Questions Asked on
February 8, 2017

  1. math

    While working on the roof of his house, John leans a 15 foot ladder against a second story window. If the distance on the ground between the base of the ladder and the house is nine feet, at what height does the ladder reach the second story window? In

    asked by jojo
  2. science

    A galvanometer of resistance 100  gives full scale deflection at 10 mA current. What should be the value of shunt so that it can measure a current of 100 mA?

    asked by harsh
  3. Further Mathematics

    The first term of a g.p is 7 while the common ratio is 3.find the 11th term.

    asked by Johnson
  4. Math

    Travis is 19 years older than his sister Linda. In 4 years, he will be twice as old as Linda. How old is each of them now?

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Math

    How is combing radicals by addition and subtraction similar to combining monomial expressions by addition and subtraction? Please use examples.

    asked by Eva
  6. Chemistry

    What mass of salt(NaCl)should you add to 1.20 L of water in an ice cream maker to make a solution that freezes at -10.4∘C?

    asked by Anna
  7. Math (calc)

    An open box with a square base is to have a volume of 12ft^3. Find the box dimensions that minimize the amount of material used. (round to two decimal places). it asks for the side length and the height. Please help asap due in a few hours. Thank you

    asked by Kyle
  8. Continuity Calculus Help

    Find the value of constants c and d that make the function below continuous at x = 4. f(x) = x2 − 3x x < 4 c x = 4 d + x x > 4 c = d = 8 I got d=8, but finding c is giving me trouble.

    asked by John
  9. math

    Without using a calculator, choose (a) the larger of cos 40 and cos 50; (b) the larger of sin 40 and sin 50. Be prepared to explain your reasoning.

    asked by Grace
  10. math

    in triangle ABC angle B =90 and BD PERPENDICULAR AC proof that angle ABD =angle ACB

    asked by mayank kumar
  11. math

    Use Simpson's Rule and all the data in the following table to estimate the value of the integral (with 7 at the bottom, 13 at the top) ydx. x 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 y -5 -2 6 7 8 0 -4

    asked by maggie
  12. Chemistry

    a. If 5.57 g of glucose are produced through photosynthesis, what is the minimum number of moles of carbon dioxide and of water that were used? b. If the 5.57 g of glucose is an 80.2% yield, and assuming that carbon dioxide was the limiting reagent, how

    asked by Seida
  13. Identifying the Structure of Sentences

    Identify the structure of each of the following sentences as either simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex 1. If this offense is reported, he will receive a severe fine. 2. The apples, peaches, and pears are in the refrigerator.

    asked by Please check my answers
  14. Math

    The volume of seed in a bird feeder is represented by the equation V = 12(24-h) Q: Make a table of ordered pairs (h,V)

    asked by Math
  15. Maths

    In a class of 80 students,53 study Art,60 study biology,36 study Art and biology,34 study Art and chemistry,6 study biology but not chemistry.Illustrate the information on a Venn diagram.Determine the number of students who study Art only And Chemistry

    asked by Nana Adwoa
  16. Mathematics

    A rectangular sheet of paper 30 into 18 cm square can be transformed into the curved surface of a right circular cylinder in two ways that is either by Rolling the paper along its length of a rolling it along its breadth find the ratio of the volume of the

    asked by Shravani
  17. Math

    The wood framing for an art canvas costs $4.84 per foot. How much would the wood framing cost for a rectangle picture that measures 4 ft by 6 ft?

    asked by ZAE
  18. Math

    Frank wants to put up a fence around a rectangular garden. The garden measures 12 feet by 10 feet. How much fencing material does he need?

    asked by Roxxy
  19. Science---Hurry Please Help!

    What do the lines making a circle around the high-pressure area indicate? A) Areas of equal pressure B) Areas of equal altitude C) An occluded front D) A stationary front

    asked by Don't need to know. Sorry
  20. physics

    A stationary skateboarder I with a mass of 50 kg pushes a stationary skateboarder II with a mass of 75 kg. After the push the skateboarder II moves with a velocity of 2 m/s to the right. What is the velocity of the skateboarder I?

    asked by keven
  21. Chemistry

    The sodium sulfite-acid solution should be disposed of by ____________________. Answers Options: 1) washing down the drain with large amounts of water. 2) washing out with diluted sodium bicarbonate for sink disposal. 3) neutralizing the solution with

    asked by Carley B.
  22. English

    Horror, fantasy, and comedy are all _______ of novels. A. informational types ==B. subgenres C. styles D. literary kinds The side characters in novels tend to A. have lives and stories of their own. B. be less developed than in short stories. C. be present

