Questions Asked on
January 15, 2017

  1. geography

    Describe and account the differences between the drainage pattern of the Indus system and that of Balochistan plateau.

    asked by Hamza
  2. MATH

    Lian uses 200 regular paces to walk around a square park.If one pace of Lian measures 40 cm,what is the measure of each side of the park?

    asked by GIAN
  3. lange arts

    The seven wonders of the world is mostly about which of the following. A.The pyramids of Egypt. B.Architecture around the world. C.Incredible ancient structures. D.Respected building techniques. I think its's B or C

    asked by sf
  4. calculas

    The point P(7, −4) lies on the curve y = 4/(6 − x). (a) If Q is the point (x, 4/(6 − x)), use your calculator to find the slope mPQ of the secant line PQ (correct to six decimal places) for the following values of x. (i) 6.9 mPQ = (ii) 6.99 mPQ =

    asked by farad
  5. English

    Which of the following sentences contains a verb in the imperative mood? The vase was a fine example of Indian stoneware. Myra was ready to go shopping at the mall. I suggest we all take a deep breath and reconsider. Let’s get some ice cream for the

    asked by Fading
  6. physics

    a motor car of mass 800kg travelling at 20m/s is brought to rest by breakes in 100m.calculate the average breaking force physics

    asked by feyonce
  7. Math

    If the coefficient of sliding friction for steel on ice is 0.05, what force is required to keep a man weighing 150 lbs moving at constant speed along ice?

    asked by Angel
  8. Math

    In rod's family 3/4 of members wear glases. Of those who do not wear glasses, 1/3are male. What fraction of the family are males who do not wear glasses?

    asked by Alexa
  9. Government

    I need help on these two questions these are my answers. The U.S Congress is a bicameral branch of government in which each state A) Is represented based on population in the House of Representatives and is equally represented in the Senate B) Elects

    asked by Amanda
  10. science

    need help with 3 questions: 1.fossil fuels are a. a natural resource b. renewable c.made from minerals d.burned in hydroelectric plants. 2.which of the following is a renewable for of energy? i didn't have any suggestions :(

    asked by ieke
  11. Math

    A marketing expert determines that sales of television sets an be increased by 3 sets per week for each $20 decrease in price. Weekly sales average 18 sets at $440 each. What price should be given in order to receive $10,800 in revenue?

    asked by Alex
  12. math

    I am an array made with 24 tiles.My number of rows is 2 More than the number of tiles in each of my rows. How many rows do I have?

    asked by Ivory Wright
  13. Algebra

    Find four numbers that form a geometric progression such that the third term is greater than the first by 12 and the fourth is greater than the second by 36.

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Dynamics

    A level fight bomber flying at 300 ft/s releases a bomb at an elevation of 6400 ft. Approximately how long before the bomb strikes the earth?

    asked by Angel
  15. Chemistry

    In a certain reaction 0.20g of hydrogen gas combines with 3.20g of oxygen gas.if the relative molecular mass of the compound is 34.0 find its molecular formula (H=1,O=16).

    asked by feyonce
  16. math,science, geography

    What are three characteristics that mid-latitude cyclones have in with all cyclones?

    asked by Lindelani
  17. math

    in a class containing 32 students, a student can either do Government or History or both. If 16 students do Government, 18 do History and 3 do none of the subjects, find how many do both

    asked by Chidinma
  18. history

    Make a list of things about emperor hongwu that you noticed in the painting

    asked by esther
  19. Chemistiy

    How does the presence of impurities such as copper affect the rusting of a piece of sheet metal of iron?

