Questions Asked on
February 2, 2017

  1. math

    n apples are to be packed into m boxes so that each box contains the same number of apples. How many apples will be packed into each box in terms of m and n?

    asked by Anna
  2. math

    Solve: a toy store has 38 red spiders. It has 43 black spiders. Does it have more red spiders or black spiders? 38

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Chemistry

    Net ionic equation for the reaction of strontium nitrate and sodium carbonate.

    asked by Oto-obong
  4. Physics

    A particle with charge −5 µC is located on the x-axis at the point −4 cm , and a second particle with charge −6 µC is placed on the x-axis at 4 cm. What is the magnitude of the total electrostatic force on a third particle with charge 8 µC placed

    asked by Ariane
  5. Physics

    The value of the electric field at a distance of 86.9 m from a point charge is 74.9 N/C and is directed radially in toward the charge. What is the charge? The Coulomb constant is 8.98755 × 109 N · m2 /C 2 . Answer in units of C.

    asked by Derek
  6. Math

    How many pieces 3/7 of a foot each can I make out of 7/2 feet of rope?

    asked by Grace
  7. english

    "Plants may be ploughed _______ the soil." Would the blank space be 'the', or 'underneath'?

    asked by anomaly
  8. Physics

    Could you please check these? The work of which scientist(s) helped to explain light's ability to propagate through a vacuum? ++A. Maxwell B. Davisson and Germer C. Fresnel, Fraunhofer, and Arago D. Newton An object that has a height of 0.4 meter is placed

    asked by please help
  9. Math

    Leslie used more than a 1/2 cup but less than 1 whole cup of flour for recipe. what fraction of a cup Leslie used. Explain.

    asked by Ashley
  10. Math

    Emily drives 1000km in the first week of her journey. Every week Emily increases the distance by 50%. So, in the second week she drives 1500km, and in the third week she drives 2250km. How far will she have travelled altogether after 5 weeks? A. 5062.5km

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Microbes and Society

    The Forer Test of Personality that you took while reading this week's lecture notes appeared, at first glance, to offer insightful results. Later, you discovered that it actually displayed poor Answers: a. Divergent Validity b. Convergent Validity c.

    asked by Amber
  12. Physics 2 Please help

    The figure below shows two points in an E-field: Point 1 is at (X1,Y1) = (3,4) in m, and Point 2 is at (X2,Y2) = (12,9) in m. The Electric Field is constant, with a magnitude of 68 V/m, and is directed parallel to the +X-axis. The potential at point 2 is

    asked by Joshua
  13. Physics

    A cylinder of fixed capacity44.8liters contains helium gas at standered temperature and pressure. What is tge amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of the gas in the cylinder by 15°C

    asked by Hityasha
  14. science

    calculate the moles of oxygen atom in 6.2 g of calcium carbonate?

    asked by j
  15. Physics

    The liquid in the open tube manometer is mercury, y1=3cm and y2 = 7cm. Atmospheric pressure is 980mbrs. (A) what is the absolute pressure at the bottom of the U-shape tube? (B) what is the absolute pressure in the open tube at a depth of 4 cm below the

    asked by Rizal
  16. MATH


    asked by ADELANE MAHINLO
  17. calculus

    if limit x--->0(4-g(x)/x)=1

    asked by heather
  18. math

    I bought 3 oranges for 29p and 2 drinks for 90p. How much did I spend altogether? Does it mean 29p for each organes or for all 3 oranges? cheers!

    asked by Han
  19. English

    1. Yes, that’s a good argument, but there needs to be a limit to how much money is awarded. ---------------------------- Is 'there needs to be a limit' grammatical? What toehr expressions can we use instead of it? 2. There is a limit to how much money is

    asked by rfvv
  20. Math

    Question! If you put a bacteria in a beaker that doubles itself every minute at 11 and it's full at 12 at what time is it half full

    asked by Sagar
  21. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 7:59pm. 1. I totally disagree with you. 2. I completely disagree with you. 3. I entirely disagree with you. ( Do they mean that I don't agree with you at all?) (Are they grammatical? What is the difference

    asked by rfvv
  22. English

    Thank you for your help. One more similar question goes as follows. I have summarized a little. 1. I disagree with you a hundred percent. 1-1. I don't agree with you at all. (Are both the same?) 2. I don't agree with you a hundred percent. 2-1. I agree

    asked by rfvv
  23. calculus

    A student throws a ball upward from a height of 48ft, initially at 32ft per second. What is the maximum height of the ball?

