Questions Asked on
February 3, 2017

  1. Social Studies

    Which of the following transformed city life in the late 1800s? Select all that apply A. Elevators and skyscrapers B. Electric streetcars C. Automobiles D. Telephones My answer is C+D I'm not sure if it's right

    asked by Gamergirl
  2. Math help PLEASE!!!!

    1. David drew triangle PQR as shown: If LQPR measures 135 degree, which statement is true for LPQR and LPRQ?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. History

    According to Americans living in the cities, what was a sign of a communist revolution in the United States? A The rise of mass culture B Labor Strikes C The deportation of anarchrist D The Great Migration I think it's B

    asked by HSSSs
  4. LA ( anyone help or correct me plz

    1. Which question best relates to these details in "Winter"? Frogs burrow the mud / snails bury themselves (1 point) A What happens to frogs in the winter? B How do animals differ from people in the winter? C Why do snails bury themselves? D How do

    asked by tita
  5. Language Arts

    6. Poets use imagery and words with different connotations and denotations. In a paragraph, define and provide an example of imagery, connotation, and denotation. Then, explain how poets use these elements to contribute to tone in a poem. Support your

    asked by EmberShy
  6. Language Arts

    which of the following citations in a work cited page uses proper MLA style Please help do today! the examples are Paul, Smith. The Night on the river. New York: Penguin 1987.Print please write it out for me how it should look thanks.

    asked by TheGruddyHippo
  7. World History (Absolutism and Revolution)

    Which factors accounted for the fierce resistance to the efforts of Philip II to impose higher taxes and greater Spanish control over the Netherlands? Select all that apply. -Both Protestants and Catholics feared the destruction of their churches and

    asked by Olivia N J
  8. History

    1. What was described as the "hardest work" slaves did? A: Work in rice fields B: Work in tobacco fields**** C: Work in the lumber business D: work loading and unloading ships in port 2. Which of the following best describes the social class of a small

    asked by Anonymous human
  9. physics

    The drawing shows three objects rotating about a vertical axis. The mass of each object is given in terms of m0, and its perpendicular distance from the axis is specified in terms of r0. Rank the three objects according to their moments of inertia, largest

    asked by Tyler
  10. Social Studies

    During the 1920s, why did suburbs begin to emerge? A There was a lack of housing in the city B More jobs in the suburb C There where better educational opportunities D Affordable cars made the suburbs more desirable I think C

    asked by EmberShy
  11. History

    Which of the following is the best example of the growing fear of communism and foreigners that America was experiencing in the 1920s? A Labor unions losing supporters B The John Scopes trial C The Harlem Renaissance D the Sacco and Vanzetti trial Is it A

    asked by Hssss
  12. Math

    A) estimate 49 of 162. B) use mental math to calculate 49 of 162

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Trig Practice

    Find the exact value of sinA where a=9 and b=10 and angle C is a right angle. a. sin A= 9/sqrt 181, cos A= sqrt 181/10 b. sin A= sqrt 181/9, cos A= 10/sqrt 181 c. sin A= 9/sqrt 181, cos A= 10/sqrt 181 d. sin A=sqrt181/10, cos A= 9/sqrt 181

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Chemistry

    Magnesium has three stable isotopes: 24Mg, 25Mg, 26Mg. The relative abundance of 24Mg is 79%. What are the relative abundances of 25Mg and 26Mg?

