Questions Asked on
December 9, 2016

  1. History

    1. What effect did the Fugitive Slave Act have? Select all that apply. A. It convinced Northerners that slavery was immoral B. It convinced Southerners that Northerners would help return slaves. C. It convinced slaves that they were free to travel to the

    asked by Gamergirl
  2. Social studies!!

    1.) which of the following were basic principles of the know-nothing party? A) anti-immigrant, anti-catholic B) less federal government regulation, no abolition C) support women's rights, prison reform ****** D) Spread the second great awakening, encourage

    asked by Sarah<3
  3. Language

    In "All Together Now," Jordan uses appeals to emotion and appeals to reason to try to persuade her readers that her views are important. In a paragraph, cite one example of each kind of appeal in her work. Then, explain whether you find Jordan's appeals

    asked by NOYB
  4. HELP (History!!!!)

    31. What factors led to the rapid growth of Islam following Muhammad’s death, despite early internal conflicts between Sunni and Shia?

    asked by Nausicca202
  5. math

    Emily has a coupon for 20% off her purchase. She finds a backpack on the discount rack. It's original price is $60 but is 30% off. Emily thinks 30% and 20 % make 50% so the backpack will be $30. Is Emily correct? Explain your answer.

    asked by john r
  6. social studies

    1. What happened to some Native Americans during the Jackson presidency? they were forced to leave their Homeland and moved Westward they allied themselves with slaves to seek equal protection under the law they were given a large land Grant on their

    asked by shyla
  7. Business Math

    Date|Units Purchased|Cost Per Unit January1| 10| 8.00 (Beginning inventory) January18| 50| 9.00 February20| 20| 11.00 March15| 10| 12.00 (Ending inventory: 19) The specific identification method indicates the following units to be on hand: January 1, (2);

    asked by TheRealPrincess
  8. physics

    A golfer tees off and hits a golf ball at a speed of 31 m/s and at an angle of 35 degrees. What is the horizontal velocity component of the ball? Round the answer to the nearest tenth of a m/s.

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Algebra 1

    1.) Which best describes a system of equations that has no solution? •consistent, independent •inconsistent, dependent •consistent, dependent •inconsistent* ANSWER: D Please check my answer, thank you!

    asked by Anon
  10. Language

    Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion about The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963. Provide an explanation for your choices. How did the role you selected and the work you completed help you to understand more about the

    asked by damara
  11. math 1025

    find the interest. round to the nearest cent $290 at 8.8% for 3 months

    asked by crystal
  12. Social Studies

    While credit is all or part of an amount a borrower may use, debt is

    asked by Mia
  13. Physics. I'd appreciate your help.

    A 33-N force acing due north and a 44-N force acting at 30 degrees act concurrently on point P. What is the magnitude and direction of a third force that produces equilibrium at point P?

    asked by Shloop
  14. Math

    The probability that a person stopping at petrol pump will get his tyres checked is 0.12, the probability that he will get his oil checked is 0.29 and the probability that he will get both checked is 0.07. A) what is the probability that a person stopping

    asked by Ana
  15. Chemistry

    I am using 85% ACS grade phosphoric acid. I need to make a 21% phosphoric acid solution with a total volume of 250ml. I have been told that 37ml of the 85% ACS grade phosphoric acid plus 188ml of Deionized water will create the 21% phosphoric acid solution

    asked by Melissa
  16. College Chem 2

    Calculate the solubility Ag2CrO4(s) in a 0.100 M solution of AgNO3 and compare its solubility with Ag2CrO4 solubility in pure water at room temperature. The Ksp for Ag2CrO4 is 9.0 x 10^-12 at room temperature. The Kspfor Ag2CrO4 at room temperature in pure

    asked by Avery
  17. Social Studies

    The MOST LIKELY location of the Inaugural Address was in what country? a. Ghana b. India c. Rwanda d. South Africa

    asked by Mia
  18. economics

    Question.1 Your aunt is thinking about opening a hardware store. She estimates that it would cost $500,000 per year to rent the location and buy the stock. In addition, she would have to quit her $50,000 per year job as an accountant. a. Define opportunity

    asked by meh
  19. Maths

    Hamid has three boxes of fruit. Box a weighs 5/2kg more than box B and boxB weighs 41/4kg more than box C. The total weight of the boxes is195/4kg.Howmany kg does box a weighs.?

