Questions Asked on
December 19, 2016

  1. algebra 2

    according to the graph of h(w) (5.0,20.00) below, what happens when w gets very large?

    asked by kristy
  2. math(geometric series)

    which term of the sequence 18,12,8,.... is 512/729 is ?

    asked by Ana....
  3. English

    11. The speaker of the poem “Your World” goes from living in a small nest in a corner to (1 point) A.being welcomed into a larger flock of birds. B. being devoured by the family’s hungry cat. C.soaring “to the uttermost reaches” of the sky.

    asked by Leslie
  4. math(geometric series)

    the sum of first 20 terms of a G.P is 244 times the sum of its first 10 terms. the common ration is ?

    asked by Ana....
  5. algebra 2

    the soccer club has planned a trip to a tournament. the cost of the van is $231 when 3 students who are not members of the club join the trip, the transportation cost per person drops by $4.50 how many soccer members are going to the tournament?

    asked by kristy
  6. Business Finance

    Deposit $300 each month into an account earning 7% interest compounded monthly. How much total money will you put into the account? How much total interest will you earn?

    asked by Anonymous
  7. English

    Which of the following verbs completes the sentence correctly. If you had ____ more water, you would not be so thirsty right now. a) drink b) drank c) drunk d) drunken I'm a little confused about this one...normally these are pretty easy but I get paranoid

    asked by Starcatcher
  8. Chemistry

    A sample of 76 g of NaCl is dissolved to make 1 L of solution. What is the morality of the solution? How do I get started solving this problem?

    asked by Alice Keign
  9. Math

    An employee earns $195 for 15 hours of work. Assuming he is paid by the hour, how much will the employee earn in 8 hours?

    asked by Anoymous
  10. math

    A game is defined by the rules that two dice are rolled and the player wins varying amounts depending on the sum of the two dice rolled based on the following table: Sum 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Winnings $10 $9 $8 $7 $6 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 If it costs $7.50

    asked by Jenna
  11. MATH

    it is found that the number of raisins in a box of a popular cereal is normally distrubuted, with a mean of 133 raisins per box and a standard deviation of 10 raisins. my cereal box has 152 raisins, what is the z-score for this box of cereal?

    asked by JONES
  12. connections math

    solve each equation and put it in simplest form. x/5=-2 A)-45 B)35 C)-10 D)21 ???? 13x-7=136 A)11 ******* B)15 C)8 D)9 solve the following equation. 3x-3=15 A)4 B)5 C)6 ****** D)7 ernesto lost 14.5 pounds what equation can we used to find how much we was

    asked by dude

    Which is the best to buy???? A $10.88 for 7 can of tuna B $11.55 for 6 can of tuna C $17.25 for 9 cans of tuna D $15.31 for 8 cans of tuna PLZZ HELP ME I REALLY NEED HELP

    asked by savepuppy
  14. Algebra

    10. Write an equation in point-slope form for the line through the given point with the given slope. (5, 2); m=3 a. y+2=3(x-5) *** b. y+2=3x-5 c. y-2=3(x+5) d.y-2=3(x-5) 11. Write an equation in point-slope form for the line through the given point with

    asked by bleh
  15. English

    Which of the following words best describes the political climate of Curacao in the early 1940s? A. alarmed B. discouraged * C. hopeful * D. tense I think the answer is either B or C

    asked by Lilly
  16. English

    3. Which of the following is the best revision for strong verbs in the sentence below? Mrs. Benoit is the events organizer for a nonprofit organization. a. Mrs. Benoit does events for a nonprofit organization. b. Mrs. Benoit organizes events for a

    asked by Ranger Will
  17. pre calculus

    in the equation (x-4)^2+y^2=16 the letters x and y represent rectangular coordinates. Write the equivalent equation using polar coordinates. solve for r

    asked by Meredith
  18. SS4

    8. What contributed to the rapid growth of Japan’s economy following World War II? a decrease in exported goods new factories with modern technology a poorly educated workforce*** fewer loans being given to businesses

