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February 9, 2017

  1. Math help FAST

    I need you guys to check my answers, please. I need an A so bad, all help is appreciated, thanks. Also, I can't put links :( 1.Lucy drew an isosceles triangle as shown If the measure of YZX is 25° what is the measure of XYZ? 50° 75° 130°***

    asked by InsertNameHere
  2. PE

    You need eye drops for your dry eyes. You brought only a few dollars with you to the store. Which is the best method of choosing the right eye drops to buy for your soft contact lenses? 1. Compare brands first, but purchase the one that has lots of

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody
  3. Math

    You have \$20$20dollar sign, 20 to spend on taxi fare. The ride costs \$5$5dollar sign, 5 plus \$2.50$2.50dollar sign, 2, point, 50 per mile. Let mmm represent the number of miles ridden. Write an inequality to determine how many miles you can ride for

    asked by Anuraj
  4. science

    Tom is marking the locations of active volcanoes on a world map. Explain how the locations of the volcanoes are related to Earths plates. can you please explain this to me, I don't understand....thx

    asked by Isabella
  5. language arts

    which question best relates to these details in winter. Frogs burrow the mud, snails bury themselves a.what happens to frogs in the winter. do animals differ from people in the winter. c.why do sanils bury themselves. do creatures pepare for

    asked by help please
  6. Math ASAP

    In a survey, one out of three people named blue as their favorite color. Two out of seven named red. If 1,092 people were included in the survey, how many named neither blue nor red as their favorite color? A. 416 people B. 432 people C. 540 people D. 512

    asked by Bob
  7. Modeling Data with Lines 7 question quiz

    1.WHich line models the data points better and why? 2.Acording to the blue line, what would you estimate the score was after 3 weeks of practice? My answers are B and D

    asked by Jesica
  8. History

    Help please You want to find a painting of Abraham at a religious art exhibit Where are you more likely to have success? in the Jewish, Christian, or Muslim displays only in the Jewish displays in the Christian and possibly the Jewish displays In the

    asked by Loom
  9. Social Studies

    What is one example of cultural exchange during the settlement of North America? A)The Spanish introduced horses to North America B)Native Americans ate a great deal of fish C)European settlers took Native American lands D)Spanish and French explorers came

    asked by CCA student
  10. tech

    what is the purpose of filters in a database

    asked by duh baka
  11. life orientation

    List two issues in sports that can impede nation building

    asked by Faith
  12. MATH

    the empire state building in new york is 1250 feet tall it has 103 floors rounded to the nearest whole what is the height of each floor?

    asked by NEED HELP
  13. Math

    Jackson made a poster in the shape of a quadrilateral. Each pair of opposite sides of the poster are congruent and parallel. Which of the following names best describes the shape of Jackson’s poster? square rhombus rectangle** trapezoid please help fast!

    asked by InsertNameHere
  14. Math

    The revenue from the sale of a product is, in dollars, R = 1500x + 3000(2x + 3)^−1 − 1000 where x is the number of units sold. Find the marginal revenue when 150 units are sold. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

    asked by KeAndre
  15. World history

    9. What evidence best supports the influence of the Moche culture on the Inca empire? A. the creation of the geoglyphs B. the existence of the road networks C. the extensive nature of Incan trade D. the worship of a sun god

    asked by Help
  16. History - please check my answers

    1. Which of the following statements best support the importance of a free and responsible press to the healthy functioning of a democracy? Select all that apply. (2 points) A free press protects the individual rights of all people.

    asked by Ren
  17. math

    what did they say about the man who drank shellac?

    asked by daniela
  18. Science

    Which of earth's spheres contains mountains,valley's, and other landscapes?

    asked by Mike
  19. Geometry

    At a campground, a rectangular fire pit is 5 feet by 4 feet. What is the area of the largest circular fire that can be made in this fire pit? Use 3.14 for π. Round to the nearest square inch.

    asked by Jose
  20. art

    In what way is a conservator similar to a scientist? A:Both conservator and scientist relish doing research for extended periods of time. B:a conservator experiments with conservation materials just as a scientist experiments with different hypothesis.

    asked by Jaden
  21. chemistry

    calculate the pH of 0.1M NH4NO3

    asked by augustus
  22. history please help! Check my answers!

