Questions Asked on
January 17, 2017

  1. DPS ( Math)

    Student of standard X to plant 300 trees in a rows, to form an isosceles triangle. The number of trees in the successive rows increasing by one from the starts by 1 tree to the base. How many trees the student have to plant in the row which forms the base

    asked by Harshuman
  2. physics

    Find the power delivered to an element at t=3 ms if the current entering its positive terminal is i=5cos60πt A and the voltage is V=3 di/dt

    asked by natasha
  3. Math

    The sides of two squares are 4cm and 6cm. Find the ratio of their areas and their perimeters.

    asked by Anonymous
  4. math

    the flight path of a firework is modelled by the function h(t)=-5(t-5)^2+127

    asked by em
  5. maths

    The width of a rectangular painting is 3inches more than twice the height .It is frames in a 2.5inches wide frames. what is the expression for the combined are of the painting and frame? Factorise the expression if it is possible..

    asked by akshay gupta
  6. English

    What Does The Snail Usually Stick Itself To ?

    asked by Chand Hossen
  7. physics

    A high-jumper, having just cleared the bar, lands on an air mattress and comes to rest. Had she landed directly on the hard ground, her stopping time would have been much shorter. Using the impulse-momentum theorem as your guide, determine which one of the

    asked by Tyler
  8. math

    A sales man bought some plates at 50naira each if he sold all of them for 600naira and make a profit of 20% from transaction how many plates did he buy

    asked by Oluwafemi
  9. math

    from the top of a vertical mast 150m high,two huts on the same ground level are observed. One due east and the other due west of the mast. Their angles of depression are 60° and 45° respectively. Find the distance between the huts. Solutuons with diagram

    asked by Folorunsho
  10. English

    Description: does anyone has teas 6, the new version , passage about new York central park, earth cousin, or time management , if i anyone has it let me know am willing to pay anything for it

    asked by Soso
  11. science(physics)

    Why a minibus is more likely to topple over when the roof rack is heavily loaded than when the roof rack is empty?

    asked by annie
  12. Physics

    A stone of mass 50g is accelerated from a catapult to a speed of 8.0 ms-1 from rest over a distance of 30 cm. What average force is applied by the rubber of the catapult ?

    asked by Manar
  13. riddle

    Its new and old at the same time

    asked by Grace
  14. Math (Semicircle)(Pre-calc) The graph below is made from two semicircles. The domain of the function in the graph is [−8,8] [-8,8] . Find a piecewise formula for the function f(x) f(x). Help please, I already on my last attempt and any help is

    asked by Fel
  15. Algebra

    The length of a rectangle is nine more than the width. If the perimter of the rectangle is 62​ feet,what are the length and​ width?

    asked by Ang
  16. chemistry

    The following unbalanced equation describes the reaction that can occur when lead (II) sulfide reacts with oxygen gas to produce lead (II) oxide and sulfur dioxide gas: PbS + O2  PbO + SO2. all i need help on is explaination of the electron transfers

    asked by amtonio
  17. Math

    I don't understand this. on a blueprint, the length of a wall is 5 centimeters. if the actual length of the wall is 15 feet, what is the scale of the blueprint?

    asked by PLEASE HELP
  18. physics

    A 53.8-kg skater is standing at rest in front of a wall. By pushing against the wall she propels herself backward with a velocity of -1.33 m/s. Her hands are in contact with the wall for 0.960 s. Ignore friction and wind resistance. Find the average force

    asked by Tyler
  19. physics

    A coin is placed 14.0 cm from the axis of a rotating turntable of variable speed. When the speed of the turntable is slowly increased, the coin remains fixed on the turntable until a rate of 31.0 rpm (revolutions per minute) is reached, at which point the

    asked by mitchell
  20. math

    Find the number of terms in an AP given that its first and last terms are A and 37A respectively and that its common difference is 4A?