    asked by Anushka
  20. Science

    A car is moving from rest .After 10 sec its wheel rotate 360 times in 1 minute. If the radius of the wheel is 50 cm, then find (1) angular acceleration and (2) angular velocity after 30 sec

    asked by Pabitra
  21. Math

    Determine wheter the graphs of the given equations are parallel, perpendicular, or neither y=-2x+3 2x+y=7 Parallel

    asked by Help
  22. math

    (0.08b^{4m+8})\div (18b^{m−2}) this broil confuses me, can u guys plz show how its solved but not give me the answer

    asked by Anonymous
  23. math

    The internal angles of a triangle in the ratio 3:5:7. Find the degree measures of the angles. Also find measure of its greatest exterior angle.Give complete calculation.

    asked by Adil
  24. Business Finance

    What would be the cost of new common stock equity for Tangshan Mining if the firm just paid a dividend of $4.25, the stock price is $55.00, dividends are expected to grow at 8.5 percent indefinitely and flotation cost are $6.25 per share?

    asked by joan blevins
  25. math

    Ilya and Dan shared 360 hats in the ratio 7:5. How many more hats did Ilya have than Dan?

    asked by asdf
  26. SS: Which Two Are Most Important?

    What Are The Two Most Important Events In The The Development Of The Countries Mongolia, China, and Taiwan? Communism The Great Wall Of China Buddhism The Mongols Revolution Ming Dynasty Qing dynasty

    asked by Agala
  27. Astronomy

    Hi, can you please check my work? I really need to do well on this. 1. What properties of a star are needed to calculate the stars luminosity? a. size and apparent brightness b.mass and distance to the star**** c. temperature and diameter of the star d.

    asked by Elle
  28. Calculus

    A car moves along a straight road in such a way that its velocity (in feet per second) at any time t (in seconds) is given by v(t) = 3t * sqrt(49-t^2)

    asked by Stephanie
  29. Math

    On Monday the temp was 50 degrees. On Tuesday the temp increased by 22% what was the temp on Tuesday? Please help!

    asked by ME
  30. Science

    the amount of pollution produced by cars was measured for cars using gasoline containing different amounts of lead. What is the independent variable

    asked by Anonymous
  31. la

    when writing a personal narrative which point of view should you use

    asked by Tony
  32. social studies

    In the late 1800s ____________ attempted to exert complete control over ___________ in order to control the gold and diamond industry there. A) Japan; China B) France, Indochina C) Spain; Latin America D) Great Britain; South Africa A or C???

    asked by help please
  33. chemistry

    Explain how sodium carbonate can be used to soften hard water

    asked by alphaticus
  34. Math Word Problem

    To make fruit punch, Edie mixes two kinds of juices in the following ratio: 1 cup of blueberry to 3 cups of red raspberry. How many cups of red raspberry will Eddie need to make 48 cups of fruit punch? How do you solve this? I was trying to divide 48 by 3

    asked by Sheila
  35. Chemistry

    Phosphate can act as buffer: H2PO4- HPO4^2- + H+ The pKa of this equilibrium is 7.21. What is the ratio of H2PO4- to HPO4^2- at pH 7.0? A. 1.62 B. 0.62 C. 50.47 D. 0.019 E. 0.21

    asked by Uurka
  36. Annuities

    You deposit $4000 each year into an account earning 6% interest compounded annually. How much will you have in the account in 30 years?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Math

    Determine wheter the graphs of the given equations are parallel, perpendicular, or neither y=x+11 y=-x+2 Neither

    asked by Help
  38. Math

    Determine wheter the graphs of the given equations are parallel, perpendicular, or neither y=4x-2 -x+4y=0 neither

    asked by Help
  39. Physics

    A shopper exerts a force on a cart of 64N at an angle of 30° below the horizontal. a.) How much force pushes the cart in a forward direction? b.) How much force pushes the cart against the floor?

