Questions Asked on
January 23, 2017

  1. social studies

    1.) What influence did Henry Ford have on other industries of the time? A. His keenness for advertising began a marketing revolution? **** B. His creation of the automobile engine directly led to first flight. C. His production of passenger automobiles

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  2. Social studies

    how did the spoils system affect president james Garfield and his successor Chester A. Arthur?

    asked by Liziana
  3. Geometry

    20. What is the volume of the sphere? Round the answer to the nearest cubic unit. (1 point) 268 cm3 2,145 cm3 17,157 cm3 536 cm3

    asked by Lillylove
  4. English

    Consider the main characters from "Stolen Day" and "The Night the Bed Fell." In a paragraph, discuss which character learns the most and which one learns the least. Use details from the selections to support your ideas. Use the reading selections to help

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  5. Chemistry

    Assume that you have a liquid in a cylinder equipped with a movable piston. There is no air in the cylinder, the volume of space above the liquid is 200 mL, and the equilibrium vapor pressure above the liquid is 29.0 mm Hg. What is the equilibrium pressure

    asked by Impossible
  6. Geometry help

    27. Concrete can be purchased by the cubic yard. How much will it cost to pour a slab 12 feet by 12 feet by 9 inches for a patio if the concrete costs $54.00 per cubic yard? (1 point) $1,944.00 $972.00 $552.00 $216.00 28. Two square pyramids have the same

    asked by Lillylove
  7. Physics 1

    In coming to a stop, a car leaves skid marks 62 m long on the highway.Assuming a deceleration of 4.30 m/s2 , estimate the speed of the car just before braking.

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Geometry

    7. What is the surface area of a conical grain storage tank that has a height of 24 meters and a diameter of 16 meters? Round the answer to the nearest square meter. (1 point) 837 square meters 848 square meters 1,991 square meters 1,923 square meters 8.

    asked by Lillylove
  9. @ ya bish

    Cheaters are not allowed here. You're banned from posting for asking for answers.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  10. Astronomy

    1. How did the geocentric model explain the retrograde motion of planets? A. Earth moves faster in its orbit and passes the other planets. B. The planets move backward when they get too close to earth. C. The planets travel in circles as they move around

    asked by M
  11. chemistry

    The radius of a strontium atom is 215 pm. How many strontium atoms would have to be laid side by side to span a distance of 2.66 mm?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Physics

    Which of the following statements about Ohm’s Law is true? A. Keeping the same voltage and decreasing resistance decreases the current. B. To increase the current, decrease the resistance. C. Ohm’s law relates power, current and resistance. D.

    asked by Saif
  13. Geometry

    24. If the scale factor of two similar solids is 4:17, what is the ratio of their corresponding areas and volumes? (1 point) 4:289 and 17:4,913 8:34 and 12:51 16:289 and 64:4,913 64:4,913 and 16:289 25. The volumes of two similar solids are 1,728 m3 and

    asked by Lillylove
  14. Science

    A picometer (pm) is equal to 1 x 10^-12 m. The O-H bond lengths in water are 95.8 pm,while S-H bond lengths in dihydrogen sulfide are 135 pm. Why are S-H bonds longer than O-H bonds? Is it because Sulfurs mass is greater than Oxygens mass? Please correct

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  15. Math

    Which makes this a true statement? _____ rectangles are squares. A. All B. Some*** C. No D. None of these I think it's this please correct me

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  16. chemistry

    4.8g of Mg were burn in 3.2g of oxygen. The MgO produced at a mass of 8g what is the equation of the reaction

    asked by makwin
  17. Math

    lisa wants to paint the ceiling of her restaurant.The ceiling is in the shape of a square Its side lengths are 48 feet suppose each can of paint will cover 192 square feet. How many cans will she need to pant the ceiling

    asked by Ella
  18. Maths

    I have this question, don't know where to start! The total length of ropes a,b and c is 270cm. Rope a is 20cm longer than rope c, but 50cm shorter than rope b. What is the length of rope b? Have tried dividing 270 by 3 giving 90, then just moving figures

    asked by Bec
  19. Algebra

    All the members of a construction crew work at the same pace. Four of them working together are able to pour concrete foundations in 32 hours. How many hours would this job take if the number of workers decreased 2 times?