    asked by bella
  21. Grade 6, percentage

    At the beginning of the year,40% of the pupils in the art club were the middle of the year 25% of the girls left but 8 more boys joined the art club.the number of members became 42.find the total numbers of art club members at the beginning of the

    asked by Peachie
  22. Language Arts

    I have a few questions I need help with; I have more, but I can wait on those ones. 8. Read the following sentences from “First Confession.” Then, to crown my misfortunes, I had to make my first confession and Communion. It was an old woman called Ryan

    asked by Hannah
  23. Language Arts

    I just have 3 questions I need help on! Here they are! 22. Read the following lines from “Africa.” Africa my Africa Africa of proud warriors in ancestral savannahs Africa of whom my grandmother sings On the banks of the distant river I have never known

    asked by Hannah
  24. Pre-Cal

    Write the standard equation of the ellipse: 1. F1 (-4,0) and F2 (4,0), passing through (4,1)

    asked by Gennelle
  25. physics

    In a science fiction novel two enemies, Bonzo and Ender, are fighting in outer spce. From stationary positions, they push against each other. Bonzo flies off with a velocity of +1.7 m/s, while Ender recoils with a velocity of -3.3 m/s. Determine the ratio

    asked by Tyler
  26. Using Words Correctly

    Decide whether the vocabulary word has been used correctly in the sentence. Write correct for correct use and Incorrect for incorrect use. 1. The employee's unseemly behavior helped him to receive a promotion.

    asked by Please Check My Answer
  27. English

    Who Had A Quarrel With The Squirrel ?

    asked by Rahan Alam Hossen
  28. Algebra

    One number exceeds another by 4. If three times the larger number is divided by the smaller number, the quotient is 4 and the remainder is 5. Find the numbers. (I am trying to figure out how to explain how to do this to my son. He is struggling and will be

    asked by Carissa
  29. math

    Mrs. Kong uses 1/3 of a stick of butter in a pie. She uses 5/8 of the remaining butter in a cake. What fraction of the stick of butter is left

    asked by teresa
  30. Physics- Free Body Diagram; Truss with Pin Joint

    The picture shows a two-dimensional free body diagram of a truss with a pin joint at one end. The free body diagram at the pin joint should show a. no forces at the joint b. only parallel force component c. only perpendicular force component d. both

    asked by MM
  31. Maths

    The area of rhombus is 148.8 square cm.if one of its diagonal is 19.2 cm,find the length of the other diagonals.

    asked by Nina
  32. Physics

    The picture shows a two-dimensional free body diagram of a truss with a pin joint at one end. The free body diagram at the pin joint should show: a. no forces at the joint b. only parallel force component c. only perpendicular force component d. both

    asked by MM
  33. Algebra 2

    How many different four digit numbers can be made using the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. If no number can be used more than once.

    asked by jazzy
  34. physics

    Place a coin on top of a sheet of paper on a desk or table. Pull the paper horizontally with a quick snap. What concept of physics does this illustrate?

    asked by alex
  35. chem

    magnesium hydroxide is added to hydroiodic acid to form maagnesium iodide and water

    asked by Anonymous
  36. physics

    Two arrows are fired simultaneously with the same speed of 30.0 m/s. Each arrow has a mass of 0.100 kg. One is fired due east and the other due south. What is the magnitude of the total momentum of this two-arrow system?

    asked by Tyler
  37. chem

    Hydrogen + chlorine form hydrogen cloride gas Balance it

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    Mr.Rivas bought a can of paint.He used 3/8 of it to paint a bookshelf. He used 1/4 of it to paint a wagon. He used some of it to paint a birdhouse and has 1/8 of paint left. How much did he use for the birdhouse

    asked by Allie
  39. Please help

    What effect does Phillip’s return have on his family? 1. Phillip’s mother continues to worry about the safety of her family. 2.Phillip’s parents listen to him but are unable to relate to his experiences on the cay. 3.Phillip’s father leaves his job

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody
  40. Math help please??!

