Questions Asked on
December 2, 2016

  1. Math

    The price of a calculator is $12.50. The sales tax is 7.5%. How much will you pay? A. $13.40*** B. $13.44 C. $13.57 D. $13.61

    asked by Check me please.
  2. Physics

    1)We consider a hot-air balloon of mass 251 kg (basket and envelope). The spherical envelope of the balloon has a diameter of 19 m when fully inflated. To what temperature (in °C) must the enclosed air be heated for the balloon to carry five standard men?

    asked by Noah
  3. Maths

    50 divided into two parts such that if 6 is subtracted from one part , 12 is added to the second part we get same number .

    asked by Sara
  4. Algebra

    For questions 1-5 solve the equation. 1.-2v-7=23 (A)15 (B)8 ★ (C)-8 (D)-15 2. X/3-10=-12 (A)-6 (B)-66 (C)6 (D)66★ 3. d/3+10=7 (A)51 (B)20 ★ (C)0 (D)-9 4. 2(2-2x)=-3x (A)-4 (B)4 ★ (C)6 (D)0 5. 2.9n+1.7=3.5+2.3n (A)3 (B)-3 (C).3 (D)1 For questions

    asked by J
  5. Social Studies

    how did the supreme court decision in worcester v. georgia and the indian removal act lead to the removal and resettlement of native american groups? I need help on this, I looked up websites and can't find anything. Can you give me a summary and I will

    asked by JacobSartorius.IsMyBoyfriend
  6. MATH

    Taylor surveys students in one grade level who own at least one pet. She finds that 50% of the students surveyed own 2 pets, 3 students own 3 pets each, and 2 students own 4 pets each. Eight of the students in the grade own 1 pet. Considering the number of

    asked by Anonymous
  7. algebra 2a solving systems using matrices

    write the system of equations represented by the matrix [0 1 2 4] [-2 3 6 9] [1 0 1 3] a: x+2y=4 -2x-3y+69=0 x+y=3 b: x+2y=4 -2-3y+6=9 x+y=3 c: y+2z=4 -2x+3y+6z=9 x+z=3 d: x+2z=4 -2x-3y+6=9 think its A

    asked by mia
  8. Language Arts

    (1)The most catastrophic natural disaster in the United States was a category 4 or extreme, hurricane that struck Galveston, Texas, on September 8, 1900.(2) A 15-foot storm surge killed more than 8,000 people on the low-lying island.(3) In a effort to

    asked by Sid.V
  9. Algebra 1B

    A model rocket is launched from a roof into a large field. The path of the rocket can be modeled by the equation y = -0.04x^2 + 8.3x + 4.3, where x is the horizontal distance, in meters, from the starting point on the roof and y is the height, in meters,

    asked by Abby
  10. Math

    Maya's school held an aluminum collection program in which they collected aluminum and brought it to be recycled. In the first week, Maya collected 4/20 lb of aluminum and her friend Abigail collected 7/8 lb. a. which girl collected more aluminum? b. how

    asked by Plz Help me
  11. Algebra 2

    Find the number of units that produces a maximum revenue given by R = 290x−0.2x 2, where R is the total revenue in dollars and x is the number of units sold. Answer in units of units.

    asked by Anna Alkine
  12. Math

    The area of a right triangle is 12 square inches, and the sum of the lengths of the two legs, a and b, is 16 inches. Write a system that could be used to find the lengths of the legs of the right triangle.

    asked by Sylvester
  13. Math

    Here's a pattern: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. What's the nth term?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. maths

    A circular pond is surrounded by a 2 m wide circular path. If outer circumference of circular path is 44 m, find the inner circumference of the circular path. Also find area of the path.

    asked by raghav
  15. Math

    How much simple interest would you earn for 5 years at 7% with a beginning principal of $8,000.00 A. $2,800 B. $3,200 C. $3,300 D. $3,500 I couldn't figure it out and I need some help asap.

