Questions Asked on
February 5, 2017

  1. math

    Katie invested a total of ​$6000 ​, part at 3 ​% simple interest and part at 4 ​% simple interest. At the end of 1​ year, the investments had earned ​$214 interest. How much was invested at each​ rate?

    asked by anthony
  2. physics

    Trying to escape his pursuers, a secret agent skis off a slope inclined at 30° below the horizontal at 60 km/h. To survive and land on the snow 100 m below, he must clear a gorge 60 m wide. Does he make it? Ignore air resistance.

    asked by prashant
  3. 9th grade alebra

    Name the set of numbers to which -10 belongs A whole numbers , integers , rational numbers B rational numbers C integers or rational D whole numbers , natural numbers , integers

    asked by Terri
  4. math

    In a bag there are 3 green apples,5 yellow apples,7 green pears and 2 yellow pears,Simon randomly is taking fruit out of the bag by one by one. How many fruits must he take out in order to be certain that he has at least one apple and one pear of the same

    asked by shane
  5. Science

    At what position a candle of length 3 cm be placed in front of a convex lens so that it's image of length 6 cm be obtained on a screen placed at distance 30 cm behind the lens

    asked by Paresh
  6. algebra

    what is 7 more than five times the number 9 divided by 15? Answer:10 because 5 times 9 = 45 and it says 45 divided by 15 which is 3 and it says seven more than 9 divided by 15 so The answer is 10.

    asked by Hermes
  7. Supportive Learning Environment

    Which of the following statements is true about stress in young children? A. Children who experience high stress in the early childhood years develop coping skills that result in a higher threshold to stress in later years. B. Stress isn't as harmful in

    asked by Priscila
  8. How many mole are there in 30g of calciumm chlorid

    How many mole are there in calcium chloride, CaCl2 (CaCl2=111).

    asked by Chemistry
  9. value

    A machine has a velocity ratio of 6 and efficiency of 80%.What would be needed to lift a load of 80kg with the aid of the machine.

    asked by value
  10. Biochemistry

    Describe the preparation of 2.00 L of 0.100 M glycine buffer, pH 9.0, from glycine and 1.00 M NaOH. a) What mass of glycine is required? The appropriate pKa of glycine is 9.6. b) What volume of 1.00 M NaOH is required? The appropriate pKa of glycine is

    asked by Sam
  11. Alg/Trig

    If h= -16t^2 + 112t represents the height of a​ rocket, in​ feet, t seconds after it was​ fired, when will the rocket hit the​ ground? (Hint: The rocket is on the ground when h equals=​0).

    asked by Sydney
  12. Physics

    Huck Finn walks at a speed of 0.60 m/s across his raft (that is, he walks perpendicular to the raft’s motion relative to the shore). The raft is traveling down the Mississippi River at a speed of 2.20 m/s relative to the river bank. What is Huck’s

    asked by Robert
  13. Math

    A store owner bought some flower pots for $1,200.the flower pots were sold for $2,700,with a profit of $30 per many flower pots did she sell?

    asked by Riya
  14. Supportive Learning Environment

    Scott is just beginning to learn the names for the letters of the alphabet. Which of the following would be an example of the teacher scaffolding his learning? A. The teacher tells Scott, "You need to learn all your letters, and then you'll be ready to

    asked by Priscila
  15. Math

    Three boys and three girls all celebrate their birthday today, but they are each different ages. The youngest is 1 years old. The sum of the ages of the three girls is the same as the sum of the ages of the three boys. What is the smallest possible total

    asked by Andy
  16. english

    i'm struggling on idea's for " A short story about a main character who undergoes a change or learns something" I would like to know if you can give me any examples of short stories and i will come up with something similar, just examples please

    asked by Hi
  17. Math

    On a rainy day,20% of the 55 pupils in a class were absent.How many pupils were present on that day?

    asked by Vanessa
  18. Supportive Learning Environment

    Schedules should contain both child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. Which of the following is most likely to be a child-initiated activity? A. A small group of children listening to a story read by the teacher before they eat lunch B. A child

    asked by Priscila
  19. maths

    A bucket has a diameter of top and bottom of 44cm and 24 cm.find capacity in litres if its 36cm deep

    asked by eugine
  20. Physics

    After today’s test, you are going to meet some friends at Disney World. The total distance to Disney World is 68 miles. If you make it there in 72 minutes, what is your average velocity in miles per hour?