    asked by Piper
  15. Math

    which equation can be used to find the measure of an angle that is supplementary to angle EGB

    asked by Wazzzuupp
  16. History

    Which one of the following would likely be the action of one who supports the 18th Amendment? A organizing and hosting a rally for the Women’s Temperance Union B setting up a system of distribution for bootlegged alcohol C appealing to Congress that

    asked by Need help
  17. Algebra2

    Solve the equation 3^5sqrt(x+2)^3+3=27 My answer is 30

    asked by Steve
  18. Histor;y

    Which of the following is the best example of how some Americans responded to disillusionment after World War I? A Fans flocked to baseball games. B American observers attended the League of Nations. C Writers moved to Europe as expatriates. D Oakies moved

    asked by LEp
  19. Math

    A pencil costs $3.50 and a pen costs $6.70. Jessica bought m pens. She also bought 4 fewer pencils than pens. Write an algebraic expression for the total amount she spent. The answer supposed to be 6.70m + 3.5 (m-4). I got confused of what to do

    asked by Bobby
  20. math

    suppose your friends parents invest 20,000 in an account paying 7% compounded annually what will the balance be after 6 years

    asked by mikayla
  21. Math

    A colony of bees doubles in population every 5 weeks.hpw long does it take for the population to triple ?

    asked by Mike
  22. MS. SUE! World History (Absolutism and Revolution)

    How did the monarchs of Austria and Russia use their power as absolute rulers? Select all that apply. (2 answers) -Maria Theresa of Austria expanded her territory along the northern Atlantic coast by defeating Norway. She strengthened Austria by refusing

    asked by Olivia N J
  23. Geometry

    PLZZZZZ HELP I SUCK AT GEOMETRY Find the area of the following shape. You must show all work to receive credit. Figure ABCDEF is shown. A is located at negative 2, 6. B is located at negative 5, 2. C is located at negative 2, negative 3. D is located at 4,

    asked by Hannah
  24. World History (Absolutism and Revolution)

    12. How did the monarchs of Austria and Russia use their power as absolute rulers? Select all that apply. (2 answers) -Maria Theresa of Austria expanded her territory along the northern Atlantic coast by defeating Norway. She strengthened Austria by

    asked by Olivia N J
  25. chemistry

    Calculate the pH values and draw the titration curve for the titration of 500 mL of 0.010 M acetic acid (pKa 4.76) with 0.010 MKOH. Calculate the pH of the solution after 490 mL of the titrant have been added. Calculate the pH of the solution after 500 mL

    asked by Crystal
  26. math

    After a drought, the Great Salt Lake in Utah covered an area of 2450 kilometers squared or 35/64 the area of the lake under normal weather conditions. Find the area of Great Salt Lake under normal weather conditions.

    asked by Steven
  27. History

    What new opportunities were won by women with the passage of the 19th Amendment? A Women were elected governors by the votes of women. B Women gained equal pay in factories. C Women were able to achieve higher levels of education. D Women were considered

    asked by History
  28. science

    A stone is dropped from a balloon going up with a uniform velocity of 5.0 m/s. If the balloon was 50 m high when the stone was dropped, find its height (in meters) when the stone hits the ground. Take g = 10 m/s2 (A) 50 (B) 58 (C) 68 (D) 78.5

    asked by sam
  29. math

    Micah walks on a treadmill at 4 miles per hour. He has walked 2 miles when Luke starts running at 6 miles per hour on the treadmill next to him. If their rates continue, will Luke's distance ever equal Micah's distance? Explain. *At 5 hours Luke will run

    asked by :)
  30. social studies

    which of the following arguments could have been used to support the us acquisition of Puerto Rico Guam and the Philippines? 1)The united states needed naval bases in the Caribbean and the pacific and new territory for businesses 2)the united states needed

    asked by Dream
  31. Science

    Suppose that three samples of water are prepared as described: addition of carbon dioxide, addition of oxygen, and degassed to remove all gases. Three identical Elodea plants are placed in each of these water samples. How will the rate of bubble formation

    asked by Candi Girl
  32. math

    Given G of x equals the integral from 1 to x of the natural logarithm of the quantity 2 times t plus 1, dt, find G '(x) ln(2x + 1) ln(2x + 1) − ln3 ln(2t + 1) + C 2 divided by the quantity 2 times x plus 1 my answer is ln(2x+1) but I dont think its right

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Math

    The ratio of the ages of husband and wife is 4:3. After 4 years the ratio will 9:7 . At the time of marriage the ratio was 5:3 , then how many years ago they got married?

