Questions Asked on
November 7, 2016

  1. Arithmetic

    a boy sold $88.50 worth of stationery. If he received a 33 1/3% commission, what was the amount of his commission?

    asked by chris
  2. Chemistry

    Please Help me!! NaCl(aq)+Hg2(C2H3O2)2(aq)→ Express your answer as a chemical equation. Enter noreaction if no precipitate is formed

    asked by Liselle
  3. pre-calc.

    (ln(100))/ln(10) = I know the answer is 2 so can you explain why. Thank you :)

    asked by cool
  4. maths

    a book contains 312 pages 1/6th pages of book has pictures. how many pages have pictures in book?

    asked by sanskar
  5. maths

    Bacl2.2H2O+KCl what the reaction?

    asked by dushan
  6. math

    what is the value of the digit 6 in 0.26?

    asked by cutter clay
  7. DYnamics

    Thank you Advance...;; Q: A body of mass 10 kg is moving over a smooth surface, whose equation of motion is given by the relation. s = 5t + 2t² where (s) is in metres and (t) in seconds. Find the magnitude of force responsible for the motion. Thank you

    asked by abodd
  8. American Government

    How do executive agreements differ from treaties? a. the senate ratifies treaties that were executive agreements from the previous administration b. a treaty requires approval by the senate an executive agreement does not*** c. executive agreements are

    asked by Alice Keign
  9. algebra 2

    Let f(x)=5x^3-2x and g(x)=3x^3.Preform the operation given and state the domain. A. F(x)+ g(x) B. F(x) - g(x) C. F(x) • g(x) D. F(x) / g(x) E. f(g(x)) F. g (f(x)

    asked by Sierra
  10. Math

    Three birds have a combined age if 76 years old. One bird is 10 years old. The second is twice as old as the third bird. How old are they?

    asked by Amy
  11. English

    roxie 1. Choose the answer that best matches the word in italics. Use context clues to determine the meaning of the word, if necessary. The decorations were reminiscent of autumn leaves. (1 point) leftovers made reminders symbolic 2. Choose the answer that

    asked by PLEASE HELP
  12. Chemistry

    Calculate enthalpy of reaction C2H4 + H2 gives C2H6.enthalpy of combustion of ethene, H2,and ethane are -1410,-286,-15.60kj/mol respectively

    asked by Shaika
  13. Math

    What is 62 percent in a whole number

    asked by Gnapika
  14. math

    Kendra bought a gallon of milk and 5/6 of a pound of oranges. If the gallon of milk cost $3.60 and she spent a total of $4.35, which equation can be used to determine x, the cost of a pound of oranges?

    asked by adrian c
  15. Algebra

    Find an equation of an ellipse satisfying the given conditions: ​Foci: ​(−2​,0) and (2​,​0) Length of major​ axis: 8 Thank you

    asked by Les
  16. History

    The United States wanted overseas territories because the territories had a. access to ports b. access to raw materials c. connections with european nations d. better employment opportunities im not sure if it's b, c, or d

    asked by Abxx
  17. chemistry

    P4 + 6 Br2 -> 4PBr3 In a particular reaction, 20 grams of phosphorus P4, is combined with 50mL liquid bromine ( Density= 2.93 g/ml) 1) Calculate the mass of product in grams for each of the reactants 2) Limiting reagant and Mass Maximum mass of PBr3 so for

    asked by jake
  18. Calculus

    I apologize if this question is too much to ask on this site, but I am really confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The famous formula shown below is called Euler’s formula, after the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler (1707-1783). e^(a + bi)

    asked by Sade
  19. American Government

    "In politics, a political party acts as a 'bonding agent' to ensure the good performance of it's candidates and elected officeholders." USE THE QUOTATION TO ANSWER THE QUESTION 1. How do parties typically ensure the good performance of their candidates? A.

    asked by Alice Keign
  20. maths

    A class of 50 students has to perform exercises in groups of 2 OR 3 students. The numberof groups with 2 students is the same as the number of groups with 3 students. a) How many groups of 2 students and 3 students can be formed? b) Each group must use 2

    asked by indira
  21. Physics

    A car uniformly accelerates from 0 to 27.0 m/s. A 68.0-kg passenger experiences a horizontal force of 390.0 N. 1)How much time does it take for the car to reach 27.0 m/s? (Express your answer to three significant figures.) My teacher didn't explain how we

    asked by Casey
  22. time speed and distance

    Town P and Q are 265 km apart. Car A started from P at 60 km/hr at 8.00 am towards Q. Car B started from Q at 40 km/hr at 10.00 am. B stopped for half an hour. A stopped for 28 minutes at town S which is at a distance of 210 km from P. Find the time at

    asked by hiren
  23. math

    Carlita saw 5 times as many robins as cardinals while bird watching. She saw a total of 24 birds. How many more robins did she see than cardinals

    asked by Sophia
  24. stats

    If a student answers 40 multiple choice questions, each with four possible answers, by guessing randomly, the probability that she answers at least 15 correctly

    asked by Brian
  25. Health

    proteins are made up of substances are called Amino Acids right ?

