Questions Asked on
January 3, 2017

  1. Math

    Two stores carry a similar stereo for the same original price of $573. One store offers a 16% discount and the second store sells the stereo for $458.40. Which store gives the bigger percent discount? Justify your answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Social Studies

    How could the North's factories be considered an advantage? A. The factories could sell surplus goods to Europe for money B. The factories could be converted to making supplies for the army C. The factories could get cotton from the West instead D. The

    asked by HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. English 8th grade

    Both "Forest Fire" and "Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall" present factual information. Write an essay of your own about one of those essays. In your essay, tell whether the author provided enough information for you to understand the topic fully. Then

    asked by Help pls
  4. math

    Given that a:b = 8:5 and b:c= 3:4 find the ratio a:b:c Give your answer in its simplest form. Show all working out. My work: 1) 5 and 3 both equal to b. 2) 8+5=13/2= 11.5 3)3+4=7/2=3.5 4)11.5+3.5= 15 All my working shown I dont understand this question

    asked by supersupersuper
  5. American Government

    Name the two factors that give federal courts jurisdiction over a case. Give an example of each.

    asked by Jackie
  6. Language Arts

    ________________________________________ 1. What is the purpose of subheadings in informational text? A. To Highlight Ideas B. To identify Ideas

    asked by Dejavu
  7. math

    Given that 3 to the power of -n= 0.2 find the value of (3 to the power of 4) to the power of n. so 3^-n=0.2 find value of (3^4)^n my working out: 1)3=n surd 0.2 2)n must be decimal number 3) cuberoot o.2=0.5848035476425733 4)so n=0.5848035476425733

    asked by supersupersuper

    What impact did your Independent Reading selection have on you as a reader? Would you recommend your selection to a friend? Why or why not? Support your response with at least two pieces of evidence from your Independent Reading selection. Be sure to give

    asked by Lonna
  9. Math

    A pendulum of Length L cm has time period T seconds. T is directly proportional to the square root of L. The length of the pendulum is increased by 40%. What is the percentage increase in the time period? ???????? Multiplier for increasing L = 1.4

    asked by Alex
  10. World history

    which statement best describes the relationship between the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian rulers? A. They came into periodic conflict*********** B. They continually competed for supremacy C. They functioned independently D. They reinforced each

    asked by Bubbles
  11. Math

    A buidling of 25 meters casts a shadow 15 meters long on the ground . What will be the length of the shadow cast by a building 40 meters tall

    asked by Sidhartha
  12. math

    the diagram shows a piece of wood in the shape of a cuboid. diagram: 3cm width, 20cm length, 1.2m for the volume of cuboid The piece of wood is 3cm by 20cm by 1.2m. The mass of wood will float in sea water if the density of the wood is less than the

    asked by supersupersuper
  13. maths

    Here are two pots. Diagram: Pot A- Height: 8cm Pot B- Height: 10cm Pot A and pot B are MATHEMATICALLY SIMILAR. The area of the base of pot B is 160cm2. Work out the area of the base f Pot A. My work: 1)Labelled POt B diagram as having area of abse of

    asked by supersupersuper
  14. Chemistry

    NaCl [Symbol] Na + Cl2 Type of reaction: synthesis KOH + HNO3 [Symbol] HOH + KNO3 Type of reaction: double replacement Ca + S [Symbol] CaS Type of reaction: synthesis BaBr2 + Cl2 [Symbol] BaCl2 + Br2 Type of reaction: Cs2 + H2O [Symbol] CsOH + H2 Type of

    asked by Chemistry
  15. Surfaces of cones

    The diameter of the base of the cone is 24x cm. The height of the cone is 16x cm. The curved surface area of the cone is 2160pi cm^2. The volume of the cone is V pi cm^3, where V is an integer. What is the value of V. Answer is cm^2. Thanks a lot.

    asked by Josh
  16. algebra(difference of two squares)

    The positive difference between two consecutive odd numbers is 336. compute the larger of the two squares. But my solution was(n+1)^2-n^2=336. And. =2n+1=336. ,2n=335 where. I had n=335/2. Here igot stuck on solving the larger of the two squares. And

    asked by Rosy
  17. Maths

    Show that: (3x-1)(x+5)(4x-3) = 12x^3 + 47x^2 - 62x +15 for all values of x. (3x-1)(x+5)(4x-3) = (?????)(4x-3) Expand into 6 terms: ???????? Simplify: ???????? Thank you.