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Physics

    A boat starting on one side of the river heads to the south with a speed of 1.5 m/s, the river flows to the east at .8 m/s. What is the resultant velocity to the side of the river? And if the river is 50 m wide calculate the displacement of the boat

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Maths

    A manufacturer of cotter pin know that 5% of his product is defective. If he sells cotter pins in boxes of 100 pins find the probability that a) 10 pins will be defective in the box b) Not more than 10 pins are defective in a box

    asked by Larissa
  25. HELP!!! Social

    I'm having so much problems with the sectionalism and civil war online practice I need help

    asked by Savyynsk
  26. math

    find a commission on a $1,250 sale with a commission rate of 5%. $62.50 $6.25 $75.00 $125.00 HELP PLSSS

    asked by Ali
  27. Math

    A flagpole casts a shadow 17 m long. The angle of elevation from the tip of the shadow to the top of the flagpole is 58 . How high is the flagpole to the nearest decimal?

    asked by Juanita
  28. ELA

    That Old Straw Sojourner David Matherne An old patched hat, which was almond with trim-red, Watched as it sat on an old, thin head. And what it saw, and what it knew, Was more than more of you Might even ever construe 5 From just a patched, old hat. It’d

    asked by Don't need to know. Sorry
  29. Physics

    A locomotive pulls 12 identical freight cars. The force between the locomotive and the first car is 150.0 kN, and the acceleration of the train is 2 m/s2. There is no friction to consider. Find the force between the eleventh and twelfth cars. (Express your

    asked by Tim
  30. Precalculus

    The vector $\begin{pmatrix} k \\ 2 \end{pmatrix}$ is orthogonal to the vector $\begin{pmatrix} 3 \\ 5 \end{pmatrix}$. Find $k$. I thought the answer should be 10/4/

    asked by Zheng
  31. Chem

    The sodium sulfite-acid solution should be disposed of by ____________________. Question 5 options: 1) placing it in a designated waste container inside the fume hood. 2) reacting it with potassium permanganate before placing in a designated container

    asked by Haley
  32. digital literacy

    what is an search engine? A-a website that searches specific information on the world wide web. B-a piece of hard ware that allows your computer to search for information. C-an external device that keeps your computer running. d-an piece of software that

    asked by jaden j
  33. Physics

    3 identical point charges Q are placed at the vertices of equilateral triangle (length of each side is equal to 2m) if Q=60uC, what is the magnitude of Electrostatic force on any one of the charges.

    asked by chris
  34. Math

    For the following questions the US population in 2008 was 304 million. Round each answer to the nearest 10th of a million. How big was the Labor Force in November 2008? What was the size of the Labor force in the previous month? What was the size of the

    asked by Akira
  35. English

    Generally speaking, novels have A. single themes. ==B. multiple settings. C. limited characters. D. no resolutions. Is this correct??

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Math

    For every quart of lemonade jackie makes she adds 2 lemons how many quarts of lemonade did jackie make if she used 12 lemons

    asked by Shany
  37. Physics

    Sarah walks 5 miles 35 degrees north of east, and then decides to walk 6 miles due west. What is her final displacement? I drew it out, used the Pythagorean theorem and ended up with square root -11 which is obviously wrong. I'm really confused as to what

    asked by Jack
  38. anonymous

    what mass of benzene is required to reac with excess oxigen to produce 66.50 g of carbon dioxide

    asked by Anonymous
  39. physics

    two balls are dropped in a vacuum. if one is caught in half the time as the other what is the difference in distance the balls traveled? a.1/4*t b.1/4*t^2 c.1/2*t^2 d.15/3*t e.15/4*t^2 I believe it is b. but i'm not 100% sure.

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Chem

    We will calculate the amount of acid to use in each titration. Assume that you are using 0.0512 M NaOH(aq). A good volume of NaOH(aq) to use per titration is 15 mL. From this molarity and volume, the moles of NaOH can be calculated. Since the unknown acid

    asked by Sam
  41. Math

    Chris wants to build a fence around his square garden. The garden measures 6 feet on each side. How many fencing material does he need?

    asked by Roxxy
  42. Recognizing Compound-Complex Sentences

    Put parentheses around each subordinate clause that you find. 1.The mountain areas are barren, but the valleys are fertile since they are irrigated daily.

    asked by Please check my answers
  43. Math

    In Joel's recipe for lemonade the ratio of lemons to water is 7 to 4. People are complaining that the lemonade is too weak. Which ratio would make the lemonade STRONGER? A) 5 to 3 B) 7 to 5 C) 8 to 4 D) 8 to 5

    asked by Don't need to know. Sorry
  44. science

    Explain the differences between internal and external fertilization and the advantages and disadvantages of each reproductive strategy.