    asked by Kawaii J
  20. English

    What must people know or understand about a place in order to belong there? How do they gain that knowledge or understanding? What types of experiences can tell people that they do not belong? In what cases might a person draw conclusions about others

    asked by Theresa
  21. american goverment check answers

    1. What are unalienable rights? (1 point) rights that cannot be denied rights created by governments rights that can be limited rights earned with age 2. Which of the following is an example of an unalienable right limiting the powers of government? (1

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Geometry

    7. What is the surface area of a conical grain storage tank that has a height of 24 meters and a diameter of 16 meters? Round the answer to the nearest square meter. (1 point) 837 square meters 848 square meters 1,991 square meters 1,923 square meters 8.

    asked by Joey
  23. Math

    A shipping box shaped like a rectangular prism has a height of 6ft and a volume of 96ft3, what is the length and width of the base for the box? Show the description whit a grid.

    asked by Joe
  24. math

    A pilot estimates that 5/8 of the fuelin the planes tank will be used when the plane reaches its destination. The tank contained 42,300 gallons at take-off. How much fuel does the pilot expect to use?

    asked by beth
  25. Microbes and Society

    Every state has an official animal, flower, and/or tree, but one state has an official bacterial species named in its honor: Methanohalophilus oregonense. What is the state and decipher the meaning of the genus name? (Note: ense =” belonging to”). the

    asked by Ann
  26. Anatomy and Physiology

    when the aortic valve opens into the aorta blood flows A. out of the body B. into the right atrium *** C. into the left ventricle D. out of the pulmonary artery my answer : C Am i correct?

    asked by Lolaw
  27. English

    Give the best analogy. Culpable is to blame as ______. 1. vaunt is to modest 2. angry is to furious 3. august is to admire 4. misdemeanor is to felony answer: c

    asked by Kimmy
  28. university of Port harcourt

    a body at rest is given an innital uniform acceleration of 8.0m/s-2 for 30s,acceleration reduce to 5.0m/s-2 for d next twenty sec.body mentains speed ten for 60s after brought to rest in 20s draw in graph 1.using d graph to calculate 2.maximum speed attain

    asked by tekena
  29. Chemistiy

    For the reaction: Ba(OH)2 (s) + 2 NH4Cl (s) → BaCl2 (s) + 2 H2O (l) + NH3 (g) If ammonia gas (NH3) is produced at the rate of 0.72 mol/s, what is the corresponding rate of consumption of ammonium chloride? ANS: NH4Cl is consumed at a rate of 1.4 mol/s,

    asked by Stacy
  30. accounting

    On, April 1, 2015, Lester Company received a bank statement that showed a balance of $ 8,950. Lester showed a $8,000 checking account balance. The bank did not return check No. 115 for $750 or check No. 118 for $370.00. A $900.00 deposit made on March 31

    asked by jennifer
  31. math

    You deposit $10,000 in an account earning 3% interest, compounded semi-monthly (twice a month). You plan to leave the account untouched for 25 years. How much interest will you earn over the 25 years?

    asked by Harmony
  32. Math

    Jean is making bar graph for a presentation .She is planning for the length and width of the bars to have a ratio of 3:2, so that they satisfy this equation 2/=w If one bar is 7 centimeters wide, what should be its length? (21 cm) 14 cm 10 1/2 cm 4 2/3 cm

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  33. Language Arts

    1. Which of these statements reflects subjunctive mood? I wish it were possible to go to the movie tomorrow. If we go to a movie, will I be able to have popcorn?*** She hoped to go to the movie and have popcorn. He couldn't go to the movie without his

    asked by Canary
  34. English

    What does the knife symbolize in the story "knife"?

    asked by Aisha
  35. consumer math

    Find the volume of the following solid figure. Use = 3.14. V = 4/3r3. A sphere has a radius of 5.7 inches.

    asked by kym
  36. physics

    calculate the kinetic energy of a. A 1kg trolley traveling at 2m/s. b. A 2g (0.002kg) bullet traveling at 400m/s. c. A 500kg car traveling at 72km/h.

