Questions Asked on
February 7, 2017

  1. Math

    The sides of the rectangle are in the ratio of 4:7. If its length is 31.5 in., find the width, the perimeter, and the area of this rectangle.

    asked by Amy
  2. physics/calculus

    A stone is thrown straight up from the edge of a roof, 600 feet above the ground, at a speed of 12 feet per second. A. Remembering that the acceleration due to gravity is -32 feet per second squared, how high is the stone 6 seconds later? B. At what time

    asked by kloe
  3. Social Studies

    1. Which of the following is an example of a fad from the 1920s? A. A dance marathon B. A women wearing pants C. Road Rallies*** D. Poetry Readings 2. What belief regarding Americans did many writers of the era hold? A. People only want to read about good

    asked by EmberShy
  4. Life Orientation

    Advise a friend who responds to conflict by AVOIDANCE on why it is not healthy in sustaining positive relationship

    asked by Itu
  5. math

    Find the area between the loops of the limacon r=2(1+2cosθ)

    asked by Moren
  6. Chemistry

    For the reaction CS2+3Cl2=CCl4+S2Cl2, calculate the percent yield if 719 g of CCl4 are produced when 410 g of CS2 react w/ an excess of chlorine. I have absolutely no clue on how to do this!! If I could get some help that would be great!!

    asked by Sadie
  7. Effective Learning Environment

    Which of the following manipulative materials would be an example of a self-correcting material? A. Shaker jars to match by sound B. A number-line puzzle C. A jar of buttons to classify D. Tweezers and pompoms to sort my answer is a.

    asked by Priscila
  8. Algebra

    The value of a new car decreases by 35% in the first year. If a car costs $9,800 when new, how much less would it be worth at the end of the first year?

    asked by Annie
  9. math

    Suppose there are approximately 314 million people in the U.S. If the world population is 6.8 billion people, what percent of the world population is in the U.S.?

    asked by santana
  10. Effective Learning Environment

    Alea is developing a classroom for the infants she cares for who are ages six weeks through eight months. Which of the following centers would be appropriate to include? A. A physical center with pull-up railing B. A doll center C. An art center with

    asked by Priscila
  11. math

    i have four digits i am more than 2500 i am less than 3000 my hundred digits id 6 my tens digit is one less than my hundreds digit my unit digit is 0 what number am i?

    asked by jess
  12. Effective Learning Environment

    Which would be an important consideration for developing a preschool classroom? A. Unlike kindergarten children, children at this age don't participate in long-term projects, so they don't need storage for longterm work. B. You won't need a science or math

    asked by Anonymous
  13. math

    The ratio of girls to boys in a school is 5:3. If there 60 boys, how many girls are in the school? I guessed it is 5+3=8.8/60

    asked by joy
  14. Math

    The two triangle-shaped gardens are congruent. Find all of the missing side lengths and angle measures. Show any necessary work. (Triangle) • On the left, a triangle is shown with a lower horizontal side labeled 7.9 yards, a vertical right side labeled

    asked by Agala
  15. physics

    Accomplished silver workers in India can pound silver into incredibly thin sheets, as thin as 3.00 x 10-7 m (about one hundredth of the thickness of a sheet of paper). Find the area of such a sheet that can be formed from 3.70 kg of silver.

    asked by Tyler
  16. History

    What was the purpose of the freedmens bureau allow former slaves to vote grant former slaves a piece of southern land repeal the black codes assist former slaves with getting jobs, education, food, and cloths*** Can someone please check

    asked by Kaylee
  17. Algebra

    What are the real and complex solutions of the polynomial equation? x^4 - 41x^2= -400

    asked by Anonymous
  18. English Pronouns

    Identify the pronoun which has an unclear antecedent in the following sentence, if one exists. After you give the balls to the players, let me take a look at them. a. you b. me c. them d. all pronouns have clear antecedents How do I answer this question? I

    asked by Olivia N J
  19. Math

    Identify the end behavior f(x)=(x-4)^2 As x ---> positive infinity, f(x) --> ____ infinity and as x --->, f(x) ---> ____ infinity Fill in blank

    asked by Pam
  20. Algebra

    Find the sum of 35 terms of an arithmetic series of which the first term is "a" and the fifteenth term is "9a."