    asked by Alex
  18. math

    The bottom of a ladder is on horizontal ground. The top of a ladder is leaning against a vertical wall. Diagram: right angle triangle labelled height is h metres, bottom of triangle is labelled d metres and in between the labelled h and d metres there is a

    asked by supersupersuper
  19. math

    An aeroplane flies from a town p on(lat.40N,38E)to another town Q on (Lat.40N,22W).It later flies to a third town T on(Lat.28N,22W). Calculate the average speed at which the aeroplane will fly from P to T via Q, If the journey takes 12 hours. Take R to be

    asked by triz
  20. science

    the body system responsible for the exchange of gases between the body and the enviroment is the

    asked by kate
  21. Physics

    when tuning a piano, amusician plays a note that should be at 110Hz while at the same time tapping a 110Hz tuning fork and holding it next to the strings. He hears beats at 4Hz. (A) state and explain what frequencies the piano could be producing (b)

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Math

    Write a division equation that has a solution of -9/14

    asked by Anonymous
  23. math

    A pancake recipe calls for 0.75 cups of flour.linda is making 5 batches.she already has 2.5 cups of flour. How many more cups does she need?

    asked by nora
  24. Math

    Describe each of the three methods you can use to find the area of a rectangle.

    asked by Sky
  25. Math

    A post 8 m tall casts a shadow of 11m A tall building nearby casts a shadow of 55 m how tall is the building

    asked by Eliza grace quintana
  26. math

    What is the fifth term in the arithmetic sequence defined by the explicit formula an=6n−4? Enter your answer in the box. a5=

    asked by Jay
  27. pharmachemistry

    How can i prepare a 100ml, 0.1M phosphate buffer solution (pH = 5) out of Na2HPO4 and NaH2PO4

    asked by atul
  28. Math

    It takes Marty 1 1/4 hours to get ready for school. If 1/5 of that time is used to shower, what fraction of an hour does it take him to shower?

    asked by Brian
  29. Chemistry

    calculate number of moles of NH3 if 8g of H2 reacts in excess N2

    asked by Zohaib
  30. Math

    Can someone give me the answers to the U6 math test? For 6th grade?

    asked by Kailyn
  31. Algerbra

    Mark has made a clay model. He will now make a clay statue that is mathematically similar to the clay model. The model has a base area if 6cm^2. The statue will have a base area of 253.5cm^2. Mark used 2kg of clay to make the model. Clay is sold in 10kg

    asked by Josh
  32. Physics

    Please help with the following question: You are on a planet whose radius is known to be about 4500 km. You then perform the following experiment: You drop a rock from a height of 10.0 m and measure the time of its fall to be 2.65 s. What is the mass of

    asked by Deila
  33. Physics

    when tuning a piano, amusician plays a note that should be at 110Hz while at the same time tapping a 110Hz tuning fork and holding it next to the strings. He hears beats at 4Hz. (A) state and explain what frequencies the piano could be producing (b)

    asked by Yosef
  34. trigonomentry hope steve or damon reiny can help

    If x = cos@ + isin@ , y = cos€ + isin€ ' prove that (x - y)/(x + y) = itan((@ - €))/2 step sir plz

    asked by pooo
  35. social studies

    under the Greek definition of "citizen" who qualified for citizenship? 1. Egyptian 2. Phoenician 3. Mesopotamian 4. Syrian

    asked by techology
  36. Maths - Reiny

    Show that the equation 3x^2 - x^3 + 3 = 0 can be rearranged to give: x = 3 + 3 ---- x^2 x^3 = Divide by ? = x = 3 + 3 ---- x^2 Using Xn+1 = 3 + 3 with x0 = 3.2 ---- x^2n find the values of x1 x2 and x3? What to the values of x1 x2 and x3 represent? The

    asked by Elle
  37. Mathmatics

    Prove algebraically that the difference between the square of any two consecutive integers is equal to the sum of these two integers. First number = n Second number = n+1 Square the second number: (?????)^2 Difference between the squares: ????? Sum of the

    asked by Joe
  38. Maths

    The volume of a hemisphere is 250 ----- pi 3 Work out the total surface area of the solid hemisphere. Give your answer as a multiple of pi. Thank you.