    asked by jessica
  37. chemistry

    What is the predicted change in the boiling point of water when 4.00 g of barium chloride (BaCl2) is dissolved in 2.00 kg of water? Kb of water =

    asked by Anonymous
  38. algebra

    Please show solution to this problem. In triangle A, the longer leg is 6 more than the shorter leg and the hypotenuse is 6 more than the longer leg. Find the lengths of each side of this right triangle. Show all calculations. Short leg = _______ Long leg =

    asked by Anneliese
  39. college algebra

    total of $10,000 is to be divided between sean and george, george will receive $3000 less than sean. how much will each get? thank you in advance

    asked by Dawn
  40. Math

    Elizabeth pumps 3 1/2 gallons of gas in 1/4 of a tank. How many gallons does a full tank hold? Write an expression to represent the problem. Solve the problem:

    asked by Amy
  41. English

    Give the best analogy. Flagrant is to surreptitious as 1. foul is to penalty 2. brazen is to hidden 3. malfeasance is to wrongdoing 4. supercilious is to scornful answer: b

    asked by Kimmy
  42. Math

    Solve: Log5(x-2) + log8(x-4)= log6(x-1)

    asked by NR
  43. Math

    Good evening everyone. I am very confused on how to work on the below problem. Ingrid walked her dog and washed her car. The time she spent walking her dog was 1/4 the time it took to wash her car. It took Ingrid 14 minutes to walk the dog. How long did it

    asked by Donald
  44. Chemistry

    solid sodium reacts violently with water producing heat, hydrogen gas and sodium hydroxide. How many molecules of hydrogen gas are produced when 65.4g of sodium are added to water? 2Na(s)+ 2H2O(l) -->. 2NaOH(aq) + H2(g). Can someone please explain this

    asked by Kim
  45. chemistry

    A metal x form different chlorides.If 12.7g of chloride A and 16.3g of chloride B contains 7.1g and 10.7g of chlorine respectively show that the figures agree with the law of multiple proportions. write their formular

    asked by Emmanuel
  46. physics

    A space vehicle accelerates uniformly from 80 m/s at t = 0 to 165 m/s at t = 10.0 s .How far did it move between t = 2.0 s and t = 6.0 s ?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Math

    Marcus plays basketball for nine hours each week his friend Louis spends 5/6 as much time playing basketball who plays more basketball? I think you multiply 9x5/6, is that correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. chemistry

    What is the predicted change in the boiling point of water when 4.00 g of barium chloride (BaCl2) is dissolved in 2.00 kg of water? Kb of water = 0.51°C/mol molar mass BaCl2 = 208.23 g/mol i value of BaCl2 = 3 A. 0.0016°C B. -0.0049°C C. -1.0°C D.

    asked by lu
  49. Math

    On a soccer team 40% of the goals are scored by the star player. If 70 goals are scored all season, how many are scored by the rest of the team?

    asked by Amy
  50. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a solution made by mixing 60.0 ml of 0.80 M N2H4 (a weak base) with 50.0 ml of 0.50 M HCl. (Kb for N2H4=1.7 x 10^-6) Can I use the Henderson Hasselbach equation here?

    asked by Hayley
  51. Chemistry

    How do you obtain pure crystals of sodium chloride from a mixture of sodium chloride and activated carbon powder

    asked by Aces
  52. chemistry

    3HgO→2Hg+O2 Which of the following can definitely be concluded from the equation and heat of reaction above? A. The reaction is spontaneous. B. The reaction is non-spontaneous. C. The reaction is endothermic. D. The reaction is exothermic. E. None of

    asked by KO
  53. Math

    Susan was 20 years old when her daughter janet was born what will Janet's age be when their age ratio is 7 :2 what I got is x = 2/9(x + 20) but it gives me an uneven number and not sure if it's correct

    asked by Priska
  54. Chemistry pls help DR.BOB

    What intermolecular forces are responsible for neoprene's stretchiness?

    asked by AP Chem!
  55. algebra

    One more triangle question,please. In this triangle,the short leg is x and the longer leg is 1/2x + 11. If the hypotenuse is 2x + 1, what are the lengths of each side of this right triangle? Please show all calculations. Short leg = ______ Long leg =

    asked by Anneliese
  56. math

    In a class, 4/5 of the girls have brown hair. Of the brown-haired girls, 3/4 of the have long hair. Of the girls with long brown hair, 1/3 of them have green eyes. How many of of the girls with long brown hair have green eyes. 3/5 * 1/3?

    asked by paige
  57. Math

    jeff has 12 more toy cars than toy trucks. In all, he has 19 toy vehicles. How many toy trucks does Jeff have?

    asked by JB
  58. Mathematics

    Mr.Zia borrows rs .25,000today with interest at 12%compounded annually .he agrees to pay rs.20,000 two years from today and the balance three years from today.find the amount of the final payment?

