Questions Asked on
January 5, 2017

  1. Physics

    A 70.0-kg astronaut pushes to the left on a spacecraft with a force in "gravity-free" space. The spacecraft has a total mass of 1.0 × 104 kg. During the push, the astronaut accelerates to the right with an acceleration of 0.36 m/s2. Determine the

    asked by Kyle
  2. digital electronics

    Consider the following structural description. Check which blocks are digital systems.

    asked by nithya
  3. Calculus

    Water is drained out of tank, shaped as an inverted right circular cone that has a radius of 6cm and a height of 12cm, at the rate of 3 cm3/min. At what rate is the depth of the water changing at the instant when the water in the tank is 9 cm deep? Give an

    asked by Ke$ha
  4. digital electronics

    Following the previous question, indicate which of the following signals are digital signals.

    asked by nithya
  5. Algebra

    $6300 is​ invested, part of it at 11​% and part of it at 8​%. For a certain​ year, the total yield is ​$nbsp 597.00 . How much was invested at each​ rate? x+y=6300(-11) 0.11x+ 0.08y=597(100) ............................ 11x+8y=59700

    asked by lobna
  6. English

    After which type of assessment will you be asked to set goals for yourself?

    asked by Andrea
  7. pre calc

    Formulate but do not solve the problem. Kelly Fisher invested a total of $20,000 in two municipal bonds that have yields of 8% and 9% interest per year, respectively. If the interest Kelly receives from the bonds in a year is $1680, how much did she invest

    asked by Melissa
  8. computer applications (commerce)

    draw a flow chart to print odd numbers below 20 in descending order

    asked by draw a flow chart
  9. Math Calc

    Find the x-coordinates of any relative extrema and inflection point(s) for the function f(x) = 3x(1/3) + 6x(4/3). You must justify your answer using an analysis of f '(x) and f "(x) I got -1/8 for a minimum point and 1/4 for inflection is this right? Do I

    asked by Ke$ha
  10. geometry

    In a circle centered at point O, the ratio of the area of sector AOB to the area of the circle is . What is the approximate measure, in radians, of the central angle corresponding to ? Round the answer to two decimal places

    asked by Mallory
  11. American Government

    Please check my answers. 1. Which of the following is a reason explaining why prison populations have increased dramatically? A. Many prisons have close down making the ones that remain overcrowded. B. Many new prisons have been built inspiring states to

    asked by M
  12. Math

    I'm in seventh grade and working on this math test based on lines and planes. I'm stuck on this one question and I don't understand what the question is asking me to do. The question is: Identify a segment skew to GH. I am not asking for the answer, I am

    asked by DustyRose<3
  13. math

    A diesel engine's piston compresses 16 cm3 of fuel-air mixture into 1 cm3. The pressure changes from 1 atmosphere to 48 atmospheres. If the initial temperature of the gas was 305 K, what was the final temperature?

    asked by okay
  14. math

    Rewrite the set Q by listing its elements. Make sure to use the appropriate set notation. Q={x|x is an integer and -4

    asked by Brenda
  15. math

    Construct a right triangle whose base is 12cm and sum of its hypotenuse and other side is 18cm

    asked by lakshay
  16. math

    Jaya had three ribbon with her. The length of the green ribbon was 12 metres 50 cm. The red ribbon was 3/4 of the lengh of the green ribbon. The yellow ribbon was 5/2 times the red ribbon.what is the length of the yellow ribbon? Give me the solution in

    asked by Tehzeeb
  17. english

    Read this excerpt from Alexander Pope's The Rape of Lock "No common weapons in their hands are found/ Like gods they fight l, nor dead a mortal wound.../ See, fierce Belinda on the Baron flies/ With more than usual lightning in her eyes..." This account of

    asked by lyla
  18. Maths

    if seven workers dig a piece of ground in 10 days.How long will 5 workers take.

    asked by Harry
  19. physics

    In a quarter-mile drag race, two cars start simultaneously from rest, and each accelerates at a constant rate until it either reaches its maximum speed or crosses the finish line. Car A has an acceleration of 11.0 m/s2 and a maximum speed of 110 m/s. Car B

    asked by Thomas
  20. Math

    Your lunch bill is $19.75. A 5% sales tax will be added, and you want to give a tip of about 20% of $19.75. Estimate how much you will pay for lunch.

