Questions Asked on
November 11, 2016

  1. Science

    1. An organism's particular role in its habitat, or when and how it survives, is called its A. Carrying capacity B. Ecosystem C. Competition D. Niche*** 2. Which of the following is an example of a predator adaption? A. A lion's pheromones B. A shark

    asked by Embershy
  2. Heath

    1. Which digestive organ is the last organ food passes through before reaching your stomach? (1 point) pharynx epiglottis esophagus mouth 2. Starches and sugars belong to which class of nutrients? (1 point) carbohydrates fats proteins enzymes 3. A method

    asked by Help
  3. L.A.

    Which of the following statements about "life without gravity" explains why it is a expoistory essay. 1. It is a short work of nonfiction that does not express the writers opinion 2. It is a short work of nonfiction that uses examples to make its points 3.

    asked by Check please
  4. math

    A student has passed 60 percent of the 20 quizzes he has written so far successfully. If the student writes 50 quizzes during the year, and passes 80 percent of the remaining quizzes successfully, what would his average percentile be? same with this one

    asked by allie
  5. math

    The ratio of the number of Mimi’s Eminem cd’s to the number of Rita’s Eminem cd’s is 5:8. Rita has 18 more Eminem cd’s than Mimi. If Rita gives 22cd’s to Mimi, what will be the new ratio of the number of Mimi’s Eminem cd’s to Rita’s? i am

    asked by allie
  6. English

    What is the theme of Nethergrave?

    asked by Leslie
  7. social studies help!!

    how did this message and the events at the alamo affect texans. A. It discouraged texans !@#$%^&alized the battle had been lost. B. It encouraged texans to plead with the united states for support. C. It reminded texans that enslaved people would want

    asked by babes
  8. heath

    4. What would be a good tip for someone trying to make new friends? Join groups that share your values or offer activities you like. Pretend you enjoy similar things so you’ll be liked by people. Spend time with people whom you already have a close

    asked by foxie/wolfie
  9. Math

    for a cub scout meeting, the leader bought 4 pizzas, and 1 1/2 of the pizzas contained pepperoni. the scouts ate 5/6 of the pizzas that contained pepperoni. the remaining pizza that contains pepperoni represents what fraction of the 4 pizzas that the

    asked by Stacy
  10. finite math

    The Taylors have purchased a $170,000 house. They made an initial down payment of $30,000 and secured a mortgage with interest charged at the rate of 9%/year on the unpaid balance. Interest computations are made at the end of each month. If the loan is to

    asked by corey carter
  11. Ms sue plz help

    Can you give me links to help me find out the answer? compare and contrast the views of the federalist party and the democratic republican party on at least three different historical issues

    asked by Chefu
  12. Physics - Tension Question

    A uniform bar of mass 12 kg and length 1.4 m is held by a hinge on a vertical wall. A string is attached to the end so that the bar is in mechanical equilibrium. The angle between the bar and the string is 25o. Find the tension in the string.

    asked by Anon
  13. History | Need help, i'm in a rush =(

    the underground railroad used escape routes that went throughout the south. based on that fact, which of the following conclusions could be made? a) the southern states were leaning toward emancipation of the slaves b) slaves were hopeful to acquire jobs

    asked by Mia Larson Highschool
  14. Maths

    The area of a square is 0.5 hectare. The length of its diagonal is Options a)100m b)50m c)250m

    asked by Swathi
  15. Math

    An architect is designing a house in which a 104 square foot room and a 130 square foot room share a wall. What is the greatest possible integer length of the shared wall? Is it the greatest common factor?

    asked by RonA
  16. Chemistry

    Determine the mass of iron in the following solution. 325mL of 0.050 M FeSO4.

