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January 6, 2017

  1. Stem

    Calculate the pH of the solution resulting from the addition of 20.0 mL of 0.100 M NaOH to 30.0 mL of 0.100 M HNO3. (a) 1.35 (b) 1.70 (c) 1.95 (d) 2.52

  2. digital electronics

    We want to use a ROM memory to implement a digital circuit that receives two 2-bit numbers X and Y (X=x1x0, Y=y1y0) and detects whether X is greater (G=1), lower (L=1) or equal (E=1) to Y. What information must be stored in the memory address words 0101

  3. math

    the perimeter of a isosceles triangle is 28cm with side 4y=6y-2x+1 and base x+2y in cm, find x and y and state the length of the side of the triangle.

  4. Life Span Development

    1. Levels of social cognitive __________ do not always match __________. A. reasoning / behavior B. attributions / behavior C. behavior / biases D. attributions / reasoning

  5. Algebra

    To Which subset of real numbers does the number 1/5 belong? A irrational numbers B rational numbers c whole numbers, integers, rational number***** d whole numbers, natural numbers, integers

  6. Algebra

    An investment of ​$54,000 was made by a business club.The investment was split into three parts and lasted for one year.The first part of the investment earned​ 8% interest, the second​ 6%, and the third​ 9%. Total interest from the investments was

  7. Math

    Two pails contained a total of 21.8 liters of water. After 0.36 liters of water is poured from the small pail into big pail, the amount of water in the big pail is 9 times that in the small pail. How much water was in each pail at first?

  8. digital electronics

    Let f(a,b,c,d,e) be a Boolean function. Check which expression corresponds to the minterm 19 (m19) of the function. a.b.c.d.e a¯.b.c¯.d¯.e a.b¯.c¯.d.e a.b¯.c¯.d.e¯

  9. math

    a triangle has sides f length xcm,(2x-1)cm and (2x+1)cm. If its perimeter is 40, state the size of the largest angle of the triangle giving reasons

  10. Edtech

    what do you do about cyberbullying if the first adult you tell doesn't take you seriously A.Ignore it B.Tell the adult over and over again C.Tell the bully that you will tell his or her parents D.Tell another trusted adult

  11. Finance

    You purchase a piece of property for $30,000 nine years ago and sold it today for $83,190. What was your annual rate of return on your investment?

  12. Health

    A Daily value of 10% means that? A:10% of your calories should come from a particular nutrient. B:a food consist of 10% of a particular nutrient. C:a food package can bear the nutrient claim "light." D:one serving provides 10% of the daily amount for a

  13. Maths

    ABC corp. expects to receive $2000 per year for years and $3500 per year for the next 10 years. what is the percentage value of this 20 years cash flow? use an 7% discount rate

  14. Business Math

    If $4000 is deposited at the end of each year in an account that earns 6.2% compounded semiannually, how long will it be before the account contains $120,000?

  15. science

    Which of the pancreatic secretions digests starch into dipetides (a) trypsin (b) lipase (c) amylase (d) chymotypsin

  16. American Government

    Check my answers please 1. Which of the following describe the role of an entrepreneur in a capitalist economic system? (I need to select 2) A. Someone who combines the factors of production into a business B. Someone who decides how much regulation the

  17. More calculus

    A garden is to be designed in the shape of a circular sector, with radius r and central angle theta. the garden is to have a fixed area A. for what value of R and theta will the length of the fencing be minimized?

  18. Finance

    ABC corp. expects to receive $2000 per year for years and $3500 per year for the next 10 years. what is the percentage value of this 20 years cash flow? use an 7% discount rate

  19. health and P.E.

    Why is fiber necessary for proper functioning of the digestive system? A:It creates cell membranes, nerve tissue, and substances that aid in the digestion of fat. B:It helps proper functioning of the digestive system and prevents constipation. C:It is

  20. Maths

    ABCD is a trapezium in which AB//DC and AB=70cm DC=50cm. If P and Q are respectively mid points of AD and BC. Find PQ and show that ar(trapezium DCQP)=9/11ar(trapezium ABQP)

  21. Health

    of the 5 food groups, which should be consumed in smallest amount? A: Dairy B: Fruits C: Grains D: Protein I think A

  22. Math

    One third of a number divided by itself gives 1/3. Find the number.

