Questions Asked on
November 17, 2016

  1. American Government

    1) Why are independent regulatory commissions considered quasi-legislative? A) They are part of the legislative branch B) The rules and regulations they make have the force of law** C) They are independent of the executive branch but not the legislative

    asked by Juliet
  2. Math

    A pack with 6 cans of juice costs 3.48. What it the unit price? A.0.49 per can B.0.50 per can C.0.58 per can •• D.0.60 per can

    asked by Ashley

    a. Show that the ratios 10/20 and 30/60 form a proportion by finding a common multiplier. b. Show that the ratios in part (a) are equal by writing them in simplest form. I think that part (a) is 60, but, I dont know what (b) is.

    asked by Agal

    Find each unit price. Which is the better buy? Explain. Electrical wire: $1.49 for 3 ft. $.69 for 18 in.

    asked by Agal

    The two triangles above are similar. a. Find x using the ratio of the sides 12 cm and 16 cm: x/20 = 12/16 Show your work. b. Find x using the ratio of the sides 6 cm and 8 cm. Show your work. c. Explain why the answers to (a) and (b) should be the same.

    asked by Agal
  6. check answers pls

    1. 3(y+1) for y=2 A.6 B.9** c.7 D.8 2.d+g/h for d=35 , g=19 , and h=6 A.9** B.2.7 C.7.3 D.8 3. the cost in dollars of a field trip is 64+14n , where n is the number of people attending . what is the cost for 48 people? A. $736** B. $126 C. $896 D. $910 4.

    asked by math help
  7. MATH HELP!!

    if you wanted to find the difference of 6/25 - 4/5 what common denominator should you choose

    asked by no0ne
  8. Math

    Express 0.54 as a fraction in simplest form. .54/100 54/100 27/50******* 100/54

    asked by Beanhead
  9. Chemistry

    A gas of unknown identity diffuses at a rate of 83.3 mL/s in a diffusion apparatus in which carbon dioxide diffuses at the rate of 102 mL/s. Calculate the molecular mass of the unknown gas. Give your answers in units of g/mol to three significant figures.

    asked by Cali234
  10. Scale Math HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    In the scale drawing below, each side is 1.29 cm long. Use the scale factor shown. What is the perimeter of the actual object? (1 cm = 6.5 m) 12.325 m 52.125 m 41.925 m 61.675 m

    asked by Agal
  11. Algebra

    the sum of 4 times one number and 3 times a second number is 64. If the sum of the two numbers in 19, find the two new numbers

    asked by Ty
  12. Biology help needed bad!

    A biologist discovers a new unicellular organism and classifies it as a prokaryote. The cell is very small, contains a cell membrane, a cytoplasm, DNA in a nucleus, and no other cell organelles. Which statement below represents a correct response to the

    asked by Olivia N J
  13. Math

    A rectangle is dilated using a scale factor of 6. The image is then dilated using a scale factor of 1/3. What scale factor could you use to dilate the original rectangle to get to the final rectangle. Explain.

    asked by Anon
  14. Chemistry

    Explain the difference in acidity of MgO dissolved in water and of P4O10 in water in terms of position of the element in the periodic table and bonding. I found MgO is basic and P4O10 is acidic

    asked by Po
  15. math help pls

    1 . the cost in dollars of a field is 64+14n , where n is in the number of people attending . what is the cost for the 48 people ? A. $736*** B. $126 C. $896 D. $910

    asked by math help
  16. chemistry

    What amount of ice must be added to 540.0 g of water at 25.0 °C to cool the water to 0.0 °C and have no ice

    asked by KO
  17. spanish

    1. What is the correct way to respond to the following question? “¿Haces mucho ejercicio?” (1 point) Sí, haces mucho ejercicio. Sí, hago mucho ejercicio. Sí, hacemos mucho ejercicio. Sí, hacen mucho ejercicio. 2. How would you say “I prefer ice

    asked by help
  18. Spanish la terea

    Cambie las oraciones de la voz activa a la voz pasiva. Ponga atención al contexto para determinar si el verbo debe ser pasado, presente o futuro. 1 Voz activa: El oficial verificará mi pasaporte. Voz pasiva: Mi pasaporte ____(a)____ ____(b)____ por el

    asked by Jaylnn
  19. Statistics

    Please help, I do not understand how to do this: Let x be a random variable that represents white blood cell count per cubic milliliter of whole blood. Assume that x has a distribution that is approximately normal, with mean μ = 7400 and estimated

    asked by Amy
  20. Survey Math (Ok, THIS Is That Last ONE! Hopefully)

    In a survey, one out of three people named blue as their favorite color. Two out of seven named red. If 1,092 people were included in the survey, how many named neither blue nor red as their favorite color? 416 people 432 people 540 people 512 people

    asked by Agal
  21. math

    1 . the cost in dollars of a field is 64+14n , where n is in the number of people attending . what is the cost for the 48 people ? A. $736 B. $126** C. $896 D. $910 2. Suppose you are driving to your vacation destination . you are driving at an average

    asked by math help
  22. English

    A house down the street and the duplex next door __________ for sale, but the prices __________ too expensive for most people to afford. A is; seem B. are; seems C. is; seems D. are; seem

    asked by Megan
  23. Chemistry

    Hydrogen gas is produced industrially by reacting methane gas, CH4 (g), with water vapor to from carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas. In a particular reaction, 25.5L of methane (measured at a pressure of 732 torr and a temperature of 25degree Celcius) mixes

    asked by Cali234

    A package of spaghetti weighs 266 grams. How many ounces does the package weigh? 1 oz ~~ 28 g Is 9.5 the answer?

