Questions Asked on
December 10, 2016

  1. Pre-Algebra

    The width of a picture is 20 cm. Using a color copier, you reduce the width of the picture to 5 cm. What is the scale factor of the dilation? A)5 B)1/5 C)4 D)1/4*****

    asked by Chubby Gerbal
  2. Chemistry

    For the reaction Ag2S(s) ⇌ 2 Ag+ (aq) + S2- (aq), what happens to the equilibrium position if ammonium sulfate is added? A) doubles B) shifts to the left C) does nothing D) shifts to the right E) halves

    asked by Mimi
  3. Maths

    Mona's father is thrice as Mona after 12 years his age is just twice of his daughter find their present age?

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Check Answer!! math

    A test was given to a group of students. The grades and gender are summarized below A B C Total Male 7 14 11 32 Female 15 13 16 44 Total 22 27 27 76 If one student is chosen at random from those who took the test, Find the probability that the student was

    asked by Anonymous
  5. college statistic

    A study was done on skull sizes of humans during different time periods. The results are shown in the table. Assume that the two samples are independent simple random samples selected from normally distributed​ populations, and do not assume that the

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Chemistry

    Identify the equation for which Keq = [Cu+]2[S2-]. A) CuS(s) ⇌ Cu2+(aq) + S2- (aq) B) 1/2Cu2S(s) ⇌ Cu+(aq) + 1/2 S2- (aq) C) Cu2S(s) ⇌ 2Cu+(aq) + S2- (aq) D) Cu2S(s) ⇌ Cu+(aq) + 2 S2- (aq) E) none of the answers

    asked by Mimi
  7. Functions - math

    The function f is such that f(x) = 2x + 3 for x ≥ 0. The function g is such that g(x)= ax^2 + b for x ≤ q, where a, b and q are constants. The function fg is such that fg(x)= 6x^2 − 21 for x ≤ q. i)Find the values of a and b ii) Find the

    asked by Desperately seeking help
  8. Chemistry

    Which of the following is TRUE for a system that is in dynamic equilibrium? A) The forward reaction goes to 100% completion. B) The concentration of products is equal to the concentration of the reactants. C) The reaction rate of the forward reaction

    asked by Mimi
  9. language arts

    Could you check my answer please..thank you Which of the following sentences contains a linking verb? A. Yesterday, Sarah experienced rock climbing for the first B. Sarah seemed nervous at first. C. She climbed very well for a beginner. D. I think

    asked by Justin
  10. Maths

    a chord of radius 20cm subtends an angle of 90 degrees at centre. find the area of the corresponding major segment of the circle

    asked by Harshal
  11. algebra

    The base of a triangle is 3 inches less than twice its height If the area of the triangle is 126 square inches what equation can be used to find h the height of the triangle in inches

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Chemistry

    for any solute what important condition must be stated in order to report the solubility answer

    asked by Angelina
  13. Algebra

    A watermelon is dropped from the top of a building The height of the watermelon above the sidewalk is given by h(t)=-16t^2+240 with t representing number of seconds How many seconds does it take for the watermelon to hit the sidewalk

    asked by Anonymous
  14. chemistry

    The edge of a body-centered -cubic unit cell (which contains two atoms per unit cell) of an element Y was found to be 3.16x10^-8cm.The density of the metalis 19.35g*cm^-3. What is the approximate molar mass of Y?

    asked by John
  15. Geometry

    1. The lengths of two sides of a triangle are 9 and 15. What's can be said about the length of the third side? A. It must be greater than or equal to 6 and less than 24. B. It must be greater than or equal to 6 and at most 24. C. It must be greater than 6

    asked by GummyBears18
  16. geometry

    A rectangular prism has a length of 4.2 cm, a width of 5.8 cm, and a height of 9.6 cm. A similar prism has a length of 14.7 cm, a width of 20.3 cm, and a height of 33.6 cm. The dimensions of the smaller prism are each multiplied by what factor to produce

