Questions Asked on
December 3, 2016

  1. chemistry

    Arrange the following in the increasing order of boiling point 1.ch3br 2.ch3cl.3.chbr3.4.ch2cl2

  2. Math

    In a class of 60 students, Heather has a rank of 16. At what percentile is she?

  3. Math

    A man left 3/7 of his money to his wife, 1/2 of the remainder to his brother, and the rest he divided equally among his three children. If each of his children received $400, how much did his wife receive? I did this: Let the money be: x Wife received:

  4. Maths

    Around a circle i place 64 equally spaced points, so that there are 64x63 divided by2=2016 possible chords between these points. I draw some of these chords, but each chord cannot cut across more than one other chord. What is the maximum number of chords I

  5. Math

    Shawna reduced the size of a rectangle to a height of 2 inch. What is the new width if it was originally 24 inch wide and 12 inch Tall?

  6. Physics

    A 30 kg child sits in a swing supported by two chains, each 1.4 m long. (a) If the tension in each chain at the lowest point is 265 N, find the child’s speed at the lowest point. (Neglect the mass of the seat.) Answer in units of m/s. (b) Find the force

  7. math

    A bucket of 20 litres is many litres of water must be put into it so that it is 65% full?

  8. chem3a

    How much heat in kilojoules is evolved in converting 2.00 mol of steam at 145 ∘C to ice at -35.0 ∘C? The heat capacity of steam is 1.84 J/g∘C and that of ice is 2.09 J/g∘C.

  9. Tax Course

    Can you help me with these questions? Can you double check my answers? 1. Which of the following deductions may not be claimed on Form 1040A? Educator expenses. Moving expenses.* Student loan interest deduction. Tuition and fees deduction. 2. Dorothy Fonda

  10. physics

    Determine the force per meter on a lightning bolt at the equator that carries 20 000 A and is perpendicular to the Earth’s magnetic field, 3x10-5 T. What is the direction of the force if the current is straight up and the Earth’s field direction is due

  11. Physics

    To a cyclist riding west at 20 kg/hr, the rain appears to meet him at an angle of 45° with the vertical. When he rides at 12 km/hr, the rain meets him at an angle of 19°48’ with the vertical. What is the actual direction of the rain?

  12. College Calc

    What is the minimum number of feet of fencing needed to create a rectangular garden with an area of 576ft? Please help!!

  13. CSC

    A vacant city lot is being turned into a neighborhood garden. The neighbors want to fence in a triangular section of the lot and plant flowers there. The longest side of the triangular section is 44 feet shorter than twice the shortest side. The third side

  14. math

    you are dealt 13-card bridge hand from a 52-card bridge deck. what is the probability that you will be dealt exactly 5 hearts? what is the probability that you will dealt at list 2 hearts? what is the probability that you will receive 5 hearts, 4 clubs, 2

  15. Math

    Why is 25 a composite number help!!

  16. Pre-Calculus

    Given: r = 4/(-2-6sinθ) What is the distance between the pole and the directrix? A. 2 B.2/3 C.3 D.6

  17. Physics

    Any help appreciated! Pull out a blank piece of paper from your exam book. Hold it from one of its ends and blow air horizontally over the top of the paper as shown in the figure below. If you blow hard enough you will see the paper rise to become almost

  18. maths(trigonometry)

    if 10A=4/3, find (3sinA+2cosA)/(3sinA-2cosA)

  19. Chemistry

    What mass of carbon dioxide is produced when 7.5g of methane is completely burnt in air.

  20. chemistry

    Nitric acid can be produced by the reaction of gaseous nitrogen dioxide with water. 3 NO2(g) + H2O(ℓ) −→ 2 HNO3(ℓ) + NO(g) If 900 L of NO2 gas react with water, what volume of NO gas will be produced? Assume the gases are measured under the same

  21. Math

    Kareena got 60% marks in English, 75% in hindi and 130 in maths. The max marks in each of subject are 150,200and 150. Fknd her aggregate marks.