    asked by Joanne
  39. math

    Mr.savage used 3 gallons of paint to cover 1350 of square feet of wall .at this rate how much paint wiil be needed to cover 1800 square feet.

    asked by sharya
  40. geometry

    the complement of an angle is 18 degree more than the angle.find the measure of the angle and its complement.

    asked by ericka
  41. Science

    Depletion of what has been halted by a ban on the manufacturing of what

    asked by Anonymous
  42. algebra

    The difference betweentwo consecutive odd numbers is 336 .what is the larger of the two squares

    asked by Rosy
  43. Doppler Effect

    Doppler Effect a flying bat emits squeaks at a frequency of 85 khz if a stationary observer picks up the frequency of the squeaks as 80 khz is the bat moving towards or away from the listener ? determine the speed at which the bat is flying.

    asked by mohammed alnunu
  44. geometry

    the supplement of an angle is 15 degree less than twice the angle.find the measure of the angle and its supplement.

    asked by ericka
  45. Maths

    The first 5 terms of an arithmetic sequence are: 7 13 19 25 31 Prove that the difference between the squares of any two terms of the sequence is always a multiple of 24 Nth term = ? Nth term squared = ? Mth term = ? Mth term squared = ? Difference = ? ? =

    asked by Elle
  46. Math

    Find each unit rate round to the nearest hundredth 9 runs in 3 games

    asked by Tes
  47. Math

    A sheet of paper measures 30 cm by 2 cm. A strip 5 cm wide is cut from it all around. Find the area of the remaining sheet and the strip cut out.

    asked by Rajender kumar
  48. Mathematics

    The graph of y = f(x) is transformed to give the graph of y= -f(x+3). The point A on the graph of y=f(x) is mapped to the point P on the graph of y= -f(x+3). The co-ordinates of point A are (9,1). Find the co-ordinates of point P. Thank you very much

    asked by Joanne
  49. physics

    a brass rod is 2m long at a certain temperature. What is its length for a temperature rise of 100k, if the expansivity of brass is 18*10

    asked by Maro
  50. Physics, math, algebra

    How long will it take a sled to reach the bottom of a hill, if it accelerates at 5.60m/s^2 and has a final velocity at the bottom of the hill of 42.3km/h?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. math

    A pitcher contains quart of lemonade. If an equal amount of lemonade is poured into each of 6 glasses,how much lemonade will each glass contain?

    asked by Jayde
  52. Math

    f(x)=(1+x)/(1-x),g(x)=x/(1-x), find the simplest form of f[g(x)] and state the domain. My work: (1+ (x/(1-x)))/(1-(x/(1-x))) (1+x)/(1-x)/(1-x)/(1-x)

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Math

    Asked to simplify the expression sin(180−è), Rory volunteered the following solution: sin(180−è) = sin 180−sin è, and, because sin 180 is zero, it follows that

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Honors English 9

    What are examples of characterization in Antigone? This is a review question in a small packet that follows every book. I have no recollection of reading direct characterization and our books are taken at the end of each quiz.

    asked by Grace
  55. World history

    Which of the following did the Albigenesian Crusade signify? A. The conflict between western and eastern Christianity B. The heightened power of the Pope***** C. The rise of secular monarchs D. The splitting of the church My answer is B

    asked by Bubbles
  56. civics

    What must be true of a bill which has become law at a federal level? It must have been signed by the president. It must be in the best interest of all Americans. It must have passed both the House and the Senate. It must have been introduced into the

    asked by bcbd
  57. Math

    Benson is 2 years less than twice Jackson age and all together equal 19

    asked by Ana
  58. English

    What is Hawthorne’s attitude toward Puritan people and Puritan beliefs in The Scarlet Letter ?

