Questions Asked on
December 29, 2016

  1. Maths

    The length of a rectangle is 12 cm.This is 1/3 of its perimeter .Find the perimeter

    asked by Pinky
  2. American Goverment

    2. Which of the following supports the idea that yelling “Bomb!” is not protected by the Constitution? (1 point) A separation of church and state B rights of the accused C rights not absolute D popular sovereignty 3. Speech is powerful. It can stir

    asked by joeyyyy33
  3. Business mathematics

    In an examination of certain number of candidates 18 passed mathematics, 17 passed physics, 11 passed both mathematics and physics, 1 failed both subjects. Find the number of candidates that passed. i. Mathematics only. ii. Physics only. iii. Total number

    asked by A.A.N
  4. chemistry

    Hi, I was wondering why is there white smoke when nh4cl and ca(oh)2 is being heated. Thanks!

    asked by Sherlique
  5. Maths

    If the angles of triangle ABC are in increasing order and in an arithmetic progression then find sinB

    asked by Sanjay
  6. Chemistry

    Hi, what is the PH for NH3 in gas form? When I tested it with PH paper it showed a number around 8-9.5, but from searching online its a higher number. I'm not sure which one is correct. Thanks

    asked by Sherlique
  7. science

    A ball of mass 100 gm is thrown vertically at a speed of 10 m/s . find its kinetic energy

    asked by doli devi
  8. SAT Math

    The function w is defined by w(x)=6+3x. If 4⋅ w(z)=96, what is the value of z? So is w(x)=w(z)?

    asked by Kay
  9. Science

    What will be the final temp of the ice of 20g when it is heated to 1600 Cal

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Maths sequence and series

    1)prove that logx+log(xy)+log(xy^2) an arithmetical progression and show,without using tables that when x=160 2)sum the series 2+6+18+54... To thirty term,by using logarithm,verify that this sumis breather than 2x10^14

    asked by Winifred Preston Bob-manuel
  11. science

    At what temperature do hydrdogen molecule have the same rms speed as nitrogen molecule at 455 degree celsius

    asked by ekroxi
  12. Mathematics

    given u = (all the letters of the alphabets) x = ( a,e,l,o,u) and y = (e,b,c,d,f,h) find (i) x union y find (ii) x intercept y find (iii) x'ny'

    asked by Nasiru
  13. Riddle

    What has eighty eight keys, can't open a door

    asked by Anonymous
  14. maths

    solve for x: cosecX+secX=2Square root 2

    asked by rabin
  15. math

    A Clock is set right at 10am.the clock gains 10 minutes in 24hours.what will be true time when the clock indicates 3pm the following day.

    asked by Rehan
  16. math

    How to solve 3x+2y=4 2x-3y=7

    asked by saad
  17. Math

    A copper solid cylinder of radius 14cm and height 10cm is melted and recast into cylindrical wire of diameter 4mm.find the length of the copper wire

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Math

    100-100 /100-100 =2 ans.

    asked by Robin jatav
  19. english

    can you give me a good topic for my english presentation test

    asked by john
  20. culture

    Beliefs about child rearing practices are influenced by: A. ethnicity, intuition, occupation. B. ethnicity, religion, and occupation. C. religion, education, destiny. D. education, occupation, serendipity

    asked by julie
  21. math

    Gwen needs to add 2/3 of a cup of flour to a recipe. She only has a 1/3-cup measure. How many scoops of flour does Gwen need to add?

    asked by Chloe
  22. Statistics

    A driver comes to pick up members of your family for a family reunion. The van holds 7 people, not including the driver. Assuming that none of the babies will be riding in the van, how many different ways can 7 people be chosen to ride in the van?

    asked by muzammil yasin
  23. Math

    When u multiply a whole number by 10 ,what is always true about the ones place in the product

    asked by Sepriia
  24. asthmatics

    Find the volume of the wood required to make an open box of internal dimensions 20cm by 12.5cm by 9.5 cm.the wood being 1.5cm thick.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. maths 1A

    If A+B+C=2S then prove that cos (S-A) + cos (S-B) + cos (S-C) + cos S = 4 cos A/2 cos B/2 cos C/2.

