Questions Asked on
January 21, 2017

  1. Algebra2

    f(x)=3x-7 and g(x) = -2x-6 find (fog)(4)

    asked by Steve
  2. English

    Any good thesis statement should contain in-text citations. A. True B. False I say true.

    asked by Tim
  3. maths

    express log9 in terms of log3 x and log3 y and solve for x and y simultaneously

    asked by Jonathan
  4. Chemistry

    1) What volume of oxygen gas at 28 Celsius and 102 kPa is needed to react completely with 150 g of iron according to the following reaction. Fe(s) + O2 (g) FeO(s) 2) A bunsen burner is lit in a lab that at 24.7 Celcius and 1.07 atm. What mass of water is

    asked by Peter
  5. Physics

    A helicopter rises vertically with a constant upward acceleration of 0.40 m/s2 . As it passes an altitude of 20 m, a wrench slips out the door. A) How soon does the wrench hit the ground? B) At what speed does the wrench hit the ground?

    asked by Kay
  6. algebra

    The cost for a pack of 16 pens is $3.68. Find the unit price in dollars per pen. Round to nearest cent. 16÷3.68= 4.347...4.35?

    asked by Malicha
  7. Algebra

    An item has a listed price of $70. If the sales tax is 6%. How much is sales tax (in dollars)? 70*.06 $4.2 $4.20?

    asked by Malicha
  8. Algebra

    What is 8.25% as a fraction in simplest form? Can't figure out where to start

    asked by Malicha
  9. Geometry

    A large square is divided into 4 small congruent rectangles and a small square as shown. The areas of the large and small squares are 25 and 7, respectively. What is the length of a diagonal of a small rectangle?

    asked by Hee
  10. math

    ABC is a right angled triangle . AD is bisector of angle BAC. Angle DAC = 20 degree . X = CD.

    asked by Shalu
  11. English

    1. Identify which description below is untrue of a good thesis A. A thesis mentions a broad topic. B. A thesis narrows the broad topic to a single statement C. A thesis very briefly mentions the factors that contribute to the writer’s position D. A

    asked by Tim
  12. Physics

    After solving a difficult physics problem, an excited student throws his book straight up. It leaves his hand at 2.5 m/s from 1.5 m above the ground. A) How much time does it take until the book hits the floor? B) What's its velocity then?

    asked by Kay
  13. English

    The sentence below is a workable thesis statement. The U.S. manufacturing industry should receive more government subsidies so that it can compete worldwide with companies whose governments give greater subsidies 1. True 2.False I say True. Check my answer

    asked by Tim
  14. Chemistry

    The balanced equation for the synthesis of water is: 2H2 + O2 > 2H2O If I have 5.5 grams of water, at least how many grams of Oxygen gas was needed?

    asked by Erin
  15. Economics

    How to calculate price elasticity supply

    asked by Tawanda
  16. Physic

    A body oscillates with simple harmonic motion along the x axis. Its displacement varies with time according to the equation x = (1.6m)*sin (πt + π/3). What is the velocity (in m/s) of the body at t = 1.3 s?

    asked by Tea
  17. General knowledge

    I am one eyed but not a crow. I desire a hole, but not a snake. I increase and decrease, But I am not sea or the moon. Who am I?!????

    asked by Sagar
  18. MATH


    asked by AASHA
  19. chemi

    The heat of vaporization of benzene, C6H6, is 30.7 kJ/mol at its boiling point of 80.1 °C. How much energy in the form of heat is required to vaporize 134 g benzene at its boiling point?

    asked by bobyiee
  20. math

    An automobile is traveling at 65 mph. If each tire has a radius of 15 inches, at which rate are the tires spinning in revolutions per minute (rpm)? (63360in=1 mile)

    asked by Kevin
  21. Chemistry

    Calculate deltaH for the reaction NO (g) + O (g) ----> NO2(g) given following NO + O3 ----> NO2 + O2 deltaH=-198.9 kj O3 ---> 3/2 O2 deltaH= -142 kj O2 -----> O2(g) deltaH=495

    asked by John
  22. maths help plz sir damon steve or reiny

    Find the differential equation from the function y=Ae^3x +Be^2x +Ce^x. Using the method of determinant.

    asked by putman/raj
  23. goverment

    which of the following was one compromise related to the declaration of independence that was agreed to by the delegates to the second continental congress?

