Questions Asked on
November 5, 2016

  1. Math

    Six gross of special drawing pencils were purchased for use in a department. If the pencils were used at the rate of 24 a week, the maximum number of weeks that the 6 gross of pencils would last is?

    asked by chris
  2. math

    A dealer bought some bicycles for $4,000. He sold them $6,200, making $50 on each bicycle. How many bicycles were here?

    asked by chris
  3. statistics

    Find sd. The differences between two sets of dependent data are -8, 4, -6, 10. Round to the nearest tenth. A.) 4.3 B.) 195.5 C.) 6.8 D.) 8.5

    asked by janet
  4. algebra

    The volume of a gas varies directly with its temperature and inversely with the pressure. If the volume of a certain gas is 20 cubic feet at a temperature of 350K and a pressure of 35 pounds per square inch, what is the volume of the same gas at 330 K when

    asked by Anthony
  5. Arithmetic

    A man paid $42.30 for gasoline in may, $38.60 in June, and $43 in July. What was the average monthly cost for gasoline?

    asked by chris
  6. Physics

    A horizontal forces of magnitude 500N pulls two blocks of masses m1=10 kg and m2=20 kg which are connected by the light inextensible string and lying on the horizontal frictionless surface. Find the tension in the strings and acceleration of each mass when

    asked by S
  7. Math

    1. Which number is the resolution of m + 90 = 150? a. 50 b. 60 (my answer) c. 140 d. 240 2. Which number is the solution of n/3 = -12? a. -36 b. -4 (my answer) c. 4 d 36 3. Use mental math to find the solution of 19b = 190. a. 10 b. 11 c. 171 (my answer)

    asked by Rylee
  8. Social Impact of Technology

    From Brad Reid’s perspective, with respect to establishing a just and virtuous social order, how does he characterize the role of the legal system in the world of business? A. It is a vital tool when properly applied. B. It can be effective, but only

    asked by Angela
  9. Social Impact of Technology

    Regarding the case of the Ford Pinto, which statement is TRUE? A. About half of the Pinto prototypes passed the 20 mph test. B. Ralph Nader demonized the Ford Motor Company in his book Unsafe at any Speed. C. The decision to go ahead with Pinto production

    asked by Angela
  10. physics

    a duck is swimming across a river.The duck can swim at maximum speed of 2m\s in still water. If the duck is swimming as hard as possible straight across a river that is running at 4m\s, what is the duck's overall speed, relative to the goose sitting on the

    asked by atiyya
  11. Physics

    If your hands are wet and no towel is handy, you can remove some of the excess of water by shaking them. Why does this get rid of it?

    asked by Amrit
  12. Physics

    An airplane pilot wishes to fly due west. A wind of 80km/hr is blowing towards the south. a) If the speed of llane in air is 320km/hr, in which direction should the pilot head? b) What is the speed of plane over the ground? (Illustrate with diagram)

    asked by Amrit
  13. Math

    A farmer has some hens and cows the total number of feet us 128 if the total number of of animals are 40 find how many hens and cows are there?

    asked by Priti singh
  14. Algebra II

    the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 25 inches and the height is 5 inches more than its base. what is the height of the triangle?

    asked by Brandon
  15. Algebra 2

    Given: log(10,5)=a, log(10,3)=b, log(10,2)=c Find: log(30,8)

    asked by Anonymous
  16. math

    Two trains leave the station at the same time, one heading west and the other east. The westbound train travels 10 miles per hour slower than the eastbound train. If the two trains are 720 miles apart after 4 hours, what is the rate of the westbound train?