    asked by Sid.V
  26. Math

    Of all the animals at the shelter 5/8 are cats. 2/3 of them are kittens what fraction of the animals at the shelter are kittens?

    asked by Leslie
  27. pre algebra

    2.5x10^-5 equals what?

    asked by justin
  28. Physics

    Three liters of nitrogen combine with 9 L of hydrogen to form 6 L of ammonia. If the molecules of nitrogen and hydrogen have two atoms each, how many atoms of hydrogen and nitrogen are there in one molecule of ammonia? ____ atoms of hydrogen ____ atoms of

    asked by Katelyn
  29. Financial Math

    You purchase a computer for $875.00 plus 5% sales tax. You decide to finance it through the store's 0% program for 12 months. The terms state you pay nothing until the 12 months are over. When you receive the bill, you forget to pay it and are assessed a

    asked by Naphratite
  30. American Government

    " the shadow of the Old State Capitol, where Lincoln once called on a divided house to stand together, where common hopes and common dreams still live, I stand before you today to announce my candidacy for President of the United States. I recognize

    asked by Alice Keign
  31. American Government

    Who counts the Electoral College vote? House of Representatives*** Senate state legislatures Supreme Court

    asked by Alice Keign
  32. Math

    Write an expression for the calculation 3 added to 6 times 4 plus 3

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Spanish Linguistics

    Explique la ambigüedad y dibuje los diagramas correspondientes a cada posible interpretación de cada oración. 1.Juan trajo un mapa de Italia. 2.Un hombre alto golpeo a una mujer con un bolso.

    asked by Alice
  34. American Government

    1) Which of the following would be most likely to occur if there were no nominating step in American electoral politics? A) Many people would run and the best, most qualified candidate would win. B) Many people would run and the winner would be elected

    asked by Juliet
  35. history

    What was the significance of the Supreme Court's ruling in the Marbury vs. Madison case? The ruling determined that Congress could act against the president if it wished. The ruling determined that the Supreme Court was more powerful than the president.***

    asked by Alicia
  36. science

    Kirti kept a metal spoon in a glass jar filled with pickle for a few days. She observed there were holes in the spoon. What could be the reason?

    asked by Manavi
  37. statistics

    A factory's worker productivity is normally distributed. One worker produces an average of 72 units per day with a standard deviation of 23. Another worker produces at an average rate of 68 units per day with a standard deviation of 23. A. What is the

    asked by Tima
  38. English

    In "The Destructors," Greene uses a lot of _____ in the boy's language to enrich their characterization. a. slang*** b. sophisticated language c. slant rhyme d. imagery

    asked by Alice Keign
  39. math

    order these from least to greatest,5/9,2/7,1/8

    asked by sahar
  40. calculus

    Ola, I'm not understanding this question, any assistance? Thank you very much. Find the distance of the line y = 2x + 6 from the circle x^2 + y^2 = 0.5 Find the point of the line that is closest to the circle. [Hint: a point on the line is closest to the

    asked by Kevin Land
  41. chemistry-buffer

    if you added 4ml NaOH 1M to your 100ml 0.1M buffer, would it still be a usable buffer according to our convention? Explain why or why not(math would be good at here)

    asked by yy
  42. Chemistry

    Can you check my answers? Thanks!!!! What would happen to the volume-to-temperature ratio if: 1. One student failed to replenish the boiling water in the boiling-water bath as the flask was being heated. At the end of the 6 min of heating, the boiling

    asked by Steve
  43. Chemistry

    80.0 ml of 1.50 M lead (IV) acetate is added to a 65.5 ml solution of 1.25 potassium chloride. 5.84 grams precipitate are collected. what is the percent yield? Calculate the concentrations of all ions remaining in solution. Okay so I know you have to

    asked by Kenzie
  44. english

    He is a medium-height man.Is it correct ?

    asked by June
  45. chem

    If you want to increase the pH of the stomach from 1 to 2 using an antacid tablet, how many grams of CaCO3 will be required to change the pH value? Assume the acid is HCl and you have a 1L stomach value

    asked by ashley
  46. American Government

    What official becomes president if the president and vice president died at the same time? A. Chief Justice. B. President pro tempore of the Senate. C. Secretary of State. D. Speaker of the House of Representatives.***

    asked by Alice Keign
  47. SS

    which of the following statements true about king gelawdewos capital?? It was built in the 1700s It was a palace decorated with gold and preicous stones** It was where a prestigous school was built It was home to many cattle herders.