    asked by Robert
  21. Maths addition

    In the addition problem on the right, different letters represent different digits and A is bigger than P. What three-digit number does EEE, the sum, represent? PA + PA + PA = EEE Just wondering if anyone would have a technique to solve this if not then

    asked by Ripley
  22. Business Policy

    which primary value chain activity corresponds with American Giant costs?

    asked by Trilla
  23. maths

    In the addition problem on the right, different letters represent different digits and A is bigger than P. What three-digit number does EEE, the sum, represent? P A + PA + PA =EEE

    asked by Duncan
  24. Info Tech

    Write a pascal program that will accept the names of all sales staff members and their total sales for the month. The algorithm must calculate the commission at 3% of their total sales amount. It should also display the name, total sales and commission of

    asked by Cristhofer Lugo
  25. Chemistry

    What type of solid is Ne? Metallic? Molecular? Ionic? or Covalent Network?

    asked by Coolest
  26. Math

    I have worked and reworked this problem, but I cannot seem to figure it out. Can anyone help? Jeffries & Sons is borrowing $95,000 for four years at an APR of 7.05 percent. The principal is to be repaid in equal annual payments over the life of the loan

    asked by Sam
  27. math

    If John was five years older he would be exactly one-third the age of James. If John was three years younger he would be exactly one-sixth the age of James. How old is James? Just need help with the equation, thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  28. math

    A particle, which remains at rest, is acted on by three forces F, G, and H. The force F has magnitude 6N and is directed to the right and up, making an angle of 20' with the vertical. The force G has magnitude 15N and is directed to the right and down,

    asked by s17
  29. physics

    blood is pumped from the heart at a rate of 5.0l/min into the aorta (radius 1.0cm)determinethethe speed of the blood

    asked by moni
  30. physics

    An object is released from rest and falls in free fall motion. The speed v of the object after it has fallen a distance y is given by v2 = 2gy. In an experiment, v and y are measured and the measured values are used to calculate g. If the percent

    asked by jane
  31. Math

    Rahul spent half the money he had on a notebook and half of that amount on a pen.He is now left with RS10. How much money did he have initially?

    asked by Omm
  32. math

    which of the following can represent the measure of the three angles in an acute triangle A)59,61,62 B)30,25,125 C)56,72,52, D)90,45,45

    asked by dipper pines
  33. Pre-Calculus

    a jet, in calm air conditions, travel with velocity vector (389, 389). the wind velocity (in mph) at the plane's cruising altitude is given by (0, 50). how fast is the plane's true speed

    asked by Trish
  34. verbal reasoning

    one word in this sentence has is letters mixed up write the word out correctly the team ate only a light nchulnoe before the game

    asked by laceh
  35. Math

    A frog was at the bottom of a 12-meter hole. Each day it climbed up 3 meters but always slid back 2 meters. How many days will take the frog to get out of the hole?

    asked by Gabby
  36. Business

    What are some examples of companies who file consolidated returns?

    asked by Patte
  37. Chemistry

    A typical solid fertiliser for use with household plants and shrubs contains the elements N, P and K in the ratio of 15g: 30g: 15g per 100g of fertiliser. The recommended usage of fertiliser is 14g of fertiliser per 5dm^3 of water. What is the

    asked by Ta
  38. Math

    there are 10 questions in a quiz competition 5 marks will be given for each Correct answer 3 marks will deducted for each wrong answer or no response m be the number answers and s be the obtained .write down the formula for calculating the marks obtained

    asked by Venus
  39. TCC

    The sum of 11 and Donnie's height is 69. Use the variable d to represent to Donnie's height

    asked by Tabi
  40. math

    Oceanographers use a quantity known as shoreline development to describe and categorize bodies of water. Shoreline development, D, measures how closely a body of water resembles a circle. Its formula is: where L is the shoreline length and A is the area of

    asked by Aria
  41. Math

    write an equivalent equation that does not contain fractions then solve the equation 2/3x + 1 = 1/2

    asked by Avis
  42. value

    An Effort Of 250N Raises A Load Of 1000N Through 5m In A Pulley System.If The Effort Moves 30m,what Is; (a)the Work Done In Raising The Load (b)the Work Done By The Effort (c)the Efficiency

    asked by mr.m
  43. history

    After the strikes at Spindletop, which was the next region to experience oil strikes

    asked by Anonymous
  44. French

    How does "Le Louvre", a museum in Paris, France connect to French Culture?

