Questions Asked on
February 1, 2017

  1. Social Studies

    1 Which of the following was among President Wilson's fourteen points? A Disarm all major powers B Form a league of Nations C Create an alliance with Germany D Make or European countries repay their debts 2 What was the main purpose of President Wilson's

    asked by Lizz
  2. Math Cal 1

    Find numbers a and b or k so that f is continuous at every point. \ F(x)= 4x+7 if x

    asked by Christopher
  3. Environmental Studies

    If you could drop Mount Everest (height: 8848 m) to the bottom of an ocean trench, would its summit reach the level of the ocean's abyssal plains?

    asked by Unknown
  4. Geometry

    If a conditional and its converse are always true, then the statement is a a. converse. b. conditional. c. biconditional. d. counterexample. I am trying to do some geometry and haven't taken it in a while so can someone please help?

    asked by Olivia N J
  5. physics

    The drawing illustrates an overhead view of a door and its axis of rotation. The axis is perpendicular to the screen. There are four forces acting on the door, and they have the same magnitude. Rank the torque τ that each force produces, largest to

    asked by Tyler
  6. Math (please check my answer!!)

    1. Tri SVX is congruent to Tri UTX. Reason: Given. 2. Line SV is parallel to line TU. Reason: Given 3. Line SV is congruent to line TU. Reason: CPCTC 4. VUTS is a parallelogram. Reason: If a pair of opposite sides of a quadrilateral are parallel and

    asked by Ren
  7. Social stdies

    the treaty of Paris, signed after the end of the seven years war gave _______ complete control of Canada A great Britain***** B France C The United States D Spain After the American Revolution, most Loyalists, or British sympathizers, moved to Upper

    asked by tita
  8. physics

    A meter stick is rotated about the end labeled 0.00 cm, so that the other end of the stick moves through an arc length of 6.04 cm. Through what arc length s does the 25.0-cm mark on the stick move?

    asked by Tyler
  9. Math

    1. What are the next three terms in the sequence? –1, 9, 19, 29, … (1 point) 38, 37, 32 40, 51, 62 39, 49, 59***** 38, 47, 56 Please help me, thanks.

    asked by Thoughtful Guy
  10. Information technology

    Write a structured algorithm that prompts the user to input the number of days in a month. Calculate and print the number of hours in the month appropriately labelled.

    asked by Amanda Sinclair
  11. Geometry

    Is the following definiiton of supplementary reversible? If yes, write it as a true biconditional. Supplementary angles are two angles whose measures sum to 180. a. Yes, if angles are supplementary, the their measures sum to 180. b. Yes, angles are

    asked by Olivia N J
  12. math

    A 13 feet ladder is placed 5 feet away from a wall. What is the distance from the ground straight up to the top of the ladder?

    asked by Ron
  13. social studies

    6. What did the actions of the Border Ruffians demonstrate about the slavery debate? Select all that apply. (2 points) that opposing sides would resort to violence that abolitionists would triumph by using the press that settlers would follow the laws that

    asked by Emily Warren
  14. math

    a car travels 120m along a straight road that is inclined at 8°to the horizontal. calculate the vertical distance through which the car rises

    asked by rokeeb
  15. English

    1. I totally disagree with you. 2. I completely disagree with you. 3. I entirely disagree with you. ( Do they mean that I don't agree with you at all?) 4. I totally don't agree with you. 5. I completely don't agree with you. 6. I entirely don't agree with

    asked by rfvv
  16. Chemistry

    Consider equation 3A+B=C+D. You react 4 moles of A with 2 moles of B. Which of the following is true? 1) Limiting reactant (L.R.) is one with higher molar mass 2) A is L.R. because you need 6 moles of A and have only 4 moles 3) B is L.R. because you have

    asked by Rebecca
  17. Math

    The coordinates of the midpoint of the line AB are (1, 2). The length of the line AB is 10 units. (a) If the gradient of AB is 0, find the coordinates of A and B (b) If the gradient of AB is 34 , find the coordinates of A and B.

    asked by sham
  18. College Algebra

    Consider the following Matrix: A= [-2 0 1 -1 -2 1 1 -1 0 ] Choose the correct description of A. Find A−1 if it exists. Multiple Choice homework question: 1) A is Nonsingular; that is, it has an inverse. A^-1= 2) A is singular; that is, its inverse

    asked by Moses
  19. Math

    Write a list of steps that are needed to find the measure of angle B. A measures 72 degrees and C measures 113. What does B measure?! Please help!

    asked by Please Help!
  20. math

    One half a number minus 6 is 4 . What is the number?