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Math

    Which ordered pair would be plotted by starting from the origin and moving 0.25 units left and then 3 units up? A) (3, -0.25) B) (0.25, -3) C) (-0.25,-3) D) (-0.25, 3)

    asked by Anon
  22. english

    When a paragraph tells a story, which method of organization is being used? A. specific-to-general order B. spatial order C. importance order D. chronological order my answer is B

    asked by Amber
  23. Literature

    The concept of ambiguity in stories can be summed up with the statement, "characters A. keep running into additional conflicts." B. don't always live happily ever after." C. end up exactly where they had hoped." D. are sure of what they want in life." Is

    asked by Anonymous
  24. physics

    Two chambers are filled with a fluid. The ceiling of chamber 1 is at the same level as the floor of chamber 2. The pressure at the floor of chamber 2 is 1.2 × 105 Pa. If the area of the ceiling of chamber 1 is 2.0 m2, what is the magnitude F of the force

    asked by Tyler
  25. Math

    A restaurant uses 80 pounds of potatoes per week. The restaurant owner buys the potatoes in 10-pound bags from a local farmer. How many bags will the owner need to buy this week?

    asked by Joe
  26. Science

    A pump is used to lift 500 kg of water from a depth of 80 m in 10 seconds.Calculate the power rating of the pump if it's efficiency is 40% . Take g=10 m/ s*s.

    asked by Swati
  27. Social studies

    In 1860 after Tenement fire took 20 lives in New York city buildings laws were extensively revised and strengthened at that time the position of superintendent of buildings was created with the fire department to enforce the new structural safety laws and

    asked by Hey ms.Sue I need help
  28. math

    Find the equations of at least three lines that intersect each other at the point (6, -2).

    asked by maggie
  29. Maths

    The angles of elevation of the highest point of a building from two points S and T are 60 degree and 30 degree respectively,T is vertically above S and ST=10m.Calculate the height of the building above the level of S

    asked by Phil
  30. Science physics

    A uniform metres rod of weight 100N carries a weight of 40N and 60N suspended from the 20Cm and 90cm marks respectively, where will your pivot a knife edge to balance the rod.

    asked by Obert
  31. business math

    A firm manufacture and markets a product that sells for Birr per unit .Fixed cost associated with activity total Birr 40,000 a month ,while variable cost per unit is Birr 10.A maximum of 10,000 units can be produced and sold

    asked by bitu
  32. math

    If a basketball player missed 41 free throws out of 100, what fraction and what percentage of free throws did the player make?

    asked by Sylvia
  33. Physics

    Some stoves use the heat produced by current flowing through a conductor. If the heating element (conductor) has a resistance of 30 ohms, how long will the burner have to work to heat 500 g of 30°C water up to its boiling point? The specific heat of water

    asked by Ellie
  34. Ms. Sue! The Industrial Revolution

    What role did the Enlightenment play in the development of new economic theories during the Industrial Revolution? a. Enlightenment ideas led to the development of capitalism, but socialist ideas were unrelated to any Enlightenment reasoning. b. Economists

    asked by Olivia N J
  35. Chemistry 2

    The solubility of CO2 in water is 3.2 x 10^2 M at 25 C and 1 atm pressure. What is the Henry's Law constant for CO2 in mol/(L atm)? c=kP 0.25= kP p=kc p/k=kc/k =Px 1/k Please help!

    asked by Brad
  36. Math

    Fine the max or min points and the points of inflection for the function y=3x^4 - 10x^3 - 12x^2 + 12x - 7 Can someone help me!!!

    asked by Sara
  37. math

    Fred has 3 times as many dimes as quarters. How many dimes does he have if the value of all the coins is $3.85?

    asked by Kelley
  38. language

    the connotations of which word in the poem help you understand the speakers attitude toward fame? A) public B) dreary C) livelong D) admiring

    asked by kakashi hatake
  39. physics

    United States currency is printed using intaglio presses that generate a printing pressure of 8.1 x 104 lb/in2. A $20 bill is 6.1 in. by 2.6 in. Calculate the magnitude of the force (in pounds) that the printing press applies to one side of the bill.