    asked by URGENT
  48. Science

    1. What type of reproduction results in offspring being identical to the parent? A)sexual reproduction B)genetic engineering C) unicellular D)asexual reproduction 2. Which of the following is an example of sexual reproduction? A)a lizard growing a new tail

    asked by Hayden
  49. American Government

    Which president broke the two ­term tradition by running for a third term in 1940? Dwight Eisenhower Herbert Hoover Franklin Roosevelt*** Harry Truman

    asked by Alice Keign
  50. American Government

    Which is a constitutional qualification to be president? college educated experience in another political field military experience natural-born citizen of the United States***

    asked by Alice Keign
  51. American Government

    What best describes a faithless elector? an elector who cheated to become an elector an elector who fails to vote an elector who votes for a non­Christian an elector who does not vote for the person who won the state's popular vote***

    asked by Alice Keign
  52. American Government

    What is the only official role of the vice president? lead the national committee on the president’s party organize presidential commissions preside over the Senate*** vote in case of a tie in the Supreme Court

    asked by Alice Keign
  53. American Government

    What kind of primary does the following scenario describe? A candidate competes in a state’s presidential primary and wins 26 percent of the popular vote. Twenty­six percent of the state’s delegates are officially pledged to vote for that candidate at

    asked by Alice Keign
  54. Weird question science

    which of these body systems performs the function of getting rid of chemical waste? a. immune b.nervous c.skeletal d.uninary d?

    asked by softball lover
  55. Math

    Mr. Thompson cut the grass on the golf course in 1.683 minutes. How many hours did it take to cut the grass? Write the answer as a mixed number.

    asked by Anonymous
  56. American Government

    Which of the following is a function of the executive branch? a. writing legislation b. administering the law*** c. challenging legislation in court d. repealing the law

    asked by Alice Keign
  57. Science

    Every year, Eli and his family visit the Great Sand Dunes desert in Colorado. Eli notices that more sand dunes with varied shapes and sizes appear each year. Explain what causes this phenomenon. Plz answer thoroughly and detailed and DO NOT use Wikki.

    asked by Agala
  58. American Government

    Which of the following reasons best explains why congress enacted the war powers resolution in 1973? a. to grant the president unrestricted authority to send troops abroad b. to allow the president unlimited war powers c. funding for the military d. to

    asked by Alice Keign
  59. Social Studies

    Identify central issues explain why the pilgrims government came about and why it's existence was important

    asked by HilaryTrumption
  60. American Government

    How are the presidents executive powers of clemency an example of checks and balances? a. clemency can overturn federal court decisions*** b. clemency can employ congress to stop the federal courts c. clemency can influence the way the federal courts will

    asked by Alice Keign
  61. math

    If the area of rectangle is 24 sqm and its perimeter 20 m.Fram the quadratic equation find lenght and breath.

    asked by poonam
  62. SOCIAL studies

    What was the significance of the battle of Antietam A) it was the first battle of the civil war B) it was a confederate victory and secured great britains aid for the south C) it was the bloodiest day in American history D) it liberated Maryland from

    asked by PRetty little liars
  63. maths

    3/10 add 2/5

    asked by Anonymous
  64. math

    Luis rides his bicycle 3:4 of a mike in 5 minutes,or 1:12 hour,along the bike trail.Assuming he rides at a constant rate,what is his speed,in miles per hour?

    asked by keith
  65. chemistry

    A 9.35 gram of ring with it's volume of 0.654 cm3 is an alloy of gold and with density of gold and silver respectively 19.3 g/cm3 and 10.5 g/cm3 assume there is no change in volume when pure metals are mixed. The volume of gold is?

    asked by sami
  66. english

    to his excellency, general Washington by phillis wheatley: do you think that Columbia and general Washington are worthy subjects of the poets praise? explain

    asked by lamisha
  67. Physics

    a 294 kg crate is released from rest and hits the ground 1.18 m below after 4.10 s. What is the mass of the crate to the left of the pulley? Assume the rope and pulley are massless.

    asked by HELP ME!!!!!!
  68. Pre-Algebra

    If y varies directly with x and y = 3 when x = 12, then what is the value of y when x = 40? 4 160 10 480

    asked by Britney
  69. Spanish

    Could you please help proofread my paragraph for grammar and explain any issues thanks. An elementary bilingual teacher asks you to come to her class to talk to her students about how you used to celebrate the holidays with your family. First you want your

    asked by Heather
  70. Physics

    The distance between two telephone poles is 50.0 m. When a 0.500-kg bird lands on the telephone wire midway between the poles, the wire sags 0.14 m. Ignore the weight of the wire. 1)How much tension does the bird produce in the wire? (Express your answer

    asked by Buttermilk Biscuit Jr.
  71. math

    Find the value of x for which thr middle term in the expansion of ( 1 + x ) ^ 20 in ascending powers of x is the geometric mean of the 9th and the 12th terms.