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Calculus

    Two sides of a triangle are 4 inches long. What should be the angle between these sides to make the area of the triangle as large as possible?

    asked by kate
  18. algebra

    The length a spring stretches is directly proportional to the force applied. If a force of 8 pounds stretches a spring 10 inches, how much force is necessary to stretch the same spring 9 inches?

    asked by Anthony
  19. Earth Science

    1.) What is the relationship between temperature and the rate at which antacid tablets react with water? 2.) Form a hypothesis about the relationship between temperature and the rate of chemical weathering. 3.) Would a limestone building weather more

    asked by PleaseHelpMe777
  20. math

    A man owned 75 shares of stock worth $50 each. The corporation declared a dividend of 8%, payable stock. how many shares did he then own?

    asked by chris
  21. chemistry

    The speed of a certain proton is 4.5×10^5m/s. If the uncertainty in its momentum is to be reduced to 0.1%. Calculate the uncertainty in its position

    asked by Aweda
  22. Arithmetic

    A man owned 75 shares of stock worth $50 each. The corporation declared a dividend of 8 percent payable in stock. How many shares did he then own? 81 shares but how?

    asked by chris
  23. English

    'In' means 'no longer than a particular period of time' or 'at the end of a particular period of time.' 1. Can you finish the job in two weeks? 1-2. Can you finish the job in less than two weeks? (Are both the same?) 2. I should be there in half an hour.

    asked by rfvv
  24. Social Studies

    How did Governor Thomas Hutchinson attempt to ensure that the official tea in port at Boston would be unloaded? He personally supervised the unloading of the tea under armed guard. He arrested members of the Sons of Liberty as they met with the ship

    asked by Aralyn
  25. Pre-Calculus

    Use the following vectors to answer the question. u: v: What is the projection of u onto v?

    asked by Sade
  26. Chemistry Solutions

    Commercial Sodium hydroxide has a concentration of 19.4mol/L. How many milliliters of sodium hydroxide solution can be prepared from 59g or sodium hydroxide.

    asked by Isaac
  27. Algebra


    asked by Melody
  28. math

    To qualify for a special program at university, sharma had to write a standardized test. The test had a maximum score of 750, with a mean score of 540 and a standard deviation of 70. Scores on this test were normally distributed. Only those applicants

    asked by jessica
  29. Pre cal

    Determine all x-intercepts, vertical asymptotes, horizontal asymptotes, and removable discontinuities of f (x)=(x^2-x-6)/(x^3-4x).

    asked by K
  30. English

    Background You’ve applied for a specific job in your field of study. The Human Resources Department arranges an interview and tells you to bring with you a polished piece of writing for them to evaluate your writing skills. The paragraph must describe

    asked by MEG
  31. Spanish

    What is the correct way to say "I prefer milk" in Spanish? A. Yo prefero leche B. Yo prefiero leche*** C. Yo preferir leche D. Yo priefero leche

    asked by Sam
  32. Chemistry

    A compressed air tank carried by scuba divers has a volume of 9.5 L and a pressure of 140 atm at 20∘C. If the gas was instead in a cylinder with a floating, massless, frictionless piston, what would the volume of the gas be (in liters) at STP? Express

    asked by Jessica
  33. Maths

    A rectangular fish tank has a base area of 0.3 m squared and height 30 cm and is filled with 80 L of water. Ten large fish with volume 50 cm cubed each are placed into the tank. By how much does the water rise?

    asked by Ted
  34. time speed and distance

    a cat on seeing a dog 100 m away turns around and start running away at 24 kmph. the dog spots him one minute later and start chasing the cat at a speed of 33 kmph. after how much time from the start of the cat's run will the chase end

    asked by Dharmesh
  35. chemistry

    Identify which of the following function are Eigen functions of the operators d/dx and give the corresponding Eigen value (1). ¥= e^ikx (2). ¥= coskx (3). kx

    asked by Aweda
  36. math

    find the average,maximum,minimum and sum of three numbers given by user.

    asked by Debremarkos
  37. Chemistry

    if 7.653 grams of water is decomposed by an electrical current how much oxygen gas will be produced?

    asked by Rae
  38. spanish

    Hola! I was wondering if someone could check my work! Llene el espacio en blanco con el MANDATO apropriado. 1. ¡No _____ tú esas tartas! (TOCAR) toca 2. ______ Ud. la lista de ingredientes para el flan, por favor. (ESCRIBIR) escriba 3. No me _______ Uds.

