Questions Asked on
January 27, 2017

  1. american goverment check answers

    1. Read this famous quotation from Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. Which is the best interpretation of Holmes's meaning? The most stringent [strict] protection of free speech would not protect a man falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic.

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Social Studies

    Why did the Jews feel entitled to claim Israel as their nation following World War 2 A) They had no place else to go B) They believed that God had promised them this land** C) They had military strength to hold the land D) The United Nations had given them

    asked by Anonymous
  3. English

    The feeling that things weren't as good as they seemed is best described by which line from "Borders"? A."I told Stella that we were Blackfoot and Canadian, but she said that didn't count because I was a minor." B."We got postcards from Laetitia regularly,

    asked by Your Friend
  4. Math

    jason weighs 36 pounds together he and his sister weigh four ponuds more than three times the weight of his sister what is the weight w of jason's sister? 36+ w= 3; 18 pounds 36+ w- =3w; 19 pounds 36+ w= 3w+4; 16 pounds 36+ w= 3w -4; 20 pounds

    asked by Valerie
  5. Precalculus

    The roots of \[z^7 = -\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} - \frac{i}{\sqrt{2}}\]are $\text{cis } \theta_1$, $\text{cis } \theta_2$, $\dots$, $\text{cis } \theta_7$, where $0^\circ \le \theta_k < 360^\circ$ for all $1 \le k \le 7$. Find $\theta_1 + \theta_2 + \dots +

    asked by SAM
  6. Pre Cal

    Determine a , given that A = 63°, C = 49°, and c = 3. Round answers to the nearest whole number. Do not use a decimal point or extra spaces in the answer or it will be marked incorrect.

    asked by Marketa
  7. american goverment check answers

    2. Which of the following statements support the idea that free speech is essential for democracy? Select all that apply. (2 points) Free speech can be limited in times of war. Free speech advances knowledge. Free speech encourages the expression of

    asked by Anonymous
  8. African Oral Poetry

    What are some of the examples of symbols used in the poem Africa by David Diop?

    asked by Truth
  9. Pre Cal

    Given: a = 640, A = 70°, B = 52° in triangle ABC ; find c . Round answers to the nearest whole number. Do not use a decimal point or extra spaces in the answer or it will be marked incorrec

    asked by Marketa
  10. Physics

    A 62 kg person is skiing down a 37 degree slope that has a coefficient of 0.15. what is their velocity after 5.0 seconds

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Math

    in a fifth grade class, 3/4 of the students like to go to the movies. of the students who like to go to the movies, 2/3 of them like action movies. of the students who like to go to action movies, 4/5 of them also like comedies. what fraction of the

    asked by Shelby
  12. algebra

    Three boxes are stacked one on top of the other. One box is 2 feet 8 inches tall, one is 4 feet 7 inches tall, and one is 3 feet 11 inches tall. How high is the stack? Write your answer in feet and inches. Use a number less than 12 for inches. Please

    asked by Malicha
  13. MathHelp!!SOS!!

    What is the amount of tax sales owed on a $550 laptop computer if the tax rate is 7%?

    asked by PleaseGiveAnswerQuickSOS
  14. Algebra

    A tortoise is walking in the desert. It walks for 9.6 meters at a speed of 6 meters per minute. For how many minutes does it walk? 9.6/6 1.6 Please Help

    asked by Malicha
  15. algebra

    49 days to 6 weeks in simplest form? 49 days equals 7 weeks, so 7 over 6?

    asked by malicha
  16. Algebra

    A paper has an area of 572 square centimeters. What is the paper's area in square inches? Use the following conversion: 1 square inch is 6.5 square centimeters. Please help

    asked by Malicha
  17. Algebra

    A coffee pot holds 3 1/4 quarts of coffee. How much is this in cups? Write your answer as a whole number or a mixed number in simplest form. Include the correct unit in your answer.