    asked by please help me out i forgot to add something)
  17. statistics

    A national caterer determined that 87% of the people who sampled their food said that it was delicious. A random sample of 144 people is obtained from a population of 5000. The 144 people are asked to sample the caterer’s food. If p ^ is the sample

    asked by mina
  18. math

    I am a two digit number my ones digit is the double of my tens digit two of my divisor are 8and 12

    asked by jana
  19. biology

    How many possible genotypes and phenotypes are there for a single gene trait that shows dominance in any given population?

    asked by Angelina
  20. SS

    help me plzz and ill pay you back 3. All of the following acts were imposed on the colonies by the British EXCEPT (1 point) the Tea Act. the Intolerable Acts .the Salt Act.the Stamp Act. 4. South Carolina responded to the Intolerable Acts by __________. (1

    asked by camil
  21. Math

    The triangle in the trapezoid share a 15 inch base and a height of 10 inches. The area of the trapezoid is less than twice the area of the triangle. Find the values of X. X is greater than --- and x is less than 15 inches.

    asked by Liz
  22. Math

    An investor receives a total of Rs.5,700 per annum in interest from 3 stocks yielding 4%, 5% and 8% per annum respectively. The amount at 4% is Rs.20,000 more than the amount invested at 5%, and the interest from the 8% investment is 8 times the interest

    asked by Shahzaib
  23. Language Arts

    I DON'T WANT YOU TO DO THE ESSAY. I just need an explanation on what to do. Write an essay in which you analyze the importance of plot events and characters’ actions to the development of a story’s theme. Review and evaluate a story from the unit that

    asked by Sherlock
  24. plane geometry

    how many feet of wood is needed to build a rectangular frame 10 inches by 11 inches

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Physical Science

    When iron metal reacts with oxygen, the reaction can form Fe203. The balanced chemical equation I think is right is 4 Fe + 302----2Fe203. So I have 4 moles of iron + 3 moles of oxygen creates 2 moles of iron oxide. I need to find the number of moles of

    asked by Steve
  26. Social studies homework

    What was one reason of the formation of the Democratic Republican Party? Washington's cabinet members wanted to form a new party to strengthen the federal government. Thomas Jefferson's views clashed with those of Alexander Hamilton. The alien and sedition

    asked by Cowgirl
  27. Analytical chemistry

    Why HNO3 only can used for acidification in volhard method not other acids like HCl or H2SO4?

    asked by Amal
  28. finite math

    The price of a new car is $32,000. Assume that an individual makes a down payment of 25% toward the purchase of the car and secures financing for the balance at the rate of 7%/year compounded monthly. (Round your answers to the nearest cent.) What will the

    asked by corey carter
  29. Science

    I really need help on this project. I am not asking for all of the answers, I just need someone to explain what I should do for this experiment. And how to make a data table. Directions: 1. Design an experiment to support the hypothesis that light travels

    asked by Melinda May
  30. Math

    The tires on a car are 25 inches in diameter. If the car is moving at a constant speed of 65 miles per hour, how many rotations per second is the front left tire making? Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest tenth. (1 mile = 5280 feet)

    asked by Kaitlyn
  31. English

    Balancing a sentence through using words or phrases that have the same grammatical structure is known as

    asked by Joann
  32. Managemnet? career planning

    For our assignemnt, we must come up with 4 jobs we would want to pursue : • Short Term: This will be a job that you would like to do while you are in school as either a summer job or as coop student. • Medium Term or Early Career: This will be a

    asked by Shinela
  33. Physical Science

    Materials: Epsom salts (MgSO4), ammonia (NH4OH) small jar or cup measuring cup Procedures 1. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of Epsom salts in a half cup of water. 2. Add 2 teaspoons of ammonia to the Epsom salts solution and stir thoroughly. Record your observations.

    asked by Steve
  34. English

    While the term _____________ refers to the specific dictionary definition of a word, ___________ refers to its implied or suggested meaning

    asked by Joann
  35. Chemistry

    Determine the mass of iron in the following solution. 325mL of FeSO4.