    asked by prisca
  72. Math

    6 + (5 + x) simplify the expression. Explain each step. How do I do this?

    asked by Kim
  73. chemistry

    A 9.35 gram of ring with it's volume of 0.654 cm3 is an alloy of gold and with density of gold and silver respectively 19.3 g/cm3 and 10.5 g/cm3 assume there is no change in volume when pure metals are mixed. calculate volume of gold?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. NET

    if your score is an exam in 80 with a mean of 60 what would be the standarised score of the exam if the standard deviation is 15

    asked by Arif Ali
  75. Math

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 42 feet the length is 5 feet longer than the width what are the dimensions

    asked by Cindy cook
  76. geography

    Some have none but some have more than a hundred

    asked by kim
  77. MATH ..can you guys help??? also ASAP :p

    write a translation rule that maps point d(7 -3) into point d(2 5)

    asked by coolguy123
  78. Maths

    If tringle MSQ is coungrent of triangle uvw , then state all the air of corresponding congruent angle and congruent sides

    asked by Mashnaf
  79. Language arts

    What is the simple subject of this sentence. The young woman waited in line at the library.

    asked by Taniya Mills
  80. arithmetic

    on a certain day, the temperature range from -2f to 10f. what is the difference between the high and low temperatures for that day?

    asked by chris
  81. math


    asked by Tam
  82. business math

    Mike Drago took out a loan for $3,800 at the Gold Coast Bank for 280 days. If the bank uses the ordinary interest method, what rate of interest was charged if the amount of interest was $278? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent.

    asked by wanda
  83. Calculas

    A company wants to build a cylindrical container with a semi-sphere lid. For a fixed volume V , the company wants to use a minimal amount of material for container and lid combined. Which radius r and height h of the container minimize the surface area for

    asked by Kevin Land
  84. Math


    asked by Kim
  85. math last question asap ples :P

    Which of the images above represents a proof of the Pthagorean Theorem? Explain your choice, and them explain how the figure proves the Phythagoream Theorem. Figure A The hypotenuse of the right triangle is 64 units^2 One leg is 36 units^2 The bottom leg

    asked by coolguy123
  86. Math

    Joseph deposited a certain amount of money.He earned one over nine of its principal at the number of years equal to the rate provided.Find the interest rate provided.**i need your help guys+++

    asked by kelvin
  87. Economics

    When might the consumption possibilities frontier with trade not be outside the consumption possibilities frontier under autarky? Why?

    asked by Emanuel Andrew
  88. Math

    How do i write a equation of 8x+x^2-2y=64-y^2 ?

    asked by Corey
  89. science

    What happens to kinetic energy of a snowball as it rolls across the lawn and gains mass

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Geometry

    In triangle UVW state the side opposite to angle U and angle V ?

    asked by Mashnaf
  91. History

    10. After Saladin recaptured Jerusalem in 1187, what allowed the Christian Crusader kingdom to remain until 1291? A. Muslims toooowee divided to fully conquer it B. Knights templar from Jerusalem were able to protect the C. Italian and Syrian muslims

    asked by Shala

    An object of mass 1.00kg is moving over a horizontal circular path of radius 2.00m, with a speed of 3.00ms^-1. Determine: (a) its centripetal acceleration (b) its kinetic energy (c) its period (d) its angular velocity a: 3.00^2/2.00 = 4.5 ms^-1 b: 0.5 ×

    asked by Stevie
  93. maths

    a shape ABCDE is made up of an isosceles triangle and a rectangle. The perimeter of ABCDE is 46cm. What is the length of AB?

    asked by joshua
  94. Music

    You will compose a short piece of music using what you have learned in Units 1 and 2. Use the following guidelines for your composition: Your composition should be at least eight measures in length. Your composition should have a key signature. Your

    asked by Anonymous
  95. Math

    find f(-3) for f(x)= 3x-x^2 f(-3)=0 f(-3)=18 f(-3)=-18

    asked by Dee
  96. Physics

    Calculate the velocity of an object moving around a 32m circle in a period of 11s. Calculate the acceleration.

    asked by Student
  97. Science

    A metal from group 1 and a nonmetal from group 17 are? A. Not likely to bond. B. Likely to form a covalent bond. C. Likely to form an ionic bond.*** D. Likely to form a metalloid. Is this correct?