    asked by JDog
  45. Chemistry

    Consider a one step reaction. Which of the following does not describe the activation energy of the process? The minimum amount of energy needed for a reaction to occur The energy difference between the starting point and the transition state The energy

    asked by Sarah
  46. Social Studies

    What new opportunities were won by women with the passage of the 19th Amendment? A Women were elected governors by the votes of women.*** B Women gained equal pay in factories. C Women were able to achieve higher levels of education. D Women were

    asked by EmberShy
  47. ELA

    In a paragraph compare and any two of the following forms of poetry: concrete, haiku or limerick. Your essay should include a specific description of each of the two forms you choose. Explain how each of the two forms are alike and how they are different.

    asked by Kailyn
  48. English

    Which option best describes a main idea of "Kuba Khan" Society tends to fear creative people Creative people are welcome in society Society tends to love creative people< Hail is a problem in many societies

    asked by Sara
  49. Social Studies---Please Help!

    How did Prince Henry of Portugal contribute to maritime exploration? A) He led many voyages west across the Atlantic in search of the West Indies. B) He encouraged the use of ancient pirate routes to explore and find new land. C) He funded any and all

    asked by Don't need to know. Sorry
  50. Chemistry

    We will calculate the amount of acid to use in each titration. Assume that you are using 0.0512 M NaOH(aq). A good volume of NaOH(aq) to use per titration is 15 mL. From this molarity and volume, the moles of NaOH can be calculated. Since the unknown acid

    asked by Erin
  51. Chemistry

    Benzene (C6H6) has a normal freezing point of 5.50oC and a density of 0.88 g/mL. When 1.28 g of naphthalene (C10H8) is dissolved in 125 mL of benzene, the freezing point of the solution is 5.03oC. Determine the molal freezing point constant for this

    asked by Sarah
  52. Math

    Determine a,b and c so that curve y= ax^3 + bx^2 + cx will have a slope of 4 at its point of inflection (-1,-5) Help please!

    asked by Sara
  53. Chemistry

    Aluminum oxide contains 53% of Al. How much oxygen combines with 26.5g of aluminium to form aluminium oxide? Thank you

    asked by Genevieve Agbey
  54. 4th grade math

    Bebo wants 6/10 of floor tiles to be red. If she uses 18 red tiles, how many square tiles will be used to cover the floor. Show an area model

    asked by Gail
  55. social studies

    Check my answers please Which of the following is the best example of the growing fear of communism and foreigners that America was experiencing in the 1920s? 1. labor unions losing supporters 2. the john scopes trial 3. the harlem renaissance 4. the sacco

    asked by anonymous
  56. Heath

    Which source is the best to follow if you were looking to buy a facial and message spa package for your mom for Mother's Day?

    asked by Jayden
  57. calculus

    Find the points on the graph y = -x^3 + 6x^2 at which the tangent line is horizontal. I found -x^2 + 4 = 0 are the points [4,32]

    asked by heather
  58. math

    walk 1 mile to house and 1/2 mile to school how far you walk altogether

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Math

    The perimeter of the parallelogram is 102 feet. Find m. Write your answer as a decimal or mixed number. The top is 3m. the side is would the top & bottom would be 6m and the sides would be 1m each which would make the answer m=8

    asked by Judith
  60. Math

    Which shapes have more than one line of symmetry? Explain your thinking

    asked by Jeffrey
  61. Maths

    three different lights flash every 5 seconds, 8 seconds and 12 seconds respectively. if they start at the same time how long will it take for them to flash at the same time again?

    asked by SEHS
  62. Continuity Calculus Help

    The given function is defined for all x > 0 except at x = 8. Find the value that should be assigned to f(8), if any, to guarantee that f will be continuous at 8. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) f(x)= Sqrt( x^2-64/x-8)

    asked by Carli Minacapel
  63. Algerbra

    Please help! Find the vertex of f(x)=x^2+2x-3 Find the vertex of f(x)=x^2-3x+1

    asked by Sara
  64. civic

    Discuss how the rights of citizens are denied during emergency rules

    asked by emms
  65. Chemistry

    Consider the following reaction. 2KClO3(s) → 2KCl(s) + 3O2(g) a.) How many grams of KCl are produced from the complete reaction of 12.5 mol of KClO3? b.) How many grams of KCl are produced from the complete reaction of 38.4 g of KClO3? Please explain how

    asked by Seida
  66. math

    Give possible values for length and breadth of the rectangle whose area is -x square+7x+30

    asked by neha reddy
  67. Chemistry

    The density of cesium is 1870 kg/m3 and the cell volume is 2.23 x 10-22 mL. Determine the number of atoms in the unit cell. Note: the number of atoms in a unit cell is a whole number.