    asked by Agal

    The triangles below are similar. Find the value of x. (the big triangle has two sides that say 21, and the bottom says 24. The small triangle has two sides that say 10.5, and the bottom is X)

    asked by Agal

    A recipe for 24 cookies calls for 6 tablespoons of sugar. If you make 36 cookies and use 10 tablespoons, will the cookies taste the same? Explain.

    asked by Agal
  27. math

    what is 0.68 written as a simplified fraction? a 68/100 b 17/25 c 100/68 d 34/25 Man Johnsons class is having a pizza party. if there are 14 students and 7 pizzas cut into 8 slices, what answer choice represents the fraction of one pizza that each student

    asked by halp meeeee
  28. Math

    Joy knits a square blanket that has an area of 1,500 square inches. What is the approximate length of each side of the blanket? A.) 16 inches B.) 27 inches C.) 39 inches * D.) 42 inches Is this correct?

    asked by Dylan
  29. Math

    The perimeter of the floor of a room is 18m and its height is 3m. What is the area of 4 walls of the room?

    asked by Shivam
  30. Spanish

    Which of the following best describes what a movie theater in a small Honduras town might be like? a) it would host an international festival b) it would show one movie per week c) it would be on the outskirts of town d) it would only open on weekends***

    asked by Sam
  31. Language Arts

    1. Which of the following lines from the poem BEST supports the theme of lost virtues? A. "Those who always know better - fifty two" B. "Able to admire without envy - eighteen" C. "Taking only things from life - thirty (I wish I were wrong) D. "Mortal - a

    asked by Hanah
  32. Maths

    A circus artist drops a ball from a high wire. The ball takes 1.5 seconds to reach the ground. I) Find the height of the ball above the ground. II) How fast is the ball moving as it hits the ground? Write an expression for the speed of the ball t seconds

    asked by John B
  33. Statistics

    Suppose the heights of 18-year-old men are approximately normally distributed, with mean 66 inches and standard deviation 4 inches. (a) What is the probability that an 18-year-old man selected at random is between 65 and 67 inches tall? (Round your answer

    asked by Amy
  34. Physics

    Dana has set up a target for her toy spring gun. The gun requires 5.50 g pellets as ammunition that travel 11.4 m/s when shot. If the spring inside has maximum compression of 0.0700 m, what is the spring constant for the spring in the toy gun?

    asked by Hard Question
  35. check answer pls

    1. patricia owned so many posters that she decided to sell 77 of them to her friends . after selling the posters , she still has 186 left . write and solve an equation to find the number of posters p patricia had originally . A. p+77 = 186 ; 109 posters B.

    asked by math help
  36. English

    Review the end of the first paragraph in the "Give Me Liberty" excerpt. What is the main point of the questions at the end of the paragraph? The fate of early settlers was uncertain. The new settlers had much to fear. The new settlers had less to fear than

    asked by Anonymous
  37. physics

    A plane landing on a small tropical island has just 50 m of runway on which to stop. If its initial speed is 47 m/s, what is the maximum acceleration of the plane during landing, assuming it to be constant? Answer in units of m/s 2 .

    asked by mahnoor
  38. Math

    The ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls in a theater is 7:9. There are 12 More girls than boys in the theater. How many children are in the theater?

    asked by Sue
  39. math help pls

    Jess played two days of golf . on the second day , he got a score of -6 . his total score for the two days was 0 . define a variable . then write and solve an equation to find the score jess got on the first day . is the answer 6?

    asked by math help
  40. math

    find the image of S(-1,-3) after a reflection scross the line y=-2

    asked by maria
  41. maths

    the minute hand of a clock is 6cm long how far does the end of the hand travel in 35 minute

    asked by kecia
  42. physics

    a bullet of mass 0.05 kg strikes a wooden block of mass 5 kg and becomes embedded within the block. The block and bullet then fly off at 10 m/s after the collision. What was the original velocity of the bullet if the block was initially at rest?

    asked by kaylee
  43. english 11

    What is the speakers tone? How do you know ? Harlem by Langston Hughes

    asked by izzy
  44. Chemistry

    How many moles of ozone does the atmosphere hold? For a sense of scale,compare the amount to the total carbon dioxide emitted annually from fossil fuel burning, cement production and deforestation (7900 Tg/C). Given with the facts the amount of ozone is

    asked by Nayo
  45. maths

    the area of a circle pqr with a center o is 72cm2 what is the area of sector poq if poq = 40 degree

    asked by kecia
  46. Maths

    A ball is thrown vertically upwards at 3 m s-1 from 1m above ground level (I) write down the equation for the height of the ball above the ground after t seconds (while the ball is in the air). (II) use your answer to find the time it takes the ball to

    asked by Ed
  47. Maths

    I got 30% on a 10-problem test, 70% on a 20-problem test and 80% on a 30-problem test. If the three tests are combined in one 60-problem test what percentage is my overall score?