    asked by Check me please.
  16. Physics

    Water flows through a garden hose that goes up a step 20.0 cm high. The cross sectional area of the hose on top of the step is half that at the bottom of the step. If the water pressure is 143 kPa at the bottom of the step, and the speed of the water at

    asked by Micah
  17. Health

    i am so stuck on this answer and cannot locate it at all in my resources via online or off. please help... Here's the question: The proper way to take care of your skin would be to: a) burst pimples before they get too big. b) use quality products to help

    asked by banana1
  18. 9th grade algebra

    The high temperatures in Jacksonville, Florida for July 1 – July 15 are shown below. 80, 73, 72, 76, 84, 86, 82, 73, 81, 84, 78, 85, 87, 84, 70 Identify the following, only using numbers. The median is . The minimum is . The maximum is . The lower

    asked by harrison
  19. Math

    My answers 1.A 2.C 3.D 4.A 5.A 6.D 7.B 8.D 9.D 10.C 1. Write the following ratio in simplest form: 32 min:36 min (1 point) 8:98:3632:9128:144 2. Marie saved $51. On Wednesday, she spent $8 of her savings. What ratio represents the portion of her total

    asked by Bill Cipher
  20. Math

    figure RSTU is a rectangle. if m of angle SUT = 3x + 6 and m of angle RUS = 5x - 4, find m of angle SUT

    asked by Joshua
  21. Algebra 1B

    24. Solve the system of equations algebraically. Show all of your steps. Y = x^2 + 2x and y = 3x + 20. Btw this is a workpad problem. I just need to be put in the right direction, on how to do it.

    asked by Ashley
  22. Physics

    a stationary 25 kg object is located on a table near the surface of the earth. The coefficient of static friction between the surface is 0.50 and of kinetic friction is 0.30.

    asked by Josh
  23. math

    In a certain high school class, consisting of 60 girls and 40 boys , it is observed that 24 girls and 16 boys wear eyeglasses. If a student is picked at rondom from this class, the probability that the student wears eyeglasses is 40/100. what is the

    asked by probability
  24. Math

    A hall measures 16m by 12m.How many square tiles of side 4m will be required to pave its floor?

    asked by Arju
  25. Math

    A taxicab charges $2.50,plus$1.78 per kilometer. How long is a trip that costs 21.19?

    asked by Angie
  26. Math

    You do not have enough 6-inch beads to make the rope, so you will use 10-inch beads instead. Write and solve an inequality that represents the number of 10-inch beads that you can use.

    asked by Kevin
  27. Math

    Jamilla is throwing a small party she has 4 pizza and decides that everyone at her party should have a serving of 3/5 of a pizza jamilla says she has a 6 2/3 servings but Devon says she has 6 2/5 servings who is correct and how many slices does each person

    asked by Joe
  28. algebra

    The function h(t) = 200 - 16t represents the height of a ball droppped from 200 feet. How far had the ball traveled after falling for 11 seconds?

    asked by reda
  29. Physics

    Alice is going on a picnic and is aware that it will be easier to carry the picnic basket if it balances at the center where the handle is attached. She has placed a 2.15-kg container of potato salad at one end and a 0.750-kg package of hot dogs at the

    asked by Zachary
  30. Physics

    A 0.5 kg air-track car is attached to the end of a horizontal spring of constant k = 20 N/m. The car is displaced 15 cm from its equilibrium point and released. a) What is the car's maximum speed? b) What is the car's maximum acceleration? c) What is the

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Science

    A lead calorimeter with mass of 150g contains 200g of water. The calorimeter and water are in thermal equilibrium at a specific temperature. Two metallic blocks are placed into the water. One is a 50.0g piece of aluminum heated at 90 degrees celcius. The

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Calculus

    Find the area of the region enclosed between y=4sin(x) and y=2cos(x) from x=0 to x=0.7pi. Hint: Notice that this region consists of two parts.