    asked by Billy
  40. Social Studies

    Does anyone go to connections academy i have a Social Studies portfolio where it is the year 1783 and the revolutionary war is over and you have to pick a side patriot or loyalist then you have to answer 3 questions in your journel entry 1. what do you

    asked by avery
  41. Physics

    A row of seats is parallel to a stage at a distance of 8.70 m from it. At the center and front of the stage is a diffraction horn loudspeaker that has a width of 7.50 cm. The speaker is playing a tone at a frequency of 9600 Hz . The speed of sound is 344

    asked by J
  42. precalculus

    Convert to Rectangular: r*tanΘ/secΘ=2 ________________________________________ y=2 y=½ x=2 x=½

    asked by Anonymous
  43. math

    The width of a rectangle is equal to m cm, but its length is five times greater than the width. Find the area of the rectangle. is the answer m*5m=6m

    asked by allie
  44. Math

    1/4,3/4,1/6,7/10 Give the answer fractions in ascending order

    asked by Rajiv
  45. soil mechanic

    In order to determine the average permeability of a bed of sand 12.5 m thick overlying an impermeable stratum, a well was sunk through the sand and a pumping test carried out. After some time the discharge was 850kg/min and the drawdowns in observation

    asked by Adam
  46. Algebra

    a small plane can fly 1575 miles in 7 hrs in a tailwind. On the return in a headwind, the same trip takes 9 hrs. find the speed in still air (no wind). Then the speed in wind.

    asked by Sydney
  47. math

    Vanessa deposited money into a bank account that earned 1.25% simple interest each year. After 1212 year, she had earned $5.00 in interest on the account. If no other money was deposited into or withdrawn from the account, how much was her initial deposit?

    asked by ????
  48. science

    how do altitude and latitude affect desert climate

    asked by will
  49. math

    find the length of the longest diagonal through a cuboid of sides 4cm by 13cm by 16cm. please show working

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Math

    A 25ft ladder leans up against the side of a house, with the base of the ladder a distance 3ft from the wall. If the ladder is moved out by 5ft, how far down the wall will the top of the ladder move?

    asked by Jeremu
  51. chemistry

    A serving of cereal contains 90mg potassium. If there are 22 servings in a box how many moles of Potassium are present in the cereal in the box

    asked by lashell
  52. Math Word Problem

    Riding on a school bus are 20 students in ninth grade, 10 students in tenth grade, 9 students in eleventh grade, and 7 students in twelfth grade. Approximately what percent of students on the bus are in ninth grade? How do I go about solving this?

    asked by Sheila
  53. Physics

    An ice skater with a mass of 60.0kg is moving at 20.0 m/s coasts to a halt in 2.00×10^2m on a smooth ice surface. What is the coefficient of friction between the ice and the skates?

    asked by Billy
  54. History help please!!!!!!

    How did east African rulers deal with Arab and Persian merchants?? What became the dominate language in the Northern African cities in the 690s?? What caused the spread of islam acrossed north africa??

    asked by Nausicca202
  55. precalculus

    Convert to Rectangular: r*tanΘ/secΘ=2

    asked by john
  56. Algebra

    Which equation is the equation of a line that passes through (-10,3) and is perpendicular to y=5x-7 A)y=5x+53***** B)y=-1/5x-7 C)y=-1/5x+1 D)y=1/5x+5 Am I correct Please explain

    asked by Ashley
  57. Math

    Evaluate a – b for a = 4.98 and b = 2.3.

    asked by Pokemon
  58. Calculus

    a car is traveling along a highway shaped like a parabola with its vertex at the origin. the car starts at 100 miles north and 100 miles west. there is a statue at 100 miles east and 50 miles north. at what point will the cars headlights hit the statue?

    asked by Hayden
  59. Riddle

    Please help me solve this Riddle: What is a pair of two, black and white you'll get 6?