    asked by Amy
  48. Social Studies

    Asha lives in a nation that has a legislature and a prime minister. Citizens in her country vote in elections to elect their legislative representatives. Then parliament appoints the prime minister. 1: Does Asha's nation have a limited or an unlimited

    asked by Castiel
  49. MATH

    construct quadrilateral IN WHICH PQ=PS=5CM RS=5.5CM ANGLE A=90,ANGLE D=120 DEGREE

    asked by KUKU
  50. Math

    Tiny scored 94, 68 and 88 on her first 3 Algebra 1 tests. Her next test is her final which counts as double. Write and solve an equation that Tina could use to determine the minimum grade she must score on her final to have a mean score of 80.

    asked by Reanah
  51. Physics

    The active element of a certain laser is an ordinary glass rod 19.5 cm long and 1.04 cm in diameter. If the temperature of the rod increases by 77.3°C, calculate its increase in length.Calculate its increase in volume. Calculate its increase in diameter.

    asked by Ashley
  52. chemistry

    The fermentation of glucose to form ethanol occurs according to the following chemical reaction: C6H12O6(aq) → 2 C2H5OH(l) + 2 CO2(g) A) If 700 grams of glucose (C6H12O6) are fermented, what is the maximum volume in milliliters of ethanol (C2H5OH) that

    asked by abigail
  53. Science

    _____ is useful for dating very old rocks because it has a half-life of 1.3 billion years. A. thorium-232 B. potassium-40 C. uranium-235 D. carbon-14 is the answer D?

    asked by Kalie
  54. Social Studies

    Why did Powhatan turn against the Jamestown settlers?

    asked by Janelle
  55. Spanish Homework Questions

    I need someone to look over my Spanish assignment to make sure I have done it correctly. Cambie las oraciones de la voz activa a la voz pasiva. Ponga atención al contexto para determinar si el verbo debe ser pasado, presente o futuro. 1 Voz activa: El

    asked by Jaylnn
  56. Math

    A sequence of transformations is applied to triangle MNO to create triangle M'N'O'. * Select all the sequences of transformation that could be applied to to triangle MNO so that triangle MNO ≅ M'N'O (3 answers) A. a clockwise rotation of 90 degrees and

    asked by Help me please
  57. math

    if it's 5times the fifth term of an ap is equal to 12 times the twelfth term then find its seventeenth term

    asked by gaurav
  58. re: Differential Calculus

    Write the equation of lines tangent and normal to the following function at (0, π). To find derivative, use implicit differentiation. x^2cos^2y - siny = 0 Note: I forgot the ^2 for cos on the previous question. Sorry.

    asked by Billy Bob
  59. Maths

    a circus artist drops a ball from a high wire. The ball takes 1.5 seconds to reach the ground. (i) Find the height of the high wire above the ground (ii) write an expression for the speed of the ball t seconds after it's dropped where 0

    asked by Ed


    asked by BOBBI
  61. US History

    ALL of the following statements are correct about the slave trade EXCEPT: a. It began with the Portuguese exploration of West Africa from Senegal to Angola in the fifteenth century b. It increased when the Portuguese built several fortified outposts along

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Science

    Which type of dating do index fossils provide the most help for? A. carbon-14 B. radioactive C. relative D. absolute

    asked by Kalie
  63. Tod

    Solve the linear programming programing by graphing and then determining which vertex minimizes the objective function C=3x+5y. {x+y≥40 {2x+3y≥60 {x≥0 {y≥0 x = y = What is the minimum value? C=

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Chemistry

    Calculate the amount of heat required to convert 155 g of ice at -10oC to steam at 110oC? (155g)x[0-(-10)]C x (.50cal/g x C) = 775cal (155g) x (80cal/g) = 12400cal (155g)x(100-0)C x (1.00cal/g x C) = 15500cal (155g) x (540cal/g) = 83700cal 775cal +

    asked by Anonymous
  65. physics

    An automobile accelerates from rest at 0.9 m/s 2 for 25 s. The speed is then held constant for 18 s, after which there is an acceleration of −5.8 m/s 2 until the automobile stops. What total distance was traveled? Answer in units of km

    asked by ken
  66. Math

    Let f(x)=5^x Let g(x)=5^x−7 Which statement describes the graph of g(x)g(x) with respect to the graph of f(x)f(x) ? g(x)g(x) is translated 7 units down from f(x)f(x) . g(x)g(x) is translated 7 units right from f(x)f(x) . g(x)g(x) is translated 7 units

    asked by Jay
  67. chemistry

    A common way of producing hydrogen gas in the lab is by reacting zinc with hydrochloric acid. Zn (s) + 2 HCl (aq) -> ZnCl2 (aq) + H2 (g) A sample of impure zinc, of mass 5.10g, reacted with an excess of hydrochloric acid solution 3.0 mol dm-3

    asked by Lois
  68. english 101

    how would you write a thesis statement on adoption

    asked by a
  69. math

    A triangle has an area of 15cm2. If it has a height of 5cm, what is the length of its base?

