Questions Asked on
January 11, 2017

  1. Social Studies

    1)What was John James Audubon famous for? A)painting and cataloguing American animals, especially birds. B)painting the new living conditions in urbanized areas. C)representing new immigrants through drawings and paintings. D)surveying and creating maps of

    asked by kk
  2. Social Studies

    1. How did the Panama Canal benefit American trade? A. It made it cheaper and faster to ship goods.*** B. It allowed a higher volume of goods to travel. C. It improved trade relations with Latin America. D. It allowed the United States to dominate global

    asked by EmberShy
  3. Algebra 2

    For the annual rate of change of +70%, find the corresponding growth or decay factor. 0.70 1.70 170 70 For the annual rate of change of -75%, find the corresponding growth or decay factor. -75 1.25 -0.75 0.25 I'm confused, please help? How can I solve

    asked by Fading
  4. Math

    1. Which expression is equivalent to (-2)(a+6)? A. -2a+6 B. 2a+12 C. -2a-12*** D. -2a+12 2. To which sets of real numbers does the number -22 belong? Choose all subsets that apply. (There's two right answers) Whole Numbers Rational Numbers*** Integers***

    asked by EmberShy
  5. Algebra 2

    Rick deposits $1,000 into an investment account which earns 4% annually. Sally loans $1,000 to a friend, and the friend agrees to pay her $50 each year, and will return the $1,000 after 10 years. Determine the amount of money each person has after 10

    asked by Fading
  6. Calculus

    if f(x)= |(x^2-9)(x^2+1)| how many numbers in the interval [-1,1] satisfy the mean value theorem? None 1 2 3 Will someone please explain in detail?

    asked by Someone
  7. Calculus

    A particle moves along the x-axis with position function s(t) = e^cos(x). How many times in the interval [0, 2π] is the velocity equal to 0? 1< My answer 2 3 More than 3 I don't really get this question will someone please explain it to me?

    asked by Someone
  8. ELA

    I need help with the Connections Academy 6th grade The Cay chapter 5-7 quiz. NO THIS IS NOT CHEATING! I said I need help. With the short answers. Thanks! =)

    asked by Lilyanne
  9. ela

    1. The portion of a story in which the characters are introduced and the setting is described is called the (1 point) climax. exposition. rising action. falling action. 2. Imagine you are going to add the following events to a plot diagram for The Watsons

    asked by searcher
  10. Calculus

    a 160-inch strip of metal 20 inches wide is to be made into a small open trough by bending up two sides on the long side , at right angles to the base. the sides will be the same height , x. if the tgrough is to have a maximum volume, how many inches

    asked by Someone
  11. Algebra

    Shirts with the a school's mascot were printed, and the table shows the number of people who bought them the first, second, third, and fourth weeks after their release. Which graph could represent the data shown in the table? Weeks | Number of sales 1 |22

    asked by Chloe
  12. math

    Two part problem that need help with. 1. Jill arranged her baseball cards in 4 rows of 9 cards. Then she arranged them in 2 rows of 18 cards. How many other ways can Jill arrange her cards in equal rows? 2. Sam has fewer baseball cards than Jill. There are

    asked by caden

    The radius of a 12 inch right circular cylinder is measured to be 4 inches, but with a possible error of ±0.2 inch. What is the resulting possible error in the volume of the cylinder? Include units in your answer.

    asked by Someone
  14. Math Calc

    The radius of a 12 inch right circular cylinder is measured to be 4 inches, but with a possible error of ±0.2 inch. What is the resulting possible error in the volume of the cylinder? Include units in your answer.

    asked by Ke$ha
  15. Social studies

    Which action would be consistent with a person who believe in civil disobedience? ~ A.) A Know-Nothing party member attacking an immigrant. B.) A conductor on the Underground Railroad guiding escapes slaves. C.) An angry citizen setting fire to a

    asked by Nyr
  16. physics

    A 1450-kg submarine rises straight up towards the surface. Seawater exerts both an upward buoyant force of 16890 N on the submarine, as well as a downward resistive force of 1010 N. What is the submarine's acceleration?

