Questions Asked on
November 9, 2016

  1. Math

    1. Name one pair of congruent angles. (1 point) ∠PQR and ∠VST ∠PRQ and ∠SVT ∠RQP and ∠TVS ∠QPR and ∠STV 2. Name one pair of congruent sides. (1 point) Segments PR and SV Segments QR and ST Segments RP and TS Segments PQ and VS 3. Which

    asked by Embershy
  2. A comparison and contrast essay uses which of the

    1. A comparison-and-Contrast essay uses which of the following elements? (Select all that apply) A. two subjects that are similar and different B. an opinion to change the readers mind C. supporting factual details D. the relationship between cause and

    asked by Jason Sameous
  3. literature

    umm, i need possibly a little help. This question asks about your Independent Reading selection. You may use your reading selection to help you answer the question. What impact did your Independent Reading selection have on you as a reader? Would you

    asked by love help
  4. Physics

    A jet plane traveling 1890 km/h (525 m/s ) pulls out of a dive by moving in an arc of radius 5.20 km What is the plane's acceleration in g's?

    asked by Stuck
  5. LA JUmpstart

    Consider the main characters from "Stolen Day" and "The Night the Bed Fell." In a paragraph, discuss which character learns the most and which one learns the least. Use details from the selections to support your ideas. Use the reading selections to help

    asked by Agala
  6. physics

    a car with a mass of 1.50 x 10^3 kg starts from rest and acceleration to a speed of 18.0 m/s in 12.0 s. Assume that the force of resistance remains constant at 400.0 N during this time. What is the average power developed by the cars engine

    asked by sharon
  7. American Government

    1. How do parties typically ensure the good performance of their candidates? -They dictate how their candidate governs once he or she is in office. -They make sure their candidates are of good character and are qualified for public office. -They petition

    asked by Becky
  8. literature help please, i hate literature

    same problem, this question asks about your independent reading selection. compare and contrast your independent reading selection with one or two other selections you have read this unit. support your response with at least two pieces of evidence from

    asked by love help
  9. World History

    If someone could check these that'd be great ;o;

    asked by Lys
  10. Civics

    what does civic mindedness primarily encourage people to do? .to speak their minds about issues honesty .treat other citizens with respect .to pay attention to government affairs .to study the history of the US I don't know this is from connections Academy

    asked by dude

    How did the Indian Removal act go against Worcester v. Georgia ruling? A) it extended a military campaign against Native American people who had farm land B) it nullified all prievous treaties that protected the interests of Georgians against cherokees****

    asked by Batmen
  12. Math

    The sum of two numbers is 82. The difference is 16. What are the two numbers?

    asked by Lucas
  13. math

    Russ is putting his vacation photographs in an album that is 12 1/8 inches long and 10 1/4 inches wide. Should he trim the edges of the photographs to 12 inches long and 10 inches wide or to 12 1/2 inches long and 10 1/2 inches wide?

    asked by Jimmy
  14. physics

    A 400-gram package lying on a horizontal surface is attached to a horizontal string which passes over a smooth pulley. When a mass of 200 grams is attached to the other end of the string, the package is on the point of moving. Find the coefficient of

    asked by Rheabelle
  15. Math

    When a number is a multiple of 6. What are the possible values for the ones digit?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. L.A

    Restate the theme you selected in the previous question. Support that theme with two details from Anna's Secret Wish Anna's Secret Wish by Joan Lowery Nixon and Eileen Nixon McGowan Bright ribbons of color danced and swirled in Anna's mind. She imagined

    asked by Agala
  17. Math

    Test 62,004 for divisibility by 2, 3, 5, 9, or 10. Please help!!

    asked by Mary
  18. social studies

    What allowed settlers to establish a colony in Texas? How did the interaction between the settlers in Texas and the Mexican government develop and change over time? How do you think the perspectives of the Texas settlers and the Mexican government would

    asked by Adlyn
  19. Math

    Roberto wants to reduce a drawing that's is 12 inches long by 9 inches wide.if his new drawing is 8 inches long. How wide will it be

    asked by Robert
  20. Math

    How do you write 1,840 in scientific notation?

    asked by Mary
  21. MATH

    An inch on a map represents 200 miles. On the same map, a distance of 375 miles is represented by? A. 1 1/2 inches B. 1 7/8 inches C. 2 1/4 inches D. 2 3/4 inches Thank you for your help.

    asked by chris
  22. MATH

    Consider F and C below. F(x, y, z) = 2xz + y2 i + 2xy j + x2 + 15z2 k C: x = t2, y = t + 2, z = 3t − 1, 0 ≤ t ≤ 1 (a) Find a function f such that F = ∇f. f(x, y, z) = x2z+xy2+5z3+C Correct: Your answer is correct. (b) Use part (a) to evaluate C

    asked by Anon
  23. Math

    Write a polynomial of the lowest degree with real coefficients and with zeros 6-3i (multiplicity 1) and 0 ( multiplicity 5)

    asked by Kayla

    At noon, ship A is 130 km west of ship B. Ship A is sailing east at 30 km/h and ship B is sailing north at 20 km/h. How fast is the distance between the ships changing at 4:00 PM?

    asked by Gagan
  25. physics

    A 5kg box on a horizontal table is pushed by a horizontal force of 15N. If the coefficient of friction is 0.4, will the box move? what is the smallest force that could make the box slide along the table?

    asked by Rheabelle
  26. Math

    A postal service says that a rectangular package can have a maximum combined length and girth of 108 inches. The girth of a package is the distance around the perimeter of a face that does not include the length. a. Identify an inequality that represents

    asked by Madeline
  27. English

    If you suspect that readers are interested in your topic, you may choose a _______ method of organizing your essay.

    asked by Joann
  28. Ms. Sue Helpppp!!