  22. Math

    An alloy is made up of 25% copper, 30% iron an rest being zinc. Find the mass of zinc in 720 gm of the alloy

  23. Physics

    If a ball is rolling down an inclined ramp straight, will the change in position be squared for every passing second or would it just be multiplied by two? I'm not sure if this makes sense so here's what I mean in an example for the change in position will

  24. History

    Would someone please give some reputable sources for history of smallpox in Europe and China. I am writing a paper on it. My thesis is There are similarities in the devastation, experts and vaccination in the regions of both China and Europe as it relates

  25. Statistics

    Thirty-three small communities in Connecticut (population near 10,000 each) gave an average of x = 138.5 reported cases of larceny per year. Assume that σ is known to be 42.9 cases per year. (a) Find a 90% confidence interval for the population mean

  26. Calculus

    Given: r = 4/(-2-6sinθ) What is the eccentricity of the function? A. 2 B. -2 C. 3 D. -3

  27. Calculus

    Can someone help find limit using l'hopital rule lim x → ∞ ((3x-4)/(3x+2))^(3x+1), I'm trying to solve by adding ln function to both side.

  28. Physics

    Material X has a coefficient of linear expansion a = 0.00000271/degree C. What value would you expect its volume coefficient of expansion to be

  29. math

    a) from a to of 12 flatres, 4 are selected at random. if the lot contains 4 defective flares (flares that wilt fire), what is the probability that all 4 will not work? B) what is the probability that at most 2 will not work?

  30. math

    Jose spent 2 3/10 hours playing basketball outside, and he played outside for a total of 5 hours. How many hours did he spend not playing basketball?

  31. math

    The Following Table gives the sales for the Sasquatch Men's Shoe store: Shoe Size , Frequency (number of pairs sold) 4 , 8 5 , 12 6 , 31 7 , 50 8 , 58 9 , 46 10 , 37 11 , 14 12 , 11 1)determine the mean for the distribution, correct to 2 decimal places. 2)

  32. geography

    what is the time and day at a certain place on 60 degree west longitude when it is 5:30 AM on Friday at a place 90 degree ast longitude

  33. geography

    if the Wimbledon men's final match starts at 1 p.m.,when would we in India tune in to our television sets to watch it

  34. algebra

    how do I write 2.5=h3o^+ in scientific form?

  35. geography

    It is noon at a place when it is 6 a.m, at Greenwich.Calculate the longitude of that place.

  36. Physics

    You build a loop-the-loop in your backyard. It has a diameter of 3.10 m. a) How fast will you have to be moving at the top of the loop to avoid falling off? The answer I got was 3.90 m/s. Is this correct? b)If you'll be coasting from the time you get to

  37. intermediate algebra

    A certain bacteria doubles every day. If there were 400 in the original culture, how many would be present after 3 days?

  38. chemistry

    how many grams of NaOh are needed to make 50 g of Na3PO4 according to the equation: 3NaOH+H3PO4=Na3PO4+3H2O (i'm not sure where to even start for this!)

  39. English

    1. I fell asleep with the computer turned on. 2. It is difficult to get to the place because of bad weather. 3. It is difficult to get to the place because of the bad weather. -------------------------------- Are they all grammatical? Do we need to put

  40. History

    Which is an impact of World War 1 A: German and Russian monarchies became stronger. B: The united states became the largest creditor nation. C: Europeans used their money to buy American goods. D: France no longer had a demand for British goods. My answer

  41. Math, Quadratic Functions

    A rectangular chicken yard was built against an existing barn wall (as shown in the picture). 30 m of fencing was used to enclose the yard. a) Find the dimensions of the yard its area is 108 m! How to solve this problem..?

  42. Math 10

    How many 3 members committee can be selected from a class of 20 students?

  43. Chemistry

    Mg + 2HCI --> MgCl2 + H2 0.158 g of Mg metal is combined with an excess of HCl to make 100.0 ml of solution in a coffee up calorimeter. The reaction rises from 25.60 C to 32.80 C. Determine delta H for the reaction of one mole of Mg. Units in kJ. 3

  44. Math

    A hospital nursery has 3 boys and some girls. A child was selected at random what is the probability that the child is a boy?