    asked by ...
  21. Art

    1. Which of the following is present in this painting? (Adoration of the Shepherds) warm colors movement value asymmetrical balance 2. How did the artist create interesting textures in this image? by experimenting with various brushstrokes by using only

    asked by Lana Byrne
  22. Science

    What is the function of eustachian tube?

    asked by Cccccc
  23. math

    Two trucks are traveling in the same direction, one going twice as fast as the other. At the end of 6 hours they are 204 miles apart. How fast is each travelling? Can you guys show me the answer i got 68 and 146 but its wrong

    asked by allie
  24. Math

    The sum of two numbers is 94.6. If one number is 19 times the other, what are the two numbers? Please explain how to solve. Thanks

    asked by Caden
  25. physics

    A car is traveling up a hill that is inclined at an angle θ above the horizontal. Determine the ratio of the magnitude of the normal force to the weight of the car when (a) θ = 17o and (b) θ = 30o.

    asked by Kyle
  26. Math

    There are 12 girls and 18 boys in a class. What is the largest number of groups they can be split into and have the same number of boys and girls on each team?

    asked by Tonya
  27. Chemistry

    Given the reaction below, and your knowledge of the "Law of Conservation of Mass", what is the missing product from the chemical reaction? How do you know? Zn(s) + HCl(aq) --> ___ + ZnCl2(aq)

    asked by Delaney
  28. social studies

    acording to this quote wich statement best sumierizes the souths agenda

    asked by anonumous
  29. Math

    Write an inequality for the following statement 9 is greater than b

    asked by Kelley
  30. math

    Determine whether the system of linear equations has one and only one solution, infinitely many solutions, or no solution. 3x − y = −3 6x − 2y = 8 a) one and only one solution b) infinitely many solutions c) no solution can you please show the work

    asked by Melissa
  31. Math Calc

    given the relationship 2x^2 + y^3 =10, with y > 0 and dy/dt = 3 units/min., find the value of dx/dt at the instant x = 1 unit. SUPER CONFUSED DONT GET THE EQUATION!!!!!!!

    asked by Ke$ha
  32. Math

    A painter mixed 56 quarts of blue and yellow paint using a ratio of 3 blue to 11 yellow how many quarts of blue paint were used

    asked by Leland
  33. Math Calc

    Given f'(x)=(x-4)(6-2x) find the x-coordinate for the relative minimum of the graph f(x). OPTIONS: 8 6 3 None of these I think it is 3, but I am also conflicted to say none of these because I graphed the function and ant see a minimum.

    asked by Ke$ha
  34. MATH


    asked by EMMA
  35. math

    Consider a box that contains 14 red balls,12 blue balls and 9 yellow balls.A ball is drawn at random and the color is noted and then put back inside the box.Then,another ball is drawn at random.Find the probability? a.both are blue b.both balls are yellow

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Math

    A rectangle made of square tiles measures 8 tiles wide and 10 tiles long. What is the length in tiles of a similar rectangle 12 tiles wide?

    asked by Annika
  37. math

    Only two forces act on an object (mass=3.19 kg), as in the drawing. Find (a) the magnitude and (b) the direction (relative to the x axis) of the acceleration of the object.

    asked by Thomas
  38. physics

    Two skaters, a man and a woman, are standing on ice. Neglect any friction between the skate blades and the ice. The mass of the man is 84 kg, and the mass of the woman is 49 kg. The woman pushes on the man with a force of 58 N due east. Determine the

    asked by Thomas
  39. calculus

    how do i get the answer for this limit limit x to 0 (4^2x-1) without using direct substitution my work so far is limit x to 0= (4^2x-1) = (4^2x/4^-1) is it correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. physics

    When a parachute opens, the air exerts a large drag force on it. This upward force is initially greater than the weight of the sky diver and, thus, slows him down. Suppose the weight of the sky diver is 869 N and the drag force has a magnitude of 1096 N.

    asked by Thomas
  41. Math

    use the digits 6 7 8 and 9 to make a problem with the largest product possible

    asked by Christina
  42. Grade 6, percentage

    A survey conducted in a school showed that 65% of the pupils walked to school.the remaining number of pupils took buses to school the ratio of the number of pupils who took school buses to those who took public buses was 4:3.there were 360 more pupils who

    asked by Peachie
  43. Career

    With level 3 in English first additional language do I qualify to study Journalism at universities.