    asked by Agala
  19. language arts

    I NEED HELP The Latin root man means "hand." what is the meaning of the word manual in the following sentence? Manual laborers used hammers and nails to build the root of Dr. Meehan' new house. A done by machines B done by humans C done by tools D done by

    asked by savepuppy
  20. English

    In "A Meeting in the Dark," the motif of the lion-demon most likely represents A. Being trapped between two worlds B. self-hate C. the foolishness of old age D. Christian values I am super confused about this!! I am going between A and D because the whole

    asked by Dresden
  21. ELA

    (Whoever answers this question will earn a great deal!) - ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO READ WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM - 1963 1. Which of the following events is a part of the novel's exposition? A - Byron tells Kenny to check out the World-Famous Watson Pet

    asked by Miss Sands
  22. Chemistry

    what compound is the result of silver nitrate and potassium bromide

    asked by Alice Keign
  23. MATH

    5. Sales. An auto dealer’s sales numbers are shown in the table below. Find for each month the mean, median, and mode prices of the cars she sold. Round your answers to the nearest dollar. Price May June July $20,000 22 25 24 $15,000 49 24 24 $12,500 25

    asked by Jones
  24. Social Studies

    1.The push-pull theory is used by scientists to explain: people fight B.mountains C.immigration D.Farming methods

    asked by Help
  25. Social studies

    Countries with little industry are called: Industrialized nations Prehistoric nations developed nations developing nations I think its D (I think I know the answer put I just want to be 100% sure :)

    asked by Sup
  26. Social Studies MS. SUE

    The Middle Passage was the brutal part of the trade. Explain why.

    asked by Anna
  27. Algebra 1

    How many solutions does this system have? 2x + y = 3 6x = 9 - 3y A) One B) None C) Infinite**** D) Two And if anyone knows the other question "connexus academy" I'd appreciate that thanks!!

    asked by Math help please!
  28. Algebra 9th

    24. Correlation -0.015 How confident can you be? I'm confident in -0.015 because it's closer to 0 than anything else, therefore has no correlation. 25. 25. A college football coach wants to know if there is a correlation between his players' leg strength

    asked by bleh
  29. business math

    Asia Desai deposited $6,000 in a savings account that pays 5.5 percent interest compounded daily. How much interest did she earn in 21 day

    asked by kathia
  30. Math

    A man standing on a window of the first floor of a building observed that the angle of depression of forest in which is 10 metre from the photo of the building is 45° claims to the window of the second floor directory above the first word and observe the

    asked by Shyam singh
  31. physics (science)

    A body travels from rest with acceleration 8m/s square . Find its velocity when it has covered a distance of 100m

    asked by Emmanuella
  32. Math

    draw a line with a slope of 1/4 through the point (0 -4)

    asked by Bob
  33. physics

    A projectile is fired from the origin (at y = 0 m) as shown in the diagram. The initial velocity components are and The projectile reaches maximum height at point P, then it falls and strikes the ground at point Q, which is 20 m below the launch point.

    asked by breanna
  34. calcululs help me

    if 4x^2+8xy+9y^2-8x-24y+4=0 show that when dy/dx=0, x+y=1 and d^2y/dx^2=4/(8-5y) hence find the maximum and minimum values of y plz help so far so good i got dy/dx=(4-4y-4x)/(4x+9y-12) that help me to get x+y=1 but where i could not get is the second

    asked by ...
  35. Science


    asked by Shantanu
  36. Alebra

    Solve 5m - 8 > 12 Solve 12 - 3a > 18 Solve 5m - 4 < 2m + 11 Solve 2r - 18 ≤ 5r + 3 Solve 26p - 20 > 14p + 64 Can someone give me an example to one of these? I don't know how to do these.

