Questions Asked on
November 13, 2016

  1. 8th Grade Pre-Algebra

    Triangle PQR is transformed to triangle P'Q'R'. Triangle PQR has vertices P(3, −6), Q(0, 9), and R(−3, 0). Triangle P'Q'R' has vertices P'(1, −2), Q'(0, 3), and R'(−1, 0). Plot triangles PQR and P'Q'R' on your own coordinate grid. Part A: What is

    asked by Music Lover 14
  2. Science

    Electric bulb is Marked 60 watts 120 volt what is the resistance of filament of bulb

    asked by Sunny
  3. math

    The table below shows the number of deaths in the U.S. in a year due to a variety of causes. For these questions, assume these values are not changing from year to year, and that the population of the United States is 312 million people. Cause Deaths

    asked by bao
  4. statistics

    A music industry researcher wants to estimate, with a 90% confidence level, the proportion of young urban people (ages 21 to 35 years) who go to at least 3 concerts a year. Previous studies show that 21% of those people (21 to 35 year olds) interviewed go

    asked by liz
  5. need help calculus plz plz-sir steve

    if y=3e^(2x)cos(2x-3) verify that d^2y/dx^2-4dy/dx+8y=0 plz help me i tried all i could but it become too complicated for me here set u=3e^(2x) v=cos(2x-3) du/dx=6e^(2x) i used chain rule dv/dx=-2sin(2x-3) dy/dx=-3e^(2x)sin(2x-3)+cos(2x-3)6e^(2x) d^2y/dx^2

    asked by practising and need help
  6. statistics

    As a manager for an advertising company, you must plan a campaign designed to increase Twitter usage. A recent survey suggests that 85% of adults know what Twitter is. How many adults should you survey in order to be 90% confident that your estimate is

    asked by e
  7. Math

    Select Each situation in which one quantity is changing at a constant rate in relation to another quantity. A. Brad drives 45 miles per hour. B. Frank earns 3% interest on his savings account C. Steve doubles the amount of water he drinks every week. D.

    asked by Cami
  8. Math

    Mr.Chan bought some pencils for a group of students. If he gives them 2 pencils each, he will have 10 pencils left. If he gives them 3 pencils each, he will have none left. How many students are in the group?

    asked by Dylana
  9. Math

    Find formula Number Sequences of 3, 10, 31, 94,.....

    asked by Dio
  10. Statistics

    A bag contains 8 red marbles 4 blue marbles and 1 green marbles. Find p(not blue)

    asked by Tasha
  11. Math (Derivative)

    Assume that x and y are both differentiable functions of t and the required values of dy/dt and dx/dt xy=6 a) Find dy/dt, given x=8 and dx/dt=12 b) Find dx/dt, given x=1 and dy/dt=-8 I started with a and got dy/dt=dx/dt(-y/x) Plugging with the given values

    asked by Ray
  12. trigonometry

    A ship sails 15.0 mi on a course S40°10’W and then 21.0 mi on a course N28°20’W. Find the distance and direction of the last position from the first.

    asked by michelle
  13. Physics

    A 65-kg astronaut pushes against the inside back wall of a 2000kg spaceship and moves toward the front. Her speed increases from 0 to 1.6 m/s If her push lasta 0.3 seconds what is the average force that the astronaut exerts on the wall of the spaceship??

    asked by Hang
  14. interest

    How much should you invest at 3% simple interest in order to earn $95 interest in 8 months?

    asked by beverly
  15. Math

    A boy is mowing a rectangular lawn 40ft long and 30ft wide. He has cut all of it except for a rectangle that is 20ft long and 15ft wide. What fractional part of the lawn remains uncut? I need helping figuring out how to solve this. My answer sheet says its

    asked by Jess
  16. Chemistry

    How many electrons in an atom could have these sets of quantum numbers? n=2 n=5, l=3 n=6, l=1, ml=-1

    asked by Jen
  17. Chemistry

    Compare the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1kg of water from 20°C to 100°C and the energy needed to boil 1kg of water at 100°C? I turned 1kg to 1000g water is 4.18J/g°C and subtracted 20°C then i get confused as what to do next to

    asked by Janiya
  18. Stoichiometry

    Equation to use Al + Cl2 -> AlCl3 You have 8.6 moles of aluminum, how much in moles of chlorine do you need to react completely? Desperate. Trying to teach daughter on the spectrum and I'm stumped on how to start.