    asked by hcat
  17. mathematics

    A salesperson set a goal to earn $2,500 in August. She receives a base salary of $1,000 per month as well as a 20% commission for all sales in that month. How many dollars of merchandise will she have to sell to meet her goal? answer:7500

    asked by Tiara Holmes
  18. Science

    The Northern Hemisphere recives more solar energy during one half of the year than it does during the other half of the year. Which of the following happens during the year to explain this? A - the distance of the northern hemisphere from the sun changes B

    asked by Unicorn
  19. Government

    The president is the author of the nation's public policies in his or her role of A commander in chief B chief legislator C chief of party D chief citizen

    asked by Dani
  20. MATH

    the line 'l' has gradient 3 and cuts the x-axis at 4 then its equation?

    asked by Ana

    Mark the stressed syllables in the following sentences 1. can i see you today? 2. it's impoossible to please everybody. 3. The light's wrong for photography. 4. My mind went blank and everything blacked out. 5. Please bring me a chair

    asked by SARITHA
  22. maths probability

    a spinner is marked green yellow red and blue. neel conducted an experiment spinning the spinner several times

    asked by a
  23. Math

    My sister is 8 years older than I am. The sum of our ages is 26. Find our ages

    asked by Maria
  24. Math

    If the demand function of the monopolist is {p=200-0.5x} and its cost function is {C=100+5x+7x^2}. Value of 'x' , price and the amount of profit for which profit maximizes are:

    asked by Ana
  25. physics

    The coefficient of kinetic friction for wood on wood is o.55. The coefficient of kinetic friction for wood on wood is 0.68. For a 3.5kg wood block being pulled horizontally: a. what is the pull force needed to start the wood block moving on a wood floor?

    asked by maddie
  26. Science

    Which statement best describes a spring tide? A - The periodic rise and fall of the water level in the oceans B - the tide if maximum range that takes place two times a month C - the difference in levels of ocean water at high tide and at low tide D - a

    asked by Unicorn
  27. Algebra2

    Name the property of real numbers for -2(x+4)=-2x-8 associative property of multiplication communitive property of addition distributive property associate property of addition my answer is distributive property

    asked by Steve
  28. Anatomy and Physiology

    1. Simple sugars are (1 point) lipids. monosaccharides. polysaccharides. minerals. 2. Which of the following statements is not true about the immune system? (1 point) In children, lymphatic tissues such as adenoids, tonsils, and lymph nodes enlarge as

    asked by unknown
  29. Science

    Cassie is writing an equation to show the effect of gravitational pull of the sun and moon on tidal range which equation would Cassie use to show the effect of the sun and the moon on Spring tides? A - sun + moon = spring tides B - sun + Earth = spring

    asked by Unicorn
  30. Calculus

    A trough is 15 ft long and 4 ft across the top. Its ends are isosceles triangles with height 3 ft. Water runs into the trough at the rate of 2.5 ft3/min. How fast is the water level rising when it is 0.89 ft deep? Give your answer correct to 3 decimal

    asked by KT
  31. Algebra

    The sum of 3 integers is 194. the sum of the first and second integers exceeds the third by 80. The third integer is 45 less than the first. Find the three integers

    asked by Teena
  32. Science

    Luis created a clay model of earth and the sun to show how earth rotates, Luis wants to use a toothpick to represent earths axis of rotation Where should he put the toothpick A - horizontally through earth in the direction earth is traveling B - vertically

    asked by Unicorn
  33. Probability

    How many combinations are there of six distinct objects taken three at a time?

    asked by Bobbie
  34. Algebra

    In the mall you receive a coupon for 5 dollars off a pair of jeans. When you arrive at the store you find that all jeans are 25 percent off Let x represent the original cost of the jeans 18a.Write a function F(x) that represents the effect of your original

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Algebra

    Can you please help on this Algebra problem? Keana's piggy bank contains $4.30 in nickels and dimes only. If she has 59 coins in her ban, then what is the sum of the digits in the number of nickels in Keana's bank? Write a system of equations for this

    asked by Leroy
  36. optional maths

    The vertices of triangle PQR are P(2,5),Q(6,1)and R(-2,-1).Find the length of the longest median.

