Questions Asked on
December 22, 2016

  1. Probability

    A newborn baby whose apgar score is over 6 is classified as normal and this happens in 80% of births. As a quality control check an auditor examines the records of 100 births. He would be suspicious if the number of normal births in the sample of 100

    asked by Vishnu Priya
  2. algebra 2

    if the equation for the regression line for the data set (3,6), (6,2), (9,10) is y=2/3x+2, what is the sse for the data set? A. 16 B. 10 C. 4 D. 24

    asked by kristy
  3. physics

    A pendulum suspended from the roof of a bus moving along a horizontal track makes an angle of 5° with the vertical,,,determine the acceleration of the bus?

    asked by Lemmy
  4. math

    There are 70 woman in a club. Each plays at least one of the following games: volleyball, basketball and table tennis. 20 play volleyball only,10 play basketball only and 6 play table tennis only. 4 play all the three games and an equal number play two

    asked by Douglas
  5. History - Help

    Regarding peripheral countries or regions, all of the following are true EXCEPT: A. they are all dependent on core countries for capital. B. the term peripheral is not necessarily synonymous with poverty. C. most of the impoverished countries are in

    asked by Angela
  6. MATH

    A scientist needs 80 liters of a 30​% acid solution. He currently has a 20% solution and a 60% solution. How many liters of each does he need to make the needed 80 liters of 30​% acid​ solution?

    asked by HELP PLEASE!!!! QUICKLY!!!!
  7. History - Help

    In the French colonies of West Africa, an effort was made to establish a Francophile community, wherein people of the different colonies embraced French culture. This effort was: A. a total failure. B. in fact, mainly successful in French Indochina. C.

    asked by Angela

    ABCD is a quadrilateral with angle ABC a right angle. The point D lies on the perpendicular bisector of AB. The coordinates of A and B are (7, 2) and (2, 5) respectively. The equation of line AD is y = 4x − 26. find the area of quadrilateral ABCD

    asked by ALEX
  9. Algebra 1

    A square painting is surrounded by a frame. the outside edges of the frame are x inches in length, and the frame is 3 inches thick. What is the total area of the frame? A)-12x+36 B)12x-36 C)x^2+12x+36 D)x^2-12x-36 Is it C or D?

    asked by Sam
  10. Geometry

    justify the last two steps of the proof. Given: ABCD is a parallelogram. Prove: triangleABC = triangleCDA 1. ABDC is a parallelogram 1. given 2. AB = DC and BC =DC 2. opposite sides of a parallelogram are congruent 3. AC = CA 3. ? 4. triangleABC =

    asked by Regina
  11. SAT Math Question?

    Which of the following accurately defines all possible values of p-q if 15≤p≤30 and 7≤q≤19? The answer is -4≤(p-q)≤23, but I'm not sure how. Thank you!

    asked by Kay
  12. data management gr.12

    How many different sums of money can you make with three coins of different denominations? Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  13. History - Help

    The French wars of religion amounted to a civil war that ended in: A. the conclusive victory of the Roman Catholic Church. B. a protracted and inconclusive stalemate. C. the conclusive victory of the Protestant Huguenots. D. the expulsion from France of

    asked by Angela
  14. Calculus

    If y = 2x - 8, find the minimum value of the product of xy. I think this is -8.

    asked by Anonymous
  15. co-ordinate geometry

    S is the point (4,0) and M is the foot of the perpendicular drawn From a point to the y-axis.If P moves such that the distance PS and PM remain equal,find the locus of point P

    asked by Sachin jha
  16. physics

    A child of mass 40kg jumps off a wall and hits the ground at 4m/s he bends his knees and stops in 1s calculate the force required to slow him down how would this force be different if he didn't bend his knees and stopped in 0.1s

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Statistics

    The monthly salaries (in thousands of dollars) of a sample of sales representatives are as follows: 13, 7, 10, 9, 8, 13 Find the standard deviation of this sample of monthly salaries. Round your answer to at least two decimal places.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Maths

    The volume of a cube is 27cm3. Find the length of edge

    asked by Tenzin
  19. math

    if tan(a+b)=2/3 and tan(a-b)=2/5 then find the value of tan2b.

