Questions Asked on
January 29, 2017

  1. english

    Identify the compound​ verb: On the​ weekends, I exercise and do things with friends. A. ​exercise, do things B. ​exercise, do C, on the weekends

    asked by Amber
  2. Math

    what is the sqaure root of -3/2*81

    asked by AoPS
  3. English

    The following sentences lack necessary end marks, commas, semicolons, and colons. Insert the correct punctuation in each sentence. 1. After you make the salad please set the table Jorge 2. What a great time we had at the beach 3. No you may not stay up

    asked by Hayden
  4. math2

    When s is measured in meters and t is measured in seconds, find the velocity at t = 2 of the following a. s = t^2 + 3t b. s = t^3 - 3t^2 c. s = squareroot t + 2 Help plz

    asked by Annie
  5. Math

    The sides of triangle are in ratio 5:3:4 and it's perimeter is 180m find altitude of the triangle corresponding to its largest side

    asked by Vanshika
  6. math

    a school has 720 pupils. one day 36 pupils were absent, what fraction represented those who are present?

    asked by maloba
  7. solar science physics

    On the left-hand side of the figure below a III-V triple junction solar cell is shown. On the right-hand side, the J-V curves of the individual component cells and the multi-junction solar cell are shown. Which junction corresponds to sub cell 3?

    asked by pritam
  8. so

    Which junction corresponds to sub cell 3? Sub cell based on Ge. Sub cell based on GaAs. Sub cell based on GaInP. Sub cell based on GaInAs.

    asked by pritam
  9. statistics

    For a sample of 50 days, George Murnen made an average of 5.02 calls per day. At the .05 significance level, is there a difference in the mean number of calls per day between the two employees? What is the p-value?

    asked by DEBORAH SLIGH
  10. statistics

    . At the .05 significance level, is there a difference in the mean number of calls per day between the two employees? What is the p-value?

    asked by DEBORAH SLIGH
  11. science

    What is the balanced molecular equation for titration of oxalic acid?

    asked by pooja
  12. English

    Most of the following sentences lack at least one period, question mark, exclamation point, comma, semicolon, or colon. Add the correct punctuation where it is needed. I have added punctuation in second set of sentences. 1. African American author Maya

    asked by Hayden
  13. solar science physics

    Which of the following statements is NOT true about solar inverters? A stand-alone inverter is supposed to work as an AC voltage source for a specified range of AC loads. An ideal grid-tied inverter has its operational voltage and frequency synchronized

    asked by pritam
  14. solar science physics

    Consider a lead-acid battery with 500 Ah capacity and a rated voltage of 12 V. What is the total capacity of energy in watt-hours that can be stored in the battery?

    asked by pritam
  15. Precalculus

    Let $\mathcal{G}$ be the graph of the parametric equations \begin{align*} x &= \cos(4t),\\ y &= \sin(6t). \end{align*}What is the length of the smallest interval $I$ such that the graph of these equations for all $t\in I$ produces the entire graph

    asked by Zheng
  16. Math

    Four subtracted from 3 times a number is 29. Find the number

    asked by Sophie
  17. math

    use the method of substitution to solve the following pairs of simultaneous equation. 2m+n=0,m+2n=3

    asked by joel
  18. Science

    Starting from rest an airplane moves with a constant acceleration of 2m/s for 30 seconds before it takes off A. How far does it travel down the runway before it takes off ? B. What's it's final velocity ?

    asked by Anonymous
  19. math

    The sum of ages of Sam ang thomas is 27 years. Seven years ago, Toma's was three years more than one fourth as old as Sam. Find their present ages

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Math

    The third term of an A.P is 20, the fourteenth term is 64. Find the first term, the common difference and the nth term

    asked by Angeles
  21. Maths

    A store marks up the price of a lounge by 80%. What percentage discount would bring the price of the lounge suite back to its original price?

    asked by Ripley
  22. Mathematics

    Of the 82 pupils in grade 9, 73 take mathematics 56 take science, all those who take science take mathematics. Show the information on the venn diagram. How many take neither mathematics nor science?

    asked by Philip Chiwala
  23. Science

    If a tree lost all its leaves, is it dead?

    asked by Art
  24. Math

    A plane flies from city x to city y against the wind in 8 hours and flies back from city y to city x with the wind in 5 hours. If the speed of the wind is 650 mph, find the wind speed in mph?

