Questions Asked on
December 18, 2016

  1. Math

    3. At the end of a dock, high tide of 14 m is recorded at 9:00 a.m. Low tide of 6 m is recorded at 3:00 p.m. A sinusoidal function can model the water depth versus time. a) Construct a model for the water depth using a cosine function, where time is

    asked by Peter
  2. physics

    Two forces ,whose resultant is 100N are perpendicular to each other .if one of them makes an angle of 60degrees with the resultant calculate its magnitude

    asked by mirabel
  3. Geometry

    An exterior angle of an isosceles triangle has measure 150°. Find two possible sets of measures for the angles of the triangle. If the exterior angle of the bases is 150°​, then the measure of the angle of each base is _° and the measure of the vertex

    asked by Hannah
  4. chemistry

    If 120. g of propane, C3H8, is burned in excess oxygen according to the following equation: C3H8 + 5O2  3CO2 + 4H2O, how many grams of water are formed?

    asked by vera
  5. Math

    The population of a town increases by 25% during 1991. By what percent must it decrease the following year to return to the population it was at the beginning of 1991? I thought the answer was 25% but i don't know for sure.

    asked by Sai
  6. Amerian government

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME 1. What type of power does the Constitution grant to the Supreme Court? (1 point) executive power federal power judicial power legislative power 2. Which are examples of judicial restraint in the Supreme Court? Select all that

    asked by andrea
  7. Calculus Help 3 Questions

    3.The position (feet traveled) of a car is given by the equation s(t)= 4t2 + 4t. Find the time when the car is going the same speed as its average speed over the interval 0 to 10 seconds. A)t=0 B)t=2.5 C)t=5 D)t=10 E)Never 4. Consider the curve given by x2

    asked by Prince@18
  8. Physics

    9. Figure shows an aluminium wire of length 60 cm joined to a steel wire of length 80 cm and stretched between two fixed supports. The tension produced is 40 N. The cross-sectional area of the steei wire is 1.0 mm2 and that of the aluminium wire is 3.0

    asked by Vandit
  9. Math

    As the number of units manufactured increases from 4000 to 6000 the total cost of production increases from 22000 to 30000. Assuming a linear relationship between the cost when 4500 units are produced.

    asked by Oo
  10. Calculus

    A light on the ground moving at 0.5 m/s approaches a man standing 4 m from a wall. How fast is the tip of the man’s shadow moving when the light is 10 m from the wall?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. English

    How many stanzas are in the poem lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey. By William Woodsworth I think 120 but i am not sure.

    asked by KK
  12. Math

    A rectangle's width is x and its length is 2x-1. Its area is 21. Find its dimensions. my work so far: 21 = x(2x +1) 21 = 2x^2 + x I was wondering how I would continue to solces this problem.

    asked by Caitlin
  13. Spanish

    1. Escribe esta frase como imperativo. Tú eres simpático. 2. Escribe esta frase en el imperativo. Me lo das.

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Physics

    A 5.0 kg block with a speed of 2.9 m/s collides with a 10 kg block that has a speed of 2.1 m/s in the same direction. After the collision, the 10 kg block is observed to be traveling in the original direction with a speed of 2.6 m/s. Suppose, instead, that

    asked by Alex
  15. Math

    5. Sales. An auto dealer’s sales numbers are shown in the table below. Find for each month the mean, median, and mode prices of the cars she sold. Round your answers to the nearest dollar. Price May June July $20,000 22 25 24 $15,000 49 24 24 $12,500 25

    asked by Jones
  16. Math

    Sammy has a 10-foot ladder, which he needs to climb to reach the roof of his house. The roof is 12 feet above the ground. The base of the ladder must be at least 1.5 feet from the base of the house. How far is it from the top of the ladder to the edge of

    asked by Chen
  17. Mensuration

    A carpet is laid around a rectangular dance floor measuring 10m by 8m.if the width of the carpet is 2m,find its area.

    asked by Prince

    How much should you invest each month in order to have $800,000 if your rate of return is 5.3% compounded monthly and you want to achieve your goal in 40 years? If you deposit the amount you need to achieve your goal in 20 years, how much will your savings

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Geometry

    I need to write a paper about M. C. Escher, what he did, and how he became inspired to do tessellations and make that the focus of his work. Whatever you give me is fine as long as it's helpful, a link would be great.