    asked by Joe Zheng
  68. Continuity Calculus Help

    9.0/1 points | Previous Answers SSTCalc6 2.3.046.My Notes Question Part Points Submissions Used Let f(x) = 4x2 if x > 2 4x + 3 if x ≤ 2. Show that f is continuous from the left at x = 2, but not from the right. lim f(x) = n→2− f(2) = lim f(x) =

    asked by John
  69. english

    what makes play hamlet more tragedy than play Agamemnon . several murders what else.

    asked by A. mohamud
  70. Math Velocity

    Jeff is standing on a bridge 5M above the river, He picks up a small rock and tosses it into the air, the rock reaches a height of 12M in one second and hits the water in about 2.3 seconds Determine when the rock reaches a height equal to the bridge but on

    asked by Michelle
  71. maths equation too hard

    x^3=3^x plz help me what is the solution yes i know x=3 but how?

    asked by naomi
  72. Math

    Rewrite the numbers in order from least to greatest. 0.3, 0.102, 0.127, 0.2, 5/7 0.102, 0.127, 0.2, 0.3, 5/7

    asked by Ghata
  73. Math

    For every 8 squirrels that Travis sees in his backyard, six are dining at the bird feeder. Travis saw 28 squirrels today. About how many were eating birdseed? A) 16 B) 20 C) 21 D)24 Thank you so much!

    asked by Don't need to know. Sorry
  74. Math

    There are 8 students who have 3/4 of a cake they want to share. How much of the cake will each student eat if that split it evenly

    asked by Jaydon Switzer
  75. Math

    How do you solve -1-2 over 1/2

    asked by Kelley
  76. Physics

    A 15.0 gram bullet with a speed of v is fired into a 400 gram block of wood that is initially at rest on a surface. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the surface is 0.250. The block of wood is attached to a horizontal massless

    asked by Claire
  77. Finance

    Which type of debt is the least attractive for a consumer? Unsecured debt Secured debt Mortgage debt Lease debt My answer is unsecured debt

    asked by Steve
  78. Math

    Write 13/14 as a percent. Write the remainder in fractional form. I know that 13/14 as a decimal would be 92.857143 and as a percent around 92.86% my question is what would the remainder be and how to write it in fractional form?

    asked by zae
  79. math

    The difference and Diameter of a circle is 120cm. The area of that circle in squares meters is

    asked by Aadi mittal
  80. Math

    The length of a rectangle is 1 m more than twice its width. What is the length of the rectangle if its perimeter is 110m?

    asked by Kim
  81. Science

    Describe how fans in a sporting stadium would need to move to create a transverse wave and a longitudinal wave

    asked by Zayn
  82. Math

    In a class,12 pupils are in the band and 3/4 of the remaining pupils are in the modern dance club. If 1/5 of the class are in neither the band nor the club,how many pupils are there in the class?

    asked by Anagha
  83. social studies

    1.How have humans negatively impacted the water system of Arkansas? Select all that apply a.The construction of the MKARNS has resulted in more flooding. b.Chemicals and runoff from industry harm wildlife. c.Too much trade along the rivers damages the

    asked by nobody
  84. Math

    whats 9+10?

    asked by RANDOM
  85. math

    Fred has 3 times as many dimes as quarters. How many dimes does he have if the value of all the coins is $3.85?

    asked by Tammy
  86. science

    what similarities do nuclear energy and chemical energy share? select all that apply. A) both are types of kinetic energy B) both are types of potential energy C) both involve magnetic energy D) both involve stored energy please help! anybody just anybody!

    asked by kakashi hatake please help
  87. Math@@

    How do I solve v + 17 -11= 65

    asked by Kim
  88. spanish

    how would you say, "I like art class" in Spanish?

    asked by jay
  89. Algebra

    I have answered the question but not sure how to check for extraneous solution. x/(5x+4)=3 The answer is -6/7

    asked by Eric
  90. Chemistry

    Aluminum and oxygen react to form aluminum oxide. 4 Al + 3 O2 2 Al2O3 a. What is the limiting reactant if 30.7 g Al are reacted with 38.3 g of O2? b. What is the theoretical yield of Al2O3, in grams? c. If 35.3 g of Al2O3 are obtained, what is the percent

    asked by Seida
  91. World history

    Describe the Sumerian civilization. I don't have any answer choices for this

    asked by Help please
  92. math

    Suppose the amount of algae in pond triples every day. After 12 days the pond is complete with algae. I believe that on day 4 the pond is 1/3 of the way full. Am i correct?