    asked by Samiya
  25. Math

    From 1980 to 1990 the population of London increased by 6%. From 1990 to 2000, the population of the city decrease by 3%. What was the overall percentage change in the population of London from 1980 to 2000?

    asked by Samiya
  26. calculus

    Let g(x)={x^2-x-2 if x is not equal to 1 {0 if x=1

    asked by Liv
  27. calculus

    Define h(x)={x^2 if x>=-1 {ax+b if x

    asked by Qin
  28. math

    evaluate without using L'Hopital theorem the following limit lim x-->0 [(sin(x)-x)/(x-tan(x))] the answer is 0.5 but I want to know the steps to calculate such a problem

    asked by Al-Madhagi
  29. calculus

    define f(x)={x+a if x>2 {-1 if x=2 {ax+b if x

    asked by Angel
  30. math

    evaluate without using L'Hopital theorem the following limit lim x-->0 [(sin(x)-x)/(x-tan(x))] the answer is 0.5 but I want to know the steps to calculate such a problem

    asked by Al-Madhagi
  31. Maths

    The length of a chord of a circle of radius 10 cm is 12 cm. Some the distance of the chord from the centre of the circle.

    asked by Khushi
  32. Chemistry

    Given Ka values of 5.76×10^-10 & 4.8×10^-10, for NH4+ anf HCN.what is the equilibrium constant for following reaction? NH4+ + CN- >< NH3 + HCN

    asked by Rishi
  33. Science

    A battery of 3cells in series each of emf 2v and internal resistance0.5 is conected to a 2resistor in series with a par

    asked by Monday Japheth, SALAMA High School, Physics
  34. physics

    Uranium 235 has 92 protons in its atoms. Calculate the number of neutrons in this atom

    asked by Sakshhi Siingh
  35. Physics

    state the finctions of double wall,silver wall and cork sttoper -

    asked by Busola
  36. des school

    the volume of a cylinder 288picm3 the base radius is 8 cm find its tsa leave the answer in terms of

    asked by aa
  37. Physics

    determine the magnitude and direction of the net force acting on q0 where q0=1uC ,q1=-1uC,q2=2uC and q3=-4

    asked by Jay
  38. Math urgent homework

    A book is advertised at $500 with an inclusive 5% GST. What is the original price of the book?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Physic

    A block of mass 0.500 kg is pushed against a horizontal spring of negligible mass until the spring is compressed a distance x ( see Fig. below)The force constant ofthe spring is 450 N/rn. When it is released the block travels along a frictionless,

    asked by Pongsathorn
  40. Statistics

    3 batteries are chosen at random from 15 batteries of which 5 are defective. Find the probability if: 1) none of 3 are defective 2) exactly one is defective 3) 2 defective and 1 non-defective 4) at least one is non-defective What should I do? Is it

    asked by Someonehunidshelp
  41. Maths

    A fighter accelerates from rest at 120,000 m/s^2 for a time of 4 seconds. How far did the jet fighter travel?

    asked by Abi
  42. Vision

    Write A Speech For The Sendforth To Your Teacher Travelling To The Usa

    asked by Ghost
  43. Math

    Garage charges one time rate of $8 plus $1.50 per half hour. What function represents total cost C(x), for parking for x hours

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Coordinates

    prove that the points (-4,-3), (-2,2),(8,-2)are the vertices of a right angled triangle.

    asked by Balan
  45. Geometry

    Angle C and Angle D are supplementary angles. If the measure of Angle D is nine less than twice the measure of Angle C, find the measure of Angle D. PLEASE HELP!!! I have no idea where to even start!

    asked by Jay
  46. Geometry

    find the equation of an elipse whose vertices are (2, -2) and (2, 4) and whose eccentricity is 1/3

    asked by Tundr
  47. Science

    The surface r of a liquid depends on the density p acceleration due to gravity g nd height h use the method of dimension to derive the actual relationship between this quantities. An object is tie to the end of a string move in a circle the force exerted

    asked by Mary
  48. Math

    The difference of two consecutive numbers is 15 the greater number is X then find the smallest

    asked by Kivi
  49. Math

    Mary bought a length of ribbon. She used 2/5 of it to wrap a package and 1/5 of it for a bow. If she used 60 in. of the ribbon, what was the length of the ribbon she bought?