    asked by Abhi
  37. language arts

    Could you check my answer please..thank you Which of the following sentences contain a linking verb? A. Teresa wore her favorite shoes today. B. Her shoes look really C. She put them on with striped socks. Teresa walked for hours without a

    asked by Justin
  38. chemistry

    Industrial waste contains Zn(II) and cyanide. The waste is toxic to aquatic species like fish. 1- If the waste consists of water, Zn(II) and cyanide, what ligands might complex with Zn(II)? 2- Write chemical equilibria reactions the must be considered to

    asked by Alex

    what volume of hydrogen is produced with excess HCL according to the equation Zn+2HCL-ZnCL2+H2

    asked by FEMI
  40. Chemistry

    Consider two equally sized balloons at room temperature, one filled with oxygen gas and one filled with an unknown gas. If the balloon filled with oxygen gas deflates in 37 hours and the other balloon deflates in 26 hours, which of the following is the

    asked by bill
  41. Algebra

    x^2-12x=-36 I got x=-6

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Math (Polynomials)

    What are the coefficients in the polynomial 4x^2+3x-3? A. 4,-3, -3 B. 4, 3 C. 4, 3, 3 D. -4, 3 I'm not sure how to do this can someone explain?

    asked by Embershy
  43. h.p.

    if a,b,c, are in h.p. prove that a^2+c^2> 2b^2 ? answer= 1/a,1/b, and 1/c are in h.p. =1/b-1/a=1/c-1/b =1/b+1/b=1/c+1/a =b+b/b^2=a+c/ac =2/b^2=a+c/ac =b^2(a+c)=2ac =(a+c)ac=2b^2 =a^2+b^2 >2b^2

    asked by please see my answer
  44. Algebra

    The ratio of girls to boys in the robotics class is 3 to 4. If there are 27 girls in the club, how many members does the club have in total?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. triangles

    In triangle ABC, AB = 12, AC= 9, D is a point on AC, AD = 3. E is a point on AB, so that triangle ADE is similar to ABC, what is the length of AE? (two different answers)

    asked by jose
  46. Algebra

    Can you please help me with this problem: The x-intercept of a line has a value of -7/6 and a y-intercept of 7. Another line has a slope that is twice the slope of the first line an a y-intercept that is 15 more than the first lines' y-intercept. What is

    asked by Chris
  47. statistics

    Janet has a jar with 8 gold marbles 12 silver marbles and 4 bronze marbles is she chooses two marbles without replacement, what is the probability that she chooses two silver marbles. I think the answer is 11/46 but not sure how to work the prboem

    asked by tammy
  48. tribal government

    if the tribal government don't recognize judicial board does separation of powers still work

    asked by Lori
  49. Math.

    two concentric circle with the ratio of radii as 2:3, what is the ratio of the circumferences

    asked by jose
  50. math

    The perimeter of two square are 428cm 396cm. Find the area of a square.

    asked by mathematics
  51. Math

    1. For a particular year, a company has gross annual income of $780,000, annual expenses of $270,000, and allowed depreciation of $60,000. The company is located in a state where the first $200,000 corporate income is tax-free, and any income above that is

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Algebra

    a ball is dropped from a 50 meter cliff and its height h above the ground at any time ti is given by thte equation h(t)=50-4.9t^2

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Probability

    What is the probability of an event E in a uniform sample space S?

    asked by Bobbie
  54. calculus

    The marginal cost is given by C'(x)=x^(1/3)+9. If the fixed costs are ​$175​, find the cost of producing 8 units. thank you!!

    asked by huy
  55. math

    -The following data give the 2010 gross domestic product (in billions of dollars) for all 50 states. (Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis). 173 49 254 103 1901 258 237 62 748 403 67 55 625 276 143 127 163 219 52 295 379 384 270 97 244 36 90 126 60 487 80

    asked by emam
  56. math

    equation of a straight line perpendicular to x-axis passing through the point (3,-1)

    asked by anon
  57. Algebra

    |1-4k| ≥ -11 Solve

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Algebra

    A projectile is launchedf rom ground level and its height can be modeled as functions of time by the equation h=40t-5t^2 What are the reasonable domain and range of this problem situation