    What three products are columbia famous for???? 1.Beef, candy, sapphires 2. Tea, perfume and diamonds * or 3. cofee, flowers and emeralds *

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Ed Tech @Ms.Sue

    Check my answers please Ms.Sue 1.Which of the following is and example of print media? A. a blog B. a newspaper** C. a magazine's website D. all of the above 2.Which of the following is an example of public service announcement, or PSA? A. a commercial

    asked by Brah
  24. Science

    Which of the following forces causes a feather to fall slower then a bowling ball? A.gravity B.rolling friction C.sliding friction D.air resistance

    asked by Winter
  25. Math

    Tetras cost $3.99 each. You can spend at most $25. How many tetras can you buy for your aquarium? Can someone explain please?

    asked by EmberShy
  26. Precalculus

    Latex: The vector $\begin{pmatrix} k \\ 2 \end{pmatrix}$ is orthogonal to the vector $\begin{pmatrix} 3 \\ 5 \end{pmatrix}$. Find $k$. Regular: The vector , is orthogonal to the vector . Find k. I can't seem to figure it out, I thought k would be 10/3

    asked by Zheng
  27. Math

    You are throwing darts at a dart board. You have a 1/6 chance of striking the bull's-eye each time you throw. If you throw 3 times, what is the probability that you will strike the bull's-eye all 3 times?

    asked by CAlvin
  28. Math

    if 14 out of 20 people like hot chocolate milk what percent of the people do not like chocolate milk

    asked by Auset Bligen
  29. Science

    The African plate is moving toward the Eurasian plate at a rate of a few centimeters per year. How will this area change in 100 million years? In your answer, consider how continents will change and how the Mediterranean Sea will change.

    asked by Saydee
  30. math

    A birch tree that is 4 ft tall grows at a rate of 1 ft per year. A larch tree that is 6 ft tall grows at a rate of 0.5 ft per year. Let the variable t represent time in years and h represent height in feet. In how many years will the trees be the same

    asked by Jay
  31. geometry

    the measure of one interior angle of a parallelogram is 50 degrees more than 4 times the measure of another angle. find the measure of each angle.

    asked by Courtney
  32. computing

    what is the purpose of the transitions ribbon and feature???

    asked by Zachary stephens

    A gun fires a shell at an angle of elevation of 30* with a velocity of 2000ms-1.(A)what is the range of the shell.

    asked by AFOLABI IDRIS.
  34. Chemistry

    What mass of salt(NaCl)should you add to 1.20 L of water in an ice cream maker to make a solution that freezes at -10.4∘C?

    asked by Anna
  35. SCIENCE asap :P

    Twice a year on Earth, the number of hours of darkness is equal to the number of hours of sunlight. These events, where both day and night are 12 hours, are the spring and autumn equinoxes.Which of these describes the orientation of the sun and Earth on

    asked by coolguy123
  36. calculus

    a toy balloon is in the shape of a sphere. it is being inflated at the rate of 20 in^3 / min. at the moment that the sphere has volume 64 cubic inches. what is the rate of change of the radius ?

    asked by ivy
  37. physics

    a bird flies 3km west and then 4km south. find the resultant displacement of the bird

    asked by Holly
  38. physics

    A sign with a mass of (24) kg is hanging in two wires both making an angle of (52) degrees with the vertical. Find the tension in one of the wires. Give your answer in newtons (N) and with 3 significant figures.