    asked by Mandeep lamichhane
  20. data management gr.12

    Kirk and Les regularly play each other at darts. The probability that Kirk wins any game is 0.3 and the outcome of each game is independent of the outcome of every other game. a)Find the probability that in a match of 15 games Kirk wins b)find the expected

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Algebra

    What type of polynomial is this? 2 - 5x^3 + 6x A)not a polynomial B)cubic trinomial C)quadric trinomial D)fourth-degree trinomial Since the degree is 4, I think the answer is D. Is this correct?

    asked by Sam
  22. personal finance

    what is the form utility of a cupcake? please help and thanks!

    asked by Meg
  23. Linear Algebra

    which of the following functions is the inverse of F(X)=3x F(X)=-3X F(X)=X (cubed)**** F(X)= X/3 This function does not have an inverse. Thank you!

    asked by Who would know
  24. math

    What is the recursive rule for an=2n+11? a1=13;an=an−1+2 a1=13;an=an−1+11 a1=2;an=an−1+11 a1=11;an=an−1+2

    asked by Jay
  25. help math

    1.Write the ratio in the simplest form 16:24 1:2 4:3*** 3:4 2:3 2.Solve the following proportion p/6 =7/8 p=5.25*** p=8 p-10.5 p=42 3.James has a model helicopter. The model is 8 inches long and 7 inches wide. The actual helicopter is 56 inches long. What

    asked by rain
  26. Probability

    Consider 100 blood donors chosen randomly from a population where the probability of typer a is .40? What is approximate probability that at least 43 donors will have type blood?

    asked by Vishnu Priya
  27. History - Help

    The concept of national sovereignty was established by: A. the European invasion of the Holy Lands. B. the Treaty of Westphalia. C. the Protestant Reformation. D. The Peace of Augsburg. An: B

    asked by Angela
  28. Math

    What are two mixed numbers so that the sum is 7 2/4 and the difference is 5

    asked by Nathan
  29. Physical Science

    Sodium (Na) reacts with chlorine gas (Cl2) to form sodium chloride (NaCl) as shown in the equation 2Na+Cl2=2nacl If 4 moles of sodium react, how many moles of chlorine gas will react? I have no idea what to do.......... I need some assistance thanks

    asked by Jam
  30. Maths - Linear Relations Simple Problem

    Find the values of m for which the line with equation y=mx+2 does not intersect the parabola with equation y=(x-1)^2 + 5. I am not sure how to solve this problem. I know that both equations equal each other when it intersects but what happens if they don't

    asked by Cliff
  31. Chemistry

    I have asked this question before but I was not clear enough. I want to prepare a 37% w/w solution (in water)of sulfuric acid from 96% sulfuric acid. I need around 500ml, I know it won't be exactly that, I want to know how to use the conversion using

    asked by Pam
  32. data management gr.12

    In how many ways can a committee of 8 members be chosen from 7 males and 9 females if the committee must contain at least 3 males? Please verify if my solution is correct: total# of 8 members 16C8 #with NO males 7C8 # with at least 3 males (7C3 x 4C2)+

    asked by Anonymous
  33. data management gr.12

    A hamburger restaurant offers 2 types of buns, 3 types of meat burgers and 4 types of different toppings. How many different hamburgers can be prepared if the chef must choose 1 bun, 1 meat burger but can have no topping, one topping or more than one

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Politics

    How many states don't have laws prohibiting faithless electors? I can't find a site that has a clear answer.

    asked by Jeneva
  35. Bree

    Can someone help me answer this for my portfolio for the Citizenship and the Constitution portfolio? Compose a general introduction about the concept of American citizenship and democracy.

    asked by American Government
  36. science

    no. of mole in 4.4 g Co2 is ……… .

    asked by Shivam
  37. geo

    Why is amazon basin ecologically imp.

    asked by why is amazon basin ecologically imp
  38. Algebra 1b

    Task 1—Shipping a gift. You have selected a special gift for a cousin or other family member of similar age. You’re not close enough to deliver it by hand, so you will need to ship it to him or her. What did you choose for a gift? What size box will

    asked by Diana
  39. Global Studies

    1. Humans Migrated to the following areas in which order? • 1, 2, 4, and 5 • 1 and 3, 6, 2 • 3, 1 and 4, 5 • 3, 6, 1 and 2 My answer is 1, 2, 4, and 5 2. Which statement is correct • Aborigines were the first people to settle Australia and New

    asked by Australia12
  40. math

    What is 3 times the quotient of n divided by 5?