    asked by Saba
  50. physics

    An object is projected at an angle of elevation of 45 degree with a velocity of 100 m/s calculate its range

    asked by tsering
  51. English

    peer pressure destroys character yes or no?.

    asked by Stephen
  52. math

    1. a number is subtract from 20 the result is 10 what is the number 2.i multiply a number by 10 and where 12 is remove the result is 18 what is the number 7

    asked by ukasha aminu musa
  53. Discrete math

    (a) Use the Euclidean Algorithm to nd gcd (2017; 271) and use this to nd integers x and y so that gcd(2017; 271) = 2017x + 271y. (b) Is it true that for all integers a and b, if not both a and b are zeros then not both

    asked by Mariaaaaaaa
  54. chemistry

    a pipet can be calibrated. we expected the volume to be 25.00ml, but the actual volume was significantly less. if you had measured the density of an unknown with this pipet and assumed that v=25.00ml, your result would not be correct. would it be too high

    asked by mary
  55. Physics

    for an egg drop project, does putting straws at the bottom of an egg protect it from crashing?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Math

    It costs 3$ for an adult and 2$ for a student to attend a car show. 250$ was collected when 90 people attended how many were adults and how many were students

    asked by Sophya
  57. Math

    Solve the Identity cot (x)/ (csc(x)-1)= (csc(x)+1)/cot (x)

    asked by Sandra
  58. American government

    Why do you think we are not governed by the Articles today? I think we are not governed by the Articles today because it was too weak of a government to be able to force any laws that put into place. Also, states needed protection from other countries and

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Math

    (1+tan(x))* (1+cot(-x))

    asked by Sandra
  60. Math

    Simplify the follow)ing to the simplest form (tan(x) +cot(x))/ (tan(x)*cot(x))

    asked by Sandra
  61. math

    On a test you answered six 5-point questions and eight 2-point questions. You earned 92% of the possible points. How many points is the test worth?

    asked by Jazmin
  62. Math

    cos(x)/(1-tan(x)) + (sin (x))* cos(x))/ sin (x)-cos(x))

    asked by Mary
  63. Physics

    A cannon ball is fired horizontally from a cannon that is 40.7m above the ground. The initial velocity of the cannon ball is 234m/s. How much time does the cannon ball spend in the air?

    asked by Mary
  64. sociology

    Sociologist argue that unlike scientifice knownledge common sense conclusion are

    asked by sandra kirby
  65. Math

    Seth has three more than twice as many baseball cards as Aaron. Together they have 33 baseball cards. How many cards does Seth have? Answer: I dont understand please help

    asked by Edgard
  66. English

    Please please please check my answers and explain to me why they are right or wrong!!! 24.) Choose the correct voice of the underlined verb. (1 point) The pitcher THREW the ball to the catcher. a.) active** b.) passive 25.) Choose the correct voice of the

    asked by Emmy
  67. linear algebra

    Hello, how can I proof the next theorem? I have a linear transformation T(X) that can be express as T(X)=AX and A is an orthogonal matrix, then ||T (X)||=||X|| , I was doing this: ||T (X)||=sqrt() But I don't know what to do with the orthogonal matrix..

    asked by Mery
  68. Math

    one track coach wants his athletes to race 8 miles around a track to measure how fast each person can run if the track is 2/3 of a mile around. How many laps around the track will the athletes have to run to complete the race?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. English

    1.) Read the following lines from the poem Africa. "Impetuous son that tree young and strong. that tree there in splendid loveliness amidst white and faded flowers. that is Africa your Africa. that grows again patiently obstinately. and its fruit gradually

    asked by Stephany
  70. Algebra

    Last year the population of Spoon Forks grew from 1250 to 1300. If the population of the town grows by the same percent this year, what will the population be?

    asked by Madison
  71. Geology

    Which of the following is a mineral?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. English