    asked by Tyler
  40. math

    Mrs. Smith was complaining about her teenagers drinking too much soda. Her three teens drank two cases of soda every five weeks. Mrs. Jones replied that her six teens go through five cases every four weeks. Who drinks more soda in a week on the average,

    asked by maggie
  41. English

    A character who is depicted realistically and has his or her own personality and history in a story is what type of character? A. Individuated B. Main == C. Modern D. Representative Which of the following is not considered a level of setting in a story? A.

    asked by Anonymous
  42. math

    In the card game “Match,” the loser has to double the money of the other players. Juan, Jamal and Joey are playing. First Juan loses and doubles the money of Jamal and Joey. Joey loses the next hand and doubles the money of Jamal and Juan. Jamal loses

    asked by maggie
  43. Physics

    A ferry-boat is rectangular in shape, with an overall area of 30.0 m2. When the boat is loaded with gravel, it sinks to a depth of 2.8 m in the water. What is the total weight of the boat + gravel? Show your work.

    asked by Lenny
  44. language

    which statement is a true statement? A) a trapizoid is a regular polygon B) not all rectangels are parallelograms. C)not all parallelograms are rectangles. D) a trapezoid is a parallelogram. dont send me links or anything just help me ~ Kakashi Hatake

    asked by kakashi hatake pllease help
  45. Math


    asked by Anonymous
  46. algebra

    An airplane encountered a head wind during a flight between Joppetown and Jawsburgh which took 5 hours and 30 minutes. The return flight took 5hours. If the distance from Joppetown to Jawsburgh is 1600 ​miles, find the airspeed of the plane​ (the speed

    asked by Brandy
  47. Chemistry Lab

    Data and Calculations: 1. Volume of water in calorimeter: 100.0 mL 2. Mass of water in calorimeter (water's density 1.00g/mL): 100.0g 3. Initial Temperature of water in calorimeter:19.5 degrees Celsius 4. Final Temperature of water in calorimeter: 3.0

    asked by Coolest
  48. Maths

    Simplify this expression: 6x + 4y - 3x + 10y = Is the answer 9x + -6y?

    asked by tayyibah_.xx
  49. Math

    A tennis ball is hit into the air and can be modeled by h=16t*2++40t+3, where h is the height t is the time it takes the ball to travel. 1) At what time t does the ball reach its maximum height above the court? How high did the ball go? 2) How long did it

    asked by Harold
  50. math

    a family has 3 children the eldest is 8 years older than the middle child and the youngest is 12 years younger than the eldest child of the total of their age is 88 how old is each child?

    asked by we
  51. Chemistry

    How many representative particles are in 2.5 mol H2O2?

    asked by Mercy
  52. physics

    an object starts from rest and accelerates uniformly to a speed of 100 m s^-1 after 5s. calculate the acceleration of the object.

    asked by dave
  53. Science

    Body of mass 10 kg is at rest on a horizontal surface. A force of magnitude 10 N is applied to the body for 10 s. What is the final speed of the body?

    asked by Moonblood
  54. Geometry

    In the parallelogram KLMN, the diagonal KM is 7 inches long. How long would LN have to be to ensure that KLMN is a rectangle?

    asked by Zoya
  55. History

    How did the issue of states' rights influence South Carolina's decision to secede? this is a short answer, so there are no options. please help. thanks in advance :)

    asked by Anon
  56. chemistry

    1. based on the equation below, how many liters of water can be produced from 8.5 L (assume that hydrogen is in excess) 2H2(g)+O2(g) --->2H2O(g)

    asked by holly
  57. Chemistry

    What's the pH of 0.15M C3H6O3?

    asked by Rafael
  58. Science

    Oscillating body has a period of 5 s. for one turn. Determine the frequency and angular frequency of oscillation.

    asked by Moonblood
  59. Effective Learning Environment

    The textbook discusses the effective, appropriate use of walls. Which of the following teachers is demonstrating what the book discussed? A. "In my class, I have a very large calendar, a weather chart, ABCs, number lines, and color charts. This takes up

    asked by Priscila
  60. maths

    Express sin(x+2y)-sin(x-2y) in terms of cosx only where y is acute

    asked by Noe
  61. math

    Help... 1. -1 3/4 writing as the quotient of two integers. 2. -0.73 writing as the quotient of two integers.

