18. Math

    A jug is 3/5 full of juice and if 100 ml is added to it it becomes 2/3 ful. How many literature can the jug hold?? Thanks a lot for hepl

  19. Math

    what is the value of x in the quadrilateral shown below ( IDK HOW TO PUT IT IN ) A.80 B.70 c.60

  20. BIOL 100

    why are buffer so important in the human body?

  21. Science

    The force of gravity of objects on the moon is approximately one-sixth of their value on Earth. Joe weighs 7633 N on earth. What will Joe's mass on the moon be?

  22. Social Studies

    Which of the following is a major example of Abraham Lincoln's policy of leniency toward the defeated South? A. Pres Lincoln's willingness to have federal government assume responsibility of the Confederate government's war debts. B. Pres Lincoln's choice

  23. Organic Chemistry

    The compounds below are contained in a mixed sample. Rank the compounds in order of elitism if separated using a silica gel column rank them from what elutes first to what elutes last. Benzoic acid, 1,3-dichlorobenzene, tert-butylcyclohexane, and

  24. Math

    In the last basketball game, Kevin scored 2 less than a third of his team's points. Part A: Let n represent the number of points Kevin's team scored. Write an expression for the number of points Kevin scored. Part B: Kevin scored 14 points. How many points

  25. Political Science

    What are some pros and cons to privatizing the U.S Postal Service?

  26. Science

    When sodiun is placed in water,it reacts violent to produce hydrogen gas and form sodium hydroxide solution. write a balanced chemical equation for this reaction

  27. math

    if there are 44009 dogs in the pound and someone comes and takes 555 dogs , how many dogs are left. but the person had 1737394 cats but the dogs chased the cats to the pound. how many animals are now in the pound?

  28. Math

    4. Point Q is the midpoint of PS, which of the following completes the statement? PQ=56ft; QS = 28ft 56ft*** 74ft 112ft

  29. pre calc

    A cardboard box has a square base and a square top. The height of the box is 13 inches. Express the surface area A (the sum of the areas of all six sides of the box) in terms of the length l of the box. Can someone please help me

  30. math

    What is the side length of the smallest square plate on which a 26​-cm chopstick can fit along a diagonal without any​ overhang?

  31. 4 grade math

    Caroline places five poles A, B, C, D, and E in order along a straight line.The distance between poles A and D is 1 yard. The distance between poles B and C is the same as the distance between poles A and B. Poles A and B are 1/5 yard apart. The distance

  32. Social Studies

    How did Mark Twain include local color in his writing? A. by poking fun at serious issues B. by capturing southern speech patterns C. by describing realist landscape paintings D. by addressing controversial ideas about race. I think the answer is C Am I

  33. English

    There are those with exemplary behaviors which are attributed to their beliefs or culture while others do so because of the laws set by the society making Wilson argument on genes attributing to human behavior questionable. I need to transform this passive

  34. Calculus 2

    I cannot figure this out for the life of me. Maybe I am overthinking it. Money is transferred into an account at the rate of R(t)=5000t(e^-0.6t) If the account pays 2% interest compounded continuously, how much will accumulate in the account over a 9-year

  35. Algebra

    If Adam is 30 years older than Alyssa and the sum of their ages is 36. How old are they?


    EXPLAIN HOW POLAR COVALENT BONDS ARE CREATED. atoms within the bond do not have the same pull on the shared electron, and as a result the electron spends more time around one atom relative to the other atom within the bond.

  37. Science

    A box weighing 20lb. is being pushed up an incline. If the angle of incline was 90° to the ground, what effort would be needed to push the mass? I don't get how to get the effort if an angle was in the problem.

  38. Science

    The force of gravity of objects on the moon is approximately one-sixth of their value on Earth. Joe's weight on the moon is 124 N. What will Joe's mass on Earth be?

  39. Science

    How much work is done in moving a 25lb. load a distance of 7 feet?