    asked by dalia
  39. no subject

    Ok first of all Ms.sue if cheaters are banned from posting then why do people constantly post answers on here to give others answer???? Yall on this website make it seem like yall have no home training at all. And on behalf of them krystina im sorry about

    asked by Mykeal Hurst
  40. social studies

    from which industries did big business develop in Minnesota? A. rice and cotton farming B. fur trades ad textiles (my answer) C. iron mining and lumber D. oil drilling and wind power

    asked by <kyky
  41. Chemistry

    The reaction of nitrogen dioxide with fluorine generates nitryl fluoride: 2NO2(g) + F2(g) --> 2NO2F(g) To determine the rate law for this reaction, a chemist performed several initial-rate experiments using different initial concentration, with the details

    asked by Lily
  42. Science

    A geologists working in a national park finds a mineral he is carrying a kit that contains a penny, a hand lens, a piece of tile, a geologic hammer, and a jackknife. Describe how the geologists can use these items to determine some of the minerals

    asked by Jennifer
  43. Science

    The African plate is moving toward the Eurasian plate at a rate of a few centimeters per year. How will this area change in 100 million years? In your answer, consider how continents will change and how the Mediterranean Sea will change. I was trying to

    asked by Saydee
  44. Psychology

    Good Morning , I am having trouble selecting the most appropriate answer for the following questions. Can you assist me? Thank you. When interpreting a client’s Strong Interest Inventory, the counselor should: a. Focus on the Occupational Scales because

    asked by Lencho
  45. Math

    By letting x=5^y, show that the equation p5^y + 5^-y = 5 can also be written as px^2-5x+1 = 0

    asked by Grace
  46. math

    Solve. 2d−e=7 d+e=5 Use the linear combination method. The solution is (3, −1) . The solution is (4, 1). There are infinitely many solutions. There is no solution.

    asked by Jay

    A lemming runs horizontally off the side of a 27.8 m cliff at 1.12 m/s. How long will it take for the lemming to hit the water? How far will it travel in the horizontal direction?

    asked by Jay
  48. math HELP PLEASE

    write a ratio and percent for the shaded area

    asked by Faith Fussell
  49. Social Studies nhf

    Thank you! BTW, nhf stands for need help fast :) thank you again in advance!! All right! So, I have a few essay questions I want to make sure are right! This is really important to me and I am not that good in science. Please help me!! Here goes

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Math

    In one hour, Ed used 2/5 of time to complete his homework and 1/4 of the time to check his email. How much time did he spend completing homework and checking email? Write answer as a fraction

    asked by Olga
  51. Math

    If anyone wants to know whta the answer to this question is the new here it is an air plane travels 226 miles in 2 hours. At that rate how far will the airplane plan travel in 8 hours. 904 is the answer

    asked by Caeli
  52. Math

    A contractor is building a rectangular walkway 3 1/3ft wide by 35ft long using square cement pavers. Each paver has an area if 4/9ft^2. What is the least number of pavers he needs to make the walkway? Can someone explain?

    asked by EmberShy
  53. Chemistry

    The following is a Limiting Reactant problem: Magnesium nitride is formed in the reaction of magnesium metal with nitrogen gas in this reaction: 3 Mg(s) + N2(g) -> Mg3N2(s) How many grams of product are formed from 2.0 mol of N2 (g) and 8.0 mol of Mg(s)?

    asked by Ari
  54. Social studies

    What are the answers to social studies week 15?

    asked by Anna
  55. Chemistry

    "How many grams of the precipitate will form if 25.5 mL of 4.5 M solution of lead (II) nitrate is allowed to react with 35.5 mL of 3.0 M solution of potassium chloride? What is the concentration of the excess reactant after the reaction has reached

    asked by cj
  56. algebra

    the sum of the digits of a three digit number is 20. the middle digit is equal to one fourth the sum of the other two. if the order of the digits be reversed the number increases the original by 198 find the original number

    asked by somesh
  57. Science

    If you let all of the liquid evaporate out of the pitcher, would you be able to see the solid particles of the drink mix? Explain.

    asked by Stepfanie
  58. Chemistry.HELP (IONS)

    Determne the boiling point of 16.3g of calcium chloride dissolved in 250. g water. My work: 16.3 g CaCl2 *(1 mole CaCl2/110.984 g Cacl2)= 0.147 mol CaCl2 M= 0.147/0.250kg =0.588 mCaCl2 ... From here, How do you find out how many ions CaCl2 has. Calcium has

    asked by Julia
  59. Social Studies

    In Chinese society, merchant class ranked below the 1. farmers and aristocrats 2. landowners and traders 3. aristocrats and priests ****** 4. bankers and farmers Please check my answer

    asked by Anonymous
  60. health PLS HELP 35% OF GRADE

    alcohol is categorized as a drug a stimulant a depressant a carcinogen pick 2 only

    asked by Ali
  61. science

    The Sun is unusual because it does not belong to a ____ ? A) solar system B) universe C) galaxy D) binary star system I think the answer is D but I'm not 100% positive.

