Questions Asked on
January 16, 2017

  1. Algebra

    The length of shadow of a building is 28m. The distance from the top of the building to the tip of the shadow is 36m. Find the height of the building

    asked by Jacqueline a Sanders
  2. Math

    If the 15th and 16th term of an arithmetic sequence are 99 and 92 respectively then the 5th term is? Studying for math final and I cannot figure this out

    asked by chris
  3. Math (misleading graphs) (Statistics)

    When constructing a graph showing the population of two​ countries, an illustrator draws two different people with heights proportional to the populations. Identify a way in which the graph might be misleading. What is the general name for such graphs

    asked by Ray
  4. Algebra

    In 1972 federal vehicle emission standards allowed 3.4 hydrocarbons released per mile driven. By 2007 the standards allowed only 0.8 hydrocarbons per mile driven. What was the rate of change from 1972 to 2007?

    asked by Becky
  5. College Math - Quantitative Reasoning

    Hello, I could really use some help with this problem. If the national economy shrank at an annual rate of 7​% per year for three consecutive​ years, then the economy shrank by 21​% over the three​-year period. - Of course, I understand 7% would be

    asked by Emily
  6. math;);)

    The diameter of a spherical grapefruit is 6.0 inches. An amateur fruit slicer misses its center by one inch. What is the radius of the circular slice?

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Algebra 2

    The point (4, 1) is a solution to which of the following systems of inequalities? a. y < 3x - 1 and y > -x + 1 b. y > 3x - 1 and y > -x + 1 c. y > 3x - 1 and y < -x + 1 d. y < 3x - 1 and y < -x + 1 I'm very confused:( I don't know how to solve this. Please

    asked by Fading
  8. history

    what factors led to rapid growth of islam following muhammads death,despite early internal conflicts between sunni and shia(has to be well explained)

    asked by gracelynn2938
  9. calculus

    Find the values for the following functions. If f(x)=2^x, show that f(x+3) -f (x-1)=15/2f(x) If G(x)= sin 2x, find G(0),G(1/4 pie),and G(7/8 pie)

    asked by jacob
  10. Language Arts

    How do I start a compare and contrast essay? I am doing a compare & contrast essay on Tatooine and Mordor and i'm not sure what to put in the first sentence. Could I please have some ideas or examples? Thanks.

    asked by Sherlock
  11. math

    The table shows the position of a cyclist. t (seconds) 0 1 2 3 4 5 s (meters) 0 1.4 5.4 10.8 17.4 24.6 (a) Find the average velocity for each time period. (i) [1, 3] 4.45 Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. m/s (ii) [2, 3] 5.5 Incorrect: Your answer is

    asked by warood
  12. Math

    It takes 2 hours to travel 30 miles by long will it take to travel 105 miles?

    asked by Liz
  13. Science

    What are some ideas for experiments on a dripping faucet?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. trigonometry

    from a window 30ft above the ground, the angle of elevation to the top of the building across the street is 50° and the angle of depression to the base of the building is 20° find the height of the building across the street

    asked by Julyn
  15. math

    A locker combination has three nonzero digits, and digits cannot be repeated. The first two digits are 1 and 2. What is the probability that the third digit is 3? is it 1/7 or 1/6?

    asked by Maya
  16. Math

    How do you solve 6x + 12 + 2cosx = 0?

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Math

    For events A and B it is known that p(A)=p(B) , p(A{intersection} B)=0.1 and p(A{union}B)=0.7 find p(A')?

    asked by Ann
  18. Social Studies

    Where do most people in Arabia and Iraq live? A. In the Fertile Crescent B. in the Rub, al-Khali C. In cities*** D. in and around mecca Which of the following circumstances poses the greatest benefit and challenge to economies in the region? A. lack of

    asked by Amari
  19. math

    if n veries inversely as (y^2-1) and is equal to 24,when y=10. then find the value of n, when y=5

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Math

    A outdoor swimming pool is 3.0 m wide and 10.0 m long. If the weekly evaporation is 4.0 cm, how many laters of water must be added to the pool weekly if it does not rain.????