    Which answer describes the transformation of g(x)=log4(x−2)+4 from the parent function f(x)=log4x? It is the graph of f(x) shifted 2 units right and 4 units up. It is the graph of f(x) shifted 2 units left and 4 units down. It is the graph of f(x)

    asked by Sandra
  41. Just checking Math-Absolute Value

    The equation for "the distance from x to -4 is less than 12" is |x-4|

    asked by Susan
  42. math

    Please help!!!!! You earn $240 for your first paycheck. You pay 22% of it in taxes. You decide to put 40% of the remaining money into savings. How much money will you have left to spend? -The amount you pay in taxes is? -The remaining after taxes is?

    asked by jay
  43. Data analysis statistics and probability

    6. If the average temperature in February was 55°F arch was 64°F April was 74°F, and Ma was 85°F men which month had the smallest gain in average temperature over the previous month? A. February B. March C. April D. May

    asked by Jancy
  44. math

    At the end of a journey 7/9 of the fuel tank of a car had been used and the remaining was 14 litres. How much fuel was in the tank at the beginning of the journey.

    asked by olumofin Emma
  45. Chemistry

    why homemade ice cream normally weighs twice the amount of commercially made ice cream

    asked by Denya
  46. math

    Two number are in the ratio 4:7 if the smallest is 36 what is the largest number?

    asked by john
  47. Math

    150 people in a room. There were 4 times more women than men in the room. How many women were in the room?

    asked by Angella
  48. mathematics

    masaki had tsh328500 in crdb bank how much money did he have in total

    asked by rajabu
  49. Calculus (Sequences)

    Hello, here is a picture of the question I am trying to solve, I believe the answer to be C, but I would just like some confirmation/correction. goo. gl/gWfhVn

    asked by Tim
  50. Maths factorise

    Factorise 3px-3py-x+y

    asked by Eunice
  51. math

    what is the possible number of outcomes in choosing a book to read from 7 fiction and 9 non fiction books?

    asked by A
  52. Math- Inequalities

    Hey, how would I start off solving (x-5)(x+2)

    asked by James
  53. math

    does anyone have some of the answers of at least know some of the answers for the algebra 1 a part 1 semester exam

    asked by gracelynn2938
  54. Biology

    I have a question on plant science, wondering where I can get the answer..

    asked by Jeff
  55. Math

    How many cc of a 20% solution of a sulfuric acid must be mixed with 100 coffee a 50% solution to make a 25% solution of sulfuric acid

    asked by Aqnonymous
  56. History

    If The British Government Could Do It Over Again The British governing policy of salutary neglect gave the young colonial governments a chance to "experiment" with their own self-governance. Gaining confidence in their abilities to rule the people without

    asked by Mary
  57. math

    How much pure acid must be added to 2 liters of a 10% solution of acid to obtain a mixture that is 20% acid?

    asked by ken
  58. math

    justin spends 7/9 of his homework time on math and social studies. He spends 4/7 of this time on math. What fraction of the total time does he spend on social studies?

    asked by teresa
  59. Math

    If 4 balls out of 6 reach the boundary in a cricket match then the average number of balls reaching the boundary in selected 10 overs of the match?

    asked by AnnA
  60. math

    arctan(y)=x+c To solve for y, would it just be: y=tan(x+c)?

    asked by carl
  61. math

    Ben sells 7/12 of the pottery he made. Of the remaking pottery, 3/5 are vases and the rest are bowls. What fraction of all the pottery is the unsold bowls?

    asked by teresa
  62. Mathematical Induction

    I have been given that a1 = 1 and an+1 = 1/3*(an + 4). In order to prove that this sequence is monotonous, what is the second step of mathematical induction? If my explaining of the question is unclear, here is a picture of the question and the possible

    asked by Tim
  63. Math

    If there are 24 students in the classroom and 3/6 are boys. How many boys are in the class

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Physics- Newton's Laws of Motion Works Best When?