  45. Chemistry

    Table sugar consists mostly of sucrose, C12H22O11. The standard enthalpy of combustion for sucrose is the standard state delta H for the reaction: C12H22O11 + 12 O 2 ---> 12 CO2 + 11 H2O Calculate this standard state delta H. Give answer in units of kJ to

  46. Math

    You need to choose a container to a section of Pipe into . The pipe diameter is 6inches ,and the section is 100feet long how many liquide ,in cubic feet do you need What the answer pleasé

  47. Math

    Two debts ---- the first of $800 due six months ago and the second of $1400 borrowed one year ago for a term of three years at 6.5% compounded annually ---- are to be replaced by a single payment one year from now. Determine the size of the replacement

  48. Physics

    Poiseuille’s equation relates the volumetric flow rate Q (volume per time unit) to the pressure differential ΔP that drives the flow: Q = (πr^4)/(8η) x (ΔP/L) Here η is the viscosity of the fluid and the tube has length L and radius r. A fire

  49. Physics

    The siren of an ambulance has a frequency f=500 Hz. A pedestrian standing on a sidewalk listens to this siren as the ambulance passes by at a speed of 65 mph. The speed of sound in air is 330 m/s. a) Calculate the total shift in frequency detected by the

  50. Physics

    Two kids sitting on opposite sides of a small lake use sticks to beat the surface of the water at a frequency f=1.5 Hz. They notice that a standing wave pattern develops between the points where they are disturbing the water surface. They count n=5 nodes

  51. Physics

    A pan flute is based on standing wave resonance in a tube that is open where the musician blows and closed at the bottom end with bee’s wax. (a) Describe the standing wave pattern of air displacement in such a tube when a tone is played. (b) Determine

  52. tss

    Find the dimeter of circle if radious is 5

  53. Social Studies

    1. Some Polynesian islands are ring-shaped coral islands that surround a body of water, or copra. coral.>>> atolls. plates. 2. In the mid-1800s, what event played a part in the large increase in British immigration to Australia? Aborigines moved to the

  54. Algebra

    A student has a mean score of 89 on 5 tests. what will be the new mean if she scores a 95 on the next test? (89+95)/6=X

  55. Math

    How many 3 members committe can be selected from a class of 20 students?

  56. Urgent!

    A hospital nursery has 3 boys and some girls. A child was selected at random what is the probability that the child is a boy?

  57. Math

    If 13 pens cost £27.30,how much will 30 pens cost?

  58. Mathematics

    if 1 part of iron is mixed with 70 part of nickel to obtain 70 mg of an alloy, how much iron should be mixed with 2100 mg of nickel?

  59. chemistry

    What is the mass of 3.22mol of ethane

  60. 8th Grade Science

    Which of the following best describes what causes the phases of the moon? A. The alignment of the sun, Earth and moon (I think it's this one) B. The speed of the moon around the Earth C. The speed of the Earth around the sun D. The alignment of the planets

  61. MATHS ( Geometry)

    The ladder of length 13m was kept at a distance from a building to reach on a window on the building . At what height is the window from the ground ?

  62. MATHS ( Geometry)

    Abhay drives 4km to the north and then 3 km to the east . Find the distance between the starting point and the terminating point .

  63. precalculus

    can you please check my work? 7. Find the equation of the parabola y=ax2+bx+c that passes through the points(0,6),(-2,2), and(3,9/2). y=ax2+bx+c 6=a(0)2+b(0)+c 2=a(-2)2+b(-2)+c 9/2=a(3)2+b(3)+c 6=c 2=4a+(-2b)+6 9/2=9a+3b+6 -4=4a-2b -3/2=9a+3b a=-1/2, b=1

  64. Math

    Kareena got 60% marks in English, 75% in hindi and 130 in maths. The max marks in each of subject are 150,200and 150. Find her aggregate marks.