    asked by please help me out
  36. Science

    An aeroplane of mass 5000 kg is flying at an altitude of 3 km. If the area of wings is 50 m^2 and pressure at the lower surface of wings is 60000 PA,the pressure on the upper surface of wings is

    asked by Jaideep
  37. Physics - Angular Speed Question

    A merry-go-round can be modeled as a disk with radius 2.5 meters and mass of 150 kg. For this problem, assume the density is uniform. It is initially rotating at 2.0 rad/sec. Two children of mass 30 kg and 40 kg hop onto the merry-go-round and stay near

    asked by Anon
  38. Algebra

    Solve the given polynomial equation. Use the Rational Zero Theorem and​ Descartes's Rule of Signs as an aid in obtaining the first root. 2 x cubed minus 5 x squared minus 5 x minus 1 equals 02x3−5x2−5x−1=0

    asked by Karla
  39. maths sir damon help sir steve help sir reiny

    The 79 members of a spot club play at least one of the following games Tennis, Football and Volleyball. 19 play Football & Volleyball and 29 play Tennis & Volleyball, n play all the three games. 2n people , each play only one game. How many play Volleyball

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Science

    4. Which of the following statements is true? A. Biodiversity provides additional resources that raise the carrying capacity of an ecosystem B. Biodiversity increases an ecosystems ability to withstand changes C. Biodiversity makes an ecosystem more

    asked by Embershy
  41. Business Math

    An investor has $ 500000 to spend. There investments are being considered, each having an expected annual interest rate. The interest rates are 15, 10 & 18 percent respectively. The investor`s goal is an average return of 15 percent in the three

    asked by Abdul
  42. Math

    Paige cuts a square out of a circular pizza. The corners of the square lie on the circumference of the the nearest whole number, what percent of the pizza is left when paige removes the square.

    asked by Kaitlyn
  43. Chemistry

    Nitrogen (80 kPa), oxygen (21.0 kPa), carbon dioxide (0.03 kPa), and water vapor are the usual components of air. What is the partial pressure of water in mm Hg if the total atmospheric pressure in 1.00 atm?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. maths

    a tank is 3/5 empty when 26 liters of water added it becomes 12/17 full what is capacity of tank

    asked by meena
  45. Math

    Mike write 5 1/2 pages of a report in 2 1/3 hours. What is the average number of pages you write per hour? 5 1/2 divide by 2 1/3? 11/2 divide by 7/2 11/2 X 2/7 = 22/14 = 1 8/14??

    asked by RonA
  46. math

    If someone asked: what can we learn from analyzing the standard deviation of a set of data that we couldn't learn from just looking at the measures of average, how would I answer? I know that average is the value or number in the middle of the data set and

    asked by Carly
  47. History

    The United States wanted overseas territories because the territories had A:Access to ports B:Access to raw materials*** C:Connections with European nations D:Better employment opportunities

    asked by Marylyn
  48. Physics

    If a racehorse starts from rest and accelerates at a rate of 4.7 m/s2, how long does it take the horse to go 20 m?

    asked by Brook
  49. Geometrical progration

    the 6 term of a G.P is 2000 its common ratio is 10 find the first term?

    asked by Ashley
  50. science

    a body of mass 10kg is moved in a vertical circle calculate tangential acceleration

    asked by annie
  51. Physics - Buoyant Force Question

    Find the buoyant force on a helium balloon in air (Standard Pressure and Temperature) if the balloon is spherical with diameter 12.0 cm.

    asked by Anon
  52. maths set

    The 79 members of a spot club play at least one of the following games Tennis, Football and Volleyball. 19 play Football & Volleyball and 29 play Tennis & Volleyball, n play all the three games. 2n people , each play only one game. How many play Volleyball

    asked by Anonymous
  53. chemistry

    when a quantity of powdered sulphur is burnt in excess oxygen, 100cm3 of SO2 were produced at STP CAL,the vol of gas at STD

    asked by stephen
  54. Business Math

    An investor has $ 500000 to spend. There investments are being considered, each having an expected annual interest rate. The interest rates are 15, 10 & 18 percent respectively. The investor`s goal is an average return of 15 percent in the three

    asked by Abdul
  55. algebra

    The formula for the area of a trapezoid is A = h(B + b) 2 . The area of the truss is 20 square feet. Find the height of the truss if the shorter base is the same as the height h.