    .) Read the following sentences from "The Pin". "That all changed when my family moved. My new school is three times bigger than my old school. At first, no one here knew me. The kids were polite, but they did not treat me like a good friend. For a few

    asked by Emmy
  73. English

    Read the following line from "The Pin": I felt like a character in an old Jimmy Stewart movie. The reference to "Jimmy Stewart" in this line is most likely intended as a (an) _________ allusion. a.) biblical b.) literary** c.) historical d.) mythological I

    asked by Emmy
  74. verbal reasoning

    write the word of four letters which could go after each word in this line losing winning in out be thank you if you help. if you don`t help it`s OK at least you got my question

    asked by everleigh
  75. English

    The following sentences lack necessary end marks, commas, semicolons, and colons. Insert the correct punctuation in each sentence. 1. In the final most exciting quarter of the game Brian kicked two field goals 2. That price however does not include the

    asked by Hayden
  76. Physics

    A boy kicks a rock off a cliff with a speed of 15.5m/s at an angle of 53.5° above the horizontal. The rock hits the ground 5.37s after it was kicked. How high is the cliff? I found the height of the cliff which is 7.45*10^1 m. What is the speed of the

    asked by Sarah
  77. verbal reasoning

    unscramble this anagram to make one word with the meaning given in brackets. GREEN MEAT (holding the same opinion) thank you to all who help:D

    asked by jadem
  78. English

    Most of the following sentences lack at least one period, question mark, exclamation point, comma, semicolon, or colon. If a sentence is already correct, write C. 1. When the hurricane began to tum toward land the governor issued an evacuation order for

    asked by Hayden
  79. Probability, Stats

    For every 1000 batteries produced by a manufacturer 15 are defective. What is the probability that 100 randomly chosen batteries will have exactly 2 defective batteries?

    asked by Andrew
  80. verbal reasoning

    which letter of the alphabet makes BERT a hat? write the new word in brackets and write the letter thank you helpers:D

    asked by everleigh
  81. math

    I need help here log2^(3) + log4^(7)

    asked by anonymous
  82. science

    n a cross between homozygous red-eyed "Drosophila" females and white-eyed males,? A. All the offspring will have white eyes or B. Ditto to A.> red eyes or C The male offspring will have red eyes and female offspring white eyes. I thin the answer is B or A

    asked by emma
  83. math

    Jacky is cutting 4 yards of fabric into 7 pieces of equal length. Which expression represents the fraction of a yard each piece will be? 7-4 4-7 7/4 4/7

    asked by helpme
  84. Physics

    How much force does it take to push an 80 lb. steel cart on wheels?

    asked by Patty
  85. Math

    what is 2x+2=4?

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Chemistry

    The vapor pressure of pure water at 30C is 31.8Torr. What is the vapor pressure of a solution of NaCl dissolved in water when the mole fraction of NaCl is 0.111? I am wondering if this would be correct. 0.11*31.8= 3.5 Torr Is there another way to solve

    asked by Christopher
  87. La state history

    in 3-5 sentences describe the apportionment system for state legislative districts I cant seem to think of any please help. Ms.Sue

    asked by Brah
  88. mathematics

    a(x+b)=c by making x the subject of the formula. ax+ab=c divide both sides by an a(x+b)÷ab=c ÷ a+b ax=c/a+b

    asked by Rukayya Junaid
  89. calculus

    I have a definition lim theta approaching 0 sin theta/theta = 1 so show if the limit x approaching 0 sin2x/5=2/5

    asked by sarah
  90. math

    the aquarium's height is 11 inches, width is 8 inches, and length is 20 inches, he wants to replace the water. how much water does the aquarium hold?

    asked by Dorcas
  91. Physics

    On the map, let the +x-axis point east and the +y-axis north. A)An airplane flies at 990 km/h northwestward direction (i.e., midway between north and west). Find the components of its velocity. B)Repeat for the case when the plane flies due south at the

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Physics

    You drive 109 km/h east for 31 min , then 82 km/h north for 42 min . Let the +x-axis point east and the +y-axis north. A)Find your average velocity for the entire trip. B)Find your average speed for the entire trip. You should probably do part b first.