    asked by Kevin
  45. history

    After the strikes at Spindletop, which was the next region to experience oil strikes

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Chemistry

    Calculate the new freezing point and the new boiling point of an aqueous solution that contains 40.5 g of Calcium Nitrate dissolved in 225 grams of water.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH values and draw the titration curve for the titration of 500 mL of 0.010 M acetic acid (pKa 4.76) with 0.010 MKOH. Calculate the pH of the solution after 490 mL of the titrant have been added.

    asked by Samantha
  48. Chemistry

    Why was sublimation performed under reduced pressure?

    asked by Vivian
  49. Math

    The number has four digits. It is greater then 11,but less then 12. The sum of the four digits is 13. The digit in the hundreds place is 6. What is the number

    asked by Kevin
  50. Science

    Pls help me solve this question pls. A stone of mass 6.5kg is thrown vertically upward with velocity with 10m/s find a. the potential energy at the greatest height and the value of h .b the kinetic energy of reaching the ground again(g=10m/s2) in physics?

    asked by Joseph
  51. 9th grade physical science

    the density of copper is 8.92g/cm^3. If you plotted the mass of copper in grams versus the volume in cubic centimeters, what would the slope of the line be?

    asked by anna
  52. maths

    use substitutio method y+x=7 3x+y=15

    asked by eugine
  53. math

    Juanita wants to gives bags of stickers to her friends.She wants to give the same number of stickers to each friend. She is not sure if she needs 4 bags or 6 bags of stickers .How many stickers could she buy so there are no stickers left over?

    asked by katie
  54. Algebra

    For each linear relationship identify the independent and dependent variables. Then calculate the rate of change / slope for each situation. Christopher has saved $65 after 3 weeks and $98 after 6 weeks.

    asked by Steve

    3) You add 36 g of MgSO4 to pure water to a final volume of 200 mL. What concentration of solution did you make ? Express the results as percentage, % (w/v).

    asked by LIN
  56. Finance

    You want to purchase a new condominium that costs $287,500. Your plan is to pay 25 percent down in cash and finance the balance over 15 years at 3.75 percent. What will be your monthly mortgage payment including principal and interest? $1,568.07 $1,333.33

    asked by Jen
  57. English

    One easy question Which excerpt from Robert Burns’s “To a Mouse” best conveys understanding and forgiveness? “…An’ weary winter comin’ fast,/An cozie here, beneath the blast…”

    asked by bubble dragon
  58. Finance

    Sheet Metals has an outstanding loan that calls for equal annual payments of $12,600.47 over the life of the loan. The original loan amount was $72,000 at an APR of 8.15 percent. How much of the third loan payment is interest? $5,868.00 $4,725.89 $4,896.48

    asked by Jen
  59. Physics

    Assume you have a canon aimed straight up. The cannonball is shot at a velocity of v_0=69 m/s. How high does the cannonball go? How much time does it take the cannonball to reach that height?

    asked by Robert
  60. Algebra (Answer Check)

    Am I correct? Solve the following inequality. f + 2 1/2 < -2 f (2 1/2 - 2 1/2) < (-2 - 2 1/2) f < -4 1/2

    asked by Tori
  61. Physics

    During your trip in question 10, you encounter some construction. In 25 seconds, you have to slow from 70 mph to 55 mph. What is your acceleration in mph/s?

    asked by Robert
  62. Physics

    Your gun is perfectly level with a monkey at a distance of 55 m. Your bullet is shot perfectly horizontal at a speed of v_0=38 m⁄s at the exact moment the monkey lets go of the branch. How far does the monkey fall before the bullet hits it?

    asked by Robert
  63. Physics

    A projectile is shot from the edge of a cliff 145m above ground level with an initial speed of 65.0 m/s at an angle of 37.0° with the horizontal. How far did the shot go horizontally?

    asked by Robert
  64. Algebra (Answer Check)

    Did I do this right? Solve the following inequality. -5 > -5 - 3w (-5 + 5) > (-5 + 5) - 3w 0 > 0 - 3w (0 / 3w) > 0 (-3w / -3) 0 < w w > 0

    asked by Tori
  65. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of valence electrons in BF3.