    asked by HELP ME
  56. Chemistry

    Consider the neutralization reaction that takes place when hydrochloric acid reacts with aqueous calcium hydroxide Write a complete balanced equation for this reaction

    asked by Kayla
  57. chemistry

    how much CuSo4•5H2O will precipitate from a aq. soln of CuSO4, 25g dissolved in min amnt of water at 60C then cooled at 0C. Solubility of CuSO4 at 60C in 100 mL H2O is 40 g and in 0C is 15g.

    asked by lizs
  58. Spanish

    I need help making sure my answers make sense for the questions from La Dama del Alba. I have presented the questions and my answers in both Spanish and English. Questions 1-5 1. ¿Qué hacen los Sanjuaneros afuera de la casa? What do the Sanjuaneros do

    asked by Jaylnn
  59. Math

    In a standard set of dominoes, a face of each domino has a line through the center, with 0 to 6 dots on each side of the line. Each possible combination of dots is used exactly once, one combination per domino. What is the probability that a randomly

    asked by Sabrina
  60. Business Math

    An investor has $ 500000 to spend. There investments are being considered, each having an expected annual interest rate. The interest rates are 15, 10 & 18 percent respectively. The investor`s goal is an average return of 15 percent in the three

    asked by Abdul
  61. Math

    A plane is 400 miles west of city A and is flying west at 400 miles per hour. How long will it take for the plane to be 1940 miles west of city A?

    asked by Kieth
  62. intergrated science

    A car traveling at a velocity of 24m/s is accelerated uniformly at a rate of 2m/s^2 for 8 seconds. What is the final velocity?

    asked by Cora Stallins
  63. science..

    Define ‘Change in entropy’ and define ‘Clausius inequality’ for irreversible and reversible process. Ple help me

    asked by aboddu
  64. Math

    When leaned against a vertical structure, a straight ladder can be used safely if its top is no more than 4 above the base of the structure for every foot that the bottom of the ladder is away from the base. How high can a 22-foot ladder safely reach up a

    asked by Reddy
  65. Math

    In rectangle ABCD, AD=BC=5units. Diagnals AC and BD, each of length 10 units, intersect at E. What is the degree measure of angle AEB? THANKSS

    asked by Rebby
  66. Math

    Esme is thinking of two integers. One integer is 4 times the other, and their sum is 18 more than 3 times the smaller I integer. What is the smaller integer esme is thinking of?

    asked by Sabrina
  67. accounting

    Invested $19,000cash in the business along with $6,000 of office equipment. How would this journal entry be posted to the general journal.

    asked by Maria
  68. Math

    It takes 15 machines 15 minutes to make 500 raviolis. The machines produce raviolis at a steady rate. How long would it take 75 of these to make 6000 raviolis?

    asked by Rianna
  69. Math

    A week has five school days and two weekend days.

    asked by Juan
  70. Math -fractions word problems

    Three sevenths of the students in class 4C are boys.There are 4 more girls than boys.How many boys are there in the class

    asked by Allyssandra
  71. maths

    the non- decreasing sequence of odd integers {a1, a2, a3, . . .} = {1,3,3,3,5,5,5,5,5,...} each positive odd integer k appears k times. it is a fact that there are integers b, c, and d such that, for all positive integers n, añ = b[√(n+c)] +d. Where [x]

    asked by fui
  72. chemistry

    At 25ºC and 1 atmosphere the following equilibrium is eatablished : 2NO (g) N2O4 (g) The partial equilibrium pressure of N2O4 is 0.7 atm. A) calculate Kp of the above system at 25ºC. B) calculate the partial pressure of the above two gases at equilibrium

    asked by angy
  73. math

    Hi can you please tell me if im right on my math practice 1. 4 2/5 - 1 7/10 = A. 2 3/10 B.2 7/10 C.3/ 1 10 D.2 9/10 2. 5 2/3- 2 1/3 A. 3 1/6 B. 3 2/3 C.3 1/2 D.3 5/6 my answers 1. 2 7/10 2. 3 1.6 please respond as soon as possible thank you very much for

    asked by please help miss. sue URGEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNT
  74. math- Trigonometry