    asked by Stacy
  20. Chemistry

    How to Prepare 500mL a 50 mM pH 6 Citrate buffer starting from citric acid as the sole source of conjugate base I used the HH equation and got that citric acid concentration would be 0.035M, when converted to moles would be 3.362g. Then I was planning to

    asked by Aarya Singh
  21. Chemistiy

    Complete & Balance the Equation: i) Zn + Cu(NO3)2 -> ii) Ag + Mg(NO3)2 -> iii) Al + HNO3 -> iv) Mg + Fe(NO3)2 -> My Answers: i) 2 Zn + Cu(NO3)2 -> Cu + 2 ZnNO3 ii) Ag + Mg(NO3)2 -> No RXN iii) Al + HNO3 -> Al(NO3)3 + NO + 2H2O iv) Mg + Fe(NO3)2 -> Mg(NO3)2

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Pre Calc

    The Department of Foreign Languages of a liberal arts college conducted a survey of its recent graduates to determine the foreign language courses they had taken while undergraduates at the college. Of the 500 graduate 207 had at least one year of Spanish.

    asked by Laura
  23. Physics

    A 0.075-kilogram dart strikes a 2-kilogram stationary block of wood. If the dart sticks in the wood and the dart and wood fly off together at 1.5 meters per second, what was the approximate original speed of the dart?

    asked by Gene
  24. Chemistry

    If we were to fill a bottle with boiling hot water than place it in a bucket filled with cold water what would happen to the bottle and why? i know the bottle would get crushed inwards but whats the science behind this can someone explain?

    asked by Chem
  25. Government

    Can someone please check my answer for me I'm having trouble on my government practice test. Which of the following is an example of checks and balances? A) Congress can override a presidential veto by two-thirds veto in each house. B) The legislative and

    asked by Sidney
  26. physics

    A rifle with muzzle velocity of 460m\s shoot a bullet at small target 46 metre away. How high above the target must the gun be aimed so that the bullet will hit the target.

    asked by kabir
  27. science

    which of the following would decrease the human ecological footprint? 1) using bottled water instead of tap water 2) using public transportation instead of riding in a car 3) buying books instead of borrowing from the library 4) using hot water instead of

    asked by sf
  28. math

    Find the weight of led pipe is 3.5 m long if the external diameter of pipe is 2.4 cm and the thickness of led is 2mm and 1cm cube of the leg width is 4g

    asked by aman
  29. Chemistry

    I'm doing a lab where I have to identify the oxidization state of Iron. Here's the procedure I had to go through: Use 0.5 molar concentration of CuSO4, get another beaker and add 0.1 grams of Iron to it. Add the CuSO4 to the beaker with the Iron fillings.

    asked by Alex Li
  30. Pre Calc

    Evaluate the quantity. 4 · P(4, 4) · C(9, 5)

    asked by Laura
  31. Chemistry

    How to make 100 mL of 100mM of Tris HCl and 100 mL of 100mM of Tris Base. Follow the pH of the resulting combined solution as it is heated from 4 to 50 degrees Celsius. I did not use the HH equation in this problem. I started with just converting to moles

    asked by Aarya Singh
  32. chemistry

    Your living room measures 45 ft by 62 ft. The cost of the carpet is $21/square yard. How much will you spend on carpet

    asked by sharicka
  33. Chemistry

    Which of the following best explains how relative atomic mass could be determined from the type of data available to Dalton? A. By determining the mass of oxygen contained in a sample of water, its exact atomic mass could be determined. B. By comparing the

    asked by cool
  34. Math

    Sheena is now one third of her father's age.Twelve years hence she will be half as old as her father.Find their present ages??

    asked by Anonymous
  35. maths

    Two numbers are in the ratio 3:7 if the larger number is 42 then find the smallest number

    asked by premika
  36. science

    Numerical problem : The dimensions of a certain water tank are 8m x 6m x 4m. What is the pressure at the bottom of the tank, if the tank is half filled?

    asked by angel
  37. Geography

    The distance between station x and y on the map is 7cm. Find the actual ground distance between the two stations if the map scale is 1:100000

    asked by Karen
  38. Chemistry

    Calculate enthalpy of the reaction ethene+hydrogen gives ethane are -1410KJ,-286kJ and -1560KJ respectively at 25°c