    asked by Malicha
  18. Algebra

    During a huge snowstorm in the white Mountains last year, it snowed 60.5cm in one day. How much did it snowed in meters? 60.5*100 6.050 meters?

    asked by Malicha
  19. Science Please Help

    Which of the following statements are true A-Biodiversity provides additional resources that raise the carrying capacity of an ecosystem** B-Biodiversity increases and ecosystems ability to withstand changes C-Biodiversity makes an ecosystem more difficult

    asked by loin
  20. Pre Cal

    Find b, given that a = 18.2, B = 62°, and C = 48°. Round answers to the nearest whole number. Do not use a decimal point or extra spaces in the answer or it will be marked incorrect.

    asked by Marketa
  21. math

    if an object is projected upward from ground level with an initial velocity of 64 ft per sec,its height h in feet t seconds later is h=-16t+64t.after how many seconds is the height 48 ft.

    asked by glenda
  22. Algebra

    A watermelon seed is 0.4cm long. How far would 118 watermelon seeds stretch? meters 0.4/1000 0.004*118 0.472m?

    asked by Malicha
  23. Social Studies

    Which goal led Israelis and Palestinians into conflict? a) a desire for independence and security** b) religious worship at the same temples c) military dominance in the region d) political control of the same national government

    asked by Anonymous
  24. math

    The two trapezoids shown are similar. If the area of the larger trapezoid is 96 square centimeters, what is the area of the smaller trapezoid?

    asked by lolo
  25. Pre Cal

    Given: b = 600, B = 11°, C = 75° in triangle ABC; find a. (Round the answer to the nearest whole number.) a =

    asked by Marketa
  26. Maths


    asked by Sam
  27. Social Studies

    What formal powers does the governor use to achieve his or her legislative goals? 1) the veto 2)administrative bills 3)presenting the state budget 4) all of the above -------

    asked by ttng
  28. biology

    1)Can you suggest reasons why a phylogeny based on molecular evidence and a phylogeny based on morphology and other evidence might not be exactly the same? 2) Zoologist worldwide are sequencing a mitochondrial gene CO1 (cyctochrome c oxidase subunit),

    asked by Henry
  29. Math

    Farmer Greg has some cows and some hens. Between them they have 52 legs and 38 eyes. How many hens, and how many cows does farmer Greg have? Clue.. Cows have four legs Hens have 2 legs Eyes 2 What I got.. 38÷2=19 8×4=32 10×2=20 20+32=52

    asked by Viviana
  30. Chemistry

    What substance will have the lowest surface tension? A) HOCH2CH2OH B) CH2F2 C) CH3CH2F D) CH3CH2OH E) CH3CH2CH CH3CH3

    asked by KO
  31. physics

    The third floor of a house is 6 m above street level. How much work is needed to move a 141 kg refrigerator to the third floor?

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Algebra

    A car is traveling at a rate of 60 miles per hour. What is the car's rate in kilometers per hour? How many kilometers will the car travel in 4 hours? In your computations, assume that 1 mile is equal to 1.6 kilometers. Do not round your answers.

    asked by Malicha
  33. Physical Education

    5. Select the answer below that best describes how you can increase the intensity of your workout. (1 point) A. exercise more often B. increase the speed of a run, amount of weight lifted, or distance a muscle is stretched C. Increase the length of time of

    asked by Chloe
  34. Physics

    A car mass of 900kg travelling at 15m/s crashes into a wall and comes to rest in 0.3s. Calculate the average decelaration. Calculate the average force exerted

    asked by James
  35. English

    Hey, How many stressed syllables are in each line? "The sea was as wet as wet could be" "The sands were as dry as dry"

    asked by (Not telling)
  36. psych

    Identify each of the following consequences either positive reinforcement (PR), negative reinforcement (NR), negative punishment (NP) or positive punishment (PUN). NP 1. A teacher meeting with a parent makes that parent feel less powerful by having her sit

    asked by SAM
  37. english

    (b) Choose two of the scientists you read about in the Stories of Scientists unit. Compare and contrast these scientists. Answer this question in no fewer than two paragraphs. Be sure to include specific details about each scientist’s life, career, and

    asked by dj
  38. Science

    Please, how many atoms of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are in C3H8+502? (I know that C has 3, H has 8, and O is 10, am I correct?) - Jay A.