    asked by belem
  93. physics

    In 5 seconds a car accelerate from 0 to 40 m/s. 20 sec after reaching 40m/s the car comes to a complete stop. if this deceleration takes 4 sec, how far has the traveled since its trip began? a)100m/s b)800m/s -c)980m/s- d)1140m/s e)1700m/s i got B but

    asked by Anonymous
  94. math

    6 scarves are black, 2 scarves are red, and 2 scarves are white. it is dark and sarah reaches into the drawer and chooses a scarf. what is the probability of a scarf being white in percentage form?

    asked by tabitha
  95. science

    how should each form of energy be identified? A) energy A:gravitational energy /energy B:chemical energy B) energy A: nuclear energy/ energy B: electrical energy C) energy A: electromagnetic energy energy B:sound energy D) energy A: mechanical energy

    asked by kakashi hatake please help
  96. physics

    If a golden eagle is flying due west with a speed of 32 mph, and encounters a wind that blows it north at 11 mph, what is the resultant velocity of the eagle in m/s? At what angle must the eagle be heading in this direction?

    asked by Jay
  97. Algebra

    You have $6.00 to spend on drinks and burgers. Drinks cost $.50 each and burgers cost $1.00 each. Write an inequality.

    asked by Emma
  98. Math 8th grade

    How would I set up this problem to solve it: Gene offers 30 mins. and 60 mins. driving lessons. He gave 8 lessons that lasted 7 hours. How many 60 minute lessons did he give?

    asked by Davis
  99. physics

    If 32s is required for an object to reach maximum height, what will be the time for an object to come back to its initial position a. 32s b. -32s c. 64s d. 16

    asked by taroon
  100. Earth Science

    1. We start with 400 atoms of Uranium-238. How many remain after 4.5 billion years? _______ After 9 billion years? _______ After 13.5 billion years? ________ 2 . How long will it take for ½ of the original amount of Rubidium-87 to decay? _______ 3.

    asked by 아, 깹송~
  101. English

    Ethan Frome test please check my answers and correct them if they are wrong 4. Which word best describes the atmosphere, or mood, of the Prologue and Chapter I? A. jolly B. comfortable C. severe D. superstitious B is wrong Answer c 11. What kind of

    asked by Michael
  102. Social Studies

    The Golden age of Indian culture came during which empire? 1. Roman 2. Persian 3. Gupta**** 4. Mauryan This raja conquered weak kingdoms left by Alexander the Great. 1. Chandragupta Maurya**** 2. Asoka 3. Hari Krishna 4. Vishnu In this section of the

    asked by Anonymous
  103. math

    Please check my answers and make sure there right. Joe had a total of 8 slices of pizza he gave jack 3 slices what is the ratio of total slices to slices eaten? A. 8 to 3****** B. 3 to 8 C. 4 to 9 D. 16 to 6 Read the question above what is the fraction of

    asked by spongebob squrepants
  104. Math

    Mr. Hamm's salary has increased by 250% over the past 10 years. If his original salary was $28,000 per year, what is his current salary? A) $35,000 B) $37,500 C) $70,000 D) $98,000

    asked by Don't need to know. Sorry
  105. examples of pop singers

    Who are some appropriate pop singers. I need it for a ELA paper due today.

    asked by Ali
  106. mATH


    asked by Sam
  107. Chemistry

    The density of iridium is 22400 kg/m3 and the cell volume is 5.66 x 10-23 cm3. Determine the number of atoms in the unit cell. Note: the number of atoms in a unit cell is a whole number. The molar mass of iridium is 192.22. I know that this can either be a

    asked by Sidney Ngo
  108. Chemistry

    The element rubidium has bcc packing with a body-centered cubic unit cell. The density of Rb is 1530 kg/m3. Calculate the volume (L) of the unit cell of rubidium. Molar mass of Rb=85.468. Since it is bcc, it would have 2 atoms/unit cell. Can you please

    asked by Sidney Ngo
  109. Science

    1) If you let all of the liquid evaporate out of the pitcher, would you be able to see the solid particles of the drink mix? Explain. 2)Compare what happens when a geyser erupts to what happens when a tea kettle whistles. 3)Name something made of aluminum

    asked by Stepfanie
  110. Chemistry

    The element Sc has hcp packing with a hexagonal unit cell. The density of Sc is 3000 kg/m3. Calculate the volume (L) of the unit cell of Sc. Sc Molar Mass =44.956 It is hcp, so it has 2 atoms/unit cell. I would appreciate any help with this problem! Thank

    asked by Jenny Selby
  111. ELA

    What would be a good thesis statement for comparing and contrasting Pop and Christian music?