    asked by Tyler
  17. FAST Angle Help! (Math)

    Which value could be the length of the missing side of the triangle? (the side of the triangle has 5, the bottom has a 12 and the top has a X) PLZ I NEED HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Agala
  18. physics

    A man is standing on a platform that is connected to a pulley arrangement, as the drawing shows. By pulling upward on the rope with a force   the man can raise the platform and himself. The total mass of the man plus the platform is 121 kg. What pulling

    asked by Cameron
  19. ELA

    Which italicized word in the sentence is an adjective? A)Evening bats feed GREEDILY on insects. ** B)They appear in the sky just AFTER sunset. C)These bats are among the SMALLEST of the species. D)Their fingers RESEMBLE those of human's.

    asked by rosiegirl1005
  20. Math parallel lines and angles

    1.Find the mesure of

    asked by Amanda
  21. Physics

    Two forces are applied to a box on a frictionless surface. One force is 40 N [S]. The second force is 70 N [N30ºW]. What is the overall net force? a) 40.6 N [S59.5ºE] b) 110 N c) 40.6 N [N59.5ºW] d) 40.6 N [S30.5ºW]

    asked by Jassy
  22. Calculus

    The end behavior of f(x)=(2+x^2)/(x^2-36) most closely matches which of the following: y=1 y=-1 y=2 y=0 There is no leading coefficient so I am not sure what the answer is.

    asked by Someone
  23. Angle Math Help!

    Which value could be the length of the missing side of the triangle? (the side of the triangle has 5, the bottom has a 12 and the top has a X)

    asked by Agala
  24. LA

    Rewrite using a possessive noun: the (separate) bikes of Keith and Frank, the brooms of the witches, and the dog of Mike and Erin

    asked by Andy
  25. English

    Can someone please help check my answers I'm not the best in English and need help. In the following four assessment items, choose the sentence in which the appositive or appositive phrase is essential to the sentence and punctuated correctly. (1 point) A)

    asked by Sidney
  26. Social Studies

    Using your knowledge from the text and Chief Joseph’s speech, what can be said about the treatment of Native Americans during this time period? How might many Native Americans have felt? Do you think you would have agreed with Chief Joseph if you were

    asked by JamesSk8
  27. physics

    Force F1 acts on a particle and does work W1. Force F2 acts simultaneously on the particle and does work W2. The speed of the particle does not change. Which one of the following must be true? W1 is zero, and W2 is positive W1 = - W2 W1 is positive, and W2

    asked by Cameron
  28. math

    1. In the middle of the page, draw two vertical lines an inch long, an inch apart, and that are parallel to each other. 2. About a half inch below the lines, draw a half-inch horizontal line that is centered between the lines. 3. Draw a line from the

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Math

    Convert $e^{-\pi i}$ to rectangular form. Not sure how to start this problem, should I use Euler's formula? Can anyone help provide the steps please? Thanks

    asked by SAM
  30. physics

    Three forces act on a moving object. One force has a magnitude of 76.5 N and is directed due north. Another has a magnitude of 46.3 N and is directed due west. What must be (a) the magnitude and (b) the direction of the third force, such that the

    asked by Tyler
  31. Health

    1. To eat more healthful and decrease your calorie intake, MyPlate recommends that you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with no snacks in between meals. eliminate starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn, and lima beans that are high in carbohydrates. drink

    asked by Help
  32. Social Studies

    How did Japan differ from many other powerful nations before 1854? It supported an Open Door Policy It followed of expansionism It advanced industrial society*** It generally stayed out of foreign affairs

    asked by EmberShy
  33. Socail Studies

    3. Why did Roosevelt become involved in the Panamanian rebellion against Columbia? A. To limit Columbia's power B. To show American might be like Latin America C. To ensure the Panama Canal would be built D. To support freedom and independence I think its

    asked by EmberShy
  34. Maths

    How many parallels of latitude have a radius of 2500km?