    asked by Karen
  19. Physics

    A person whose weight is W = 658 N is doing push-ups. From his feet to his center of gravity he is 0.840m and from the center of gravity to his hands is 0.410m. Find the normal force exerted by the floor on (a) each hand and (b) each foot, assuming that

    asked by BrookeNeed
  20. Chemistry

    There are about 1 x 10^5 chemical reactions per second in each of the 10 billion nerve cells in the brain. How many chemical reactions take place in a day in a single nerve cell?

    asked by Kim
  21. Calculus

    Find the equation of the line through the point (3, 5) that cuts off the least area from the first quadrant? y-A=B(x-C) i know its slope is -3/5 which is B. But what are the values of A and C?

    asked by Asfand
  22. Algebra

    2 cyclists start from the same point and ride in opposite directions. 1 rides twice as fast as the other. In 3 hours they are 90km apart. What is the rate of each cyclist? I figured out the answer is 20km/h and 10km/h. What I don't know and need help with

    asked by Kyle
  23. accounting

    purchased additional office supplies from office depot paid cash check #0002. $75 how would this journal entry be posted to the general journal

    asked by Anonymous
  24. English

    Write an analysis paragraph that answers the overarching question: What is the effect of imagery on the reader’s understanding of the relationship between Orwell and the native Burmese people? I look up examples and step by step and still dont

    asked by Emma
  25. Statistics

    John drives to work each morning and the trip takes an average of µ = 38 minutes. The distribution of driving times is approximately normal with a standard deviation of s = 5 minutes. For a randomly selected morning, what is the probability that John’s

    asked by Anonymous
  26. chemistry

    stoichiometry problem Fe2O3+HCl=H2O+FeCl3 If 42.2 grams of iron(III) Oxide react with HCl how many gramd of iron(III)chloride should be produced

    asked by yvette
  27. Algebra

    You are working as a caterer and needs 20 gallons of lemonade for an upcoming event the bottles of lemonade you are purchasing are in liters How many liters will you need

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Statistics

    According to the record of the registrar's office at a state university, 35% of the students are freshman, 25% are sophomore,16% are junior and the rest are senior. Among the freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors, the portion of the students who live

    asked by Myda
  29. Math

    In triangle ABC line segment ad is an altitude. If bc = 10cm and ad= 7cm.find area of △*abc.

    asked by Preksha
  30. Math

    When a 3-digit number is rounded to the nearest ten and to the nearest hundred, the answer is the same.What is one possible number that fits this rule?

    asked by Dylana
  31. Integral Calculus

    For what values of p is this series convergent? (summation from n = 1 to infinity) of ((-1)^(n-1))/(n^(p + 2)) A. p >= -2 B. p =/= -2 C. p > -2 D. for all p E. p > 0 You have to use the Alternating Series Test. I've already tried E, and it was wrong. I

    asked by Joeseph
  32. Math

    A quiz has 20 questions with 5 points awarded for each correct answer and one point deducted for each incorrect answer, with 0 for each question omitted, Larry scored 72 points. How many questions did he omit?

    asked by cici
  33. Physics C: Mechanics

    A hollow, thin-walled cylinder and a solid sphere start from rest and roll without slipping down an inclined plane of length 5.0 m. The cylinder arrives at the bottom of the plane 2.6 s after the sphere. Determine the angle between the inclined plane and

    asked by Kani
  34. Chemistry (molarity) (sorta an emergency)

    I'm doing a titration lab and writing a lab report where I'm sort of stuck on how exactly to find the concentration of HCl. These are the following info I have from the lab, Equation: HCl(aq)+NaOH(aq)-> H2O(l)+NaCl(aq) -Calculated molarity of NaOH solution

    asked by Ray
  35. English

    1. That's fine with me. (Does 'with' mean 'being related to'?) 4. It's raining hard. 5. It's raining heavily. 2. It's raining much. 3. It's raining a lot. 6. It's raining cats and dogs. (Are they all the same in meaning? Can we use 'much' instead of 'a

    asked by rfvv
  36. pre algebra

    Julie went to the post office and bought both $0.49 stamps and $0.34 postcards for her office's bills. She spent $62.60. The number of stamps was 20 more than twice the number of postcards. How many of each did she buy?