    asked by Anna
  39. physics

    A cube with a mass of 40 g is made from a metal with a density of 6 g/cm3. What is the volume of the cube and the length of each edge? ----volume cm^3 -----length cm^3

    asked by Beth
  40. mathematics

    which values affected when you reflect angle ABC by y-axis? and explain how they reflected

    asked by Nkosikhona zikhali
  41. Chemistry

    if 4.307 grams of water is decomposed by an electrical current how much oxygen gas will be produced?

    asked by Rae
  42. geography

    A football match is to be played on Saturday in NewZealand(longitude 150 degrees east) between the host country and Nigeria (longitude 15 degrees east).If the match is to be televised life, at what time should Nigerians tune in their television sets to

    asked by anonymous
  43. algebra

    A man has two investments. The first pays him 3% interest per year and the other, 4%. The total income from these two investments is $170. If the interest rates were interchanged, the yearly income would be $180. How much is the investment?

    asked by Greg
  44. chemistry

    The amount of lead in drinking water is 0.025 mg/L. Express this concentration in molality. {molar mass of lead is 207.2 g/mol and the density of water is 1.00 g/cm.}

    asked by karen
  45. math

    if sin - A =1.2 then find the value of cos3A=?

    asked by inderjeet
  46. English

    1. May I borrow this book? - Sure. Just remember to give it back in a week. 2. May I borrow this book? - Sure. Just remember to give it back within a week. ------------------------------ In this short dialogue, does 'in' mean 'within'? Or are both

    asked by rfvv
  47. maths

    how to solve this equations 2x=3x

    asked by Anonymous
  48. English

    (There is a program on the screen.) I will fire this gun on the screen of the laptop. Then I will choose a student who can read Part 1. I will click on the gun. Fire the gun! Now I got Number 3. Who is Number 3? Will you come up here and read the first

    asked by rfvv
  49. phisics

    The earth is , on average 150 million km from the sun calculate its average speed in orbit?

    asked by wahid
  50. Maths

    Which six numbers are more than 15 and less than 18

    asked by Girl anomalous
  51. Pre-Calculus

    Given: u and v Find: (u • v)(u + v)

    asked by Iris
  52. Calculus

    Given: u and v What is the measure of the angle between them?

    asked by Iris
  53. Mathe

    ) Two dice are thrown. What is the probability that the sum of dots shown is 4 or 6? a) ¼ b) 1/6 c) 2/9 d) 5/18

    asked by Ghulam muhammad
  54. Algebra

    1. Total distance traveled varies directly with the amount of time spent traveling. If traveling 4.5 hours results in 180 miles traveled, write the direct linear variation equation. Then determine how long it would take you to travel 320 miles, assuming

    asked by Stacie
  55. science

    Particles of mass 3m and 5m hang one at each end of a light inextensible string which passes over a pulley.the system is released from rest with the hanging parts taut and vertical.during the subsequent motion the resultant force exerted by the string on

    asked by nishat
  56. Social Impact of Technology

    In which of these Asian countries has gendercide been rejected in favor of gender equality? A. Sri Lanka B. South Korea C. Indonesia D. Tibet Ans: B

    asked by Angela
  57. English

    Tom made a big show of arriving at work early and leaving later than everyone else, thereby _____ the rumor that he was a slacker. (debunk) Choose the right word: 1. debunk 2. debunks 3. debunking Answer: debunks

    asked by Kimmy
  58. Physics

    A cube of ice, 28 cm on each side,is melted into a measuring cup. What is the volume of the liquid water -------cm^3

    asked by Beth
  59. English

    Feeling sorry about his _____ toward his sister the previous day, John made a special effort to compliment her today. (invectice) a. invectice b. invectiveness Answer: invectice

    asked by Kimmy
  60. Physics

    A dike in Holland springs a leak through a hole of area 0.80 cm2 at a depth of 1.4 m below the water surface.How much force must a boy apply to the hole with his thumb to stop the leak? Could he do it?