    asked by Realone
  35. Calculus

    The radius of a 12 inch right circular cylinder is measured to be 4 inches, but with a possible error of ±0.2 inch. What is the resulting possible error in the volume of the cylinder? Include units in your answer. V = πr²h = 16πr² dV/dr = 32πr dV =

    asked by Someone
  36. Maths

    An aeroplane leaves the point X (43°N,71°W) and flies due east at 500km/h.After 3hours (a)how far has it travelled (b)what is its longitude?

    asked by Realone
  37. Calculus Please Help

    evaluate the table and find d/dx [g[f(2x)]] at x=1 f(x) 6,1,6,2 f'(x) 1,2,5,7 g(x) 1,4,4,3 g'(x) 4,5,5,-4

    asked by Someone
  38. physics

    In which one of the following circumstances does the principle of conservation of mechanical energy apply, even though a nonconservative force acts on the moving object? The nonconservative force has a component that points opposite to the displacement of

    asked by Cameron
  39. algebra

    Please simplify using long division (showing all work) : (8b^3 -6) / (2b-1). Thank you.

    asked by Anneliese
  40. physics

    Juggles the clown stands on one end of a teeter-totter at rest on the ground. Bangles the clown jumps off a platform 2.5 m above the ground and lands on the other end of the teeter-totter, launching Juggles into the air. Juggles rises to a height of 3.7 m

    asked by Cameron
  41. Calculus

    The end behavior of f(x)=(2+x^2)/(x^2-36) most closely matches which of the following: y=1 y=-18 y=2 y=0 I still don't get this based on steve's answer will someone please help?

    asked by Someone
  42. Maths

    An aeroplane leaves a point on latitude 54°S at 10 flies due south at a steady speed at 800km/h. (a)what is the latitude at mid-day(b) At what time does it pass over the south pole

    asked by Realone
  43. Physics

    A ball is allowed to fall freely from certain heightn. What distance it covers in 1st second?

    asked by Ali
  44. physics

    A fisherman is fishing from a bridge and is using a "43.0-N test line." In other words, the line will sustain a maximum force of 43.0 N without breaking. What is the weight of the heaviest fish that can be pulled up vertically, when the line is reeled in

    asked by Cameron
  45. Calculus Please Help

    The radius of a 12 inch right circular cylinder is measured to be 4 inches, but with a possible error of ±0.2 inch. What is the resulting possible error in the volume of the cylinder? Include units in your answer. my answer 30.16

    asked by Someone
  46. Physics

    What is the period of a wave that travels through a spring at 2.5 m/s and has a wavelength of 1.3 meters?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. math

    maggie has 20 ribbons. Of them, 2/5 are polka dotted ribbons. How many ribs are not polka-dotted?

    asked by teresa
  48. English

    I have to take out embellishments, misquotations, false benefits and unethical tactics out of these sentences. I need help. Factory-trained technicians respond to all our calls. "The service contract...on the whole...applied to upgrades.

    asked by Jennie
  49. Math

    Four hours after the start of a 600 mile auto race, a driver's velocity is 150 miles per hour as she completes the 352nd lap on a 1.5 mile track a) find the drivers average velocity during the first four hours of the race. b) let f(x) represent the

    asked by John
  50. math;););)

    Apply the 57-degree counterclockwise rotation about the origin to the vectors [1, 0] and [0,1], then use the image vectors (written as columns) to form the coe cient matrix M for the rotation. Test M by calculating the products M[1] [0] and M[0] [1 ].

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Social Studies

    Which of the following was a reason in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? A. To develop closer political ties with Europe B. To open China to provide the United States with needed materials C. To support peacekeeping efforts in Europe D. To acquire

    asked by EmberShy
  52. physics

    A worker stands still on a roof sloped at an angle of 43° above the horizontal. He is prevented from slipping by a static frictional force of 520 N. Find the mass of the worker.

    asked by Tyler
  53. Physics

    A Man Of Mass 80kg Carry A Load Of Bricks Of 20kg Up A Vertical Of Length 6m Calculate The Workdone.