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Physics

    A baseball hit just above the ground leaves the bat at 27 m/s at 45∘ above the horizontal. A)How far away does the ball strike the ground? B)How much time is the ball in the air? C)What is its maximum height? Find the time for the ball to go the

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Science

    A white eyed male Drosophila is crossed to a red eyed female all the resulting progeny have red eyes. A. This shows that eye colour is sex linked. B. This shows that eyes are recessive to white eyes. C. Both of the above. D. None of the above I think it is

    asked by Kathy
  95. english

    what is the name of scrooges business partner who is dead

    asked by mugh hungus
  96. math

    One leg of a right triangle is one less than twice the other. The area of the triangle is 18 square feet. What is the length of the 3rd side of the triangle? Solve by factoring. A= 1/2 (b)(h) 18= 1/2 (x)(2x-1)

    asked by Maddie
  97. 7th G science

    What is/are the main factor(s) that determine(s) the height of a plant (genetics, environment, or both)? Explain your answer. I think that only genetics play a role but I am not sure.

    asked by softball lover
  98. Maths

    There are m boys and 12 girls in a class what is the probability of selecting of random 1 a girl 2 a boy from class

    asked by Joy
  99. math

    An ice cream van sells 3 different ice-cream flavours with 4 different toppings. How many different choices can be made using only one of the ice-cream flavours and only one of the toppings?

    asked by veekas
  100. economics

    Indicate if each newspaper headline below deals with a microeconomics (micro) or a macroeconomics (macro) issue. Pepsi to Introduce a New flavor - micro Russia Devalues Currency - macro Red Cross Needs Blood- micro Microsoft Still Tied-Up in Legal battle -

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Math

    I am stuck on the question Jeremy collected nickels for one week he is making stacks of his nickels to determine how many he has the thickness of one nickel is 1/6 inch what is the combined height of 3 nickels 2 nickels and 1 nickel help me I don't get

    asked by Mirissa
  102. Physics

    Two geological field teams are working in a remote area. A global positioning system (GPS) tracker at their base camp shows the location of the first team as 38 km away, 19deg north of west, and the second team as 28.7 km away, 35deg east of north. When

    asked by Sarah
  103. math

    So a moped travels at 40km/h for part of a trip and 10km/h for the remainder. If it takes 5.75 hours to travels 185km, how far did it travel at each speed?

    asked by Cookie
  104. Algebra

    Can you please help me with this math problem: 5 6 2 9 12 3 (4X Y Z) X (5X Y Z) The numbers at the top are exponents.thank you

    asked by Lucille
  105. English

    Most of the following sentences lack at least one period, question mark, exclamation point, comma, semicolon, or colon. Add the correct punctuation where it is needed 1. I looked for my keys in the kitchen on the porch and under the bed but still couldn't

    asked by Hayden
  106. Need Help

    Which is the intransitive verb? The judge who presided over that controversial case last year now seeks another term in the upcoming election "Seeks" is the intransitive verb

    asked by language arts
  107. Math

    Find the smallest integer value of N such that f(x)=O(x^N). a) f(x) = x^7 - 150x^6 + 3x^3 + 111 b) f(x) = (x^3 + 2x^2) / (x^4 + x^2 + 1) c) f(x) = ⌈x⌉ d) f(x) = ⌊x⌋

    asked by Winston
  108. Physics

    A dram of mass 100kg is rolled into the deck of long 1.5m above a horizontally floor using a plank 4m long.calculate the work done against gravity during the process [Take g=10ms'2]

    asked by Yegh margaret
  109. Algebra

    Can you please help with this problem: my previous post didn't come out correctly: (4X5Y6Z)2 x (5X9Y12Z)3 The number after the letter is an exponent....4X to the fifth power Thank you

    asked by Lucille
  110. Chemistry

    Compunds formed by NH4+ and NO3-

    asked by Carlilah
  111. mico vs. macro

    Indicate if each newspaper headline below deals with a microeconomics (micro) or a macroeconomics (macro) issue. Pepsi to Introduce a New flavor - micro Russia Devalues Currency - macro Red Cross Needs Blood- micro Microsoft Still Tied-Up in Legal battle -

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Algebra

    Please advise if this answer is correct: -3a8^b2^c3^ (5abc9^ -11a^b4^c6^) -3a8^b2^c3^ (-6ab3^c3^) 18a9^b5^c6^ - is this answer correct? Thank you

    asked by Lucille
  113. Spanish

    Hello, Can someone please help me edit the answers to my reading response questions for grammatical correctness. It would be greatly appreciated! 1. ¿Cuál es el ambiente de este cuento? --Answer below: El ambiente de este cuento es de una el camino a

    asked by Seth
  114. chemistry

    From each pair of substances below, choose the one with the higher molar So, at 298 K a) Hg (s), Hg (l) d) C2H6 (g), C2H4 (g) b) HI (g), HCl (g) e) H2 (1 atm), H2 (2 atm), 1 mol at 298 K c) NH3 (g), Ne (g) f) NaCl(s), NaCl (aq)