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Math

    The average household uses 2 bags of sugar per household per month. Each bag of sugar weighs 10 pounds. Assume that that there are 3 people in each household on average and that the US population is 336 million. How many pounds of sugar does the US consume

    asked by bj
  63. Chemistry

    You start with 2.5L of a KNO3 stock solution and wish to prepare 10.0 L of 1.5 M KNO3. What percentage (m/v) would the potassium nitrate stock solution need to be if you were to use it all? (MW of KNO3: 101g/mole)

    asked by sarah
  64. health help mrs.sue pls

    alcohol is categorized as drug stimulant depressant carcinogen only 2

    asked by Ali
  65. chem

    if the freezing point of the solution is recorded 0.2 degrees C lower than the actual freezing point, will the molar mass determination for the unknown solid be too high or too low?

    asked by Brianna Swart
  66. Math

    A car travels 168.75 km in 12.5 litres of petrol . Find the distance travelled by the car in 15 litres

    asked by Annika
  67. reading

    In this story when are three way bimbos cleverness comes and helps save tito The story name: The Dog of Pompeii

    asked by Lilly
  68. Math

    Find the fifth term in the expansion of (4-1/5x)^9 in ascending powers of x

    asked by Alice
  69. Physics

    A 30.0kg blcok is resting on a flat horizontal table. ON top of this block is resting a a 15.0kg block, to which a horizontal spring is attached, as the drawing illustrates. The spring constant of the spring is 325N/m. The coefficient of kinetic friction

    asked by TI
  70. Math

    The simple interest on a sum of money is 1/9 of the sum.The number of years is numerically equal to the rate percent per annum. The rate percent per annum is?

    asked by AnnA
  71. cience

    Henry was given this cool toy for his birthday; he can use it to tell how fast someone is moving at that moment in time. The toy must calculate the person's

    asked by Anonymous
  72. English

    1. The professor stood at the lectern and gave his lecture. 2. The teacher stood at the teacher's table and began to teach. 3. The teacher stood at the lectern and began to teach. 4. The teacher stood at the lecture table and began to teach.

    asked by rfvv
  73. Math

    With the 20% off coupon, Alexis received a discount of $15 on her shoes. What was the regular price of her shoes before the 20% off coupon was applied? Justify your answer using equations, models, and/or words to explain your mathematical reasoning.

    asked by Don't need to know. Sorry
  74. art

    What was marcel duchamp's reaction to the public outcry against his work nude descending a staircase (No.2)? Duchamp was crushed; he wanted to be accepted by the public Duchamp simply ignored the controversy and created more Art Duchamp was delighted; even

    asked by jdog
  75. math

    What is the solution of the system of equations? 13x−6y=2 3x−4y=−10 Enter your answer in the boxes.

    asked by Jay
  76. Math

    Your goal is to take at least 10000 steps per day. According to your pedometer, you have walked 5274 steps. Write and solve the inequality to find the possible numbers of steps you can to reach your goal. Can someone explain how to do this?

    asked by EmberShy
  77. English

    In the Giver, What are some examples of euphemisms used in the story? Why does the Community use euphemisms? I wrote Release-killing stirrings-puberty The Community uses euphemisms to hide truth

    asked by maya
  78. math

    A roll of paper towels has a radius of 12 cm and a height of 18 cm. the cardboard tube in the centre has a radius of 5cm. Find the volume of the paper towels So would I do 18-12?