    asked by math
  21. math

    108 is 36% of what number? Write and solve a proportion to solve the problem. First write the proportion to find the missing value, which I will replace it with n. 108/n = 36/100 Next write the cross products. So, 36n = 108 x 100 = 10,800 divide each side

    asked by tita
  22. Business Communication

    The expectations of the president for a stock dividend were accentuated by the preponderance of evidence that the company was in good financial condition.

    asked by Blanca
  23. physics

    The table that follows lists four pairs of initial and final angles of a wheel on a moving car. The elapsed time for each pair of angles is 1.5 s. For each of the four pairs, determine the average angular velocity (magnitude and direction as given by the

    asked by Tyler
  24. Math, physics, chemistry

    calculate total ionic strength of solution in which concentration of CuSO4 and Al2(SO4)3 is 0.1 molar

    asked by Danish malik
  25. American Government

    5. Which of the following is an example of checks and balances in government? A. Congress can override a presidential veto by a two-thirds vote in each house. B. The legislature and judiciary work together to enact legislation. C. The president appoints

    asked by Abby
  26. algebra

    If a car can travel 340 miles on 14gallons of gas ,then how many more gallons are needed for this car to travel 544miles ?(usr proportions)

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Maths: Surds

    A rectangular piece of paper has an area of 100 rt2 cm^2. The piece of paper is such that, when it is folded in half along the dashed line, the new rectangle is similar (of the same shape) to the original rectangle. What are the dimensions of the piece of

    asked by Ripley
  28. History Need help asap

    Which of the following is an example of a fad from the 1920s? A A dance Marathon B A woman wearing pants C Road rallies D Poetry readings I think its D

    asked by doger
  29. Math

    There are five Voting Districts in the City; District A with 877 constituents, District B with 1062 constituents, District C with 1364 constituents, District D with 1518 constituents, and District E with 1933 constituents. There are 14 available on the

    asked by Asia
  30. physics

    The earth spins on its axis once a day and orbits the sun once a year (365 1/4 days). Determine the average angular velocity (in rad/s) of the earth as it (a) spins on its axis and (b) orbits the sun. In each case, take the positive direction for the

    asked by Tyler
  31. Algebra (check answers plz)

    Find the slope of the line that contains the two points (3,2) and (1,-4). m = - 3 m = - 1/3

    asked by Kate
  32. algebra

    find the slope of a line that is parallel to the line containing the points (3,4) and (2,6) A.) m=1 B.) m=2 C.)-2 D.) m=1/2 I think the answer is d

    asked by kk
  33. Science

    In what levels are producers and tertiary consumers, respectively found in an energy pyramid? I am kind of lost on how I am supposed to determine what level a producer is at on a pyramid? Can you please help me with this.

    asked by Donald
  34. College Algebra

    Find the difference quotient f(x+h)-f(x)/h, where h cannot be equal to 0 , for the function below. f(x)=1/x+9 Simplify your answer as much as possible.

    asked by Moses
  35. Math

    A person sitting on a boat is situated 2m above sea level. They note that a straight line from themselves to the top most point of a nearby lighthouse is 16 degrees. After travelling a further 50m directly away from the lighthouse this angle has decreased

    asked by Youseff
  36. Grammar

    No one likes tropical fish more than (she, her). I can't really tell because usually I separate the sentence into two but the word is at the end so I can't.

    asked by Olivia N J
  37. math

    Elijah made an array of Skittles with 3 rows and 4 columns. Josh made an array of peanuts with 4 rows and 2 columns. Jake made an array of M&M's with 2 rows and 5 columns. What is the total of the candy? -Is it 30?

    asked by ray
  38. Math

    the temperature at six o clock in the morning which is 26.5°c became 31°c . What was the average temperature?

    asked by Kath
  39. Maths

    If 2 numbers have a difference of 2.38, one number is 3 times bigger than the other number and the two numbers both add up to 6, what could the two numbers be?

    asked by Olivia
  40. Math

    If the gradient of AB is 3/4 , find the coordinates of A and B.

    asked by sham
  41. algebra

    there are x dozen of oranges in a shop. how many oranges are there in this shop?

    asked by aisha
  42. Trigonometry

    Find the remaining trigonometric values if sin=-3/5 and theta terminates in Quadrent four. I'm not sure what they're asking

    asked by Erica
  43. chemistry

    In the reaction K2CrO4(aq) + PbCl2(aq) → 2KCl(aq) + PbCrO4(s), how many grams of PbCrO4 will precipitate out from the reaction between 500.0 milliliters of 3.0 M K2CrO4 in an excess of PbCl2?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. math

    A baseball diamond is a square with each side 90 feet long. What is the straight-line distance from third base to first base? (Round your answer to the nearest tenth.)