    asked by ana
  37. interior decoration

    Which of these floor color treatments would tend to make a room look warmer and cozier? A. Floor color matching the ceiling B. Floor color the same color as the walls C. Floor color a deeper shade than the walls D. Floor covering in any pale color

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Physical Science

    How much energy is released when 10 gm of steam at 100 degree Celsius turns to ice at 0 degree Celsius

    asked by Praveen
  39. physics

    What is the direction and magnitude of the net force acting on the hot air balloon? It has an arrow up with 6300, an arrow down with 3200, an arrow to the right of 1350 and an arrow left with 745. Is this how to do it and if so, how do I convert the sin of

    asked by Sam
  40. accounting

    provided accounting services to dress shop $8,500. payment to received on july 9th how would this journal entry be posted to the general journal.

    asked by maria
  41. language

    write a debate on the motion girls should be relegated to the kitchen write for or against the motion

    asked by english
  42. Physics

    In a fast-pitch softball game the pitcher is impressive to watch, as she delivers a pitch by rapidly whirling her arm around so that the ball in her hand moves in a circle. In one instance, the radius of the circle is 0.622 m. At one point on this circle,

    asked by BrookeNeed
  43. Physics

    a box sliding on a horizontal surface with a speed of 6m/s encounters an incline plane that makes a 15 degree angle with the horizontal line. What is the max distance that will be travelled by the box up the incline before coming to rest if the coefficient

    asked by Kayla
  44. MATH

    Which statement is TRUE? A. Every real number is an integer. B. Every rational number is a real number. C. Every rational number is a perfect square. D. Every integer is an irrational number.

    asked by Tamera
  45. Chemistry

    A student determined the calorimeter constant of the calorimeter. The student added 50.00 mL of cold water to 50.00 mK of heated , distilled water in a styrofoam cup. The initial temp of the cold water was 21,00C and the hot water, 29.15C. The maximum temp

    asked by Yari
  46. 6th grade science PLEASE HELP DOING THIS RIGHT NOW

    why are capillaries and not arteries or viens not found in alveoli,nephrones,and villi A.vessels must be small so that very little blood enters these tissues B.vessle must be narrow so that very smal moluculescan reach these tissues C.vessls must be light

    asked by krystina
  47. U.S history connections academy

    does anyone know what pages to go to in the text book to find the answers for the 8th grade civics unit test? or the answers \_(-_-)_/ jk

    asked by dude
  48. Business Law

    Can anyone please help? Covenants not to compete (noncompete agreements) are generally legal in most states as a matter of employment contract law as long as: Choose All that APPLY: a. they are not excessive in the amount of time they run b. the hired

    asked by Angel
  49. Calculus

    A ladder 25 feet long is leaning against the wall of a house. The base of the ladder is pulled away from the wall at a rate of 2 feet per second. How fast is the top of the ladder moving down the wall when its base is 7 feet?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. maths

    how many pieces of cloth 120 cm long can be cut from a bolt of cloth 18 m in lenght

    asked by asha
  51. World history

    Indian schools Identify and describe at least three methods Indian schools used to sever Native Americans children from their culture and traditions. And why the school is using the method to "reform" the student.

    asked by Emma
  52. maths

    2 add 5 = 7

    asked by asha
  53. Math

    Homework Help: Math Posted by Blob on Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 1:23pm. Steven is moving to another city next weekend and wants to rent a moving truck. The rental rates for two companies in his area are shown below. Each company charges an initial fee

    asked by Cami
  54. Math

    What is the slope of (3,-5) and (-4,6)?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Social Studies

    How did early humans use fire?

    asked by Emily
  56. Science

    Why are the water molecule bonds at an angle and not straight like the CO2?

    asked by Alice Keign
  57. Please answer this for math!