    asked by Jamie
  33. Physics

    A photographer uses a camera lens with focal length of 50.0 mm to photograph a tree that is 4.60 m tall. She wishes to fill her 24.0-mm slide with the tree. a) how far from the lens should the film be? b) what is the magnification of the image?

    asked by Lisab
  34. math

    The diameter of Sheree's bicycle wheel is 0.705 m. Caculate how many turns the bicycle wheel will make if she rides the bicycle 1 km. So far I've found out that the circumference of the wheel is C=πd =3.14(0.705) =2.2137 m

    asked by Bella
  35. Math

    Will the values described in each situation be rational or irrational? Select Rational or Irrational to describe each situation.I put "R" and "I" to represent the choices I choose. the length of a rectangle with a rational area and irrational width :R the

    asked by Deza
  36. Calculus

    The semicircular region bounded by the curve x=sqrt{9-y^2} and the y-axis is revolved about the line x=-3. The integral that represents its volume is V= ∫ [a^b] f(y) dy What is f(y)? I've gotten f(y) to: (1+(sqrt(9-y^2)))^2-9 But it's not being

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Language Arts

    Good evening. I have a problem in English Language Arts. I have to write a poem. The instructions are as follows: Write a short poem that reflects the mood you interpret of a season (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter). Follow the requirements listed below: 1.

    asked by Donald
  38. Calculus

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region enclosed by the graphs of y=18-x, y=3x-6 and x=0 about the y-axis V=

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Check them please MAth

    1. Write the following ratio in simplest form: 32 min:36 min (1 point) 8:98:3632:9128:144 2. Marie saved $51. On Wednesday, she spent $8 of her savings. What ratio represents the portion of her total savings that she still has left? (1 point)

    asked by Dipper Pines
  40. Calculus

    Convert to Polar: y/x = 4 A. r = 2 B. r = 16 C. Θ = 76 D. Undefined

    asked by Sade
  41. math

    What price should asha marks on a pair of shoes which costs him Rs 1200 so as to gain 12 percent after allowing a discount of 16 percent

    asked by sheetal kumari
  42. Math

    Greta says the product of two prime numbers must also be prime. Joan disagreed. Who is correct?

    asked by Daniela
  43. genetics!!

    In sexual reproduction, the variation among offspring, and the fact that they are genetically different from their parents, is due to which of the following? a) random alignment of homologues during meiosis 1 b) crossing over c) random process of

    asked by katie
  44. Science

    A lead calorimeter with mass of 150g contains 200g of water. The calorimeter and water are in thermal equilibrium at a specific temperature. Two metallic blocks are placed into the water. One is a 50.0g piece of aluminum heated at 90 degrees celcius. The

    asked by Angel
  45. math

    a carpenter needs 6 pieces of wood 3 1/2 feet long. the carpenter has two 10 foot boards. does the carpenter have enough wood? Explain

    asked by Harris
  46. Statistics

    Zhi and her friends needed to decide where to eat. They narrowed their options to eight restaurants, including Zhi's favorite restaurant, Merlin's. To decide where to go, Zhi flipped a coin three times to get eight possible outcomes, where each outcome

    asked by Shim
  47. biology

    A man is heterozygous for two genes (R and L) that are located on different chromosomes. Which of the following processes would result in different combinations of the alleles for these two genes in his sperm? a) fertilization b) independent assortment c)

    asked by katie
  48. Social studies

    What is one main difference between a presi9 and a prime minister?

    asked by Eileen
  49. physics

    A 1.26×103 kg car accelerates uniformly from rest to 14.8 m/s in 2.79 s. What is the work done on the car in this time interval?