    asked by victor
  45. Math

    The directions For lemonade say to put 2 cups of the liquid concentrate into 1 gallon of water if Olivia only wants to make 1 pint of lemonade how many fluid ounces of concentrate would she use explain

    asked by Anonymous
  46. social studies

    what was one important political result of the Canadian constitution of 1982 A Que became an independent nation B English became the official language of Canada C Canada became completely independent D A monarchy was established in Canada I do think the

    asked by tita
  47. Math

    Mrs Rossi wrote a mystery number it is 3 digit number the tens are double the ones the hundred are double the tens the sum of the digit is 14 What number is it. The answer is 491

    asked by Khylan
  48. math

    An electrician charges a fee of $45 plus $30 per hour. Let y be the cost in dollars of using the electrician for x hours. Find the slope-intercept form of the equation

    asked by tamia
  49. science

    Which of the following set of terms could be used in a description of the peripheral nervous system? A)motor neurons and sensory neurons B) brain and spinal cord C)motor neurons and brain D) sensory neurons and spinal cord

    asked by HELP
  50. math

    About 80% of the mass of a human body is water. If Hugo is 85kg, how man kilograms of water are in his body? this question is for financial mathematics topic

    asked by MN
  51. Algebra

    Find the slope of the line that contains the two points (3,2) and (1,-4). m = - 3 m = - 1/3

    asked by Kate
  52. Government

    What does the difference in the number of colonies that sent delegates to the Stamp Act Congress versus the First Continental Congress indicate about what was happening in the colonies? A. The colonies were now ready to break away from Britain B. The

    asked by Brighton
  53. S.s

    why did some southern states withdraw from the U.S in 1860? they wanted to avoid the war they didn't believe in manifest destiny they wanted to trade freely with great Britten they feared they had little say in the government.

    asked by Raze
  54. Algebra II

    Find the equation of the line that passes through the points (1,4) and (2,-8). Question options: y = -3x + 9 y = 6x + 5 y = -12x + 16 y = 12x - 8 < this one is wrong.. I thought I had it right so how do I find the correct answer? i'm not getting any of the

    asked by Kate
  55. algebra

    The sum of two numbers is 48. If one third of one number is 5 greater than one sixth of another number, which of the following is the smaller number?

    asked by maryona
  56. Math

    Mrs. Sue, I have a math question if you can please help me on this. I am confused. I am doing coordinates. If I have a theater at 5 and a Restaurant at -4 (5,-4) how do I find out the halfway point in between?

    asked by Donald
  57. algebra

    The area of a trapezoid is given by the formula A = 1/2 (b 1 + b 2)h, where base b 1 is parallel to base b 2 and h is the height. Solve the formula for b 2. Show your work

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Math

    Four brothers share 3 pizzas equally , how much of a pizza does each brother get

    asked by Amerie
  59. American Government

    I want to see if my answers are right. Here are just a few for now. 1. Which statement accurately explains the key difference between the divine right of kings and a constitutional government? A. The divine right of kings and a constitutional government

    asked by Abby
  60. algebra

    peter has n marbles. He has 5 more marbles than Tom. How many marbles does Tom have?

    asked by aisha
  61. social studies

    which of the following big businesses increased production as a result of technological innovation in minnesota possible answers: A wheat and cotton farming B Fur trading C flour milling and sawmilling D oil and natural gas minning my answer is C

    asked by <kyky

    A person was reported to have fallen 45.0 m from a balcony of an apartment building onto a ventilator box, crushing it to a depth of 4.10 m (Fortunately, the person walked away with only minor injuries). What was the magnitude of the acceleration of the

    asked by Sotonye
  63. English

    I am looking for reliable websites for writing a persuasive essay why homework is bad for students. I'm having trouble looking for good websites about why homework is bad. Can you help me find one or two?

    asked by (Not telling)
  64. physics

    A pitcher throws a curveball that reaches the catcher in 0.65 s. The ball curves because it is spinning at an average angular velocity of 350 rev/min (assumed constant) on its way to the catcher's mitt. What is the angular displacement of the baseball (in

    asked by Tyler
  65. Math

    Julian wants to put a border around two sides of a rectangular shaped Garden he has a 12 foot piece of lumber that will be cut into 1/3 foot pieces how many 1/3 foot pieces can julienne cut from the lumber??

    asked by Luther
  66. English

    1. As a smoker, you’re not only harming yourself, but also those around you. 2. As a smoker, you’re not only harming yourself, but also those who are around you. -------------------- Are both grammatical? Do you use Sentence 1 frequently?

    asked by rfvv
  67. math

    a turtle runs .5' a second. how far can he run in 1 hour?