    asked by jay
  62. Maths

    A theatre has 500 seats.385 are occupied.write down the percentage of seats that are occupied

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Grade 6: money and measures

    Lily went for 8 rides.some rides were 'merry-go-round' and the rest were 'pirate ship'.the total cost of all rides was $6.30.each 'pirate ship' ride cost $.60 & each 'merry-go-round' ride cost $.90. How may 'pirate ship' rides did lily take?

    asked by Peachie
  64. Science

    Determine the weight of an astronaut with a weight of 100 kg, if the rocket which rises him moves with acceleration 9,8 m/s^2

    asked by David
  65. Science

    In what acceleration will tear a rope if it raises vertically body mass of 500 kg? The rope bears maximal strength force 15 kN.

    asked by David
  66. Grade 6: money and measures

    Bill has a total of 30 marbles & metal balls.each marble weighs 8g.each metal ball weighs 9g.if the total mass of the metal balls is 49 g heavier than the total mass of the marbles,how many marbles has he?

    asked by Peachie
  67. math

    how do I find the possibilities here: x^2 blank 24 x^2 +2x blank It is confusing

    asked by kendall
  68. Math

    How many positive integers, not having the digit 1, can be formed if the product of all its digits is 33750. With solution pls:)

    asked by K
  69. science

    What is the period of mathematical pendulum with a lenght of 39,2 m ?

    asked by Ivan
  70. Science

    Material point is accomplishing harmonic oscillation. What is the time for its displacement from equilibrium position to half of its amplitude ? The period of oscillation is 24 s, and the initial phase is 0 rad.

    asked by Ivan
  71. Maths

    You can buy x pencils for 80p How much will it cost to buy y pencils?

    asked by Maryam
  72. Physics

    I have this very confusing two part question that i am having trouble understanding. For the first question i first created a free body diagram to show the forces acting on both the boxes. However i am unsure of what to do after this since i don't

    asked by joe
  73. Maths

    Solve 1/x +1/x+1=1 ?

    asked by Maryam
  74. Chemistry

    1.38 mol HCl and 2.9 mol NaOH react accord- ing to the equation HCl + NaOH −→ NaCl + H2O . If the limiting reactant is HCl, determine the amount of excess reactant that remains. Answer in units of mol.

    asked by Angel
  75. social studies

    what is one example of cultural change during the settlement of north america?

    asked by crap
  76. Cheater!

    Your absolutely correct, Ms. Sue! All students should learn how to rely on their brains, and not on others to answer their questions. When I was in 5th grade, I got all the answers off of the internet. Big mistake!

    asked by Lovely Lam
  77. Statification in Sociology

    White Trash author Isenberg has a very pessimistic view of American ideal( real vs ideal culture) Do you think she's right that these are more ideal than real from a historical perspective? Poverty, who is poor, what the working people look like, racial

    asked by Penny
  78. physics

    An airtight box has a removable lid of area 2.87 × 10-2 m2 and negligible weight. The box is taken up a mountain where the air pressure outside the box is 7.20 × 104 Pa. The inside of the box is completely evacuated. What is the magnitude of the force

    asked by Tyler
  79. English

    Welcome to the English debate. I'd like all of you to take part in this debate. The MC will preside over the debate. I'd like you, the speakers, to come to the front with desks and chairs and be seated on your chairs facing your classmates. On the right,

    asked by rfvv
  80. mrps

    Before taking her final test, Tammys mean was 88% If she scores 68% on the final, her mean will be 86%. However, if she scores 98% on the final test, her mean will be 89%. How many test will Teresa takes in total.

    asked by josh
  81. math

    Two no which have same digit their sum is 9and difference is 27what will be the nos

    asked by maths
  82. Effective Learning Environment

    Which of the following statements accurately reflects the role of texture in the early childhood environment? A. Textures can help to control noise and create space definition. B. It's important to have flat rather than textured surfaces because they're

    asked by Priscila
  83. mental arithmetic pls help( ASAP)

