Questions Asked on
November 26, 2016

  1. Calculus

    The base of a solid is the circle x2 + y2 = 9. Cross sections of the solid perpendicular to the x-axis are equilateral triangles. What is the volume, in cubic units, of the solid? 36 sqrt 3 36 18 sqrt 3 18 The answer isn't 18 sqrt 3 for sure.

    asked by Muhammad
  2. math

    If f is a function such that the limit as x approaches a of the quotient of the quantity f of x minus f of a and the quantity x minus a equals 7, then which of the following statements must be true?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Differential calculus

    Find the most economical proportions for a covered box of fixed volume whose base is a rectangle with one side three times the other.

    asked by Mohammed
  4. Math

    Find the resultant in magnitude and direction of forces 10N, 20N, 30N, 40N, acting respectively in the direction 60,120,180 and 270. I tried drawing out the forces with the respective angles but the angles are more than 360.#confused

    asked by Shade
  5. mechanical behaviour of materials

    Iron carbide (Fe3C) particles are dispersed in iron. The surface energy of Fe3C is 2J/m2, the shear modulus of iron is 64GPa and the Burgers vector of iron is 0.25nm. What minimum surface energy of the obstacle is required to induce dislocations to be

    asked by karthik
  6. pre calculus

    Forces with magnitudes of 250 pounds and 130pounds act on an object at angles 45degrees and -60degrees respectively with the positive axis. Find the direction and magnitude of the resultant of these forces.

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Math

    Using the letters A and B, the following two-letter code words can be formed: AA, AB, BB,Ba. Using the letters A, B, and C, how many different three-letter code words can be formed? I know that the answer is 27 from the answer sheet, but how? Can you

    asked by Stephanie
  8. Algebra

    A private plane traveled from Seattle to a rugged​ wilderness, at an average speed of 420 mph. On the return​ trip, the average speed was 300mph. If the total traveling time was 6 ​hours, how far is Seattle from the​ wilderness?

    asked by Itati
  9. Biology

    What do plants and algal cells need to produce proteins? Where do plants and again cells get this supple from? THANKS!!!

    asked by Reece
  10. American Government

    A woman is asked to serve on a jury. Instead of hearing two sides of the case, she only hears from the prosecutors, who ask the jury to decide whether they think someone is probably guilty. The state will only arrest the person and hold a formal trial if

    asked by Anon
  11. finance

    A client in the 26 percent marginal tax bracket is comparing a municipal bond that offers a 6.4 percent yield to maturity and a similar-risk corporate bond that offers a 9.10 percent yield. Determine the equivalent taxable yield. (Round your answer to 2

    asked by deda
  12. math

    Which of the following is the best linear approximation for f(x) = sin(x) near x = π seconds?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. math

    If f(−1) = −3 and f prime of x equals the quotient of 4 times x squared and the quantity x cubed plus 3 , which of the following is the best approximation for f(–1.1) using local linearization

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Differential calculus

    A light is placed on the ground 30 ft from a building. A man 6 ft tall walks from the light toward the building at the rate of 5 ft/sec. Find the rate at which the length of his shadow is changing when he is 15 ft from the building.

    asked by Mohammed
  15. English

    1. The fluorescent lamp is over the desk. 2. An ant is beneath the table. 3. The cat is under the table. 4. A book is on the table. ----------------------- Does #1 mean that the fluorescent lamp is right above the table? If the fluorescent lamp is in the

    asked by rfvv
  16. precalculus

    Forces with magnitudes of 250 pounds and 130 pounds, act on an object at angles 45°and -61° respectiviley , with the positive axis. Find the direction and magnitude of the resultant of these forces.

    asked by Aaaron
  17. Differential calculus

    A ladder 20 ft long leans against a vertical wall, If top slides downward at the rate of 2 ft/sec, find how fast the lower end is moving when it is 16 ft from the wall.

    asked by Mohammed
  18. Transcription

    Her pupils were reactive to light. run-on fragment correct

    asked by Yvette
  19. Math

    The Kelvin scale is an absolute temperature scale threat can be used to calculate percent change in temperatures.The formula to convert Celsius to Kelvin is K=C+ 273.15.What is the percent change if the temperature rises from 21*C to 29*C?Round to the

    asked by lilbrandon1007
  20. pre calculus

    A triangular parcel of land has borders of lengths 55 meters, 85 meters, and 100 meters. Find the area of the parcel of land.