    asked by Jaline
  115. physics

    A piece of copper ball of mass 20g at 200°c is placed in a copper calorimeter of mass 60g containing 50g of water at 30°c ignoring heat losses.calculate the final steady temperature of mixture.(specific heat capacity of water=4.2jg-1k-1)

    asked by Abiodun
  116. algebra

    what is the inverse of the given relation? for the function f(x)=xx-2,find (fof-1)(10)

    asked by zach
  117. Geometry

    Problem: ABCDE$\ is an equilateral pentagon with side length 2 in which angle B= angle E=120 degrees. The area of ABCDE can be expressed in the form square root of x + square root of y for some integers x and y. Find x+y. I don't understand. I really need

    asked by AJ
  118. Science

    Suppose you are pulling a wagon with th handle at an can you make your task easier

    asked by Devon
  119. Physics

    The velocity graph of a particle moving along the x-axis is shown. The particle has zero velocity at t=0.00s and reaches a maximum velocity, vmax, after a total elapsed time, t total. If the initial position of the particle is x0 =6.22m, the maximum

    asked by Mary
  120. Geometry

    What is the relative position of two lines if their orthogonal projection onto the projection planes are a) parallel lines b) coinciding lines c) intersecting lines

    asked by Tim
  121. Physics

    Two spheres are cut from a certain uniform rock. One has radius 3.54 cm. The mass of the other is 3 times greater. Find its radius.

    asked by Student
  122. Math

    Comparison of bottles 1/3 and 2/6

    asked by Chloe
  123. math

    JOhn hs 2 apples, Many has 9 apples, how many apples are in total?

    asked by Anonymous
  124. Geometry

    a regular triangular pyramid has all of edges of length 36. What is the angle between any two faces of this pyramid.

    asked by Juan
  125. Math-Geometry

    I am having a difficulty with solving proofs, such as triangle proofs for my homework, is there any tips and tricks to be able to solve them?

    asked by Ray
  126. organic chemistry

    The constants for Antoine’s equation for TCE (based on log10 and o C) are: A= 6.5183, B = 1018.6 and C = 192.7. If a container (negligible volume) is placed in a sealed room 1000 m3 at 30 oC, how many grams of TCE will evaporate upon reaching equilibrium

    asked by Lauren
  127. physics

    starting from rest, a car accelerates at a constant rate of 3 m/s^2for a time of 5 s; a. compute the velocity of the car at 1 s, 2 s,3 s, 4 s, and 5 s and plot these velocity values against time. b. compute the distance traveled by the car for these same

    asked by sumaiya
  128. Help -Social Impact of Technology

    According to a report on 18 scientific associations, __________ that we are in an age of human-caused climate change. A. all of the 18 affirm B. about half of the 18 agree C. only two of the 18 disagree D. about two thirds of the 18 affirm An: A

    asked by Angela
  129. Math

    At what point of the curve y= x^4 is the normal line parallel to 2x + y = 3? Find the equation of the normal line.

    asked by Laura
  130. Math

    fred is more than 3 years more than twice the age of jane. the sum of their ages is 48. how old is each?

    asked by James
  131. Help -Social Impact of Technology

    Respecting energy, in Leslie White’s formula, E=P*T, “T” stands for: A. the measure of energy efficiency. B. the sum of energy produced. C. energy production per capita. D. a measure of energy dissipation per capita. An:D

    asked by Angela
  132. English

    Most of the following sentences lack at least one period, question mark, exclamation point, comma, semicolon, or colon. Add the correct punctuation where it is needed 1. No one in my family could slice it with even our sharpest knife nor were we able to

    asked by Hayden
  133. geography

    New Zealand and Papua New Guinea have a. huge manufacturing industries. b. lush, tropical climates that produce many kinds of tropical fruit. c. valuable timber resources. d. very limited timber resources and poor soil.  

    asked by liz
  134. math

    Jesse bought 10 more pencils than erasers. A pencil costs $0.15, and an eraser costs $0.22. He paid a total of $4.46. How many erasers did Jesse buy? ~I got some help and ended up here 22x+14(x+10)=446 I just don't know how to solve the rest of the problem

    asked by Edgard
  135. Physical sci

    The Density of aluminum is 2.70 g/cm3. What volume does 2000 g occupy?