    asked by Jay A.
  39. Physics

    Two movers are attempting to push a 300kg piece of furniture across the floor. One man pulls horizontally with a force of 45N while the other pulls with 80N at a 25 degree angle. If the crate slides with an acceleration of 9.15m/s^2, what is the frictional

    asked by Joe
  40. History

    For many German speaking people the decision to redraw boundaries made at the Paris Peace Conference led to enormous changes in their citizenship and identity. Only the German speaking people in Denmark/Northern Germany were given their say in this change.

    asked by Hala
  41. psych

    identify if it is Fixed Ratio (FR), Variable Ratio (VR) Fixed Interval (FI) Variable Interval (VI) VR 1. Getting paid for every widget you put on a machine in a factory VI 2. Pop (surprise) quizzes VR 3. Slot machines at Foxwoods casino FI 4. Getting to

    asked by SAM
  42. physics

    Whn sand is poured on a rotatory disc what happens to its angular velocity. Explain

    asked by pooja
  43. math

    The mean of Alice's last 5 math test scores is 88. The first 4 of these 5 math test scores were 87, 75, 93, and 85. What score did Alice earn on her fifth math test?

    asked by charles
  44. none

    i can be long or short, i can be grown or bought, i can be painted or left bare, my tip can be round or square

    asked by doreen
  45. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a buffer solution of 0.125M Acetic acid and 0.250M Sodium acetate? the Pk of Acetic acid is 4.76

    asked by Kumar
  46. Physics

    Im doing an egg car crash project, is there any tips and tricks to protect your egg in a made car?

    asked by Joe
  47. Precalculus

    What is the smallest positive integer $n$ such that all the roots of $z^4 + z^2 + 1 = 0$ are $n^{\text{th}}$ roots of unity?

    asked by SAM
  48. Algebra

    Convert 58°F to degrees Celsius. If necessary, round your answer to the nearest tenth of a degree. Here are the formulas. =C5/9−F32 =F+9/5C add 32 Please help

    asked by Malicha
  49. Mathematics

    15 liters of water is poured from container A to Container B and 10 liters of water is poured from container A to container C. If C had 20 liters of water less than A, how many more liters of water does C have than A? A. 10L C. 20L B. 15L D. 25L What

    asked by Mary Rose
  50. Jai bharti public school maths

    A play ground is 120m long and 150m wide how much distance will sam cover if he goes 3 times around it?

    asked by Chetna
  51. Math

    Why id gonzo walk around carrying ice cream and a pair os sparrows

    asked by Selena
  52. biology

    John has blue eyes, blue eyes are recessive to the dominant trait for brown eye color. his genotype is bb . What is johns phenotype? A. brown B. Bb C. Blue D. bb My best answer is B

    asked by Leslie
  53. Math

    A map is drawn to a scale 0f 1 :20 000. Calculate the area of a a lake that measures 3 square km

    asked by Erica
  54. music appreciation

    Symphonie fantastique, which depicts an artist's execution by guillotine, was written by the nineteenth century composer A. Franz Schubert B. Caspar David Friedrich. C. Gioacchino Rossini. D. Hector Berlioz.

    asked by nikki
  55. English

    If you could come in on Sunday,that would be grest. How many independent and subordinate clauses

    asked by Gina
  56. English

    It was a dark and stormy night. incomplete or complete

    asked by Gina
  57. math

    two parallel chords of length 30 cm and 16 cm are draw on the opposite sides of center of a circle of radius 17 cm find the distance between the chord

    asked by vikash
  58. Physics

    A uniform rod of mass 2 kg and length 1.41 m is hinged at its top end and allowed to swing in the vertical plane of the paper. It is initially stationary in a vertical position. A clay ball of mass 0.25 kg is propelled towards its lower end at a speed v.