    asked by Le Tough
  44. Grade 6, percentage

    Last month,sam spent 12% of a sum of money on transport and 25% of the remainder on food.of the rest,he gave 1320% to his parents and then bought a bicycle at a sale.if the usual price of the bicycle was 825$ and the discount was 20%,what was the sum of

    asked by Peachie
  45. chemistry

    Calculatr morality of a solution containing 2.5g of K2CO3 in 1liter of solution (density of solution is 0.85 gram/ml

    asked by bilal
  46. Physics

    :( physics:(

    asked by :(
  47. Grade 6, percentage

    Last month,sam spent 12% of a sum of money on transport and 25% of the remainder on food.of the rest,he gave $1320 to his parents and then bought a bicycle at a sale.if the usual price of the bicycle was $825 and the discount was 20%,what was the sum of

    asked by Peachie
  48. Chemistry

    Mean titre of 0.2M sodium thiosulphate = 32.2 ml 1) Calculate number of moles of S2O32- which react in the titration 2)Calculate how many moles of I2 react with this amount of S2O3 3)How many Cu2+ ions are needed to liberate this amount of I2? Use this

    asked by Chirag
  49. Geography

    What were the two levels of government in New York in the late 1760

    asked by Javon
  50. math

    Clay earned $2,600 last he paid $234 for entertainment. What percent of his earnings did clay pay in entertainment expenses?

    asked by Jan
  51. seven lakes junior high school Math

    A figure is reflected from Quadrant II to Quadrant III. Is it a x-axis or a y-axis.

    asked by Ephraim Ehondor
  52. math

    find the median, mode and range for 28, 61,19,43,89,126.

    asked by fardowsa
  53. Math

    In a school of 350 student there are 40 more girls than boys , how many girls are there? And how many boys are there?

    asked by Ardenique
  54. Math

    If it is 4:00 p.m. then what time is 17 hours ago? Is it 11:00 pm?

    asked by Vivian
  55. Math

    One of the largest pumpkins ever grown weighted 4/5 ton. About how much did the pumpkin weight.

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Math

    One of the largest pumpkins ever grown weighted 4/5 ton. About how much did the pumpkin weight.

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Calculus

    How do you find the total distance a particle travels on a given interval on a graph and net distance?

    asked by John
  58. Math

    A trail mix contains peanuts, chocolate pieces, and raisins. There are twice as many raisins as chocolate pieces. There are 20 less peanuts than raisins. In total, the mix contains 200 trail mix pieces. Write an equation in terms of r (the number of

    asked by Jamie
  59. pre calc

    Formulate a system of equations for the situation below and solve. Michael Perez deposited a total of $3000 with two savings institutions. Bank A pays interest at the rate of 6%/year, whereas Bank B pays interest at the rate of 7%/year. If Michael earned a

    asked by Melissa
  60. Math

    Hi I am after some help starting this question. A local hardware store sells three types of boxes; small, medium and large. The cost of the boxes are; small $10, medium $20 and large $30. In the previous week a total of 1200 boxes were sold resulting in

    asked by G
  61. American Government

    The trial of a person charged with a federal crime, or a suit involving the infringement of a patent or a copyright, or one involving any other matter arising out of an act of congress is....within the...jurisdiction of the federal courts. A. Concurrent

    asked by Abby
  62. math

    51 is the product of Rhonda's age and 3.

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Math

    I am a polygon. The sum of my angles equals 180. I have two sidesthat are congruent. What am I?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. physics

    a ball is thrown Vatican upward with a velocity of 20.0m/s. a) what is the retardation of the ball? b) what distance does it travel before its comes to rest movementally at the top of its motion? c) what is the time taken for the ball to reach its highest

    asked by comfort
  65. math check my answer ?