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Physics

    QUESTION: A car goes around a circular track with a radius of 1000 m at a constant speed of 10 m/s. (a) How long does it take the car to go once completely around the track? (b) What is the average velocity of the car over this time interval? WORK: What I

    asked by Necie
  40. Early child hood education

    Which of the following parts of the activity plan focuses on how you plan to teach

    asked by Mbali
  41. Geography

    Name a link canal and explain it's purpose. I couldn't get it's answer, it is not even in my book.

    asked by Hamza
  42. statistics

    A random variable has aprobability function p(x)=kx; x=1,2,3,4,5.find the value of k, p(x>=3),compute mean and variance of x.

    asked by ahmed
  43. Chemistry

    2.40 L of N2, at 25 ∘C and 1.89 atm , is mixed with 2.60 L of O2, at 25 ∘C and 0.245 atm , and the mixture allowed to react. N2(g)+O2(g)→2NO(g) How much NO, in grams, is produced?

    asked by Julio
  44. Science

    A concave lens has a focal length 10cm.An object of height 2.5cm is kept at a distance of30cm from the lens .Determine the position of image & its size

    asked by Sudarshana Das
  45. Math- fractions

    A cookie recipe calls for 3/4 cup of chocolate chips.Spencer has 2/3 cup. Does he have enough?If your answer is yes ,explain.If your answer is no, how much more does Spencer need?

    asked by Aisha
  46. physiology and health

    a relationship is a bond between people?

    asked by faida awad
  47. geometry

    if the radii of two circular ends of conical bucket which is 30cm high are 14 and 7 cm find the toal surface area and capacity of bucket

    asked by ssk
  48. children's literature

    With pre-school children, a first step in engaging children in the reading process is to read stories in which characters are faced with a decision to be made and in which there is: A. no clear-cut answer. B. no solution. C. a set of choices provided. D.

    asked by bev
  49. physics

    A ball rolls of the top of stairway with a horizontal speed of 1.5m\s. The steps are 0.5 metre high and 0.5 metre wide. Which step will the ball hit first?

    asked by beiber
  50. Geometry

    The Varignon parallelogram of the Varignon parallelogram of quadrilateral ABCD is a 3*4 rectangle. Find AC+BD. I don't understand the Varignon parallelogram, so solving this problem is difficult.

    asked by Lola
  51. Math

    On a certain map 1-1/16" = 300 miles. How many miles does 7/16" equal? Please clarify he process for solving his. What is he correct way to write the equation?

    asked by Persefoni
  52. Chemistry

    How is it possible that the atomic number increases in order, yet the atomic masses do not? A. There is no relationship between the atomic number and mass of the atom. B. The masses of the protons for Te, I, and Xe have slightly different masses. C. Since

    asked by cool
  53. technology

    What are the disadvantages of ramp

    asked by Nicky
  54. science

    concentration of[H+]ion in0.08M Ca(OH)2

    asked by ruma
  55. chemistry

    We have 1L of 0.1mol/l solution of ammonium chloride, with pKa 9.2 for NH4+/NH3 Place in an increasing order on a pKa axis the different conjugate acid /base pairs present in the solution. Write the equation of the different reactions that may take place

    asked by angy
  56. Math

    What is the value of x after these statements if the starting value of x is 3. (a) If x^2 = 5^x then x := 25^x. (b) If x^2 > x and x^3 < 4x^2 then x := x+ 2. (c) If 4^x < x^4 or x^5 > 5^x then x := x^2. (d) If 5^x > 2^x xor x^2 < 11 then x := x + 8. (e) If

    asked by Winston
  57. vector calculus

    Can someone help me with this please. A vector field in cylindrical polar co-ordinates is given by V = R Rˆ + R 3 s i n ( φ ) c o s ( φ ) φˆ + 3 z kˆ where Rˆ, φˆ, kˆ are the appropriate unit vectors. Translate this vector field into the

    asked by Ariana
  58. science

    how can I convert 1% w/v to g/ml

    asked by homework
  59. science

    which gas change the gens of the human

    asked by rajeevkumar
  60. maths

    A body is projected vertically upward from roof of a building at 40m.s raised to the power 1 The height of the building

    asked by nokuphiwa
  61. Algebra


    asked by Troy
  62. calculus

    Find the domain of the variable x for which the following equation determine y as a real function of x. y - xy = 5

    asked by nabs
  63. physics

    A pilot of an aeroplane flying at 300km\hr wishes to release a package of mail at the right position so that it hits the spot. What angle (theta) should his line of sight to the target make the instant of release at 150 metre.