    asked by Abdus-Samad Gaffoor
  59. Physic

    Two positive point charge of 12 ?C and 8 ?C are 10 cm apart. The work done in bringing them 4 cm closer is...

    asked by Boni
  60. Biology

    John has blue eyes, blue eyes are recessive to the dominant trait for brown eye color. his genotype is bb . What is johns phenotype? A. brown B. Bb C. Blue D. bb My best answer is B

    asked by Leslie
  61. psychology

    Identify the unconditioned stimulus (US), the unconditioned response (UR), the conditioned stimulus (CS), and the conditioned response (CR). 1) The door to Jim's house squeaks loudly when he opens it. Jim's dog is happy and wags her tail. Soon, Jim's dog

    asked by t
  62. basic calculus

    The area of the surface of a sphere of radius r is 4πr^2. If the estimate radius of a spherical balloon is 200 meter and this estimate is too small by 1/2 meter. Find the approximate surface area in sq. m.

    asked by yumie
  63. health

    Why do we sneeze?

    asked by eh
  64. Math

    The radius of the larger circle is 9cm. The diameter of the smaller circle is 11cm. Find the area of the shaded region. I don't understand this questions at all please help.

    asked by Serena
  65. MATH

    1.075-(-3.1) 4.175

    asked by HAYDEN
  66. math: counting techniques

    Six problems (numbered 1 to 6) are set for a math test. A student can score 0, 1, 2, 3 points for each problem. Find the number of ways to score a total of 15 points for the six problems.

    asked by tom
  67. Maths

    Rosie and Leyla can iron 50 shirts in 2 and a half hours between them. How long would it take if they stop talking and iron 1.5 times faster? How to do working for this question?

    asked by Caryse
  68. Science

    Two drivers start at the same time to make a 100- km trip. Driver 1 takes 2 hrs to complete the trip. Driver 2 Thames 3 hrs, but stops for an hour at the halfway point. Which driver had a greater average speed for the whole trip? Explain

    asked by Ali
  69. Chemistry

    How much energy is required to convert 360 gram of ice having temp -10 c to convert in to steam

    asked by Priyank
  70. Math

    In a local lottery, there is a 15% chance of winning $1, a 5% chance of winning $5, a 1 in 100 chance of winning $50 and a 1 in 10 000 chance of winning $500. What is the expected value of your winnings in this lottery? How much does the lottery need to

    asked by M
  71. Math

    One angle of a triangle measures 95°. The other two angles are in a ratio of 7:10. What are the measures of those two angles?

    asked by Carson
  72. Math

    A square field has an area of 6.25 km² find the cost of putting a fence round it at rs. 10.50 per meter

    asked by Riya
  73. Math

    Sorry posted the wrong question earlier. Let A and B be sets. Show that A \ (A \ B) ⊆ B.

    asked by Winston
  74. Maths

    Breed of 580 mils per hour drive from 21 1/2 hours

    asked by Chris
  75. Algebra

    Let U and V be the points with position vectors u = (1, 2, −1, −2) and v = (0,3,−2,2,). Find the distance from U to the span(v

    asked by Larin
  76. math

    3/14 of 10/9 Help needed ASAP

    asked by azaiah
  77. Basic math

    Complete the table. Simplify all answers. As a percent and. Decimal and fraction

    asked by Trudy
  78. Math -

    8x + 14y = 24 6x + 7y = 10 Solve for x & y I tried multiple times but I just can't seem to get the right answer.

    asked by Kathy
  79. College Algebra

    x+2y=0 x+3y+z=1 -4x-y-z=23

    asked by Robert
  80. test and measures

    Suppose I want to use a test to help predict who will quit their jobs before the end of the three-month probation period. 100 new applicants are hired and the test is adminstered to all of them on the first day. Half of them quit before the end of the

    asked by b
  81. Algebra

    9 days to 6 weeks in simplest form? 49 days equals 7 weeks, so 7 over 6? Answer This Question

    asked by Malicha
  82. Math (Advanced probability)