    Which statement is TRUE? A. Every real number is an integer. *** B. Every rational number is a real number. C. Every rational number is a perfect square. D. Every integer is an irrational number.

    asked by Tamera
  58. physics

    A child is sitting on a stationary skateboard with a pile of rocks which she throws in one direction in order to make the skateboard travel in the opposite direction. If the rocks each have a mass of 0.95 kg and she can throw them with a speed of 19 m/s

    asked by Amy
  59. Math

    Suppose you open your textbookat random and the product of two pagesfacing you is 3 192,what are the two pages?

    asked by Bea
  60. help me calculus

    the parametric equation of a curve are x=cos2Øand y=1+sin2Ø find dy/dx and d^2y/dx^2 at Ø=pai/6.find the relationship between x and y sir steve help see my work dx/dØ=-2sin2Ø dy/dØ=2cos2Ø dy/dx=dy/dØ*dØ/dx dy/dx=2cos2Ø*1/-2sin2Ø dy/dx=-cot2Ø

    asked by practising and need help
  61. Science

    Why do Hydrogen atoms form only single bonds with other atoms and not double or triple bonds like Carbon atoms?

    asked by Alice Keign
  62. chemistry

    Calculate the no.of moles (a)3.011 X 10power 23 atoms of He (b)1.505 X 10power23 of Co2 (c)6.022 X 10power23 atoms of Na (hint :nis equal to N/No)

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Maths

    1^2014 + 2^2014 + 3^2014 + 4^2014 + 5^2014 divided by 5, remains ______

    asked by maths
  64. Science-please help

    What makes the moon rise? a)Alignment of the stars 2) Earth's rotation 3) Moon orbits about the Earth Is the answer (2)?

    asked by Chimingbell
  65. Science

    Why is the surface of the Moon full of pockmarked craters? a) It has little weathering to erode them. b) Due to meteorites landing on them

    asked by Chimingbell
  66. math

    A bag contains 4 red ball 5 black ball and Bag B contains 3 red and 7 black ball . one ball is drawn from bag A and two balls drawn from bag b . find the probability that out of three balls drawn two are black and one is red.

    asked by khushpreet singh
  67. Chemisry

    If you put copper coated penny 1983or newer, in vinegar, it turns blackish green. If you rub the copper off half the penny first and expose the zinc, put the penny in vinegar, will the results change? Thank you.

    asked by lulu
  68. Chemistry

    I am really having a hard time doing this question. We were asked to determine the iron content of spinach in a solution. We burned a 5.50g of spinach and added 10 ml of 2.0 M HCl in the spinach ashes. We mixed that and filtered the solution to removed the

    asked by Shia
  69. PreAp Math

    The manager of the ice cream shop noticed that 90% of all club members brought along a family member who spent an average of $18 in the shop. The tax on their bill was 5.5%. a. What was the total amount spent by the family members in one year?

    asked by MatthewT.
  70. English

    1. Do you know the zip code for Dokdo? 2. Do you know what the zip code for Dokdo is? 3. Do you knwo what is the zip code for Dokdo? 4. What is the zip code for Dokdo? (Which questions are correct?)

    asked by rfvv
  71. MATH CLASS 6th grade

    The manager of the ice cream shop noticed that 90% of all club members brought along a family member who spent an average of $18 in the shop. The tax on their bill was 5.5%. a. What was the total amount spent by the family members in one year? b. What

    asked by APRIL WALKER
  72. English

    What's the weather like on Dokdo? It's very windy and foggy. 1. Good job. 2. Well done. 3. That's correct. 4. Right. 5. You're right. 6. That's right. 7. That's incorrect. 8. I don't think it is correct. 9. That's not right. 10. That's not right. 11. Think

    asked by rfvv
  73. Sports

    How Many Goals Have Messi Scored In His Footballing Career

    asked by Ikechukwu
  74. Chemistry

    November's birthstone is citrine, a yellow member of the quartz family. It is primarily silicon dioxide, but small amounts of iron(III) ions give it its yellow color. A high quality citrine containing about 0.040 moles of SiO2 costs around $225. If this

    asked by Kim
  75. Tanis

    there is a circular pound and footpath runs along its boundary .a man walks around exactly once keeping close to its edge .if his step is 44cm long he takes exactly 600 step to go around the pound .what is the radius of the pound.