    asked by Jessi
  37. ss

    i need anwsers for this 1. What was the last battle associated with the War of 1812? (1 point) a.Battle of New Orleans b.Battle of "Old Ironsides"to B.attle at Montreal d.Battle at Baltimore 2. For what is the War of 1812 BEST remembered? (1 point) the

    asked by john
  38. Calculus

    The horizontal position of an object from a point of origin in meters is modeled by the function x(t)= (1+sin(t))/(2+cos(t)) where t is measured in minutes and 0 is less than or equal to t which is less than or equal to 5. A) show that x(t)= (2cos(t)+sin

    asked by Rodger
  39. Calculus

    A chemical substance is draining from a conical filtering system at a rate of 100 cubic centimeters per minute into a cylindrical storage tank below. The conical filter and cylindrical tank each have a diameter of 60 centimeters, and the height of the cone

    asked by Luke
  40. Math

    Simplify the radical. 16 ---- 49

    asked by Lea
  41. math

    xavier old bedroom was 8 feet by 10 feet.In his new house his bedroom is 12 feet by 16 feet. what is the percent increase in the area of his new bedroom

    asked by et
  42. history

    . How did the Republican Congress feel about Andrew Johnson’s political decisions in the wake of President Lincoln’s assassination? (1 point) Johnson was too lenient on the Confederate leaders. Johnson’s political decisions were too quick after

    asked by Hi
  43. physics

    In Figure 10-1, if the force exerted on a 3.0-kg backpack that is initally at rest is 20.0 N and the distance it acts over is 0.25 m, what is the final speed of the backpack?

    asked by aisha
  44. American History

    monroe's message stated that american foreign policy regarding european conflicts would be A) neutral B)de facto C)nationalist D)firm but freindly i think d

    asked by KK
  45. Physics

    A 13 kg block(mA) rests on a level table. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the table is .15. A string of negligible mass is attached to the block. The string, which is perfectly horizontal, passes through a frictionless pulley at

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Math

    Aaron buys a bag of peanuts always three forths of a pound. Later that week the bag is two thirds full. How much does the bag of peanuts way now

    asked by Makayla
  47. Science

    This is part two of my science I answered the other one just need to be checked on this one and the other one. 10. _________ is the most plentiful fossil fuel in the United States A:Natural Gas B:Coal C:Oil D:Petroleum 11. What is the result of fossil

    asked by Reeces
  48. chemistry

    m(ZnO) - ? m (HCl) - ? w(HCl) = 5% m(ZnCl) = 13,64 gram

    asked by yasine
  49. MATH

    64 – [(9 ÷ 3) + 4 x 7] = ? Is it 33?

    asked by Bonnie The Horse
  50. Social studies

    how do demographers figure out population growth? This will be all comparing birth rates and death rates asking people how many children they have

    asked by Help
  51. Math

    Each week I save half my pocket money and I buy stamps for my collection with 1/3 of the pocket money. That leaves $3.21. How much do I spend on stamps?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. SS

    2. Which of these questions would best help Xiao address a challenge in his community? Which political party should community members vote for? Why do diverse cultural influences exist in eastern China? What must people learn about to get new factory jobs?

    asked by Agala
  53. english

    I need a Christmas word with all these letters in it RODDNE

    asked by joe
  54. Algebra

    X=A + B= 168618472 if b = 17472947 than what is A +Z = X what is x

    asked by Steve
  55. Common Sense

    Can a mail man mail his own mail?

    asked by Girl With No Life
  56. math

    A salt solution of 15 litres contains 20%salt. How much water must you add to salt solution, in order to dilute it 15% salt?

    asked by HEMENDU KUMAR
  57. Chemistry

    Calculate the work done when 36.0 g of tin dissolves in excess acid at 1.00 atm and 30.1 C.

    asked by Ennaliea
  58. Biology

    The anticodon for GCG is: A) AUA B) CCT C) UAU D) CGC **D

    asked by Stacy
  59. maths, geography, physics, chemistry

    A cuboid has TSA 40 sq. m and latral surface 26 sq. m. Find the base area.

    asked by sneha kaurav
  60. Writing Essay 5th grade

    Hello, I got an assignment writing persuasive essay why we should save water? Could plz check my essay and guide me if I need to change anything. Thank You for your help. Why we should save water. (Persuasive Essay) Have you wondered why we should save

    asked by Jay
  61. math

    A cyclist travelled at a rate of 24 mph to visit a near by town. The cyclist averaged 18 mph on the return trip. If the round trip took 4.9 hours, find the distance to the near by town.