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Physics

    A plank 3m long and having a mass of 20kg is supported at its ends. Imagine that a person with a mass of 50 kg stands m from one end. What are the magnitudes of the force exerted by the supports?

    asked by Josh
  22. Please help. maths

    For each of the three-digit numbers with no digits zero, the difference between the number itself and the product of its digits is calculated. The largest such difference is A. 110 B. 270 C. 902 D. 910 E. 927

    asked by Jim
  23. stat

    In an extensive study involving thousands of British children, Arden and Plomin (2006) found significantly higher variance in the intelligence scores for males than for females. Following are hypothetical data, similar to the results obtained in the study.

    asked by jessie
  24. precalculus

    Find the component form and magnitude of the vector w that has initial point(-8,-12) and terminal point (4,1)

    asked by Aaaron
  25. pre calculus

    Find all of the solutions of the equation x^4-625i=0 and represent the solutions graphically.

    asked by Cain
  26. Math

    As a tornado moves, its speed increases. The functions S(d) = 93logd+65 relates the speed of the wind, S, in miles per hour, near the center of a tornado to the distance that the tornado has traveled,d, in miles. a) Graph this function. b) Calculate the

    asked by NeedHelp
  27. Algebra

    The equation h = -16t^2 + 32t + 9 gives the height of a ball, h, in feet above the ground, at t seconds after the ball is thrown upward. How many seconds after the ball is thrown will it reach its maximum height? What is its maximum height?

    asked by Aaron
  28. Differential calculus

    reservoir has the shape of a right-circular cone. The altitude is 10 feet, and the radius of the base is 4 ft. Water is poured into the reservoir at a constant rate of 5 cubic feet per minute. How fast is the water level rising when the depth of the water

    asked by Mohammed
  29. pre calculus

    how do you use e^a+bi = e^(cos b + i sin b) to derive the equation eπi + 1 = 0

    asked by Anonymous
  30. physics

    A pendulum clock has a pendulum shaft made of aluminum which has a coefficient of linear expansion of 24.0*10^-6K^-1. At 22 degrees celsius the period of the swing of the pendulum is 1.00seconds. If the temperature is reduced to 5 degrees celcius, how much

    asked by dan
  31. physics

    An airplane is flying above the Earth's surface at a height of 9.30 km. The centripetal acceleration of the plane is 18.2 m/s2. What is the angular velocity of the plane moving in uniform circular motion? Take the radius of the earth to be 6400 km.

    asked by Please help
  32. chemistry

    CH4+2O2-->CO2+2H2O If 22.75g of carbon dioxide is obtained when 9g of methane is burned in excess oxygen, what is the percent yield? Show work too please

    asked by help pls
  33. analogies

    Letter is to mail as money is to (a)bank (b)savings (c)invest (d)account

    asked by jasmine
  34. American Government

    The federal government sets requirements that all public schools must follow, while state governments set standards listing what students need to learn. This is an example of what constitutional system? A. dual federalism B. cooperative federalism C.