    What is the range of f(x)=−3x−1? the set of real numbers less than 0 the set of real numbers greater than 0 the set of real numbers greater than −1 the set of real numbers less than −1

    asked by Vicky
  66. Science

    An object is projected at an angle of elevation of 45 degree with a velocity of 100m/s. Calculate it's range

    asked by Prithvi
  67. math

    A person in a kayak starts paddling, and it accelerates from 0 to 0.614 m/s in a distance of 0.372 m. If the combined mass of the person and the kayak is 61.0 kg, what is the magnitude of the net force acting on the kayak?

    asked by Thomas
  68. Math

    I dare someone to do 368.7 divided by 18. Use compatible numbers! I❤U guys!

    asked by Vivica
  69. Math

    The baseball team won 6 games more than they lost if the team won 18 games about what percent of the games did they lose

    asked by Chelsea
  70. math

    Every night when Isabella came home from work she put any change she had in her pockets into a jar. One day she wanted to know how much change she had in her jar. She noticed that she had two more nickels than twice the number of dimes, and eight fewer

    asked by bobby
  71. Math

    If you use $63.00 divided by nine is seven dollars greater than or less than the exact answer explain

    asked by Mathew spisla
  72. Math

    If a boy run at the rate of 10km/h then whow long will he take to cover a distance of 450 m

    asked by Anonymous
  73. History

    How did spices change life in europe?

    asked by #HOMEWORKPPL
  74. math

    Scientists are experimenting with a kind of gun that may eventually be used to fire payloads directly into orbit. In one test, this gun accelerates a 7.9-kg projectile from rest to a speed of 2.8 × 103 m/s. The net force accelerating the projectile is 6.7

    asked by Thomas
  75. calculus

    f'(-2) if F(x)=g(h(x))

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Calculus

    Find f'(1) if f(x)=(h(x))^3 Chart: x= -3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3 g(x)= 0,1,3,2,0,-2,-3 h(x)= 1,2,0,3,-1,-2,0 g'(x)= 1,2,-1,-2,-2,-1,0 h'(x)= 0,-3,-2,3,-2,0,1

    asked by angie
  77. calculus

    f'(-2) if f(x)= g(h(x))^3 Chart x= -3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3 g(x)= 0,1,3,2,0,-2,-3 h(x)= 1,2,0,3,-1,-2,0 g'(x)= 1,2,-1,-2,-2,-1,0 h'(x)= 0,-3,-2,3,-2,0,1

    asked by angie
  78. math

    The angle of elevation of the top of a building from a point 10m away in level ground is 30.calculate the height of the building

    asked by Anonymous
  79. math

    y=1/2x + 3/4 6x+8y=10 Only looking for X Step's in what i did 1.~6x+8(1/2x + 3/4)=10 2.6x+ 8/2x + 24/4 =10 3.(2)(6x+ 8/2x + 24/4 =10)(2) 4.12x+8x+ 24/4=20 5.20x+6=20 6. 20x=14 7. x= 14/20 I don't know what i did wrong. Please help me and if you don't

    asked by edgard
  80. calculus

    Use the definition of derivative: lim(as h approaches 0) (f(x+h)-f(x)/(h) to find f(x)=(1)/(2x).

    asked by angie
  81. calculus

    use implicit differentiation to find dy/dx if 5xy+x^2y=10

    asked by angie
  82. Algebra2

    Which expression gives the solution -5+2x^2=-6x?

    asked by Steve
  83. College Physics

    Two forces and are applied to an object whose mass is 5.75 kg. The larger force is . When both forces point due east, the object's acceleration has a magnitude of 0.979 m/s2. However, when points due east and points due west, the acceleration is 0.639

    asked by Thomas
  84. calculus

    find the equation of the tangent line to the graph of -x^2+2y^2+3x=-2 at the points with x-coordinates x=4

    asked by angie
  85. math

    In the figure, ABCD is aparallelogram in which BCis produced to E such thatCE = BC. AE intersects CDat F. Show that ar (∆BDF)= 14ar (ABCD).

    asked by rosy
  86. MATH

    How do I find 30% of 50?

    asked by Kim
  87. Math

    Write a real world problem for the equation 3+x=8

    asked by Jerry
  88. science

    writing blanced decomposition formula of Ammonium Carbonate

    asked by Hashini
  89. Chemistry

    How many moles Of (Al2SO4)3 can be prepared from 2.5ml Of H2SO4

    asked by Dilna
  90. chemistry

    writing blanced decomposition formula of Ammonium Carbonate

    asked by Hashini
  91. History

    What union is it ? This union accepted skilled as well as unskilled workers, blacks as well as whites, and men as well as women. As a result, its membership grew quite rapidly.