    A laser pointer attached at the top of a lighthouse emits a beam that makes contact with a ship in the ocean below. The length of the laser beam is 9.8km. If the ship is 4.0km from the base of the lighthouse, determine the measure of the angle of

    asked by Emily
  75. Linear Algebra

    Let v1 = (1, 0, −1) v2 = (0, 2, 2) v3 = (−3, 4, 7) and let W = Span{v1, v2, v3}. 1. Show that v3 is a linear combination c1v1 + c2v2 of v1 and v2 by finding the constants c1 and c2. 2. Show that W = Span{v1, v2}. 3. Show that v1 and v2 are linearly

    asked by Zabe
  76. Math

    The mass of a flourine atom is 3.16 × 10^-23. What is the mass of 1,000,000,000 flourine atoms? Express your answer in scientific notation to the significant figures. Thank you

    asked by Minnie
  77. English

    1. I heard the weather is usually windy and foggy on Dokdo. 2. I heard that he is very kind. 2-2. I heard that he was very kind. (What is the difference between them in meaning? Are both okay? Which one is commonly used?) 3. I heard that two times five is

    asked by rfvv
  78. Science

    If 48 gram solute is present in 500 ml H2O2 solution,what will be its strength by volume and % w/v respectively?

    asked by Palak
  79. Calculus

    True/false: x^2-3 is concave up on the interval (-1,1) The second derivative of x^2-3 is just 2. How do I determine concavity of a function when I can't set it equal to 0? And then how do I answer this question when it's asking for a specific interval?

    asked by James
  80. Chemistry

    What is the solute-solvent interaction between silver nitrate in water?

    asked by Someone
  81. Calculus

    Two ants, red ant and black ant, creeping along lines in 3-space. At time t, red ant is at point on the line x=3-t , y-2=2t , z-2t=6 and at the same time t, black ant is at the point on the line 2x=t , y-3t=2 , z=2+t a) Find the starting distance between

    asked by Muhammad
  82. mth/208

    solve d=abc for a. a=d/bc

    asked by tina
  83. calculus

    Could somebody help my find the critical points for y=(x-3)(x+2)^(2/3). When I take the derivative of the function I get is x=-2,3. But when I put the original function in wolfram alpha there is minimum at x=0

    asked by Po
  84. Physics

    What is the ratio of the volumes for two black holes whose masses are 20 and 10 times the mass of the Sun, respectively? Assume the ’event horizon’ defines the edge of each black hole’s ’volume’

    asked by Rick
  85. Physics

    A child on a swing is traveling at 2 m/s as she passes through the lowest part of swing’s arc. What is the period of the motion?

    asked by Mona
  86. calculus

    if y is a function of x and x=e^t/(e^t+1) show that dy/dt=x(1-x)dy/dx help me plz

    asked by fui
  87. Calculus

    The number of people expected to have a disease in t years is given by y(t) = A.3^(t/a) (i) If now (year 2016) the number of people having the disease is 1000, find the value of A. (ii) How many people are expected to have the disease in five years? (iii)

    asked by Muhammad
  88. English

    1. Don't forget to bring some coins to throw into it for good luck. 2. Don't forget to bring some coins which you can throw into it for good luck. 3. Don't forget to bring some coins which you will throw into it for good luck. ----------------------- Can

    asked by rfvv
  89. chemistry

    Suppose 5 ∫ f(x)dx=6 ∫ 2 3 ∫ f(x)dx=1 ∫ 2 5 ∫ f(x)dx=4 ∫ 4 4 ∫ (6f(x)−1)dx= ? ∫ 3 help, please? I got the answer of 5, but it says its wrong

    asked by angie
  90. Math

    You receive a new poster for your birthday.The poster is 9 inches wide and you want to center it on your 30 inch wide door.How far from each edge will you need to place the poster?