    asked by Jane
  35. hdhs

    A box open at the top has its outer dimensions 10cm,9cm & 2.5cm and its thickness 0.5mm. Find the volume of the metal

    asked by dinesh
  36. Algebra

    The sum of 2 numbers is 40, the smaller no. Is 6 less than the larger no. Find the numbers w/ solutions. Thanks

    asked by Bryan
  37. precalculus

    Use Demoivre's theorem to find the indicated power of the complex number. Write the result in standard form. 1.(3(cos5pi/4+i sin 5pi/4))^8 2.(3-3i)^6

    asked by Susan
  38. Trigonometry

    Write an algebraic expression for y=tan (cos^-1 x/3)for 0

    asked by Asia Muhammad
  39. finance

    You note the following yield curve in The Wall Street Journal. According to the unbiased expectations theory, what is the 1-year forward rate for the period beginning one year from today, 2f1? (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.) Maturity Yield One day

    asked by deda
  40. Instructional Materials

    exam 026039RR

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Science

    The radius of solid gold sphere is 0.5 cm ,if density of gold is 1.95*10qo power 8 kg/meter cube .Calculate its mass

    asked by Akriri
  42. Physics

    If the angle of incidence is 30degree and refractive index is 2 find the angle of refraction.find whether the medium is denser or rarer

    asked by Anonymous

    1.what are the behavior of students towards school rules and regulation ? 2.why do the students need to follow the school rules and regulations? does it affects to the behavior of the students

    asked by PAT
  44. English

    On the hill, there is a house. When we walk down a little, there is a lake. In that case, we can say as follows. 1. The house is above the lake. 2. The house is over the lake. 3. The lake is below the house. 4. The lake is under the house. In this case, #1

    asked by rfvv
  45. Riddle

    Long_short,round_square,good_broken,painted_plaine. What are they.

    asked by Stephen
  46. English

    There is a crib next to the wall. There is a picture on the wall. In this case, do we use #1? In this case, #1 is not the same as #2. Is that right? #4 is not suitable, either. 1. The picture is above the crib. 2. The picture is over the crib. 3. The crib

    asked by rfvv
  47. science

    What is the average speed of a race cow that travels 60 meters in 20 seconds?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Physics

    A bank robber, after completing his heist, jumps into his getaway car and drives away from the scene of a crime, down a straight highway at 40 m/s. A police vehicle follows in pursuit, leaving the bank 2 minutes after the robber left. If the police travel

    asked by Wei
  49. calculus

    your friend left his home 2 hours ago and cycles due north at 30 km/h. you have been cycling due west at 20 km/h and arrives at his home now. At what time were the two of you closest to each other?

    asked by Help please!!!
  50. Calculus

    Find the volume of the solid formed by rotating the region bounded by the graph of y equals 1 plus the square root of x, the y-axis, and the line y = 3 about the line y = 5.

    asked by Muhammad
  51. 7th grade Pre- Algebra

    R/5 - 6 = -1 I know the answer is 25, but can you show me the steps. Thank you.

    asked by PLEASE HELP!!!
  52. pre calculus

    Use the information to solve the triangle. If two solutions exist find both. 1.A=36°, B=98°, c=16 2.a=4, b=8, c=10 3.A=35°, b=8, c=12

    asked by Adam
  53. Science

    One ship, sailing east with a speed of 7.5 m/s, passes a certain point at 8A.Mand a second ship sailing north at the same speed, passed the same point at 9:30 A.M. At What time are they closest together and what is the distance between them then?

    asked by Vector
  54. Math

    The doubling function (y = y base0 2^(1/D)) can be used to model exponential growth when the doubling time is D. The bacterium Escherichia coli has a doubling period of 0.32 h. A culture of E. coli starts with 100 bacteria. a) Determine the equation for

    asked by NeedHelp
  55. Maths

    A stick is 88m 42cm long. We cut it in two equal parts, what will be the length of each part?

    asked by Yashaswi
  56. Differential calculus

    A piece of wire of length 2 m. is cut into two parts, one of which is bent into the shape of a square and the other into a shape of a circle. How should the wire be cut so that sum of the enclosed areas is minimum.

    asked by Mohammed
  57. Algebra

    A private plane traveled from Seattle to a rugged​ wilderness, at an average speed of 220 mph. On the return​ trip, the average speed was 264mph. If the total traveling time was 5 hours, how far is Seattle from the​ wilderness?