    asked by majlis
  24. Chem

    Calculate the pH of a solution obtained by mixing 50 mL of 0.75 M CH3COOH with 15 mL of 1.6 M NaOH. (Ka of CH3COOH is 1.8 x 10-5)

    asked by Samara
  25. English

    Read the thesis statement that follows. Identify why it is a good thesis statement. Government should provide health insurance because the costs of uninsured people damage the economy. A.It is interesting B.Everyone already knows it’s true. C.It mentions

    asked by Tim
  26. Physics 20 Gravity

    The kepler mission has recently discovered a number of rocky planets around the stars.Suppose one of these planets has a mass of 7.66 x 10^24 kg and radius of 6743 km.What is the acceleration due to gravity(that is gravitational field) on the surface of

    asked by Abdurhman
  27. Math

    square root (x-3)-square root(x)=3 can someone please solve this for me

    asked by Jeffery Reffery
  28. Chemistry

    Iron (III) Oxide reacts with Aluminum to form Aluminum Oxide and Iron. If I have 255 g of Aluminum and unlimited Iron (III) oxide, how many grams of Iron will form? I am really not sure how to work with this. What does it mean when it says that the iron is

    asked by Erin
  29. painting a pool

    15 feet by 20 feet 8 feet deep by 4feet

    asked by faustino pender
  30. Physics 20

    An athlete runs at a speed 5 m/s.How fast must he run to have 2.5 times the kinetic energy that he does at that speed?

    asked by Abdurhman
  31. Rates

    Guys, how much would you rate this website? From 1-10. Do you feel like others are helping you with your questions? Remember that we don't solve for you. We explain the situation you are in and then you solve it on your own. This website's caption is

    asked by Light Bulb
  32. Physics 20 Energy

    A 85kg skydiver falls from an altitude of 3.5 X 10^3 M to an altitude of 1.10 X 10^3 m at constant speed.What is her change in potential energy?

    asked by Abdurhman
  33. PsyDAG How can i inteview you?

    remember that statistics assignment of ours? pleaseee

    asked by AJ
  34. Health

    Shingles affects 1 out of 3 people in the United States. affect or affects answer: affects

    asked by Kimmy
  35. Maths

    A cake is divided by removing at each cut one quarter of the cake present before the cut. after three cuts have been made, what is the fraction left of the original cake? Please explain in detail thank you

    asked by todd
  36. Algebra

    The quotient of A number and 2, decreased by 5, is equal to 35. Find the number

    asked by Sharon
  37. Algebra2

    let f(x) = -2x+4 and g(x) = -6x-7 find f(x)-g(x)

    asked by Steve
  38. equals how many square feet

    15 /20 foot pool is 8feet deep /4feet deep how many square feet is it

    asked by faustino pender
  39. Physics 11 question pls urgent HELP!!!!!

    The 1205 kg physics dragster is traveing ay 35km(easy) when it hits the gas and accelerates at 12.5 m/s^2 for 3.25s. What is change in momentum during this time?

    asked by Jaena MacCharlie lol
  40. math/physics help plz

    Two cars moves around a circle of circumference 20 m with speed of 5m/s and 15m/s, if the positions of these cars are observed every integer seconds, after how many seconds will the cars occupy the same position. Help me show step

    asked by putman/raj
  41. social studies

    what is it called when cities spread surrounding areas????

    asked by dipper pines! i bought all stuff on amazon!!!!!!!!
  42. science

    Youre travelling down the road in a car with a total mass(including passengers) of 2.24 X 10^3 a)What is the change in kinetic energy of the car if you slow down from 80km/h to 70km/h(reducing your speed by 10km/h) B)what is the change in kinetic energy of

    asked by Francis
  43. science grade 11

    A waiter carries a 253g drink a distance of 12m on a horizontal tray at constant speed of 1.1 m/s. A) what work is done by the normal force of the tray on the drink? B) what work is done by the friction force of the tray on the drink?

    asked by Sohaib
  44. Human Relations

    Think of two or three informal groups that you are currently a part of or have been in the past

    asked by Wanda
  45. neha

    balanced equation for benzoic acid+alkaline KMnO4

    asked by aysha
  46. science grade 11

    Two people, one of mass 51.4KG and the other mass of 78.0 KG, sit a distance between of 2.3 metres apart on a low friction sleds with the same friction coefficients. A)what is the strength of the gravitational force between them? B) suppose the friction is

    asked by Sohaib
  47. MATH

    Think of a number square it,add 2 times to the original number.the result is 80.find the number.