    Newton's laws of motion work best for objects under which conditions. a. very slow and fast moving. b. very large and slow moving. c. very small and slow moving. d. very large and fast moving.

    asked by MM
  65. Physics- Magnetic Field inside of coil

    Current flows through the wire coil in the direction shown by the arrows. What is the direction of the magnetic field inside the coil? (Image shows arrow pointing up into the right side of the coil and pointing down at the left side of the coil) a. upward

    asked by MM
  66. social studies

    The golden age of culture came during which empire? A.Roman B.Persian C.Gupta D.Mauryan

    asked by The mad scientist
  67. Math

    Can someone please help me with my open needed question Solve the system by substitution -X-y-z= -8 -4+4y+5z =7 2X+2z= 4

    asked by Amanda
  68. Physics

    Based on the data from both experiments, predict how the angle of slip might change as the weight of the block increases. a. The angle of slip has no correlation to the weight of the block b. As the weight of the block increases, the angle of slip will

    asked by MM
  69. math

    there are 32 students 12% got an A.How many of them got A's.i need help converting this percentage to a whole number please help

    asked by lucy
  70. Maths

    A boy is standing 25 ft away from a street light that is 20 ft tall.How tall is he if his shadow is 5 ft long?

    asked by Sharon kiran
  71. Physics

    A father and son were both pulling a red wagon at a magnitude of 61 lbs. at 139 degrees . The son pulled at a magnitude of 22 lbs. What was the magnitude of the fathers force ( component vector ?

    asked by Liz
  72. Physics

    Newton's laws of motion work best for objects under which conditions. a. very slow and fast moving. b. very large and slow moving. c. very small and slow moving. d. very large and fast moving.

    asked by MM
  73. science

    what should soil have to suit animals which live in soil?why are these things important?hence, infer which type of soil is most suitable for soil living-things ?

    asked by hermoine granger
  74. English

    I need help coming up with 3 supporting sentences for the following sentences. 1. My poor study habits are ruining my self-confience. 2. My poor study habits are destroying my hopes for a college scholarship.

    asked by HAYDEN
  75. Algebra 2

    The braking distance of a car varies directly as the square of the speed. If braking distance of a certain car is 49 feet at 30 mph, find the approximate braking distance at 65 mph

    asked by jazzy
  76. Math

    A cart full of packages weighing 180 pounds is rolling down a ramp 12 feet long at an incline of 25° (the force applied by gravity is equal to the weight of the package). Find the work done by gravity as the cart moves the length of the ramp. Assume that

    asked by Elise
  77. U.S history

    what are the powers of Maryland General Assembly and Baltimore city council.

    asked by james
  78. English

    Thinking of events of the day mubashir walked have slowly

    asked by Nomaan
  79. English

    Is the sentence "They perform many tasks" transitive

    asked by Chloe
  80. Algebra 2

    A 10 person student council will be selected from 18 students at a school. How many poss are there for this council?

    asked by jazzy
  81. Writing Skills

    The call number of the book that you're looking for is R865.2. What do you know about the book based on this information? A. It's a book of or about Roman literature. B. It's a book about medicine. C. It's a reference book. D. It's a book that can be

    asked by Mary
  82. Math

    the perimeter of a rectangle is 108 cm. if the length of the rectangle is 5 tikes the width what are the demensions of the rectangle

    asked by Isabel
  83. Math

    An oil spill spreads 25 square meters every 1/6 of an hour. How much area does the oil spill in two hours?

    asked by Amy
  84. Maths

    Kim averages 3km/l in 1 hour in her wheelchair. How many kilometres can her wheelchair travel in 20 minutes?