    asked by mark mahabir
  70. Math

    A sequence of transformations is applied to triangle MNO to create triangle M'N'O'. Select all that apply Select all the sequences of transformations that could be applied to triangle MNO so that triangle MNO (equal sign with "~" over it) M'N'O (3 answers)

    asked by Lol
  71. Linear Programming - The Graphical Method

    Solve the linear programming programming by graphing and then determining which vertex minimizes the objective function G=4x+3y . {5x+15y≥15 {5x+5y≥35 {x≥0 {y≥0 x = y = What is the minimum value? G=

    asked by siri
  72. math

    What is the estimated answer of 0.97x312

    asked by sara
  73. Calculus: Centers of Mass

    Find the centroid of the region in the first quadrant bounded by the x-axis, the parabola y^2 = 2x, and the line x + y = 4. I've graphed the function, and it looks like a triangle with one side curved (the parabola). I'm not quite sure how to go about the

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Maths

    A ball is thrown vertically upwards at 3 m s-1 from 1m above ground level (I) write down the equation for the height of the ball above the ground after t seconds (while the ball is in the air). (II) use your answer to find the time it takes the ball to

    asked by John B
  75. Chemistry

    Write a conversion factor that could be used to convert between moles of methane and moles of hydrogen

    asked by Marissa
  76. Spanish

    Which word best completes the following sentence? The standard variety of Spanish is considered _______. a. natural b. colorful c. easy*** d. neutral I'm not really sure about this one, someone pls help!?

    asked by Sam
  77. Math

    A satellite dish has a diameter of 32 inches and is 6 inches deep. If the antenna needs to be put at the focus of the parabola, where would the parabola be placed?

    asked by Harry
  78. US History

    All of the following were weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation except: A. no courts B. a vote of 50% of the thirteen states could amend the Articles C. no power to levy taxes D. no power to regulate commerce E. each state had a single vote

    asked by Anonymous
  79. English

    By the end of the book, Miss Maudie, Aunt Alexandra, and Calpurnia have all _____. frustrated Jem helped to care for for Helen Robinson earned Scout's respect

    asked by Ash
  80. maths

    The are 420 learners on a school. 190 learners play soccer, 260 learners play cricket and 60 learners play both soccer and cricket. Draw a Venn diagram to represent this data

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Statistics

    In the following problem, check that it is appropriate to use the normal approximation to the binomial. Then use the normal distribution to estimate the requested probabilities. Ocean fishing for billfish is very popular in the Cozumel region of Mexico. In

    asked by Amy
  82. Chemistry

    The chief compound in marble is CaCO3. However, marble is readily attacked by acids. a) Determine the molar solubility of marble (that is, [Ca2+] in a saturated solution). b) Determine the equilibrium constant for the overall reaction that occurs when

    asked by Ashley
  83. Maths

    Mr. John is salesman employed to sell television sets on a salary and commission basis. His fixed monthly salary is 500,000. In addition he receives 5% commission on the first 1,000,000 and 12.5% on sales excess of 1,000,000. During the month of march

    asked by Enelecy
  84. physics

    A 3.35g lead bullet at 31.0°C is fired at a speed of 255 m/s into a large block of ice at 0°C, in which it embeds itself. What quantity of ice melts?

    asked by taylor
  85. Math

    Jessica played on the school chess team last year. She won 65% of the games She played. If She won 13 games, How many did She playi?

    asked by Danny
  86. Philosophy

    Section I: Answer the questions below about this brief passage: During the nineteenth century, many women died from what was then called “childbed fever”. A Viennese physician, Ignaz Semmelweis, concluded (diagnosed) that the cause of this disease was

    asked by Jessica
  87. Maths

    A circus artist drops a ball from a high wire. The ball takes 1.5 seconds to reach the ground. I) Find the height of the height of the high wire above the ground. II) Write an expression for the speed of the ball t seconds after being dropped where 0

    asked by John B
  88. Math algebra

    Sharons rectangular vegteable garden is 20 feet by 30 feet. In addition mulching her garden, she wants to put mulch around the outside of her garden in a uniform width. If she has enough mulch to cover an area of 936 sqaure feet, how wide should the mulch

    asked by Karina
  89. Chemistry

    In the qualitative analysis scheme, magnesium and nickel precipitate from solution upon the addition of sodium hydroxide. Once separated from the remaining cations by filtration or decanting, the solid mixture is acidified and warmed to dissolve magnesium

    asked by Ashley
  90. physics

    A steel spring is hung vertically. Using a ruler, the lower end of the spring was measured to be 25.0cm from its upper end. However, when an object of mass 0.500kg it attached to the lower end of the spring the spring stretches to a new length of 45.0cm.

    asked by Jack
  91. Chemistry

    A laboratory technician wants to determine the aspirin content of a headache pill by acid–base titration. Aspirin has a Ka of 3.0 × 10-4. The pill is dissolved in water to give a solution that is about 10-2 M and is then titrated with KOH solution. Find

    asked by J
  92. Difficult math 2

    At the market, 0.2 of the pieces of fruit are peaches, 0.25 is apples, 0.05 is lemons, 0.1 is cherries, 0.2 is grapes, and 0.15 is plums. There are also 8 pineapples and 4 mangos. How many peaches are for sale at the market? How many apples? Lemons? Plums?