    asked by Mia
  60. Math

    A ribbon 63 meters long must be cut into pieces that are each 2 1/4 meters long how many pieces of ribbon will there be after it cut ? I think you do 63 divide 2 1/4 and you get 28 pieces I just want to know if that's right

    asked by Jenny
  61. precalculus

    Given: r = 4/-2-6sintheta What type of conic does this represent? ________________________________________ Circle Ellipse Hyperbola Parabola

    asked by george
  62. math

    There are ten children standing in the line, not all of whom have the same number of cakes with them. If the first child distributes his cakes to the remaining six children such that he doubles their respective number of cakes, then he will be left with

    asked by sagar rajput
  63. Math

    What is the 5th of 9 consecutive whole numbers whose sum is 153 is what?

    asked by Lilly
  64. Physics

    A cheeta can run with a speed of 29 m/s. Determine the distance travelled by a running cheetah in 8.6 s. D= 29/8.6 = 3.3s

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Math solving for x

    In the expression 4x squared + 7 what is the degree of 4x squared? How do I solve for X?

    asked by Sheila
  66. Algebra

    The longest side is 2 inches longer than the middle side. The shortest side is 14 inches shorter than the middle side. If the perimeter of the piece is 60 inches, what is the length of each side?

    asked by Sydney
  67. Social Studies

    Does anyone go to connections academy i have a Social Studies portfolio where it is the year 1783 and the revolutionary war is over and you have to pick a side patriot or loyalist then you have to answer 3 questions in your journel entry 1. what do you

    asked by avery
  68. system of equations

    Write the system of equations as an augmented matrix. Then solve for x and y. 5x-3y=-34 10x−5y=−65

    asked by Anonymous
  69. geometry

    Prove that the angle bisectors of the base of the isosceles angles of the isosceles triangle are congruent using statement and reason proof i dont really now how to prove this problem but i now what a transversal is and the angles of a trashes line. can u

    asked by maria
  70. social studies

    George Washington warned that political parties would?

    asked by calyminaj
  71. chemistry

    How many moles of sugar are contained in a 10lb bag of sugar if the sugar has the formula C12H22O11

    asked by lashell
  72. Chemistry

    If 2.00 g of element G reacts with 5.00 g of element M to produce 7.00 g of a compound with the formula G3M2, what is the atomic mass of G if the atomic mass of M is 135.0 amu? Answer is 36 amu but why

    asked by bill
  73. Algebra

    The trail is 2493 miles long. It begins in city A and ends in city B. Manfred has hiked 2/9 of the trail before. How many miles has he hiked?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. work and energy PHYSICS

    A particle is projected vertically upwards from a point O on horizontal ground which reaches the maximum height Q. What is the energy associated at O and Q?

    asked by greeshma
  75. math

    The sum of 3 times some number and 18 is 33. What is the number?

    asked by suzy
  76. Geometry

    In the figure, (AC) ̅≅(AB). Find the value of y in terms of x. If the vertex angle of an isosceles triangle is y and the exterior angle ABE is 3x+20. Answer: y= 6x-140 Pls explain it to me how they get the answer.

    asked by Ashley
  77. math help

    what is he difference between < and >

    asked by lilac
  78. Algebra

    Kris had 2 burgers & 1 soda = 770 cal. jack had 3 burgers & 2 sodas = 1260 calories. use 2h+s=770, 3h+s-1260. how many cals are in a burger? soda?

    asked by Sydney
  79. american government

    How does supporting the human rights defenders align with the philosophies of America’s Founding Fathers

    asked by molly
  80. Calculus III

    Hi, this question is about Langrange multipliers. Given f(x,y) = y^2 - x^2, subject to the constraint g(x,y) = 0.25x^2 + y^2 = 1, find the max and mins. So I found the partial derivatives for both f(x,y) and g(x,y): fx = -2x fy = 2y gx = 0.5x gy = 2y And

    asked by Justin
  81. alg 2 first final study guide

    f (x) =2X^3 + 2x^2 - 3x + 2 please help me set up to find all the real number zeros of the function

    asked by danny
  82. Math

    Mr. Jones makes 3% commission on his sales of widgets. At a different company, Mr. Smith makes 5% commission selling the same widgets at the same price. Mr. Smith sold 500 fewer widgets than Mr. Jones, and they both earned the same commission. How many

    asked by Sarah
  83. Math

    A person has $5 and $10 bills. In total they have 26 bills that equal to $210.