    asked by sankeertha
  26. vector too hard eve sir damon or steve or bob hlp

    Let V be the set of ordered pairs [a,b] of real numbers. Decide with clear reason, whether or not V is a vector space over a field of real numbers with addition in V and scaler multiplication on V defined by: a) [a,b]+[c,d] =[ac, bd] b) k[a,b] = [ka, kb]

    asked by ...
  27. Math

    In a candy bar, 108 calories are from sugar. There are 240 calories in the candy bar. What percent of the calories are from sugar? I think the answer is 60.

    asked by Alex
  28. science

    a mushroom absorbs food through its

    asked by pleaseandthankyou2
  29. Math

    write the percent as a decimal and a fraction 365% Too confusing

    asked by Alex
  30. Math

    Whats x to the 3 y to the 6 divided by x to the 3 and y to the 6?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. science

    w YoState, most of the surface bedrock was formed as a result of which process? a. deposition of sediments into a vast of sea. b, folding of non sedimentary rock. c. metamorphism of sedimentary rock. d. intrusion of magma into sedimentary rock.

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Language Arts

    I am writing a poem and my teacher told me not to use secondary pronouns like you and your. Does anyone know how I can replace those words?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Math (SAT)

    The function f is defined by f(x)=2x^3-x^2+kx-6, where k is a constant. In the xy-plane, the graph of f intersects the x-axis at the three points (3,0), (-1/2,0), and (q,0). What is the value of k?

    asked by Hayley
  34. English

    how do u write 3 oreeo body paragraph when writting a theme

    asked by Favour
  35. English

    what is the meaning of 3oreo body paragraph when u are writing a theme

    asked by dinaya
  36. Math

    A particle moves along the x-axis so that at any time t, measured in seconds, its position is given by s(t) = 4sin(t) - cos(2t), measured in feet. What is the acceleration of the particle at time t = 0 seconds?

    asked by Ke$ha
  37. math

    If Larry worked 411/2 hours this week and spent 1/3 of his time hauling material, how much actual time did Larry spend hauling

    asked by chris
  38. Math

    A particle is moving along the x-axis so that its position at t>=0 is given by s(t)=(t)ln(5t). Find the acceleration of the particle when the velocity is first zero.

    asked by Ke$ha
  39. Soicial study

    Through which continent do the equator,prime Meridian,and th Tropics of Capricorn and cancer pass

    asked by Gurlene
  40. Geometry

    What's the lateral area of a right cylinder if the radius of the base is 12 mm and the altitude of the cylinder is 5 times the base radius?

    asked by Bill
  41. physics

    A body of mass 10 kg is moving with uniform velocity 20m/sec. Calculate its velocity if it enters in a black hole?

    asked by rakesh
  42. Math Trigonometry

    An airplane is flying between two towns at an altitude of 8km. One town is to the west of the plane and the other is to the east. The angle of depression to one town in de34grees and to the other town is 49degrees. What is the distance between the two

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Chemistry

    One mole of an ideal gas is allowed to expand isothermally at -29. 3degrees celcious from a volume of 4. 0L and apressure of 5. 0atm to avolume of 10. 0L and apressure of 2. 0atm. i. Draw a p-v diagram for the process. ii. Determine the work done by the

    asked by Patrick
  44. maths and science

    A block of wood of volume 25 cm floats in water with 20 cm of its volume immersed calculate it's density and weight

    asked by Mahendra Singh
  45. Chemistry

    Hello, What are the phases for this equation? NaNO3 + H2O ⇋ NaOH + HNO3 Oh and can I write the equation this way as well? NaOH + HNO3 ⇋ NaNO3 + H2O Do they mean the same thing?

    asked by Sherlique
  46. Chemistry

    Hello, 1) What is the PH if ammonia is mixed with water vapour? 2) What is the white smoke when I heat NH4Cl with Ca(OH)2? Thanks

    asked by Sherlique
  47. Algebra

    A jar of change has 28 coins which is worth $2.60. If the jar only has nickels and dimes, how many of each type are in the jar?

    asked by Kawaii J
  48. Algebra

    In a two-digit number, the tens digit is two less than the units digit. If the digits are reversed, the sum of the reversed number and the original number is 154. Find the original number.

    asked by Kawaii J