    asked by XXX
  93. algebra 2

    Write a quadratic equation with roots 2 - 3i and 2 + 3i. I just need confirmation I did it correctly. I got y = x^2-4x+13

    asked by Allie
  94. math

    how you arrange the following to ascending order 8/7, 8/3, 8/4, 8/8

    asked by lou
  95. english

    from my bondage and my freedom, douglass describes the powerful effect learning to read had in shaping his character. write a brief essay to explain how douglass changed as a result of learning to read. draw specific examples form the selection. address

    asked by lamisha
  96. Difficult Math

    One quarter of Steve's baseball cards are from his dad's collection. Another 0.2 are from his uncle, and 0.5 are from his brother. The rest are from Steve's cousin. Thirty of the cards from his cousin are National League players; the other half are

    asked by XXX
  97. Math

    What makes the statement true? 8-^2=? 64**** 16 -1/26 1/64 Evaluate the expression 4-^2x2^0 8 16*** 1/16 -64 Write 5^2•5-^1•5^3 as a single exponent 5^4 5-^6**** 5^5 5^2

    asked by Beanhead
  98. Geometry

    If the length of the base of a parallelogram is decreased by 30%and the height is increased by 20% what Is the percent decrease in the area of the parallelogram

    asked by Winni
  99. Math

    Use the normal distribution of weights of adult men, which has a mean of 170 pounds and a standard deviation of 7.5 pounds. Use the z-score chart to find the percentage of heights less than 155 pounds.

    asked by Edwin
  100. Maths

    a plane flies from A to B , a distance of 120 kilometres on a bearing of 035 degrees. he then changes direction and flies to a further distance of 200 kilometres in a bearing of i25 degrees. find the distance AC to the nearest kilometre

    asked by AAliyah
  101. Qualitative analysis ( Chemistry)

    A solution x forms a white precipitate with dilute sulfur in acid and also with aqueous silver nitrate. What could solution x contain? A) Barium Chloride B) Barium nitrate C) Magnesium chloride D) Magnesium chlorine Could someone tell me how to get the

    asked by Cheezel
  102. english

    morphemes of maladministration

    asked by cleolia
  103. math

    a company sells one of its product at Rs.12 per unit a year.its cost function is given by [c(x)=0.01x^2+8^x+7],where x represents the number of units.the number of units and the maximum profit for which profit function maximizes are:

    asked by Ana
  104. US History

    ALL of the countries below are matched CORRECTLY with the outcomes of colonization except for: a. English: established permanent settler colonies despite hardships b. Spanish: failed to find gold or to convert the Indians to Christianity c. French:

    asked by Anonymous
  105. chemistry

    If 700 grams of glucose (C6H12O6) are fermented, what is the maximum volume in milliliters of ethanol (C2H5OH) that can form? (Density of ethanol is 0.79 g/mL)

    asked by abigail
  106. Chemistry

    What are some classes of organic compounds that have unpleasant odors?

    asked by Denaiel
  107. Qualitative analysis

    Which ion reacts with aqueous sodium hydroxide to give a precipitate that dissolves in an excess of sodium hydroxide? A Ca2+ B Fe2+ C Fe3+ D Pb2+ Pls explain how to get the ans, thks!

    asked by Cheezel
  108. graph linear equations

    I have tried going through the TI-84 plus manual that came with my calculator, so that I can graph this linear equation: 3x+4y=-16. I have not been able to graph linear equations. Can someone please tell me how to enter this equation properly into my

    asked by Anonymous
  109. math

    What is 14/16 + 1/5

    asked by aaliyah
  110. chemistry

    The combustion of 1.00g of vitamin C, compound that contains only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen produced 1.500g of co2 and 0.401g of H2O. Find the molecular formula of vitamin C knowing that its molecular mass is 176

    asked by Lois
  111. Math

    the top of a rectangular table has a length that is two times it's width. The perimeter of the tabletop is 144 inches. What is the width of the tabletop?

    asked by Becca
  112. Social Studies

    what did hatshepsut do as pharaoh of Egypt?

    asked by Jessie
  113. Organic chemistry (QA)

    In which solutions will a white precipitate be observed when aqueous copper (ii) chloride is added to it? A) Sodium hydroxide B) Potassium carbonate C) Lead (ii) nitrate D) Magnesium Sulfate Could someone tell me the ans and explain it to me, thk u!

    asked by Cheezel
  114. mathematics

    angle ACB=90° angle ABC=20° and angle CAD =angle DAB what is the measure of angle ADC

    asked by janeil
  115. US History

    The French and Indian War began with the battle between the British and French for: a. Quebec b. Fort Louisburg c. Fort Duquesne d. Pittsburgh e. Albany C is my answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Calculus

    i need help, im not sure how to get started : 1) A piece of wire 14 m long is cut into two pieces, the length of the first piece being x m. The first piece is bent into a circle, and the other is bent into a rectangle with length twice the width. Give an

    asked by Angela
  117. Calc

    Describe the x-values at which f is differentiable. f(x)= x^2/5

    asked by Molly
  118. Maths

    Three circles with radii 1 is circumscribed tightly in an equilateral triangle. Find the perimeter of the triangle

    asked by Allyn
  119. Physics

    A 40 kg child start from rest and travels 4 m down a slide that is inclined 35 degree to the horizontal. If her speed at the bottom is 2.5 m/s , what was the frictional force along the slide?