    asked by cool
  66. Algebra

    Write an equation in slope-intercept form fo each situation. Assume a linear relationship between x and y. In 2007 Tamara bank account balance was $500. In 2010, it was $1,400. Assuming she saves the same amount each year, in what year will her balance be

    asked by Steve
  67. Algebra

    Write an equation in point-slope form to represent each situation. Assume a linear relationship between the given quantities. A temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit corresponds to 10 degrees Celcius. A temperature of 77degrees Fahrenheit corresponds to 25

    asked by Steve
  68. Phycis

    How much kinectic energy does a ball have when it is 25 meters from the ground with the potential energy of 1470J

    asked by Gail
  69. Math

    My numerator is 2 less than my denominator I am more than 1/2 what fraction can i be?

    asked by Angel
  70. Geometry

    Discuss the differences between a coordinate geometry proof and a proof method that does not require coordinate geometry. When would it be appropriate to use a coordinate proof rather than another proof method?

    asked by Unknown
  71. physics

    A small dog is trained to jump straight up a distance of 1.2 m. How much kinetic energy does the 7.2-kg dog need to jump this high? (The acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2.) Show your work for credit.

    asked by sophia
  72. Math

    The length of a picture is 15cm more than its width. The picture frame has a width of 4cm. What is the minimum length of material needed to make the frame for this picture? *I am not good a Maths at all and even though i've tried to get help, I just dont

    asked by Saphia
  73. Chemistry

    What will be the mass of ferrous sulphide formed when 20 gram of pure sulphur reacts with iron ?

    asked by Pratik ravindra bachhav
  74. Algebra

    For each problem suppose y varies directly with x. Write a direct variation equation that relates x and y. y=6 when x=8

    asked by Zoe
  75. pre calc

    Can someone please help me f(x)=1/3 square root 1-2x and g(x)= (x-2)/x. Find and simplify (g of g)(3)/(g of f)(-24). The answer I got it -24/7 and i Am unsure If it is correct. Please show all work Thank you

    asked by Marie
  76. physics

    The energy source used to produce most of the electrical energy in the United States

    asked by sophia
  77. Math

    Find the area of cardboard wasted if a sector of maximum possible side is cut out from a square cardboard of size 24cm.

    asked by Saran
  78. Physics

    Raft made of 2.2m long pine logs.Average diameter of logs 26cm.How many logs are needed to strap together to build raft to hold max 4 people? What percent of the logs is under water when you are on your raft in the water with your friend?

    asked by kely
  79. addmaths

    Given the equation x^2+4mx+(2m+1)^2=0 has no roots. Find the range of values of m. b^2-4ac=(4m^2)-4(1) (2m+1)

    asked by farah
  80. Chemistry

    At what speed must a human weighing 150.0 lb be traveling in order to have a wavelength at 650 nm?

    asked by Piper
  81. mechanics

    Two equal force acting at a point if the angle between then is 60 and the resultant is 20 root 3.find the magnitude ?

    asked by sruthi
  82. Physics

    Raft made of 2.2m long pine logs.Average diameter of logs 26cm.How many logs are needed to strap together to build raft to hold max 4 ?What percent of the logs is under water when you are on your raft in the water with your friend?

    asked by kely
  83. Chemistry

    Fireflies flash at a rate that depends on the temperature. At 29oC, the average rate is 3.3 flashes every 10 seconds, whereas at 23oC, the average falls to 2.7 flashes every 10 seconds. Calculate the "energy of activation" (in kJ/mol) for the flashing

    asked by Jacob
  84. Chemistry

    A closed bottle contains a solution of 5.0% by mass acetone [(CH3)2CO] in water. Calculate the vapour pressure (in kPa) of this solution at 25oC. The vapour pressure of pure water at 25oC is 3.17 kPa and that of pure acetone is 30.7 kPa.

