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December 20, 2016


    1. Write the ratio in the simplest form. 16:24 (1 point) 1:2 4:3 3:4 2:3 2. Solve the following proportion. (1 point) p = 2 p = 8 p = 12 p = 24 3. A recipe calls for 2 cups of sugar to make 2 dozen cookies. Use the proportion to calculate how much sugar is

    asked by Jayisbeastin
  2. American Government

    Please check my answers 1. Political parties and interest groups differ in which of the following ways? A. Individual interest groups infuse more money into politics than political parties. B. Interest groups represent ideologies of members, whereas

    asked by M
  3. History

    Someone help please. How did the Union's capture port Hudson and the confederates surrender at Vicksburg divide the confederacy?

    asked by Evan
  4. American Government

    1. "Americans of all ages, all conditions, and all dispositions, constantly form associations... not only for commercial and manufacturing but of a thousand other kinds -- religious, moral, serious, futile, extensive or restricted, enormous or diminutive.

    asked by M
  5. Algebra

    1. Solve the equation below for x interms of a 4(ax+3)-3ax=25+3a 2. The formula for the sum of the degree measures of the interior angles of a polygon is S=180(n-2). Solve for n, the number of sides of the polygon, in terms of S. IM STRUGGLING PLEASE HELP

    asked by Kianna
  6. Math (please help!!)

    Which of the statements about the picture below is true? Choose 3. postimg(.)org/image/qb71bjkjh/f11870c4/ A. F is the circumcenter of the triangle

    asked by Ren
  7. History

    Which two groups of people most directly benefited from Song innovations and the Song dynasty’s open-border policy?

    asked by Phoenix
  8. Social Studies

    How would Samuel A. Worcester most likely view the end result of the legal battle between Georgia and the Cherokee people? A.) He would be happy because be wanted the Cherokee to be moved to the west. B.) He would be surprised because he expected the

    asked by .
  9. English

    In a certain code TGFYWOAG means SECURITY. In the same code what does GGHHGGJS mean? A) FINANCES B) CARRIAGE C) RETAINER D) FEEDBACK

    asked by Anonymous
  10. math

    Devide 1000 by two parts such that one part is 1/100 of other

    asked by kalyani
  11. algebra

    ental car company charges a base fee of 15.00 plus 0.35 per mile driven which of the following equations models the charge c for renting a car based on the number of miles

    asked by jade
  12. language

    Which is expressed with the MOST precise language? A) The desk was rectangular in shape. B) In my personal opinion, the test was easy. C) Heidi has piano lessons every Friday at 6 p.m. D) My uncle believes that in the future to come we will all have

    asked by Jay
  13. math

    TWO YEARS AGO, KIM INVESTED RMP AT HER ACCOUNT WHICH EARNS r% simple interest . after eighteen months , she noticed that the amount had become rm 10450 and today amount is rm 10600 . FIND THE VALUE OF p and r

    asked by jo
  14. Chemistry

    The specific heat of silver is 0.24 J/g*C. If 15.4 g of silver absorb 332 J heat, how much will the temperature of the silver increase?

    asked by Grace
  15. finance

    the school you would like to attend costs 100,000, to help finance your education you need to choose whether or not to sell your 1000 shares of Apple stock , 1000EE Savings Bonds (with denominations and 4.25% coupon rate) that are five years from their

    asked by d
  16. physics

    At ground level g is 9.8meter per second square. Suppose the earth started to increase its angular velocity. How long would a day be when the people on the equator were just 'thrown off' why is the expression thrown off is a bad one?

    asked by Andy
  17. Chemistry

    Given the equation 2SO2(g) +O2(g) -> 2SO3(g), H = -197.8 kJ per Mole, find the quantity of heat transferred when 8.54 grams of sulfur dioxide react completely. I'm stuck. Please help >-

    asked by Madalyn
  18. Math

    What does it take to win a tug of war

    asked by Danielle
  19. finance

    the company offered you a 5000 bonus, which you may receive today or 100 shares of the companys stock which has a current stock price of 50 per share

    asked by e
  20. Math

    Three friends drove radio controlled cars around a track. The table below shows the number of laps completed by each person and the time it took. Latoya Mary Melissa Number of laps 9 30 20 Time (minutes) 3 6 5 Write the number of laps completed per minute