    asked by Kathy
  21. maths/physics help

    A skate dancer spins about a vertical axis at 1rev/s with arms out Stretched.with her arms folded,her moment of inertia about the vertical axis decreased by 60%,Calculate the rate of revolution... Plz show step

    asked by putman
  22. mystery

    Mario’s Pizzeria bakes olive pieces in the outer crust of its 20-inch (diameter) pizza. There is at least one olive piece per inch of crust. How many olive pieces will you get in one slice of pizza? Assume the pizza is cut into eight slices.

    asked by mystery
  23. mental arithmetic

    7/20 of £2.00 equals how many pennies? 16 2/3 equal ?/3 19min plus ?hours plus ?min equals 3hours thank u to all who help :D

    asked by mackenzie
  24. geo

    A outdoor swimming pool is 3.0 m wide and 10.0 m long. If the weekly evaporation is 4.0 cm, how many laters of water must be added to the pool weekly if it does not rain.???

    asked by Kathy
  25. maths trigonometry

    Expand the following using compound angle formulae Sin(m-n) Cos(p-55)

    asked by amanda
  26. Math

    Two guy wires are attached to a cell tower. The first one is 15 ft long and at an angle of elevation on the ground of 55 degrees. The second wire is 22 ft long an angle of elevation on the ground of 63 degrees. Both wires secured same location on ground.

    asked by Brenda
  27. Math

    Airport control tower measures the distance to one plane taken off at 500m and distance to second plane coming for a landing at 1050m. If the angle between the lines of observation on radar screen is 86 degrees> how far apart are the two planes?

    asked by Colin
  28. Algebra 2

    You have $3.20 in quarters and dimes. You gave four fewer quarters than dimes. What is the equation for this? They also want me to then answer in augmented matrix form, but I can do that easily, I just need the equation since I just get really mixed up

    asked by Fading
  29. Math

    45 Over 180 *360

    asked by valerie
  30. Algebra 6


    asked by Brenda
  31. math

    the battery lifetime is normally distributed for large samples with a standard deviation of 70 days. if 16% of the batteries have a lifetime of 850 or higher, what is the average battery life?

    asked by courtney
  32. AP ENGLish

    Many plays and novels use contrasting places (for example, two countries, two cities or towns, two houses, or the land and the sea) to represent opposed forces or ideas that are central to the meaning of the work. Explain this contrast within the play,

    asked by Alyssa
  33. Reading

    The Finish of Patsy Barnes Why does the doctor speak to Eliza Barnes in an unfeeling way?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Vectors

    Write a second symmetric equation for the following line, given the point on the line A(0, 5, -1/2) (x-2)/4= (y-4)/-2 = z Would it not be x/4 = (x-5)/-2 = z+1/2

    asked by Ryan
  35. Biology

    2 g of glycine (C2H5NO2) are dissolved in water to a total volume of 3 L. What is the concentration of the glycine solution in M? Round answers to two significant figures.

    asked by Tori
  36. literature

    Can you please help me with this; what's the figures of speech found in the poem 'the pulley' minimum of five (5)

    asked by Bilkisu
  37. math

    Here is the question: a ball is dropped from a height of 3m and bounces on the ground . At the top of each bounce, the ball eaches 60% of its previous height. Calculate the total distance travelled by the ball when it hits the ground for the fifth time? I

    asked by zach
  38. Algebra

    For the school play, one adult ticket costs $10 and one student ticket cost $6. Twice as many student tickets as adult tickets were sold. The total receipts were $3 300. How many of each kind of ticket were sold?

    asked by Courtney
  39. Calculus

    I would like to know if my answers are correct: Disclaimer: We are allowed to keep our answers in formula form 1. Use the washer method to find the volume of the solid that is generated by rotating the plane region bounded by y=x^2 and y = 2-x^2 about the

    asked by Daisy
  40. Science

    Female mouse has black fur(homozygous) ,male has white fur(homozygous). State their offspring’s fur color.(black color is dominant, white is recessive)

    asked by Amina
  41. Math

    Kay wants to know the length of large pond on property. One stake is at 50m with an angle of 21 degrees. The 65m from the other end of the lake and the angle is 26 degrees. How long is pond?