    asked by Adenike
  48. Physics 20

    Astronauts in orbit appear to be 'weightless'.Suppose an astronaut with a mass of 154 KG including gear is in orbit in the space shuttle, a distance of 222 km above the Earth;s surface.Taking the Earth's radius to be 6371km, and its mass to be 5.97 X

    asked by Abdurhman
  49. Physics 20

    Astronomers launch a satellite to explore a nearby asteroid that has come dangerously close to the earth.The satellite begins orbit around the earth,with an orbital radius 6.85 X 10^3 Km, before being moved to an orbit about the asteroid with a period of

    asked by Abdurhman
  50. English composition

    Write a debate titled "boys should not help in the kitchen"

    asked by samuella
  51. Organic Chemistry

    I honestly can't figure out how to draw this structure and it's especially difficult for online homework. I've used up 2 tries and only have one more left! Can someone please help? Thank you so much! CH3C≡C(CH2)3C(CH3)3

    asked by SK
  52. Physics

    Many astronomers argue that the Earth and Moon should be considered a double planet,since the gravitational force by the sun on the Moon is approximately as big as that by the Earth on the moon.Using the data below for the Earth and Moon at the particular

    asked by Abdurhman
  53. G.K

    1=5 , 2=15 , 3=25 , 4=45 , THEN 5=?

    asked by CHAND HOSSEN
  54. science

    The velocity of sound in air at 27°celcius is 340m/s calculate the velocity of sound in air at 227°celcius ?

    asked by karan
  55. Matha

    In triangle ABC,D and E are midpoints of BC and AD respectively.prove that the area of triangle ABC is four times to the area of triangle ABE

    asked by Km hussain
  56. chemistry

    what mass of copper is deposited from copper sulfate when a current of 0.22 A is passed through the solution for 15 minute

    asked by Jssica
  57. Physics

    : a planet mass M is circling a star in an elliptical orbit it's velocity at R is 60000 m/s what is its velocity at RB? RB=8RA

    asked by nebyu
  58. science chemistry

    Explain how Particles moves in solid lead,molten solid,gaseous lead in these three state of matter

    asked by salman
  59. chem 102

    Fluorination of acetone, C3H6O (substitution of fluorine for H) produces a gaseous compound with the formula C3H6?xFxO. To identify this compound its molar mass was determined by measuring the gas density. The following data were obtained: Mass of gas,

    asked by momo
  60. math

    Wholesale cost $1.55 and sold it at $2 and 20 what is the gross profit percentage x 100

    asked by yolanda
  61. science

    why are models important?

    asked by Maya
  62. trig

    Brian is riding a Ferris wheel. The wheel has a radius of 25 feet, and at his lowest point, Brian is 8 feet off the ground. Brian times how long it takes to travel from the lowest point to the highest point and finds that it takes 8 seconds. Write a

    asked by bobby
  63. maths

    Out of 150eggs ,30 eggs are found damaged. The ratio of good eggs to damaged eggs is

    asked by ashi
  64. Social Studies

    Wealth disparity in Brazil results mostly from? A)unequal land distribution.**** B)insufficient arable land. C)lack of oil and mineral resources. D)emphasis on cash crop exports.

    asked by Anon
  65. Mathe

    If x=-1,y=2 Is A Solution Of Epuation 2x+5y=a, Find The Value Of a.

    asked by Sachin
  66. Physics

    The winner of the Kentucky Derby runs the 1.25-mile race in 2 minutes, 2.0 s. What's the horse's average speed in m/s? A Message from Your Instructor: Velocity refers to the displacement from the initial point to the final point. For the first part,

    asked by Kay
  67. science

    A certain echocardiogram uses ultrasounds with a frequency f = 6.1130 MHz. The speed of sound in blood is 1570 m/s. The patient is aligned so that blood is flowing through the heart directly towards the transducer (the transducer produces and detects the

    asked by kanny
  68. Physics

    A car travels a straight road at 140 km/h for 30 min then at 90 km/h for 10 min. It then reverses and goes at 90 km/h for 20 min. a) Find the average velocity for the entire trip. b) Find the average speed for the entire trip.

    asked by Kay
  69. Physics

    A stock car starts from rest at time t=0 with velocity (m/s) increasing for 4.0 s , according to the function Vx=1.4t2+1.1t. a) Find the car's velocity at the end of the 4.0 s interval. b) Find the average acceleration for this interval.