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Algebra

    A ball is dropped from a 50 meter cliff and its height, h is above the ground at any time, t is given the equation h(t)=50-4.9t^2 How long is the ball in the air before it hits the ground

    asked by Anonymous
  60. science

    How many grams of sodium hydroxide is required to neutralize 73 grams of hydrochloric acid and to from sodium chloride and water

    asked by bala
  61. Chemistry

    Hi , I have this question and I do not know what steps to follow. Please help guide me. It will be really appreciated. Calculate the extent of oxidation in a stream where water it's in equilibrium with atmospheric oxygen and had a pH pic 6.5 (a(H3O+)

    asked by Sarah
  62. Algebra

    Please help me with this Algebra problem: The length of a rectangle is 91 less than six times the width of the rectangle. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 84 centimeters, what is the length of the rectangle? Write a system of equations for this

    asked by Leroy
  63. Calculus III

    Hi, this question is about Langrange multipliers. Given f(x,y) = y^2 - x^2, subject to the constraint g(x,y) = 0.25x^2 + y^2 = 1, find the max and mins. So I found the partial derivatives for both f(x,y) and g(x,y): fx = -2x fy = 2y gx = 0.5x gy = 2y And

    asked by Justin
  64. math

    F(x,y) represents a velocity field of a fluid over a surface z=6-3x-2y.If the magnitude of the velocity in the direction of the unit normal vector,n on S is 3z/(surds14), compute the flux of F(x,y) over the surface S in the first octant oriented upward

    asked by Adam
  65. Math (calculus) (mean values)

    A company introduces a new product for which the number of units sold Ss given by the equation below, where t is the time in months. s(t) = 155(7-(9/(2+t))) a) Find he average rate of change of s(t) during the first year. I got the answer to be 1395/28 b)

    asked by Ray
  66. Kumar

    What is number?

    asked by Raj
  67. Algebra

    Can you PLEASE help me with this Algebra problem: In a hotel conference room, the number of chairs is 47 more than the number of people currently in the room. The total number of legs currently in this room is 938. What is the sum of the digits in the

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Chemistry

    Calculate partial pressure given ka1, pH and KH The equation given in the question was: HCO3-(aq)+H3O+(aq)= CO2(aq)+H2O Calculate the partial pressure of CO2. I think you use : [H3O+] = ka1x(antilog pH)/(antilog pH) Then Henrys law: Equilibrium

    asked by Seth
  69. Chemistry

    a+bc (fast) c+d->e (slow) e->f+b (fast) How do you determine the overall equation for these reaction mechanisms?

    asked by Neil
  70. chemistry

    how many grams of sodium hydroxide is required to neutralize 73grams of hydrochloric acid and to form sodium chloride and water

    asked by bala
  71. Business Math ( Future ordinary Annuities)

    Howard has deposited RM1000 at the end of each month into a retirement savings plan for the last 10 years in his working life. His deposits earned an interest rate of 2.5% per month for the first 4 years and 3% per month for the rest of the years. What is

    asked by Tracy
  72. Physics

    A non-homogeneous trunk, 5 meters long and 100 kilograms mass is in equilibrium and is hung at the ends by two strings; One form an angle of 37 degrees and the other an angle of 53 degrees, both with the horizontal. Determine the location of the center of

    asked by Caroline
  73. Chemistry

    Write a chemical equation for 48g of gasoeous hydrogen and 320g of gaseous oxygen yield

    asked by Help
  74. Math Help

    Explain what is meant by an experiment. Give an example. For the example you have chosen, describe (a) a sample point, (b) the sample space, and (c) an event of the experiment.