    asked by Ali
  112. Math

    you lave a line intersecting at (3,6) what would represent the two lines?

    asked by Davis
  113. Sara

    which is not a characteristic of romanticism power of reason nature brings wisdom and inspiration< or C? focus on the individual power of the imagination

    asked by English
  114. chemistry


    asked by melissa
  115. Math

    Determine a,b and c so that curve y= ax^3 + bx^2 + cx will have a slope of 4 at its point of inflection (-1,-5) Help please!

    asked by Sara
  116. math

    A car travels at a constant speed of 56 miles per hour. How far will it travel in 45 minutes and 45 seconds?

    asked by Anonymous
  117. English

    Becca was helped/helping Corky with his homework last night. Answer: helped Blossom watched/watching her best friend study for the test. Answer: watching Plz check my answer. Thank you!

    asked by Kayle
  118. Chem

    If .00840 mol is the answer to this question (Suppose that 16.41 mL of 0.0512 M NaOH were required to titrate a sample of unknown acid. How many moles of NaOH were used? ) how would I answer this: Assuming that the unknown acid sample in question 1 had a

    asked by Maddie
  119. math

    In a class of 80 students,53 study Art,60 study biology,36 study art and biology,34 study art and chemistry,6 study biology and 18 study biology but not chemistry.Determine the number of students who study =Art only =Chemistry only

    asked by Nana Adwoa
  120. american government

    what are the similarities between baltimore county council and the maryland

    asked by david
  121. Social Studies

    1. ____ taught that people need a strong ruler to maintain order 1. Daoism 2. Legalism***** 3. Buddhism 4. None of these 2. A Chinese family was usually headed by the 1. Oldest relative 2. Strongest man 3. Oldest woman 4. Oldest man***** 3. Who was the

    asked by Anonymous
  122. Social Studies

    6. Compare the experience of farmers, coal miners, and union laborers during 1920s. What did many have in common? A. Economic prosperity B. Public disapproval C. Federal assistance D. Financial hardship I think C or D...

    asked by EmberShy
  123. Social Studies

    In Chinese society, the merchant class ranked below the 1. farmers and aristocrats 2. landowners and traders*** 3. aristocrats and priests 4. bankers and farmers Can someone please check my answer?

    asked by Anonymous
  124. chemistry

    what is the theoretical yield in grams of MgO if 2.54g Mg metal reacts with excess O2

    asked by naty
  125. S.S.

    How did the federal blockade of New Orleans affect citizens in Louisiana?

    asked by Ashlin
  126. Ms. Sue! Math

    Come up with a new linear function that has a slope that falls in the range -1

    asked by Olivia N J
  127. Math

    5/8 of the students in my class were boys. When 6 girls joined the class, the number of boys equaled the number of girls. How many students were in my class then?

    asked by Thien
  128. SS

    You want to find a painting of Abraham at a religious art exhibit. Where are you more likely to have success? A:in the Jewish, Christian, or Muslim displays. B:only in the Jewish display. C:in the Christian and possibly Jewish displays. D:in the Muslim

    asked by Jaden
  129. multiplication and division of fractions

    mariah runs 1/8 mile per minute. how many minutes will it take mariah to run 2

    asked by keniqua
  130. Algebra

    Which of the following is an example of function notation? A. Volume + radius = 67 B. Volume/radius = 67 C. Volume x radius = 67 D. Volume(radius) = 67

    asked by Reonna
  131. Social Studies---Please Help!

    Jacques Marquette Jacques Cartier Louis Jolliet Quebec New Orleans These people and terms are associated with ___ exploration and colonization in the New World.

    asked by Don't need to know. Sorry
  132. algebra

    p divided by five (as a algebraic expression)

    asked by lei
  133. physics

    a box with a mass of 25kg is lifted (without acceleration) through a height of 2.0m, in order to place it upon the shelf of a closet. The value of acceleration due to gravity g= 9.8ms^2 How much work is required to lift the box to this position? i figured

    asked by ryan
  134. Calculus unit review

    I wanted to ask this 1 questions because i didn't even know where to start. For a continuous function f(x), f(1) = 11, and Integral symbol from 1 to 5 f'(x)dx=9. Find f(5).

    asked by Prince@18
  135. algebra

    50 less than k (as an algebraic expression )

    asked by lei
  136. fractions

    I have 12 cookies I ate 3 how would I write what I ate in a fraction

    asked by Anonymous
  137. Philosophy

    What does Socrates argue that death is, and why do true philosophers welcome it?

    asked by Keon Meadowsadows
  138. math

    Simon owns a small car wash and detailing center. He charges $12 per wash. He pays each of his two employees $12 per hour. The employees each work 40 hours per week. Simon's other costs amount to $450 per week. Simon wants to earn an average profit of at

    asked by Judy
  139. Math

    (w^-2j^-4) ^-3 (f^7 f^3) simply using positive exponents I think I double of the the threes and add. Little confused

    asked by Anonymous
  140. algebra

    the sum of 134 and h (as an algebraic expression )

    asked by lei
  141. Math Independent & Dependent.