    In this unit, you learned about different types of numbers that make up real numbers. Note the different types of numbers and provide two examples of each. Which of the number types is easiest for you to identify? Why? Can you plz Help Ms. Sue?

    asked by Harley Quinn!! Fan
  29. The Tangent Function

    Bobby is standing near a lighthouse. He measured the angle formed from where he stood to the top of the lighthouse and it was 30 degrees. Then he backed up 40 feet and measured the angle again and it was 25 degrees. Solve the height of the lighthouse.

    asked by Isis
  30. Math

    Consider F and C below. F(x, y, z) = (2xz + y2) i + 2xy j + (x2 + 15z2) k C: x = t2, y = t + 2, z = 3t − 1, 0 ≤ t ≤ 1 (a) Find a function f such that F = ∇f. f(x, y, z) = x2z+xy2+5z3+C Correct: Your answer is correct. (b) Use part (a) to evaluate C

    asked by Taylor
  31. Physics

    two charges of 40 microc and -20 micro c are placed at a certain distance apart. they are touched and kept at the same distance.the ratio of their initial to the final force between them is

    asked by Xyz
  32. math

    The graph shows the heights, y (in centimeters), of a plant after a certain number of weeks, x. Shania drew the line of best fit on the graph. A graph titled Plant Height shows Number of Weeks on x axis and Height of Plant in cm on y axis. The scales on

    asked by Samantha
  33. Math Check

    1. What is 2.28 x 10^-8 in standard form? a. 228,000,000 b. 22,800,000 c. 0.0000000228 d. 0.000000228 Either c or d... I forgot. 2. A player has 37 hits in 192 times at bat. Write the player's batting average as a decimal. Round to the nearest thousandth.

    asked by Prim
  34. Clinical chemistry

    Why do we use normal saline to dilute serum instead of distilled water ?

    asked by Azal akawi
  35. Math

    Susie has eight pieces of string. Each string measures 6.5 inches long. How many inches of string does Susie have altogether

    asked by Emily
  36. math

    Nine friends share 12 pounds pecans equally. how many pounds does each friend gets equally?

    asked by mandy
  37. Algebra

    Three fourths of a number increased by 4 is at most 19

    asked by Josh
  38. Math

    Susie has eight pieces of string. Three pieces are 7.8 inches long, and five pieces are 9.2 inches long. How many inches of strength does Susie have altogether?

    asked by Emily
  39. Chem1020

    Consider the following balanced equation. 2N2H4(g)+N2O4(g)→3N2(g)+4H2O(g) Complete the following table, showing the appropriate number of moles of reactants and products. If the number of moles of a reactant is provided, fill in the required amount of

    asked by Liselle

    Suppose that a household's monthly water bill (in dollars) is a linear function of the amount of water the household uses (in hundreds of cubic feet, HCF). When graphed, the function gives a line with a slope of 1.75. If the monthly bill fro 24 HCF is

    asked by Alison
  41. Physics

    A brave but inadequate rugby player is being pushed backward by an opposing player who was exerting a force of 800 Newtons on him. The mass of the losing player plus the equipment is 90 kilograms and he is accelerating at 1.2 meters per second backward.

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Math (please check my answer)

    The center of dilation is (0,0) and the scale factor is 7. If A(3,4), then which is the distance between A and A'. A. 5 B. 7 C. 30

    asked by Rena
  43. math 7th grade

    The length of a rectangle is 5 more than 3 times the width. Write and solve ad equation to find the width(w) if the length is 12.5cm 12.5= 5 + 3w w=2.5cm is this correct? thank you.

    asked by judy/check my work thank you
  44. English

    As a strategy for narrowing the topic for an essay on animal medicine, Felecia imagines interviewing a veterinarian. Which method of generating ideas is she using?

    asked by Joann
  45. Physics

    A bullet fired in a horizontal direction with muzzle velocity 300m/s. In the absence of air resistance, a) how far will it have dropped in travelling a distance of 20m. b) how far will it have dropped in one second

    asked by Mokut
  46. 9th grade algebra (completing square)