    asked by Ali
  120. math

    Estimating the product of a decimal and a whole number what is 8.02 x 70

    asked by sara
  121. Math algebra

    As of 2012, the movies with the highest worldwide box-office sales are Avatar, Titanic, and The Avengers. The total box-office sales for all three movies were $6.5 billion. The box-office sales for Avatar were $0.2 billion less than twice the box-office

    asked by Chloe
  122. Math algebra

    Considerthe function f(x)= x-2/x^2-81 for what value of x if any will this function a) equal 0 B)be undefined. Explain.

    asked by Dila
  123. Differential Calculus

    Write the equation of lines tangent and normal to the following function at (0, π). To find derivative, use implicit differentiation. x^2cos^y - siny = 0

    asked by Billy Bob
  124. Math

    What is 1/10 of 2(10)+4(1)+6(1/10)+7(1/100)+8(1/1000)

    asked by Danielle
  125. Qualitative analysis

    Aqueous sodium hydroxide is added to a mixture of an aqueous solution of X with some aluminium alloy. On warming, ammonia gas is evolved. When X is treated with aqueous ammonia, a white precipitate that is soluble in excess aqueous ammonia is obtained.

    asked by Cheezel
  126. algebra 1

    The length of a rectangle is three less than four times its width. If its perimeter is 54, then find its length and width

    asked by Yashica
  127. Math (equation of tangent line)

    Consider the implicit equation 2xy-1=(x+y+1)^2 a) Compute and solve for the derivative dy/dx as a function of x and y. b) Find the equation of the tangent line to the graph of the above when y=-1. For part a, I found the derivative being equal -(x+1)/(y+1)

    asked by Ray
  128. Chemistry

    Which gas has the greatest kinetic energy? a) neon at a temperature of 200k b) neon at a temperature of 300k c) neon at a temperature of 400k d) neon at a temperature of 500k e) neon at a temperature of 600k f) none of the above (they all have the same

    asked by Cali234
  129. physics

    Consider a solid ball of mass m = 50g and is placed on a long flat slope that makes an angle of 30° to the horizontal. The ball was initially at rest and was then released such that it rolled down the slope without slipping. With a detailed explanation of

    asked by Liam
  130. Calculus

    Approximate the area under the curve y=2/x from 1 to 2 using ten approximating rectangles of equal widths and right endpoints. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth

    asked by Hamad hasan
  131. calculus

    A positive multiple of 11 is good if it does not contain any even digits in its decimal representation. (a) Find the number of good integers less than 1000. (b) Determine the largest such good integer. (c) Fix b ≥ 2 an even integer. Find the number of

    asked by help
  132. English

    Why is the society in Gattaca so devoid of happiness, vitality and fun?

    asked by Ryan
  133. Calculus

    Why are these false? If a function has derivatives from both the right and left at a point then its differentiable at that point.

    asked by Molly
  134. Algebra

    What is the inverse of the function? f(x)=3x f(x)=-3x f(x)=x^3 f(x)=x/3 ***** This function does not have an inverse I think it's C but I'm not sure.

    asked by Fading
  135. Chemistry

    How to find grams used of methanol? The molecular weight in g/mol is 32.04 and the density is 0.791. Also 25 mL of methanol was used. How to convert this to grams?

    asked by Denaiel
  136. Fizik

    a car travels with velocity along a straight horizontal road . if the coefficient of static friction between the tyres and the road is us . find the shortest distance travelled by the car before it stop

    asked by Hasliza
  137. Science

    How can geologists identify different types of ammonites? A. by the times of fossilization B. by the size of their gills C. by what they ate at the time D. by differences in their shells

    asked by Macie
  138. Math

    Solve. x^2-xy+3y^2=15, x-y=2 Thanks

    asked by Ashlee
  139. Math

    m^2-3mn+n^2+1=0 3m^2-mn+3n^2=13 What are the solutions? Thanks

    asked by Ashlee
  140. Qualitative analysis (Chem)

    Aqueous ammonia reacts with aqueous solution of metal ion X to produce a coloured precipitate. The colour of the precipitate changes slowly on standing in air. What could be ton X? A Al 3+ B Cu2+ C Fe2+ D Fe3+ Pls explain how to get the answer, thks!

    asked by Cheezel
  141. English

    1. My family used to live in Seoul. 2. My family used to live in the city, Seoul. 3. My family used to live in Seoul, the city. (Are the three sentences all grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  142. Math (Slope of inverse tangent line)

    Given the graph, a) What is the slope of the tangent line to the graph of f^-1 at the point (-1/2,-1)? b) What is the slope of the tangent line to the graph of f^-1 at the point (1,2)?

    asked by Ray
  143. Maths

    How many arrangements of the word BEGIN are there which starts with a vowel?

    asked by FELEX
  144. Science

    What happens to the mass of a sample containing a radioactive element during its half-life? A. The mass decreases by half. B. The amount of mass is doubled. C. Eventually there is no mass at all. D. The mass remains the same.