    asked by Sam
  98. Physics

    A mass-spring system undergoes simple harmonic motion with amplitude A.Does the total energy of the system change if the mass doubled but the amplitude is unchanged? Does the kinetic and potential energies depends on the mass? Explain.

    asked by Anyam
  99. calculus

    Hello there, assistance would be terrific, thank you very much. Consider the function f(x)= x^3 + 2x^2 + bx. a) The equation of the tangent line to the graph of this function at x = 1 is given by y = ? b) The tangent line intersects the x-axis at x = ? c)

    asked by Kevin Land
  100. object oriented programming

    Write a program to compute discount percentage given the marked price and selling price. the user inputs marked and selling price using keyboard

    asked by Linus
  101. science

    acrostic about motion

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Chem

    Which particle is larger in radius? As-3 or As

    asked by Anonymous
  103. object oriented programming

    write a program to capture personal details: names, address, telephone, age, city then display them. use both "readline: and "ShowInputdialog" function

    asked by Linus
  104. quantitative methods

    A six faced is so constructed that the probability of getting an even number is twice the probability of getting an odd number. Find the probabilities that out of 5 trials (1)all the five will give even numbers (3)2 or 3 trails will give even numbers

    asked by deepak
  105. math

    Sara has some fish, 2 birds, and 5 hamsters. She has 6 fewer hamsters than fish. How many fish does she have?

    asked by Anonymous
  106. Algebra

    A store had a sale with 20% off on all items. How much would you pay for a picture. which had a regular price is 580?

    asked by Marry
  107. calculus

    Consider the function f(x) = e^sin(cos(x)) on the interval [0, 4π] a) The critical points of f are at__________? [Hint: The range of the function cos(x) is [−1, 1]. What is the range of the function cos(cos(x))?] b) Local maxima are at ________? Local

    asked by Kevin Land
  108. chemistry

    Calculate the volume of HNO3 that must be introduced in the calorimeter,knowing that it were used 60 ml NaOH, Cc=100cal/grd and delta H=-13,5 kcal/mol.. please help me,i have no clue for this..

    asked by Alberto
  109. Vectors

    A fishing boat leaves port at 8 miles per hour at a bearing of 220∘ for 5 hours, then turns to a bearing of 270∘ at 11 miles per hour for 4 hours, and finally changes to a bearing of 300∘ at 9 miles per hour for 4 hours. At this point, the boat heads

    asked by Amber
  110. Math

    Which of the following sets of ordered pairs represents a function? {(5,2),(2,6),(5,10),(1,2)} {(-3,2),(2,6),(5,2),(1,7)} {(-3,2,(2,6),(3,10),(1,7)} {(-3,2),(2,6),(5,10),(2,-1)} ^dont get this one.. Which expression is equal to (f+g)(x)?

    asked by Dee
  111. Algebra

    Austin checks the temperature at 10:00 p.m. He notices if the temperature falls by 5 more degrees, it will break the record-low temperature for that date, which is 26 degrees. If t= the temperature in degrees at 10:00 p.m., which mathematical sentence

    asked by Tyreona Jones
  112. maths

    the length of the rectangular field is thrice of its width if the perimeter of this field is 1.6 kilometres find its area in metre square

    asked by veena madhuri
  113. Math


    asked by Colbey
  114. Physics

    I don't know how to solve this problem. In it, I am given the mass (4 kg), acceleration (0), velocity (20 m/s), coefficient of friction (.2), and the applied force (10 N downwards with an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal). I must find the

    asked by Corinne
  115. Unit 4 Lesson 5: Cool Crafts Portfolio

    Choose a room you'd like to decorate: *I chose my bedroom* Measure the length of one wall in inches: 72in. 2. Choose a size of paper to use. *I recommend the standard 8.5in by 11in paper* Then fold it diagonally and cut it to make a square. *Once you cut

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Calculas-Differentiation

    The gradient of the tangent to a curve y=ax^2+bx at the point (2,8)is the parallel to x-axis. Find the values of a and b.

    asked by Lam
  117. maths help steve&reiny

    x^2+y^2=97 sqrt(x)-sqrt(y)=1 step

    asked by Anonymous
  118. algebra

    the description of a tv is based on diagonal length. if the height of the tv is 10 inches and the width is 7 inches, what is the approximate diagonal length in this case? a.17 b.12 c.9 d.7

    asked by pls help
  119. Physics

    Determine the radius R of an object undergoing circular motion at a velocity of 54 m/s with an acceleration of 90 m/s^2

    asked by Student
  120. English

    1. She doesn't resemble anyone in her family. ------------------------------ Does 'in her family' modify 'anyone' or 'resemble'? Is 'in her family' an adverbial phrase or an adjective phrase?