    asked by Ruby
  58. Calculus

    Determine the relative extremum for the function , f(x,y)=((x^2)+(y^2))(e^-x)

    asked by Muhammad
  59. Maths

    Defg is a parallelogram find the measure of angle f

    asked by Safwan
  60. Calculus

    Find dz/dy for the following : z=(e^xy)+2ycos(xy-1)

    asked by Muhammad
  61. Calculus

    I am working on a regression model , if my residuals don't exceed 0.6 does that mean this model is OK for my data?,

    asked by Michelle♡♡
  62. Physics

    A satellite orbits the Earth in an orbits 750 km high. Find (*) the satellite's orbital speed and (**) period. (The mass and radius of the Earth are 5.98E + 24 kg and 6370000 m, respectively.)

    asked by Mary
  63. Chemistry

    What volume of 0.1244M hydrochloric acid is required to neutralize 24.81 ml of 0.1026M barium hydroxide? from the mole to mole ratio and the given information I came up with .00509 mols of HCl. would I multiply this by 0.1244 or divide by .1244. I'm not

    asked by Sean
  64. calculus

    A rocket has been launched from Russia International Terminal towards the point (√tk, 〖te〗^k, k) at a speed 2000 feet/second. What is the position of the rocket after half an hour?

    asked by afiqah
  65. science

    A system contains 0.15 m3 of a gas at a pressure of 3.8 bar and 150 C. It is expanded adiabatically till the pressure falls to 1 bar. The gas is then heated at a constant pressure till its change in enthalpy is 70 kJ. Determine the total work done.

    asked by seeoo

    . –2v – 7 = –23 (1 point) 15******** 8 –8 –15 2. start fraction x over 3 end fraction – 10 = –12 (1 point) –6 –66 6****** 66 3. start fraction x over 5 end fraction + 6 = 10 (1 point) 44 30 20******** –20 4. 3(4 – 2x) = –2x (1

    asked by Bill Cipher
  67. MATH HELP NEEDED prt 2

    –2v – 7 = –23 (1 point) 15******** 8 –8 –15 2. start fraction x over 3 end fraction – 10 = –12 (1 point) –6 –66 6****** 66 3. start fraction x over 5 end fraction + 6 = 10 (1 point) 44 30 20******** –20 4. 3(4 – 2x) = –2x (1 point)

    asked by Bill Cipher
  68. Physics

    A tension spring opposes being stretched, but offers no resistance to being compressed (think of a slinky!). A tension spring, with an equilibrium length of 1.25 m, is suspended by one end from a ceiling at a height of 2.5 m above the ground; a mass of 100

    asked by Nick
  69. pre calculus

    ea + bi = ea(cos b + i sin b) This formula gives rise to the equation eπi + 1 = 0. . Show how Euler’s formula can be used to derive this equation.

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Chemistry

    The equilibrium constant, K, for the following reaction is 1.54×10-2 at 506 K: PCl5(g) PCl3(g) + Cl2(g) An equilibrium mixture of the three gases in a 15.7 L container at 506 K contains 0.207 M PCl5, 5.64×10-2 M PCl3 and 5.64×10-2 M Cl2. What will be

    asked by Daniel
  71. math

    you want to buy three books that are on sale at 20% off. the original prices of the books are $2.50, $4.95, and $6.00. How much will you save?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. math

    your school is putting on a prom fashion show, and you are in charge of building a platform to serve as a stage. Main stage is a rectangle and the runways is a square. the length of the main stage is three times the length of the runway and the width of

    asked by Laura
  73. Math

    If the internal diamter of a steel tube is 3cm and thickness 4mm,what is the external diamter?

    asked by Farhana
  74. AP Calculus

    I am doing the 100 meter men's freestyle swimming lab (in case you know what I am referring to) and I need to fibd the lower limit analytically. I am given a table of data containing the years after 1900 and the time in second of each country , for

    asked by Mary
  75. pre calculus

    Write the complex number z=-2+2i in trigonometric form.

    asked by Anonymous
  76. pre calculus

    Write the complex number 100(cos240°+ i sin240°) in standard form.