    asked by HEMENDU KUMAR
  62. SS2

    6.Beginning in the 1600s, the Tokugawa shoguns who ruled Japan tried to maintain stability and order by- increasing trade with Europeans. conquering nearby countries to create barriers to invasion. developing a new style of writing that was not related to

    asked by Agala
  63. math

    A man standing on a railway bridge which is 180 m long. He find that a train cross the bridge in 20 seconds but cross him in 8 seconds. Find the length of the train and its speed.

    asked by HEMENDU KUMAR
  64. Financial mathematics

    $800,000 if your rate of return is 5.3% compounded monthly If you deposit the amount you need to achieve your goal in 20 years, how much will your savings be worth after 10 years?

    asked by Adalheidis
  65. math

    Alka walks at the speed of 5 kmph but find that she is late to school by 7 minutes. However next day she walks at the speed of 6 kmph, and reaches school 5 minutes earlear than the usual time. Calculate the distance covered to reach the school.

    asked by HEMENDU KUMAR
  66. Math

    Write the expression 6a in words?

    asked by Ariba
  67. MATH

    What percentage of adult males in America are under 5 feet 7 inches tall?

    asked by saRA
  68. SS 3

    14. How would the Philippine government respond to an insurgency? The government would try to work with their members. The government would want to support it. The government would ignore it. The government would fight it fiercely.***

    asked by Agala
  69. data management gr.12

    In a bag there are 8 red jelly beans and 7 green jelly beans. The 4 jelly beans are randomly chosen from the bag without replacement. a)create a probability distribution table for choosing red jelly beans b)what is the probability that at least 2 chosen

    asked by Jenna
  70. math

    a car traveling at 25 miles per hour is 48 miles over the first 5 second it maintains this speed for the next 5 seconds and than slow to a stop during the next five seconds which graph below could match the situation described

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Trigonometry

    Find all solutions of the equation in the interval(0-360) Tan(0-30degrees)= -5

    asked by Wayne
  72. data management gr.12

    Tests show that the pressure, in pounds per square inch (Psi) required to break skate boards is normally distributed with a mean of 54.7 and standard deviation of 6.2 a)what is the probability that a board will require at least a pressure of 70 to break?

    asked by Jenna
  73. data management gr.12

    There is a new water park in your neighbourhood. A rider is not allowed to get on the slide at the top until the previous rider has comletely exited at the bottom. It is known that the mean ride time for this type of slide is 24.5 s and the standard

    asked by Jenna
  74. Pre calculus

    in the equation r= 5/(sin theta +2cos theta) the letters r and theta represent polar coordinates. Write the equivalent equation using rectangular coordinates. Thanks :)

    asked by Meredith
  75. Algebra 1a

    Find the slope of a line that passes through the given points (-6,1) (4,8)

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Write the system of equations as an augmented matr

    -4x-y=-6 -8x-5y=-6 Solutions:

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Chemistry

    What are the products of the neutralization reaction between hydrochloric acid and magnesium hydroxide? a. MgCl and H2O b. MgCl2 and H2O**

    asked by Amberxzx
  78. SS4 2

    8. What contributed to the rapid growth of Japan’s economy following World War II? a decrease in exported goods new factories with modern technology*** a poorly educated workforce fewer loans being given to businesses

    asked by Agala
  79. Trigonometry

    Find all solutions of the equation Tan(theta - 30 degrees)= -5 in interval 0 - 360 Book gives answers for theta of 131.3 and 311.3

    asked by Wayne
  80. math

    if the are of the circumcircle of an equilater triangle be 616 sq.m..,then hight of the triangle is.??

    asked by abhi
  81. math

    The difference of two acute angles in a right angled triangle is 2π/5.find the value of smallest angle?

    asked by kushal
  82. SS HELP PLZ!!!