    asked by deb
  68. Social Studies

    In this section of the Mahabharata, Krishna talks about doing one's duty. 1. Ramayana*** 2. Veda 3. Upanishad 4. Bhagavad Please check my answer

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Math

    Drew does push-ups every three days starting on 3 January. He does sit-ups every four days starting on January 4, On which days in January will he do both push-ups and sit-ups? Use words, numbers, or models to justify your answer

    asked by Gisela
  70. Math

    Where would 5.33 be on a number line

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Science

    During a lunar eclipse, does the Moon enter the Earth’s shadow from the east or the west? Explain your answer. Wouldn't it be the east because that's the same way the moon rises normally? So if it normally rises in the east it would do that again.. or

    asked by Mykayliah
  72. chemistry

    You are making 40g of a 29% (w/w) sucrose solution. what amount of sucrose and water would be used. each in grams please

    asked by terry
  73. algebra 1

    write and graph the inverse variation when y=3 and x=2 find k = write the inverse variation fill in the table of values and graph x = -3 ,-2 ,-1,1,2,3 y= ?

    asked by bobby
  74. physics

    A monochromatic light of wavelength 587.5nm illuminates a slit of width 0.75mm. At what distance from the slit should a screen be placed so that the first dark fringe is at 0.85mm from the center of the diffraction pattern?

    asked by angy
  75. algebra 1

    x = -3 ,-2 ,-1,1,2,3 y= ?

    asked by bobby
  76. General

    What is the right of way profession? What do you do and what is its purpose?

    asked by Stacy
  77. chemistry

    A patient is prescribed 0.210 mg of a drug that is available in 70 μg tablets. How many tablets are needed? (Remember that the number of significant figures does not matter because the number of tablets is being counted.)

    asked by savannah
  78. Math

    System Of Elimination: Greg invested $11,000 in two accounts. The first account pays 5% interest per year. The second account pays 8% interest per year. Greg earned a total of $752.50 in interest at the end of the first year. How much did Greg invest in

    asked by edgard
  79. M1-math

    A bullet of mass 20 grams is fired into a wall with velocity of 400 ms 1. If the bullet penetrates the wall to a depth of 1cm, find the resistive force of the wall.

    asked by Stephan
  80. algebra

    Plumber chargers $60 an hour. Plumber B chargers $40 to visit your home plus $55 for each hour. for hop many hours will the total cost for each plumber be the same? how much will that cost be? Define your variables: Write a system of equations: solve the

    asked by kasidy
  81. physics

    A screen is placed 50cm away from a slit lit by a monochromatic light of wavelength 690nm. The distance seperating the first dark fringe and the third dark fringe in the diffraction pattern is 3mm. Calculate the width of the slit.

    asked by angy
  82. World History

    Which of the following was the major reason Philip II and Louis XIV patronizing the arts? a. They desired to show their great power through the splendor of their royal courts.*** b. They sought to distract their subjects from continuing economic problems.

    asked by Olivia N J
  83. math

    the product of helena's age and 4 is 76

    asked by brandon
  84. Science

    What factor is described when low water levels are causing animals to die from dehydration? I am confused on this. Please help. I don't even know where to begin looking

    asked by Donald
  85. physics

    An auto race takes place on a circular track. A car completes one lap in a time of 22.8 s, with an average tangential speed of 37.3 m/s. Find (a) the average angular speed and (b) the radius of the track.

    asked by Tyler
  86. Geography

    why do you think the ratio of people with HIV/AIDS is lower in Northern Africa?

    asked by Ethan
  87. math

    Find all solutions to the given equation. tan(x/3)=0

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Physics

    Small, slowly moving spherical particles experience a drag force given by Stokes' law: Fd = 6πηrv where r is the radius of the particle, v is its speed, and η is the coefficient of viscosity of the fluid medium. (a) Estimate the terminal speed of a

    asked by Dalton
  89. 4th grade math

    Can you check please. 1. Melvin had 20 children in his kindergarten class. Two-fifths of the children had brown eyes. Onefourth of the children had blue eyes. The rest had hazel eyes. How many children had hazel eyes? 20(2/5) = 8 brown 20(1/4) = 5 blue

    asked by Jared
  90. Science

    Which level of consumer is an owl in the following chain: grass, cricket, mouse, and owl? I do not know understand this at all can you please explain this so I can get a better understanding of this?