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Math

    How many 1/3 are there in 25/5

    asked by Kayla
  78. Math

    Sean walk 3/4 of a mile in 15 minutes. At that same pace, how far, in miles, can Sean walk in 1 hour and 20 minutes?

    asked by Darryl
  79. Math

    1. What type of graph does not show the number of times a response was given? (1 point) box-and-whisker plot line plot stem-and-leaf plot bar graph 2. Which of the following types of information is suited for display on a scatter plot? (1 point)

    asked by Embershy
  80. chemistry

    2Na+2H2O-->2NaOH+H2 what is the mass of reactant left over? pls show work too thank you

    asked by help pls
  81. pre calculus

    find (a)2v+u, (b)u-3v, and (c)5u-v u=, v=

    asked by Anonymous
  82. pre calculus

    Find the component form and magnitude of the vector w that has initial point(-8,-12) and terminal point (4,1)

    asked by Anonymous
  83. An airline requires carry-on luggage to weigh at m

    An airline requires carry-on luggage to weigh at most 40 pounds. Your suitcase currently weighs 10 pounds. How many pounds p are available for you to fill your suitcase with other items?

    asked by Bill Cipher
  84. Discrete Math

    I need help for this question. I need to find the number of integer solutions for x1 + x2 + x3 + 2x4 + x5 = 68 I'm not sure what to do for 2x4

    asked by Ryback
  85. Physics

    (a) Would the pattern change if you were to use a shorter wavelength of light? Clearly state what change(s) would occur (if any) and briefly explain why. (b) The apparatus is surrounded by air. Would the pattern change if it were immersed in water instead?

    asked by Po
  86. History

    How did Andrew Jackson view his relationship with the native Americans?

    asked by Daniela
  87. math

    Tanisha's mother buys 38 lemons. They know it takes 8 lemons to make 80 ounces of lemonade. Does Tanisha need more lemons ?If not ,how many extra lemons does she have? If so, how many more lemons does she need ? Explain how you found your answer.

    asked by angle2016
  88. pre calculus

    find (a)2v+u, (b)u-3v), and (c)5u-v u= v=

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Algebra 2

    Rewrite x^2+9 as a product using complex numbers and the polynomial identity below. a. (x+3)(x-3) b. (x+3i)(x-3i) c. (3x)(3i) d. (x+9i)(x-9i) I'm not sure if it's b or d, if I'm on the right path. Please help? Thanks

    asked by Fading
  90. Math

    marvin wrote the following clues to describe a multiplication sentence. the product is close in value to 10. both factors are decimal number.the product has 3 decimal factor is greater than one . The other factor is less than 1. Explain how you

    asked by Carmen
  91. Algebra 2

    In the equation x^2-6x+c=0, find the values of c that will give two imaginary solutions. a. c >= 5 b. c > 6 c. c < 6 d. c > 9 I figured out the equation with 6 (so I believe either b or c is the answer) being there, but is would it be > or

    asked by Fading
  92. Physics

    A diver accustomed to standard snorkel tubing of length 25 cm tries a self-made tube of length 8.6 m. During the attempt, what is the pressure difference (in kPa) between the external pressure on the diver's chest and the air pressure in the diver's lungs?

    asked by Andrea
  93. Chemistry

    If there are 10 groups performing an experiment and each group needed 25.0 mL of 0.250 M NaOH, how would you prepare the NaOH solution for the whole lab using the NaOH pellets?