    Can you check the following? A1. (2x + 3)^2 = 25 sqrt(2x + 3)^2 = +-sqrt(25) 2x + 3 = +- 5 2x + 3 = 5, 2x + 3 = -5 2x = 2, 2x = -8 x = 1, x = -4 {-4, 1} A2. x^2 + 14x + 45 = 0 x^2 + 14x + __ = -45 + __ x^2 + 14x + 49 = -45 + 49 (x +7)^2 = 4 sqrt(x+7)^2 =

    asked by Alexis
  47. Math

    How many volleyball games would Rana have to schedule if there were 10 teams in the league and each team played each other twice?

    asked by Kevin
  48. Math

    the ratio of the base of an isoceles triangle to one of the legs if the base is 10cm long and the leg is 4 cm less than twice the length of the base

    asked by Aly
  49. English

    Using _______ to support your thesis enhances your credibility and demonstrates to readers that you've taken the time to investigate and become knowledgeable about the topic.

    asked by Joann
  50. Chem 1020

    calculate how many moles of the product form when 2.57 mol of Na completely reacts. Assume that there is more than enough of the other reactant. 2Na(s)+O2(g)→Na2O2(s)

    asked by Liselle
  51. Chemistry

    For the reaction, calculate how many grams of the product form when 3.0 g of Mg completely reacts. Assume that there is more than enough of the other reactant. 2Mg(s)+O2(g)→2MgO(s)

    asked by Liselle
  52. math

    7. A certain strain of bacteria doubles every 6 minutes. Assuming that you start with only one bacterium, how many bacteria could be present at the end of 84 minutes (round answer to the nearest bacteria)?

    asked by amy
  53. Programming

    Develop a Java application that will determine the gross pay for each of three employees. The company pays “straight line” for the first 40 hours worked by each employee and pays “time and a half” for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours. You are

    asked by jm
  54. Math algebra

    David Robertson works as a chemical engineer for U.S. peroxide Corporation. David has 2500 gallons of commercial-grade hydrogen peroxide solution that is 60% pure hydrogen peroxide. How much distilled water(which is 0% hydrogen peroxide) will David need to

    asked by Selena
  55. algebra 2

    The graph shows a probability distribution. Which probabilities are equal to 0.3? Select each correct answer. P(X≥3) **my choice P(5≤X≤8) P(X≤3) **my choice P(3≤X≤5) **my choice it has a graph but i don't know how to attach to here please help

    asked by sel
  56. Physics

    How much energy W needed to compress a spring from 15 cm to 10 cm if the constant of the spring is 150 N/m.

    asked by Rizza Mae
  57. Scientific Notation

    What is the solution to (3 x 10^2) x (5 x 10^5), written in scientific notation? a. 1.5 x 10^8 b. 15 x 10^8 c. 1.5 x 10^7 d. 15 x 10^7 ***?? Thank you for the one last time. I appreciate it. :)

    asked by Prim
  58. algebra

    At the start of an experiment, there are 100 bacteria. If the bacteria follow an exponential growth pattern with a growth rate of 2%, what will be the population after 5 hours (round to the nearest bacteria)?

    asked by amy
  59. Calculus

    In 1626, Peter Minuit traded trinkets worth $24 to a tribe of Native Americans for land on Manhattan Island. Assume that in 1990 the same land was worth $25.2 billion. If the sellers in this transaction had invested their $24 at 7% annual interest

    asked by Anna Kirakosyan
  60. Physics

    A 1500 kilogram car skids to a hold on a wet road where the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.5. How fast was the car traveling if it leaves 65 meter long skid marks?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Physics

    Hooke's law states that the distance, d, a string is stretched varies directly with the force, F, applied to the spring. If a force of 12 pounds stretches a spring 3 inches, how far will the spring stretch when a force of 30 pounds is applied?

    asked by Rizza Mae
  62. MATH

    I can't figure out some of them, and I need help! m - 7 < 6 1. m< -13 ** 2. m< 1 3. m< -1 4. m< 13 n - 8 > 5 1. n> 13** 2. n> 3 3. n> -3 4. n> -13 p + 5 < 10 1. p < -15** 2. p < 5 3. p < 15 4. p < -5 The science class is taking a trip to the science

    asked by HELPPPPPPPPPP
  63. PHYSIC


    asked by Anonymous
  64. physics!!!!

    There is a two member dog sled team pulling with all their strength in the middle of a snow storm. Dog A is pulling with a force of 178 N at 15𝑜 and Dog B is pulling with 225 N at −10𝑜 . The sled and gear weigh 980 N and has a

    asked by Jackie
  65. Physics

    A raft is made of 15 logs lashed together. Each is 30.0 cm in diameter and has a length of 7.00 m. How many people (whole number) can the raft hold before they start getting their feet wet, assuming the average person has a mass of 66.0 kg? Do not neglect

    asked by Kayla
  66. pre-algebra

    t takes 1 cup of liquid fertilizer to make 7 1/2 gallons of spray. how much liquid fertilizer is needed to make 80 gallons of spray? Plzzzzzzzz help me its really hard for me

    asked by Hattie
  67. chemistry

    What is the molar solubility of silver carbonate, Ag2CO3?

    asked by bb
  68. physics

    Blood flows in an aorta of radius 4.12mm at 35.0cm/s. Calculate the volume flow rate. Although the cross-sectional area of a capillary is much smaller than that of the aorta, there are many capillaries, so their total cross-sectional area is much larger.