  40. History

    I'm doing blog on rise of middle class in England what interesting title should I give my blog? I'll be doing posts throughout the month.

  41. Science

    How does a non metal behave chemically? Gimme an example

  42. Physics

    In an inelastic collision, a steel ball of mass 200 g was hit hard into a large ball of dough of mass 700 g. The velocity of the steel ball was 25m/s. After the collision, the steel ball was stuck in the dough, and this combined system rolled for some

  43. Math

    How many Calories are in all sodas and add them up then multiple the answer try

  44. Physics

    At the gym, a woman lifts 40 kilograms of weights on the leg press machine. It takes her 0.5 seconds to raise the weights a vertical distance of 0.4 meters. How much power does the woman generate when lifting the weights? A) 180 watts B) 200 watts C) 320

  45. sir steve sir reiny any 1 plz help me maths har

    Question. Find the greatest common divisor d of 159 and 51, and find integers x and y solving the equation 159 x + 51 y = d . Answer. d = 3. The extended Euclidean algorithm gives x = 9 and y = -28. (There are other solutions for x and y; these are not

  46. math

    An open box is to be made from a square piece of material by cutting four-centimeter squares from each corner and turning up the sides (see figure). The volume of the finished box is to be 576 cubic centimeters. Find the size of the original piece of

  47. SS

    How do most people in Israel and its neighbors differ from political extremists such as terrorist? A:they have firm beliefs about the existence of Israel. B:they are dedicated to their religious heritage. C:they seek peace and security D:they care little

  48. math

    If x/y=2 and x*y*a=0, which has to be zero? assuming each variable is a different value. I said a has to be zero but I don't know if this is true or how to write the question.

  49. Acedemic Counselling

    I have a Academic counseling class, I need someone expert to take it for me.

  50. Chemistry

    Hello, I just would like to know the different types of formulas for moles... Example: Molecular, empirical, etc. I would like to know them for an upcoming test. Just to refresh my memory

  51. Math 115

    Calculate the slope and write an equation for the linear function represented by each of the given table. A W 5 30 7 40 W=_?___ I PUT W=5x+5 and W=5+5x BUT IT SAID IT WAS WRONG.

  52. Physics

    While swinging on the wrecking ball, a student notices that, at first, the wrecking ball is in line with her birdbath when it is at a peak in its trajectory, and in line with her front door at the lowest point in the trajectory. However, since drag is

  53. College Algebra

    Determine the equation for the linear function p t 5 0.75 10 1.50 15 2.25 20 3.00 25 3.75 T= .15p+___

  54. Esol

    hi . I did my test yesterday and now trying to see if my answer were rights about some questions I'm bad at grammer. thanks alot if you helping me jiskha com 1-It will take a lot more than that to make --- run that / i / myself/mine I chose i bc

  55. Math College freshman

    What is the linear equation for the following table? x h(x) 20 20 40 -100 60 -220 80 -340 100 -460

  56. Science

    What is the molar concentration of water in a solution of 10mM glucose? What types of ions are formed when water dissociates at room temp? Thank you!

  57. english

    which one is right?? When watching a film with my wife, she sometimes will lie her head down on my leg. lie or lay tnxx

  58. english

    which word is right?? I'm going forward to on vacation next months . go.going to go.going

  59. Math

    A store marked up the cost of a dress from $44.39 to $91.00. What is the percent markup for this a dress? Round answer to nearest 10th.

  60. english

    Two students their professor about the possibility of obtaining a different grade in class. has/had asked . asking . was asking which one is right to fill the blank??

  61. Math

    A store discounted everything by 56%. The sales price of a dress is $202.92. What was the original cost of the item?

  62. Math

    Natasha went to Japan for a business trip. Natasha converted $1100US into 110682 Yen at the local bank. Natasha spent 87438.78 Yen on this trip and returned with the remaining Yen to the US. How much will the remaining Yen convert to in US Dollars when

  63. Mathematics

    a cylindrical Jar of radius 12 centimetre contains orange juice to a depth of 20 centimetre child drops and orange into the zar and the level of the juice Rises by 6.75 centimetre what is the radius of the orange if it is of the shape of a complete spare

  64. science

    why did scientists think that proteins were the genetic material and not nucleic acids?