    asked by Kay
  70. Physics

    You're approaching an intersection at 50 km/h (13.9 m/s ). You see the light turn yellow when you're 35 m from the intersection. Assume a reaction time of 0.6 s before braking begins and a braking acceleration of -3.0 m/s2. A) will you be able to stop at

    asked by Kay
  71. math

    write equation of hyperbola with cebter c(4,2) vertex (4,5) equation of one asymptote 4y-3x=-4

    asked by donald
  72. algebra

    Supposed that an individual has a body fat percentage of 16.4% and weighs 188. How many pounds of his weight is made up of fat? Round to nearest tenth. 188÷16.4 11.46 11.5

    asked by Malicha
  73. Algebra

    the price of technology stock has risen to 9.68. Yesterday's price was 9.57. Find the percentage increase. Round to the nearest tenth. 9.68-9.57 0.11 I can't figure out how to get the percentage

    asked by Malicha
  74. algebra

    Write the follow ratio 7:3 as two other notations. I can't figure out what to do

    asked by Malicha
  75. chemistry

    how do you convert 7.5% w/v NaCI to mM

    asked by homework
  76. children''s literature

    Which of the following is NOT an example of how to make creative experience enjoyable for the students and yourself? • A. Choosing songs from one topic or theme for the entire year. • B. Organizing art projects so they run effectively and efficiently.

    asked by bev
  77. children's literature

    If you know that a good song choice for your students to sing includes notes between middle C and G, you probably teach __________-year-olds. • A. three • B. four • C. eight • D. ten well,the book said young children, so i think its A?

    asked by bev
  78. children's literature

    Having students compare the styles of art used in Rosie’s Walk to those in Hattie and the Fox encourages __________ development. • A. social and moral • B. personality • C. aesthetic and creative • D. intellectual C?

    asked by bev
  79. children's literature

    “The clay ball you made won’t roll? Why do you think it won’t roll? What could you do to make it roll better?” These questions stimulate: • A. language development. • B. spatial learning. • C. developmental play. • D. creative learning. D?

    asked by bev
  80. Math

    "What is the slope of the line that passes through the pair of points (3/2, -2) and (-3, 7/3)?" A. -27/26 B. -26/27 C. 26/27 *** D. 27/26

    asked by Joshua
  81. Algebra

    The price of an item dropped to $84 today. Yesterday it was $120. Find the percentage decrease. 120-84 36 36/100 0.36?

    asked by Malicha
  82. English

    The man in the elevator was not pushing the buttons Is preposition is in the object is elevator the verb phrase is was not pushing and the action verb is pushing the helping verb is was and the adverb interrupters not What was the point of the story? Is

    asked by Tessa
  83. Maths

    sameena has round pencil case and a square pencil case there are 4 blue pens and 3 red pens in round pencil case there are 4 blue pens and 5 red pens in square pencil case work out the probability that pens sameena taken are both red solution

    asked by Trinity
  84. Algebra

    A pole that is 3.4 m tall cast a shadow that 1.73 m long. At the same time , a nearby tower cast a shadow that is 48.25 m long. How tall is the tower? I can't seem to figure out what to do

    asked by Malicha
  85. children's literature

    If the developmental goal is children to exhibit a sensory awareness then, you can provide students with the following activity: • A. encourage careful observation of illustrations. • B. present books that are inventive. • C. organize effective art

    asked by bev
  86. children's literature

    As you assess your literature curriculum each day, your evaluations should be based on the: • A. students’ enjoyment of the lesson. • B. time spent in the classroom on the lesson. • C. specific goals and objectives of each lesson. • D.

    asked by bev
  87. children's literature

    If the developmental goal is for children to respond favorably to diverse styles of music and art then, you can provide students with the following activity: • A. encourage careful observation of illustrations. • B. present books that are inventive.

    asked by bev
  88. children's literature

    Creativity supports problem solving in children and is what type of activity? A. Cognitive activity B. Physical activity C. Social activity D. Emotional activity D?

    asked by bev
  89. children's literature

    Choosing activities that are the right developmental level is important to: A. encouraging multiple responses. B. evoking divergent responses. C. helping children feel successful. D. helping students be inventive. D?

    asked by bev
  90. Math

    Johnny has 30 marbles. Mark has m marbles, if Johnny has 10 times as many as mark, write an equation that shows how many marbles mark has.

    asked by Norm
  91. children's literature

    Aesthetic development increases a person’s appreciation of: A. beauty and numbers. B. art and numbers. C. beauty and art. D. beauty and science. D?

    asked by bev
  92. children's literature

    Books such as Mrs. Biddlebox and No, David are good choices for a discussion about: A. animals. B. music and rhythm. C. detailed illustrations. D. emotions. D?

    asked by bev