    asked by rfvv
  121. Math 062

    When you buy 50 gallons of gas for your truck and the tank holds 25 gallons.The proportion set up would be 1/50=25/x,what does x represent?

    asked by Anonymous
  122. Chemistry

    How do you create a calibration curve? How do you use a calibration curve to convert absorbance to concentration in mg/mL?

    asked by Sal
  123. Math

    So my teacher marked this 0/6 but only told me to correct 2 things. Can some one check over this? If I'm right I need to email my teacher.. Complete the two column proof. Given:

    asked by Sami
  124. pre-calculus

    Assume that the number of bacteria follows an exponential growth model: P(t)=P0ekt . The count in the bacteria culture was 900 after 20 minutes and 1600 after 30 minutes. (a) What was the initial size of the culture? (b) Find the population after 80

    asked by kevin
  125. Math

    Mr Howard is laying sod down in the his yard to create a new lawn. Each piece is 1 foot by 1 foot. How many pieces will Mr. Howard need if his yard measures 30 feet by 25 feet?

    asked by Anonymous
  126. ttu

    the sum of the digits of a three digit number is12. the tens digit is 2 lessthan the hundreds digit, and the units digit is 4 less than the sum of the two digits. What is the number?

    asked by Anna
  127. Science

    Which of the following circuits will allow electric current to flow?

    asked by Judith
  128. precalc

    A windshield wiper on a certain model car pivots through an angle of 123°. The total arm and blade length is 24 inches. If the blade is 21 inches, what is the total area of windshield being cleaned by the wiper?

    asked by Catalina
  129. computer

    write a program that accepts & displays the pricing of 10 different items from a suppermarket

    asked by maigua
  130. American Government

    "In politics, a political party acts as a 'bonding agent' to ensure the good performance of it's candidates and elected officeholders." USE THE QUOTATION TO ANSWER THE QUESTION 1. How do parties typically ensure the good performance of their candidates? A.

    asked by Ashley
  131. Statistics

    Need help with this statistics assignment. Of course not asking for you to do it, just an example or help on how to answer. Find some information in a book, research article, newspaper, magazine, or online about any kind of medical research that includes a

    asked by Amanda
  132. history

    12. The American Revolution most likely encouraged the Mexican people to revolt against Spain by A. exposing Spain’s lack of resources. B. introducing new political principles to Mexico. (I pick B) C. inspiring the French Revolution. D. showing that a

    asked by softball lover
  133. maths (fraction )

    a book contains 312 pages of book has pictures how many pages have pictures in book?

    asked by sanskar
  134. trig help

    simplify cosec40(sin40+sin80+cos120) help step

    asked by Anonymous
  135. Math

    Simplify the expression -1.5(4n-n)+2.8

    asked by Devyn
  136. trig help

    simplify cosec40(sin40+sin80+cos120) help step

    asked by Anonymous
  137. Finance

    Contributing $1,500 to his retirement fund at the end of each year beginning at age 18 through age 50, with an average annual return of 12%, how much does Juan have in his retirement account at this time to use toward a possible early retirement?

    asked by Mike
  138. Physics

    What is the reaction of the earth pulling down on a pen that is lying on a table

    asked by Mark
  139. Algrebra, Graphs, Math

    How do I sketch my graph of X+Y=3? Please help! I don't understand. Do I need to solve this like the rest of my previous graphs if so, then how? Please Help!

    asked by Anonymous
  140. Physics

    What is the angular speed of the earth as it orbits the sun a) in radians/second? b) in degrees per day?

    asked by Anonymous
  141. geometry

    I have no clue to this. Please help. Line segment CD has endpoints with coordinates (1,2) and (9,6). What is the location for point E so that E divides CD into the ratio 3:1?

    asked by noah
  142. Physics

    An object initially rotating at an angular speed of 1.6 rad/sec turns through 30 revolutions during the time it experienced an angular acceleration of 0.32 rad/s^2. a) For how much time did the acceleration last? b) What was the final angular speed?

    asked by Anonymous
  143. Math

    The lenght of the rectangle is one inch less than three times the width find the Dimensions if the perimeter is 40 inches

    asked by Jayjay santos
  144. ELA

    John Quinn does not explain the rule about the paddle to Paul, the narrator of “The Pigman & Me.” How does this one action affect the rest of the essay?