    asked by Lacey
  79. physics

    a cyclist travels 2.5km east, then 10km south and finally 5km west. determine the cyclist's overall displacement from their starting point.

    asked by Holly
  80. physics

    Lake Champlain, bordered by New York, Vermont, and Quebec, has a surface area of 1,126 km^2. If the energy (173 PJ) is provided by sunlight shining on the lake at an average rate of 200 W/m^2 but with only half that amount absorbed, how long will it take

    asked by Joseph
  81. Math

    The total cost of producting x radio sets per day is (1/4x^2 + 35x + 25) dollars. The price per set at which they may be sold is ( 50 -1/2x) dollars. What should be the daily output be to obtain the maximum profit? Help!!!

    asked by Sara
  82. History - please check my answers

    Which of the following of protections under the establishment clause of the first amendment? Select 2. -A father objects to his sons school including a daily prayer

    asked by Raya
  83. Math

    The weather is reported every 9 minutes on ABC and every 12 minutes on CBS. Both stations broadcast the weather at 1:30. When are the next three times that the weather will be broadcast at the same time on the two stations?

    asked by Monse
  84. Science

    What effect does observing a substance's physical properties have on the substance?

    asked by Stepfanie
  85. Science

    Why do automobiles rust more easily in wet climates than dry climates?

    asked by Stepfanie
  86. Analytical Chemistry

    1. If the unknown solid were not dried before analysis, would the calculated percent of KHP be too high or too low? Explain

    asked by Mia
  87. washington state history

    what effect has the climate of eastern Washington had on energy. A. energy costs remain low because the climate is mild and relatively unchanging. B. extreme cold temperatures in the region requires more energy to heat homes. C. the rain shadow effect

    asked by help please
  88. Math

    If cscØ = 4/3, find sinØ + sinØ cot^2 Ø

    asked by Rachel
  89. Physics 202

    An inquiring student that has a mass of 65.0 kg is watching a crane with a wrecking ball demolish a building next door. The wrecking ball is swinging parallel to the property fence between her house and the neighbor’s. In an effort to estimate the length

    asked by Angela
  90. algebra

    As part of her training routine for​ basketball, Shaylle alternates between cycling and running for exercise. She cycles at a rate of 14 mph and runs at a rate of 8 mph. If she spends 4.5 hours exercising and covers a total of 51 miles, how much time did

    asked by Brandy
  91. Science ms sue please help

    Must new substances be formed when you observe a chemical property? My answer is no because you are just observing. There is no reaction taking place. I don't know if my answer is correct.

    asked by Jenny
  92. Physics

    Consider a child standing on a beach who gets hit by a wave. The child weighs 30 kg, and the portion of the wave that hits the child contained 60 kg water. If the wave had a period of 2 seconds and a wavelength of 6 meters, how fast will the child be

    asked by Ellie
  93. math

    David bought a new refrigerator for $799 and charged it on his credit card. If the card charges 23% simple interest, how much interest would be added after 18 months? Round your answer to the nearest cent. I am new to this can you help explain how to do

    asked by Anuraj
  94. Calculus prince@18

    let the function h(x)= (integrand symbol from 2 to x^2)arctan (t) dt. Find h'(x). This question confused me because i know the derivative of an integral is the original function. I just need help with finding the derivative of that integral. I don't know

    asked by Prince@18
  95. Math

    Five students took a math test. The average score was 82. Four of the students' scores were 76, 85, 90, and 64. What was the fifth student's score?

    asked by Monse
  96. mathematical literacy

    Brick layers makes mortal with cement lime sand and water in the ratio of 1:1:5:1 if they have 2bucket of lime, how much should they use for cement, sand and water?

    asked by andiswa
  97. maths

    In a ratio 8:5 there are 152 peanuts in a packet how many raisins should be there?

    asked by Landy
  98. Math

    Rodrigo class also plans to make a wall mosaic with an are of 0.5m many 1cm square tiles will they need for this 0.5m square mosaic

    asked by Syeda
  99. Science

    Must new substances be formed when you observe a chemical property?Explain.