    asked by Mya
  91. Health

    What is sex. This is an actual wuestion in my grade 7 Health Class

    asked by ????
  92. Louisiana History

    Do you know the issues that governor Unzaga faced? There is not really a answer choice nor is this a question from school, but I was thinking about this and well if you could just give me a site to look at to find out that would be great... -Thanks

    asked by Jennifer
  93. cca

    recipe has six cups of flour to 1 1/10 of milk if you have two cups of flour how much milk will you use

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Physics

    A hamster is pushed off a cliff by wind. Its mass is 0.040 kg and has a Potential Energy of 98 J. Find the kinetic energy...

    asked by Anonymous
  95. English

    She seemed to use electric devices. 1. Bring me an extension. 2. Bring me an electric cord. 3. Bring me an extension cord. (Which one is correct?)

    asked by rfvv
  96. Math

    In scientific notation, what is the product of 1.2 × 10^3 and 1.4 × 10^2? Express your answer to two significant figures. Can you also explain how to do this? Thanks!

    asked by Kaitlyn
  97. Math

    A number becomes 9 ones and 18 tenths when it is rounded off to 1 decimal place. What is the greatest possible value of original number?

    asked by MD MERAJ
  98. math

    how do i raise this to the power : (m n)^5

    asked by Reniey
  99. Finance

    How financial markets affect devaluation?

    asked by Afeni
  100. Accounting

    How can a flexible budget answer questions about what variances are saying?

    asked by Patte
  101. Physics Question

    Find the escape speed from (a) the Sun, (b) a white dwarf star with one solar mass (same as the Sun) and radius 10,000 km, (c) a neutron star of 2.0 solar masses and radius of 10.0 km, and finally (d) a star with 2 solar masses and radius 5930 m. Comment

    asked by Anon
  102. Physics

    A hamster is pushed off a cliff by wind. Its mass is 0.040 kg and has a Potential Energy of 98 J. Find the kinetic energy.

    asked by Bob
  103. Geometry

    Explain what a polygon is and how it is classified.

    asked by Dominique
  104. Physics

    if the area of cross section of a wire in a circuit is doubled its resistivity? (a)becomes one fourth,(b) becomes half (c) remains the same (d) doubles. Exlpain please?

    asked by Mumtaz
  105. MATH

    A total of $700 was split into two investments. Part paid 9% and the remainder paid 6%. If the annual interest from the two investments was $57.00, how much was invested at each rate?

    asked by Steph
  106. maths

    3x-2y=1 and 2x+y=-4

    asked by Gabriel
  107. English

    Provide quotations in the book with the scene number, about how Romeo is a serious person, and lacks sense of humor. Romeo and Juliet

    asked by B4
  108. Social studies

    What helped caravels sail against the wind?

    asked by Morgan
  109. math

    What should be the result when the speed 45m/sec converted into km/hr

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Science

    If 48 gram solute is present in 500 ml H2O2 solution,what will be its strength by volume and % w/v respectively?

    asked by Anonymous
  111. English

    * There is a four-story house on Dongdo. 1. Which story house is this? - It is a four-story house. 2. How many stories does this house have? - It has four stories. --------------------------------- Are the questions and answers correct? Would you correct

    asked by rfvv
  112. Maths

    There are Number cards ”3”、”4”、”5” with 10 cards each ,choose any 8 cards to sum up to 31,then what is the maximum number of cards “3” in the combination?

    asked by Shay
  113. maths

    of 3 numbers average of first and second number is greaterthan average of second and third number by 39 then what is difference between first and third number

    asked by meena