    asked by Haze
  24. calculus

    limx--->3- 5/x-3 I think it is -inf but I don't know how to prove it

    asked by heather
  25. English

    1. I don't like him a hundred percent. 2. I like him in part (partly). 3. I don't like him at all. (Does #1 mean #2 or #3?) 4. I dislike him a hundred percent. 5. I like him partly. 6. I don't like him at all. (Does #4 mean #5 or #6? It is a little

    asked by rfvv
  26. English

    1.I didn't finish the work a hundred percent. 2. I didn't finished the work completely. 3. I finished the work in part. 4. I didn't finished the work at all. -------------------- Are #1, #2 and #3 the same?#4 is not the same, right?

    asked by rfvv
  27. math

    I buy 6 CDs for $6.99. How much change do I get from $50? Please does it mean one CD $6.99 or 6 CDs total $6.99? Cheers!

    asked by Han
  28. Math

    Decide if the following pair of functions are of the same order. (a) f(x) = x^2 - 7 and g(x) = x^2 + 7 I found this example solution online: a). f(x) = 3x + 7 and g(x) = x x

    asked by Winston
  29. math

    1. Clay is on the basketball team at his high school. In one game, he had a total of 20 points, made up of 2-point and 3-point baskets. If he made a total of 9 baskets, how many of each type shot did he make?

    asked by shatesia
  30. maths

    In a class, 22 offer maths, 21 offer English and 25 offer science. 4 students offer all three subjects and 36 offer exactly one subject. If all the students offer at least one of the subject, then how many offer two subjects?

    asked by Courage Danquah
  31. Math 1100

    A pipe 24ft long is cut into four pieces, the first 4ft long, the second 5ft long, and the third 7ft long. What is the length of the remaining piece ?

    asked by Gabby
  32. physics

    with what velocity must a body be thrown from earth surface so that it may reach a height 4Re the earth surface. given Re=6400km g=9.8m/s

    asked by kavya
  33. Assessments

    If an instrument requires some professional judgments in scoring, then the manual should also include information on:

    asked by Anonymous
  34. physics

    what is gravitational field of the earth?

    asked by kavya
  35. Physics

    An object is placed 20.0 cm from a thin converging lens along the axis of the lens. If a real image forms behind the lens at a distance of 8.00 cm from the lens, what is the focal length of the lens?

    asked by Lauryn
  36. math

    10-2+3x5 no parethesis

    asked by Donna
  37. 6th grade Social studies quiz PLZZZZ HELP ME!!!!!!

    The pacific islands are formed by coral reefs called... A. volcanic B. reefs C. atolls D. plates

    asked by Kailyn
  38. science

    Depth of water in swimming pool is 1.5m. When we see from top the depth appears to be_.

    asked by light
  39. Math (Algebra 2)

    What is the probability of choosing an H or a vowel? Honorable is the word. This is how I answered it Its mutually exclusive because of the key word "or" which is the Union. P(H)+P(Vowel)=1/9+4/9 Answer is 5/9 did I solve this right? Thanks

    asked by Hannah
  40. ^th grade social studies

    2. what is the reason few people have settled in the interior of Australia? A. no mineral wealth is in the area B. land is too expensive C. the area is too dangerous D. the area little water and arable land

    asked by Kailyn
  41. SS

    If you wanted to catch a rainfall in Israel, where would you visit. A:Southern Israel B:east of the Jordan River C:the Dead Sea D:the Mediterranean Sea I think it is either C or D Thank you for your time