    asked by Rain
  21. math

    determine which ordered pair is not a solution of y = -5x -4 (10, -52) (7,-39) (-7, 31) (8,-44)

    asked by maria
  22. math

    If f(x) = 3x and g(x) = 3x + 1 + 6. Describe the transformations from f(x) to g(x). A) left 1 and up 6 B) left 6 and up 1 C) right 6 and up 1 D) right 1 and down 6

    asked by Jay
  23. Math

    Two cars, car X and car Y , start moving from the same point P on a cross intersection. Car X is travelling east and car Y is travelling north. Some time later car X is 60 km east of point P and travelling in an easterly direction at 80 km/h and car Y is

    asked by R
  24. Math

    carmela cut a cake into 12 equal-sized pieces. She ate 2/12 of the cake and her brother ate 3/12 of the cake.What fraction of the cake

    asked by Veronica

    write a rule for the function represented by the table. input (x) 0 1 2 3 4 output (y) 3 6 9 12 15 A y=3x B y=3x+3**** C y=5x+1 D y=x+5 my answer was b am I right

    asked by Wolf
  26. science

    A ray of light travelling in air strikes water by making angle 30 calculate angle of reflection if refractive index of glass is 1.5

    asked by Divyanshi
  27. Chemistry

    A 3.4g sample of h2o2 solution containing x% H2O2 by mass requires x ml of a KMnO4 solution for complete oxidation under acidic condition. The molarity of KMnO4 solution is: a)1 b)0.5 c)0.4 d)0.2

    asked by Anurima khuranw
  28. Chemistry

    2CO(g) = 2C(s) + O2(g). A sample of 0.882g of carbon monoxide, CO(g), is completely decomposed in a calorimeter containing 325 g of water. The initial temperature is 17.60*C, and the final temperature is 74.21*C. Calculate the enthalpy change in J/mol of

    asked by Madilyne

    A sample of methane gas of mass 35 g at 250 K and 12.5 atm expands isothermally until its pressure is 1.5 atm. Determine the change in entropy of the gas.

    asked by AHMED
  30. math

    Make a list of data values thays fits this statement Half of the days of February were colder than 30 degrees fahrenheit find the mean, median, mode, and range of the data?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Chemisty

    In an experiment, 6.25 g of NH3 are allowed to react with 8.50 g of O2. The chemical equation for the reaction is 4NH3 + 5O2 → 4NO + 6 H2O. How many grams of water are produced? Which reactant limits the production of water? Which reactant is in excess?

    asked by Samantha
  32. data management gr.12

    In a bag there are 8 red jelly beans and 7 green jelly beans. The 4 jelly beans are randomly chosen from the bag without replacement. a)create a probability distribution table for choosing red jelly beans b)what is the probability that at least 2 chosen

    asked by Jenna
  33. math

    At a basketball game, a vender sold a combined total of 116 sodas and hot dogs. The number of sodas sold was three times the number of hot dogs sold. Find the number of sodas and the number of hot dogs sold

    asked by john
  34. Techm

    What is a bin range

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Algebra

    for each equation tell weather its graph is a horizontal or a vertical line y=-4 write an equation in slope-intercept form of the line that passes through the given point and is parallel to the graph of the given equation (1,3);y=3x+2

    asked by Pokemoncharzard
  36. Quantitative techniques

    The 7th term of the A.P is 34 and 15th term is 74. Find it's 40th term.

    asked by Sheela
  37. Math

    Is (2,12) a solution to the given system? y>2x+4 yx+8 3x+y>2 y>-x+8 2x+3y≥7 y≤-3x+1 x-y≥-15 Melissa keeps a jar for holding change. The jar holds 21 coins. All of the coins are quarters and nickels. The total amount in the jar is $3.85. How many

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math trig

    Two towers 50 meters apart from the top of the shorter tower to the top of the taller tower 43 degree elevation, depression from the top of shorter tower to the bottom of the taller tower is 36 degrees what is the height of each tower?