    asked by Stephanie
  42. math sets

    out of 320 students at a university,190 taking math,235 taking chemistry and 120 taking physics.125 are taking both chemistry and math,95 taking both chemistry AND PHYSIC,55 TAKING BOTH MATH AND PHYSICS.HOW MANY ARE TAKING ALL THE THREE SUBJECTS

    asked by kelvin
  43. English

    It doesn't make me really happy. - okay It doesn't make me real happiness? - wrong It doesn't give me real happiness. - okay Why I need to use give on the third sentence and not make to make my sentence correct? Both make and give are verb...but why give?

    asked by Sophie
  44. Chemistry

    Assume that 5.00 grams of zinc react with excess HCl according to the following equation: Zn + 2HCl = ZnCl2 + H2 The hydrogen was collected over water at 20.0C and the prssure of the atmosphere is 751 mmHg. The pressure of the water vapor at 20C is 17.5

    asked by Michael
  45. Math

    a rectangle of board measures 21 m by 70 cm. Circular plates are to be cut from the board of diameter 14 cm. how many plates and board is left

    asked by Tanya
  46. math

    Enzo is 7 years younger than Ezra.Five years later,Ezra will be twice as old as Enzo.Find their present ages

    asked by bea
  47. Math

    a rectangle of board measures 21 m by 70 cm. Circular plates are to be cut from the board of diameter 14 cm. how many plates and board is left

    asked by Anonymous
  48. what happen i need an answer

    these isnt fair at all i wanted to post a question but it just wont go and then i made a request to know why and my post was deleted is these what jishka is made up?,these is not the first time that these is happening to me

    asked by .....
  49. Civic Education

    Mention ten human right, and their limitation.

    asked by Omole Kehinde
  50. Math

    8ax+4b = 4cx+d

    asked by Safina Hashim
  51. Math

    A triangle has an angle that measures 105°. The other two angles are in a ratio of 7:8. What are the measures of those two angles?

    asked by Gurwala
  52. health and physical education

    Using the excitement of violence to keep video games users to playing their games is an example of which risk factor? A. poverty B. family violence C. media violence D. availability of weapons

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Math

    Nick pulled pizza out of the oven and cut it into four equivalent pieces he ate two of them.His sister came in and cut one of the remaining pieces into three smaller equivalent pieces she ate two of the small pieces .what fraction of the pizza did each of

    asked by Deha
  54. Math

    A force act on a body for 0•5sec and changes its momentum from 16kg. Calculate the 1-magnitude of the force 2-impulse on the ball

    asked by Lubnah
  55. Math

    find f'(x) find the slope of the graph of f a x=2 and x=4 find the equations of the tangent lines at x=2 and x=4 and find the value(s) of x where the tangent line is horizontal. f(x)=2x^2+8x I found that f'(x)=4x+8 and that the slopes were 16 and 24 and

    asked by John
  56. 9th grade algebra (sequences)

    Can you check my homework please? Given the following representations, tell whether it's arithmetic/geometric, find the difference/ratio, find the explicit formula, find the recursive formula, and the given term. (This whole question was in the form of a

    asked by Alexis
  57. Math

    Susie spent 4 1/4 hours on Monday and 3 5/8 hours on Tuesday working on a history project. About how long did she spend working on the project?

    asked by Mary
  58. Vector Calculus

    Can someone help me with this please. A vector field in cylindrical polar co-ordinates is given by V = R Rˆ + R 3 s i n ( φ ) c o s ( φ ) φˆ + 3 z kˆ where Rˆ, φˆ, kˆ are the appropriate unit vectors. Translate this vector field into the

    asked by Ariana
  59. Math

    If the shadow of a 45 foot building is 60 feet long what time of day is it?

    asked by Lola
  60. maths

    make a spinner with 2 colours. make it so that when the pointer is spun,the probability of landing on black is zero

    asked by venus
  61. Math

    Suppose that the domain of discourse is the set {-2, -1, 0, 1, 2}. Express the following statements without using quantifiers, using only the connectives ¬, V, Λ. (a) ∃x P(x) (b) ∀x P(x) (c) ∃ ¬P(x) (d) ∀ ¬P(x) (e) ¬∃ P(x) (f) ¬∀ P(x)

    asked by Winston
  62. Science

    If T represents the allele for tall pea plants and t represents the allele for short pea plants, what is the phenotype of each parent and of the offspring?