    asked by Jaden
  42. chemistry

    a student performs the lab on an unknown metal and obtain the following data

    asked by mary
  43. Algebra

    Use the figure to answer questions 1-3 file:///C:/Users/Student/Downloads/642756-212012-25329-PM-1227809791%20(1).png 1. Name a pair of complementary angles. ∠1 and ∠4 ∠1 and ∠6 ∠3 and ∠4 ∠4 and ∠5 2. If m ∠1 = 53°, what is m ∠4? 53°

    asked by math
  44. Math--Matrix

    Suppose v= (1 x) is a 3-eigenvector of A= (5 -1 6 0), then x=?

    asked by RA
  45. Math--Matrix

    Suppose A = ( 6 9 -1 -4). Then the largest eigenvalue of A is? The smallest eigenvalue of A is?

    asked by RA
  46. History

    1. What belief united the Progressive movement? A) that society's problems could be solved B) that education needed reform C) that there should be a federal income tax D) that political bosses should not hold office 2. What was the main reason for the

    asked by Amilia
  47. Math--Matrix

    Q1. Suppose A= ( -1 2 -3 -4 3 2 1 3 1 ), then the determinant of this matrix is? Q2. Suppose det ( 1 2 3 1 4 5 y 4 5)=0, then y=?

    asked by RA
  48. science

    Define the photoelectric effect?

    asked by niraj
  49. set maths

    In a survey of cars,it was found DAT 75% were old,65% were small nd 50% had been involved in an accident.8% were accident free large old cars,20% were accident free small new cars, 7% were accident free small old cars,6% were new small cars which had an

    asked by naomi
  50. Physics

    There is a rectangle of length 1.40 cm and width 6.10 cm in the xy-plane. If the electric field can be expressed by (100.[^(i)] +234 [^(k)]) N/C, what is the flux through the rectangle?

    asked by Fred
  51. algebra

    The difference between two numbers is 108 less than their sum.If the larger number is twice the smaller number,find the difference between the two numbers.

    asked by rashida
  52. Math

    How can I find the equation for x From (x/y) = (x+a-b)/z

    asked by Afeef
  53. spainsh

    which popular breakfast food in the united states is now becoming popular in argintiana as well a. cereal b. waffles c. oatmeal

    asked by mackenzie
  54. Math

    Frank has $20 less than Tracy. John has twice as much as Frank. Patty has three times as much as John. Together they have $340. How much does each person have? I tried multiple different numbers but they were either more or less then $340

    asked by Natasha
  55. physics

    The surface shown is a square and has a side length of 14.0 cm. The electric field acting on this area has a magnitude of 180. N/C at an angle of 27.5°. Calculate the electric flux through the shown surface.

    asked by Henri
  56. Math Help Pleaseee

    Find the surface area for the given prism a. 564in^2 b. 664in^2 c.1,120in^2 d.1,080in^2

    asked by Mrs.Dummy
  57. Math

    If (a) varies directly as (b) and b= 20 when a= 4, find (b) when a=60 I don't understand this question at all

    asked by Kendall
  58. Math

    Mike and Jennifer are preparing for a race. On Friday, Mike ran for 3 2/5 hours and Jennifer ran for 4 3/4 hours. How much longer did Jennifer run (in minutes)? I know that 3 hours= 180 mins 4 hours = 240 mins But I'm not sure what the fractions would be,

    asked by Micheal
  59. Math - fractions

    Name 2 fractions between 1/2 and 5/7

    asked by Gursimran
  60. Math

    8x + 14y = 24 6x + 7y = 10 We are suppose to solve for x and y but I don't get the right answer

    asked by Adam
  61. Algebra Square Roots

    For which value of x should the following expression be further simplified? \sqrt{ 39x} a x = 2 b x = 6 c x = 10 d x = 11

    asked by Anna
  62. ^th grade

    2. What is a reason few people have settled in the interior of Australia? (1 point) A.No mineral wealth is in the area. B.Land is too expensive. C.The area is too dangerous. D.The area has little water and arable land.