    asked by Trishit
  76. Chemistry

    Elemental analysis of a compound, once used as a pesticide, was found to be 74.2% carbon, 8.64% hydrogen, and 17.2% nitrogen. What is the empirical formula of this compound?

    asked by Kim
  77. algebraic expression

    The length of two sides of a triangle are 12 cm and 15 cm. Between what two measures should the length of the third side fall?

    asked by Divyanshi
  78. Chemistry

    When you try to leave your room you learn that the only door out is locked. Assuming there is no air flow into the room (air tight with no ventilation system) how long can you survive in the room (5 meters long, 5 meters wide, 5 meters high) -Human tidal

    asked by Sarah
  79. MATH CLASS 6th grade

    Every month the Incredible Ice Cream Shop sends a card with a coupon for a free ice cream treat to the members of their ice cream club who were born in that month. The manager of the ice cream shop noticed that 90% of all club members brought along a

    asked by APRIL WALKER
  80. Chemistry

    will a precipitate form when 650 ml of 0.008 K2So4 is added to 175 ml of AgNo3 Ksp of Ag2So4=1.5*10^-5 Can any one tell me how to do it >? please

    asked by b.k
  81. Maths

    A divided by B = 12 … 4, if A and B reduce 10 times at the same time, find the value of new quotient and remainder of the equation.

    asked by Please help
  82. Math

    In triangle ABC line segment as is an altitude. If by = 10cm and ad= 7cm.find area of △*abc.

    asked by Preksha
  83. Chemistry

    Normal glucose levels in the blood are from 70 to 110 mg glucose per 100mL of blood. If the level falls to low, there can be brain damage. If a person has a glucose level of 92 mg/ 100mL, what is the total mass of glucose in grams in 5.10 L of blood?

    asked by Joe
  84. Math

    A sum of money is divided between three people in the ratio 1:2:1/2. If the smallest share amounts to $48, what is the total Sum of money?

    asked by Lolai
  85. Math

    The number of males is 5/11 the number of girls. The are 114 more girls than boys. How many students are in the school altogether?

    asked by Charly
  86. Math

    The variable x in the expression 3+2x is replaced in succession by 1.2.3 and 4. Find the sum of the resulting numbers.

    asked by Tata
  87. Math

    at what time is the missile 50m above the ground level?

    asked by Hagos
  88. Math

    If a*b means 3a^2+b, what does 3*1 mean?

    asked by doti
  89. physics

    You decide to use your garden hose to wash your garage door. The water shoots out at a rate of 10 kg/s and a speed of 16 m/s with respect to the hose. When the water hits the garage, its speed decreases to zero. Determine the force that the water exerts on

    asked by Abbie
  90. math

    Abcd is a parallelogram in which angle add =75 and side an is produced to e find x+y

    asked by anu
  91. MATH CLASS 6th grade

    Every month the Incredible Ice Cream Shop sends a card with a coupon for a free ice cream treat to the members of their ice cream club who were born in that month. The number of members and their birthday month is shown below. Month Number of Club Members

    asked by APRIL WALKER
  92. Calculus

    Find the point on the parabola y^2=x that is closest to the point (1,7?

    asked by Asfand
  93. Advanced physics

    A child on a swing is traveling at 2 m/s as she passes through the lowest part of swing’s arc. What is the period of the motion?

    asked by Mona
  94. Math

    need help from least to greatest 1/2, -0.51, 0.55555, -1/2.

    asked by Nia
  95. Math

    How do I find a value for k that will make the expression factorable. 36x^2 + 8x + k?

    asked by Tom
  96. Physics

    An astronaut with a mass of 90 kg (including spacesuit and equipment) is drifting away from his spaceship at a speed o f.2 m/s with respect to the spaceship. The astronaut is equipped only with a 0.5 kg wrench to help him get back to the ship. With what

    asked by Kelsey
  97. History

    What diseases were originated or were most common in the 12th century?

    asked by Allison
  98. Algebra

    A child releases a balloon from a height of 6ft and it ascends at a rate of 5ft per second. A second balloon starts at a height of 51ft and ascends at a rate of 2ft per second. After how many seconds will both balloons be at the same height above the

    asked by David
  99. Physics

    You demonstrate hitting a board in a karate class. The speed of your hand as it hits the thick board is 14 m/s with respect to the board, and the mass of your hand is about .80 kg. How deep does your hand go into the board before stopping if the collision

    asked by HELP I WANT TO DROP OUT
  100. chem 1211

    What temperature change must 1.2mol of water undergo if the amount of energy changed is 23.7 J?