    asked by taylor
  69. Math

    The ratio of weekend days to weekdays is 2 to 5. What fraction of the week consists of weekend days?

    asked by Mario
  70. English

    How to write a going to celebrate your birthday with a big theme party at home.write an invitation card for your friends inviting him /her to the party

    asked by K.Lokitha
  71. English

    Elliot has created a paragraph-by-paragraph outline that consists of a few key words or phrases this type of outline is known as a _______ outline.

    asked by Joann
  72. Algebra

    a child at the birthday party was given $5 to spend at the arcade on games and rides. Each game costs $.25 and each ride costs $.50. Write an inequality for the number of games and rides a child can enjoy for $5. What is the maximum number of games or

    asked by Skarrllett
  73. math

    Mr cruz finds that he can travel 12 km per liter of gasoline. After the tune up of his engine, he uses only 4/5 as much gasoline. how much farther in km can he now ride on one liter of gasoline?

    asked by iselle
  74. Physics

    A clock has a second hand which rubs against the inside of the glass cover. If the frictional force between the glass cover and the tip of the hand is 0.0020 N and the length of the hand is 8 cm, what minimum torque must be supplied to the hand by the

    asked by Anonymous

    Use Green's Theorem to evaluate C F · dr. (Check the orientation of the curve before applying the theorem.) F(x, y) = y2 cos x, x2 + 2y sin x C is the triangle from (0, 0) to (1, 3) to (1, 0) to (0, 0)

    asked by Taylor
  76. Math

    The track at Bronwyn's school is 1/4 mile around.If she can do 3 laps in 4 1/2 minutes,how fast is she running in miles per hour

    asked by Veany
  77. maths need help

    simplify without using calculator,table and surd sqrt(18)

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Math

    ben paid $900 for a sofa. The price of the sofa Juana purchased was 2/3 the price that Ben paid. How much did Juana pay for her sofa?

    asked by Anonymous
  79. maths

    If a loan was repaid by monthly payments of $9230.00 in 7.5 years at 6.15% compounded annually, how much interest was paid?

    asked by mannat
  80. Math

    Hector baked a cake for his moms birthday. It is in the shape of a rectangle 16 inches long and 12 inches wide. He plans to put a candle at each corner and spaced 4 inches apart along each side. How many candles will he need?

    asked by Shaye
  81. Math

    The square root of 1 less than twice a number is equal to 2 less than the number.Find the number.

    asked by Aria
  82. Physics

    Water at a pressure of 4.20 atm at street level flows into an office building at a speed of 0.65 m/s through a pipe 6.60 cm in diameter. The pipes taper down to 2.20 cm in diameter by the top floor, 28.0 m above. Calculate the water pressure in such a pipe

    asked by Trish
  83. math

    When the price of an article is reduced by 5/8 of its former value, the number of article sold is increased to 32/27 of the original amount. The present daily revenues is what fraction of the original?

    asked by iselle
  84. Chem 1020

    Please help me!!! For the reaction, calculate how many grams of the product form when 3.0 g of Cl2 completely reacts. Assume that there is more than enough of the other reactant. 2Na(s)+Cl2(g)→2NaCl(s)

    asked by Liselle
  85. math

    Carbon-14 has a half-life of 5730 years. How long will it take 17 grams of carbon-14 to be reduced to 10 grams? Round to the nearest integer.

    asked by mer
  86. Calculus

    Which of the following would be the best first step when solving the following system using the substitution method? x - y = -4 ; x + 2y = 5 a. x = -4 - y b. x = -4 + y c. 2y = 5 - x d. 2y = 5 + x

    asked by Iris
  87. Natural science

    Why are the coldest temperatures at the lowest 50 km height from the surface of the Earth, occur generally at tropical tropopause?

    asked by steve

    The length of a rectangle is 3yd less than twice the width, and the area of the rectangle is 65ydsquare. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.

    asked by Liv
  89. Finance

    I believe the correct answer is C. If someone could please double heck for me. Trina gave her nephew Roy 100 shares of HLM Corporation stock that she purchased 6 months ago for $10,000. At the time of the gift, the fair market value of the stock was

    asked by Anonymous
  90. math

    Calculate the compound interest on 7400 in 4years at 6percent p.a if the Interest is calculated every 3months

    asked by queen
  91. Math

    What is 179 divided by 8 in 4th grade term? Also I have to do it in long division so I need help with that to!! Thx bye

    asked by Anya
  92. Physics

    Blocks with masses of 1 kilogram, kilogram, and 3 kilogram are lined up in a row on a frictionless table. All three are pushed forward by a 12 Newton Force applied to the 1 kilogram block. Draw a free body diagram of all 3 blocks. How much force does the 2

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Geography

    There are two high tides and two low tides why

    asked by Trushali
  94. Science

    Four resistance each of 8 ohm are connected to a square. The resistance between any two diagonally opposite terminals will be ?

