Questions Asked on
December 16, 2016

  1. Algebra

    A taxi cab charges $0.55 per mile in addition to a $1.75 flat rate fee. Susie has $10 to spend on a taxi cab ride. The taxi driver will not give anyone a ride unless they are going somewhere that is more than 2 miles away. Model Susie’s situation with a

    asked by TY
  2. Really Need Help Please

    A certain virus infects one in every 200 people. A test used to detect the virus in a person is positive 90% of the time if the person has the virus and 10% of the time if the person does not have the virus. (This 10% result is called a false positive.)

    asked by Anonymous
  3. English

    Choose a selection from the crossing borders unit. Write a short explanation of how one of the individuals in this selection is affected by a border crossing. Use specific examples or details to support your answer. I picked the story "Delfino II: Diez In

    asked by Ariana
  4. math

    A basket at a baby shower contains 8 bottles of pink nail polish numbered 1 through 8, and 9 bottles of red nail polish numbered 1 through 9. One bottle is drawn from the basket at random.

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Cardinality of Intersection

    In a loan database, there are 15 loans to clients with 9 years of business experience. Also, there are 60 loans made to clients with a College education. In the database there are 63 loans to clients with 9 years of experience or who have a College

    asked by Edna
  6. compute the probability that a person who tests po

    A certain disease has an incidence rate of 0.3%. If the false negative rate is 6% and the false positive rate is 2%, compute the probability that a person who tests positive actually has the disease.

    asked by Anonymous
  7. American Government

    These following questions are the only ones on the test I do not understand! Please help!!!!! :/ 6. Which is the BEST paraphrase of the first stanza of “The Olympic Swimmer”? A. Athletes from across the globe train to compete in the Olympics, but only

    asked by Ashley
  8. Social Studies

    During his presidency, Jimmy Carter's guiding principle in foreign policy decisions were based on A) detente. B) human rights. C) brinksmanship. D) free enterprise.

    asked by Maya
  9. math-circles

    The area of two circles are in a ratio of 4:9. If both radii are integers, and r(1) - r(2) = 2, what is the radius of the larger circle?

    asked by jose

    11. This question asks about your work in your reading role. You may use your novel to help you answer the question. Think about the work you completed in your reading role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion

    asked by help
  11. Health

    Which 2 food groups should we consume in the largest amounts? 1) fruits and grains 2) grains and proteins 3) protein and vegetables 4} vegetables and grains I think # 3

    asked by Evie
  12. Math

    Find the value of n (n is an integer). (n+7)! / n!(n+6)(n+4) = 9!/3

    asked by Diana
  13. Math

    24 feet to 2 yards?

    asked by cockroach!
  14. Math algebra

    I need some help with this It is given that 2(3 + x) = 6 + 2x. This is an example of the ___________ property. A) associative B) commutative C) distributive D) identity plz type the answer asap like by 7:50 or else I'm a dead man.

    asked by Trevor
  15. math

    A body moves in a straight line so that its distance 'x' from a fixed point after 't' seconds is given by the formula x=9t^2÷2-t^3÷2 find: a; its velocity after 2 seconds b; its velocity when the acceleration is 0???

    asked by pius
  16. math

    The faces of a green tetrahedron die are marked 10,20,30 and 40. All three die are thrown together and the scores added. Find the probability that the total is more than 30 but less than 35.

    asked by pius
  17. Math

    3/4, 1/4, 1/12, 1/36 what is the next number in the sequence? I tried using 36 as common denominator but that seems wrong. Can you help me get the answer and explain how it was done. PLEASE HELP

    asked by Makayla
  18. Math

    A rectangles length and width are a ratio of 8:5. The area is 169 square millimeters. What are the length and width? Can anyone help and show how they got the answer....lost on this one.