    asked by CLaudette
  136. Earth Science

    What are the maximum and minimum dimensions (the size range) for the following particle sizes? a) cobble: b) pebble: c) sand: PLEASE HELP

    asked by Maya
  137. biology

    what role doescarbon dioxide play in plant processes

    asked by Anonymous
  138. Math

    The sum of 23 and Hans height is 54

    asked by Anonymous
  139. Chemistry 112

    Can rate of law be a decimal??

    asked by Aiyana
  140. English

    Insert colons as needed. 1. Uncle Jerry likes the following authors Alex Haley, Mark Twain, and Willa Cather. 2. Remember these tips when you drive courtesy, caution, and judgment. 1. Uncle Jerry likes the following authors: Alex Haley, Mark Twain, and

    asked by Hayden
  141. chemistry

    Calculate ∆S universe for the process H2O (s) → H2O (l) given that ∆Hfusion = 6.02 kJ/mol and ∆S system = 22.1 J/K mol . Remember that ∆S surrounding = -∆Hsystem / T. a) -20oC b) 0oC c) 20oC

    asked by Mi
  142. Chemistry

    How many liters would 1.000g of helium gas occupy at STP?

    asked by Vincent
  143. Math

    Six groups of students sell 162balloons at the school carnival there are three students in each group if student sells the same number of balloons how many balloons does each to student sell

    asked by Chloe
  144. Trigonometry

    A plane at an altitude of 12,000 feet finds the angle of depression for a building ahead of the plane to be 10.4 degrees. With the building still straight ahead, two minutes later the angle of depression is 25.6 degrees. Find of the plane relative to the

    asked by Manuel
  145. Chemistry 112

    Can someone please explain to me how to calculate reaction order with respect to something? I've read this in my textbook, and I watched videos on YouTube, but I still don't understand. Please help.

    asked by Aiyana
  146. physics

    A car traveling at 100 km/h strikes a tree. The front end of the car compresses and the driver comes to rest after traveling 0.85 m . What was the magnitude of the average acceleration of the driver during the collision? Express the answer in terms of

    asked by david
  147. English

    Write the correct form of the word cliche. By now, the "damsel in distress" plot is not only ______, but outdated. Answer: cliched

    asked by Kimmy
  148. Calculus

    I am having trouble with this question and I am unsure how to solve it... True or False (with justification) The function sin(x) if x ≤ 0 f(x) = 1+cos(x) if x>0 has a jump discontinuity at x = 0.

    asked by Emily
  149. Algebra2

    let f (x)=x-3,and g(x)=x^2 find f(g)(4)

    asked by steve
  150. English

    Express how the device below and structure helps acheive the purpose of chapter 4. The book is called Narrative Of The Life Of Fredrick Douglass. I just need to write a paragraph. given: brutality of slavery device: diction and structure All i know is for

    asked by Aria
  151. Chrmisty

    Find the pH at each of the following points in the titration of 25 ml of 3.0M HF with 0.3 M NaOH. The Ka value is 6.6x10-4. After adding 25 ml of 0.3M NaOH

    asked by Brooke
  152. chemistry

    A solution of 25.0mL of 0.10mol/L hydroiodic acid is titrated with 0.10mol/L ammonia.Determine the pH at equivalence.

    asked by rana
  153. applied calculus

    From a height of 25 meters a ball is thrown vertically upwards at a velocity of 5 meters per second. a.What time in seconds will the ball reach its maximum height? b.What is its maximum height? c.When will the ball strike the ground? d.What will be the

    asked by Laura
  154. probability

    a teacher holds 40 class cards of 14 girls and 26 boys. shes huffles the cards and drawn one. a. what is the probability that the card drawn is a girl's card? b. what is the probability that the card belongs to a boy? c. what is the probability that the

    asked by dona
  155. physics

    is the height of a ball be thrown directly related to the initial velocity? if i were to graph initial velocity as y and height as x,would it be a linear trend?

    asked by Anthony
  156. Astronomy

    Neptune can complete a rotation at 18 to 20 hours. You're rania's can make one in 16 to 28 hours. What is the average time it takes Neptune to complete rotation? What is the average time it takes uranus to complete a rotation? What is the average for both

    asked by Jessica