    asked by Elijah
  54. Calculus

    Find the x-coordinates where f '(x) = 0 for f(x) = 2x + sin(2x) in the interval [0, 2π]. MY ANSWERS: x = π/2 x = 3π/2

    asked by Someone
  55. physics

    Part (a) of the drawing shows a bucket of water suspended from the pulley of a well; the tension in the rope is 56.0 N. Part (b) shows the same bucket of water being pulled up from the well at a constant velocity. What is the tension in the rope in part

    asked by Tyler
  56. Physics

    A Man Of Mass 80kg Carry A Load Of Bricks Of 20kg Up A Vertical Of Length 6m Calculate The Workdone

    asked by Elijah
  57. Math;);)

    Use the vector form of the Law of Cosines to show that |u + v|^2 ≤ (|u| + |v|)^2 holds for any vectors u and v. What does this prove?

    asked by anonymous
  58. trigonometry

    The angles of elevation to an airplane from two points A and B on level ground are 50◦ and 67◦ , respectively. The points A and B are 3.9 miles apart, and the airplane is east of both points in the same vertical plane. Find the altitude of the plane.

    asked by Liz
  59. math

    if angle pqr=1 1/2 right angles find the reflex angle pqr

    asked by tia
  60. law

    1. Mrs. Jones agreed to a surrogate motherhood arrangement in which she would give up the child at birth to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. She was inseminated with Mr. Smith's sperm, and the baby was born on May 5, 2000. The baby was turned over to the Smiths on May

    asked by chandra
  61. Vectors

    In triangle OAB, OA = 3i + 4k and OB = i + 2j - 2k. Find OP, where P is the point where the bisector of Angle AOB intersects AB. Answer is 7i/4 + 5j/4 + k/4 Don't use the matrix method as I haven't learnt it yet and please show working. Thx a lot.

    asked by C
  62. Math

    Hannah and Her Three Brothers equally split the cost of a $379 gift for their parents how much did each sibling pay?

    asked by Alexis
  63. math

    There are 37 people attending the Ruiz family reunion, and they want to split the cost of the present for the grandparents. If the gift costs $464.72, how much should each person contribute?

    asked by mimi
  64. english

    Factory-trained technicians respond to all our calls. "The service contract...on the whole...applied to upgrades. Need help rewriting malfunctions ect

    asked by Jennie
  65. math

    Order the numbers from least to greatest: 3/25,0.41,10%

    asked by deven
  66. maths

    Gary can get two loan, $12,000 at 8% simple interest for 9 months or a $12000 9- month discounted loan at 7% discount. based on the actual interest paid and the true rate on the discounted loan, which of the two loan offers will Gary choose

    asked by sharon
  67. Math, Algebra

    Can you please help me! I solved it, but I'm not sure if I'm right. ------------------------------ Paulo pays $45.99 per month for unlimited calls, with additional charges for text messages. His bill for 4 months is $207.96. If he sends 100 texts each

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Math

    In a triangle ABC,AB=5cm,BC=12cm,angle ABC=90°calculate 1)the length of AC. 2)the area of the triangle 3)the length of the perpendicular from B to AC

    asked by Anonymous
  69. English

    Trained technicians respond to all of our calls. The service contract applied to all upgrades. My previous question could you tell me if this is written right.

    asked by Jennie
  70. Physics

    A 400g soccer ball is moving through the air at 3.57m/s [64.8°W of N] horizontally at the top of its flight. If at that instant, the soccer ball is struck by a 450g crocket ball moving at 5.46m/s [N], and the soccer ball flies off at 4.28m/s[22.4°W of

    asked by Guillaume
  71. Physical Science

    If element X has 81 protons, how many electrons does it have?

    asked by Emma
  72. English

    Hello can someone help me come up with the central theme for sonnet 15 and 27 by Shakespeare and lastly sonnet 27 by Elizabeth Barrett... please and thanks!

    asked by Kate
  73. math

    There are 37 people attending the Ruiz family reunion, and they want to split the cost of the present for the grandparents. If the the gift costs $464.72, how much should each person contribute? do I just divide the two numbers?