    asked by chuck
  101. intermediate maths

    James is six times as old as his granddaughter, Louise. In two years time he will only be five times as old as Louise. How old are James and Louise now?

    asked by Simon
  102. Algebra

    A tank contains 150 gallons of water and fills at a rate of 8 gallons per minute. A second tank contains 600 gallons of water and drains at a rate of 10 gallons per minute. After how many minutes will both tanks have the same amount of water?

    asked by David
  103. Physics

    A team in Quebec is playing ice baseball. A 72 kg player who is initially at rest catches a 145 g ball traveling at 18 m/s. If the player's skates are frictionless, how much time is required for him to glide 5 m after catching the ball?

    asked by OJ
  104. physics

    a metal bar 70cm long and 4.00 kg in mass supported on two knief -edge placed 10 cm from each end. a 6.00 kg weight is suspended at 30 cm from one end . find the reaction at the knife-edge ?

    asked by nirbhay
  105. I hate history so much

    Define disillusioned liberal.

    asked by Help :(:(
  106. science

    Sodium react with chlorine to form sodium chloride a substance used in all households 1.Household name of sodium chloride

    asked by sbonga
  107. science

    a 0.5kgball falls into a heap of sand from a height of 10m above the sand. it comes to rest 2.5m beneath the surface of sand. what is the average force exerted by sand on the ball.

    asked by Raveen
  108. English

    sample research paper about business

    asked by Henry
  109. Math

    The temperature inside a greenhouse was 60 degrees Fahrenheit and increased to 75 degrees Fahrenheit over the next few hours. What was the percent increase in temperature?

    asked by Gina
  110. Math

    If you estimate a person's age to be 24 but his actual age is 20 what was your percent of error in estimating his age? Round to the nearest percent?

    asked by Gina
  111. Physics C: Mechanics

    A 1.00 kg mass is attached to a string wrapped around a cylinder of radius 0.05m. Two masses are connected with a rod and attached to the end of the cylinder, perpendicular to its axis. as the mass falls from rest the rotating contraption spins through 12

    asked by Riya
  112. math

    I'm sorry, but I am asking this question again because the response I received was a question that I could not answer - that's why I am asking here. Thank you. If someone asked: what can we learn from analyzing the standard deviation of a set of data that

    asked by Carly
  113. Math

    How to find the transformations of these graphs of equations? 1. y=(x+2)^2-3 2. y=3x^2-6 3. y=-2(x-4)^2+5 Please teach me..

    asked by Jo
  114. math

    a recipe that makes 16 cookies call for 1/4 cup of sugar and 2/3 cup of flour. Janelle wants to proportionally increase these almost to get a new recipe using one cup of sugar. using the new recipe how much flour should she use?

    asked by yasmine
  115. Chemistry

    A chemist takes a 647 gram sample of this hydrate. She removes all the water possible from the sample and collects it. To this water, she adds 7.6 grams of lead(II) nitrate. Afterwards she wants to precipitate all the lead. She wants to use a solution of

    asked by John
  116. Chem

    Phenol is a weak acid. We take 3.7 grams of phenol and dissolve it in 65 ml of water. To that water we add 40 ml of a 0.52 M solution of NaOH. You will need to look up the Ka value for Phenol a. What is the pH when the phenol is dissolved in the 65 ml of

    asked by Jordan
  117. Math

    A child releases a balloon from a height of 6ft and it ascends at a rate of 5ft per second. A second balloon starts at a height of 51 ft and descends at a rate of 2 ft per second. After how many seconds will both balloons be at the same height above the

    asked by David
  118. Civic Education

    Reasons Of Political Aparrty

    asked by Santos
  119. pre algebra

    The ball game took in $1,920 one Saturday. The number of $12 adult tickets was 15 more than twice the number of $5 child tickets. How many of each were sold?