  65. Statistics

    According to Chebyshev’s theorem, what proportion of a distribution will be with k=4 standard deviations of the mean? Show all work as to how to find this. I have no idea on how to do this. HELP!!!!

  66. Science

    1) How does the pH of a solution affect its solubility and structure of weak organic acids and bases, such as proteins and nucleic acids? 2) Why would a zipper or a Velcro strip be a good analogy to weak interactions between biological molecules? Thank

  67. Engineering Physics Opt B

    9. The flywheel shown in Figure 14.8 may be considered to be a steel cylinder (density 7800 kg m−3) of outer radius 40 cm and depth 12 cm, but with the central section (of outer radius 18 cm) missing. a. Use this simplification to estimate its moment of

  68. MATH

    who knows what 12 x 12 x 57x 88x50957 =???????????

  69. HELP

    what is an equation in slope intercept for. for the line that passes through the points 1,-3 and 3,1 y=3x+1 ** y=x-3 y=2x+5 y=2x-5 For the equation -4y=8x what is the constant of variation? -4 -2 ** 1 2 Are they right

  70. Government

    Which is a more stable governmental system? Authoritarian or Democratic? I know democratizing countries can be more unstable. However, authoritarian countries like China and Russia are becoming more centralized and are limiting civil liberties in their

  71. Physics

    Hello, I have a question and I would like to know if anyone can help me. Well I was reading about the motion of an ideal "yo-yo" and I found that mechanical energy is conserved, but there´s something that I don´t understand and it´s about the work

  72. History

    Why didn't the Soviet Union put a veto on the United Nations?

  73. polynomial

    can someone use the graph of y=2x³+x²+x+8 to find d roots of y=2x³ +x²-x +5??.

  74. Science

    Five criteria for decision making matrix "teachers need a better way to give feedback to students."

  75. Social Studies

    Which of the following increased tension between America and the Soviet Union after World War II? My best guess is B. I base my knowledge on this because I know that the Soviets believed strongly in the veto power. (Wikipedia) Am I right? The Soviets

  76. Science

    Teachers need a better way to give feedback to students. Writing on everyone's paper takes a lot of time,even though it is effective. Students and teachers need a better way.

  77. Math

    Four members of the Kaplan family will take a river trip down the Colorado River in Colorado State Park. The rafting company charges $10 per person for a half-day river trip, or $100 flat rate for a half-day river trip. The raft can hold up to 10 people.

  78. social studys

    why did mass culture in the form of entertainment emerge in the 1920's

  79. Science

    although electromagnetic waves differ in the wavelengths they all travel at the speed of light which is A.300,00km/s B.6000km/h c.100km/s d.10,00km/s A rocket is a motor that can urn fuel without requiring A.water B.air c.electricity


    2. IN ONOMONIAPEIA WHAT dose the speaker mean to convey with the following lines Splash/splatters/scatters/spurts a. the water is not running b. the water is running regularly c. the water is running slowly d. the water is running irregularly 4. identify

  81. easy algebra question, check answer

    When multiplying two numbers written in scientific notation, what do you do with the exponents of the 10? a. multiply b. add*** c. subtract d. divide

  82. algebra

    Astronomers measure large distances in light-years. One light-year is the distance that light can travel in one year, or approximately 5.88 *10^12 miles. Suppose a star is 3.2 * 10^2 light-years from Earth. In scientific notation, approximately how many

  83. Health

    Explain why a doctor would prescribe medicine to someone who is in good health. 1) your cousin had her wisdom teeth removed and is in pain. 2) your grandmother is not getting enough iron in her food and she feels tired. 3) your mother needs special

  84. Science

    1. True or False: If the net force of an object is 0 N, the forces are considered unbalanced. A.)True B.)False** 2. Most people in the United States use feet and miles to measure distance in their everyday lives. Why do scientists in the United States use

  85. Math

    The difference between the simple interest received from two different sources on Rs.1500 for 3 years is Rs.13.50.The difference between their rates of interest is?