    asked by April
  59. Mechanics

    A 5kg steel block slides down a vertical wooden wall while you push on it with a force F at 40° to the horizontal.The coefficient of kinetic friction between the sliding surfaces is 0.7.What size of force F is required to apply to cause the block to slide

    asked by Modjadji
  60. Math

    The width of a rectangle is two thirds its length the width of the rectangle is 10 inches what is the perimeter of the rectangle and what is the area of the rectangle

    asked by Emily
  61. Doppler Effect

    Doppler Effect A car is travelling towards you at 16 m.s -1 sounding its hooter with a frequency of 320hz the. The velocity of sound is 330m.s-1 . what is the frequency of the sound that you will hear ?

    asked by mohammed alnunu
  62. math

    2.Two cars leave Kansas City at the same time. One car is moving east and the other west. After 5 hours, the cars are 575 miles apart. One car is traveling 15 miles per hour faster than the other. Let S = the speed of the slower car and F = the speed of

    asked by edgard
  63. Math

    For what real values of a is x^2 + ax + 25 the square of a binomial? If you find more than one, then list your values in increasing order, separated by commas. If you could help me, that would be great!

    asked by Jeff
  64. Physics

    Hello, can someone please check my answers and tell me if they are correct? 1. A laser produces a pulse of light with a speed of 300000000m/s in vacuum in a time 1.70x10^-15s. a) what is the length of the pulse? b) The pulse travels into a piece of glass

    asked by Jon - Please check my answers
  65. Physics

    3. What happens to the speed of ocean waves as they come close to shore? How can this be explained from what you've learned so far? (this the teacher means what do the lessons have to do with this question) 4. Sound travels faster through wood than through

    asked by Manie

    At a local grocery store, Sabrina spends $3.96 for 2 pounds of blueberries. How much can she expect to pay for 6 pounds of blueberries?

    asked by thomas
  67. Inperial

    A body weight 0.8N when it is in air and 9.5N when completely immerserd in water Calculate i) the density of the body ii) relative density of the body

    asked by Mercedez
  68. maths

    Trhe cost of fencing a square field at rupees 1.60 per m is rupees 3200 fin de the cost of reaping the field at rupees 1.20 per 100 square m

    asked by Nanndita patel
  69. sceinc

    you exert the same force on two objects of different masses .whitch object will have greater acceleration

    asked by isabella
  70. Mathmatics

    Show that the equation 3x^2 - x^3 + 3 = 0 can be rearranged to give: x = 3 + 3 ---- x^2 x^3 = Divide by ? = x = 3 + 3 ---- x^2 Using Xn+1 = 3 + 3 with x0 = 3.2 ---- x^2n find the values of x1 x2 and x3? What to the values of x1 x2 and x3 represent? The

    asked by Joe
  71. Maths

    Here is a right- angled triangle. |\ | \ x | \ |___\ x - 2 All measurements are in centimetres. The area if the triangle is 2.5cm^2. Find the perimeter of the triangle. Key values: Equation for area: ? - __(___) = ? ? Quadratic equation: -b ± √b^2 - 4ac

    asked by Elle
  72. Physics11 A

    CA students help! Did anyone do the Conservation of Mechanical Energy Lab in Unit 3 Lesson 3? I am very confused on what to do or how I would write a report on it. Please help!

    asked by Anonymous
  73. History

    Converted to the Mayan number system, what would be 152 and 100? I'm confused as to how it's set up.

    asked by Nina
  74. Math

    Beth is waiting for her friends plane to land. the plane will land at time T uniformly distributed in 70 minuetes. Determine the probability that the Plane will land in 30 minutes?

    asked by Ali
  75. math

    Diagram: OAZ line on top horizontal OXB line vertical under O BYA line diagonal from B to A to form a triangle which is OBA In the middle of O and B there is a line to show x which is nearer to B. In the middle of line BA there i s a line to sow Y in the

    asked by supersupersuper
  76. maths

    Starting with x0 = 0 (x0 has diagonal 0 that is smaller and towards the bottom) use the iteration formuala xn+1 = 4/ xn^2 +5 twice (for xn+1 the n+1 is smaller than x and diagonal towards the bottom also for xn^2 the n^2 is smaller than the x and diagonal

    asked by supersupersuper
  77. Math

    Jaine spent 2/5 of the money in his wallet on a sweat. After purchasing the sweater he had 25.32 leftover. What was the total amount he spent on the sweater?

    asked by Darryl
  78. Math

    The roots of the quadratic equation z^2 + az + b = 0 are 2 - 3i and 2 + 3i. What is a+b? Can you please help me with this question?

    asked by Joshua
  79. maths

    If six cubes of 10 cm edge are joined edged to edge then the surface area of the resulting cuboid is ------please show method

    asked by sanjay
  80. Math (please check my answer!!)