    asked by Jenna
  92. Math

    I need help solving equation it says to round to the neatest hundredth if needed the problem is 9- 6(1-5a)=-26

    asked by Nick
  93. physics

    An ostrich with a mass of 139 kg is running to the right with a velocity of 17 m/s. Find the momentum of the ostrich. Answer in units of kg · m/s.

    asked by iz
  94. Science

    Explain how would you can locate the pole star with the help of Ursa Major.

    asked by Brajesh
  95. Science

    Why does the increased level of nutrients in the water affect the survival of aquatic organisms?

    asked by Brajesh
  96. maths

    i have £12 per week pocket money. I spend £3.50 on bus fare, what is this as a fraction of £12 ?

    asked by noidea
  97. Science

    What is Ganga action plan?when it was launched.

    asked by Brajesh
  98. Science

    Who discovered an antibiotic called 'pencillin' and when?

    asked by Brajesh
  99. math

    The study on calories burned per minute of walking, depending on weight, has a regression equation of ŷ = 1.0 + .06x. The predicted number of calories burned in a minute of walking for a 180 pound person is_____

    asked by rrb
  100. dramatic arts

    results for dramatic arts

    asked by zandile ntombela
  101. Algebra

    If the father's age in 3 years will be twice the son's age 4 years ago, and if the sum of their ages now is 106, how old is the father now?

    asked by BLAH
  102. Vectors - Maths

    Given that a = i - j + 2k, b = i + 2j + mk and c = 3i + nj + k, are linearly dependent. Express m in terms of n in simplest fraction form. Answer: m = (2n-9)/(n+3) Can someone pls show their working and explanation? Thx a lot ~C~

    asked by C
  103. Vectors - Maths [Second Question]

    Let a = i - j + 2k and b = i + 2j - 4k a) Find 2a - 3b This one was easy. It should be -i - 8j + 16k b) Hence find a value of m such that a, b and c are linearly dependent, where c = mi + 6j - 12k. I struggled to solve this one. Please help me by showing

    asked by C
  104. Dynamics of rigid bodies

    a stone is thrown upward with a velocity of 40m/s.Determine the time of the stone when it is at a height of 10m and is moving downwards.

    asked by Angel
  105. Science

    Define love

    asked by Sunny
  106. pre calc

    Find the point of intersection of the pair of straight lines. y = −5x − 4 −y = 6x + 3

    asked by Laura
  107. Pre calc

    Find the point of intersection of the pair of straight lines. 2x + 4y = 19 −3x + 3y = 3

    asked by Laura
  108. English

    The movie called Curcible reveals the church and court both state that all liars will be damned, but only can tell who the real sinners are. What does that mean ? What are they trying to say ?

    asked by Lucy
  109. math

    Determine whether the system of linear equations has one and only one solution, infinitely many solutions, or no solution. 5/4x − 2/3y = 8 1/4x + 5/3y = 7 Find the solution, if one exists.

    asked by Melissa
  110. LA

    PLEASE check my answer this is my last test and i d not want to mess up PLEASE 1. Which sentence contains an opinion? (1 point) Thomas Jefferson supported American independence from Great Britain. He was a lawyer in his home state of Virginia. Jefferson

    asked by Michael
  111. math

    Shawna looked at a study on mortality rates for men and women aged 65 to 74. When the researchers looked at calories of sweeteners consumed per day by women as the explanatory variable, they got a regression equation of ŷ = - 40.857 + 0.704x with r =

    asked by rrd
  112. math

    What is the missing number 3, 5, 8, ?, 18, 24

    asked by Carol
  113. biology

    Convert these dates to BP dates (using 1950 as "the present.") Wood fragments from the floor of a palace in Syria - Syro-Hittite period. Date: 675 ± 50 years BCE

    asked by bailey
  114. physics

    Can someone please help me? I am having a really hard time with physics. This is not a test question. It is a practice problem from a review website I am supposed to use, but I am having a really hard time. Can someone at least help me to begin setting up

    asked by anonymous
  115. percentages

    This table is used to calculate annual commissions and salaries for car salespeople. What would the total yearly earnings of a sales assistant be who has $90,000 in sales? Commission & Salaries- Sales Assistant-Base Salary-$10,000 Sales Person-Base

    asked by esther
  116. GRE Question

    the average of 937, 762 and 941 is what percent of their sum?