    50% of a sum of money was £7.00. Find the whole sum of money.

    asked by laceh
  84. sociology

    what is the role strain for a football team? is having a favorite football team primary or secondary what is the conflict for a football team?

    asked by lamisha
  85. Maths

    An arithmetic progression start 3+2a, 3+4a,3+6a if the fifth term is 73 work out value a?

    asked by Maryam
  86. English

    1. If you want to raise a counterargument about the argument/speech, raise your hands. 2. If you want to raise a rebuttal about the argument/speech, raise your hands. 3. If you want to raise a question about the argument/speech, raise your hands. 4. If you

    asked by rfvv
  87. Mathas

    8th class Exeter 10.1 question 6 answer please give me chapter direct and inverse proportional

    asked by Anonymous
  88. mental arithmetic pls help( ASAP)

    Katie went on holiday on 29 July and returned on 7 August .For how many days was she on holiday?

    asked by laceh
  89. Math

    Graph the following polynomial. f(x)=(x+3)^2(x-2)^2(x+5) How would i graph ? f(x)=(x+5)

    asked by Aria
  90. Math

    Katherine,claire and Lisa each have coins saved.Lisa has twice as many coins Lisa has.write a smplified expression representing the total number of coins that the three girls have

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Calculus

    My question is with a multi-part homework assignment that we got in class. The information given is : A factory manufactures widgets. The rate of production of widgets after t weeks is widgets/ week. The equation for this is dx/dt=30(1-(20/((t+20)^2))).

    asked by Noah
  92. Math


    asked by Anonymous
  93. math

    .20x+x=? what is ?

    asked by sarah
  94. Math 10C

    Janet needs a rectangular piece of cardboard measuring 21 ft by 24 ft for a school project. a) What is the area of the cardboard in square feet? b) What is the area of the cardboard in square yards? Show your calculations in two different ways. c) The

    asked by Kevin
  95. math

    M is partly constant and partly varies with N, when N= 14, M = 150 and when N = 54, M = 192. Find the formula connecting M and N hence find M when N= 73 m=k+cn 192=k+54c............................. (1) 150=k+14c. ........................... (2) subtract

    asked by Austen Joy
  96. ELA

    Create your own extended metaphor poem (your own)

    asked by help
  97. math

    if mark is 32 years younger than his father. the sum of their ages is 72. how old is mark?

    asked by deb
  98. Maths

    Find in sqr meters,the area of a sqr of side 16.5 dam

    asked by Jaideep kaur
  99. math

    trey drove 63 miles in minutes. if he drove at a constant rate, what is his speed in miles per hour

    asked by nalanii
  100. English writting

    I have to write an essay andnit has to do with barbie dolls. I really do not know what way to take this essay or where to start. It's for college & please opinions ?

    asked by Brianna juarez
  101. Algebra

    If the first and the last terms of an arithmetic series are 10 and 62, show that the sum of the series varies directly as the number of terms

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Science

    a pendulum bob has by passing through its lowest position. what is its speed when make angle of 60 with the vertical the length of the pendulum is 0.5 .

    asked by Ankit
  103. english

    can someone give me a example of the headings for paragraph 5-7, 8-12, 13-14, and 15 for the story "An ode to the user-friendly pencil?

    asked by shawn
  104. Chemistry

    1. Calculate the MOLALITY (m=mol/kg) of the salt water solution. Note: Include the mass of ice AND volume of water when calculating the TOTAL MASS of the solvent (water). (1ml of water=1g of water. Is my work correct? So what I did was, Knowing m=mol/kg

    asked by MJay.
  105. History

    how do hobbes locke rousseau and montesquieu define liberty

    asked by Anonymous
  106. history

    what is a buffer state? a.) a neutral state that helps prevent conflict between warring states. b.) a politically active state that helps stir up regional discord c.)a state that serves to buffer the economic wants of neighboring nations d.) a state that

    asked by Jay
  107. Chem

    When sulfur dioxide is bubbled through a solution containing bromothymol blue, the solution changes from blue to yellow because sulfur dioxide _______________________.