    asked by Donald
  91. calculus

    Argus Company makes three​ products: A,​ B, and C. Each unit of A costs​ $4, each unit of B costs​ $2, and each unit of C costs​ $1 to produce. Argus must produce at least 20​ As, 30​ Bs, and 40​ Cs, and cannot produce fewer than 200 total

    asked by namasya
  92. Math

    Please show me how to write an equation in slope intercept form for a line with a y intercept of -1 and an x intercept of 4

    asked by Kelley
  93. calculus

    find the average rate of change of the function f(x)=x^3+1 over the interval [-1,1]

    asked by Anonymous
  94. American Government

    3. Which philosophers of the European Enlightenment influenced the founding documents of American government through their theory of social contract? A. Michel de Montaigne and Denis Diderot B. Charles de Montesquieu and Mary Wollstonecraft C. Thomas

    asked by Abby
  95. Chemistry

    How many grams of CaCl2 are needed to produce 10.0 grams of NaCl?

    asked by Jaeshon
  96. English

    Make a passage with these ten words. Angry customers or passagers No fool Customer service Work force Aviation sector Airport Delay Prompt Customer is always right Feed back

    asked by Abid
  97. Math

    What is an example of a real world relationship where there is no clear independent or dependent variable

    asked by Pam
  98. math

    A 4-pound box of rice, which is a mixture of white rice and wild rice, sells for $1.80 per pound. White rice sells for $0.75 per pound. Wild rice sells for $2.25 per pound. How many pounds of white rice are in the mixture? -White rice = W Wild ride= S

    asked by Jared
  99. soical studies

    what did the budha see in his revelation?

    asked by blah blah
  100. Math

    1/3 pan of brownies is left on the table sarah wants to share with 7 friends how much of the total pan will each girl get

    asked by Alishya johnson
  101. American Government

    7. Which of the following six organizing principles are evident in Articles I – III of the U.S. Constitution? Select all that apply. A. Limited government.*** B. Separation of powers. C. Judicial review.*** D. Checks and balances. 8. Which of the

    asked by Abby
  102. physics

    The figure shows a jet engine suspended beneath the wing of an airplane. The weight of the engine is 12600 N and acts as shown in the figure. In flight the engine produces a thrust of 69100 N that is parallel to the ground. The rotational axis in the

    asked by Tyler
  103. SS

    Both the National Labor Union and Knights of Labor were opposed to admitting: Women African-Americans Unskilled workers Irish Chinese I think it is unskilled workers.

    asked by Anonymous
  104. English

    A writer must include research to ensure the reader understands his point.

    asked by Barb
  105. math (Ms. Sue plz help)

    A bike was originally 240 but the price was marked up 15%W What is the new price of the bike? a) $250 b) $264 c) $268 d) $276****

    asked by tita
  106. Physics II

    the velocity of water in a 4 cm diameter pipe is 2.0m/s.what is the velocity in a 2cm diameter pipe which connects with it,both pipes flowing full?

    asked by Precious
  107. calculus

    limx-->3 sin 3x/4x

    asked by sarah
  108. calculus

    find the limit x-->inf (x^2+x)^1/2-(x^2-x)^1/2 so I know I multiply by the conjugate 2x/(x^2+x)^1/2+(x^2-x)^1/2 then I don't know where to finish problem

    asked by kim
  109. Physics II

    find the velocity of escape of water through a small opening in a broiler where the pressure is 10^6 Pa above atmospheric pressure, assumed h1=h2 and v1=0

    asked by Precious
  110. Math

    How do you find two numbers the exact answer is between

    asked by Hannah
  111. Physics II

    find the pressure at the bottom of a vessel 76cm deep when filled with a) water b)mercury (sp.g. 13.6)

    asked by Precious
  112. math

    Can i have the answers to the Algebra workbook 7th grade with the link to a pdf document with all the answers. Thank you

    asked by mugh hungus
  113. science, pysics

    A child having a mass of 37 kg sits 0.2 m from the center of a merry-go-round that is rotating with a period of 36 s. What is the centripetal force acting on the child? What is the centripetal force in Newtons?

    asked by Kat
  114. calculus

    if limx-->0(4-g(x)/x=1find limx--->0g(x)

    asked by Anonymous
  115. math

    The north wall of a barn is a rectangle 25 feet high and 60 feet long. There are five windows in the wall, each 8 by 10 feet. If a gallon of paint will cover 275 ft2, how many gallons of paint must the painter buy to paint the wall?

    asked by victor
  116. Physics II

    1.given 30 m^3 of helium at 15 degree c and 1.0x10^5 Pa, determine the volume at -6 degree c and 5.6x10^4 Pa 2. if a mass of gas occupies 500 l at 16 degree c and 10^5 Pa,determine the volume at 38 degree c and 1.7x10^5 Pa. 3. Calculate the final

    asked by Precious
  117. Physics

    A baseball is thrown at 40 m/s. Jose Bautista hit it back in the opposite direction at a speed of 65 m/s. The ball is in contact for 1.2 ms. What distance does the ball travel while it is in contact with the bat?