    asked by Shirley
  19. calculus

    If you are blowing up a balloon at a rate of 3 cubic ft per min, what is the rate of change of the radius after 30 seconds

    asked by Marty
  20. calc

    find the tangent line equation at x=cost+sin2t, y=sint+cos2t, t=0

    asked by Lielle
  21. physics

    An object of mass 0.50 kg on the end of a string is whirled round in a horizontal circle of radius 2.0m with a constant speed of 10m/s.Find its angular velocity and tension in the string( string is horizontal)answer should be 25.5 N

    asked by Minoli
  22. math

    4/9 b^6 writes as a square of a monomial is it (4/9 b^6)/2

    asked by maria
  23. Physics wave motion

    A radar array consists of five vertical antennae arranged in a line, each emitting radio waves of frequency 120MHz in phase with one another uniformly in all directions. The spacing between each of the antennae is 8.0m. Apart from the normal direction

    asked by John
  24. College Statistics

    How much should you invest each month in order to have $800,000 if your rate of return is 5.3% compounded monthly and you want to achieve your goal in 40 years? How much interest will you earn? How much should you invest each month in order to have

    asked by onlyzoe_!
  25. precalculus

    can you check my answers? 1.Find the binomial coefficient. 12C3 1320 17740800 48 220 answer:d 2.Find the binomial coefficient. (10/7) 720 120 240 172800 answer:b 3.Which of the following is equivalent to 10C6? 6C10 16C10 10C4 10C10 answer:c

    asked by sally
  26. math

    What is the monomial if a cube of a monomial is:1/8 a^27

    asked by maria
  27. Science

    Write a short essay in which you create an analogy to describe particle motion. Compare the movements and positions of people dancing with the motions of water molecules in liquid water and in water vapor.

    asked by Brendan
  28. Criminal Justice CRJ 220

    What is an example of thinking in an exclusive way, which may inhibit the process of intellectual growth and moral development?

    asked by Chris
  29. biology

    In Angus cattle, the fur color black (B) is dominant to the color red (b). If we cross a homozygous dominant bull with a homozygous recessive cow is it possible for the offspring to be red?

    asked by patrina
  30. Algebra 2

    PLEASE SHOW WORK FOR ALL PROBLEMS, I WANT TO UNDERSTAND HOW TO DO IT, NOT JUST THE FINAL ANSWER :) 1. find all the zeros of the equation -3x^4+27x^2+1200=0 2. Use the Binomial Theorem to expand the binomial (d-4b)^3 3. What is the equation of y=x^3 with

    asked by Mike
  31. math

    Tasha finally bought a new car. She uses it mainly to drive to work, which involves a lot of driving on gravel roads. She was concerned about damage to her windshield from flying stones. In a journal, she kept track of how many scratches she could see.

    asked by rrb
  32. Math

    7 T 200 lbs - 2 T 700 lb? I think its 2 d 6 h

    asked by Naegirl
  33. math

    The length of a rectangle is 7 units and its width is 5 units. What is the approximate length of the diagonal of the rectangle? A. 4.9 units B. 6 units C. 8.6 units D. 9 units

    asked by tyler
  34. Math (please help!!)

    What information is incorrectly placed in the table? i65.tinypic(.)com/301mqo4.jpg I really don't know, can someone give me a hint?

    asked by Ren
  35. History

    PLEASE HELP!!! What role did the city of Wittenberg, Germany play in the renaissance?

    asked by Matthew
  36. American Government

    What would be the main benefit of a contested convention be to the other political party? A. a lack of momentum and unity in the contested candidate's party**** B. an inexperienced candidate taking the nomination C. a candidate the public disapproved of

    asked by Anonymous
  37. precalculus

    Can you check my answers? 1.Find the 5th term in the expansion of the binomial. (2x - 4)8 -458,752x3 286,720x4 458,752x3 35,840x4 answer: d 2.Find the 3rd term in the expansion of the binomial. (x - 2y)12 264x10y2 1760x9y3 -264x10y2 -1760x9y3 answer:a

    asked by sally
  38. geometry

    The area of a circle is about 78.5 square meters. Which of these is the diameter of the circle?

