Questions Asked on
January 7, 2017

  1. Math

    Saeed bought 21 1/2 lb. of ground beef. He used 1/4 of the beef to make tacos and 2/3 of the remainder to make quarter-pound burgers. How many burgers did he make

    asked by larry
  2. Algebra 2

    The dimensions in inches of a shipping box can be expressed as width x, length x + 1, and height x - 4. The volume is 84 ft^3. Find the dimensions of the box in feet. 1, 1, 4 2, 2, 21 2, 6, 7 3, 4, 7 Please help? If somebody can help put this into an

    asked by Fading
  3. Math

    You spin the spinner once (1-6) and roll a number cube (1-6) once. Find the probability that the spinner stops on the same number that you roll with the number cube.

    asked by Doey
  4. algebra

    Solve by completing the square;round to the nearest hundredth if necessary. x^2-3x=4 Thanks so much.

    asked by Anneliese
  5. Physics

    A student eats a dinner containing 8.0x10 raised to power 6j of energy. He wishes to do an equivalent amount of work in a nearby gym by lifting a 60kg object. How many times must he raise the object to expand this much energy? Assume that he raises it a

    asked by Reigna
  6. Algebra2

    What is the simplest form of the quotient? ^4√810/^4√2

    asked by Steve
  7. physics

    a runner in marathon passes the 5 mile mark at 1 o'clock and the 20 mile mark at 3 o'clock .what is the runners average speed during this time period?

    asked by mandy Schwarzenegger
  8. Math

    Translate this phrase into an algebraic expression. 49 decreased by twice Vanessa's savings Use the variable v to represent Vanessa's savings.

    asked by Anna
  9. Math

    In a right triangle JKL, angle KJL measures 60 degrees. When drawn, the angle bisectors of angle JKL and LJK intersect at point M. What is the obtuse angle JMK

    asked by Peggy
  10. Math

    A rectangular football field, including both end zones, is 120 yards long. The field has an area of 57,600 ft.². What is the width of the field in feet.

    asked by Bobby
  11. Physics

    The engineer of a passenger train moving at 29.0 m/s sees a freight train 360.m ahead on the track moving at 6.00 m/s. The engineer takes 0.400 seconds to react, and then applies the brakes. At what rate must the passenger train then decelerate in order to

    asked by Bob
  12. algebra

    Use square roots to solve these equations. Round to the nearest hundredth if necessary. 5x^2 + 536 = 651. Also,problem 2: 3z^2 + 52 = -56

    asked by Jack
  13. History

    How did World War II change the population of Arizona?

    asked by Steve
  14. physics

    A passengers jet flies from one airport to another 1,200 miles away in 2.5h .Find its average speed.

    asked by mandy Schwarzenegger
  15. us history

    Daniel Webster was an outspoken advocate of which group?

    asked by cheila
  16. Science Chemistry

    LIST: Sodium carbonate. Calcium carbonate. Zinc sulfate. Zinc nitrate. (a) State a pair of chemicals from the list above that can be used to prepare zinc carbonate by a precipitation reaction involving mixing 2 aqueous solutions together. (b) Write a

    asked by Charlotte
  17. Maths

    A right circular cone of base radius 5 cm and depth 20 cm is held with its vertex downwards. If water is leaking through a small hole in the vertex at the rate of 8 cm^3/s, find the rate of change of the water level in the cone when the radius of the water

    asked by Mary
  18. Physics

    A 55kg person pushes on the floor with 800 N of force for 0.25 seconds. How high do they jump off the ground? I know how to find acceleration but I can't find distance.

    asked by Bob
  19. law

    In a one-page paper, define each concept below and compose a sentence or two that describes how the concept is used and relates to Health Information Management (HIM). Be sure to use your own words. Discovery Spoliation Stare decisis Tort law Jurisdiction

    asked by chandra
  20. Physics

    An empty bottle weighs 20g and 60g when filled completely with water.What will it weigh when filled completely with mercury? 20÷60=0.3

    asked by James
  21. Algebra 8th

    For each sequence defined recursively, write the first few terms. Then use the terms to write an explicit equation. a(1)=17 a(n+1)=a(n)-3 And a(1) =20. a(n+1)=1/2*a(n)

    asked by Summer
  22. algebra

    Completely factor: 3j^3 -51j^2 +210j Thank you very much.

    asked by Anneliese
  23. algebra

    please show this exact problem completely factored: w^2 -15w +54 . I appreciate your help.

    asked by Anneliese
  24. physics

    How far does a car going 25 m/s travel in 5s ? How far would a jet going 250 m/s travel in 5s?