    asked by Mason Rutledge
  94. Physics , static fluids

    hello, I hope you can help... A diver accustomed to standard snorkel tubing of length 25 cm tries a self-made tube of length 8.6 m. During the attempt, what is the pressure difference (in kPa) between the external pressure on the diver's chest and the air

    asked by Andrea
  95. Calculus

    Find dz/dy for the following : xln(1-2y) = zsin((x^2)z)-3y+z

    asked by Muhammad
  96. American Government

    When Alabama's governor refused to end the policy of segregation in public universities, he invoked which common argument for separation of powers under federalism? A.states' rights B.checks and balances initiative D.bicameral legislation I think

    asked by Anon
  97. Physics , static fluids

    A particular object weighs 313 N in air and 264 N when immersed in alcohol of density 0.70 g/cm3. What is the volume (in L) and the density (in kg/m3) of the object? I had origionally used the 264N as the force of buoyancy and did the Fb=density*volume*g,

    asked by Andrea
  98. pre calculus

    find (a)2v+u, (b)u-3v), and (c)5u-v. 1.u=i-j, v=6i+9j 2.u=2i+3j, v=-i-2j

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Physics , static fluids

    The density of ice is ρ(ice) = 920 kg/m3, and the average density of water is ρ(water) = 1.00 g/cm3. What fraction of the total volume of a block of ice is exposed when floating in water? what does this even mean?

    asked by Andrea
  100. الرياضيات

    اثبت انlog1/32-log32 =-10

    asked by سجاد جمعه
  101. Math

    I am a two digit odd number between 80 and 90 my digits have the sum of 15 what i'm I.

    asked by Maurice
  102. Calculus

    I am working on a regression model , if my residuals don't exceed 0.6 does that mean this model is OK for my data?,

    asked by Michelle♡♡
  103. Math

    The sum of two nos is 40, the smaller no is 6 less than the larger no, Find the nos

    asked by Anonymous
  104. precalculus

    Is this correct if not could you explain how to make it correct? find (a)2v+u, (b)u-3v), and (c)5u-v. u=i-j v=6i+9i a. 2v+u u=i-j, v=6i+9i =(12i+18j) + (i-j) =13i+ 17j b. u-3v (i-j)-(18i+27i) -17i - -26j c. 5u-v (5i-5j)-(30i+54j) -25i - -59j

    asked by Alice
  105. Trigonometry

    Evaluate please: a.) arcsin(sin 13pi/16) b.) arccos(cos[-pi/18]) c.) arcsin(sin pi/18 d.) arcsec(-√2) e.) arctan(-√3/3)

    asked by Liv
  106. precalculus

    Can you please check these answers. In exercises 10-13 , find (a)2v+u, (b)u-3v), and (c)5u-v. 10.u=, v= a) 2v+u =

    asked by Alice
  107. science

    An electron in the hydrogen atom makes a transition,an energy state of principal quantom numbers ni to n2 state if the photon emitted has a wavelength 434nm what is the value of ni

    asked by peace bethel
  108. math

    Thr sum of three numbers is 33.The first twice the third no.The second one more than the first.Determine the nos.

    asked by Anonymous
  109. science

    Molecular reactions involved when mohr'salt is provided to find the strength, molarity of KMnO4

    asked by sanvi
  110. finance

    On March 11, 20XX, the existing or current (spot) 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-year zero coupon Treasury security rates were as follows: 1R1 = 0.40%, 1R2 = 1.00%, 1R3 = 1.40%, 1R4 = 1.55% Using the unbiased expectations theory, calculate the 1-year forward rates on

    asked by deda
  111. finance

    NikkiG’s Corporation’s 10-year bonds are currently yielding a return of 7.00 percent. The expected inflation premium is 1.20 percent annually and the real risk-free rate is expected to be 2.40 percent annually over the next ten years. The liquidity

    asked by deda
  112. maths

    The Ages Of Two Children Are 11 And 8 Years.In How Many Years Time Will The Product Of Their Ages Be 208

    asked by Ibrahim Kabir
  113. math

    Ways by which you can dress up if you have 3 skirts 4 shirts and 3 pairs of sandals?