    asked by Haley
  108. Chemistry

    What are at least 2' real world uses of colligative properties?

    asked by Allison
  109. math

    solve the proportion 42/15 = ?/10

    asked by <kyky
  110. Chemistry

    Hydrogen gas, H2, reacts with nitrogen gas, N2, to form ammonia gas, NH3, according to the equation 3H2(g)+N2(g)→2NH3(g) PArt 1: How many grams of NH3 can be produced from 3.26 mol of N2 and excess H2. Part 2: How many grams of H2 are needed to produce

    asked by Rose
  111. Maths

    Which numbers comes next in the patterns 1,2,5,11,21

    asked by kago koonne
  112. Accounting

    Cupid Co. has total assets of $600,000 and its liabilities are equal to two-thirds of its total assets. What is the amount of Cupid Co.'s Owner's Equity? Please explain how you got this answer.

    asked by Anon
  113. science

    Place the following words into the illustration below:gametes,sporophyte,gametophyte, and zygote,. Explain how the terms are related. I need help please!!

    asked by softball lover
  114. Math

    A meteorologist predicted that the downtown area would get 16 inches of snow in a snowstorm. The downtown area ended up getting 13 inches of snow. What was the percent error of the prediction?

    asked by Math
  115. Math

    Does the term "one real solution" and "one root" mean the same thing

    asked by Anonymous
  116. math

    M is partly constant and partly varies with N, when N = 14, M = 150 and when N = 54, M = 192. Find the formula connecting M and N hence find M when N = 73 solutions m = k + cn 192 = k + 54c.................... (1) 150 = k + 14c.................... (2)

    asked by Austen Victoria
  117. Physics

    Explain in detail how you would find the density of an unknown high-density object if you had only the objects listed below.If you show calculations, make sure you define your variables.Assume all containers are large enough to hold the object.... You

    asked by Lenny
  118. Math

    2. Write a ratio for the situation in three ways comparing the first quantity to the second quantity. In union City, about one in every three homes has two cars A. 5 to 2, 5:2, 5/2 B. 1 to 3, 1:3, 1/3 C. 5 to 3, 5:3, 5/5 D. 3 to 2, 3:2, 3/2

    asked by Bob
  119. Physics

    If you suspend a 90-N rock beneath the surface of ethanol, the tension required to support it is only 60 N. What volume of ethanol (density of 789.2kg/cubic meter) must therefore be displaced? Show your work.

    asked by Lenny
  120. math

    trey drove 63 miles in minutes. if he drove at a constant rate, what is his speed in miles per hour

    asked by nalanii
  121. Physics

    An Air Craft Flies 800km Due East And Then 600km Due North.Determine The Magnitude Of Its Displacement.

    asked by Ifeanyi
  122. Math

    Kelly has 15 blue bracelets and 12 green bracelets. What is the ratio of Kelly’s blue bracelets to green bracelets?

    asked by Don't need to know. Sorry
  123. med law && ethics

    Which situation is an example of a time when a heath care provider should understand their limits when making decisions and providing care to a patient? a. when a provider is experiencing pain from a traumatic injury b. when a provider is diagnosed with a

    asked by jakub
  124. Physics

    The resistance of 10 ft length of a 20 mil iron wire is 1.8 ohms. What is the resistivity of the iron?

    asked by Mycah
  125. maTH

    which of the following correctly identifies angles that add up to 90 degrees and 80 dewgrees

  126. Math

    A gymnasium is 50m long and 30m broad. A running track 2. 5m wide runs all around it on the inside. Find the area of the track?

    asked by Aayat
  127. 4th Grade math

    A pitcher contains a liquit mixture of water and lemon juice. The water makes up 2/5 of the weight of the liquid mixture. There are 30 ounces of water in the pitcher. How much lemon juice is in the pitcher?

    asked by mia
  128. Math

    Kailey's recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of oil to make one large batch of cookies. How much oil will she need for 1/4 batch?

    asked by Liv
  129. Math

    Factor the polynomial into linear term. x^4-2x^3-3x^2

    asked by Pam
  130. Math - limits

    Let f(t)=sint where t is the measure of the angle in degrees. Thus f is the sin function on your calculator if you select degree mode. Then: lim(t->0)(f(t)/t)= (Your answer will be a real number.)