    asked by Leny
  100. math

    I dont quite get these 2 questions off of my homework. - "Complete the equation" (b^2)^0 = b^8 I keep getting one, but its not an answer choice so I know I'm wrong. "Simplify the expression" p(p^-7q^3)^-2q^-3 I think the q's and p's are messing me up.

    asked by liam
  101. Math

    On a centimter dot grid, draw all pissible rectangles with area of 12 sq cm and sides whose length s are whole centimeters. Label the lengths of two adjacent sides of each rectangle.

    asked by Chris
  102. maths

    area of a square field is 100m2 . Find the cist of ploughing the, fieks at the, rate of rs 30

    asked by abhishek
  103. math

    A raffle contains 200 tickets, two of this 200 tickets are the 1st and 2nd price, if i were to buy 5 tickets, what is my probability of winning 1st price? and what would be my probability of winning both 1st and 2nd price? Im thinking the answer to winning

    asked by Jaythan
  104. Passive Voice

    Q1. The book __________ (be leave) on the table when I left the classroom. Q2. This building __________ (be build) 20 years ago. Q3. The cake __________ (be make) by my mother not long ago. Let's try! Q4. Tom __________ (be bite) by a dog just an hour ago,

    asked by deyond ng
  105. Rhyme

    Q1.a. play, b. off, c. cough Ans: a. does not rhyme with the other words. Q2. a. oil, b. boil, c. boy Ans: c. does not rhyme with the other words. Q3. a. come, b. dome, c. thumb Ans: b. does not rhyme with the other words.

    asked by deyond ng
  106. Math

    How you do multiplication as scaling like 2 1/2 x 3 2/3 3 2/3 I suppose to say if it is , or = Can someone explain how to solve this problem I need to learn how to do it because my daughter is having trouble getting it and I don't know how to do it

    asked by Lety
  107. math

    a plot of land is bought for $40000 and is appreciated by 7% each year what is the value of the land after a period of two years

    asked by nefe
  108. Science

    If one sound registers one decibel more than another, then it is ____ times as intense? Round your answer to three decimal places.

    asked by Amanda
  109. Math

    Aaron and ron are brothers. four years later,ron will be twice as old as aaron. Find their present ages

    asked by Khushi bilki
  110. English

    The great gatsby is written in which point of view. 1st person limited 1st person omniscient 3rd person limited My answer is c

    asked by Steve
  111. Algebra II

    Determine if the binomial is a perfect square binomial. If so, show the original monomial squared. X^2 + 16 X^2 + 4

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Math

    Find the equation of the line that has the same slope as the line through points (0,4) and (-5,7). But goes through point (-6,4) I don't get how to find the equation of the line

    asked by David
  113. english

    "It whispered to the" ....-whom did the wind whisper to and what did it whisper???

    asked by Avinaba
  114. Aice Math

    The binomial expansion of (5-x/2)^6 is 15625 + px+qx^2+... Find the value of "p" and the value of "q"

    asked by Alice
  115. MATH HELP

    what is the amount owed on a 39$ jacket if the tax rate is 5%

    asked by help
  116. english

    What are the parts of the sentence? Take the book to your mother.

    asked by dylan
  117. science

    How do you make a 10 ml buffer with 8M urea (mol. weight 60.06g/mol)

    asked by Ola
  118. Maths

    A car moving at the rate of 60km/h,foes a journey in 15 minutes.How long would it take,if the speed is reduced to 36 km/h

    asked by Raghav
  119. maths

    Use a graphing utility to approximate the solutions of the equation in the interval [0, 2Ï€). (Round your answers to three decimal places. Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) 6 sin(x) + 3 cos(x) = 0

    asked by jass
  120. Calculus review

    let the function h(x)= (integrand symbol from 2 to x^2)arctan (t) dt. Find h'(x). This question confused me because i know the derivative of an integral is the original function. I just need help with finding the derivative of that integral. I don't know

    asked by Prince@18
  121. Social Studies/ History

    Can someone please write a short paragraph for each event, explaining what they are and how they led to the civil war to help me study? Just a simple paragraph, not a super long one. -Missouri Compromise -Nat Turner's Rebellion -The Wilmot Proviso -The

    asked by Reeces
  122. math

    Solve. y=x−8 2x+3y=1 use the substitution method. (4, −4) (5, −3) (2, −6) (0, −8)

    asked by Jay
  123. Statistics

    I am having a really rough time figuring out how this expected value was found in this Chi Square problem. 272 flies had long normal wings 60 flies had dumpy wings I know it's going to be a 3:1 ratio, and I know that 272 and 60 are my observed variables.