    asked by lovt
  50. physics

    the maximum height attained by the projectile motion is 600m and the range is 500m find a. angle of projection b. velocity of projection c. total time of flight

    asked by vanny
  51. Pre-Calculus

    Convert to rectangular: theta=(2pi)/3 A. y=-sqrt3 B. y=-sqrt3x C. x=sqrt3 D. x=-sqrt3y

    asked by Iris
  52. math

    ABC is an isosceles triangle. AB=BC=6. Angle ABC=120,AC=a square root of b. What is a+b?

    asked by jun
  53. Calculus

    convert to polar: 2xy=3 A. r=sqrt(3sin theta cos theta) B. r=sqrt[(3sin theta cos theta)/2] C. r=[3/(2sin theta cos theta)] D.This cannot be converted without ambiguity.

    asked by Sade
  54. Physics

    A mass (0.5 kg) and spring (k = 250 N/m) system oscillates with an amplitude of 3.5 cm. a) What is the total mechanical energy of the system? b) What is the maximum speed of the mass? c) What is the maximum acceleration of the mass? I need help please! Do

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Math

    How many seating arrangements can be made with 9 students and 14 chairs?

    asked by Ms. Anderson
  56. math

    sam was buying hot dogs and hot dog buns for a backyard dogs come in packs of 16 but buns come in packs of 12. how many packs of each will sam have to buy so that there are no hot dogs or buns left over?

    asked by fritzie
  57. Pre-Calculus

    Convert to rectangular: 4=4sec theta A. y=2 B. y=4 C. x=2 D. x=4

    asked by Iris
  58. Calculus

    The region in the first quadrant bounded by y=6x^2 , 2x+y=8, and the y-axis is rotated about the line x=-1. The volume of the resulting solid is:

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Physics

    Given below are the some of the function of x and t to represent the displacement (transverse or longitudnal ) of an elastic wave . State whether it is stationary or travelling wave or none of them. (i) y = 3sin(5x+0.5t) + 4cos(5x+0.5t) (ii) y =

    asked by Raj
  60. Compter Science ASAP please

    How do you check if the words exist in the sentence in Python? So far I have got... the_sentence = ("I love chocolate and chocolate loves me") sentence = the_sentence.split() print(sentence) sentence_1 = raw_input("Enter a word") def "word": if word in

    asked by Reece
  61. American Government HELP

    Recall the scenario for this lesson’s discussion: You are the CEO of a powerful and politically connected corporation in your area. You have lunch once a month at your club with other business leaders of influential conglomerates to see where your

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Organic chemistry

    How would I draw the structure for (3e,5z)-6-bromo-3-fluoro-3,5-nonadiene? I drew out the main chain of 9 C's, fluoride on 3, double bond between 3 and 4, double bond between 5 and 6, bromide extending out from 6. I understanding E is Trans (priorities

    asked by Huey
  63. Calculus

    Find the volume of the solid of revolution obtained by revolving the plane region R bounded by y= x^5, the y-axis, and the line y=3 about the x-axis So far: y=x^5 is equal to x=5th root y. I've plugged that in to pi(r^2)h, and got V = pi ∫[0,3] y^(2/5)

    asked by James
  64. Calculus - Integrals

    Find the volume of the solid of revolution obtained by revolving region bounded by the parabolas 2y=x^2 and y^2=4x about the x-axis

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Algebra

    Suppose that an architect is constructing a building with a rectangular front that is to be 60 feet high. About how long should the front be if he wants the appliance of a golden rectangle? (Assume w = 60 ft and that you are looking for l. ) Round to 2

    asked by Saray
  66. Math

    write a word phrase for 9 ÷ 3

    asked by Sid.V

    At a temperature of 18.0°C of 23.0cm^3 of a certain gas occupies has pressure of 103 kPa. (a) What volume would the gas occupy at a temperature of 0.00°C and pressure of 101kPa? (b) 1.00 moles of a certain gas occupies a volume of 22.4 litres at 0.00°C

    asked by Daniel
  68. Calculus

    Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region in the first quadrant that is above the parabola y= 4x^2 and below the parabola y= 45-x^2 about the y-axis I just need help setting up the integral. V=∫[0,3]2pix(45-x^2)dx What am I doing

    asked by Jamie
  69. Physics

    The crew men in space are discussing whether they can crack a wall nut with a hammer. Man A says that hitting wall nut with a hammer would be no more effective than hitting it with a feather. Because the hammer is weightless in space. Man B says that he

    asked by Raj
  70. Physics

    If 0.01% of electrons are removed from 18 gm water, then calculate the charge produced in the water.