    asked by Kalie
  145. Geometry

    There showing a diagram and asking for the value of x and y. There is 4 'slots' for angles to be placed. The first angle is (19x-11) and its perfectly across from (10x+7) which probably means theyre congruent. Then theres (3y) which is across from a blank

    asked by Bebo
  146. Grade 11 Physics

    Harry, who has a mass of 54 kg, has just gotten a flybar pogo stick and is standing on top of a small wall. He pushes off the wall with a velocity of 1.7 m/s, gets on the stick and lands. The stick has a spring constant of 3.5 x 104 N/m and he compresses

    asked by Michelle
  147. Physics

    An object is projected from a satellite orbiting 200 km above the surface of the earth. The object has a speed relative to the Earth of 2.85×104 m/s. What is its speed when it is very far from the earth?

    asked by James
  148. home economic

    Explain term gathering of fullness

    asked by Dion
  149. Qualitative analysis

    Solid S has the following properties: I :It is insoluble in water. II :It produces a gas when heated. III: It produces a gas when added to dilute sulfuric acid. What could S be? A Calcium oxide C Zinc nitrate B Copper(lI) carbonate D Sodium hydroxide

    asked by Cheezel
  150. English

    1. How many islands are on Dokdo? - There are 91 islands on Dokdo. 2. How many islands are there on Dokdo? - There are 91 islands on Dokdo. 3. How many islands does Dokdo have? - It has 91 islands. 4. How many islands is Dokdo made up of? - There are 91

    asked by rfvv
  151. Chemistry

    How many moles of hydrogen from when 10 moles of methane react completely?

    asked by Marissa
  152. US History

    The Dutch settlement of New Netherland was: A. highly aristocratic with large feudal estates called patroonships B. very successful due to available volunteers !@#$%^&ceived 50 acres of land for every four adults C. successful from the beginning because

    asked by Anonymous
  153. Social studies

    1.How long of a term does a justice Of the supreme Court serve? A. 4 years B. 6 years C. 10 years D. for life My answer D. for life

    asked by HELP me
  154. math


    asked by yevu
  155. Qualitative analysis

    A solution reacts with calcium carbonate to produce a gas. It does not produce a precipitate with either aqueous barium chloride or acidified silver nitrate. Which of the following does the solution contain? A HI B H2S04 C HNO3 D HCl Could someone explain

    asked by Cheezel
  156. Qualitative analysis

    X is a solution containing both sodium chloride and sodium sulfate. Three of the following solutions will produce a white precipitate on addition of X. Which one remains clear? A) Aqueous ammonia C) Lead(ll) nitrate B) Barium chloride D) Silver nitrate

    asked by Cheezel
  157. Morales

    A black rectangular box is 8 inches longer than it is wide. A green rectangle box is 3 inches wider than the black box but it has the same length. The area of the green box is 39 square inches more than the area of the black box.

    asked by Bob
  158. Anatomy

    What is Oxytocin? Is this positive or negative feedback?

    asked by Autumn
  159. English

    I am currently attending college but I recalled a couple days ago of my provincial English exam that I took in gr 12. I had wrote a beautiful story in the essay and I really wanted it back but I don't know if that is possible since we only got our percent

    asked by Maya
  160. math

    The position of a ball projected upward from a height of 364 meters is given by the formula s=−16t2+45t+364 where t is the number of seconds elapsed. How long will it take for the ball to reach a height of 187 meters above the ground?

    asked by faith
  161. finance

    Which of the following can file as a corporation or partnership? a. LLC and LLP. b. LLC only. c. LLP only. d. LLC and S corporation.

    asked by Anonymous
  162. English

    2. Take a look at this rock in this picture. It looks like an elephant drinking water. What is this one called? - It is called elephant Rock. 3. This is a postbox, which is below/under the marker. People can send letters to the residents and police

    asked by rfvv
  163. Alabama history

    what effect did the great awakening and the enlightmant have on the colonies

    asked by Anonymous
  164. US History

    All of the statements below are examples of a social revolution that came with the political revolution in the late 18th century except for: A. In the majority of states, state legislatures eliminated property qualifications for voting. B. Trade

    asked by Anonymous
  165. math

    A chemist test involves measuring two independent quantities A and B, the expressing the results of the test as C such that C= 3A-0.5B. Give that A is normally distributed with mean 10 and standard deviation of 1, and B is also normally distributed with

    asked by Frank
  166. Anatomy

    What does the term "homeostasis" mean? What is one of the mechanisms used by our bodies to maintain homeostasis?

    asked by Autumn
  167. Math

    Juan has scored 71, 94, and 59 on his previous three test. What score does he need on his next test so that his average (mean) is 59.

    asked by Trinette
  168. Biology

    How male circumcion reduces the risk of HIV?

    asked by Ousman
  169. Physics

    What is simple harmonic motion or SHM?

    asked by Ousman
  170. Math

    So, I have a question on a project that asks why you get a different answer when measuring the side of a hypotenuse versus using the Pythagorean Theorem. I did get different answers, but I just can't figure out why.

    asked by CC
  171. Social Studies

    Why was Roanoke Island established?

    asked by Janelle
  172. Math

    What is 100,000,000,000,000 times 999,999,999,999?

    asked by David
  173. math

    How to do percent

    asked by Darlene
  174. Science

    A boy carries 100N to 500m. How much work is done

    asked by Snehashree.S
  175. Algebra

    X^2+y^2+6y+3=0 x^2+y^2-9x-6=0 List the solutions: Please and thank you!