    asked by Marco
  117. Math Calc

    Which of the following statements is/are true 1. If f'(c)=0 then f has a local maximum of minimum at x=c 2. If f is continuous on [a,b] and differentiable on (a,b) and f'(x)=0 on (a,b) then f is constant on [a,b] 3.The Mean Value theorem can be applied to

    asked by Ke$ha
  118. Math

    A map uses a scale of 3/4 cm: 10 miles. If 2 cities are 4 cm apart, what is the actual distance?

    asked by Ava
  119. science

    Describe how you would investigate effect of pH on enzyme rate. draw labelled diagram?

    asked by abdulaziz
  120. physics (mechanics)

    the potential energy of a system of two particle separated by a distance r is given by u(r) = A/r , where A is constant . find the radial force Fr that each particle exerts on the other

    asked by asnke
  121. Maths

    A table top measures 2m by 1m50cm. What is its area in square metres

    asked by Parv
  122. Maths

    I posted yesterday but feel I confused the issue with an incorrect calculation of an angle, I have just realised my mistake!. I also think I should come clean about my circumstances. I am a mature (very) student, in fact a retired commercial fisherman and

    asked by Mike
  123. Science

    The act of looking at the two or more thing are alike or different.

    asked by Bocar
  124. Math

    What is the missing number 3, 5, 8, ?, 18, 24 Please write down the pattern, how you got the answer

    asked by Carol
  125. maths

    the outer curved surface area of a pipe with length 18cm and diameter 10mm is what cm

    asked by mini
  126. thermodynamics

    the specific volume of water vapor at 150 kPa and 120 degree celsius is 1.188 cubic meter/kg. determine the molar-specific volume and the density of the water vapor.

    asked by joan
  127. Math

    A group orders three large pizzas. Each slice represents 1/12 of the entire pizza. The group eats 3/4 of the pizza. How many slices of pizza are left? Justify your answer

    asked by Papa
  128. Math

    Girlie can make five rag dolls from six discarded socks .Write four ratios equal to this.

    asked by Charir
  129. school md english school

    if sec theta =13/12 then find the value of sin theta and cot theta

    asked by jamima akhter
  130. History

    Your answer 8.5 (C) 1. The Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans emerged as separate political parties partly as a result of disagreement over — * 5 points how the nation should develop economically whether to enforce the Monroe Doctrine how the

    asked by ...vmju788i dumb guy/./////
  131. ed tech

    which of the following terms describes a ow collected about one specific person or item? 1. record 2. field 3. entry 4. column

    asked by techology
  132. Math

    Julie has 8 more than three times as many quarters as dimes. The total value of the coins is $12.20. How many of each kind of coin does she have?

    asked by Ryan
  133. Math

    Currently, you have $80 and your sister has $145. You decide to save $6 of your allowance each week, while your sister decides to spend her whole allowance plus $7 each week. How long will it be before you have as much money as your sister?

    asked by Jared
  134. physics

    An electron is a subatomic particle (m = 9.11 x 10-31 kg) that is subject to electric forces. An electron moving in the +x direction accelerates from an initial velocity of +7.62 x 105 m/s to a final velocity of 2.56 x 106 m/s while traveling a distance of

    asked by Thomas
  135. value

    an airplane is flying to east 200k m/h which is a velocity relative to the air,while a 100km/h wind blows towards the north-east.what is its resultant velocity?we need soluion and answer for this guestion

    asked by value
  136. further maths

    given that p=i+j-2k and q=2i-j+2k.find two vectors m and n satisfying that m is perpendicular to p,n is parallel to p and m+n=q

    asked by Samuel
  137. AP Chemistry

    Dinitrogen pentoxide (N2O5) decomposes in chloroform as a solvent to yield NO2 and O2. The decomposition is first order with a rate constant at 45 degrees Celsius of 1.0*10^-5 s^-1.Calculate the partial pressure of O2 produced from 1.00 Liter of 0.600 M

    asked by Mckinley
  138. Math

    If frank earned in a simple interest for oneyear on an investment of 9000 .what annual rate of interest was paid

    asked by Anonymous