    asked by marisa
  39. precalculus

    can you check my answer? Find the coefficient of the term a6b3 in the binomial expansion of the expression (a - 4b)9. ________________________________________ 5,376 344,064 -5,376 -344,064 answer: b

    asked by sally
  40. algebra

    Would you please simplify the following problems: (4t)^2t^0/t^6v-8 p^-3/p^-2r^3 Thank you for your help.

    asked by Jack
  41. Math 1

    Martha wants to buy a new bike that costs $79, including tax. She currently has $15 saved. She began a dog walking business to earn the remaining money needed to buy the bike. She charges $5 for each dog she walks. What is the fewest number of dogs that

    asked by Emmy
  42. algebra

    A container has 300 liters of water, and a second container has 700 liters of water. The first container begins filling up at a rate of 5 liters per minute at the same time the second starts draining at a rate of 6 liters per minute. Which equation can be

    asked by kathy
  43. ELA

    Over the weekend, she scored the winning soccer goal for our team! Which of the underlined words in the sentence is a subjective case pronoun? A) Over B) she C) the D) our

    asked by joshua
  44. Algebra

    Can someone help me with these two equations, I need to solve them by completing the square, I know the answers, (Number 1 is -11.56, 1.56, and number 2 is -10.35, 1.35) I just can’t remember how to get those numbers again, I have so much math on my

    asked by Aaron
  45. Math

    If a right triangle has a leg of 13 feet and a hypotenuse of 22 feet what is the length of the other leg

    asked by Ashlene
  46. precalculus

    How would you describe a proof by mathematical induction?

    asked by sally
  47. math

    What number is 73% of 215? (1 point) 215 = 0.73n n = 0.73 × 215 ***** 0.73 = n × 215 215 = 73n 2. What percent of 94 is 23? (1 point) n/94 = 23/100 23/94 = n/100 94/n = 23/100 **** 23/94 = 100/n 3. 80 is 40% of what number? (1 point) 200 32 20 *** 112 4.

    asked by me help
  48. Social Studies

    "The bush was not consumed" means 1. the bush burned up 2. the bush only looked like it was burning 3. the bush was not burned up 4. the bush was not eaten Please help me with this one.

    asked by Penny
  49. Maximize P=60x+50y

    Maximize P=60x+50y . x+y≤80 5x+10y≤560 50x+20y≤1600 x≥0 y≥0 Just need help in finding s=

    asked by archer
  50. Math

    If a right triangle has legs of 5 inches and 12 inches, use the Pythagorean theorem to find the length of the hypotenuse

    asked by Ashlene
  51. English

    Write the proper noun and add the missing capitaliztion. We spotted the dolphins off the coast of florida. Answer: Florida

    asked by Kimmy
  52. Math

    The second of two numbers is 5 more than the first. The sum of the numbers is 57. Find the numbers.

    asked by John Dosley
  53. Can someone please help

    Can someone help me please?! If you know Spanish II Explain how the imperfect is used to talk about the past.

    asked by Regina
  54. maths

    If a spherical medicine with radius R is broken down into 1000 spherical small tablets then the surface area of original medicine will become ----------times. Please show method how to do

    asked by sanjay
  55. Check Answer!! Conditional Probability

    A certain virus infects one in every 500 people. A test used to detect the virus in a person is positive 90% of the time if the person has the virus and 10% of the time if the person does not have the virus. Let A be the event "the person is infected" and

    asked by Anonymous
  56. English

    The ____ roars frightened the children. 1. lions' 2. lions 3. lion Answer: lions

    asked by Kimmy
  57. math

    If v=t^2-2t+1. Find s given that v=4 when t=1.

    asked by pius
  58. math

    In pallelogram, ABCD, E is the midpoint of DC, AE intersecs BD at point O, the area of triangle DOE is 12cm^2, what is the area of triangle AOB?

    asked by jose
  59. Language Arts

    Identify one conflict from the novel that develops due to the different perspectives of the characters involves. Explain how this conflict affects the characters and serves to advance the plot of the story.