    asked by mimi
  74. Geometry

    Points X, Y, and Z are on sides AB, BC, and CD, respectively, of square ABCD. Let O be the intersection of the diagonals of ABCD. Segments XO , YO, and ZO divide the square into three parts with equal areas. If Y is the midpoint of BC,find AX/XB. I'm not

    asked by Rahi
  75. Math

    There are 15 bits and 12 girls in ms.smiths class.What is the ratio of girls to boys written as a fraction in simplest form

    asked by Kassandra
  76. College Physics

    The space probe Deep Space 1 was launched on October 24, 1998. Its mass was 474 kg. The goal of the mission was to test a new kind of engine called an ion propulsion drive. This engine generated only a weak thrust, but it could do so over long periods of

    asked by Tyler
  77. Math

    There are 36 carpenters an a Crew. On a certain Day ,26 where present. What percent showed up for work? (round to the nearest tenth)

    asked by Roselyn
  78. Maths

    The speed of a point A due to the rotation of the earth is twice that of a point B.If A is on latitude 22°N.calculate the latitude of B

    asked by Realone
  79. Science

    Classify the chemical equation as a combination/synthesis , single replacement, or combustion NaCl(aq) + AgNO3(aq) à AgCl(s) + NaNO3(aq)

    asked by Alex
  80. math

    there are six different kinds of fruit pies in a baker. Each pie is the same size and is cut into 8 equal slices. Mr. Javier buys a slice of each pie. How many pies did Mr. Javier buy altogether

    asked by teresa
  81. English

    As Principal speaker in your school debate competition, write your arguments for against the motion television is doing more harm than good

    asked by moses
  82. Calculus

    From each corner of a square of tin, 12 cm on a side, small squares of side x are removed and the edges are turned up to form an open box. Express the volume V(cm3) as a function of x. Determine the range of x.

    asked by nabeel
  83. physics

    The drawing shows a wire tooth brace used by orthodontists. The top-most tooth is protruding slightly, and the tension in the wire exerts two forces,  and , on this tooth in order to bring it back into alignment. If the forces have the same magnitude

    asked by Tyler
  84. English

    What do you mean by accurate? I'm confused. I have been out of school since the 70's. Thank you!

    asked by Jennie
  85. math

    A number X is 3 times greater than the number Y, and Y is 3 times greater than Z. If the sum of Y and Z is equal to 50, what is the value of X? Please show working out, thanks.

    asked by anonymous
  86. Science Fair

    For my gr.8 science fair project, I have to come up with a catchy title. My science fair project is on how sugar affects your everyday activities and if it can have a benefit to your productivity. Anyone have an idea for a good title?

    asked by Diana
  87. math

    An extension laddder is to be placed against a house so that it reaches 1 ft above the edge of the roof, which is 23.5 ft high. The ladder makes an angle of 70 degrees with the ground. How long must the ladder be? How far is the distance from the house to

    asked by randey
  88. College Physics

    A 0.697-kg basketball is dropped out of a window that is 6.98 m above the ground. The ball is caught by a person whose hands are 1.73 m above the ground. (a) How much work is done on the ball by its weight? What is the gravitational potential energy of the

    asked by Cameron
  89. math algebra

    Problem Page Brian rented a truck for one day. There was a base fee of $15.99 , and there was an additional charge of 93 cents for each mile driven. Brian had to pay $259.65 when he returned the truck. For how many miles did he drive the truck?

    asked by alexis
  90. Pre Calc - Probability

    Let S = {2, 8, 14} be a sample space associated with an experiment. (a) List all events of this experiment. A) {2, 8}, {2, 14}, {8, 14}, {2, 8, 14} B) {2}, {8}, {14}, {2, 8}, {2, 14}, {8, 14} C) {2}, {8}, {14}, {2, 8}, {2, 14}, {8, 14}, {2, 8, D) 14} E)

    asked by Melissa
  91. Physics

    Two blocks at rest on a frictionless inclined surface with mass of 3kg on a side inclined at 42° to the horizontal and mass 4.8kg a side inclined at 30° to the horizonal. if the two bodies are attached together by an extensible string passed through a

    asked by Dami
  92. Consumer math

    Mr. Choi earns $600 for a 40-hour week. If he earns time and half for overtime, what is his hourly overtime wage?