    asked by Ahana malik
  59. math

    The sum of the first 9 terms of an arithmetic series is 144, and the sum of the first 14 terms is 329. Find the first 4 terms of the series.

    asked by Peter
  60. Chemistry

    A student is given 2.94g of a mixture containing anhydrous MgCl2 and KNO3. To determine the percentage by mass of MgCl2 in the mixture, the student uses excess AgNO3 to precipitate the chlorides ios as AgCl Starting with the 2.94g sample of the mixture

    asked by Shariah
  61. Science

    1. One potential problem with genetic engineering? 2. I can genetic engineering never solve all of mans problems? 3. What are two biblical principles that must be considered when making decisions about human genetic engineering? Very much appreciated!

    asked by Jie
  62. Math

    Write two times,in digital notation, when clockwise angle between the hands is: a. Less than one right angle : b. Less than two right angles : c. Greater than 3 right angles:

    asked by Dam
  63. accounting

    Need advise in how to set up? On, April 1, 2015, Lester Company received a bank statement that showed a balance of $ 8,950. Lester showed a $8,000 checking account balance. The bank did not return check No. 115 for $750 or check No. 118 for $370.00. A

    asked by jennifer
  64. physical science

    Two forces of 60N and 80N act a point .sketch a tail to head diagram and determine their resultant

    asked by Kesedi
  65. Social Studies again!

    Please help! I'm not the greatest with SS. If you answer, please exlain if ou can, this way I can understand it better. O.K, here it goes. The United States feared that the Soviets where trying to expand there power throughout the world. This fear resulted

    asked by Waverly's Friend
  66. physics

    A simple pendulum has a length of 1.25m.calculate its period and what is the percentage increase of the period?

    asked by Tolu

    I am extremely confused on how to balance a chemical equation. I have an exam tomorrow and I'm lost. In the book it says Chemical Equation: CH4 + O2 > CO2 + H2O Balanced Chemical Equation: CH2 + 2O2 > CO2 + 2H2O How did this happen? Thanks. Oh and what is

    asked by :)
  68. English

    Now do you have any opinions different from the speaker? Raise your hands, please and let us know your different opinions. You can make a counterargument about the speaker’s insist. The speaker should point to one student, and then he or she should make

    asked by rfvv
  69. Physics

    An object is placed at a distance of 50cm from a convex lens of fical length 20cm .find the nature and position of yhe subject.

    asked by Leela satish
  70. math adv funcrions

    2sin5xcos4x-sinx=sin9x Can u do this without triple angle formula and how

    asked by anon
  71. Math

    susan was 20 years old when her daughter janet was born. what will Janet's age be when their age ratio is 7:2

    asked by Priska
  72. geometry

    ABCD is a parallegram.if AB =2AD and p CD middle point then descraibe m

    asked by Anonymous
  73. math

    A rectangular tablecloth is 2.5 m long. Trim is to be sewn around the perimeter of the cloth but there is not enough. What decrase in width will make the perimeter 0.4m shorter if the length remains the same?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Ophthalmic

    Where must an object be placed in front of a plus lens in air of focal length 8cm to give an image: i. 25cm behind the lens? ii. 25cm in front of the lens?

    asked by Jay
  75. life science

    why dna is able to play a role in the transmission of hereditary information

    asked by gracious mametsa
  76. Maths

    Construct a triangle pqr in which qr= 7.2 CM,ANGLE q=45 DEGREE and pq-pr=3.4cm

    asked by Sebi
  77. Civics

    The legislative branch checks the power of the judicial branch by appointing federal judges dissolving federal courts declaring judicial actions unconstitutional impeaching and removing judges What is the answer?

    asked by Dustin
  78. Seience

    A soil sample contains living and nonliving materials which material was once living

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Science

    Suppose that you are a Walking down the street describe the forces acting on you and use Newton's laws of motion to describe your motion

    asked by Jermya
  80. chemistry

    A sample of ethanol 0.78g was burnes at a final temperature of 20.9°c. The mass of water is 50.0g. Calculate the standard enthalpy change of combustion of ethanol.

    asked by feussom
  81. chemistry

    The radius of a niobium atom is 131 pm. How many niobium atoms would have to be laid side by side to span a distance of 3.20 mm?