  23. Math

    Holly left her apartment and walked up 3 floors to return a book to Kayla. She then went down 4 floors to Paige's place to get the class noted from her. Finally?Holly walked up 2 floors to look for Jenna, who was not home. If Jenna lives on tje eighth

  24. accounting

    Revenue is traditionally recognized in the accounting records when A. cash is received. B. services are rendered. C. it’s incurred. D. None of the above

  25. Math

    Compute the amount of interest earned in the following simple interest problem. A deposit of $8,000 at 9.5% for 120 days.

  26. Health

    Amino acids get absorbed into the bloodstream after eating which nutrient? A: Carbohydrates B: Fats C: Fiber D: Protein I think D

  27. Math

    ABCD is a rectangle of area 72 square centimeters. The length of AD is 3 times the length of AE. BF= 8cm Find the width of the triangle

  28. Math--linear systems

    A local hardware store sells three types of boxes; small, medium and large. The cost of the boxes are; small $10, medium $20 and large $30. In the previous week a total of 1200 boxes were sold resulting in proceeds of $20 000 for the week. The number of

  29. english

    how to diagram this sentence The man in the back row brought his friends with him.

  30. American Government

    Please check my answers 1. Which kind of policy was the troubled asset relief program (TARP)? A. It was a fiscal policy and I could buy the federal government to prevent inflation B. It was a monetary policy enacted by the federal government to expand the

  31. math

    The pricing policy of a company follows the demand equation p=D(x). D(x) being the price per unit when x units are demanded. After studying the market trends the company determines the price function that is given by D(x)= 2000-4x. If the product is to be

  32. American Government

    Please check my answers 2. What does congressional power of the purse refer to? A. Congress taxes all individuals who earn money in the US B. Congress taxes all corporations who make a profit in the US C. Congress finances the federal government and all

  33. Calculus

    use implicit differentiation to find dy/dx if 5xy+x^2y=10 Is this correct answer for this question (-5y-2xy)/(12x)

  34. Life Span Development

    Social skills training programs are interventions in which children are taught specific, discrete behaviors that can facilitate effective social interactions, like making eye contact and asking appropriate questions. Assessments of these interventions

  35. administration of imaging department

    As a supervisor or head of radiology department put us your plan ,or do you see section as follows: 1- The number of devices and rooms 2- Number of employees 3- Plan to work with the staff and the hospital administration 4- Diagram show of the department

  36. Calculus

    Find all values of a, B so that the function f(x)=1 if x>3, f(x)=ax-10 if x

  37. physics

    ifv=(3i+4j+5k)m/s is the instantaneous velocity of a body mass 1.50kg calculate its K.E

  38. Health

    In some cultures, people choose not to eat any type of animal products. How might they people get the protein they need? A; fruits that have, avocados ,apricots , peaches B: lots of leafy green vegetables C: nuts, dried peas , lentils D; root

  39. maths

    Three substances have refractive index 1.3, 1.47, 1.62 for same incidence which medium the angle of reflection is minimum and why?

  40. math

    how much border do I need for a rectangular room that is 10 feet by 15 feet to cover the entire room?

  41. algebra story problems

    A bird sitting 16 feet above the ground in an apple tree dislodges an apple.After how many seconds does the apple land on the ground? (assume no branches interfere with its fall.) Thank you.

  42. Math

    A toy maker packed 29 boxes with 9 tops each and had 3 top left. How many more boxes of tops would he have if he had packed 3 tops into esch box instead?

  43. Health

    Trans fats can best be limited in the diet by? A: drinking low-fat milk B: eating chicken instead of beef C: eliminating milk D: limiting baked goods I think B

  44. pre cal

    Find the sin(Θ) of an angle in standard position if the terminal side passes through the point (4, -8).

  45. Math

    The sum of squares of two numbers is 520 and there difference is 4 what is smaller number.

  46. pre-algebra

    6 blank 3 divided by 9 blank 4 + 4=12 what are the blanks

  47. Math

    3/4______ months

  48. science

    did anyone do the lab for product that conserve resources unit 4 lesson 5

  49. Math

    How can I write (1+i)^101 in its simplest form? The answer is: 2^50(1+i), but I do not know how to get to that.

  50. math

    A tree that is 3 feet tall is growing at a rate of 1 ft per year. A 5 ft tree is growing at a rate of 0.75 ft per year. The ordered pair (t, h)(t, h) represents the time, t, at height, h. Which ordered pair represents the year when the trees will be the

  51. Math

    ∫ (4x+4)(x^2-2x-3)^2/3 dx

  52. Gifted and Talented Language Arts

    I need to know what concrete poems are. Whenever I look up "what are concrete poems" all that comes up are concrete-making businesses. I really need help because every question I get right counts and I am so close to having an average of 100% on this test

  53. algebra

    Gary watches at most 2 hours of television on a weekday. inequality:

  54. health and P.E.