    asked by Kailyn
  63. history

    3.Although Lincoln identified slavery as a "moral, political, and socially wrong" in 1858, what proposals did he publically agree with at the time? Select all that apply. A.allow slavery where it already existed B. eliminate slavery in every U.S. state and

    asked by iminneedofhelppls
  64. Math

    A woman drove her car on a road running due north at a given rate for 6 hours. She continued her trip on an unsaved road due east for 5 hours at a rate of 4mph slower. Had she been able to go to her destination in a straight line from her starting point

    asked by Joey
  65. Math

    Charles is going camping with hisis family. Their campsite is five eighths 5 8 mile away. They walk at a steady speed of 1 and one fourth1 1 4 mi divided by hmi/h. How many minutes will it take them to get to the​ campsite?

    asked by Jack
  66. Math

    5x - 4y =-3 Y = -3x + 5 Solve for x and y How do we solve for x and y when the formats of the equations are different. That's we here I'm lost. When I try to get the answer I get confused

    asked by Jackie
  67. History

    According to Americans living in the cities, what was a sign of a communist revolution in the United States? A The rise of mass culture B Labor Strikes C The deportation of anarchrist D The Great Migration I say its D

    asked by Help asap
  68. 6th grade Social studies quiz PLZZZZ HELP ME!!!!!!

    6. What would be an example of how the Maori are reclaiming their culture? (1 point) A.learning English B.playing rugby and other sports C.studying Maori culture in schools D.learning how to cook Asian cuisine 7. What conclusion can correctly be made about

    asked by Kailyn
  69. Maths

    A quadrilateral is called cyclic if its corners lie on the circumference of a circle. An example is shown below left: the circle has radius 5 The area A of the quadrilateral for different x values is plotted on the right. It can be calculated that this

    asked by Sam
  70. Math/ slope

    write equation of line through the point ( -3,2) and slope of 1/4 in slope intercept form

    asked by Nicki
  71. math

    On Monday the temperature was 50 degrees the temperature increased by 22%. what was the temperature on Tuesday. 72 degrees 65 degrees 56 degrees 61 dgrees

    asked by A!
  72. Science

    A car was travelling at the speed of 20m/s when the driver saw a cat on the road 40 m away. He step on the brake and the car came into a halt after 6 seconds. How far did the car travel. What will happen to the cat?

    asked by Cecile Bambalan
  73. social studies 6th grade!!s

    Which statement is correct? (1 point) Aborigines were the first people to settle Australia and New Zealand. Aborigines were the first people in Australia, and the Maori were the first people in New Zealand. The Maori were the first people in Australia, and

    asked by Kailyn
  74. Check answers please: Health

    1. When reading a recipe's ingredients, which substance makes the recipe an unhealthy choice if it is present in a high amount? A. Fiber B. Protein C. Trans fat*** D. Unsaturated fat 2. Of the five food groups, which one should be consumed in the smallest

    asked by ThatOneLoaf
  75. History

    Help please! analyze an economic and political activity in the Caribbean South America since its independence. Include at least one example os an economic activity and one example of a political activity.

    asked by softball lover
  76. Pre-Algebra

    The team won 12 of its 20 games. The team’s won-lost ratio i?

    asked by Belle
  77. MATH

    Scale 3 cm = 50 miles 1. Did you know Chillicothe was once the capital of Ohio? The distance from Chillicothe to the current capital, Columbus, is 48miles. Using the scale on the map how many centimeters apart are the two cities? Make sure you label your

    asked by Shawn
  78. science

    a box of cleaning supplies weighs 15 N. if the box is lifted a distance of 0.60 m, how much work i sdone? A)0.040 J B)9 J C)14 J D)25 J

    asked by little kakashi hatake
  79. Statistics (elementary probability theory)

    In an examination 60 candidates offer maths, 80 offer english,and 50 offer physics, if 20 offer maths & english, 15 offer english & physics, 25 offer math & physics and 10 offer all the 3. How many students entered to the examination ?