    asked by Bobbie
  75. Office Administration

    What is the abbreviation for disks that can be erased and reused

    asked by Atiyya
  76. Math

    Hot air balloons If the hot air balloon shown is in the shape of a spehere, what is it's radius? Hint: v=15,000 cubic feet.

    asked by Milana
  77. Algebra

    Can you please help with this problem: At Super Saver Mart (SSM), you can buy three packs of toilet paper and seven boxes of cereal for $46.00. You can also purchase 8 packs of toilet paper and 4 boxes of cereal for $75.00 at SSM. What is $14 more than the

    asked by Leroy
  78. Algebra

    a projectile is laucnhed from the ground level and its height can be modeled as a function of time by the equation h=4-t-50t^2 What are the reasonable domain and range of this problem

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Chemistry

    I just need someone to check my answers please :) On the pH scale are the following items base, neutral, or acid? 1. Hand Soap 2. Blood 3. Milk 4. Coffee 5. Orange Juice 6. Soda Pop 7. Vomit 8. Battery Acid My answers: 1. Base 2. Neutral 3. Neutral 4.

    asked by Zoella
  80. chemistry

    The edge of a body-centered-cubic unit cell ( which contains two atoms per unit cell) of an element Y was found to be 2.16x10^-8cm. The density of the metal is 19.35g*cm^-3. What is the approximate molar mass of Y?

    asked by John
  81. Geoemtry

    I am given two triangles One triangle has side length of 4 and 2x+7 The other one has side length of x and 1. How do I find the lengths of the sides of these two similiar triangles

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Math

    Find the compound interest on rs 64,000 for 1 year at the rate of 10% per anum compounded quarterly. Could you please do it fast I need to give it tomorrow.

    asked by Sana
  83. Kumar

    What is the life of earth ? explain and why?

    asked by Raj
  84. Physics

    Is screw a modified inclined plane?

    asked by Anonymous
  85. science

    Na2Co3 has a mass of 2.25 grams determine the Na ions present

    asked by kristoffer
  86. Algebra


    asked by Rose
  87. Math

    Let A and B be sets. Below are listed several statements involving set notation. For each case, write a statement in words that says what is written in symbols. a. A U B b. A ∩ B c. A ⊆ B d. a ∈ A e. A ∩ B = Ø

    asked by Melissa
  88. math

    F(x,y) represents a velocity field of a fluid over a surface z=6-3x-2y.If the magnitude of the velocity in the direction of the unit normal vector,n on S is 3z/(surds14), compute the flux of F(x,y) over the surface S in the first octant oriented upward

    asked by Adam
  89. math

    two concentric circle with the ratio of radii as 2:3, what is the ratio of the area? thanks

    asked by jose
  90. Geography

    How was the earth formed?

    asked by Brajesh
  91. algebra word problem

    One year, Shannon made $288 from two investments. $1100 was invested at one yearly rate and 1800 at a rate that was higher. Find the two rates of interest.

    asked by marco
  92. Math

    A taxi charges $6+$0.20 every 1/8 of a mile.How many miles can you go on $14.00.

    asked by Rhaiyne
  93. Algebra

    Solve algebraically x^2-6x+9>0

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Algebra

    Find the multiplied standard form of the quadratic ax+2+bx+c=0

    asked by Anonymous
  95. General

    What can you say about the situation of science?

    asked by Brajesh
  96. Ratan

    What means society?

    asked by Raj kumar
  97. Business

    list of companies that uses decision making process?

    asked by Andy
  98. V.i.p. Maths

    Why the value of 'pi' is taken as 22/7

    asked by Brajesh
  99. Commerce

    What is accountancy?

    asked by Brajesh
  100. Algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  101. Math

    Does there exist a fraction(s) m/n for which it is true that m/n= (m+b)/(n+b) ? If so, for which fraction(s). If not, explain why. Remember, if you say that such a fraction does exist, simply offering one example will not suffice as a full justification.

    asked by Melissa Bell
  102. political

    when there is no judicial board is there seperation of powers for political

    asked by Lori
  103. math

    What is the area of an equilateral triangle having height of 12 decimeter

    asked by Rabi