    asked by Jorge
  84. Math

    x = e, 5, 7, 10, 12 y = 10, 13, 19, f, 34 a. f = 28; e = 4 b. e = 28; f = 4 c. f = 30; e = 2 d. e = 30; 5 = 2

    asked by Bob
  85. Math

    Kesha get paid $8 an hr. I worked 2 1/2 + 1 1/2 + 2 1/2 + 2 1/2 + 2 1/2 + 2 = how much did kesha earned

    asked by Kesha
  86. Math

    the mean of x and y is 12 and the mean of y and 12 is z/2. what is the mean of x and z?

    asked by Alyssa
  87. chemistry

    Please help: How do you prepare 2 L of formate buffer pH=3.14 (c=0.05mol/l) (pk=3.74). THEY WANT THE VOLUMES THANKS

    asked by stavr65
  88. Love

    What is love to you? Can it become powerful?

    asked by Briana
  89. Math

    Evaluate 3a^2-2ab+10 A=-2 B=3

    asked by Nicole
  90. precalculus

    Given: r = 4/-2-6sintheta What is the eccentricity of the function? ________________________________________ 2 -2 3 -3

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Algebra

    In which quadrant does y=-2x+1 falls

    asked by Kemo
  92. math

    an amount of 15000 is deposited in a bank paying on annual interest rate of 4.3% compounded quality what is the balance after 6 year. Formula. a=p(1+r/n)nt

    asked by Kishan
  93. Math

    What are some tricks of multiplication

    asked by Jhelum
  94. Science

    Ms.Sue can you hit me with a few questions and answers for studying

    asked by Lesson 4: Plate Tectonics
  95. math

    1/225b^{(3m+10)} can you guys simplify this ^_^

    asked by allie
  96. Social studies

    how did the conditions in continental army could have affected the outcome of the war

    asked by Angela
  97. Math

    Evaluate –7(y – 6) for y = 8

    asked by HELP!
  98. Algebra, Solving inequalities

    1. 5h - 9 = -16 + 6h 4 7 -7 10*** 2. 4x + 4 = 9x - 13 -8 -7 8 -3 3. Which of the following equations has an infinite number of solutions? 3x - 3 = -4x 2y + 4 - y = 16 7x + 5 = 4x + 5 + 3x *** 6y - 2 = 2(y - 1) 6. q - 12 ≥ -13 q ≥ 1 q ≥ -1 q ≥ 25 q

    asked by DoctorWhoAndPie
  99. precalculus

    Find the eccentricity of the function r = 4/-2-6sintheta

    asked by sam
  100. Math

    Who wrote the plege of Allegiances? Need help please!

    asked by Kb@yo service
  101. math help

    Simplify √48ab^2 I'm not sure how to do this. Please help me and explain how you got the answer. Thank you so much. After I understand, I want to try the rest questions I was assigned and if you can, please let me know if it's right or wrong.

    asked by samantha
  102. math check my answer please

    Simplify 3√125a^1b^3 (By the way,in 3√, 3 is the index) 3√125a^1b^3 3√125 * 3√a^1 * 3√b^3 5 * 3√a^1 * 3√b^3 I'm stuck what to do next.

    asked by samantha
  103. math lit

    complete the ordered pair for the equation (__, 15)

    asked by T
  104. pre calculus

    what is the distance between the pole and the directrix of r = 4/-2-6sintheta

    asked by sam
  105. precalculus

    convert r sinθ = 2 to rectangular form

    asked by sam
  106. social studies

    how many seasons are in southern california

    asked by emoji lover
  107. philosophy

    Does one ever truly find happiness?

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Math

    what times 35 to make 50

    asked by James
  109. Area of a figure

    |_________16__________| |______10________| ________________ | * | * 4 * | * |________________* |______10________| This is a shape of a rectangle with a triangular point to the right. Width is 4, Length is 10 and 16 when you include the triangular point.

    asked by Sheila
  110. Math


    asked by Mike