    asked by Aya
  85. Physics

    An auditorium measures 43.0m × 18.0m × 15.0m. The density of air is 1.20 kg/m3. What is the volume of the room in cubic feet? (Do not input units. Note that 1m = 3.28ft) My Answer 43x18x15 = 11,610 m^3 11,610m3 * 3.28ft m = 38,080.8 ft When I used this

    asked by Sarah
  86. Science

    What is the function that makes hair stand up

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Language Arts

    I am doing an essay question, and I just wondered if someone would answer a simple question, of wether they think that the story "Marriage is a private affair" shows external conflict. I beleive it does because external conflict is physical, and comes from

    asked by Hannah
  88. Calculus algebra review

    ((1/2+h) -(1/2)) / h found LCD of numerator ((2)-(2+h)/2(2+h))/h is it 1

    asked by sarah
  89. Math

    need help in FRACTION 1. (5 1/2 + 2 3/4) - 3 1/2 (11/2 + 11/4) -3 1/2 (66/8)-3 1/2 (33/4 - 9/2) 15/4 = 3 3/4 IS IT CORRECT

    asked by sai tej
  90. Math

    To get to her friend's house, Sandra walked along the sidewalk in her neighborhood. If she walked 100 yards at a direction of 45° northeast and then turned to walk 400 yards straight east, how many yards and in what direction would she need to walk if she

    asked by Tessa
  91. Maths

    Construct a parallelogram ABCD with AB=6cm,CD=4.5cm,and BD=7.5cm.

    asked by Anonymous
  92. math

    Does the equation y+4 = 0 have a slope and why or why not?

    asked by Kelley
  93. Math

    A line has parametric equations x=7t-2 and y=-4+3t. What is the slope of the line representing the direct relationship between x and y?

    asked by Rachel
  94. math

    You have 10.0 ml of a 5.0% NaCl solution. To this you add 5.00ml of a 2.0% NaCl solution. What is the molarity of NaCl in this final mixture?

    asked by chidera
  95. Pre calc

    Evaluate the expression given that cosine a=4/5 with 0

    asked by Sarah
  96. physics

    The hail comes straight down at a mass rate of m/Δt=0.0690 kg/s and an initial velocity of v0= -15.0 m/s. Suppose that the hail described there bounces off the roof of the car with a velocity of +14.0 m/s. Ignoring the weight of the hailstones, calculate

    asked by Tyler
  97. english

    is there a predicate pronoun in this sentence?You must have strength.

    asked by glenda kemanya
  98. Art

    Which style of art is often described as a comic book style? A. Cubism B. Fauvism C. Op Art D. Pop Art ••• D is my answer.

    asked by Savannah
  99. english

    in each sentence is a Direct object, a predicate noun, or a predicate pronoun. underline ''direct object,''predicate noun or predicate pronoun. 1. Paul gave thanks for the bread. 2.The others also took meat. 3. We are 276 souls in God's care,''Paul said.

    asked by glenda kemanya
  100. The Finish of Patsy Barnes

    In the finish of Patsy Barnes which word best describes the city doctor's treatment of Eliza? A. Careless

    asked by Please Check My Answer
  101. physics

    A 2.9-kg cart is rolling along a frictionless, horizontal track towards a 1.5-kg cart that is held initially at rest. The carts are loaded with strong magnets that cause them to attract one another. Thus, the speed of each cart increases. At a certain

    asked by Tyler
  102. Math

    Shantanu's age is 3 years more than Tanya's age.The sum of their ages is 27 years.Find their ages.

    asked by Anjali
  103. Physics

    Time taken by an object falling from rest to cover the heights of h1and h2 are respectively t1 and t2.then the ratios of t1 and t2 is

    asked by Kiran
  104. Math

    Sam is hoisting an engine form a pickup truck he is fixing. He hands hoist using 3 rafters on ceiling. Measures the angle the hoist makes at the baseto be 85 degrees and the length across the of chain across rafters to be 80 inches. One length of chain

    asked by Eric
  105. Algebra

    Nico is saving money for his college education. He invests some money at 8% and $1400 less then the amount at 7%. The investments produced a total of $217 interst in one yeat. How much did he knvest at each rate? So far I have 0.08 (1400)(0.07)

    asked by Sue
  106. Algebra

    Violet used 1 3/4 gallons of paint on her kitchen wall.She used 4 times as much paint for her living room and bedroom walls. How much paint did Violet use for the living bedroom walls?