    asked by John Cena
  63. Math

    Color pencils are six dollars and the discount rate is 5% find the price of each product after a discount is applied

    asked by Olivia
  64. Math

    Fruit smoothie five dollars coupon for 40% off find the price of each product after a discount is applied

    asked by Olivia
  65. Chem

    Is there any methods which could help me identify what ion is present in water? And also what is a filtration method that could remove the ion, i am aware of coffee and britta filter already

    asked by Holfbrincl
  66. Maths probability

    Records show that 8% of blood samples tested for a certain condition test positive. Assuming that whether or not a blood sample tests positive is independent of whether or not any other blood sample tests positive, calculate by hand the following

    asked by Tanisha
  67. Biology

    what is the definition of respiration?

    asked by lopiah
  68. calculus

    Find the domain of the variable x for which the following equations determine y as a real function of x. If G(x)= sin 2x, find G(0),G(1/4 pie),and G(7/8 pie) can someone help me please!

    asked by jacob
  69. Health

    28. Referrals for mental health services should be made when A. the problems have persisted for several weeks to months. B. the situation is steadily improving. C. support and interventions are showing definite signs of helping. D. there's insufficient

    asked by mw
  70. maths

    In apair of suplementry angles one is three and a half times the other find measurement

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Algebra


    asked by Rajat
  72. physics

    The mass of the Earth is 5.98 × 1024 kg. A 6.83 kg bowling ball initially at rest is dropped from a height of 2.12 m. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. What is the speed of the Earth coming up to meet the ball just before the ball hits the ground?

    asked by Jazz
  73. Calculus

    I would like to make sure my answer is correct: Question: the base of a solid is the triangular region with the vertices (0,0), (2,0), and (0,4). Cross sections perpendicular to the x-axis are semicircles. Find the volume of this solid. My Work: ∫[0,2]

    asked by Rose
  74. science

    A(n) 0.463 kg soccer ball approaches a player horizontally with a speed of 24.4 m/s. The player illegally strikes the ball with her hand and causes it to move in the opposite direction with a speed of 16.2 m/s. What is the magnitude of the impulse

    asked by Ian
  75. Ernst

    How many moles of H are there in 8.9 moles of C4H8O2?

    asked by Ricardo
  76. Chemistry

    How many moles of Cl ions are there in 8.5 moles of CaCl2 ?

    asked by Ricardo
  77. 6th grade alg

    THe question asks to find 3 different ways to write each (value) and exponent. I know how to write the exponent, but I need help with the number which is 81. Can someone help

    asked by Asheli
  78. History

    after the Dred scott decision, Frederick Douglass said he sought to have americans live up to the principles of the constitution. What did he believe prevented americans from living up to the constitution? A. manifest destiny B. abolition

    asked by Help! Mrs Sue. Steve?
  79. math

    In what time will $800 amount to $860 @ 3 3/4% simple interest? I=860-800

    asked by ann
  80. math

    225-:15[60-:3|10+18-:(9-7)-14|+11] simplify

    asked by yubraj
  81. physics

    a 5cm bulet move 500ms^1 Penetrates 5cm wood and stop find time of stop

    asked by Sazirul
  82. MATH

    triangle PQR has vertices p(-3,5),q(7,3) and r(-1,-5) find the distance between PQ,QR and RP

    asked by ADNAN
  83. Math

    Suppose that the domain of discourse is the set {-2, -1, 0, 1, 2}. Express the following statements without using quantifiers, using only the connectives ¬, V, Λ. (a) ∃x P(x) (b) ∀x P(x) (c) ∃ ¬P(x) (d) ∀ ¬P(x) (e) ¬∃ P(x) (f) ¬∀ P(x)

    asked by Winston
  84. AP Calculus

    Consider the function f(x) = 1/4x^4 - 5/3x^3 - 3/2x^2 + 15x - 3. A. Find the relative extrema for f(x); be sure to label each as a maximum or minimum. You do not need to find function values; just find the x-values. B. Determine the interval(s) where f(x)

    asked by Steph
  85. Chemistry

    How many moles of H are there in 8.9 moles of C4H8O2?

    asked by Ricardo
  86. Social Studies

    "Explain how transportation innovations of the time period affected migration in the U.S" This question is really confusing to me and I need help wording it :-)

    asked by Isabella