  145. math

    lily plants 80 seeds in her garden. Half of them are carrots. The rest are pumpkins and radishes. There are 6 more pumpkin seeds than radish seeds. How many radish seeds are there? How many carrot and radish seeds does Lily plant?

    asked by teresa
  146. Physics

    At a height of 500km above earth, a satellite will orbit the earth once every 95 minutes. Find the mass of the earth based on this idea. B) How far above earth's surface would a satellite need to orbit so that it revolves at exactly the same rate as the

    asked by Matt
  147. Health

    It's unprofessional to discuss your client with anyone, even the doctor or nurse. True or False? I think that this answer is true. I'm I correct? It's easier to spot unprofessional behaviors than it is to see professional behaviors.I think that this answer

    asked by Patricia
  148. Physics

    A) the earth year is 365.25 days long. How long would our year be if earth followed the same orbit, but was only the mass of Mars? Answer this in earth days. B) How long would our year be if earth were the same mass, but had the orbital distance of mercury

    asked by Matt
  149. Social Studies maybe?

    Who do you think is going to win the election tommorwo?

    asked by Just curious.
  150. Physics

    Suppose that instead of our sun, our star were a giant star such as Betelgeuse. The mass of Betelgeuse is estimated to be about 20 times that of our sun. With earth in the same orbit? With its same mass, how long would our year be in earth days if we

    asked by Matt
  151. setswana

    Tlhamo Nelson rolihlahla madiba Poso e ae entseng hore a tshwarwe

    asked by lethabo mogolola
  152. Math

    which of these prices is lower than 5 for $3.00

    asked by Tyler
  153. Calculas

    A company wants to build a cylindrical container with a semi-sphere lid. For a fixed volume V , the company wants to use a minimal amount of material for container and lid combined. Which radius r and height h of the container minimize the surface area for

    asked by Kevin Land
  154. Pre-Calculus

    What is the absolute value of: 3 - 8i? A. 9 B. 64 C. √55 D. √73

    asked by Sade
  155. maths

    in Mrs. chin class 1/3 of the students drank juice. 1/4 of the remainder drank water and the others drank soft drinks. 1) what fraction of the class drank water? 2) if there are 48 students in her class, how many students drank soft drinks?

    asked by indira
  156. Finance

    When Steve and Roslyn retire together they wish to receive $40,000 additional income (in the equivalent of today’s dollars) at the beginning of each year. They assume inflation will be 4% and they expect to realize an after tax return of 8%. Based on

    asked by Anonymous
  157. maths

    in a school each class has 7 charts to display on a notice board. Each chart must have 9 thumb tacks to support it. a) How many tacks are needed if three classes have to display their charts on the notice board? b) The three classes have a total of 171

    asked by indira
  158. finance

    Tyrone, age 25, expects to retire at age 60. He expects to live until age 90. He anticipates needing $45,000 per year in today’s dollars during retirement. Tyrone can earn a 12% rate of return and he expects inflation to be 4%. How much must Tyrone save,

    asked by Anonymous
  159. ELA

    how do I make this sentence as past perfect tense? I repair the damage from car accidents.

    asked by Cindy
  160. business statistics

    1. The average life expectancy of people around the world is 71.30 years with a population standard deviation of 8.00 years. I take a sample of 50 countries now and find that the average life expectancy is 74.37 years. Suppose I’m interested in seeing if

    asked by amanda
  161. Calculus

    Find the Riemann sum for f(x) = sin x over the interval [0, 2π], where x0 = 0, x1 = π/4, x2 = π/3, x3 = π, and x4 = 2π, and where c1 = π/6, c2 = π/3, c3 = 2π/3, and c4 = 3π/2.

    asked by Nelson
  162. physics


    asked by abdulkadir
  163. physics

    There are two crates are sliding down a ramp. If the crate at the top has a mass of 11.5 kg and friction is 0.20. The other has a mass of 23 kg and friction is 0.10, what is the tension in the string? Assume the string is massless.

    asked by 2FUN
  164. calculus

    Integral High value= 4 lower value=0 f(x)dx f(x) = 2, x < 2 x, x ≥ 2 It's asking me to use geometric formulas to solve this without a shape given. What am I supposed to do?

    asked by Nelson
  165. Physics

    Suppose your car was mired deeply in the mud and you wanted to use the method illustrated in the figure to pull it out. (a) What force in newtons would you have to exert perpendicular to the center of a rope to produce a force of 10,000 N on the car if the

    asked by Sara
  166. geometry

    a rectangular prism has a total surface area of 166mm^2, a height of 4mm, a width of 5mm. what is the length of the prism?

    asked by jill
  167. Calculus

    What is the absolute value of: 3 - 8i? A. 9 B. 64 C. √55 D. √73

    asked by Sade
  168. Physics

    The large disk-shaped flywheel illustrated below has a radius R of 0.25 m. It is made to spin by the small wheel that contacts it at its rim. The small wheel applies a constant force of 1430 N. Friction in the bearing exerts a retarding torque 22 Nm on the

    asked by Beth
  169. Calculus

    f'(x)=sqrt(x)*sin(x) The first derivative of the f is given above. If f(0)=0, at what value of x does the function f attain its minimum value on the closed interval [0,10]?