    asked by Bulama dgn
  80. physics

    What is the quantity of thermal energy needed to 0,10kg convert ice at -10 degree Celsius into steam at 100 degree Celsius

    asked by Nunyui Daisy-ruth
  81. social studies

    You live on a small island in the pacific ocean. though beatuiful, your island has poor soil for farming and few natural resources. you most likely live?

    asked by Jayden
  82. Elementary statistics

    Prove the demorgans second law (anb)'=(a'ub'). Sho that au(bnc)=(aub)n(auc).

    asked by Bulama dgn
  83. Math

    Fill in missing values for a rectangular prism? Length is 8. Width is missing. Height is 14. Surface area is missing. Volume is 324.8

    asked by Liza
  84. Maths

    Kim drives 156 miles from Rotherham to London. She drives at an average speed of 60 miles per hour. She leaves Rotherham at 7:30 am. Does she drive in London before 10:00 am?

    asked by A B I
  85. Biology

    DNA is a nucleic acid made up of monomers called A. nucleotides B. polypeptides A?

    asked by Amber
  86. Maths

    9.48÷4 long division

    asked by Thobile
  87. Biology

    Why would the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) want to use gel electrophoresis? A. Determine if someone has a genetic disease B. Determine the paternity of a child C. Determine the proper genetic sequence to make insulin D. Determine the identity of a

    asked by Amber
  88. Maths

    4.The sides of a regular octagon is 0.8m. The sides of a regular pentagon are 0.12m. Which one has the larger perimeter?

    asked by Kye
  89. Maths

    A speed camera takes two photographs of a car. Photo 2 was taken 0.5 seconds after Photo 1. Marks on the road are 0.8 meters apart. Calculate the average speed of the car in m/s.

    asked by Bella
  90. English

    punctuate the following:He did not however gain his object

    asked by Kago Koonne
  91. Math m1

    A car of mass 1 tonne is towing a trailer of mass 400kg. They are connected by a rigid rod. Initially they are travelling at a constant speed. The car then accelerates. If the force in the rod is 600 N, find the acceleration of the car and the driving

    asked by Stephan
  92. dynamics

    The acceleration of a particle is defined by the relation a = -k/x . It has been experimentally determined that v = 15 ft/s when x = 0.6 ft and that v = 9 ft/s when x = 1.2 ft. determine (a) the velocity of the particle when x = 1.5 ft and (b) the position

    asked by ccny
  93. Maths

    2006÷5 long division

    asked by Thobile
  94. C

    Most organisations produce a document stating what they expect their members to do to behave in an ethical way. State the name of these documents... Thank you.

    asked by Aaron
  95. Maths

    On the 1st of January 2014, Carol invested some money in a bank account. The account pays 2.5% compound interest per year. On the 1st of January 2015, Carol withdrew £1000 from the account. On the 1st of January 2016, she had £23 517.60 in the account.

    asked by Joelle
  96. math

    findmBACandmDAB in the figure shown below

    asked by puppydog
  97. Maths

    Dylan invested some money into his bank. He agreed on a simple interest rate of 3% per annum for a period of 2 years. At the end of the 2-year period, the value of his investment increased by£72 Work out the value of Dylan's initial investment.

    asked by Nathan
  98. English

    What is the explanation of idiom;a ripe age

    asked by Kago Koonne
  99. Physics

    A thin copper plate of diameter 11.0 cm is charged to 9.00 nC. What is the strength of the electric field 0.1 mm above the center of the top surface plate?

    asked by Brad
  100. Math

    Three scientists are observing Rickey and Riley, laboratory rats, to see how long each rat takes to find a piece of cake in a maze. The maze is a large box with open pathways running north-south and east-west in a grid pattern. Riley takes the direct route

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Sociology

    does anyone know how sociological institutions were involved in the creation and maintenance of slavery? Thanks -MC

    asked by mysterychicken
  102. AP CHEM!