    asked by AnnA
  34. Calculus

    A population of 1200 badgers grow by 6% every 8 years. How long does it take the population of badgers to grow 2000?

    asked by Gary
  35. social studies

    which of the following events most directly contributed to the establishment of Israel as a nation? 1) Exodus 2) Diaspora 3) Crusades 4) Holocaust I think 4

    asked by Jaden
  36. physics

    The drawing shows two blocks that are placed at the ends of a massless board. The board is balanced on a support that serves as an axis of rotation. The block on the left has a mass of 5.8 kg. What is the moment of inertia of this system about the axis of

    asked by Tyler
  37. History

    PLEASE HELP how did the issue of states rights influence South Carolina decision to secede from the union?

    asked by Lilly
  38. Math

    Daniel made a chocolate pie, a cream pie, and an apple pie that were the same size and shape for a celebration. After the celebration the following amounts of pie were remaining: 5/8 of chocolate 1/6 of cream pie 1/4 of apple pie What fraction of a whole

    asked by Anastasia
  39. science

    A copper calorimeter weighs 100g when empty, 400g when half full of water at 0 degrees Celsius, and 450g when ice at 0 degree Celsius is added. When some steam is passed into the mixture, its temperature is raised by 10 degrees Celsius. Find the quantity

    asked by agajere
  40. math

    (3+1/2)x14 is it 49

    asked by jac
  41. Maths

    Two numbers have a difference of 2.38 They both add to six One number is 3 times bigger than the other what could the two numbers be ?

    asked by Geoff
  42. Math

    Nick borrowed $7150, to be repaired at an annual simple interest rate of 6.25%. How much interest will be due after 5 years? How much will Nick have to repay?

    asked by Kay
  43. World history

    Why was the Han period considered a Golden Age of Chinese civilization

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Pre Cal

    The intensity of light decreases by 4% for each meter that it descends below the surface of the water. At what depth is the intensity of light only 20% of that at the surface?

    asked by Brock
  45. Physics

    An electron starts from rest travels a distance of 15 cm with constant acceleration and hits a television screen at a speed of 3×10^6 m/s .Calculate the acceleration of the electron.

    asked by Farah shibly
  46. Physics

    A hollow sphere has a uniform volume charge density of 4.61 nC/m3. The inner radius is a = 14.6 cm and the outer radius is b = 43.8 cm. What is the magnitude of the electric field at 21.9 cm from the center of the sphere? What is the magnitude of the

    asked by John
  47. Geometry

    A sailboat is heading directly north at a speed of 16 knots (1 knot = 0.514 m/s). The wind is blowing towards the east with a speed of 10.4 knots. (Both velocities are given relative to the Earth.) Determine the magnitude and direction of the wind velocity

    asked by Ellie
  48. language art

    From the play "The Diary of Anne Frank" Examples of Dramatic Irony - Find 3 of them. Find the quote. Explain why it is ironic.

    asked by Rose
  49. history

    Why did the Allied Powers try to appease Nazi Germany before WWII? All of the following were reasons for appeasement.*** World War I was so terrible that many leaders never wanted another war Many people thought the newly-strengthened Soviet Union was a

    asked by kacy

    1. Not sure of how to do the calculations... Make a 0.200 m solution of NaCl in a 100. mL volumetric flask. ... Solution A's question or statement is the same but with M (molarity) Is this right? The small m means molality. If it were changed to capital M,

    asked by Allison
  51. Physics

    A charge of uniform linear density 2.89 nC/m is distributed along a long, thin, nonconducting rod. The rod is coaxial with a long conducting cylindrical shell with an inner radius of 6.23 cm and an outer radius of 15.5 cm. If the net charge on the shell is

    asked by Kory
  52. math

    in an arithmetic sequence 17th term is 9 times the first three terms and the 9th term is 6 less than 3 times the 1st term. Find the first three terms

    asked by jessica
  53. Math

    An item is regularly priced at $65 . It is on sale for 80% off the regular price. How much (in dollars) is discounted from the regular price?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Math