    asked by Anon
  131. Social Studies

    Which of the following is a major example of Abraham Lincoln's policy of leniency toward the defeated South? A. Pres Lincoln's willingness to have federal government assume responsibility of the Confederate government's war debts. B. Pres Lincoln's choice

    asked by Help please
  132. Math

    On a average day a horse might drink 50liters a sheep might drink 4 liters and a chicken might drink 200ml. How much water would a farm with 3 horses 15 sheep and 12 chickens need for a day?

    asked by Savanah
  133. Math

    Five of the interior angle of a hexagon are equal if the size of the sisth angle is 155,what is the size of each of the five equal angle

    asked by Ewatomi
  134. math

    In a quiz competition of60 competitors 24drank Cocacola 25 drank fanta while 22 drank maltina. 6 drank cacacola and fanta and 5drank fanta and maltina.if a number of competitors drank the 3types of soft drink and 5did not drink any of them.draw a Venn

    asked by precious
  135. Math

    in a school band, 2/5 of the students play wind instruments. In the woodwind section, 1/2 of the students play the clarinet. What part of the band plays the clarinet?

    asked by Maya
  136. Physics

    A ball of mass 8kg falls from a height of 100m,neglecting air resistance calculate it total energy after falling a distance

    asked by Ewatomi
  137. Math Statistics

    "In the United Kingdom's Lotto game, a player picks six numbers from 1 to 49 fir each ticket. Rosemary brought one ticket for herself and one for each of her four adult children. She had the lottery ticket. When the sic winning numbers were drawn, Rosemary

    asked by Katherine
  138. English

    What is the linking verb in the sentence: I am fond of both kinds of comics.

    asked by Jill
  139. Chemistry

    A 17.7kg piece of zinc at 73 degrees celsius is placed in a container of water. The water has a mass of 23 kg and has a temperature of 13.4 degrees celsius before the zinc is added. what is the final temperature of water?

    asked by Nate
  140. English

    Ethan Frome test please check my answers and correct if they are wrong 4. Which word best describes the atmosphere, or mood, of the Prologue and Chapter I? A. jolly B. comfortable C. severe D. superstitious B is wrong Answer c 11. What kind of conflict

    asked by Michael
  141. Math

    What does the y = in exponential problems? Y2 × y4 the exponents are the 2 and 4

    asked by Janica
  142. Science

    Ammonia is used as a refrigerant not ph3 why...?

    asked by Amul
  143. science

    in xperiments involving a pithball electroscope what causes the pithball to move?

    asked by cindy
  144. statistics

    On a entrance exam, the mean was 50 and standard deviation was 5. If Ricky's z-score was -1.5, what was his exam score? I don't have a clue how to start to answer this question...

    asked by stephanie
  145. language

    are these right? 1) a 2) d 3) c 4) a? please correct ms sue if they are not right correct them please and thank you!!!

    asked by kakashi hatake pllease help
  146. Math - Continuity of Functions

    For what value of the constant c is the function f continuous on (−∞,∞) where f(x)= c if x=0, and xsin(1/x) otherwise

    asked by anonymous
  147. Physics

    You decide to repeat Archimedes experiment and determine the density of a candle holder. you suspend it from a spring scale and scale reads 8.0N. You then lower the holder into a tub of water until completely submerged and it reads 5.0N. what is the volume

    asked by eduardo
  148. physics

    Tarzan tries to cross a river by swinging from one bank to the other on a vine that is 11.2 m long. His speed at the bottom of the swing is 7.4 m/s. Tarzan does not know that the vine has a breaking strength of 1.0 ✕ 103 N. What is the largest mass that

    asked by dan
  149. science

    1. The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram below shows how the brightness, surface temperature, and color of stars are related.Which of these observations of Barnard’s Star is most likely accurate? * 1 point

    asked by bnn
  150. Human resources

    Have federal anti-discrimination laws gone too far? Should public policy in the U.S seek a return to employment at will? Not too sure if they have gone too far. But most states recognize that certain public policy guidelines.