    Hey! I am a Connexus user. I was wondering if anyone could help me on this question because I can't seem to understand independent and dependent variables for some reason. I've tried everything like asking my teacher, doing examples myself, reading from

    asked by Dezi
  142. chemistry

    An aqueous solution containing bromothymol blue is used to identify the chemical properties of thionyl chloride gas. When the gas is bubbled through the bromothymol blue solution color changes from blue to yellow we could say that the gas

    asked by Carley B.
  143. Chemistry

    When nitrogen dioxide is bubbled through a solution of potassium permanganate, the solution turns colorless. Which of the following statements is true? Question 3 options: 1) The test reveals that nitrogen dioxide is a colored gas. 2) The test reveals that

    asked by Carley B.
  144. Math

    Determine a,b and c so that curve y= ax^3 + bx^2 + cx will have a slope of 4 at its point of inflection (-1,-5) Help please!

    asked by Sara
  145. chemistry

    describe how you prepare a 250cm3 of 0.5M solution Na2C03.indicate the various laboratory apparatus you will use

    asked by Dorcas
  146. physics

    . If planet Elijah has a mass of 6.0 x 106 kg and a radius of 4.0 x 104 km. What would be the force on the surface of the planet? (let the second mass equal 1 kg)

    asked by someone
  147. Math

    If you have a line intersecting at (3,6). What equation would represent both lines?

    asked by Davis
  148. English

    Ethan Frome test please check my answers and correct them if they are wrong 4. Which word best describes the atmosphere, or mood, of the Prologue and Chapter I? A. jolly B. comfortable C. severe D. superstitious B is wrong Answer c 11. What kind of

    asked by Michael
  149. Math

    Miss has three times as many markers and colored pencils the total number of markers and colored pencils is 84 how many workers does Miss have

    asked by Jocelyn
  150. algebra

    As part of her training routine for​ basketball, Shaylle alternates between cycling and running for exercise. She cycles at a rate of 16 mph and runs at a rate of 8 mph. If she spends 8.5 hours exercising and covers a total of 112 miles, how much time

    asked by Brandy
  151. algebra

    To find the area of a triangle, you can use the expression b times h divided by 2, where b is the base of the triangle and h its height. what is the area of a triangle with a base of 6 and a height of 8? the area of the triangle is?

    asked by lei
  152. Chem!

    Compound Odor Boiling Point, °C Flammability Ammonia Yes -33.3 Yes Methyl vinyl ether Slight 12.0 Yes Methyl chloride Yes -33.9 Yes Sulfur dioxide Yes -10.0 No Ethynyl bromide Yes 4.7 Yes Freon 134a No -26.1 No Carbon dioxide No -28.9 No Good refrigerants

    asked by Haley
  153. maths equation too hard

    x^3=3^x what is x plz show step

    asked by naomi
  154. math

    A sum of money becomes 85 of itself in 5 years at a certain rate of interest. The rate percent per annum is :

    asked by vaibhav
  155. MAth

    an isosceles triangle has two angles that measure 75 degrees. what is the measure of the third angle of the triangle?

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Chemistry

    Suppose that 16.41 mL of 0.0512 M NaOH were required to titrate a sample of unknown acid. How many moles of NaOH were used?

    asked by Erin
  157. Math

    For the following questions the US population in 2008 was 04 million. Round each answer to the nearest 10th of a million. How big was the Labor Force in November 2008? What was the size of the Labor force in the previous month? What was the size of the

    asked by Akira
  158. Chemistry

    Assuming that the unknown acid sample in question 1 had a mass of 0.177 g, what is the molar mass of the unknown acid?