    asked by Sarah
  118. Writing Classifying Sentence Structures

    label each of the following sentences simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex 1. Israel is also a nice place to visit.

    asked by Please Check My Answer (Ms. Sue Plz!) Thank you
  119. Chemistry

    How many mL of SCN^-1 and water to put in a 10 mL solution with 5 mL of Fe^3+ already in it?... We're finding those values to make standard solutions of 0.00 mM FeSCN^2+ 0.020 " 0.040 " 0.060 " 0.080 " 0.100 " I know that you have to use M1*V1=M2*V2,but

    asked by Savanna
  120. algebra

    The lengths of the sides of a triangle are x,2x+1,5x+4inches. If the perimeter is 53inches, what is the value of x?

    asked by Rocky
  121. value


    asked by value
  122. Help! Calculus

    I am so confused on how to solve this problem. I have it set up with y's on one side and x's on the other but I don't know what to do from there. Question: Solve the differential equation. The initial condition is y(0) = 1. ((x^2+1)^(1/2))(dy/dx) -

    asked by Lucy
  123. chemistry

    How to balanced chemical equation and identify the type of reaction for solid ammonium nitrate decomposes into dinitrogen monoxide gas and water

    asked by judy
  124. Math

    For once I am the one who needs help so help if you can ASAP. 1.Determine which ratio forms a proportion with 9/5 by finding a common multiplier. A. 54/30 B. 45/50 C. 45/90 D. 90/20 Also.. 2.Determine which ratio forms a proportion with 14/35 by writing

    asked by 100%Postive
  125. English

    Hello, can someone please check my answer? Which sentence best expresses the meaning of the following aphorism? Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread. - Alexander Pope A. Angels and fools are never seen together. B. When angels know to stay clear, fools

    asked by Brady
  126. Social Studies

    Five Ways How Individual Can Apply Self Reliance And Independence.

    asked by Festus
  127. Math

    If f(x) = 2x-9, find f(p) and f(x+h).

    asked by Hnng
  128. Math

    What two numbers the exact answer is between 3x567 6x7,381 4x94 8x684

    asked by Hannah
  129. trigonometry

    a wind mill is used to generate electricity. the wind mill has propeller blades that are 12 feet in length. if the propeller is rotating at 3 revolutions per second, what is the linear speed in feet per seconds of the tips of the blades?

    asked by Anonymous
  130. math

    a post 47 m high is supported by two equal wires attached to its top and to two points on a level ground, each of it is 18 m from the food of the post. Find the length of each wire

    asked by Anonymous
  131. Chemistry

    We did a lab about the heat hydration of sodium acetate with water. I got that the enthalpy of anhydrous sodium acetate is exothermic while the enthalpy of trihydrate sodium acetate is endothermic. Also that the enthalpy of the hydration of the sodium

    asked by Anonymous
  132. Chemistry

    An aqueous solution of volume, v1 cm3, contains a mass, mg,of a compound to be extracted. When shaken with v2 cm3 of an organic solvent, a certain proportion, x, of this compound dissolves. Derives an expression for x in terms of v1, v2 and the partition

    asked by Shariah
  133. math

    1.solve for the given variable: x + 1/2 = 1 1/2 3/4 1*** 2 3 2. solve for the given variable: 10/13n = -30/39 -20/13 0 100/169 -1*** 3. solve for the given variable: k-3/4 = 10 43 5.5*** 37 52 PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY MATH!!!!

    asked by please help
  134. Maths

    The Product Of Two Consective Positive Odd Numbers 195, By Constructing A Quadratic Eqation And Solving It, Find The Two Numbers.

    asked by Festus
  135. math

    the area of a rectangle is 480 sq. metres .what is its width if its length is 120 metres ?

    asked by alefiya
  136. calculus

    limx--->0 3sin 3x/4x would it be 9/4

    asked by sarah
  137. algebra 1

    write and graph the inverse variation when y=3 and x=2 find k = write the inverse variation fill in the table of values and graph x = -3 ,-2 ,-1,1,2,3 y= ?

    asked by bobby
  138. stats

    Industry standards suggest that 18% of new vehicles require warranty service within the first year. Jones Nissan, sold 11 Nissans yesterday What is the probability that less than three of these vehicles require warranty service?