    asked by Anonymous
  151. 100th day school

    how many does it take to have 100 inches worth of nickels how many would it be

    asked by annahi
  152. Gedeon

    You find a sales receipt from a store that shows the total price as $40, and the total amount paid including sales tax as $42. a. Write an equation you can use to find the sales tax rate r.

    asked by Seth
  153. Math

    What must be added to 40 to make 10 by powers of 2 ?

    asked by Ale
  154. History

    How did the results of the presidential election in 1860 influence South Carolina's decision to secede? there are no choices, it is a short answer. please help :)

    asked by Anon
  155. spanish

    Claudia _______ muchos tacos.

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Math

    The result of reflecting across the line y = x and then rotating 330 degrees counterclockwise around the origin is an isometry T . Represent T by a 2 ⇥ 2 matrix. There is more than one way to do it. Use the point (1, 1) to check your answer. I know how

    asked by Amy
  157. Chemistry

    1.38 mol HCl and 2.9 mol NaOH react accord- ing to the equation HCl + NaOH −→ NaCl + H2O . If the limiting reactant is HCl, determine the amount of excess reactant that remains. Answer in units of mol.

    asked by Angel
  158. Math

    She needs to prepare 160 pounds of blended coffee beans selling for ​$3.69per pound. She plans to do this by blending together a​ high-quality bean costing ​$5.00 per pound and a cheaper bean at ​$2.00 per pound. To the nearest​ pound, find how

    asked by Brandy
  159. science

    Two bricklayers are going for a swim. One bricklayer’s is the father of the other bricklayer’s son. How are the two bricklayers related?

    asked by Anonymous
  160. language

    which of the following answer choices contains a metaphor? A) his skin was sand paper B) the sun sparkled like a diamond C) she wanted to be like the birds and fly away D) they felt free when they ran through the door im not trying to cheat i just need

    asked by kakashi hatake pllease help
  161. Math - Continuity of Functions

    Let f(x)=(x-2)/((sqrtx)-(sqrt2)), if x does NOT equal 2 and f(x)=k if x=2. Then f is continuous everywhere in its domain if k=

    asked by Anonymous
  162. waubonsee

    rita purchased a prepaid phone card for $30 . Long distance calls cost 14 cents a minute using this card. Rita used her card only once to make a long distance call. If the remaining credit on her card is $23.70 , how many minutes did her call last

    asked by Anonymous
  163. Math Limits

    Let, f(x) = {4, x5} Evaluate each of the following: a) lim(x-->5-)f(x)= b) lim(x--)5+)f(x)= c) f(5)=

    asked by Anonymous
  164. Maths, agricultural science, life science and e on

    What job can i do while am doing this sujects?

    asked by Dzangalelo mukapu innocent
  165. Math

    (i) Evaluate integral [ x^3 / (x^2 + 4)^2 ] using trigonometric substitution. (ii) Evaluate integral [ x^3 / (x^2 + 4)^2 ] using regular substitution. (iii) Use a right triangle to check that indeed both answers you obtained in parts (i) and (ii) are the

    asked by Jack
  166. math

    kitty is 4 years younger than mario three years from now she will be two thirds as older as mario .find their present ages

    asked by asiana
  167. Question on Integration

    (i) Evaluate integral [ x^3 / (x^2 + 4)^2 ] using trigonometric substitution. (ii) Evaluate integral [ x^3 / (x^2 + 4)^2 ] using regular substitution. (iii) Use a right triangle to check that indeed both answers you obtained in parts (i) and (ii) are the

    asked by Murphy
  168. Science

    if you want to completey vaporize 6.0g H2O liquid initally at 48.0 degree celcuis how many kj would be needed

    asked by Dominique Delghingaro
  169. Physics

    Car A is 12 m ahead of car B on a straight stretch of road. Car A starts from rest and accelerates away from B at 4.0 m/s2. Two seconds later B starts from rest and accelerates after A at 6.0 m/s2. How long will it take B to catch A? How far will B have

    asked by John
  170. mensuration

    if area of rectangle is 48 sq.m and its diagonal is 10 m,then find length,breadth

    asked by kuku