    asked by Vanessa
  85. Math

    Sketch the graph of the following polynomial. (Label all x intercepts, y intercepts, maxima, minima, and identify the range and domain.) f(x)= 1/2( x^2-2x+15)

    asked by Pam
  86. math

    Let f be the invertible linear transformation represented by the matrix A = (-2 -3 2 -3) Find in terms of x and y the equation of the image f(C) and of the unit circle C

    asked by s17
  87. chemistry

    Which of the following statements is false ? a) S is negative when water condenses at 100oC b) Ssurroundings is positive when water condenses at 100oC c) Suniverse is equal to zero when water condenses at 990C d) Suniverse increases when water

    asked by Mi
  88. Ela

    In concrete mixers what seems to be the speakers feelings about the concrete mixers A she thinks they are ugly eyesore in the city B she thinks they are interesting and impressive C she thinks they are mysterious and frightening D She thinks they are

    asked by Hey ms.Sue I need help

    Calculate the formal concentrations of acetic acid and sodium acetate necessary to prepare a buffer solution of pH 5 that is 0.20M in total acetate?

    asked by SAAD
  90. s.s

    VTreaty of Paris was the impetus for __________ recognition of the United States as an independent nation. a. Spain’s c. Germany’s b. Britain’s d. None of the aboveTreaty of Paris was the impetus for __________ recognition of the United States as an

    asked by Mya
  91. math

    the diameter of a roller is 70 cm and its length 1.12m. find the area of a playground, if it takes 250 complete revolutions to move once over the playground to level it.

    asked by vinay
  92. Mathematics

    There are 2 red cars and 3 blue cars. The 5 cars contain a total of 12 people. No car has more than 4 people. Every car has at least 1 person. The only cars with the same number of people are the red cars. How many people are in 1 red car?

    asked by Martha
  93. Physics

    Name any Margins of error that would happen in the lab "Which path requires the most energy? (gas)

    asked by Kevin
  94. Math

    K: 1) simplify: 1 - 1/2 + 1/4 - 1/8 + 1/16 - 1/32 2) Simplify: (1/2 - 1) - (1/3 - 1) + (1/4 -1) 3) In the proportion x^2 : 27 = 9 : x^3, what is x? 4) Between what two consecutive integers does cube root of -100 lie? 5) What is the area of a rectangle

    asked by K
  95. Geometry

    angle 1 and angle 2 are supplementary; angle 1=3x and angle 2=3x. in order to set up this equation, do I set it up this way: 3x+3x=180; or do I need to set them up seperately?

    asked by sun
  96. Maths

    Construct a parallelogram ABCD, where AB=7cm ,AC =9cm and /_A = 75°

    asked by Nancy
  97. Physics

    PART 1 Raft made of 2.2m long pine logs with Average diameter of logs 26cm.How many logs are needed to strap together to build raft to hold max 4 people? Density of log = 600 kg/m^3 Each people weights 512N PART 2 What percent of the logs is under water

    asked by kely
  98. Math

    f(x)=1/2(x^2-2x+15) I did the quadratic formula and my answer is 2 plus or minus i square root 8/2. Could someone check my answer please

    asked by Pam
  99. Algebra

    Rectangular court figure 99ft and 77 ft. Please help me solve this 99*77 7623? 99 plus 77 176? *sorry addition key isn't working*

    asked by Malicha
  100. Math

    Divide into intervals and evaluate to find the max/min. f(x)= -(x-1)^2(x+4) I pick -2 -(-2-1)^2(-2+4)=-18 Is that the correct answer

    asked by Aria
  101. chemistry

    Al2Br6, xpress your answer as a chemical formula?

    asked by kaba
  102. science

    A hot air balloon is ascending with a constant velocity of 5m^s-1 when somebody in the balloon throws a bottle upward with a velocity of 2m^s-1 if the balloon is 55m above tge ground when this happens calculate the time taken for the bottle to reach the

    asked by lulama
  103. Math

    The mean of five numbers is 20. Four of the numbers are 24,19,25, and 22. What is the fifth number? PLZ HELP ME BEFORE SCHOOL me how to get the answer

    asked by Jechica
  104. Trinity college Gboko ..

    What is the reason for using just a small quantity of indicator during acid-base titration?

    asked by M.jude
  105. physics

    A ball is thrown horizontally from a window 27 m above the ground. The ball strikes the ground at a point 80 m from the base of the building. The acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2. What is the resultant velocity of the ball just before it strikes the

    asked by haya
  106. physics

    How much time will it take a car travelling at 88 km/hr (55 mi/hr) to travel 500km? Show work for credit and include final units.