    asked by Ellie
  124. Science

    Why the bulb glows when the electric current passes through it?

    asked by Brajesh
  125. Calculus

    Suppose that a car dealer offers to sell you a car for $16500 or for payments of $275 per month for six years. To figure out what monthly interest (x) you’re actually being charged, you’d have to solve the equation:f(x)=60x(1+x)^72-(1+x)^72+1=0

    asked by Emily
  126. science

    Find flux density if area is 1mWb and area 1inch^2

    asked by nidhi
  127. maths fractions

    Marian had some pie. She ate ¼ of the pie. Now there is 1/3 left. How much pie did she originally have?

    asked by ellen
  128. Mathematics

    Solve the simultaneous equation: x^2 + y^2 = 13 and x + 3y = -3

    asked by Grace
  129. Math

    Find th equation of the line that goes through (3,8) and (5,-8) I got X = 3 But it doesn't seem right

    asked by Kathy
  130. math

    A certain medicine requires 10 mg per 10 kg of weight. How much medicine is required for a patient that weighs 273 pounds? Round answer to the nearest 10th. Use Unit Abbreviations for Units.

    asked by chas
  131. Math

    Divide. Use estimation to check. 585 divided by 3 solve

    asked by Franky
  132. Math

    I just want to make sure I'm right. Representing a portion of another portion can be thought of as finding a part of apart. For each of the parts described below figure out what part of the whole is described. for each problem show at least one picture or

    asked by Jessica
  133. english

    I need a good debatable thesis please help

    asked by Amber
  134. Physics

    A wrecking ball is swinging at just the right height so that the student can stand at the bottom of the trajectory (lowest point) and grab onto the ball to swing – something that is just way too tempting for this inquisitive student. In order to justify

    asked by Amy
  135. Math

    In the expansion of (x^2-b/x)^4, the coefficient of x^2 is 294. Find the value of the constant "b"

    asked by Alice
  136. Math

    Mr Shelton is building a fence around the edge of the pool. The pool is 20feet and 16 feet wide. How much feet if fencing will Mr.Shelton need to build around the pool?

    asked by Brandon
  137. Cmax

    How do I solve for Cmax= 8.5/ e(-0.257 * (1-0.5))? Also, how would I input 'e' in my calculator?

    asked by John
  138. Math

    So I'm doing this math grade recovery for the Using Probability test here's one At a race car rally, attendees can sit in the bleachers, balcony, or the grass the probability an attendee sitting in the bleachers is 1/4 the probability of an attendee

    asked by ConnexusStudent01
  139. Math derivatives

    Develop a rule for the following: Dx[f(x)g(x)/h(x)]

    asked by Anonymous
  140. development studies

    Namibia's economic history from the 19th century

    asked by martha
  141. Math

    Thehe sum of the ages of Dorothy and Darlene is 41. In 5 years, Dorothy will be twice as old as Darlene. Find their ages 3 years ago.

    asked by Anonymous
  142. Science

    Discuss ways in which the environmental health hazard can impact negatively on human health

    asked by Tee
  143. maths

    If there are 210 raisins in a packet how many peanuts should be there?

    asked by Landy
  144. Algebra With Pizzazz

    I missed a week of school and I know nothing. Next thing I know we get page 163 and have to do everything on it. I don't know anything it's on System of equations substitutinal method.

    asked by Annie
  145. Math

    The store usually sells the baskets of fruit for 15 dollars but today they have a 5% discount which is the new price. Please help me i am totally confused on what is going on.