    asked by jalysa
  41. English

    The speaker in “Mending Wall” feels the wall is (1 point) unnecessary since they have different types of orchards. important for keeping good relationships in the neighborhood. a tradition that reminds him of his father’s generation and era. a way to

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Physics

    A lump of lead with mass 0.5kg is dropped from height of 20m onto a hard surface it doesn't rebound but remains there at rest for a long period of time. A, find change in heat , change in work, change in internal energy for the lead during this process?

    asked by Faf
  43. Chemistry

    Hi, How do you know how many ligands a metal ion needs to form a complex ion? So for example, with (Fe(H20)6)2+, how am I supposed to know that the Fe needs 6 H20's, rather than 4? Thank you!

    asked by Maria
  44. data management gr.12

    A particular genetic trait occurs in 2% of the population. The reliability of a test to discover the trait is: if the person has the trait then the test is positive 98% of the time, but the test is also positive 3% of the time for those that do not have

    asked by Anonymous
  45. physics

    A geostationary satellite for communications seems to be in a fixed spot above the equator because it has the same angular velocity as the earth.A) show that if it goes round once a day,its angular velocity is a little over 7×10 race to negative 5 rad

    asked by And
  46. Scholarships

    I am a middle-schooler that is going to skip a year to go straight to high school. I have been looking for scholarships I can apply to now. Do you guys know any good sites?

    asked by Ethan
  47. Social

    To what extent should individuals play a role in serving their nation when the nation is self-interested? I think that they should play a role because they belong to the nation. Their voice matters, and even though the nation is still thinking about only

    asked by Anonymous
  48. math

    arrange smallest to largest 3/4,2/3,5/9,5/6

    asked by william
  49. algebra

    Please show me how to simplify: (p^2+4p-23)-(3p^2-23p-23) Thank you so much.

    asked by Anneliese
  50. math

    sasha used 55% of her savings to buy a game. She has $135 remaining. How much was her savings before buying the game?

    asked by indira
  51. algebra

    Will you please show me how to completely factor this expression 2a^2c^3-14bc^3+32c^3d^2 Thank you very much for your help.

    asked by Anneliese
  52. algebra

    How do I simplify (2m-4)(m^2+2m+4)? I appreciate your help,thank you.

    asked by Jack
  53. electrical energy and power

    determine the overall efficiency of a motor that deliveries 2 horsepower to a load if it draws 7.5 amperes when connected to a 240 volt supply.

    asked by Carlos Velazquez
  54. math

    The locus of point whose distance from the point (0,5) is always 3/4 of its distance from line y=8 is an ellipse. Find major and minor axis

    asked by donald
  55. math help

    Find the unit vector perpendicular to each of the vectors 2i+j+k and i-j+2k?

    asked by mis
  56. Math

    If a person buy a book for ₹36 which is available on 40% discount off the original price what original price of book

    asked by Upmanyu
  57. Maths

    When 100 is added to a number the result is 50 more than 3 times the number . Find the number

    asked by Meenakshi
  58. Linear Relations MATHS

    If A = (-4,6) and B = (6,-7), find: (a) the coordinates of the point P on the line segment AB such that AP:Pb = 3:1 (b) the coordinates of the point P on the line AB such that AP:AB = 3:1 and P is closer to point B than to point A

    asked by GEORGE
  59. Mathematics

    by driving a car at a speed of 50km/hr . I reach the airport in 30 what speed should I drive to reach in 25 minutes?

    asked by Tanveer Ahmed
  60. Specialist Mathematics

    Need help with three proofs. Proof#1: Prove that |x+y| is less than or equal to |x|+|y| Proof#2: Prove that |x|-|y| is less than or equal to |x-y| Proof#3: Prove that |x+y+z| is less than or equal to |x|+|y|+|z|.