  86. Algebra 1

    Suppose your​ friend's parents invest $20,000 in an account paying 5% compounded annually. What will the balance be after 66 ​years?

  87. American Government Help

    I have this question that I have to answer and I honestly have no idea what this means, American Government is my worst subject, I swear. Please help me? I'm comparing the U.S. constitution to the constitution of Colorado... !@#$%^& the merit of explicit

  88. math (Ms. Sue plz help)

    Plz help my dad dose have time for me my mom die when i was a little girl plz do help me and i am not lieing a 4x4 grid with 5 blocks shaded (1 point) one over five, 25% *** five sixteenths, 31.25% one over four, 20% one over four, 25% 2. Model 32% on a 5

  89. Social Studies

    What ended the Cuban Missile Crisis?

  90. Math help FAST

    Find the values of x,y, and x = 91°; y=51°; z = 31°*** x = 89°; y=91°; z = 0° x = 60°; y=120°; z = 31° x = 91°; y= 89°; z = 31°

  91. math

    Write an algebraic expression to answer the question below. How many minutes are there in h hours?

  92. Algebra

    Find the sum of the first five terms of an infinite geometric progression with a common ratio |r|

  93. English

    Hello, I have a question that asks me to describe elements of the 'Restoration comedy' as seen in a certain story (I've read the story). What exactly are some elements of Restoration comedy? I know what restoration comedy generally is, but can somebody go

  94. Chemistry

    What is the molality of a solution of water and KCl if the boiling point of the solution is 103.07°C? (K subscript b equals 0.512 degrees C/m solution; KCl is an ionic compound right parenthesis A: .300 B: .600 C: 3.00 D: 6.00 I'm really confused as to

  95. Algebra

    In an infinite geometric progression with positive terms and with a common ratio |r|

  96. math

    sue has 19 feet of material. she plans on making scarves. if each scarf is to be 7 1/2 inches, how many can she make?

  97. Physics

    A wheel has a radius of 100 cm. How far (path length) in meters does a point on the circumference travel if the wheel is rotated through angles of (a) 30°, (b) 60 rad, (c) 60 rev, respectively?

  98. Language Arts (8B)

    9. In which sentence is the word debates used correctly? (1 point) I love the debates Jill and I have because we agree on everything. Every morning, Jessica debates whether to have cereal or eggs for breakfast. We’re going to watch the final debates of

  99. math

    a document that is 14 inches by 18 inches is redrawn at 1 1/2 scale an redrawn again at1/2 scale. what are the final dimensions?

  100. Spanish 202

    I have some answers for my spanish class. I was hoping the grammar could be checked. Antes de estudiar esponal había dormido. Con $100000 compraría una mona. Mi passión ideal sería bombero. Comería muy mucha comida todo día. Si no tuviera tarea de

  101. math

    One side of triangle is 5 more than 2 times the shortest side. The third side is 23 feet more than the shortest side. The perimeter is 72. Find all three sides.

  102. physics

    How much heat energy must be added to a 3.0 cm × 3.0 cm × 3.0 cm block of aluminum to raise its temperature from -50∘C to 50∘C?

  103. Math

    Suppose 3 student change their vote from math to science describe how the frequency gable would change

  104. Physics

    While swinging on the wrecking ball, a student notices that, at first, the wrecking ball is in line with her birdbath when it is at a peak in its trajectory, and in line with her front door at the lowest point in the trajectory. However, since drag is

  105. Physics

    A student makes ice cream using an old-fashioned hand-crank machine. He does 40 joules of work each time he turns the crank in a complete circle. The crank handle makes a circular path with a diameter of 0.5 meters. The student turns the crank at a rate of