    How do mountains influence where people farm in the Koreas? I've looked in my book and couldn't find anything... HELP PLZ!!!!!

    asked by Agala
  83. Maths

    Draw a rectangle of perimeter 30cm and length of sides in the ratio 1:2.draw two more rectangles of the same perimeter with the length of sides in the ratio 2:3 and 3:7 compute the areas of all three rectangles?

    asked by Gooks chandru
  84. Math

    12 1/2%

    asked by Amina
  85. Science

    May someone please review my last to science parts and let me know what is right and wrong

    asked by Reeces
  86. Math (1 Question)

    Can someone tell me what property this is? 5(1) = 5

    asked by Jessi
  87. Math

    Draw lines AE=AB=BC=5cm and

    asked by Jada
  88. pre calculus

    change the equation to rectangular coordinates: r= 2(sin theta -cos theta)

    asked by Meredith
  89. Math

    A line PQ=11.7cm is perpendicular to line QR.By using line QR,divide line PQ into 10 equal parts

    asked by Jada
  90. Algebra

    Suppose U={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} is the universal set and M={7,8,9,10}. What is M'? A. {1,2,3,4,5,6} B. {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} C. cannot be determined D. {7,8,9,10} My answer is D.

    asked by Blair
  91. Pre- calculus

    Change the equation to rectangular coordinates: r= 2(sin theta-cos theta)

    asked by Meredith
  92. English

    help me summarise the following book THE RIVER AND THE SOURCE.B a Ogolla

    asked by Gerald muiruri
  93. social studies

    Compare the situation in Burundi to the American Revolution

    asked by aaron
  94. social studies

    If Burundi has a revolution, how should they set up their new government? Explain

    asked by rc
  95. Algebra

    Two angles of a polygon are right angles & the remaining are 120 degrees each. Find the number of other sides in in it.

    asked by Shlok
  96. Chemistry

    how many sulfate ions are in 30 formula units of aluminum sulfate?

    asked by Anonymous
  97. English

    I need help with a poem with a Subject,Rhyme,Rhythm,Alliteration,Assonance,and a Metaphor. with 6 lines. This was due 3 weeks ago and I have no clue what to write about or do.

    asked by Ned

    8. Analyze the effect that plentiful harvests had on population in the ancient civilizations of the mainland's river valleys. In addition to the financial reward it already offers for the birth of new babies, what other steps could the government of

    asked by Agala
  99. math


    asked by saRA
  100. chemistry

    determine d no of moles in d following samples 2.5*10

    asked by promise
  101. Science - physics

    If you had to send your laser around a wide corner, which type of mirror could help? Briefly explain how it may help I think this one is a concave mirror

    asked by Kathy
  102. chemistry

    a gas occupies a volume of 50.0mL at degrees Celsius and what temperature in degrees Celsius would the pressure be 101.3kPa if the volume remains constant?

    asked by charles
  103. tangent help me maths

    Show that the line 2x+5y+11=0 is a Tangent to the circle with equation x²+y²+2x-8y-12=0. Then find the tangent points. Show step pl

    asked by ...
  104. math

    there are 15 dogs and 5 cats what is the ratio for the dogs and the cats

    asked by lela
  105. Math

    The hieght,X ,of young American women is distributed normal with mean 65.5 and standard deviation 2.5 inches .find the probability of each the following events. a- X

    asked by Sniper

    Jake sold 28 tickets to the school fair and Jeanne sol 21 tickets. what is the ratio in simplest form of the number of tickets Jeanne sold to the number of tickets Jake sold A 3/4 B 4/3 C 28/21 D 21/28

    asked by savepuppy
  107. physics

    If a battary of 12vo and 100Ah is used for a 3KVA inverter calculate the maximum current it can produce at maximum load.

    asked by johnkay
  108. electronics

    If a battary of 12vo and 100Ah is used for a 3KVA inverter calculate the maximum current it can produce at maximum load.

    asked by johnkay
  109. chemistry

    CH3-C(triple bond)C-CH-C2H5-CH3product a and product b

    asked by chemistry
  110. chemistry

    CH3-C(triple bond)C-CH-(C2H5)CH3product a and product b

    asked by chemistry