    asked by ALBERT
  61. Math

    Sides of a quadrilateral are all positive integers.How many possible values the fourth side have if three of its sides are 5cm,10cm,20cm?

    asked by Shashwat
  62. math

    the measures of a pair of two adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 15cm and 20 cm.if the length of one of its diagonal is 25cm, find the area of the parallelogram

    asked by nia
  63. math

    x+y+√z=148 x+√y+z=82 √x+y+z=98 find x,y,z. Please give full solution and how to find with complete logic.

    asked by Muhammad Shaudddin
  64. Physics

    A lump of lead with mass 0.5kg is dropped from height of 20m onto a hard surface it doesn't rebound but remains there at rest for a long period of time. A, find change in heat , change in work, change in internal energy for the lead during this process?

    asked by Faf
  65. Transformations - Maths

    List a sequence of transformations which maps the graph of y=x^2 to the image with equation y=4*(2x-3)^2 + 1

    asked by Dog
  66. Easy Maths Question

    A manufacturer of souvenir items makes key rings which sell for $5.80 each. The cost of manufacturing is $1250 to set up the process, and then $0.80 per key ring. 1) Write a rule for the income in dollars, S, from selling n of these key rings. 2) Write a

    asked by Dumb
  67. Grade 6 Maths

    Find a formula which gives the number of matches, S, required to construct n diagram. Diagram 1 has 8 matches Diagram 2 has 15 matches Diagram 3 has 22 matches

    asked by Help
  68. math

    0º≤A≤90º and 3tan2A = 2tanA + 1

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Science Chemistry

    The elementary analysis of 22 g hydrocarbon sample results in 18 g C and 4 g H. a) Choose the correct chemical formula of the hydrocarbon: i) CH4 ii) C2H4 iii) C3H8 b) What is the amount of CO2 in grams formed by the total combustion of hydrocarbon? Assume

    asked by karem
  70. Science Chemistry

    according to the reaction below: 4 NO + 3 O2 + 2 H2O → 4 HNO3 a) 0,001 g of NO dissolves into 1 liter of rainwater and all of it transforms into nitric acid. What is the molar concentration of nitric acid in the rainwater? b) Supposing that no other

    asked by karem
  71. Science Chemistry

    Phosphorous (P) is an indispensable nutrient in food production. According to the estimates, mineral phosphorous resources will end up within 50 years and consequently new sources of P has to be found. A human excretes 2,2 g of phosphorous (P) per day on

    asked by karem
  72. Science: Physics

    An electric heater of power 2500 W is connected to a voltage of 230 V. i) Calculate the electric current going through the heater. ii) What is the resistance of the heater? iii) How much energy does it consume in a year, if it is switched on 15 min every

    asked by karem
  73. Science: Physics

    We use an electric immersion heater to heat 2,0 liters water having temperature of 20C to the boiling point. Specific heat capacity of water is 4,19 kJ/(kg c). The power of the heater is 1,50 kW and efficiency of heating is 80 %. How much time does the

    asked by karem
  74. chemistry

    A 0.50 g mixture of Cu and CuO was treated with hydrogen at elevated temperature. CuO was reduced to Cu . (b) Before the experiment, calculate the minimum amount (in mole) of hydrogen required to ensure the reduction is completed. (3 marks) (c) After

    asked by henry39
  75. math

    When 100 is added to a number , the result is 50 more than 3 times the number. Find the number

    asked by SABIR Hussain
  76. Maths

    If the perimeter rectangle is 250cm and its breadth is 50cm, it length will be?

    asked by Dheeraj
  77. English

    1. Some of his pictures seem to be close to what's happening now. 2. Some of his pictures seem close to what's happening now. 3. Some of his pictures seem to be close to the thing which is happening now. 4. Some of his pictures seem to be close to the

    asked by rfvv
  78. English

    1. People always imagine the future to have machines that are magically helpful. 2. People always imagine the future to have "the" machines that are magically helpful. ----------------------------- Are both okay? Do we have to use 'the' or not in this

    asked by rfvv
  79. English

    1. He thought that by the year 2000, people could fly in personal airplanes and flying police officers would control airplanes in the air. 2. He thought that by the year 2000, people could fly "on" personal airplanes and flying police officers would

    asked by rfvv