    Which of the following is the point of concurrency of the medians of the triangle? A. The incenter B. The circumcenter C. The orthocenter D. The centroid

    asked by Ren
  81. Math

    These are the first 5 terms of a quadratic sequence: 1 3 7 13 21 1st difference: 2 4 6 8 2nd difference: 2 2 2 1n^2: 1 4 9 16 25 adjustment: ? ? ? ? ? Thank you very much.

    asked by Elisha
  82. Business communication

    Pls! I need an urgent response my mentors. It is the ability of communication to foster speedy passage of information around that has shrunk the world and make globalisation a reality. In light of the statement above, what role does communication plays in

    asked by Rukayyerh
  83. Math

    Solve the simultaneous equation P^2-Q^2=40 Q+P=10 Using the substitution method

    asked by Zulaiykherh
  84. Math

    1/3 pitcher water + 2 apple juice - 1/3 carton milk =

    asked by Rachel
  85. math coordinate geometry

    Find the 3rd vertex of a triangle ABC.If 2vertices are A(-4,3),B(4,3)and its centroid is at orFind. Find 3rd.

    asked by Anonymous
  86. geometry

    find the measure of an angle whose complement and supplement sum up to 126 degrees

    asked by ericka
  87. chemistry

    How is sulphur manufactured in a large scale

    asked by jayce
  88. Math

    When the number c is multiplied by 7, the result is the same as when c is subtracted from 7. What is the value of 16c? A. 14 B. 7/8 C. 8 D. 8/7 E. 7

    asked by I'mHungry
  89. Math

    translate into a word problem then solve. One fourth of the villains nabbed by the second rate superheroes were jaywalkers. one ninth of those were illegal double parkers too. what fraction of the nabbed villains were both jaywalkers and illegal double

    asked by Hia
  90. Math

    Solve the simultaneous equation n/4-m/6=-1 Using elimination method

    asked by Zulaiykherh
  91. help

    What brought traders to canada?

    asked by Alex
  92. Marh

    A football team has a net yardage of-26 1/3 yards on a series of plays. The team needs a net yardage of 10 yards to get a first down. How many yards do they have to get on their next play to get a first down?

    asked by Jack
  93. Chemistry

    How many molecules present in 500ml of 42g NaHCO3?

  94. math

    Mark is 5 years older than twice Jessica's age. The sum of their ages is 32. How old is Mark. Use M to represent Mark's age and J to represent Jessica's age. Which system of equation could be used to find mark's age? ~M=2J+5 M+2J=32 I think it is right

    asked by edgard
  95. English 6th

    Dissection sentences according to part of speech

    asked by Anonymous
  96. Maths

    A scalene triangle cd also be acute or rat angled or obtuse angle triangle .please say tru e or false Ans according to me is yes

    asked by Aditya
  97. math

    The difference of two numbers is 321. The larger number is 190 more than twice the smaller number. Which system of equations presents this information? (S = smaller number and L = larger number) I got: L-S=321(the difference) L=2S+190 What did i do wrong

    asked by edgard
  98. Math


    asked by Darryl
  99. MATH


    asked by CHANDRA
  100. Maths

    C |\ | \ | \ | \ A | -----\ | | | |1.7m | | | | ------- B D AB = 1.7m CD:AB = 1.5 : 1 The angle of elevation of C from A is 52 degrees. What is the length of BD. Answer to 3 significant figures please. Thanks

    asked by Elle
  101. social studies

    The Greek alpahbet was based on which of thses alphabets? 1. Egyptian 2. Phoenician 3. Mesopotamian 4. Syrian

    asked by techology
  102. math


    asked by Anonymous
  103. Math

    The difference between two whole numbers is 15. One of the numbers is 1. There are two possibilites for the second number. What are they?

    asked by Anonymous
  104. math

    simplify square root of -25

    asked by walace