    asked by Vanie
  95. Math

    How do I write this as a equation? Two years if local internet cost $685, including the installation fee if $85. What is the monthly fee?

    asked by Amy
  96. Math

    Sam's cat can run 45 feet per second about how fast is that in miles per hour

    asked by Kennedy

    The length of a rectangle is 3yd less than twice the width, and the area of the rectangle is 65ydsquare. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.

    asked by Liv
  98. physics 101

    You drive your car at a speed 40km/h for 1 hour, then slow down to 30km/h for the next 20km. How far did you drive, and what was your average speed?

    asked by Nuri
  99. English

    I must write an essay based on the following question: compare the role of christy smith in helping Larry regain his memory in Somewhere in the night with the role of Margaret in helping Chris regain his memory in the return of the soldier. My thoughts are

    asked by Trisha
  100. math

    Point A (6, -2) is reflected over the x-axis. Write the coordinates of A.

    asked by stop removing my question, answer it.
  101. plz..chemistry help

    One mole of solid NH4Cl (s) isvheated in a closed box to decompose it partially according to the following reaction: NH4Cl (s) NH3 (g) +HCl (g) A) calculate Kp of the above system at the temperature of the experiment if the partial pressure of ammonia at

    asked by hannah
  102. Help?? Chemistry?

    If it takes 20.0 mL of 1.200 M KOH to neutralize 60.0 mL of a given H3PO4 solution, what is the molarity of this phosphoric acid solution? I've figured out that the neutralization of phosphoric acid by the addition of potassium hydroxide in aqueous

    asked by Anonymous
  103. chemistry

    One mole of solid NH4Cl (s) isvheated in a closed box to decompose it partially according to the following reaction: NH4Cl (s) NH3 (g) +HCl (g) A) calculate Kp of the above system at the temperature of the experiment if the partial pressure of ammonia at

    asked by hannah
  104. english

    Identify the subject, object, and verb in this sentence: Paralegals must have good ethics.

    asked by amanda
  105. history

    Were the European governments ( Britain and France) Justified in their decision to create mandates in the Middle East at the end of World War 1 ? I need as much details as possible!

    asked by Katie
  106. Physics

    A quarterback throws a spiral to a receiver that is 40m away. The football has a spin of 14 rev/s and went through 58 revolutions before being caught. if the ball is caught at the same height it was thrown at, at what velocity and at what angle should the

    asked by Jack
  107. Math

    For f(x) = 3x + 4 and g(x) = x - 1. Calculate (f o g)(x). For f(x) = 3x + 2 and g(x) = x². Calculate (f o g)(-2). Consider the function. f(x)= -2x+1. Find the inverse of f(x). Please help! How do I solve this?

    asked by KC
  108. PE

    Which is a safety consideration for weight training? A. Concentrate on strength when beginning a program. B. Go through the complete range of motion to increase flexibility. C. Smaller muscles should be exercised first. D. Warm-up is not important. Thanks!

    asked by Katie
  109. Physics

    Two parallel straight wires are 1 meter apart. Each wire carries a current of 2 Amperes in the same direction. What is the resultant magnetic field produced by both wires at a point: 2) 1/4 of the distance between them I don't really understand what 2 is

    asked by Jo
  110. Can someone Help w/Math

    Data released by the Department of Education regarding the rate (percentage) of ninth-grade students that don't graduate showed that out of 50 states, 16 states had an increase in the dropout rate during the past 2 years. 18 states had a dropout rate of at

    asked by Bobbie
  111. math

    Ana and john are salespeople at store.If they made 36 sales one day and john sold three less than twice Ana's sales total,how many did john sell?

    asked by o
  112. math

    lola is mowing lawns she mows 2/3 every 1/2 hour, how many lawns does she mow in 6 hours

    asked by ann
  113. Chemistry

    What mass of water is needed to completely react a 8.1 g packet of magnesium

    asked by Dina
  114. Finance

    When Steve and Roslyn retire together they wish to receive $40,000 additional income (in the equivalent of today’s dollars) at the beginning of each year. They assume inflation will be 4% and they expect to realize an after tax return of 8%. Based on

    asked by Anonymous
  115. algebra

    Laila was 1/4 as young as Kiran five years ago.If the sum or their ages is 110 ,how old is laila?

    asked by omaima
  116. Math

    What percent of each selling price is the. 10 cents tax collected by the federal government

    asked by Asmelash
  117. Chemistry

    1.000 grams of KHP consumed 43.3 mL of KOH solution. What is the molarity of the KOH solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Math

    Find each angle of a parallelogram if its two consecutive angles are in the ratio of 1 : 3.

    asked by Prashant
  119. math

    im thinking of a number. i add 12. i double it. I subtract 8. I halve the number. I get 12 . Whats my number?

    asked by lorenz origenes
  120. Math

    Write 3^2 x 3^-3 x 3^6 as a single exponent is A.) 3^4 B.) 3^5 *** C.) 3^11 D.) 27^5

    asked by Am I right?