    The radius of the larger circle is 9cm. The diameter of the smaller circle is 11cm. Find the area of the shaded region The shaded area is between the larger circle and smaller circle . It is concentric The area of the larger circle is 81Ï€. The smaller

    asked by Nicki
  55. Chemistry

    If 0.35 moles of SO3 is placed in a 1 dm3 flask and allowed to come to equilibrium at a high temperature, 0.207 mole of S03 remains. Calculate Kc For the reaction 2SO3 Double arrow 2SO2 +02

    asked by Summit
  56. physics

    A hiker, who weighs 811 N, is strolling through the woods and crosses a small horizontal bridge. The bridge is uniform, weighs 3350 N, and rests on two concrete supports, one on each end. He stops 1/6 of the way along the bridge. What is the magnitude of

    asked by Tyler
  57. statistics

    You are responsible for planning the parking needed for a new 256-unit apartment complex, and you are told to base the needs on the statistic “average number of vehicles per household is 1.9.” Which average (mean, median, mode) would be best if: •

    asked by Sharon
  58. Diseases data classification & clinical coding

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of electronic indexing?

    asked by Ayshat
  59. Calculus

    Comute f(x) of a) f(x) = sinxcosx / sinx + cosx b) f(x) = (1-x^2) / (1+x+x^2) c) f(x) = x^7 secx

    asked by Jessi
  60. physics

    A glass cylinder with a diameter 12 cm has initial water level at 120 cm. When a ball is totally immersed in it,the water level rises to 135 cm. What is the volume of the ball immersed?

    asked by aiminath
  61. History

    Which of the following best describes why sit-down strikes resulted in success for workers? A Owners lost more money the longer strikers occupied the factories. B The strikes forced workers to agree to management’s terms. C The strikes allowed workers to

    asked by Kate
  62. maths

    In a cricket, a bowler throws a ball at the height 5m. A ball bounces on the pitch at 8m away. A wicket keeper catches this ball from 5m away at the height of 8m. How much distance the ball has covered after pitch

    asked by sanjay
  63. buisness

    If you find a job posting for a community college that clearly states that the job will close on 08/15/2017, what does this mean? a. Someone will be hired by that date. b. The employer is only hiring until that date. c. After that date, the employer will

    asked by daisy
  64. math

    there were 12 red fish,5 blue fish,and 2 yellow many fish were there altogether?

    asked by asira
  65. Physics

    Which is the best example of Newton's Third Law of Motion? A hockey puck sliding on the ice will keep going until it is hit by another player or hits the wall. It takes more force to move a large tractor trailer than it does to move a small sports car. A

    asked by sarah
  66. math

    There are 30 students in the class. There are 4 more boys than girls in the class. What do I do to solve this? The ratio is 4:1? Then what do with the 30? I am very confused.

    asked by Mike
  67. statistics

    Describe whether the following study would most likely be “observational” or “experimental”, and why it would be so. * The nurses on the 5th floor record the medicines administered every day and report results to the doctors. don't understand at

    asked by Sharon
  68. Math

    Frank has $20 less than Tracy. John has twice as much as Frank. Patty has three times as much as John. Together they have $340. How much does each person have?

    asked by Mason
  69. Spanish 3

    I've been stuck on these two, help! Which one is correct? se llama roberto llama roberto and Acuesto al nino Me acuesto al nino

    asked by bubble dragon
  70. Psychology

    The part of a person's self-conceop that is based on identification with a nation, culture, group or gender is called: A. Social identity B. Social stereotype C. Tacit identity D. Social concept I chose d is this correct

    asked by Brenda
  71. Diseases data classification & clinical coding

    Advantage and Disadvantage on manual indexing

    asked by Ayshat
  72. English

    Thank you for your help. Would you check the following passage? I’d like the fifth speaker to come to the podium to give a speech in favor of watching TV. She will summarize her team’s argument. Thank you. Next, the last speaker will come to the podium