    asked by taylor
  146. math

    What is the order of 1.1 × 10, 1.2 × 10−, 1.7 × 10−, and 1 × 10 from least to greatest?

    asked by coolcat
  147. Slopes

    Find the equation of the line that has the same slope as the line through points (0,4) and (-5,7). But goes through point (-6,4)

    asked by Mason
  148. Math/Chemistry

    How to rearrange the given equation for A: ln (Ao/A) = k*t

    asked by Kara
  149. math

    If g(x)=x+3 h(x)=9-x^2, what is the maximum of h(g(x))?

    asked by Rachel
  150. 20/15 in lowest terms.Express your answer mixed n

    I need answer for this question

    asked by Anonymous
  151. Math - Derivatives

    Find all points on the graph of y=1/4x^4+2/3x^3-5/2x^2+6x+7 where the slop of the tangent lins is 12.

    asked by Anonymous
  152. Maths

    A car moving at the rate of 60 km/h, does a journey in 15 minutes. How long would it take, if the speed reduced to 36 km/h?

    asked by Raghav
  153. algebra

    seven more than the height

    asked by ann
  154. Maths

    One of the formulas to find the area of a triangle is a = r*s. Where the r is the radius of the circle inscribed the triangle, and s being the semi perimeter. (s = p/2) Prove that the same formula works for a square.

    asked by Thomas
  155. History/Government

    Why has there been a decline in freedom in the world over the last 10 years? Any thoughts? I was thinking along the lines of terrorism and the pressure for the world to gain a democratic state.

    asked by Bella
  156. Algebra II

    Find the perfect square binomial x^2 + 16 Answer: x^2 + 4

    asked by Anonymous
  157. Math

    Find equation of the line that goes through (11,5) with slope m= 2/7

    asked by Malcom
  158. Math

    A store discounted everything by 51%. The sales price of a scarf is $72.89. What was the original cost of the item?

    asked by Christian
  159. Math/Chemistry

    How to rearrange the given equation for Ao: ln (Ao/A) = k*t

    asked by Kara
  160. Slope

    Find the equation of the line that goes through (3,-4) with slope m=-1/4

    asked by Vicky
  161. Math

    How to rearrange the given equation for A: [ln(Ao/A)=k*t] * means multiply / means divide ln is the natural log function

    asked by Kara
  162. physics

    if someone throws a .1kg ball at the speed of -25m/s, why is the average net force positive instead of negative?

    asked by homework
  163. Math

    Thehe sum of the ages of Dorothy and Darlene is 41. In 5 years, Dorothy will be twice as old as Darlene. Find their ages 3 years ago.

    asked by Lei
  164. math

    Put these rational numbers in order: 3(squared), 1 3/2, 2.2, -2 Put these rational numbers in order: 3/8, 1/4, 7/8

    asked by G
  165. Maths

    Co ordinates of a point which isbat+3 diatancecfrom points(1,-3) of line 2x+3y+7=0 ?

    asked by Anonymous
  166. studying stuff

    how do u come up w/ mnemonics when u study?

    asked by maya
  167. science

    does condensation or evaporation occur on a cold can of juice is put on the table on a hot day

    asked by sam
  168. history

    namibia's econoy during the 19th century

    asked by martha
  169. Math

    Find the area of an equilateral triangle (not 1/2bh) with sides of... say... 6?

    asked by maya
  170. Math

    Patrice's car gets 30 miles per gallon. Patrice went on a vacation and used 28.2 gallons of gas for the trip. Patrice rode a bike or the bus after reaching the vacation location, so the car was only used for the drive there and back. How far away was

    asked by anaya
  171. Health

    What are some ways to stay awake during studying for tests at night?

    asked by Anonymous
  172. Geometric problem solving

    What is the area of a circle with a circumference of 2π^2 square meters?

    asked by Malcom
  173. math

    the product of a number and 7 is at least 28. write and solve the inequality.

    asked by tiffany
  174. english

    how do you make this into an x bar tree: the boy sat quietly on the top of his bed

    asked by homework