    asked by LillyPrince
  60. Working with Events

    Suppose your top drawer contains different colored socks: 10 are white, 8 are black, 14 are pink, and 12 are blue. All socks in the drawer are loose (unpaired). In the morning, you randomly select two socks, one at a time. What is the probability that you

    asked by LISA
  61. Sets

    Suppose Set B contains 69 elements and the total number elements in either Set A or Set B is 107. If the Sets A and B have 13 elements in common, how many elements are contained in set A?

    asked by LISA
  62. math


    asked by Prakash
  63. English

    How does this lind help create the tone ? "The devil is waiting for them,hell is gaping for them, the flames gather and flash about them, and would fain lay hold on them, and swallow them up"

    asked by Aria

    Put where, who, that, which or when in the right place in each sentence: 5 i The car was stolen was never found. ii On Friday we were leaving for the cinema, the lights went out suddenly. iii This is Charminar, the bangle shops are. iv I wrote them an

    asked by SARITHA
  65. Sociology

    Compare and contrast the similarities and differences of heterogeneity and diversity. Define each term and apply examples.

    asked by Alex
  66. Calculus

    A car traveling 96ft/s begins a negative acceleration at a constant rate of 12ft/s^2. After how many seconds does the car come to a stop? How far will the car have traveled before stopping? Anti-derivatives are involved somewhere in the 2nd part I believe.

    asked by Nate
  67. Geometry

    In abc, if ab =11 cm and bc =13 cm, what is the possible range of values for ac?

    asked by Valerie
  68. Physics

    A 650 kg roller coaster car has two points of reference given to an observer. Point A, at a height of 120 m, the cart is moving at 3.40 m/s. Later on in the ride, at point B, the cart is moving at 28.2 m/s. Determine the height at point B. None of the

    asked by Help
  69. Algebra

    Suppose Set B contains 69 elements and the total number elements in either Set A or Set B is 107. If the Sets A and B have 13 elements in common, how many elements are contained in set A?

    asked by Tamera
  70. Social Studies

    One of the issues facing the early nation was how to interpret the Constitution. Alexander Hamilton said that the Constitution gave Congress the power "to make all laws necessary and proper." Which statement best describes Hamilton's views on how the

    asked by justise
  71. math

    If I drove 3078 miles on Monday an drove 582 miles on Tuesday how many miles did I drive altogether.

    asked by nydria
  72. calculus

    use implicit differentiation to show: d/dx(tan^-1x)=1/(x^2+1)

    asked by Lauren
  73. Math

    Binomial distribution if mean 10 AND VARIANCE 9 find mide

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Check Work

    A poll was taken of 10,439 working adults aged 40-70 to determine their level of education. The participants were classified by sex and by level of education. The results are shown below. Education Level Male Female Total High School or Less 2023 3264 5287

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Math - Coordinate Geometry

    Find the equation of the line which passes through the point (6, -4) and is parallel to to the line 2x-3y+3=0. Please show working out as well, thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  76. calculus!

    use the definition of derivative to find d/dx(1/(3-x))

    asked by anon
  77. linear programming problem

    Maximize P=60x+50y x+y≤80 5x+10y≤560 50x+20y≤1600 x≥0 y≥0 s =

    asked by archer
  78. 12th business mathmatics harmonic parogression

    1^3+3^3+5^ n terms.

    asked by warnar
  79. harmonic progression n terms

    asked by warnar
  80. Math

    By direct use of the definition of a derivative, the derivative of f(x) = 1/x ?

    asked by Jolly
  81. math

    Zack orders a box of 80 sweaters manufactured from a factory. He needs to check the quality of 30% of the sweaters. Select all of the equations that Zack could use to find x, the number of sweaters he needs to check.