    asked by rfvv
  73. math

    Ali is planning to keep fit through practicing push-ups for 21 days. on the first day, he can only do 14 push-ups in a minute. He plans to do x more push-ups in a minute on the next day. How many push-ups can he do in a minute on 11th days? (in term of x)

    asked by Dina
  74. Calculus

    For which values of x does the curve Y= (3x^3-3x^2+1) / (2x^2-1) , have a horizontal tangent? Show steps or explain, i dont get it

    asked by Carmen
  75. Chemistry

    its takes 145 mL of zinc nitrate to react completely with 175 ml of 1.5 M potassium hydroxide. what is the concentration if zinc nitrate?

    asked by Annie
  76. physic

    An object of mass m, volume v, is totally immersed in a liquid of density e, the tension of a strings holding it is?

    asked by Paul Maxwell
  77. Math : ratio and proportion

    if a scooter requires 2 litres of petrol to cover 80 kilometre then how many litres of petrol does it require to cover 1 kilometre?

    asked by Navya
  78. English

    Which ocean lies to the east of Asia???

    asked by Poorvi
  79. Science

    If a bowling ball with a mass of 2.75kg. travels 27 meters in 7.6 seconds , how fast is it traveling?

    asked by Daniel
  80. Englih

    1. The guests talked about a lot of topics on the talk show. 2. The guests talked about a lot of topics in the talk show. --------------------------- Which one is correct? Do we have to use 'on' here? 3. First speaker, come to the podium, please. And

    asked by rfvv
  81. algebra

    The sum of the digit of A three digit number is 20 .the middle digit is equal to one fourth the sum of the other two. If the order of the digi be reversed the number increases the original number by woo .find the original number

    asked by pratik
  82. Math

    Meghan and Sabrina compared the amount of interest they each earned on their savings accounts. Each had deposited $1000, but Meghan earned $140 interest and Sabrina earned $157.50. Whose savings account had a higher interest rate? Explain.

    asked by Kay
  83. Algebra

    find the smallest number which is greater than 111,111,000 and divisible by 8 and 9

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Calculus

    Let F(x) = (x+1) / (x^2-16). Use the definition of the derivative to compute f'(x) and give its domain. Show all steps.

    asked by jaime
  85. Calculus

    Knowing that F(-2) = -7, F'(-2)= 12, g(-2)= -3 and g'(-2)= -9, Compute: a) h'(-2) if h(x)= f(x)g(x) b) h'(-2) if h(x) = f(x) / g(x) c) h'(-2) if h(x) = g(x) / 1+(f(x))^2 Show all steps

    asked by Mikey
  86. biology

    If allele frequencies change, natural selection must be acting in some way. True or False?

    asked by Alex
  87. Algebra 2

    The sum of four numbers in arithmetic progression is 16. The square of the last number is the square of the first number plus 48. What are the four numbers?

    asked by Alex Chien
  88. Slopes

    Write equation of the line through he point (-3, 2) with a slope of 1/4 in slope intercept form. I really don't understand this questions.

    asked by Mark
  89. Physics

    There is a block of mass 1 on a frictionless surface attached to a string. The string goes over a frictionless pulley. The pulley is a hoop with a rotational inertia of I=MR^2. The other end of the string is attached to a hanging block of mass 2. The

    asked by Gill Walker
  90. Maths

    Six whole numbers a median of 10 a node of 11 and a range of 4 work out a possible set of six numbers write them in order

    asked by Ada
  91. math

    Find two fractions in lowest terms with unequal denominators whose difference is 2/13?