    asked by Shania
  39. math

    In a bag there are 8 red jelly beans and 7 green jelly beans. The 4 jelly beans are randomly chosen from the bag without replacement. a)create a probability distribution table for choosing red jelly beans b)what is the probability that at least 2 chosen

    asked by Jenna
  40. Math

    The parallel sides of a trapezium are 25 cm and 13 cm.its non parallel sides are 15 cm and 10 cm. Find the area of the trapezium.

    asked by Brajesh
  41. Math

    We want to construct a closed rectangular box whose base has a length three times the width. The surface area has to be 600 cm2. Determine the dimensions of the box that will produce the largest volume.

    asked by R
  42. Literature

    What does this quote reveal about Elie's internal struggle? "For the first time, I felt revolt rise up in me. Why should I bless His name? The Eternal, Lord of the Universe, the All-Powerful and Terrible, was silent. What had I to thank Him for?" Question

    asked by Jay
  43. math

    The area of the bottom of a rectangular box is 316cm squared the area of one side is 168cm squared and the area of the other is 120cm squared. What are the dimensions of the box?

    asked by jake really needs help
  44. Math

    The total number of football (x) and basketball (y) is 180. There are 30 more football than basketball. How many of each basketball and football are there?

    asked by Mary
  45. Math

    In an isosceles triangle the verticle angle is 40° find the other two angle of the Triangle

    asked by AdityA
  46. math

    what is the mean median mode and range of 420,450,480,440,420,490,580,590,510, 450,430,480

    asked by Anonymous
  47. english

    An aural learner could also be referred to as a(n): A. kinesthetic learner. B. visual learner. C. auditory learner. D. reader or writer.

    asked by tiny
  48. Chemistry

    Hi, I have few questions from a chemistry lab that i did, 1) I'm not sure whats the point of heating a nitrate (NaNO3) 2) I'm not sure why you add NaOH to NaNO3 after it has dissolved in water 3) I'm not sure why do we have to test what gas is produced

    asked by Sherlique
  49. literature

    Identify the part of speech for the underlined word in the sentence: After the tiring game, I quickly went to get ice cream and celebrate our hard-fought victory! victory is the one underlined. Question 4 options: A.)noun B.)verb C.)preposition

    asked by Jay
  50. Maths

    The weight (in gm ) if 100 apples picked at random from a basket Weight in gm30-45 45-60 75-90 90-105 105-120 Number of apples 21 24 15 12 17 11

    asked by The weight(in gm) if 100apples picked at random from a basket
  51. Bio

    if you knew makeup of a specific proteins in a cell , how would you determine the particular dna code that coded for them

    asked by Chris
  52. History

    who can be credited with the achievement of the dragon cannon?

    asked by Phoenix
  53. calculus

    f(x)=−x3 −x2 +16x+16 1. Calculate f′(x). 2. Calculate f′′(x). 3. Find the x values such that f(x) = 0. Note: this can be done by factoring. 4. Find the stationary point/s. Note: a point requires x and y coordinates. 5. Determine the nature of

    asked by R
  54. algebra

    9.6*10^2/3.2*10^5 please evaluate this expression and show answer in both scientific notation and in standard form. Thank you so much for helping me.

    asked by Anneliese
  55. math

    how much silt do you need to add to 4ft cube of soil with 10% silt in order to make a soil with 60% silt?

    asked by Lakshmi
  56. math

    1. if one side of a square is increased by 2metres and other side is reduced by 2 metres. a rectangle is formed whose perimeter is 48.find the side of the orignal square.

    asked by Aditya
  57. data management gr.12

    In the spring, a group of biologists caught and tagged 500 wolves in a wilderness area. These animals were then released. A couple of months later, 200 wolves were caught and 75 of them had tags. Estimate the wolf population in this wilderness area. Please

    asked by Jenna
  58. Math

    Identify the vertex y=|x-2|+1 y=-|x+5|+4 My answers 1.(2,1) 2.(5,4)

    asked by Aria
  59. Biology

    What are electronic wastes?

    asked by Abhishek
  60. PreCalculus

    Assume that x y and a are positive numbers. Use the properties of logs to write the expression log a 9(squrt)xy.

    asked by Jessica
  61. math

    how many 0z of a metal containing 90% copper must be combined with 3 0z of purecopper to form an alloy containing 92% copper?