    Describe what happens to a can of carbonated soda when it is left in a hot car. Be sure to explain the relationship between the number of molecules, temperature, pressure, and volume. I know how temperature is related to all of the above but I am not sure

    asked by Mikaela
  103. Chemisty

    Describe the bond length and bond energy of carbon-carbon bonds in single, double, and triple bonds.

    asked by Cameron
  104. Pharmacokinetics

    Gent dose at 10:26am over 30 minutes and levels were reported as 3.6 at 13:07 and 1.2 at 16:59. Calculate k. Help

    asked by Diane
  105. Dance

    Describe how would you execute a bend, wiggle, walk, and skip. Also when it comes to The three qualities of energy/movement collapse, explode, and swinging how would you find that in the enviroment. like what is an example of swiming, whats an example of

    asked by Melissa
  106. Math

    Using only 7,6,5 and 3 once, how can I make the number 75? Using division, multiplication, adding and subtracting. With parenthesis!!

    asked by Kaylee niece
  107. Math

    what is 4+9 to the second power divided by 3x2-2

    asked by Christina
  108. Math

    The perimeter of a triangle is 43 feet.The small side is three was in the middle side, and the largest size to less than twice the middle side. What is the length of the longest side?

    asked by Anonymous
  109. Math

    Robert wants to build a square sandbox that has an area of 25 feet

    asked by Bella
  110. English

    What is the function of the gerund in this sentence Representing the junior class was her job as a memeber of the Student Senate

    asked by Chloe
  111. Florida studies weekly state history week 8

    I need help on the Activity part

    asked by
  112. Math

    I have 20 centimeters of yarn. I have 15 balls of yarn that each measure 3 meters long. How many bookmarks can I make?

    asked by Pam
  113. Math

    Edit Write a differential equation to express (a) The rate at which the volume of a sphere changes with radius is proportional to the square of the radius. b) Gravitational attraction F between two given bodies of masses m1 and m2 decreases with the

    asked by Deya
  114. Social studies

    What is the best of the first battle of the revolutionary war. That is my question

    asked by Anonymous
  115. Business

    Which of the following is not true about you adjusted gross income? 1- income minus deductions 2-income plus deductions 3- determines if your eligible for additional tax breaks 4- gross income minus deductions my answer is 2

    asked by Steve
  116. Business

    Are standard deductions tax breaks that you can claim without having to itemize? My answer is yes

    asked by Steve
  117. Business

    is money your employer pays for your medical insurance part of your gross income? My answer is no

    asked by Steve
  118. Statistics

    A teacher gives a reading skills test to a third-grade class of n = 25 at the beginning of the school year. To evaluate the changes that occur during the year, students are tested again at the end of the year. Their test scores showed an average

    asked by Derek
  119. Math

    Write the equation of a line that is perpendicular and that passes through the given point. y+2=1/3(x-5);(-4,3) I need help with this problem

    asked by DayLA
  120. Statistics Math

    Let A and B be two exclusive events with P(A)=.2 and P(B) =.3. Find P(A|B)

    asked by Nicole
  121. math

    Linda works 3 days per week at $6 per hour. If she works 4 hours per day how many weeks will it take Linda to earn $350?

    asked by Jennifer
  122. science

    to chop wood you apply 50.0 N of force to an ax. the ax supplies 600.0 N of force to the wood. what is the mechanical advantage of the ax? A)650.0 B)8.3 C)12.0 D)0.0833

    asked by little kakashi hatake
  123. History

    1. What was the effect of the Bull moose party's entrance into the presidential election of 1912? A. It split the Republican vote and allowed the Democrats to win. ** B. It prevented any of the three parties from winning a majority of electoral votes. C.

    asked by Hey Hey Hey
  124. Biology

    If I have 2.5 amylase stock solution, 2.5 PBS Buffer, and final amylase concentration of 25 [ug/ml] , how do you calculate the amylase dilution factor?

    asked by Sarah
  125. Ethics

    is informed consent and autonomy a value of a particular culture or is it a universal principle of ethics? I say many people believe it's more of a universal principle but I'm not sure..