    asked by Shanee
  92. English

    1. The other student should make a counteragrument for the speaker's points after the argument. When the debate between the apeaker and some students finishes, the next speaker should come to the podium to deliver a speech. 2. The pros team is composed of

    asked by rfvv
  93. math

    what is the sum of two missing digits in this addition: -3x + 17 =(-x8)

    asked by Anna
  94. FLVs

    A man with a waist measurement of 32 inches and a BMI of 22 is considered:

    asked by ashley
  95. Social Studies

    in 3-5 sentences describe the apportionment system for state legislative districts I cant seem to think of any please help

    asked by joel
  96. maths

    for the function f(x)= 3/(2x-1), determine the difference quotient and simplify

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Math

    Consider the functions p(x) = 2x + 5 and k(x) = 3x + b, where b is a real number. If p(k(x)) = k(p(x)), what does b equal?

    asked by Anonymous
  98. biology

    A devastating tsunami wipes out most of the population of a frog species that lives on just one tropical island. What is the most likely outcome of this event? A) frequency-dependent selection B)inbreeding depression C)rapid adaptive evolution D)purging of

    asked by Alex
  99. maths

    Find two natural numbers in ratio 5:7 such that their lives. L C.m. is 210

    asked by sanjay
  100. math

    what is angle B if triangle ABC is given such that angle A is 46° sides a=4 &b=8 side a faces angle A..

    asked by jee type question
  101. math

    in an arithmetics sequence the 17th term is 6 less than 3 times the 1st term. Find the first three terms

    asked by lesedi
  102. Geometry

    What measurements (if any) are associated with each of the following ideas? a point; a line; a union of a square and its interior;and a union of a cube and its interior?

    asked by Melissa
  103. Meth

    The two towns are 22 miles apart a certain one has a scale of 1 cm equals 4 miles how far apart are the towns on the map

    asked by Maya
  104. maths

    Radika has marks of 75,82,90 in 3 maths test.How many marks must she obtained in the next test to have an average of 85 for the four test?

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Math

    The sum of two numbers is 45. The difference between the numbers is 37. What is the value of the 2 number?

    asked by Nayeli
  106. social studies

    What goal led Israelis and Palestinians into conflict? 1} desire for independence and security 2) religious worship at the same temples 3) military dominance of region 4) political control of the same national government I think 3 but could not find it in

    asked by Jaden
  107. kagzi

    while having a take off , where the centre of gravity of a jumper is situated?

    asked by rafe
  108. Math

    How many boxes will cover a 9 12ft.,20 tiles to a box tile is 12x12 inches

    asked by Meme
  109. math

    1/3 of 2 feet = inches

    asked by jac
  110. Physics

    A sample of CO2 occupies a volume of 3.50l at 125 kPa pressure,What pressure would the gas exert if the volume was decreased to 2.00l?

    asked by Sekou
  111. Math

    Binomial Theorem using Pascal’s Triangle or nCr to find the coefficient then find the 27th term of (-3x+4y)55. Don’t forget to clean up the algebra.

    asked by Coolest
  112. physics

    A glass cylinder with A diameter 12 cm has initial water level at 120 cm. When a ball I totally immersed in it,the water level rises to 135 cm. What is the volume of the ball immersed?

    asked by aiminath
  113. maths

    Find all possible pairs of two natural numbers whose sum is 77 and their g.c.f is 7

    asked by sanjay
  114. Math - fractions

    Name 4 fractions between 1/2 and 5/7

    asked by Nolan
  115. Physics

    What's is the change in the barometer I'd it is carried to the moon

    asked by At the moon what is the height of mercury in barometer
  116. chem


    asked by Shakir
  117. research strategies for a digital age

    To maintain academic integrity, it is necessary for you to take full credit for your own ideas and provide attribution to others' ideas you incorporate.

    asked by Bobbinette
  118. maths

    The party of kejriwal walks from gwalior to Bhuvneshwar. They first walk straight for 150km and then turn 45 ddegree towards Varansi and again go straight for 120km how for have they travelled from the initial place

    asked by sanjay
  119. calculus

    Find the volume of a solid whose base is bounded by the parabola x=y^2 and the line x=9, having square cross-sections when sliced perpendicular to the x-axis.

    asked by Ethan