    asked by Ishaq
  93. algebra

    Please simplify this expression,if possible. State the excluded values,if any. 5x-5 / 10x^2 -25x + 15. thank you for your time.

    asked by Anneliese
  94. chemistry

    Calculate the energy required for ionization of electron from the ground state of hydrogen atom

    asked by donald
  95. Science

    why does all the information available state that the maximum amount of table salt that can dissolve in water is: 36-39 g/100 ml @ 20 degrees Celsius. i put 35.7 g in 100 ml over a week ago, check it 3 times daily and a lot of it never dissolved. the water

    asked by Eric
  96. Physics

    It takes 226 kJ of work to accelerate a car from 23.3 m/s to 28.3 m/s. What is the car's mass?

    asked by Cameron
  97. accounting

    home / study / math / other math / questions and answers / the following tabulation gives earnings per share ... Question: The following tabulation gives earnings per share ... The following tabulation gives earnings per share figures for theFoust Company

    asked by tati
  98. physics

    A 89.7-kg skier rides a 3040-m-long lift to the top of a mountain. The lift makes an angle of 14.3 ° with the horizontal. What is the change in the skier's gravitational potential energy?

    asked by Cameron
  99. Science

    A quarterback throws a pass 50 m toward the end zone and it takes 2.8 seco to get there. What is the velocity of the ball in m/s?

    asked by Abugail
  100. physics

    A 64.2-kg skateboarder starts out with a speed of 2.21 m/s. He does 98.0 J of work on himself by pushing with his feet against the ground. In addition, friction does -276 J of work on him. In both cases, the forces doing the work are non-conservative. The

    asked by Cameron
  101. physics

    A body of mass 10 kg is attached to a wire 30 cm long. Area of cross section of the wire is 10 raise to power -6 metre square. It's breaking stress is 4.8×10 raise to power 7 N/metre square. Find maximum angular velocity with which it can be rotated in

    asked by bhai
  102. Coordinated Sciences (chem)

    Hi guys, so we recently did a lab where we put a strip of Magnesium Carbonate in a crucible with a lid on, weighed it and then put it over a bunsen burner for a while to let it oxidise. After that, we weighed it again. Here are my results: Crucible + Lid

    asked by Romit
  103. Algebra

    Is 3(x+4/3)-7=21 linear????

    asked by Kianna
  104. French

    Are these sentences grammatically correct? If not, I need help to double check if I am right. Thank you! A) 1. This story is different compared to the story of my childhood. Cette histoire est différente par rapport à l'histoire de mon enfance. 2. I

    asked by Emily
  105. Language arts

    What reading roles are there to choose from? Is word watcher one of them? Lol Sorry I never pay attention to that stuff and I probably should. If word watcher is one, I think I'm going to do that one.

    asked by Eyyy
  106. Math, Algebra,

    Help! I can't understand or find out the answer, I tried but I keep getting lost! George rides a cab to work 3 days a week. He pays $3.50 for the cab to pick him up. He pays an additional fee for each mile driven. In one week, George paid $35.25. If he

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Precalculus

    Find the magnitude and direction angle θ of the vector. u=4(cos102°i+sin102°j)

    asked by Brian
  108. Physics

    An object is 10 mters long and has a weight of 125N. The weight of the object is determined by the expression, 250N= a10m+B kg/m. What are the units of a and B

    asked by Anonymous
  109. business

    What is debit? ex of debit - debit card and cash

    asked by Reina Bonilla-Vigil
  110. Calculus

    Can you please help me get the solution to this limit without using squeeze theorem and l'hopitals rule lim x to 0 of x^3 sin(1/x) lim x to 0 of x^2 sin^2(1/x)

    asked by Liv
  111. Business

    The accrual accounting system is a standard system used by most businesses and is also the system used in the simulation. In relation to the rules of accrual accounting, consider the following question: What is being "unaccounted" for?

    asked by Patte
  112. algebra

    The perimeter of a square is to be at least 15 feet, but not more that 52 feet. Find all possible values for the length of its sides.