    asked by Mike
  170. maths

    In an A.P., the first term is 2 and the sum of the first five terms is one-fourth of the next terms. Show that 20th term is -112.

    asked by Tanisha
  171. math

    One angle of a parallelogram is two third of the Other find the angle of the parallelog9ram

    asked by drasti
  172. English

    Hello. I will be grateful for some language help. 1) Is the preposition "in" OK in the following sentence (maybe, no preposition at all or "when"?): "He made no mistake in choosing true friends"? 2) Is the word "contain" natural in the context: "I fully

    asked by Ilma
  173. english

    fill in the blank. Big snapping turtles don't get to weigh so much without eating a lot of food. Here's how they do it: Most snapping turtles float, or lie motionless on the bottom of a pond or river. a fish, frog, or other prey swims close enough, the

    asked by Anonymous
  174. Stats

    Depending on your school commute on your way to to campus, you regularly stop at one of two of your favorite coffee shop locations "Fresh Pots!". You begin to suspect that one location is inconsistently producing their coffee by watering them down or over

    asked by Plzz help
  175. Physics

    A 45kg skier is sliding down a 37 degree ski slope starting from rest. She crossed the 25m in 5.0s. Ignoring air resistance, Find all the forces on the skier.

    asked by John
  176. Math

    How would I write an equation of a line with an undefined slope that passes through (-3,-6)?

    asked by Help please
  177. Math

    When using the Distributive Property to multiply two binomials, how many pairs of partial products will be in the result (before any simplifying)? A.1 B.2** C.3 D.4 Thanks for the help! :)

    asked by Laney
  178. Pre-Algebra

    7 • 68 Use distributive property and write it down.

    asked by Britney
  179. Physics

    A 24.5-kg sled is being pulled across a horizontal surface at a constant velocity. The pulling force has a magnitude of 87.5 N and is directed at an angle of 30.0° above the horizontal. Determine the coefficient of kinetic friction. µk=

    asked by Ashley
  180. Algebra 2

    What is the largest two consecutive even integers with a total sum less than or equal to 130?

    asked by happy snail
  181. If y= (2x + 2)^3 find dy/dx using chains rule

    If y= (2x + 2)^3 find dy/dx using chains rule

    asked by Jide
  182. English

    1. Do you think where he lives? 2. Where do you think he lives? (#1 is incorrect. #2 is correct. Do you know why? Why is that?)

    asked by rfvv
  183. Math

    29 students 12 boys and 17 girls probability of selecting a boy

    asked by Anonymo
  184. writing

    need help please with writing. I need to explain the purpose / main idea of the presentation. But I have no idea how to do that.

    asked by Alie
  185. physics

    Two crates rest on top of one another.There is a crate of mass 4.62 kg on top of another crate of mass 2.19 kg. The coefficient of friction between the lower crate and the floor is μk = 0.440 and the coefficient of static friction between the two crates

    asked by 2FUN
  186. Math

    A right triangle hypotenuse has length of 5. If one keg has length of 2, what is the length of the other leg?

    asked by Amy
  187. Calculas


    asked by Mohamed
  188. Calculas

    Horizantal limit of (6x^3-8x^2-6x)/(3-11x-8x^3)

    asked by Mohamed
  189. American government

    Name the two factors that give federal courts jurisdiction over a case?

    asked by Me
  190. Pre-Calc

    Since cot x = cos x / sin x, if cot x = 1/2, with the angle x in the first quadrant, then cos x = 1 and sin x = 2 (1) State true or false. Is this a possible situation? (2) If false, explain why.

    asked by Rena
  191. Algebra

    If one train is going north at 60m/s, and the other train is going south at 30m/s, what stop do i get off at?

    asked by Susan Sue
  192. Physics

    A 3 kg book is resting on a table. What force does the table exert on the book?

    asked by Nathaniel
  193. math

    Sam is now four times as old as her cousin Patty. Next, year, Sam's age will be three times Patty's age then. How old are they now?

    asked by Dante
  194. physic

    a skater with moment of inertia 15 kgm2 begins a spin with an angular speed of 6.0 rad/s by changing the position of her arms, the skater decreases her moment of inertia by 50% what is the skaters final angular speed

    asked by amro
  195. Physics

    A certain number of identical resistors are connected in series and their total resistance is measured. When the resistors are disconnected and re-connected in parallel, their total resistance drops to one-percent of the value measured when they were

    asked by Charles
  196. physics

    An ideal gas has the following initial conditions: Vi = 490 cm3, Pi = 5 atm, and Ti = 100°C. What is its final temperature if the pressure is reduced to 1 atm and the volume expands to 1000 cm3?

    asked by Math