    Did the MINANGKABAU interact with others as their culture developed ?

    asked by Jaden
  122. math

    Ana and john are salespeople at store.If they made 36 sales one day and john sold three less than twice Ana's sales total,how many did john sell?

    asked by o
  123. maths

    Suppose that you want to buy a house 5 years from now, and you estimate that an initial down payment of $30,000 will be required at that time. To accumulate the $30,000, you wish to make equal annual end of year deposits into an account paying annual

    asked by mannat
  124. Physics

    A tennis ball is thrown with a velocity of 30m/s at an angle of 60^ of the horizontal calculate the time,m/s,and the range

    asked by Samuel
  125. english

    what are the 8 paragraphs in the story: my bondage and my freedom by Fredrick douglass

    asked by lamisha
  126. Physical chemistry

    Find ΔG and ΔA for the freezing of 1.00 mol of H20 at 0°c and 1atm. At 0 ° C and 1 atm the density of ice and liquid water are 0.917 g / mL and 1 g / mL, respectively.

    asked by Jenna
  127. Composition of Functions

    1. Find (f·g)(x) where f(x) = 1/x²+3 and g(x) = √x-2. a) (f·g)(x) = 1/x-2 b) (f·g)(x) = 1/√x-2 +3 c) (f·g)(x) = √-2x²-5/x²+3 2. Find (g·f)(x) where f(x) = x²-2 and g(x) = 5x-8. a) (g·f)(x) = 5x²-18 b) (g·f)(x) = 5x²-4 c) (g·f)(x) =

    asked by STUDENT
  128. math

    How many kgs of concrete containing 14% cement must be mixed with 150kgs of concrete with 6% to create a mixture that is 11% cement?

    asked by omaima
  129. math

    A plane travels at a rate of 425 miles per hour. Write an expression to show the distance it travels, if t represents hours.

    asked by deborah
  130. Math comparing

    One box holds 16 crayons.Another box holes 24 crayons.Write a sentence using words that compares the crayons in two boxes.

    asked by Serena
  131. calculus

    Tom buys a rare stamp for $500. If the annual rate of inflation is 4%, how much should he ask when he sells it in 5 years in order to break even?

    asked by Anna Kirakosyan
  132. Math

    a committee of 5 has to be chosen from a group of 4 democrats and 5 republican staff how many different ways can the committee be selectedYou

    asked by Anonymous
  133. Math

    There are blue red and green buttons in a box. The ratio of blue to red buttons is 3:4. There are 12 more green buttons than blue buttons. 6 blue buttons and 1/3 of the green buttons were removed from the box. The number of buttons removed were replaced by

    asked by Hwee
  134. Math

    Write an equation to model: The temperature of hot water placed in the freezer is 80 'C and it decreases at a rate of 8' C per hour

    asked by Bob
  135. To: Writeacher or any other english helper

    I had posted a question earlier about my essay but have received no help? is there no one who can help me? If you haven't seen the movie or read the book then i understand but please help if you can, really appreciated:)

    asked by Trisha
  136. Algebra 2

    The sum of 3 numbers is 42 The sum of the first number and the third number +2 = the second number The third number multiplied by 2 is equal to the sum of the first and third number Can someone help me solve this? Questions like these make my brain hurt, I

    asked by Fading
  137. Algebra

    The following functions are defined for all real values of x. Find the range of the funcion. 1) y=m^2-4m-5 2) y=-9v^2-18v-55. Thank you for your help. (Please step by step.

    asked by HELPPPPP
  138. algebra connections

    8. The population of Grand City in 1990 was 5,250. Assume the population is increasing at 2.5% per year. What was the population in Grand City in 2010 (round answer to the nearest person)?

    asked by amy
  139. math

    6kgs of a dried fruit mixture which coat 300per kg and 1.5kgs of nuts costing $700 per kg are mixed together. What is the cost per kg of this mixture?

    asked by omaima
  140. calc

    Sketch the regions represented by the following integrals and evaluate them using geometric formulas. 4 integral 1: 2x+3dx 6 integral -2: lx-1l dx (absolute value of x-1

    asked by Leila
  141. science

    when two equal forces of f1 and f2 making an angle of 180 degree with each other the magnitude of their resultant is ................?

    asked by sahar
  142. English

    Welcome to Dokdo. We are dokdorang, the characters of Dokdo. --------------------------- 1. What is the character of Dokdo? It is Dokdorang. 2. What are the characters of Dokdo? - They are Dokdorang. 3. What are the characters of Dokdo? - They are

    asked by rfvv
  143. Math

    Key:8 | 3= 8.3 what does 7|2 mean in the same stem and leaf plot

    asked by K
  144. Physics

    A certain number of identical resistors are connected in series and their total resistance is measured. When the resistors are disconnected and re-connected in parallel, their total resistance drops to one-percent of the value measured when they were

    asked by Tim
  145. Math

    Write an equation to model: The temperature of hot water placed in the freezer is 80 'C and it decreases at a rate of 8' C per hour

    asked by Angela
  146. MATHS


    asked by SUPRIYA
  147. math

    One third of the boys and one half of the girls participate in a social work. If the number of participating students is 300 out of which 100 are boys,what is the total number of students?