    In a local lottery, there is a 15% chance of winning $1, a 5% chance of winning $5, a 1 in 100 chance of winning $50 and a 1 in 10 000 chance of winning $500. What is the expected value of your winnings in this lottery? How much does the lottery need to

    asked by M
  83. physics

    particle P and Q are undeergoing uniform horizotal circular motion along concentric circle of different radii in clockwise sense . pcomplete each round in 2 min while q does in 5 min. time required by q to make one revolution around P

    asked by satya
  84. Chemistry

    The density of water at 60 degrees C is 0.98338 g/mL. What is the mass of 37.48 mL of water in a graduated cylinder (not including the mass of the graduated cylinder)

    asked by Sarah
  85. Maths

    12 players to play a snooker game over 11 weeks . Who plays who each week?

    asked by Tony
  86. calculus

    A stone thrown up from the top of a building with a velocity of 48 meter per second reaches the ground with a velocity of -50 m/s. Find the height of the building. Using the derivative of approximation.

    asked by airrah mae
  87. pre-algerabra

    If dexters room is 10 wide and 12'6" long and in his drawing is 4 wide is it true or false if I doulbe the quantity I doulbe the other?

    asked by rose
  88. math

    farmer nick planted a line of coconut trees along the length of his land. If he planted them 4m apart and the distance between the 1st and last tree last trees is 100m. Calculate the number of trees he planted.

    asked by indira
  89. Maths

    Under root 4 raised power minus 3 by 4

    asked by Anonymous
  90. chemistry

    what mass in grams of hydrogen gas is produced using234g of nitric acid

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Math

    If the diameter of a wheel is 10 inches. What is the circumference of the wheel in inches?

    asked by Jae
  92. math

    Sum of 9 odd 90

    asked by ajay
  93. Math

    If 2/3 of my money is $18. How much money do i have in all

    asked by Indira

    please help how do I evaluate and solve them????? Fast.

    asked by megann!
  95. Precalculus

    The roots of \[z^7 = -\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} - \frac{i}{\sqrt{2}}\]are $\text{cis } \theta_1$, $\text{cis } \theta_2$, $\dots$, $\text{cis } \theta_7$, where $0^\circ \le \theta_k < 360^\circ$ for all $1 \le k \le 7$. Find $\theta_1 + \theta_2 + \dots +

    asked by SAM
  96. English

    The skill of a painter complete or incomplete

    asked by Gina
  97. English

    the skill of a painter,complete or incomplete sentence

    asked by Gina
  98. Math

    Let A and B be sets. Show that A\B(A\B) ⊆ B.

    asked by Winston
  99. College Chemistry

    If the reaction rate increases by 2.6 when the temperature increases from 20-30 degrees Celsius, what is Ea? Do we use 2.6 in place of (k2/k1) or multiply something by 2.6? Lost, please help.

    asked by ts
  100. math

    if 2/3 of my money is $18. how much do i have in all?

    asked by indira
  101. Math

    Farmer is looking for materials to make a 2 pens side by side with 360m of fence what is the dimension of each pen with the maximized area

    asked by Mahad
  102. Maths

    Length of rectangle is 8 metres less than twice it's breath. If perimeter of rectangle is 56 metres. Find it's length and breath

    asked by Usha priya
  103. math

    Sandra took a loan of $25,000 and had to repay $29,500. at the end of 3years. At what rate of interest did she get that loan

    asked by indira
  104. Science

    How much volume of co2gas is car obtained at NTP by heating 200gm calcium carbonate?

    asked by Pallavi
  105. math

    In 2001 Shammera was 16 years old. In 2006 Shameera will be 3 times as old as his cousin Samuel. How old will samuel be in 2006?

    asked by indira