    asked by Raj
  71. Math

    Here is a number pattern: 1/2, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10. Write an expression for the nth term

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Math

    A container when 3/8 full holds 15 litres of gas how many litres of gas would be needed to fill 5 similar containers.

    asked by Ravina
  73. Surface areas and volumes

    The inner diameter of a circular well is 3.5m .It is 10m deep (a) find the inner curved surface area (b)the cost of plastering the curved surface at the rate of 40/-per m^2

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Physics

    Kate (m = 50 kg) is swinging on a tire tied by a (light) rope (L = 3 m) to a tree limb. Her twin Ashley comes along and squeezes into the tire with her. Assume that at all times the centre of mass of the person(s) riding the tire is at the end of the rope.

    asked by Anonymous
  75. algebra

    Janet told a secret to 4 friends. The next day, each of Janet's friends told the secret to 3 more people. The process continues for multiple days. Which function represents the number of people who will know the secret on the nthnth day? A.

    asked by bonny
  76. Calculus

    Find the area of the region in the first quadrant between the curves y=x^8, and y=2x^2-x^4

    asked by Anon
  77. Finite Math

    Wendy wants $15,000 saved in 6 years to make a down payment on a house. How much money should she invest now at 4.65% compounded annually in order to meet her goal?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Physics

    What consumes when work is done

    asked by Forum
  79. Calculus

    The region R is in the first quadrant and bounded by the x-axis, the y axis, and y= 3+2x-x^2. Find the volume of the solid that results when R is revolving about y+1= 0

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Calculus

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified axis. y=6x^2, x=1, y=0, about the x-axis

    asked by Anonymous
  81. English

    1. We have painted our house gren. 2. Our house have been painted green. 3. Our house is painted gren. ( #1 is an active voice sentence. #2 is a passive voice sentence of #1. In #2, action is stressed. #3 is a passive voice sentence of #1. In #3, state is

    asked by rfvv
  82. Physics

    A square loop,circular loop prepared from a straight wire of length L are moved out of a uniform magnetic field,acting normal to the plane of the paper at a constant velocity v.Draw the variation of induced emf with time for both the loops. How will the

    asked by Raj
  83. Math - Calculus

    The region in the first quadrant bounded by y=6x^2 , 2x+y=8, and the y-axis is rotated about the line x=-1. The volume of the resulting solid is: Please help me set up the integral for this one, I'm not sure how to do it. I've tried ∫[-4/3,1] pi

    asked by Anon
  84. L.A.

    Hi! Could you tell me what this means? I have a question on my homework with this word in it and I was wondering what it meant. If someone could let me know ASAP, that'd be great. Although, if you're working on another question, take your time. My question

    asked by Daniella
  85. University

    17. neutralizing 20 ml 5.66% potassium hydroxide solution density of 1.053 g / cm3 matter 12.1 ml sulfuric acid density of 1.052 g / cm3. Determine the concentration (%) sulfuric acid solution.