    asked by Christian
  107. Math

    Find the components of vector u with a magnitude of 10 and a direction angle of ∅=54° Help??

    asked by Rachel
  108. Algebra

    Application of Distributive Property 7x68 After finding the product, write the result along with how you applied the distributive property.

    asked by Britney
  109. Math (help if you know the full test)

    1) Write a ratio and a percent for the shaded area. An image of a square divided evenly into 16 smaller squares is shown. 5 of the smaller squares are shaded grey. A) 1/5, 25% B) 5/16, 31.25 C) 1/4, 20% D) 1/4, 25%

    asked by Jasmine
  110. Math

    For an art exhibit, Craig has to choose 3 ceramic mugs out of the 7 that he made over the summer. In how many ways can he arrange these 3 mugs in a row?

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Trigonometry

    Find the magnitude and direction angle of v = -7i + 3j

    asked by Rachel
  112. phisycis

    A coin is placed 14.0 cm from the axis of a rotating turntable of variable speed. When the speed of the turntable is slowly increased, the coin remains fixed on the turntable until a rate of 31.0 rpm (revolutions per minute) is reached, at which point the

    asked by Anonymous
  113. physics

    An automobile that has a mass of 1.3 x 103 Kg, has 3.9 x 105 J of kinetic energy when it has speed of 24.6 m s-1 (88.6 km h-1). What height should you lift the car to have this energy?

    asked by Sammie
  114. physics

    Hello, could anyone help with this excersise of Harmonic Motion? I have to show that a block of mass "m" that is attached at the top of a frictionless inclined plane using a string of "k" constant , performs simple harmonic motion... Well doing the the

    asked by Tony
  115. Biology

    Explain the meanings of Mendel’s principle of segregation and principle of independent assortment. Under what circumstances does the principle of independent assortment hold true? Give an example in which this law does not apply.

    asked by Sarah
  116. physics

    determine the velocity of a charge that push by the 16 volts source

    asked by natasha
  117. Algebra 2

    (7x-2)^1/4+7=12, solve

    asked by jazzy
  118. Algebra 2

    Write as a sqrt, 2^3/2 x^3/2 y^5/2

    asked by helen
  119. Algebra 2

    Simplify, (2 sqrt3x^5 - 2sqrt y)^2

    asked by helen
  120. Chem

    Solution rate inquiry lab: For class, we have to design our own lab given the info from class. My question is: Does the INTRO, HYPOTHESIS, PROCEDURE, & DATA CHART all make sense? I feel like I'm missing something or the hypothesis could be fixed or all the

    asked by Kacey
  121. social studies

    (PLEASE HELP) from where did Islam spread? a. from India to Arabia b. From the persain empire to the arab emirates c. from macedonia with alexander the great d. from mecca and medina through arabia

    asked by Miranda
  122. Math

    Store A offers a 60% discount. Store B has a sale for 2/3 off. Which store gives the greater discount? Explain.

    asked by Kaity
  123. Recursive Sequence and its Limit

    I have been given the following info: a = 1, a = 3*a/6+a I plugged L in and ended up with the equation: L = 3*L/6+L, which I solved and got L = -3 for the limit. However, this answer is either only partially correct or close to the true answer. Any help is

    asked by Tim
  124. Physics

    a 4500 kg truck traveling at 17.5 m/s collides with a motionless 1350 kg car. they become locked together. if there is no friction, what is their velocity?