  65. Math

    A man takes commission at the rate of 2% on first 50,000, 7% on next 50,000 and 0.5% on remaining price. Find bis commission on the car that has been silf for 2,38,000.

  66. Algebra

    If n is the larger of the two consecutive numbers, write an expression for the sum of these two numbers.

  67. history knowledge

    I just want to know this for fun because I saw it and one of my history books and want to learn about it. Why did Alexander the Greats empire fall?

  68. chemistry

    2C2H6 + 7O2 --> 4CO2 + 6H20 given 7.5 X 10 to the 3rd of C2H6 how many grams of CO2 is emitted the 7.5 x 10 to the third is 7500 what do i do to figure out the rest

  69. Ela

    What natural force helps leaves from the trees in why leaves turn color in the fall

  70. enviromental science

    which of these is a natural factor that affects the enviroment domestication oxygen resarch factories

  71. Physics

    Not at all sure where to start with this problem. Any help would be appreciated! The siren of an ambulance has a frequency f=500 Hz. A pedestrian standing on a sidewalk listens to this siren as the ambulance passes by at a speed of 65 mph. The speed of

  72. Algebra

    A student has a mean score of 89 on 5 tests. what will be the new mean if she scores a 95 on the next test? (89+95)/6=X

  73. chemistry

    how many grams of NaOh are needed to make 50 g of Na3PO4 according to the equation: 3NaOH+H3PO4=Na3PO4+3H2O (i'm not sure where to even start for this!)

  74. English

    How do themes drive the plot in a story or film?

  75. chemistry

    Fe2+ is oxidized to Fe3+ and CrO4is reduced to Cr3+ using an unknown sample containing Fe2+ and 0.04322M K2CrO4 solution in a redox titration. I first need to balance the formula, but I don't know what to do with the potassium.

  76. 8th Grade Journalism

    Can somebody please confirm that I'm correct with the other answers? **Can somebody help me with the 2nd question please? Passive Voice to Active Voice Passive Voice---A college entrance exam was taken by nearly 100 students on Saturday. Results from the

  77. Math

    A construction worker bought 21 7/8 Pounds of nails when those nails were all used she bought 2 1/2 times as many nails as she had bought the first time how many pounds of nails did she buy the second time

  78. Physics

    A baseball is thrown at an angle of 20◦ relative to the ground at a speed of 25.8 m/s. The ball is caught 43.6152 m from the thrower. The acceleration due to gravity is 9.81 m/s2 .

  79. Math

    A furniture maker is building a bookshelf she needs to cut rectangular pieces of wood to a length of 5/12 foot and a width of 2/3 foot what is the area of a piece of wood that size

  80. Math

    A man drives 40 3/8 miles to work each day he stops for coffee at a shop that is 1/2 of the way to his job how far does the man drive before he stops for coffee

  81. algebra

    Find the equation for the graph of the path of a point​ P(x,y) that moves such that​ P(x,y) is the same distance from the point ​(14​,0) and the​ y-axis.

  82. Calculus

    Given: 5cos6Θ What is the shape of the function? A. Limacon B. Rose C. Lemniscate D. Circle

  83. Chemistry (molarity) *emergency*

    Hi there, maybe dumb question but how would I find the initial concentration of Fe^3+?? In lab, we mixed these reactants into one test tube: -0.50mL of 0.0025M Fe(NO3)3 -0.50mL of 0.0025M KSCN -2.50mL of 0.10M HNO3 The net ionic equation for the experiment

  84. Algebra 2

    Evaluate the function when x=1. f(x)=4x-2. Write the input and output as a set of ordered pairs, and identify the domain and range of the ordered pair. (6 points) Ordered Pair: Domain: Range: Write an equation of direct variation that passes through the

  85. math

    n/3+5>4 what is the answer. 3 a-4 less than or equal to 5 What is the answer 25>1-3 d 2 y-26 you have to read 150 pages and you already read 82 you have to read p many pages more. how many more do you have to read? Answer all the questions plz.