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Chemistry

    How would you prepare 2.15 L of a 8.00 M solution from a 12.0 M stock solution?

    asked by wonder
  87. English

    1. The gate is shut at 7. 2. The gate gets shut at 7. 2-2. The gate grows shut at 7. 2-3. The gate becomes shut at 7. (Can we use all the verbs? are they the same in meaning?) 3. The gate is shut now. 4. The gate stands shut now. 5. The gate lies shut now.

    asked by rfvv
  88. Algebra


    asked by Angie
  89. english

    for the poem by edgar allan poe in stanza 5 what are 3 actions taken by the speaker of the poem in this stanza

    asked by lamisha
  90. Maths

    A block of mass 20kg rests on a smooth horizontal ground near to a fixed post, to which it is attached to a light, horizontal rod. The block is pulled away from the post by force PN inclined at 30 degrees to the horizontal. Find in terms of P, the tension

    asked by John B
  91. Physics

    A hoop of mass 'm' is projected on a floor with linear velocity 'v' and reverse spin 'w'. The co efficient of friction is 'u'. What is the (i) time of pure rolling? (ii) velocity of return?

    asked by Raj
  92. Pre-Calculus

    Convert to Rectangular: r*tan theta/sec theta=2 A. y=2 B. y=1/2 C. x=2 D. x=1/2

    asked by Sade
  93. math

    angelina is putting 200 each month in an ordinary annuity that pays an annual interest rate of 9%. if she makes payments for 2 years, how much will she have saved for her trip?

    asked by jani
  94. Math

    can someone help me solve for x for this equation (0.5)(((cos(180-x))^(2))(cos(90-x))^(2))=0.0500

    asked by Po
  95. Algebra

    use substitution to determine if (5,1) is a solution to the inequality 2x+6y

    asked by Melesa Engram
  96. English

    Posted by rfvv on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 1:03pm. 1. The road is closed for construction. (What is the active voice sentence of #1?) 2. The city has closed the road for construction. 3. The city closes the road for construction. •English -

    asked by rfvv
  97. Algebra


    asked by Angie
  98. math

    Would $22.150 million be rounded to $22.2 million?

    asked by Jeneva
  99. math

    i really need help with this question solve the inequality x>7 a.9 b.5 c.1 d.7

    asked by layla
  100. math

    i really need help with this question solve the inequality x>7 a.9 b.5 c.1 d.7

    asked by layla

    When the Chorus announces the suicide of Queen Jocasta, members of the audience may display an outward pouring of emotions. That process is known as _____. A) Catharsis B) Anagnorisis C) Peripeteia D) Hubris A?

    asked by Jay
  102. Maths

    the diagram show a cylinder of mass 8kg lying at rest on two smooth planes inclined at angles 40 degrees and 50 degrees to the horizontal. Calculate the reaction exerted by each plane on the cylinder Thanks in advance

    asked by John B
  103. maths

    oxygen occupies about 1/5 percentage of atmospheric air and the rest is taken up by other gases.what space do theother space occupy?

    asked by candice
  104. Calculus - Integrals

    The region bounded by y=x^2, x=y^2 is rotated about the line y=-3. The volume of the resulting solid is:

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Math

    Find the volume of the solid of revolution obtained by revolving the plane region R bounded by y= x^5, the y-axis, and the line y=3 about the x-axis I've gotten 15/7(3^(2/5))pi, but it's not right. Please help

    asked by James
  106. Communications 12

    When writing an expository paragraph do you put the characters names in quotations?

    asked by Aisha
  107. Stady

    02December 2016 write in 5 leters without using numbers

    asked by Venkat jagru
  108. Pressure in Physics

    Calculate the pressure of the body with mass 60kg and area of 10m2.

    asked by Marvin
  109. history

    The treaties signed in September, 1951 restored Japanese independence, ended Japanese claims to its former colonies and territories, and

    asked by breanna mills

    How much should be invested now at 7.55% compounded annually to have $46,000 in 12 years?

    asked by Anonymous
  111. English

    1. It seems that the two years was a long time for you. 2. It seems the two years was a long time for you. 3. It seems like the two years was a long time for you. -------------------------- Are they all grammatical? Which one is commonly used? Can we omit

    asked by rfvv
  112. Social studies

    What do you call a natural, capital, and human resources

    asked by Audreay