    asked by goddess
  114. finance

    Consider a 2.55 percent TIPS with an issue CPI reference of 187.8. At the beginning of this year, the reference CPI was 196.5 and was at 204.4 at the end of the year. What was the capital gain of the TIPS in dollars? (Do not round intermediate calculations

    asked by deda
  115. math

    Use a table to llustratethe permutation of the following set of object A. A strawberry a chocolate and a sugar glazed donut arranged in a row B.A cup a glass and a might arranged in a row C. The five vowels of the alphabet arranged in a row D.Ways by which

    asked by goddess
  116. finance

    A 7.10 percent coupon bond with 14 years left to maturity is priced to offer a 7.8 percent yield to maturity. You believe that in one year, the yield to maturity will be 7.4 percent. What is the change in price the bond will experience in dollars? (Do not

    asked by deda
  117. finance

    New York Times Co. (NYT) recently earned a profit of $1.31 per share and has a P/E ratio of 19.25. The dividend has been growing at a 6.50 percent rate over the past six years. If this growth rate continues, what would be the stock price in four years if

    asked by deda
  118. finance

    Ecolap Inc. (ECL) recently paid a $0.42 dividend. The dividend is expected to grow at a 10.50 percent rate. The current stock price is $47.32. What is the return shareholders are expecting? (Do not round intermediate calculations and round your final

    asked by deda
  119. Math

    Biologists tagged 180 fish in a lake on January 1. On February​ 1, they returned and collected a random sample of 4545 ​fish, 1515 of which had been previously tagged. On the basis of this​ experiment, approximately how many fish does the lake​

    asked by Itati
  120. Math

    Suppose that Hortense and Mort can clean their entire house in 7 ​hours, while their​ toddler, Mimi, just by being​ around, can completely mess it up in only 5 hours. If Hortense and Mort clean house while Mimi is at her​ grandmother's, and then

    asked by Itati
  121. Math


    asked by pompo
  122. Math grade7

    Macy's is having a special on Tuesday .you can buy each tshirt at its regular price or you can buy tshirt for $ $ 25 Julie bought one of each tshirt at sale price of $ 25.00 what percentage of the original total rice did Julie save. Harry Julie's best

    asked by Inna
  123. English

    Posted by rfvv on Monday, November 21, 2016 at 4:44am. 1. Korea drew the game against Japan. 2. Korea tied the game against Japan. 3. Korea and Japan drew in the game. 4. Korea and Japan tied in the game. 5. The game between Korea and Japan ended/finished

    asked by rfvv
  124. Statistics

    18 of the 50 dvrs in an inventory are known to be defective. What is the probability you randomly select an item that is not defective?

    asked by Nae
  125. chemistry

    Cu+HNO2-Cu(NO3)2+NO solved by oxidation no. Method

    asked by sakul
  126. Math

    A cooperation must appoint a president, CEO, COO,and a CFO. It must also appoint a planning committee with 3 different members. There are 15 candidates and officers can also serve on the planning committee. How many different ways can the officers be

    asked by Anonymous
  127. science

    Discuss scientific and technical concepts related to materials science for plastics

    asked by Angie
  128. Maths help asap please

    What is the smallest integer of c that satisfies the inequality of 3c-7 > 5c+4 Many thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  129. science

    Provide an example of an application or object that is made of materials specifically engineered for that purpose.

    asked by Angie
  130. science

    Discuss how materials science has advanced to the stage where materials can be engineered to fit a specific purpose.

    asked by Angie
  131. Mathmatics help please

    a and b are two positive intergers which are greater than 5. The hcf of a and b is 5. The lcm of a and b is 75. What is a and b. Thank you.

    asked by Joe
  132. Math

    There was 2/3 of 12 slice pizza on the table.Joe are 6 slices from that. what fraction of the whole pizza was left?

    asked by Selvi
  133. science

    Discuss current or future applications of nanotechnology in fields such as medicine, engineering, space exploration, fuel cell development, air and water purification, and agriculture.

    asked by Angie
  134. science

    Provide at least three examples of real-world applications in use or in development with reliable references.

    asked by Angie
  135. PreCalc


    asked by Amy