    asked by ana
  120. accounting

    performed accounting services for kirby collected 3,500 cash. how would this journal entry be posted to the general journal

    asked by Anonymous
  121. statistics

    Assume that men have IQ scores that are normally distributed with a mean of 99 and a standard deviation of 13. Find the IQ score that separated the lower 30% of the others. Round up to the nearest integer.

    asked by e
  122. statistics

    The mean rent of a 3-bedroom apartment in Orlando is $1200. You randomly select 12 apartments around town. The rents are normally distributed with a standard deviation of $75. What is the probability that the mean rent is more than $1000?

    asked by e
  123. Chemistry

    For a 0.47 M solution of LiClO compute the pH. Hi. I am confused about this question. I calculated the pH...but my answer is wrong. what am I doing wrong??? pH=-log(0.47) pH=0.33

    asked by J
  124. Math

    If one hundredths is divided into ten equal parts, each part is one (BLANK )

    asked by Justin
  125. Math

    Evaluate the following expression for x = 26 3√x - 1 + 6 Please help I'm so lost! Btw, the square root stretches over x - 1 but not + 6

    asked by Cami
  126. Physics

    If sound travels at 330m/s in air, how long does it take for sound to travel 10,000m in air? If sound travels at 1500m/s in water, how long does it take for sound to travel 10,000m in water?

    asked by Lucyyyyy
  127. chemistry

    Dr Bob, Sorry about this penny thing, but if I was to put pure zinc into acetic acid, what would happen to the zinc?

    asked by lulu
  128. chemistry

    Assume that it is necessary to determine the [FE^3+ in a solution that may be 0.0001 to 0.0005 M range . Outline the spectrophotometric method that would accurately give the required data. Be spectific about the solutions that you would use. I know I have

    asked by jxv
  129. Math grade 9

    46=2-8w-3w I tried adding -8w to both sides and i got the answer wrong... my math text book says the answer should be -4 but i don't know how to get it

    asked by I need help please!
  130. Data

    Three Canadians, 4 Americans, and 2 Mexicans attend a trade conference. In how many ways can they be seated in a row if the people of the same nationality are to be seated next to each other?

    asked by Katie
  131. Physics

    A force of 123 N acts on a 10.0kg object for 45.6 meters. If the objects starts at rest, and the surface is flat and frictionless, how fast is the object moving after the force is removed. I got acceleration to be 12.3, but I am not sure how to move on

    asked by James
  132. Algebra 2

    How are the real solutions of a quadratic equation related to the graph of the quadratic function? Please help? How do I make a real-world situation out of this?

    asked by Fading
  133. physics

    During a crash, a race car driver decelerates from 48.0 m/s to 0 m/s in a distance of 14.9 m. If the drivers mass is 70.0 kg, what is the average force acting on the driver during the crash? This is what I have so far. Am I starting right?

    asked by Sam
  134. Algebra

    on a map the length of a nature center trail is 10.5 cm. if the scale is 1 cm to 21 km, what is the actual length of the trail?

    asked by Julieta
  135. Science (galaxies and universe)

    Studying distant galaxies is described as looking back into the past. What does this mean? (use terms light year, distance, and time in your answer)

    asked by KINA
  136. Calculus

    The demand equation for a product is p=88,650/(396+3x) where p is the price (in dollars) and x is the number of units (in thousands). Find the average price p on the interval 40

    asked by Alyssa
  137. Math

    Write a cubic function (in standard form) whose graph passes through given points: (-4), (0,10), (2,0) ,(5,0)

    asked by Emilyn
  138. Calculus

    Use the function f and the given real number a to find (f^-1)'(a) f(x)=x^3+8x-3 a=6 (f^-1)'(6)= Thank you.

    asked by Alyssa
  139. Math

    A person invested $7900 for one year, part at 5%, part at 11%, and the remainder at 15%. The total annual income from these investments was $965. The amount of money invested at 15% was $500 more than the amounts invested at 5% and 11% combined. Find the

    asked by Angela
  140. Calculus

    Use the function f and the given real number a to find (f^-1)'(a) f(x)=(x+9)/(x+3), x>-3, a=2 f(^-1)'(a)= ? Can someone please show me how to solve this problem?