    asked by Anonymous
  126. math

    5 teachers can mark 60 exams papers in 4 hours how long will it take 3 teachers to mark all 60 papers

    asked by proportion
  127. Spanish

    I have some reading responses questions and answers to the play “La dama del alba”, I was hoping someone could edit my answers. The first answer is a paragraph summary of the first ten pages. The other questions are just short answer. I mostly want to

    asked by Seth
  128. Algebra

    An example of a real-world situation that could be represented by an algebraic expression.

    asked by Abigail
  129. Math

    You use a line of best fit for a set of data to make a prediction about an unknown value. The correlation coefficient for your data set is 0.109. How confident can you be that your predicted value will be reasonably close to the actual value? • a) I

    asked by Apple
  130. astronomy

    Astronomers can use the color of an object in space to determine its

    asked by Anonymous
  131. Math

    12 girls and 20 boys signed up to play n a basketball tournament. Each team needs to have an equal number of girls and boys. What is the greatest number of teams possible

    asked by Kallie
  132. math

    write 0.75 as a fraction

    asked by Anonymous
  133. Math

    Yoour goal is to save at least $240.00 over the next 4 weeks.How much must you save each week in order to meet that goal. Write and solve an inequality. a)4x>240;x>60 b)x>240;x>4 c)240x>60;x>60 d)4x

    asked by Cow
  134. MATH

    Is 1/5 a Irrational number Rational neither

    asked by Amy
  135. Physics

    Santa loses his footing and slides down a frictionless,snowy roof that is tilted at an angle of 27.0. If Santa slides 9.00 m before reaching the edge,what is his speed as he leaves the roof?

    asked by Aye!
  136. science

    you do 185 J of work pulling a cart up a ramp. if the ramp does 153 J of work,what is the efficient of the ramp? A)82.7 percent B)121.0 percent C)32.0 percent D)338.0 percent

    asked by little kakashi hatake
  137. Physics

    A record turntable rotating at 33 1/3 rev/min slows down and stops in 36s after the motor is turned off. (a) Find its (constant) angular acceleration in revolutions per minute-squared. (b) How many revolutions does it make in this time?

    asked by Anonymous
  138. Math

    A recipe calls for 2 2/4 cups of raisins but Julie only has 1/4 cup measuring many 1/4 cups does Julie need to measure out 2 2/4 cups of raisins?

    asked by Tony
  139. science

    remy noticed that after oiling his skateboard wheels,it was easier to reach the speeds he needed to preform tricks how did the oil help A) the oil reduced friction between the moving parts of the skateboard B)the oil increased friction between the moving

    asked by little kakashi hatake
  140. AlGEBRA 2 (check answers plz)

    What is the equation of the line that has a slope of -2 and a y-intercept of -7? y = -2x - 7

    asked by Debbie
  141. science

    when building a house, wich of the following is a simple machine that a construction worker would use? A)plywood B)safety hat C)cement D)pulley

    asked by little kakashi hatake
  142. check my work..math grade 8...surface area

    A men's basketball is about 24.3 centimeters in diameter, while the diameter of a women's basketball is about 23.4 centimeters. What is the ratio of the surface area of a men's basketball to the surface area of a women's basketball? Round your answer to

    asked by mark
  143. math

    What is the value of x + y in the solution to the system of equations below? x + 8y = 2 y = -0.25x I just need the best explanation so i can do all my other problems cause im confused.

    asked by edgard
  144. physics

    Starting from rest, a disk rotates about its central axis with constant angular acceleration. In 4.0 s, it has rotated 30 rad. Assuming that the acceleration does not change, through what additional angle will the disk turn during the next 7.0 s? I

    asked by luc
  145. Thermodynamics

    Two objects are at different temperatures,and occurs thermal equilibrium, does the size of the object affects the transfer of heat? I need help. This doubt is not allowing me to continue in my homework.