    asked by Brooke
  125. Algebra 2

    Write in recursive form, an=3 a n-1 + 4, a1 =7, for n greater than or equal to 2

    asked by jazzy
  126. Algebra

    Raj gets a 1.5 mile head start and runs at a rate of 4.5 miles per hour. Jacinda's progress is represented by a graph that goes through the points (1,10), (2,20), and (3,30). How long will Jacinda need to run to catch up with Raj?

    asked by Leon
  127. Math

    Becky used 5 teaspoons of mustard to make 32 ounces of potato salad how many teaspoons of mustard does she need to make 4 pounds of potato salad

    asked by Kaili
  128. Algebra

    Application of Distributive Property 7x68 After finding the product, write the result along with how you applied the distributive property.

    asked by Britney
  129. Cda

    I NEED Two Source designed to assist teachers in constructively dealing with children with challenger behaviors(such as aggressive behavior like hitting or biting, or shyness

    asked by Yain
  130. Math

    Raj gets a 1.5 mile head start and runs at a rate of 4.5 miles per hour. Jacinda's progress is represented by a graph that goes through the points (1,10), (2,20), and (3,30). How long will Jacinda need to run to catch up with Raj?

    asked by Leon
  131. sociol studies

    Which of the following describes the early spread of Islam. A.Arab military conquest B. missionary work in Persia C.Mesopotamian trade**** d. greek and roman expansion.

    asked by nerdalert
  132. ELA The Cay is the Book

    Timothy most likely warns Phillip to avoid swimming in the water because 1.he sees sharks swimming very close to the shoreline. 2.he knows that there are moray eels living in the crevices. 3.German submarines may detect they are on the island. 4.the birds

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody
  133. Help please

    Which of the following passages from the text best illustrates Phillip’s determination? A.Wondering what had caused the birds to attack me, I felt around in the sand. B.I realized then why he had used our rope sparingly; why he had made my guideline down

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody
  134. Algebra

    I know the answer of x/x-2 + x-1/x + 1; but I do not know how to explain it in words. The answer is x = 0,1, when I solve for x.

    asked by Abby
  135. algegra

    would appreaciate very if someone help me in below unique question. thanks. 3 type of beans, whose prices per kg are respectively $15m,$25 and $30 are to be taken 2 at a time and mixed in the same proportion so that the resulting mixture are of equal

    asked by peterlaw
  136. Math

    Sway has 3 red roses in her bouquet for every 5 yellow roses. The bouquet has two dozen red and yellow roses. How many are yellow roses?

    asked by Amy
  137. Physics

    What is the acceleration of an elevator if the mass of the elevator and occupants is 1200 kg and the tension in the cable is 10000 N? Which direction is the elevator going?

    asked by Ariane
  138. serial dilutions

    label 5 tubes 1-5. Ad 1.50 ml of diluent to each tube. to the first tube, add 500 ul of 1.00 M glucose and mix. transfer 500 ul from the first tube to the second tube and mix. similarly, continue to transfer 500l from each of the remaining tubes to the

    asked by chidera
  139. Science

    28cm3 of a gas weighs 0.4g at STP.Calculate the molecular mass of the gas.

    asked by David
  140. Basic algebra

    jenelle makes $7.25 an hour at the flower shop write an inequality to find out how many hours you was work to earn at least $125 how do you want does the word step-by-step

    asked by Anonymous
  141. math

    6. You are given a sheet of cardboard that is 8.0 in. x 11.0 in. How many full circles with a diameter of 3.0 inches can you cut from the cardboard? What is the percentage of waste if the

    asked by sarah
  142. Math

    Jefff find some bugs. He finds 10 fewer grasshoppers than crickets. He find 5 fewer crickets than ladybugs. If Jeff finds 5 grasshoppers, how many ladybugs does Jeff find? How many crickets does he finding

    asked by Anonymous
  143. Basic Algebra

    jenelle makes $7.25 an hour at the flower shop write an inequality to find out how many hours you was work to earn at least $125

    asked by Anonymous