    asked by Erin
  159. Chemistry

    Consider a one step reaction. Which of the following does not describe the activation energy of the process? The minimum amount of energy needed for a reaction to occur The energy difference between the starting point and the transition state The energy

    asked by Gerrard
  160. algebra

    the product of 31 and g (as a algebraic expression)

    asked by lei
  161. Algebra 1

    Paul has decided to raise rabbits. He has been warned that the number of rabbits will double every month. He started with 3 rabbits, and the function y=3(2^x) models the number of rabbits he will have after x months. How many rabbits will paul have after 8

    asked by chloe
  162. Maths

    If The Roots Of The Equation X^2- bx+c are square root of alpha and square root of beta .show that alpa + beta = b^2- 2c and (alpha)^2 + (beta)^2 = (b^2 -2c - sqrt of 2c)(b^2 - 2c + sqrt of 2c)

    asked by Joel
  163. algebra

    Let X represent the number of television show episodes that are taped in a season. Write an expression for the number of episodes taped in 6 seasons. The expression is?

    asked by lei
  164. math, concepts of geomtry

    One side of a square room measures 24 ft. how many square yards of carpet are necessary to carpet the room? 1yd^2=9ft^2

    asked by Sos
  165. ART

    A painting by sir william chambers and j haberkon the artwork here was likely created for which of the following reasons? A) utilitarian reasons because it is a design for a building. B) expressive reasons because it represents the artists mood at the

    asked by kakashi hatake please help
  166. science

    1. what occurs as the convection current moves toward the upper mantle density increases density decreases temperature increases temperature decreases 2. what occurs as the convection current moves toward the lower mantle (same options as #1)

    asked by PLS HELP
  167. Math

    Rewrite the expression using the distributive property 1/2(4x+2)+8x. Do I take the 1/2(4x) = 9x+5+8x is this simplify

    asked by Ebony
  168. American Government

    The fabric of American empire ought to rest on the solid basis of the consent of the people. the streams of national power ought to flow from that pure, original foundation of all legitimate authority. 1) which of the following constitutional principles

    asked by Roxanne
  169. Math

    There are 90 kids that attend Harlem High School. If 40 are in Mrs. Fetter's class, and 20 are in Mrs. Cassy's class, what percent make up the last classroom?

    asked by Le-Anne
  170. physics

    Four forces are acting on an object in static equilibrium: Force 1 has a magnitude of 46.0 N and is acting at an angle of (54) degrees above the positive x-axis. Force 2 has a magnitude of (42) N and is acting along the positive x-axis. Force 3 has a

    asked by dalia
  171. Math interest

    How long will it take for an investment of $5000 to double if it is invested at 5% p.a. simple interest? Been stuck on this and need help thanks

    asked by Zayn
  172. S.S.

    Which location did not serve as the headquarters for Louisiana's government during the Civil War? a. Baton Rouge b. New Orleans c. Opelousas d. Shreveport I think the answer is c. What do you think?

    asked by Micheal
  173. Calculus-derivatives

    At what points on the graph of f(x)=6x^2+4x-9 is the slope of the tangent line -2?

    asked by Angel
  174. Math

    Use digits 0 through 9, without using a digit more than once, so that you can make the following reduce to a solution of x < -1/2 How do I do this? Please help, I am confused.

    asked by Maya
  175. Social Studies

    13. From 1914-1916 as war raged in Europe what was one reason it was difficult for America to remain netrual? a. Alliance required that the u.s get involed in foregin affairs b. newspaper encouraged a policy of expansionism c. th warning powers interfered

    asked by Jessica
  176. Math

    A cone is formed from a sector of a circular of radius 9cm which sustained an angel 120 find (a) the radius of the cone formed (b) the curved surface area of the cone (c) the total surface (d) volume

    asked by Olawale olaniyi
  177. home business, not school

    if I have a package of 470 beads and the package costs $8.90 how much is each individual bead?

    asked by Julia
  178. chemistry

    describe how you prepare a 250cm3 of 0.5M solution Na2C03.indicate the variouse laboratory apparatus you will use

    asked by Dorcas
  179. SS

    Humans migrated to the following areas in which order? a:1,2,4 and 5 b:1 and 3,6,2 c:3,1 and 4,5 d:3,6,1 and 2 Here is the map: imgur. com/a/AuOMb just make sure to remove the space between the . and the com

    asked by Herllo
  180. math

    What is the y-coordinate of the solution of the system of equations? y=2x+14 −4x−y=4 Enter your answer in the box. y = ?

    asked by Jay
  181. chemistry

    If 25.4 g of water initially at 20.0 C absorbs 115 cal heat what is final temp?

    asked by Anna Baker
  182. ELA

    Which of the following shows a transition? although however ( my answer ) just as whereas

    asked by Ali
  183. Math

    Fill in missing sign to make equation true 160 ----60------4------3=115 125----5-----12-----2= 1

    asked by Syd