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Pre-Calculus

    determine the projection of u = 1.6 vector i + 3.3 vector j in the vector v = -2.1 vector i - 0.5 vector j direction

    asked by Trish
  108. Math

    I have 100 bucks to buy 100 fruits. The fruits which I need to buy are- mango; which is 20 piece for 1 buck, lichi; which is 1 piece for 1 buchan and coconut; which is 1 piece for 5 bucks. How many each of6the fruits do I have to buy to get this result-100

    asked by Amanda
  109. Math

    I have 100 bucks to buy 100 fruits. The fruits which I need to buy are- mango; which is 20 piece for 1 buck, lichi; which is 1 piece for 1 bucks and coconut; which is 1 piece for 5 bucks. How many each of those fruits do I have to buy to get this

    asked by Amanda
  110. Chemistry

    Describe the procedure you would follow to determine the concentration of vitamin c in a sample if the volume of dcpip required to reach the end point were more than the 10-mL graduated cylinder could hold. The titration must still be carried out in the

    asked by Nicole
  111. Math:Integers

    The sum of two integers is zero. the difference of the same two integers is 12. What are the two integers?

    asked by Gabby
  112. verbal reasoning

    write a word which rhymes with the first word and has the meaning given in brackets TOY (a warning for sailors)

    asked by laceh
  113. Math

    Suppose you want to install carpet in a hexagon room whose sides are all 15 ft long. Carpet costs $48 per sq yd and comes in rectangular rolls that are 12 ft by 90 ft. (Sold by the whole sq yd) How will you lay the carpet? Where will the seams be? How many

    asked by Tamara
  114. English

    How do you pronounce 'hopeful'? Can we omit 'p' in rapid reading?

    asked by rfvv
  115. Math

    Prove that limit(z -> z_0) z^2 = z_0^2 I must show that for any positive number E that there exists a positive number delta so that whenever this is true: 0 < |z - z_0| < delta then this is true: |z^2 - z_0^2| < E

    asked by John
  116. English

    Is there any suspense? If so, when does it occur and why? on the story "The Cremation of Sam McGee"

    asked by Heidy
  117. science

    if a strong odour is smelt continuously for some time the sensation ofsmell of that substance weakness why?

    asked by adma
  118. soild mechanics

    Under what axial tensile load, the diameter of a steel bar will be reduced from 8 cm to 7.995 cm? Take E as t/cm2 and Poisson’s ratio as 0.3

    asked by priya
  119. Phsics

    A worker pushes a box with a horizontal force of 50.0 N at an angle of 24 degrees over a level distance of 5.0 meters. what net work is done on the box?

    asked by JJW
  120. chemistry

    How I doing electrolysis of aluminium cloraed?

    asked by aritra
  121. physics

    Calculate the rotational inertia of a wheel that has a kinetic energy of 24,400 J when rotating at 677 rev/min. I know that I = mr^2 and that T = Ia; also I calculated 677rpm to be 70.9 radians/sec. But I don't understand how to integrate KE into this.

    asked by james
  122. math

    Laura inherits $30,000 and decides to invest part of it in an education account for her daughter and the rest in a 10-year CD. If the amount she puts in the education account is $5,000 more than twice the amount she puts in the CD, how much money does

    asked by chris
  123. Algebra

    The perimeter of a geometric figure is the sum of the lengths of its sides. If the perimeter of the following pentagon is 48 meters, find the length of each side.

    asked by Anonymous
  124. maths

    make x the subject of formula in √(x+a)=b

    asked by nana
  125. maths

    Calculate S20 if the sum of the squares of the first integers is given by Sn=n(n-1)(2n+1)/6

    asked by nana
  126. Intermediate Algebra

    Sarah Meeham blends coffee for​ Tasti-Delight. She needs to prepare 150 pounds of blended coffee beans selling for $4.45 per pound. She plans to do this by blending together a​ high-quality bean costing $5.25per pound and a cheaper bean at $3.25 per

    asked by Brandy
  127. chemistry

    Word equation of dissolving zinc in dilute susurphuric acid

    asked by emancy
  128. math

    What is the loop that forms after many iterations when the initial value of g is 1.7? What is the loop that forms after many iterations when the initial value of g is 1.72?

    asked by Nicole
  129. math (precalc)

    let F(x)=x-1/3x find f(a+h)-f(a)/h sorry if this is difficult to understand.

    asked by Kyle
  130. math

    If A is 120% more than B, by what percentage is B less than A?

    asked by sukh