    asked by Zoella
  20. American History

    referring to the Declaration of Independence: what references do you say in American? What attitudes toward Native Americans does this Express

    asked by KK
  21. Science

    5. Name two ways in which a large cell can minimize the negative effects of its size. -They can minimize their size by cell division. -???????? I cannot find this answer in my textbook. Can someone please help me?

    asked by Olivia N J
  22. American History

    Join or Die political cartoon by Benjamin Franklin what do the segments of the snke represent

    asked by KK
  23. Calc

    f₁(x) = √(5-x) - 2x^2+2x-4 ; x1 f₃(x) = -1/24 ; x=0

    asked by Ree
  24. Journalism

    What are the rights of public official/figures vs a private citizen? Thanks for the help!

    asked by Julia
  25. Physical science

    If you use a 29m second-class lever to lift a 1000 N load exactly in the middle of the lever, and you lift the lever 1.5m high, how high do you lift the load?

    asked by Ainsley
  26. Calculus

    Please help me. 1. Use the definition of the derivative to find f'(x), if f(x)=x^-2 2.Find the derivative of y=3t^5 - 5√t + 7/t

    asked by Jamie
  27. Math

    A rectangle's width is x and its length is 2x-1. Its area is 21. Find its dimensions. my work so far: 21 = x(2x +1) 21 = 2x^2 + x I was wondering how I would continue to solces this problem.

    asked by Caitlin
  28. English

    Can someone please give me the summary of the following story's? Before the gun went off The poisoner who wore glasses I would really appreciate help :)

    asked by Lilly
  29. physics

    A car slows down uniformly from a speed of 24.0 m/s to rest in 4.50 s. How far did it travel in that time?

    asked by carolyn
  30. Fractions

    Ian drinks 3/4 cups of water for every half-mile that he runs. In cups, how much water should Ian take along for a 31/2 mile run?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Math

    For the first tour on Monday, a museum sells 4 child tickets and 8 adult tickets for $128. For the second tour the museum sells 6 adult tickets for $72. Find the price of one child ticket and the price of one adult ticket

    asked by Alicia
  32. Assistance on whether numbers are correct? Financi

    You would like to have $750,000 when you retire in 25 years. How much should you invest each quarter if you can earn a rate of 4.2% compounded quarterly? future value = (payment)[((1+i)^n-1)/i] 750000 = P[(1.042^(4*25)-1)/0.042] 750000 = P[1433.4] payment

    asked by Ian
  33. math

    Two cars leave Kansas City at the same time. One car is moving east and the other west. After 5 hours, the cars are 575 miles apart. One car is traveling 15 miles per hour faster than the other. Let S = the speed of the slower car and F = the speed of the

    asked by Jose
  34. financial analysis

    Coupon rate 12% Coupons per year 2 years to maturity 15 Price $1,153.72 Face Value $1,000.0 Tax Rate 40% how do you calculate the market interest rate

    asked by Jackie
  35. Chemistry

    What would the step by step process be to perform titration with a strong base and strong acid? Including the equipment. If someone could explain it in a brief way to me that would be appreciated.

    asked by Gr 11
  36. English

    Write his, her, their, or its to should which pronoun you should use. 1. each neice: ______ answer: their 2. Jane, Ann, or Wilma ___ answer: their 3. either Brian or Kevin ____ answer: their

    asked by Kimmy
  37. English

    Write each noun and whether it is concrete or abstract. Your van was towed to the garage down the street. VAN-CONCRETE, GARAGE: CONCRETE STREET: CONCRETE

    asked by Kimmy
  38. English

    Write each noun and tell whether it is concrete or abstract. Mary and John study English at the college. Mary and John= concrete English= abstract college= concrete

    asked by Kimmy
  39. English

    Find the verb. Several huge rocks had fallen onto the highway and shattered. answer: shattered

    asked by Kimmy
  40. Chemistry

    A.) Write a balanced chemical Eq'n for a reaction between MAGNESIUM & HYDROCHLORIC ACID. Answer: Magnesium + Hydrochloric Acid Mg (s) + 2 HCL (ag) ---- MgCl2 (aq) H2(g) B.) Assuming 7.00 g of Magnesium completely react according to the above Eq'N,

    asked by Jen
  41. English

    Find the verb. Breakfast was served promptly at 8:00am. answer: served

    asked by Kimmy
  42. Social studies

    1, in what way did Uncle Toms Cabin change the attitude of Northerners about slavory? They began to view it as a political problem They began to view it as an economic problem They began to view it as moral problem****** They began to feel it was none of

    asked by Hey
  43. SS HELP FAST!!! 2

    Using the chart above, develop an inference comparing the economic conditions in South Korea and North Korea. Use facts from the chart to support your inference. So, whats this asking? (I Cant Put The Chart On This...)