    asked by Nick
  139. Social Studies quiz PLEASE HELP

    1. The Golden age of indian culture came during which empire A:Roman B:Persian C:Gupta D:Mauryan 2. This raja conquered week kingdoms left by Alexander the Great A:Chandragupta Maurya B:Asoka C:Hari Krishna D:Vishnu 3.In this selection of the Mahabharata,

    asked by Connexus student
  140. Science

    What is the average velocity of a car that moved 25 km east and 40 km wear in 2 hours

    asked by Kalira
  141. Math

    Three scientists are observing Rickey and Riley, laboratory rats, to see how long each rat takes to find a piece of cake in a maze. The maze is a large box with open pathways running north-south and east-west in a grid pattern. Riley takes the direct route

    asked by Anonymous
  142. maths

    What is 12 less than 19

    asked by Happy
  143. algebra

    Four times a number plus five times the number is the same as ten more then eight times the number. Find the number.

    asked by Rocky
  144. algebra

    A vat contains 8080 gallons of a fruit juice mixture that is 30%30% orange juice. How many gallons of the mixture should be drained and replaced with pure orange juice to make the mixture 80%80% orange juice? Round your answer to two decimal places, if

    asked by sam
  145. Business Communication

    Please Break up the sentence. Reserving the property requires a $500 security deposit , which will be refunded unless there is damage to the property or evidence that there has been smoking in the cottage or a pet on the premises or if the reservation is

    asked by Brittany
  146. Math

    The average atomic weight of all elemons in the periodic tabe is 134.355 unidied atomic mass uints.

    asked by Josh
  147. Math

    A section of stained glass is made by placing a circle at the top of a triangle with a base of 10 centimeters and a height of 8 centimeters. The diameter of the circle is equal to the height of the triangle. What is the area of the section of stained

    asked by Alex
  148. math

    Ryan's team won 2 games and scored 27 points in the first game and 24 in the second game. They lost a game 40 to 18. What was the total number of points the team scored in the winning game?

    asked by rose
  149. 6 grade math

    I only need help on #2 I did number one if you can check it great if not only can help me on 2 Croakie is a very talented frog. He does tricks for the audiences at the Calaveras County Fair contest every year. Some of his tricks are quickly making him

    asked by Jessica
  150. Math

    a swimming pool is 40m long 25m wide 6m deep find a cost of cementing of its floor and walls at the rates of ₹135 square per meter

    asked by Rahul
  151. MATH

    Which equation shows the correct use of power of products property? a) (2x^5y^2)^3 = 6x5y^2 b) (2x^5y^2)^3 = 6x^15y^6 c) (2x^5y^2)^3 = 8x^8y^5 d) (2x^5y^2)^3 = 8x^15y^6 Is it D? I am very counfused

    asked by Topkitty21
  152. science

    Bacterium called pathogen. The example of a beaker with a single bacterium in it. That divides and doubles itself. If you place the first bacterium into the beaker, how much time it takes to half full And how much time it takes to full

    asked by sameer
  153. us government

    The party whips assist which person(s)?

    asked by Anonymous
  154. geography

    express the following statement scale as RF scale (i) 0.5cm to represent 2metres (ii) 2cm to. represent 4kilometre (iii) 2inches to represent 1mile (iv) 1.5cms to represent 2.5kilometres.

    asked by lawan hamisu
  155. science

    how will you describe the speed of the plane from the rest until it takes off?

    asked by abbey
  156. Microbes and Society

    There are four organic molecules essential for  weel-being of bacteria- carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, and proteins. Which one you would eliminate in order to destroy bacterium?

    asked by Amber
  157. science

    what do you think should be the motion of an airplane preparing for take off?

    asked by abbey
  158. science

    Bacterium called pathogen. The example of a beaker with a single bacterium in it. That divides and doubles itself. If you place the first bacterium into the beaker, how much time it takes to half full? And how much time it takes to full? if we put a

    asked by sameer
  159. Microbes and Society

    Why do boiling inactivates a toxin (protein) produced by Clostridium botulinum

    asked by Amber
  160. Science

    What structure traps the pollen

    asked by Garth
  161. College Algebra

    A motorboat takes 5 hours to travel 100mi going upstream. The return trip takes 2 hours going downstream. What is the rate of the boat in still water and what is the rate of the current?

    asked by Moses
  162. Math

    The coordinates of the midpoint of the line AB are (1, 2). The length of the line AB is 10 units. If the gradient of AB is 0, find the coordinates of A and B

    asked by Kevin
  163. math

    a petri dish starts out with 500 bacteria. The amount of bacteria increases 25% each minute. Y=500(25)????

    asked by Anthony
  164. Algebra II (plz)