    asked by Larry
  146. English

    Choose the correct form of the pronoun in parentheses in each of the following sentences. 1. Tiger Woods is a role model for (we, us) golfers. 2. Miss Jefferson, (we, us) students want to thank you for all your help. 3. (We, Us) contestants shook hands

    asked by Hayden
  147. World Geo

    "Change the way people think and things will never be the same." -Steve Biko -what is the meaning of this and what made Steve Biko say this.

    asked by Nina
  148. math

    use the distance formula to find the distance between the points (-3,8) and (-4,-1) round to the nearest hundredth if neccesary

    asked by help
  149. physics - follow up question

    so, (3.75)(4) + (.5)(3.75)(49) or 106.875 radians that's not the correct answer, so is it just the second part to find the additional angle? (.5)(3.75)(49) = 91.875 but it too is incorrect, what am I missing?

    asked by luc
  150. algebra 2

    What is the equation of the line that has a slope of -2 and a y-intercept of -7? y = -2x - 7 y = -7x - 2

    asked by Debbie
  151. Math

    chandra has 3 liters of a 28% solution of sodium hydroxide in a container. What is the amount and concentration of sodium peroxide solution she must add to this in order to end up with 7 liters of 48% solution?

    asked by Ashley
  152. English - Adjective Clauses

    Underline each adjective clause then identify the word each clause modifies. 1. East Jerusalem covers an area that is almost twice as large as West Jerusalem.

    asked by Please Check My Answers! Thank You
  153. Science 6th grade

    PLEASE HELP Explain why the outer planets did not lose the lighter gasses in the atmosphere.

    asked by Jewl
  154. Government

    Which of the following are procedures by which the U.S. Constitution can be formally changed?

    asked by DontMatter
  155. physics

    The flywheel of a steam engine runs with a constant angular speed of 350 rev/min. When steam is shut off, the friction of the bearings stops the wheel in 1.0 h. A) At the instant the flywheel is turning at 75 rev/min, what is the tangential component of

    asked by Need help
  156. microbes and society

    Which of the following is the correct sequence of steps in the scientific method? Answers: a. observation - prediction - hypothesis - observation - hypothesis b. hypothesis - observation - prediction - hypothesis - observation c. observation - hypothesis -

    asked by Amber
  157. Algebra

    Algebraic ally determine the amount of time it will take for your radioisotope to decay to 70% of its strength

    asked by Angelo
  158. Calculus

    Write an expanded polynomial equation based on the following information. A cubic function with a zero x=3 (with multiplicity 2), a zero at x=2, and a constant term of 18.

    asked by Jay
  159. maths

    for the function f(x)=3/(2x-1), determine the difference quotient and simplify

    asked by Toluwani
  160. Math

    find the area for the circle ( use 3.14 for pi ) show your work round to the nearest tenths . 23 yd

    asked by Help i'm such a dumbo :(
  161. science

    The work of which scientist(s) helped to explain light's ability to propagate through a vacuum? A. Maxwell ==B. Davisson and Germer C. Fresnel, Fraunhofer, and Arago D. Newton An object that has a height of 0.4 meter is placed at a distance of 0.7 meter

    asked by please help
  162. history

    How did the Emancipation Proclamation change the Civil War?

    asked by yared
  163. Business Help

    How might U.S. businesses best prepare themselves for a possible elimination of the embargo on Cuba? What kinds of decisions do they need to be making?

    asked by Carla
  164. Chemistry

    1. Not sure of how to do the calculations... Make a 0.200 m solution of NaCl in a 100. mL volumetric flask. ... Solution A's question or statement is the same but with M (molarity) Is this right? The small m means molality. If it were changed to capital M,

    asked by A
  165. Math

    Allis drives 15 miles faster than diana. In the same time Diana travels 440 miles, Allie goes 560 miles. Find their speeds

    asked by Hayley
  166. 4th grade math

    I need step-by-step help. I don't understand this at all. My homework problem is: Two friends cut a large candy bar into equal pieces. Harriet ate 1/4 of the pieces. Nisha ate 1/2 of the remaining pieces. Six pieces were left over. How many pieces was the

    asked by Harriet