    asked by Lakshmi
  62. Riddle

    You have 24 hours to answer this riddle.There was a man who walked down the road. He noticed a child crying, he walked up to the child and whispered into her hear. The child smiled, said thank you ... and left. My question is What is in the fourth drawer

    asked by Chloe
  63. Math

    Write an equation that is parallel to the line y=-2x+4

    asked by Aria
  64. water site constraction management

    calculate the quatity of concrete ingredints for the following volume. i) for 3mcubi ,grade c-15,c-20,c-25 assume that the mix could be done by hand and machine and the size of the box ?

    asked by abel
  65. education

    This is a test to measure one’s intelligence in the area of motivation, persistence, self-control, and handling relationships. A. IQ B. EIQ C. MIQ D. EQ

    asked by tiny
  66. Energy & Power

    If I have zinc@ -.76 & copper @.340. Put 9 in a series, what would my voltage be?

    asked by Rich
  67. Algebra 1

    Find the GFC of the terms of the polynomial. 14z^5-70z^4+10z^3 Is the answer 14? I'm not really sure. Can someone please help?

    asked by Sam
  68. Literature

    What are the conditions like in the railcars the Jews take to the concentration camps? Question 1 options: A.)They are dirty, Jews are crammed in like animals, there is little food and drink, valuable possessions are taken from them, and then are warned to

    asked by Jay
  69. Literature

    It is also important that the verb always agrees with the subject, not the Predicate Noun. In this example, which word is the simple subject? Her award to the students was a virtual high five. Question 4 options: her award students high-five

    asked by Jay
  70. math

    a man was trying to swim to a buoy placed at a distance of 200m out in the sea. it took him 1 min to swim 20m. then a wave pushed him back 10m and he rested for about 1min before swimming again. he continued in his way for the rest of their journey. how

    asked by Ali
  71. history

    state why seyyid said went to zanzibar

    asked by Gerald muiruri
  72. data management gr.12

    It is known that approximately 20% of the population is colour blind. In a sample of 270 people, use the normal approximation to find probability that: a)at least 90 people are colour blind b)exactly 50 people are colour blind Thanks

    asked by Jenna
  73. math

    It is known that approximately 20% of the population is colour blind. In a sample of 270 people, use the normal approximation to find probability that: a)at least 90 people are colour blind b)exactly 50 people are colour blind Thanks

    asked by Jenna
  74. English

    1. There's nothing good on, anyway. With hundreds of channels available, viewers can spend hours just flipping channels trying to find something worthwhile. ------------------------------ This is one of the disadvantages of Watching TV. Are there any

    asked by rfvv
  75. Literature

    Why didn't the people of Sighet, Hungary (and other small towns like it) run away or fight back when they were rounded up and sent to ghettos and eventually deported? A.)The didn't believe or understand what they where they were going and what was going to

    asked by Jay
  76. Math general

    If you have to cut 102 ft of rope into 18 inches, how many pieces would you have?

    asked by Nicole
  77. geography

    What are glaciers?

    asked by rishu tiwari
  78. Math

    Data that would represent a bar gragh

    asked by Anonymous
  79. science

    In me is me In me is a twin Which is said to flee When slumber comes in

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Vet tech

    . Academic Index is:

    asked by Nicole
  81. math

    Out of 14 bulbs 9 are good. Find no. Of good bulbs when total production is 35000

    asked by rishu tiwari
  82. English

    Where to use Present progressive tense & simple future tense?

    asked by AnaX
  83. Math

    A waitress Nikia makes three dollars per hour +8 dollars in tips she goes to earn no less than $26 today what is the algebra equation for that

    asked by Melanie
  84. Math

    Max received an allowance of $20.she spent $12 and saved the rest. What percent of her allowance did she save?

    asked by Ping
  85. water supply

    what should the materials for making concrete should satisfy from quality point of view?

    asked by jemal
  86. water site constructiom

    calculate the quantity of concrete ingredients for the following volume. i) for 3mcubi, grade c 15,c 20,c 25 assume that the mix could be done by hand and machine and the size of the box is as stated above.

    asked by Tare
  87. math

    How long will it take ruppes 100 to double itself at 5% simple interest?

    asked by veenu