    asked by Alyssa
  141. Math

    The perimeter of the area to be fenced is 1760ft. Estimate the number of wooden fence posts needed if the posts are placed 8.625ft apart

    asked by Jim
  142. Calculus

    Find the derivative. y=e^8x/[e^(8x)+9] y' = The answer I have is 8e^8x/[(e^8x+9)^2] but it marked it incorrect..

    asked by Alyssa
  143. College algebra

    you invest 2500 in the stock market for one year. part of your investment was in stock that paid 10% interest and the remainders was in a stock that paid only 8%. if you made a total of 2,200 in interest how much did you invest in each stock

    asked by Jane erring
  144. Aljebra

    In two box 123 coins. Ten coins from a first box shifted to the second box. The second box now having twice as many coins in the first box. How many coin in the first box before the shift?

    asked by Dian
  145. another please help me check~calculus maths

    y=3e^(2x)cos(2x-3) verify that d^2y/dx^2-4dy/dx+8y=0 plz help me i tried all i could but it become too complicated for me here set u=3e^(2x) v=cos(2x-3) du/dx=6e^(2x) i used chain rule dv/dx=-2sin(2x-3) dy/dx=-3e^(2x)sin(2x-3)+cos(2x-3)6e^(2x) d^2y/dx^2

    asked by practising and need help
  146. statistic

    Sam pays $740 for his house, and he wants to see if he pays too much. He asks people who live on the neighborhood with the similar house sizes, and 10 of the people give him their prices. It is found out that the mean and standard deviation of the 10

    asked by Ibrahim
  147. math 9

    Given Parallelogram ABCD with AB=(3x-5)cm, BC=(2y-7)cm, Cd=(x+7)cm, AD=(y+3)cm

    asked by jen
  148. Physics

    At what other angle (other than 45 degrees) could a gun be fired to travel the same horizontal distance Is the answer: There is not one?

    asked by Lester
  149. Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities

    Graph: y

    asked by Anonymous
  150. math

    a bag has 6 marbles in it each marble is either red blue or green what is the least number of marbles that you must pull out of the bag to be sure you have two marbles the same color?

    asked by Anonymous
  151. Physics

    A bowling ball pendulum demonstration goes bad. The 8.0-lb bowling ball is raised to the height of the demonstrators nose, 160 cm above the ground, and releases the bowling ball. When the bowling ball is at the lowest point of the swing (36 inches above

    asked by Stuart
  152. Math

    Steven is moving to another city next weekend and wants to rent a moving truck. The rental rates for two companies in his area are shown below. Each company charges an initial fee for renting the truck, plus an additional amount per mile. Company 1: Miles:

    asked by Blob
  153. chemistry

    Is this balanced properly 2H2O2----> 2H2O +O2 Thank you for the reactions of zinc and acetic acid. REAL QUESTION, if I was to rub all the copper off of a new penny down to the zinc, what would be the appearance of the zinc if I left it in vinegar (acetic

    asked by lulu
  154. chemistry limiting reagent

    if i have a 1:1 mole ratio as with this reaction: NaOH + HCl --> NaCl + H20 and i use same volumes (50mL) and same Molaritys (1.00M) then there is no limiting reactant correct??

    asked by amy
  155. Math

    Suppose the ice cream shop offers 9 different flavours, and we share 5 scoops. How many ways of ordering are there if All different any combination two scoops of one flavour, two scoops of 2nd, and one of third first one, i did 9! / 5!? second one and

    asked by Elle
  156. physics

    A bicycle starts from rest and reaches 6.0 m/s after 4 seconds. What is its acceleration?

    asked by maha
  157. Geometry

    I am doing volume and surface areas of 3D figures, and am running into the problem of having to give the exact answers as well as approximate answers. The approximate answers I don't have a problem with but the exact answers are requiring me to get the

    asked by Dan
  158. Physics

    Two bumper cars crash head on in an elastic collision. One car #1 was moving 2.5 m/s west and car #2 was moving 3.7 m/s east. Each car has a mass of 254 kg. What are the final velocities after the collision? I think this problem is supposed to be solved

    asked by George
  159. Physics

    If a train starts from rest and accelerate at the rate alpha and attains velocity v ,then moves at a constant velocity,then deaccelerates at the rate beta and stops ,if the total distance is found to be l then what is the total time??

    asked by Nashif