    asked by omaima
  148. Science

    Why are the water molecule bonds at an angle and not straight like the CO2?

    asked by Alice Keign
  149. Math

    The track at Bronwyn's school is 1/4 mile around.If she can do 3 laps in 4 1/2 minutes,how fast is she running in miles per hour

    asked by Veany
  150. science

    a bullet is shot from a springfield rifle with a speed of 3,015 ft/s. assuming the bullet moved at a constant velocity, what is the time required for the bullet to strike a target 4,146 meters away

    asked by chris
  151. math

    Two sides of a triangle measure 3cm and 8 cm which of the following could be the perimetre of a triangle

    asked by owais
  152. computer science

    what are the advantages and disadvantages if bitmap graphics? I really need help ASAP

    asked by lassy
  153. Physics

    For the object in the preceding problem, what magnitude torque is necessary to give the object an angular acceleration of 1.5 rad/s^2 a) along the x-axis? b) along the y-axis? c) along the z-axis (perpendicular to the page, passing through the origin)?

    asked by Anonymous
  154. math

    For each of the following,write three more like fractions: 1/9,5/9,7/9,_,_,_

    asked by nganthoi
  155. Algebra- Word Problem

    Ms.Speedi has 40 pets, all birds and cats. One day she figured out that there was a total of 56 legs. How many of each animal does she have? I did the equation x+y=40, 4x+2y=56. I did everything correctly and got (-12,52) but you can't have -12 cats. Is

    asked by Hailey
  156. statistic

    Find the area inder the normal distribution between z=-1.85 and z=2.35?

    asked by glydel cerna
  157. algebra 1

    the length of a rectangle is equal to double the width find the length ll and the width w of the rectangle if the perimeter is 76cm

    asked by Anonymous
  158. Math

    Suppose a tunnel is 44 feet wide and 22 feet high is in the shape of a parabola. A) Determinate an equation, f(x), of a parabola to represent this situation and B) provide a graph to support your work. Suppose lanes pass trought the tunnel that are each 12

    asked by Alex
  159. Maths

    An athlete takes 2 minutes and 15 seconds to jog around a 400m running track. At this speed, how long will it take them to run 12km

    asked by john
  160. Math

    Write the expression using an exponent. 4^2 - (2 • 2^4) a -16 b 30 c -240 d 224 (-3)^3 a 0 b -9 c -27 d 27 37 • 5^2 - 9 • 4^2 a 9,472 b 781 c 256 d 2,816

    asked by Mary
  161. maths

    6 pieces of wire each measure 9cm find the total length of the pieces in mm

    asked by Anonymous
  162. Calculus AB

    I'm not sure how to go about this problem: Find the equation of the line tangent to the curve x^2 + 2xy + y^3 = 4 at y=1 in the 1st quadrant.

    asked by Annie
  163. Math

    Write an inequality to represent the sentence. 1.A number y is no more than −8. 2.A number tt multiplied by −4 is at least −25.

    asked by Madeline
  164. Calculus

    Given 4∫8 (4 on top, 8 on bottom) f(x)dx= 12 and 4∫8 g(x)dx= 5. Evaluate the following: 4∫8 [2f(x)-3g(x)]dx Would I just put 12 in for f(c) and 5 in for g(x) then solve?

    asked by Leila
  165. Maths

    A length of timber is to be cut into 7 pieces using a hand saw. How many cuts will need to be made

    asked by sam
  166. Pre Calc

    Sima wishes to accumulate $60000 in five years. She invests twice that amount in a fun that earns 7.2%, compounded quarterly. How much does she invest in each fund.

    asked by Keith
  167. Science

    A 75kg guy base jumped from a cliff in Norway. A 100N air resistance force acted on him. What was his downward net force before pulling the parachute?

    asked by Anoymous
  168. math

    The length of the rectangle is 12 ft. What is the perimeter if the width is 42 inches?

    asked by jeremiah s. gainsan
  169. Science

    Explain where the sun and planets are located in relation to one another.

    asked by Anonymous
  170. Advance Quantitative Reasoning

    Given b=10, angle B=48 degrees, angle C=58 degrees, find c Do I use the law of sine or cosine?

    asked by A. J.
  171. English

    In the sentence

    asked by Jaden
  172. math

    how many ways are there to distribute a)6 indistinguishable marbles into 6 distinguishable bowls b)12 distinguishable marbles into 6 distinguishable bowls c)12 distinguishable marbles into 6 disinguishable bowls so that two marbels are placed in each bowl

    asked by mercy
  173. Math

    x^2 = 64 x=?

    asked by Connexus
  174. Chemistry

    Given 1 cc of Zinc and 1 cc of Cr What is the mass difference?

    asked by John
  175. Chemistry II

    Calculate the volume of oxygen at 10 degrees Celsius and 1.6 atm pressure that can be produced by decomposing 128g of hydrogen peroxide

    asked by Darneth
  176. Algebra 2

    The sum of a few numbers if 30, the first number is 2 less than the second, and the third is 4 less than the first. What are the order of numbers and what are the numbers? This is a post by one of my classmates that I'm supposed to solve. I'm probably

    asked by Fading
  177. *** MATH, PLEASE HELP!