    asked by mandy Schwarzenegger
  25. Science Chemistry

    LIST: SODIUM CARBONATE. CALCIUM CARBONATE. ZINC SULFATE. ZINC NITRATE. (a) State a pair of chemicals from the list above that can be used to prepare zinc carbonate by precipitation reaction involving mixing 2 aqueous solutions together. (b) Write a

    asked by Charlotte
  26. math

    The no of library books in a school increased by 20% after it bought new books in May , the number increased by another 20% after a book store donated 300 books in June - Find the no of books in library before it bought new books in May

    asked by muhammad Saleem
  27. Science Chemistry

    LIST: SODIUM CARBONATE. CALCIUM CARBONATE. ZINC SULFATE. ZINC NITRATE. (a) State a pair of chemicals from the list above that can be used to prepare zinc carbonate by precipitation reaction involving mixing 2 aqueous solutions together. (b) Write a

    asked by Charlotte
  28. stiochemetry

    what mass of silver nitrate is needed to prepare 100cm3 of silver nitrate solution, concentration 0.2mol/dm3? the mass of one mole of silver nitrate is 170g

    asked by Anonymous
  29. math

    The angle of an elevation of the top of a radio mart from a point 53meter from its base on ground level is 61degrees ,find the height of the mart to the nearest whole number.

    asked by Amanda
  30. math

    If i buy an annual coupon bond with a coupon rate of 7% for $875.00. the bond will mature in 10 years to maturity. What rate of return do you expect to earn ?

    asked by joe
  31. science

    what mass of silver(1)nitrate is needed to prepare 100cm3 of silver(1)nitrate solution,concentration 0.2mol/dm3? the mass of one mole of silver nitrate is 170g please help me with this question

    asked by aminah
  32. algebra

    For Beth to get an A in her Spanish course she must earn a total of 360 points in 4 test each worth 100 points. If she got scores of 87, 96 and 91 on the first 3 test, determine using an inequality those scores she could make on the fourth test to get an

    asked by micah
  33. algebra

    Completely factor : 45g^2 + 12g -9 Thank you

    asked by Anneliese
  34. Math

    Mrs. Beck paid a total of $34 for 4 identical bowls and 2 identical plates. A bowl cost $4 more than a plate. How much did she pay for each bowl?

    asked by Marc
  35. chemistry

    Calculate the maximum number of unpaired electrons that can be placed in a 6d subshell

    asked by Donald
  36. English

    Help me write a hyperbole poem

    asked by Anonymous
  37. maths

    A road 100m long and 20m wide to be paved with bricks. Each measuring by 25cm by 10cm. Find the no. Of bricks?

    asked by teena
  38. Math

    The total weight of a basket of 9 melons is 19 kilograms 250 grams. If basket weighs 1 kilogram 250 grams,and each melon had the same weighs,how much does each melon weigh?

    asked by Isabella
  39. Physics

    An alloy of iron and silver has a total mass of 30 grams and a volume of 20.4 centimetre cube Calculate the mass of iron only and the volume silver only Please help

    asked by Peter
  40. Math

    Natalie had some marbles. She gave 1/3 of them to her brother, who kept 12 marbles for himself and gave the rest to 5 friends. If each friend received 7 marbles, how many marbles did Natalie have at first? solve

    asked by Marco
  41. algebra

    Completely factor : w^2 - 15w + 54 Thank you.

    asked by Anneliese
  42. Algebra2

    Find all of the real square roots of -9/16.

    asked by Steve
  43. math

    In an election there were 2 candidates the winner poled 53% votes and won by 9600 votes find total number of votes

    asked by rahul
  44. math

    A market research company conducted a survey to find the level of affluence in a city. They defined the category "affluence" for males earning $100,000 or more annually and for females earning $80,000 or more annually. Out of 267 persons who replied to

    asked by rrd
  45. Math

    The total weight of a basket of 9 melons is 19 kilograms 250 grams. If basket weighs 1 kilogram 250 grams,and each melon had the same weighs,how much does each melon weigh?

    asked by Isabella
  46. Louisiana History

    1. What is the primary role of the attorney general? A. Manages the state's money. B. Provides opinions on questions of law. C. Serves as the chief election officer for Louisiana **** D. Defends the Great Seal of the state of Louisiana.

    asked by Student
  47. Physics

    A piece of metal of volume 250 cetimetre cube floats in water when 85 percent of it's volume is under water.Calculate the upthrust on the metal. 250*85=21250

    asked by Jack
  48. Algebra 1

    Assuming p>0, what is the positive root of x^2 - 2px - 8p^2 = 0, in terms of p?

    asked by Clary
  49. Physical science

    Determine the centripetal acceleration of an automobile making a tight turn that has a radius of 256 m, if the is traveling at a velocity of 25.0 m/s as it turns.

    asked by Shirley
  50. Economy (Need help understanding this!

