Questions Asked on
December 28, 2016

  1. English

    In the middle of the 19th century, political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville claimed, "The inhabitants of the United States have...properly speaking, no literature." Based on what you learned in the New World, New voices, American Romanticism, The Night

    asked by btay
  2. Chemistry

    1. A student collected the following data for a fixed volume of gas: Temperature (⁰C) Pressure (mm of Hg) 10 726 20 750 40 800 70 880 100 960 150 ??? Fill in the missing data point. Show all calculations leading to an answer.

    asked by sophia
  3. Math

    An open top box with a square base has a volume of 30ft^3. The total surface area of the box is? a) S.A=x^2-60/x b) S.A=x^2+60/x c) S.A=x^2-120/x d) S.A=x^2+120/x

    asked by Syndra
  4. math, algebra

    Members at a yoga school pay $7 per class plus a one-time $120 membership fee. Non-members pay $11 per class. How many classes would a member have to take to save money compared to taking classes as a non-member? I'm struggling with this problem a bit, and

    asked by Anna
  5. Chemistry

    Which of the following is true about oxidation reactions? A. Oxidation reactions are the principal source of energy on Earth. B. All oxidation reactions are accompanied by reduction reactions. C. The burning of wood in a fireplace and the metabolization of

    asked by sophia
  6. SAT Math Question?

    Lindsey and Stephen work at a factory. Lindsey can complete one full job in three hours, and Stephen can complete the same job in five hours. If Lindsey and Stephen work together on the job for one hour, then how long, in minutes, will it take Stephen to

    asked by Kay
  7. History

    which statement best describes the unique relationship that tribal governments have with local, state, and federal governments

    asked by Madison
  8. Science

    Determine the pH of a 0.62M NH4NO3 solution at 25oC. The Kb for NH3 is 1.76x10-5. Calculate Ka

    asked by Manushi
  9. Math

    A man goes 7m east and then 24m to south. Find his distance from the starting point

    asked by Jon
  10. Math(A.P)

    The fourth term of an A.P is equal to 3 times the first term and the seventh term exceeds twice the third term by 2. The first term and the common difference are:

    asked by Ana......
  11. Science

    if two spheres,having a weight of 10kg each at a distance of 50 cm find the gravitational force between them

    asked by Punit
  12. Physics

    I understand this question: 4. If a pendulum completes 40 vibrations in a minute, what is its period? The period is the time for one complete cycle, and if the pendulum takes one minute (or 60 seconds) for 40 vibrational cycles, then it must take 1.5

    asked by Emily
  13. Science

    Mass of ice is 0.015 kg and that of water is 0.05 kg. Both are at 0°C. Find the final mass of ice and water.

    asked by Debarati
  14. Maximum value

    Consider the function with rule f(x) = |x^2-ax|, where a is a positive constant. Find the maximum value of the function in the interval [0,a] How do you do find that?

    asked by Jichu
  15. Math(A.P)

    A person was appointed in the pay scale of $700-40-1500. Find in how many years he will reach maximum of the scale?

    asked by Ana......
  16. MATHS

    A clock is set right at 10PM. the clock gains 10 minutes i 24 hours. What will be the true time when the clock indicates 3PM the following day.

    asked by TEJ VEER SINGH
  17. Finding Range - Maths

    Let f:{x: IxI > 100} => R, f(x) = 1/x^2. State the range of f. Let f:{x: IxI < 0.1} => R, f(x) = 1/x^2. State the range of f. *R = real numbers How do you find the two ranges? I know it sounds embarrassing but I am struggling to work out the range. Can you

    asked by Jichu
  18. Maths

    A square tile is having a side of length 15 cm how many tiles would be required to cover the square floor of bathroom of side 5m

    asked by Ravneet
  19. Math

    Estimate a range for the sum:7.6+2.3+6.7

    asked by Hussain
  20. maths

    A hollow cylinder open at both ends is made of steel 2 cm thick. What will be the volume of steel used in making the cylinder, if the external diameter is 24 cm and the length of the cylinder is 55 cm.

    asked by Korang Rexford
  21. Math

    By selling a watch for rupees 475, jatin suffer a loss of 5percent. At what price should he sell the watch so as to gain 12 percent

    asked by Anonymous
  22. maths

    One hundred and twenty five cubes, each of side 1cm, are placed on a table to form a solid cube. The length of the edge of the cube in (cm) is A) 5 B) 25 C) 125 D) 1 please explain how you got the answer, thanks.

    asked by anonymous
  23. Math

    Something travels 25 meters in one minute, what does it travel in kilometers in one minute.

    asked by Ashley
  24. English

    Write an interesting story based upon the title the tiger who came to visit me in about 150to 200words

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Math

    the sum of two numbers is 30. the difference of their squares is 180. find the two numbers by elimination method

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Math

    Interest of $22.05 was earned in three months on a balance of $1960. What is the interest rate per annum earned on that account? P.s please explain how you solved it.

    asked by Carol
  27. Concentration of Hydrofluoric Acid

    How can I verify concentration of Hydrofluoric Acid (Known Concentration)

    asked by Hanif
  28. math

    A clock is set right at 10 AM. The clock gains 10 minutes in 24 hours. what will be the true time when the clock indicates 3 PM the following day ?

    asked by mohan
  29. Science

    D)The blood of the vessels near the small intestine is often acidic after a meal. suggest a reason for this.

    asked by sophie
  30. Maths

    A clock is set right at 10AM.The clock gains 10 minutes in 24 hours. What will be the true time when the clock indicates 3PM the following day ?

    asked by Ash
  31. Math

    A freight train travels 260 km in the same time a passenger train travels 320 km. If the passenger train averages 15km/hour faster than the freight train, what is the average speed of the freight?

    asked by Conscious
  32. calculus

    solve for dy/dx=(x^2+y^2)/xy by substitution. Plz help step

    asked by ...
  33. English

    How does Day of the Triffids display evolution? i am having a hard time coming up with a thesis for Day of the Triffids to display evolution compared to Orxy and Crake... For Orxy and crake i know evolution is a distinct theam but i am experiencing

    asked by Stacy
  34. Physics

    what metal is it if, it is 7.14g/mL => Cast Iron.

    asked by Thomas
  35. Calculus

    How do I find the limit of x/x as x approaches 0?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. physics

    How much work must an ideal refrigerator perform to make 1 kg of ice at -10C from 1 kg of water at 20C when 20C is also its exhaust temperature?

    asked by ap
  37. maths

    the four angles of a qudrilaterala are as 3:5:7:9.find the lengths ?

    asked by salman
  38. math

    A circle has centre(5,12) and its tangent to the line with equation 2x-y+3=0. Wtite equation of the cirle

    asked by donald
  39. Math

    I saw MRP of rs 15.50 of biscuit. What does it mean?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. micro economics I

    show the MRS for Cobb Douglass preference is ax2/bx1

    asked by sam
  41. math

    Value oftan76.25degree

    asked by dolly
  42. Computer Science

    C program to find given string has alphabets, digits and special characters in it

    asked by *Nick Callahan*
  43. Matt

    Reasoning: the length of a particular object is X inches. A. Will this object's length in centimeters be greater than X or less than X ? Explain. B. Will this object's length in centimeters be greater than X or less than X? Explain.

    asked by Shawn