    Solve 5x^-5/x^-4x+3. THANK YOU!

    asked by Liv
  178. math

    The number of days, d, it takes for a construction crew to repave a certain road varies inversely as the number of workers, w, that work on the project. So my equation is d = k/w If w = 16, how do I find d? d = k/16 Also, why is Y = 2x^2 + 3√x not a

    asked by Carly
  179. Science - Electrochemistry

    In an experiment 0.0500 M AgNO3 was used to titrate 20 mL of 0.12 M NaCl solution. When silver electrode is used together with the pH electrode to measure potential at each point during the titration, the potential measured at equivalence point is 0.055 V.

    asked by Sarah Lee
  180. Maths

    The two 4's in the number 420.41 have different values. What is the difference in their values?

    asked by jay
  181. Maths

    Write down a number whose value lies between 5.14 and 5.15

    asked by Johal
  182. Rate of Change -Math

    Emily works at a fitness centre and receives a base pay of $20 per day, plus a bonus of $5 for each trial pass she gives away. Define your variables.

    asked by Angela
  183. english

    'Agape is the highest form of love' Give two arguments with counter arguments to show you have considered more that one point of view. I need help ASAP

    asked by lucy
  184. Chemistry

    Calculate the new molarity of a 20.0 mL sample of 0.550 M CaCl2 solution that is diluted with water to make 250 mL of solution.

    asked by Anonymous
  185. History

    Where are the econimic centers in the northeast

    asked by Raeanna
  186. math

    Square root of 144+6'2

    asked by collin
  187. English

    1. Can people send letters to the people on Dongdo? Yes, they do. There is a postbox on Dongdo. 2. When was Dokdo first recorded as part of Korea? It was first recorded as part of Korea in the 500s. 3. What is the temperature on Dokdo? It is around 12 C.

    asked by rfvv
  188. math

    please help me with this question. I just can't figure it out. A cylindrical jar of radius 6cm contains water. How many iron solid spheres each of radius 1.5cm are required to immerse into the jar to raise the level of water by 2cm?

    asked by A GOODSTUDENT
  189. english

    what are the layers of analysis for 'if i'll why hath it given me earnest of success?' from act 1 scene 3 MACBETH SHAKESPEARE. thank-you.

    asked by lucy
  190. math

    on a sunny day, the sun ray meet the ground at an angle of 35 degrees. a pole casts a shadow 21.3m in length. how tall is the pole.

    asked by lindajanes
  191. maths help

    root(18) simplify without using calculator&surd&table thanks step

    asked by Anonymous
  192. Math hard

    4xy=45-544*50 what's the answer

    asked by Essence Forbes
  193. Calculus

    find the angle between u=7i+2j and v=-4j

    asked by Sade
  194. Math

    I have a ribbon 5/7 of a foot. I want to cut it in 5/12 pieces. How many pieces can I cut 5/7 divided by 5/12= 5/7 x5/12= 15/7 pieces

    asked by Kaylie
  195. Math

    The temperature at 8:00 a.m. was 46°F. By 1:00 p.m. it was 18° warmer. Which equation would help you figure out what temperature it was at 1:00 p.m.?

    asked by Karen
  196. math

    11 per hour 39 hours worked 6 hours at time an half

    asked by angela
  197. Math

    Tim has 5 times as many stamps as rylis.. They have 1038 stamps in all.. How many more stamps does Tim have than rylis?

    asked by Anonymous
  198. math

    In a school 1/6th of the girls and 1/7th of the boys took part in a camp.what fraction of the total number of students took part in the camp?

    asked by omaima
  199. 8thgrademath

    use a grid and lengths of line segements to give a geometric aregument

    asked by Dixie
  200. ** Math - PLEASE help!!

    Find all real zeros of the function: f(x)=-2x(x^-16)(x-3) I appreciate all help. Thank you.

    asked by Alison
  201. math

    One side of a square is 2x + 5 centimeters long. The area of the square is ax^2 + bx + c square centimeters. What is the value of a + b + c? I litteraly dont undestand this problem at all please help me and guide me throught it.

    asked by garry
  202. algebra

    Find the slope of the line that passes through (-2,-3) and (1,1) 1/3 1 2***** 4/3 For the equation -4y=8x what is the constant variation? -4 -2**** 1 2 Please check my answers

    asked by Lost
  203. Science

    An object of mass 50 kg moves with a speed of 10m/s. Calculate the kinetic energy of the object?

    asked by ChaynikA
  204. Math

    Plz help me what dose underestimate mean ps in 5th grade

    asked by Essence Forbes
  205. Marh

    What is 3 pints to 15 pints?

    asked by Chris
  206. Trig

    find the angle between u=7i+2j and v=-4j

    asked by Iris
  207. maths

    1/2 root+3 root-1

    asked by Anonymous
  208. Maths

    What is 1 3/9 - 2/3 ?

    asked by Girl anomalous