    asked by Lacey
  176. Marh

    A carpenter divides a board that is 3.5 inches wide into four pieces of equal width by cutting it in three places what is the finished width of each piece?

    asked by Joe
  177. Math

    Find the number such that when ¾ of it is added to 3½, the sum is the same as when ⅔ of it is subtracted from 6½.

    asked by Emmanuel Attai
  178. Math

    What is the order of least to greatest for 9/10, 5/6, and 14/15?

    asked by Katiy
  179. English

    1. The road is closed for construction. (What is the active voice sentence of #1?) 2. The city has closed the road for construction. 3. The city closes the road for construction. •English - Writeacher, Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 3:24pm I'd say #2 is

    asked by rfvv
  180. Math

    The sides of a rectangle are in the what fraction should the shorter side be increaaed tomake it a square

    asked by Maths
  181. Algebra

    Please help!! x^2+y^2+6y+5=0 x^2+y^2-2x-8=0

    asked by Thomas
  182. Algebra 2

    There are 41 individuals in a grocery store, of which 18 are female. the total number of individuals who are 30 years old or older is 24 of which 10 are female. If an individual is randomly selected, what is the probability that they are either male or 30

    asked by Richard
  183. AP Chemistry

    Consider 54.0 mL of a solution of weak acid HA (Ka = 10^-6), which has a pH of 4.140. What volume of water must be added to make the pH = 5.000? [HA]=((10^-4.14)^2)/(10^-6) = 0.0052480746 0.0052480746 x 54 = c x v c= ((10^-5)^2)/(10^-6) = 10^-4 v=

    asked by Efrem
  184. English

    1. Look at the structure in this picture. It is on the left side of the flagpole in the picture on/of page 163. This one is used for helicopters. Helicopters take off and land here. What is this place? It is a heliport. (Would you check the sentences in

    asked by rfvv
  185. Chem

    when a 328 mg sample of gold and chlorine was treated with silver nitrate, Cl was converted to AgCl producing 464 mg of silver chloride. what is the empirical formula? AuCl + Ag(NO3) -> AgCl + Au(NO3)

    asked by jay985
  186. science

    The heaviest naturally occurring element is

    asked by kailey
  187. Integral Calculus

    I am unable to find the formula for this given sequence: {2, -6/4, 24/16, -120/64, 720/256,...} So far, I know it's at least this: a(sub(n)) = ((-1)^(n+1))/(4^(n-1)) Basically, all I'm having trouble with is finding the pattern between the numerators. If

    asked by Matt
  188. English

    Help!!! Can someone help me write a creative writing using this word bus, farm, laughing,baby thanks

    asked by Strawberry
  189. Chemistry

    How many moles of water vapor react to yield 546.234 moles of hydrogen?

    asked by Marissa
  190. Math grade 6, four operations

    There were 75 marbles in boxes a,b&c.after moving 28 marbles from box a to b,24 marbles from b to c &19 marbles from c to a,there was an equal number of marbles in each many marbles were there in each box a at first?

    asked by Peachie
  191. English

    1. What is it like to live in the future? - It is like watching a magic show to live in the future. 2. What will it be like to live in the future? - It will be like watching a magic show to live in the future. 3. What would it be like to live in the

    asked by rfvv
  192. science

    calculate the number of kilojoule necessary to raise the temperature of 60 gram of aluminium from 35 degree Celsius to 55 degree Celsius.Molar capacity of aluminium is 24 joule per mole per Kelvin?

    asked by Kausar
  193. Math

    A recipe asks for y Three and one thirds cups of milk how much milk is needed to make one and one half recipes?

    asked by Mikail
  194. Math

    Put these numbers from least to greatest 80/100 9/10 and 7/10

    asked by Danielle
  195. Science

    What about athlete's foot?

    asked by Brielle
  196. Pre-Calc

    1. Calculate the period of sin(3x), cos(3x), and tan(3x). 2. Calculate the period of sin(x), tan(x), sin2(x) and tan2(x). Please explain, thank you :)

    asked by cool
  197. math

    How mant six and one forth inch pieces can be cut from a seventy-five inch role of fabric?

    asked by Barbour
  198. Art

    Any tips for drawing life like??

    asked by Katiy
  199. Science, Biology

    Can you teach me how should I answer these questions please.. Why the events are significant? First mammals: First primates: First modern humans:

    asked by Emma
  200. calc

    find dy/dx for y^2+2xy-x^3=12 so far, i have (2y)(dy/dx)+(2)(dy/dx)=3x^2

    asked by olivia
  201. computer

    palm top is the name of _______?

    asked by ishika
  202. Math

    Which answer will be greater 1/3÷5 or 5÷1/3

    asked by April
  203. math

    in a two digit number, the sum of digit is 8 the different between this number and number of digit is 54 what is the digit?

    asked by Dorathy
  204. English

    1. I arrived at the hospital at 7 p.m. 2. I arrived at the hospital at around 7 p.m. 3. I arrived at the hospital around 7 p.m. --------------------------- Can we use all the expressions? Can we use 'at around' as in Sentence 3?

    asked by rfvv