    asked by Agala
  44. MATH

    Find the value of single perpetuity payment if the present value of the perpetuity payments at t=0 years is AED 500,000 and the interest rate is R% compound per year.[Choose R% from 8% to 12%]

    asked by ESLAM
  45. MATH

    Calculate the net present value (NPV) of the cash shown on the diagram at t = 0 year, if the interest rate is W % compounded annually. Initial capital is AED 300,000 [Choose any value for X,Y&Z from AED 200,000 to 900,000and W from 10% to 18%] AED 100,000

    asked by ESLAM
  46. Math

    A rectangle's width is x and its length is 2x-1. Its area is 21. Find its dimensions. my work so far: 21 = x(2x +1) 21 = 2x^2 + x I was wondering how I would continue to solces this problem.

    asked by Caitlin
  47. geography

    if it is 2pm at 45degree west what is the time at 45 degree east

    asked by ram
  48. science

    Describe how the kinetic energy of the molecules affects an object's total thermal energy.

    asked by Jenny
  49. math

    The locus of a point whose distance from point (0,5) is always 3/4 of its distance from the line Y=8 is an elipse. Find the equation,centre, length of the major axis, length of the minor axis and the foci of the ellipse.

    asked by saud
  50. Algebra

    Find the equation, the center and the radius of a circle passing through (1,-3) , (2,-2) and (-2,6).... with steps.

    asked by Khaled
  51. Math

    Compare. Use , or = to. Show all work -55÷(-11) ___ 45÷(-9)

    asked by Anthonny
  52. math

    the hour hand of a clock move from 1 to 4 0 clock. through how many degrees does it move

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Grammar

    Re-write the paragraphs adding pronouns such as "he," "they," etc. Tim and Paul love to go to the pool. Tim and Paul's favorite thing to do is swim laps. Tim likes to do the backstroke. Tim collects all the posters of famous swimmers in his bedroom. Tim

    asked by Ashley
  54. Math

    Given that the line x/a + y/b = 1 passes through ( 0 , 3 ) and ( 5 , 1 ), find the value of a and b

    asked by Jake
  55. Algebra II Honors

    A rectangular garden is 25 feet long by 10 feet wide. You have enough mulch to cover 1000 square feet. You would like to extend both the length and the width of the garden by x feet to use up all of the mulch. Write an equation to represent the area of the

    asked by Pooh
  56. physical science

    The gas in a cylinder has a volume of 3 liters at a pressure of 106 kPa. The pressure of the gas is increased to 208 kPa. Assuming the temperature remains constant, what would the new volume be? = ....L?

    asked by laure
  57. Math

    The salary of an employee in 1985 is $1200,in 1987 it will be $1350. Express salary as a linear function of time and estimate his salary in 1988.

    asked by Ana
  58. unitar

    A machine produces parts with lengths that are normally distributed with   0.5 . A sample of 10 parts has a mean length of 75.92.

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Math

    The equation of line joining the point (3,5) to the point of intersection of the lines {4x+y-1=0} and {7x-3y-35=0} is :

    asked by X
  60. math

    Solve the equation for x. For each of the following problems is it possible for x to be equal to: 1? (x+m)/(x−1)=1 If m ≠ -1, there are no solutions\ if m=1, the solution is ? Ii do not now how to find the solution for if m=1 but i got all real

    asked by allie
  61. math

    Annuities /assessment You would like to have $550,000 when you retire in 35 years. You would like to have $550,000 when you retire in 35 years. How much should you invest each quarter if you can earn a rate of 4.8% compounded quarterly? a) How much should

    asked by McKellen
  62. Bayes' Theorem

    I tried the problem and my answers are still coming up wrong?. You can compare to mine to see where you (or I) went wrong. I'm a little rusty on Virus infects one in every 200 people. A test used to detect the virus in a person is positive 90% of the time

    asked by MILLY
  63. American History

    As Section 3 of this chapter explains the Declaration was divided into four parts right down the first phrase of each of those four parts. That is the question and I read section three and I looked it up several time phrased several different ways so can

    asked by KK
  64. maths

    Find the ratio of the price of pencil to that of price of ball pen If the cost of pencil is Rs 96 per score and ball pen cost rs 50.40?

    asked by hriday