    asked by lisah
  82. Maths

    Construct a triangle ABC IN WHICH BC= 5.5 CM ,ANGLE B=60DEGREE AND SUM OF OTHERtwo SIDEs is 8.6cm

    asked by Sebi
  83. algibra

    In two or more complete sentences, describe how you would draw the graph of the solution set for the following inequality. -3m+18 < 30

    asked by myndie
  84. Social studies

    Witch of the following actions is a check by the legislative branch on the actions of the executive branch ?

    asked by Kim
  85. Pre-Calculus

    The base of the fish tank below has a length of 40 inches, a width of 20 inches, and height of 1.5 feet. The tank starts off with a water depth of 7 inches. You then add water to the tank at a constant rate such that the water level increases 1 inch every

    asked by Tod
  86. ELA

    Read the sentence. The old farmhouse sat at the end of the _______ road. Which word describes the road in the most negative manner? 1. (Desolate) 2. Quiet 3. ancient 4. Lonely Ms.Sue is this right

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody
  87. Science

    Electric circuit with three cells each of emf 2v and negligible internal resistances are connected in series with an ammeter two resistors of resistance 2 and 6 and a key. 1. Draw a diagram for the above information 2.calculate the current in the circuit

    asked by Fred

    What is one thing that helped make the US a world power? A) The country experienced the great depression B)The country fought in world war 1 ** C)The country signed the peace of Paris D)The country fought in the french and Indian war. Please help me! I'm

    asked by Waverly's Friend
  89. Math

    A high fountain of water is located at the center of a circular pool as shown in the figure below. Not wishing to get his feet wet, a student walks around the pool and measures its circumference to be 19.0 m. Next, the student stands at the edge of the

    asked by Kenny
  90. Science

    Suppose you find fossils of clams in rock high on a mountain. what can you infer about the mountain?

    asked by Jesse
  91. Math

    A marathon runner runs 10 1/2 miles in 2 hours. What is her rate? Write an expression to represent the problem. Solve the problem:

    asked by Amy
  92. Math

    Length of rectangle is 8 metres less than twice its breadth. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 56 metres.Find its length and breadth

    asked by Jaswanth
  93. math

    If a pentagon has five sides. Two sides are three times the length of the shortest side. Two sides are five inches longer than the shortest side. Write and simplify an expression for the perimeter of the pentagon.

    asked by vanessa
  94. General chemistry

    How many grams of potassium sulfate are needed to prepare 150 ml of a 6.50 m/v% potassium sulfate solutions

    asked by Chin
  95. General chemistry

    Calculate the molarity of 500.0 ml solution containing 26.5g Na2CO3

    asked by Chin
  96. Precalulus

    Kindly help with this question. Thanks. Solve the following equation for x. -2/-3x - 7 - 3/2x - 1 = 3/2

    asked by excel
  97. Math

    use absolute value to describe the relationships between a point total and the number of points needed?

    asked by Caden
  98. Grammar

    I am writing a compare and contrast essay between private school and public school can you help me write it

    asked by Erin
  99. Math

    An airplane flies for 3 hours with a constant speed of 696 km/h and then for another 1 hour 40 minutes with a constant speed of 1080/h. What distance did it go?

    asked by Carlos Omar
  100. Ethics

    This question refers to the ethical issue of giving organ transplants to prisoners who have been sentenced to prison for the commission of crimes. From a utilitarian perspective, which of the following is an argument against allowing prisoners to receive

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Math

    Tylenol 3 has 16 mg of Codeine per 11 ml of liquid. A safe dose of Codeine is 4.8 mg/Kg/Day. A patient who weighs 215 pounds needs a Tylenol 3 prescription. There are 2.2 pounds for every 1 kilogram. How many kilograms is this person's mass? How many

    asked by Aria
  102. Calculus

    Can you please check to see if these answers are correct? I have provided my work as well! That you! This is much appreciated!! 1. What is the volume of the solid that is generated by revolving the region bounded by the curves x = 3y^2-2 and x = y^2 and y

    asked by Daisy
  103. Math

    A parking garage charges $2.00 to enter the garage and $1.50 an hour to park. Use the coordinate plane to graph this situation.

    asked by Charles
  104. math

    Five divers found three chests of coins. they decided to divide the treasure evenly. what portion of the chest would each one get ?

    asked by kaylee
  105. Maths

    Explain why a multiple of 80 is also a multiple of 8.

    asked by Ashleigh
  106. PHYSICS

    If a 71.0 kg , 1.70 m -tall human could jump to the same height compared with his length as the flea jumps compared with its length, how high could he jump, and what takeoff speed would he need?