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Social Studies Please help

    I need the answers to Unit 4 lesson 8 Constituition for the United states. It is a pretest not a test and it is for connections academey.

    asked by Jordan
  83. Jong

    some have more than a hundred some have none clues. *we see it every morning *it has alot of colours *at some point we all have it *Donald Trump has one *we travel with it.

    asked by moze
  84. braindrain

    some have more than 100 some none but matiangi has two

    asked by kelvin
  85. Maths

    A circular park of 28 m diameter has been constructed. A 3.5m circular track outside has been developed along the park. Using algebric formulae, find the area of the track around the park.

    asked by Shreya
  86. physical science

    If the mass of a material is 99 grams and the volume of the material is 22 cm3, what would the density of the material be? (in g/cm3) i don't know how to find the answer.

    asked by laure
  87. is (-2x)^-3 3 root of -2x?

    im confused because i wasnt sure if the step after (-2x)-3 would be 1/-8x3 or 3 root of -2x. I remember my teacher talking about how -3 is 1/3 and 3 becomes the root but also at the same time I remember her doing a weird calculation

    asked by ramen96
  88. Slow Dance Heartbreak Blues/Language Arts

    I have to put two pieces of textual evidence in an essay from "Slow Dance Heartbreak Blues" by Arnold Adoff. I lost my book and I have been looking all over then internet for a quote or something but I can't find anything. Can someone please tell me just

    asked by Vee
  89. American History

    what was the colonial empire of Spain, France and England's political control like? I cant find this i my book and thought i could before and I googled it but could not find what i needed could some one help with this?

    asked by KK
  90. American history

    Compare the colonial empires of Spain, France and England in terms of their economic structure. I cant find anything about their economic structure and would like some sites to help me if i could get them. :) thanks

    asked by kk
  91. English

    I always have trouble writing the first sentence of a paragraph and was wondering if i could get some tips :)

    asked by KK
  92. Physics

    This is an Oscillations question. A horizontal plate is vibrating vertically in simple harmonic motion at a frequency of 20Hz. What is the maximum amplitude of vibration so that a coin of 0.0080kg resting on the plate always remains in contact with it?

    asked by Jade
  93. Physics (pressure)

    A barometer has air trapped above the mercury in an inverted tube with the opening in a reservoir of mercury. When the length l of air trapped is 10.0cm, the mercury height h is 72.0. When the tube is slightly lowered into the reservoir, l becomes 8.0cm.

    asked by Isabel
  94. Physics uncertainties

    A flat head drill bit is used to drill holes of small depth. The drill bit can drill holes with a diameter size of (40 ± 0.5)mm. The depth of the hole has an uncertainty of ±1mm. If the total percentage uncertainty of the volume made by the hole is less

    asked by Izzy
  95. Maths fractions

    41/2 x ?=111/4 They're mix numbers.

    asked by Amanda
  96. History homework question

    For which of The following is the Hudson river school that's known? Poetry about the northeast *** Paintings of north east landscapes Series of novels about immigrant life New forms of music for every day people Which idea of Henry David Thoreau was

    asked by Cowgirl
  97. precalculus

    Can you check my answers? 1.Use the Binomial Theorem to expand and simplify the expression. (2 - 3x)3 -27x3 + 104x2 - 36x + 8 -27x3 + 54x2 - 36x + 8 -27x3 + 8 -27x3 + 54x2 - 18x + 8 answer:b 2.Find the 5th term in the expansion of the binomial. (2x - 4)8

    asked by sally
  98. Math - Coordinate Geometry

    The vertices of a quadrilateral are A(-2,3), B(5,4), C(4, -3) and D(-3, -4). Prove that ABCD is a rhombus. Find the area of ABCD. Please show working out, thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  99. MATH

    WHAT IS 23.25 ROUNDED TO Im confused but I think it can stay the same or to 30

    asked by MEGAN
  100. Math

    a photocopier increase the sides of a square in a ratio of 5:4. what percentage has the size increased?

    asked by Sarah
  101. math

    Part of the road is to be on a parabolic curve given by a function of the form y = ax2 + bx + c where x and y are local co-ordinates. The road alignment must pass through the following 3 points:- x = 150m y = 190.650m x = 300m y = 611.450m x = 450m y =

    asked by k
  102. math

    a 19 foot ladder leans against the top of a house. if the house is 15ft high how far is the foot of the ladder from the base of the building.

    asked by grazzy