    Ben used to sell imported silk ties for $20 each in his store. His sales averaged 30 ties a week. He pays $12 to buy the ties he sells. Ben wondered if he could increase his profit by raising his price to $25. He tried this for a month, but his sales fell

    asked by Julia T.F
  51. Math

    If a hen and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how long will three hens take to lay twelve eggs?

    asked by Clarise
  52. Math

    At a garage sale, Zoe spent $60 on 1 hat and 2 pairs of shoes.If she spent $9 more on each pair of shoes than on the hat, how much did Zoe spend on the shoes?

    asked by Juliana

    A 70g sample of iron ore(Fe2O3) was analyzed for Iron and found to contain 1700 Fe. Calculate the percentage of iron in the sample.

    asked by JOSEPH BANDA
  54. chemistry

    2Na + 2H2O---> 2NaOH + H2 Need to find the molecules of H2 Atomic wt o Na = 23 48.7 g of Na 48.71/23 = 2.12 mols Na 2.12/2 × 24. (WHERE DOES THE 24 COME FROM) = 25.44 dm^3 H. (PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS PART) = 1.06moles 1.06mols× 6.02×10^23 avagados number=

    asked by lulu
  55. Business communication

    the state government of sindland is going to bring some changes. They are bringing a change in human right issue. They want to secure sindland state ecologically. They want safeguard their existing freshwater resource. In addition they want to secure its

    asked by Anil
  56. math

    "Colin worked 1 and 1/6 hours on his homework. about how long did he spend on his homeowrk?

    asked by jayden
  57. math

    With 300 dollars one will have to buy total 30 items. If price of a exercise book is 30 dollars, price of pen is 24 dollars and price of a pencil is 6 dollars, and if that person is bound to buy at least one of each item, how many exercise books, how many

    asked by Anonymous
  58. socialstudies

    what did the term barter have to do with the chinook tribe

    asked by ms.kakill
  59. Physical science

    What was Jack's speed from 5 sec to 10 sec

    asked by Anonymous
  60. information literacy 2


    asked by pam
  61. Math

    A group of ten people were planning to chip in equallyto buy several pizzas. After the pizzas were ordered, one person left. As a result, each of the remaining nine people had to pay an extra 60 cents. How much was the total bill?

    asked by Clary
  62. Math

    A certain restaurant has exactly 19 tables. Some of these tables are larger tables that can seat 6 people and the others are smaller tables that can seat just 4 people. If a total of 90 people can be seated at this restaurant, how many of the tables must

    asked by Clary
  63. Algebra 1

    Combine the following into a single expression of the form a x sqrt b. Sqrt 6 + Sqrt 54 + Sqrt 150

    asked by Clary
  64. Science

    What is the effect on molarity for NaOH when balance used to weigh KHP is not properly calibrated and always reads 0.15 g too low.

    asked by EMMANUEL
  65. Algebra

    If a hen and a half lay an egg and a half a day and a half, then how long will three hens take to lay 12 eggs??????

    asked by Clary
  66. Algebra 1

    Simplify: (X^2 - 9)(7x + 21) / (x- 3)(x^2 + 6x + 9) =

    asked by Clary
  67. bio

    The human egg cell above is magnified using a 10´ ocular lens and a 40´ high power objective lens. (a) Calculate the overall magnification. (b) If the field of view at high-power magnification is 400 mm, calculate the size of the field of view when the

    asked by alexandra
  68. Math

    To begin with the amount of lemonade in a jug was 5 times the amount in a cup. Another 15th was then poured into each if the containers.The amount of lemonade in the jug was then 3 times the amount in the cup. How much lemonade was in the jug to begin

    asked by Bob
  69. Math

    How many different 3-digit numbers can be formed from the number 1,2 and 3 if the digits do not repeat in the numbers?

    asked by Christian
  70. math

    how many stemps that 1.5*1.5 will fit on pieces of paper that 9*12 inch?

    asked by sk
  71. Algebra 1

    What is c if: a+b+c = 77, a-c = b+c, and c = b/2

    asked by Clary
  72. Algebra 1

    The average of five consecutive integers is 13. One of the integers is removed and the sum of the remaining integers is 53. What is the value of the integer that was removed??

    asked by Clary