    asked by PLEASE ANSWER A.S.AP.
  107. Writing

    I am writing an intro paragraph for comparing and contrasting private schools and public schools. NEED HELP!!

    asked by Lucas
  108. value


    asked by value
  109. thermodynamics 2

    Calculate the change in enthalpy of a superheated steam at 700 psia and 680°F is expanded at constant entropy to 140 psia.

    asked by ligas
  110. Math

    an employee is paid $3600 for the first month. she is paid an additional 1% at the end of the second month, which means a total of $3636. she continues to receive a 1% raise each month for a full year. what is her total salary at the end of the year?

    asked by Peter
  111. Spanish

    What is one difference between popular beverages in Los Estados Unidos and those in the Spanish-speaking world?

    asked by PleaseHelpMe777
  112. Yoruba

    There is no animal without plant,there is no plant without water,there is no cloud without the sun,the sun is essential

    asked by Timmy
  113. math

    Five divers found three chests of coins. they decided to divide the treasure evenly. what portion of the chest would each one get ?

    asked by kaylee
  114. history

    What was the formal name of our country?

    asked by jalen
  115. maths

    ∫(x^4-1)/(x^2 √(x^4+x^2+1)) dx

    asked by priya
  116. permutations problems

    5children are to be seated on a bench.In how many ways can it be done?

    asked by Anonymous
  117. Schuelke

    A sample of an ore of iron, hematite, is 70% Fe2O3. How much iron is there in 5 kilograms of the ore? Answer in units of g.

    asked by Kennedy

    Write a balanced ionic equation for the redox reaction in dilute acidic solution between trioxodate(v)anion (IO3) AND IODIDE ANION (I)

    asked by DAVIES
  119. Math

    A graph that represents $20 plus $0.25 permile

    asked by Anonymous
  120. English

    In English conversations, people often say that they agree or disagree with each other. There are many ways of agreeing or disagreeing and the "one" you use depends on how strongly you agree or disagree. --------------------- What does "one' refer to here?

    asked by rfvv
  121. Medical Transcription

    A fact was constricted, appropriate, congruent. Speech was coherent, normal rate, rhythm, and volume. Thought process was goal directed. No looseness of associations or flight of ideas. Thought content showed he denied auditory or visual hallucinations.

    asked by Jude
  122. maths

    solve the equation 16x^2- 4x^x-1 -12 = 0

    asked by ulubi
  123. ELA

    Jarren's training and improved diet give him ______ Which of these best completes the sentence to express the idea that Jarren is in peak physical condition? 1. (vigor) 2. ambition 3. muscle 4. fatigue Ms.Sue is this right

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody
  124. English

    Some of the following sentences need semicolons. Above the sentence, write the semicolon and the words before and after it. In some sentences,semicolons will replace commas. If a sentence already has correct punctuation, write C on the line provided 1.

    asked by Hayden
  125. Chemistry

    True or False? An identical cylinder filled with the same pressure of hydrogen contains more molecules because hydrogen molecules are smaller than oxygen molecules.

    asked by Vivian
  126. Math

    A man sold two cycles for Rs.3000 each gaining 20% on the other.Find his gain or loss percentages on the whole transaction

    asked by Jaswanth
  127. English

    1. First, I delivered papers, then I practiced soccer. 2. Dan, I know you are tired, but the laundry is waiting. 3. Phillip, Homer, and Carla wrote poetry, Luis wrote a play. 4. The steady rain continued, yet nobody cared 5. Helen, please sing the soprano

    asked by HAYDEN
  128. algebra

    What are the coordinates of these two equations after solving using substitution? 2x-y=-11 and x+4y=17

    asked by h
  129. Math

    A man sold two cycles for RS.3000 each gaining 20% one and losing 20%on the other.Find his gain or loss percentages on the whole transaction.

    asked by Jaswanth
  130. MATH @Damon @ms. Sue

    Given the function f(x) = 2(3)^x, Section A is from x = 0 to x = 1 and Section B is from x = 2 to x = 3. Part A: Find the average rate of change of each section. Part B: How many times greater is the average rate of change of Section B than Section A?

    asked by sarah
  131. chemistry

    Instead of oxalate anion, if we use ethylenediamine as the bidentate ligand, what would be the product? What are the donor atoms in en?