    asked by aaron
  113. Maths

    7i1 + 9i2 = 3 5i1 + 7i2 = 1 where i1 and i2 represent current. Find the values of i1 and i2 using matrices. ? any help thanks

    asked by Sammy


    asked by HABTEMARIAM
  115. Maths

    Show that the points (20°N,20°E) and (60°N,160°W) lie on the same great circle.Find their great circle distance apart.

    asked by Gbotty
  116. calculus

    The bending moment (BM) along a beam BM = 30x -5x2 kNm where x is the distance in metres from the left hand end. Find the position and value of the maximum bending moment.

    asked by Sammy
  117. IPC

    The value of acceleration due to gravity (g) on a point 10,000 kilometers above sea level is about 1.49 meters/second2. How much will an object, which weighs 98 newtons on the surface of Earth, weigh on this point? The value of acceleration due to gravity

    asked by sam
  118. Math

    How long will it take to fill 6 similar tanks completely with water? Give your answer in hours and minutes

    asked by Ryan
  119. grammar

    Which sentence correctly uses a nominative case pronoun? A. Have her and Julie been to the downtown mall recently. B. Don and them are wonderful friends. C. The campers and we gathered around the bonfire. D. The only ones who received ribbons were Paul and

    asked by amy
  120. Math

    The average 3rd grade student can read 60 words I 5 minutes. What is the average reading per rate? Write an expressionto represent the problem. Solve the problem

    asked by Amy
  121. math

    Hoshi walks10 meters in 3 seconds.what is her rate.

    asked by Anonymous
  122. Math

    How do you find a percent of decrease for a car that costs 16,000 and 2 years later it was worth 12,000?

    asked by Myah
  123. chemistry

    25cm cubed of 0.250mol per litre of potasium carbonate was nuetralized 12.5cm cubed of ethanoic acid of unknown concentration.determine concentration of the acid

    asked by jerry
  124. Science

    You rode your skateboard 24 miles in 9 hours what was your average speed

    asked by Andratta
  125. Biology

    What is DNA replication?

    asked by Annabeth
  126. Math (6th grade)

    How do I find the answer to 234 divided by 89 + 53 x 72

    asked by Sally
  127. History

    How are women increasingly impacting politics in America because of the 19th amendment?

    asked by Maddie

    JNISGKDHTA IHS ANWHEMSHOGMTE ANM IG WJRNOGNUG Rule: every other letter start at the beginning at each word

    asked by Anonymous
  129. English language arts

    Can somebody PLEASE help me with this question urgently? What literary device is used in the STANZA below? it was going to be one of those days jinxed hexed hapless hopeless Choices: a.Onomatopoeia b.Alliteration c.Personification d.Metaphor thank you!!!!

    asked by Emmybelle
  130. Algebra

    In R4 you are given the points P(2,2,2,2), Q(9,−5,1,3), R(6,8,−4,1) (a) Write out all possible arrows which can be formed using the points P,Q,R.

    asked by Po
  131. Math

    The answer to the homework problem is greater than -5. Which rational number must be the number in the second circle?

    asked by Karmello
  132. Calculus

    f'(x)=sqrt(x)*sin(x) The first derivative of the function f is given above. If f(0)=0, at which value of x does the function f attain it's minimum value on the closed interval [0,10]? I know the answer is 6.28, but I need steps as to why. Please and thank

    asked by Mike
  133. Math

    Need help with lession 12 unit 7 find three solutions of the equation y = 9x -4

    asked by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie
  134. Algebra

    5x+3y=9x-7y I am having trouble in solving. My answer is ending in fractions. And do far I have gotten y=-1/7

    asked by Fatima
  135. maths


    asked by kingsley
  136. Math

    A Marathon runner runs 10 1/2 miles in 2 hrs. What is her rate? Write an expression to represent the problem. Solve the problem.

    asked by Amy
  137. math

    What is the equation of the line that passes through the points (−2, 1) and (1, 10)? 3x − y = −7 3x − y = −5 3x − y = 5 x + 3y = −5

    asked by katrina