    Find the slope of the line that contains the two points (3,2) and (1,-4). m = - 3 m = - 1/3

    asked by Kate
  165. algebra

    David weighs 20lbs.more than katy ,while Jonathon weighs 120lbs. less than three times katy's weight. If David and Jonathon weigh the same amont , how mush does katy weigh? How much much does David and Jonathon weigh?

    asked by Rocky
  166. 6 th grade

    Bill's average score for 10 test was 88. If his lowest score, 70, is not counted, what was his average for the remaining test?

    asked by Chris
  167. Math

    52 pencils are put into boxes .7 in each box how many boxes are needed? how many pencils will be left?

    asked by Anonymous
  168. Maths

    Q1. A metallic sheet of the rectangular shape with dimensions 50cm x 40cm. From each one of its corner, a square of 5cm is cut off. An open box is made of the remaining sheet. Find the volume of the box and the total surface area of the box.

    asked by Freshi
  169. physics

    a body of mass 2 kg moving with a speed of 10 m/s find its momentum

    asked by chitu
  170. Maths

    The perimeter of a triangle is 12 centimetre and the ratio of their sides is 3:4:5

    asked by Ramyashree
  171. physics, science

    What centripetal force is needed to keep a 10 kg object moving at a constant speed of 10 m/s in a circle having a radius of 11 m?

    asked by Kat
  172. physics, science!!!

    A child having a mass of 37 kg sits 0.2 m from the center of a merry-go-round that is rotating with a period of 36 s. What is the centripetal force acting on the child?

    asked by Kat
  173. Math

    Derek ran 3/8 of a race before he had to stop for a break .if the race is 6 miles long,did Derek run more than,less than ,or equal to 6 miles before he took a break?

    asked by Cody
  174. physical educatioin

    Your target heart rate _____.

    asked by carlos
  175. Algebra

    Let a ☺ b = 2a − 3b. What is the value of (1 ☺ 2) ☺ 7?

    asked by Anne
  176. Reedingg

    The tittle of the book

    asked by Elijah kolotyuk
  177. ALGEBRA

    What is the determinant of this matrix?

    asked by Anonymous
  178. math

    find the surface area for the given prism

    asked by chris brown
  179. physics, science!

    A child having a mass of 37 kg sits 0.2 m from the center of a merry-go-round that is rotating with a period of 36 s. What is the centripetal force acting on the child? What is the centripetal force in Newtons?

    asked by Kat
  180. Math

    Dr ew does push ups every three days starting on January 3. He does sit-ups every four days starting on january 4, On which days in January will he do both push-ups and sit-ups? Use words numbers, or models to justify your answer.

    asked by Christian
  181. Calc

    The base of a solid is the unit circle x^2 + y^2 = 4, and its cross-sections perpendicular to the x-axis are rectangles of height 10. Find its volume. Here's my work: A for rectangle=lw A=10*sq(4-x) V= the integral from -4 to 4 of sq(4-x^2)*10dx But that

    asked by Alice
  182. science

    what word can these letters make rorpsfgnloadeeas?

    asked by Ranell
  183. Math

    Dale grew 63 tomatoes. She sold them at a roadside stand. She put 5 tomatoes in each carton and sold each full carton for $3. How much money will she make for all of the full cartons?

    asked by Marina
  184. English

    What is a Familiar

    asked by Ammar
  185. math

    Martina and Charlotte are sharing a pizza.The pizza is cut into eight pieces. Martina ate a quarter of a pizza . Charlotte ate 3 pieces. How many are left?

    asked by Martina, and Charlotte
  186. Math

    Decide if the following pair of functions are of the same order. (a) f(x) = x^2 - 7 and g(x) = x^2 + 7 I found this example solution online: a). f(x) = 3x + 7 and g(x) = x x

    asked by Winston
  187. math

    Wood floors are being refinished in an office. If the room is a square with 15 foot 6 inch sides, what will it cost to have the floor refinished at $5.98 per square foot?

    asked by Anonymous
  188. algebra

    the area of a triangle is 40cm2. the height of it is h cm. what is the lenght of its base?

    asked by aisha
  189. Math

    Jim has 87 lightbulbs to put into packages of 4 bulbs each. Before he packed the bulbs 10 lightbulbs broke How many complete 4 packs of lightbulbs could he make with the remaining bulbs?

    asked by Gisela
  190. Social studies

    which of the following was NOT granted to the us as a result of their victory in the spans oh American war A) Puerto Rico B) Hawaii*** C) Philippines D) Guam

    asked by tita
  191. input output math

    i need help with the input 4 and output 25, input 5 and output 32

    asked by megan
  192. English

    I can’t agree with you a hundred percent. ------------------------------ What does this sentence mean? 1. I cannot agree with you at all. 2. I agree with you, but not one hundred percent.

    asked by rfvv