    asked by yibralign tageese
  132. maths

    I think of a number, hen multiple by 3 and 17 added ,the result is the same as if 4 multiply the number and 10 dedut it find the number

    asked by chidima
  133. General chemistry

    What is the m/m% of NaOH in a solution prepared with 40.0 g NaOH and 400.0 g of water

    asked by Chin
  134. algebra

    I think of a number,when multiplied by 3 and 17 added,the result is the same as if 4multply the numbers and 10 deduct it.find The number

    asked by chidima
  135. Math (Pre algebra )

    Paul's car gets 32 miles per gallon of gasoline. How many gallons does he need to travel 368 miles?

    asked by Jayden
  136. Study School (Math)

    the sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 9.if 9 is added to the number, then its digits interchange their place. what is the difference in cube of the digits?

    asked by Vinojjoseph
  137. Econ

    given the following information, calculate nominal GDP, real GDP, and the percentage increase in year two. Be sure to label the answers. Describe what is taking place in the economy. In the base year, 10 new cars were sold at $7,000 each, 20 new office

    asked by Abby
  138. Math

    There are 25 children at a party,each child eat 3 many cakes are eaten altogether?

    asked by Sheikh arshmaan
  139. Chemistry

    A sample of plant extract is subjected to thin layer chromatography using aluminum backed plates of 0.25 mm thickness. The sample extract is suspected to contain a series of related compounds with hydroxyl and ester functional groups. Suggest a suitable

    asked by Shariah
  140. Math

    The cost of one dozen bananas is 20 then 9 bananas is

    asked by Jaswanth
  141. 4th grade math

    Find the value of each expression in lowest terms 3/4 + 1/16=

    asked by Cedarius
  142. Math

    I am less than 15. I am odd. If you add my two digits together the total is 2. Who am I?

    asked by Parminder
  143. science

    near point of an eye is 50 cm and far point is 4 m . Which lenses should be use t read as well as see movie clearly?

    asked by anjali
  144. biology

    Scientific Method Project In a 2-page maximum type written paper, complete research on a topic of question from the readings. Utilizing the scientific method, document the application of the steps in determining your hypothesis and findings. Each step is

    asked by carol
  145. math

    what is the slope of the line x=-5

    asked by Anonymous
  146. Science

    Relate to some objects your nose is in motion when you run. Relate to others it is not motion. Give one example of each

    asked by Alex
  147. aps

    There are 26 step on flpor at the time saad comes down two step imad step up one step When will tyey meet at what step?

    asked by sayed
  148. Math question


    asked by Essence
  149. math

    if there are 24 students and 5 less girls than boys , how many girls are in the class. I don't think there is a solution to this.

    asked by Bre
  150. math

    What is the function rule with input of 18,6,10,22,4,14 and output of 13,7,9,_,_. The last 2 outputs are blank as we need to figure out the rule and then fill in the blanks.

    asked by lori
  151. Math

    How do you divide a polynomial function by another polynomial function.

    asked by pj
  152. college algebra

    a 1 degree equation -4 over 2x+3 + 1 over x-1 equals 1 over (2x+3)(x-1)

    asked by Dawn
  153. 11th Grade Algebra 2

    Not asking for answers- just some explanations- can someone explain how to do (3x^5+12x^4+11x^3+2x^2-4x-2)/(3x^2-1)

    asked by pj
  154. math

    how do you simplify square roots that end with a decimal to make it look like 3√2? i think its called a radical?

    asked by maya
  155. Spanish

    What is a bodegón? What is its significance?

    asked by PleaseHelpMe777
  156. Math

    55 is 30% of what number? I think its 183? Can someone tell me if im wrong/explain to me how to do it? I dont really want the answer I just wanna check and see if im right/ why im not right Thanks ^-^

    asked by Meow
  157. 6th grade math Variables and ratios

    I need help I don't know where to start or what to do I need guidance. Triangle A,B, and C have the ratio of the sides of triangle A to triangle B is the same as ratio of the sides of triangle B to triangle C. Triangle A has a base of 5 , Triangle B shows

    asked by Jessica
  158. School

    Who is Jean Kessner?

    asked by Holly
  159. Math

    An expression is shown. 12.295-(2.24×3.9)

    asked by Anita
  160. Math

    Write two times, in digital notation, when the clockwise angle between the hands is: a less than one right angle b less than two right angles c greater than three right angles

    asked by Dam
  161. Yoruba

    Please help me translate : it burns the leaves,it dries the roots,it wither the flower,yet it is very useful

    asked by Timmy