    asked by sami
  64. Geometry

    A diagonal of a square has the same length as a diagonal of a rectangle. The area of the rectangle is 60% of the area of the square. What is the ratio of the shorter side to the longer side of the rectangle? Write your answer as a common fraction (or an

    asked by Jessie
  65. math

    Mark works 7 more hours per week than Thomas works. Write an algebraic expression to represent the amount of hours Mark works. Let h equal the amount of hours Thomas works.

    asked by mary jane
  66. Chemistiy

    based on standard reduction potentials which metals would i) inhibit rusting ii)promote rusting My general statement is: > If the reduction potential is higher it will inhibits rusting and if it is lower it will promote rusting But im not sure because it

    asked by Stacy
  67. Math

    Suppose that the domain of discourse is the set {-2, -1, 0, 1, 2}. Express the following statements without using quantifiers, using only the connectives ¬, V, Λ. (a) ∃x P(x) (b) ∀x P(x) (c) ∃ ¬P(x) (d) ∀ ¬P(x) (e) ¬∃ P(x) (f) ¬∀ P(x)

    asked by Winston
  68. math

    After travelling 3/8 of the distance between two cities a bus is still 12km short of half way. How far apart are the two towns?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Math

    I am still confused! Equation: C1V1=C2V2 Given: C1= 15 mM V1=? C2= 0.25 mM V2= 1mL (Do I just plug 1mL into the equation or do I have to convert to liter? Does mM mean mmol/1L?) I got ~17 microliter. Note: I must convert my answer to microliter. Math -

    asked by Vivian
  70. hypothesis

    Why is it important to test the results of a hypothesis?

    asked by Josie
  71. accounting

    Which college or university could I go after grade 12

    asked by Ndlandla
  72. mathematics

    the first four terms of an arithmetic sequence are -1

    asked by john
  73. mathematics

    the first four terms of an arithmetic sequence are -1; x ; 3 ; x+8 find the value(s) of x I did the question I can find the values of x

    asked by Emily
  74. Language

    give one word with the same meaning as each of the following:- transparent wicked lazy what is the answer?

    asked by mackenzie
  75. Math

    sum of the digits of a three-digit number is 20. If the hundreds and unit digits were interchanged, the resulting number is 297 less than the original. Find the number if the hundreds digit exceeds the tens digit by one.

    asked by Clare
  76. Math

    Ten times increased by 12 is 32.find the number

    asked by Rica
  77. Physics, Science

    How would the length of a day be affected if all the world’s inhabitants continuously walked in an easterly direction? When they stopped walking?

    asked by Ege Kaan Gürkan
  78. maths

    Determine the 10th and 21st terms of each of the arithmetic sequences: 4+7x; 5+9x; 6+ 11x.......

    asked by moipone booysen
  79. Math

    It takes a typist 3 hours to type 54 words. How many words can she type in (i)1hours (ii) 6 hours.

    asked by Aderonke
  80. Math

    A man sold an item for three thousand, six hundred naira if he had sold the item for two thousand naira what would have been his percentage loss.

    asked by Aderonke
  81. value

    A person saves #30000 at 41/2% compound interest. She adds #8000 to her amount at the end of each year. Find her total savings after 2 years.

    asked by value
  82. American History

    If The British Government Could Do It Over Again The British governing policy of salutary neglect gave the young colonial governments a chance to "experiment" with their own self-governance. Gaining confidence in their abilities to rule the people without

    asked by Joy