    Which type of fat is not naturally found in foods and should be used very little in your diet? A: monounsaturated fat B: saturated fat C: trans fat D: unsaturated fat I THINK ANS IS C

  55. English ( please check my answer!)

    In “No Witchcraft for Sale,” what belief prevents Gideon from sharing his people’s knowledge with the Farquars? (a)He believes his people’s culture is sacred and cannot be shared even if it might benefit others. (b)He thinks white people are only

  56. English

    What is a synonym of the phrase good vs. evil?

  57. language arts

    7. Choose the meaning that best matches the word in italics. After finding several errors, the author insisted that his book be pulled from the shelves until a version that was amended could be published. (1 point) abridged expanded revised photographed

  58. Chemistry

    A 3 M HCL solution was used to generate the Co2 from the CaCO3. What would be the effect of substituting 6 M HCL for 3 M HCL? Explain

  59. algebra word problem

    A kicker punts a football from 3 feet above the ground with an initial velocity of 47 feet per second.1) write an equation that gives the height (in feet) of the football as a function of the time (in seconds) since it was punted. 2) Find the height (in

  60. maths

    In triangle ABC, CD perpendicular AB CA = 2 ad and BD = 3AD. prove that Angle BCA = 90 degree

  61. English

    --The Watsons go to Birmingham- 1. Which of the following passages from the novel most accurately reflects the political climate of the United States in the early sixties? A. Let's see, where was the 'Coloreds only' bathroom downtown? B. Bright in the spot

  62. math

    The measurements in the list below have a characteristic in common. 6x5 2 miles 6x5 72,000 inches 6x5 3,000 feet Which statement describes the common characteristic? A Each measurement is greater than 4,000 yards. B Each measurement is equivalent 1,760

  63. cirle the smaller number

    2 5 6 7 1 4 15 21 20 41 14 9 23 42 36

  64. plz sequence sir steve reiny bob damon i need u

    The three real,distint and non-zero numbers a,b,c are such that a,b,c are in arithmetic progression and a,c,b are in geometric progression. Find the numerical value of the common ratio of the geometric progression.. Hence,find an expression in terms of a

  65. maths

    As the number of units manufactured increases from 4000 to 6000 the total cost of production increases form $22000 to $30000. Assuming a linear relationship between the cost and the number of units manufactured, what will be the cost when 4500 units are

  66. math

    five years ago, a mother was twice as old as her son. In 6 years time, the sum of their ages will be 82. Fiind their present age.

  67. Math

    The pH of a solution ranges from 0 to 14. An acid has a pH less than 7. Pure water is neutral and has a pH of 7. The pH of a solution is given by pH = -logx where x represents the concentration of the hydrogen ions in the solution in moles per liter. Find

  68. Physics

    Find the specific heat of an unknown metal given this data: Mass of the metal = 120 g Temp of the metal = 220 degrees Mass of the water = 30 g Initial Temp of the water = 20 degrees Final Temp of the water = 85.6 degrees Specific Heat of the water = 4.186

  69. Math

    –5p > –55 I have no idea what this means, im assuming I have to find p but i dont know even.. how to find p??? theres no instructions on how/what to do so if someone could explain to me what this is I would appreciate it soooo much

  70. geo

    Hi... I need some URGENT help with my geography essay, I'm suppose to have three reasons to why canada is the best country and I'm looking for a 3 strong arguments ... i have 2 already down , economy and physical geography . I need to have 11 paragraphs in

  71. social studies

    What was Hispaniola called back then?

  72. Need help with vector questions posted below

    Hope you didn't miss mine below :)

  73. profit&loss

    P sold his bicycle to Q at a profit of 10%.Q sold it to R for #209 at a loss of much did the bycycle cost? Please explain well thanks tutor

  74. Math

    Need to build a rectangular garden on an area of 8,000 sf. What are the dimensions?

  75. Math

    The average of third number is 29 if the average of two number is27 .find the third number ?

  76. Chem 111

    A cylindrical tank measuring 6.00 feet in diameter and 17 feet, 6 inches, in length is filled with room temperature water. How many kilograms and pounds does the water weight? The density of room temperature water is 1.00 g/mL.

  77. Life Span Development

    1. In adolescence and early adulthood, males and females begin to spend more time in mixed-gender groups. Studies of who has more influence on the outcome of problem solving in mixed-gender groups indicate that: A. Females have an advantage because they