    asked by Ayla
  61. accounting

    Determine the ending balance of the Merchandise Inventory account given the following transactions: TooDaLoo had a beginning balance of $8,500 in its Merchandise Inventory account. They purchased $45,000 worth of inventory on account from WeeParcel under

    asked by nicole
  62. Physics

    A ball A having a speed of 44.0 ms-1 collides with another ball, B, of the same mass which is initially at rest. After the collision A is deflected, 45.0 from its initial direction and B moves off at an angle of 30.0° to the original direction of A. a.

    asked by Van
  63. Adv function

    Cos^4(x)+sin^4(4)=cos(2x) Plz help.

    asked by Anonymous
  64. English

    how can I write a humerus speech for declamation on topic "I never reason, therefore, I am seldom wrong." ?

    asked by Iqra Khalid
  65. physics

    A body is in equilibrium under the action of three force is 4.0N acting due east and one is 5.0N in direction, 60°NE.calculate the magnitude of the third force.

    asked by farima
  66. Architecture

    Can contemporary and gothic architecture coexist?

    asked by Charlotte
  67. math

    a truck weighting 20000 pounds going 5 mph what is the force of the truck when it hits a person and comes to a complete stop?

    asked by dave
  68. Math

    All my pairs of underpants are red except two. All my pairs of underpants are blue except two. All my pairs of underpants are pink except two. How many pairs of underpants do I have?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Advance function

    given that sinx, tanx, and sin2x form geometric sequence, show cos^3x=1/2 can someone explain this to me, i have no idea how to solve it. i really done understand how to turn it into a geometric sequence

    asked by AA
  70. Math 062

    if 3 pounds of grass seed cover 403 square feet,how many pounds are needed for 5642 square feet?

    asked by Rosa
  71. physics

    A car is traveling at 60.6 mph on a horizontal highway. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2. If the coefficient of friction between road and tires on a rainy day is 0.056, what is the minimum distance in which the car will stop? Answer in units of m.

    asked by loren
  72. Math 062

    A 170 pound person burns 252 calories during 30 minutes of tennis,find the number of calories a 210 pound person would burn during the same activity.

    asked by Rosa
  73. Math gemetry

    A group of social workers made a square shaped jogging park in a city whose perimeter is 4 its sides make a table of ordered pairs (x, y) and plot the line graph where x=l and y= b. What value you learn from social worker?

    asked by Hh
  74. College

    Any organization that produces a good or service can be classified as a business. True or False I say true. Please check my work.

    asked by Tim
  75. Physics

    A ship is first seen on a radar screen to be 9 km east of the radar site. Some time later, the ship is at 18 km northwest. What is the displacement of the ship from the first location?

    asked by Nathaniel
  76. MATH

    If y varies inversely with x and y = 8 when x = 5, then what is y when x = 2? 4 6 10 20

    asked by Sara
  77. Physics

    A particle of mass m1 = 2.5 kg moving along the x axis collides with a particle of mass m2 = 4.9 kg initially at rest. The incoming particle is deflected in the direction 22 degrees above the x axis, whereas the target particle moves off at 15 m/s at 37

    asked by Ana
  78. sir-reiny-steve help

    In a survey carried out among 100 soldiers, the investigation shows that 42 were shot on head, 43 on arm, 32 on leg, 5 were shot on head and arm, 8 on arm and leg and 6 on leg and head. How many soldiers were shot; (i). all three parts of the body. Plz

    asked by Anonymous
  79. math- Trigonometry

    If cos degree equals to 0.8641 What is Sin degree? I have no idea how to find this. Please help me. I got help from two people, but I'm not getting the answer and how they got the numbers either. Someone says: cos^2+sin^2=1 sinDegree=sqrt(1-cos^2degree)

    asked by Simran
  80. Business

    Accounting is actually an easy subject for most people to understand because almost everyone is exposed to basic accounting concepts in their everyday life. True or False. I say True.

    asked by Tim
  81. Math

    36 is equal to 45% of a number n. Write and solve an equation to find n. Write the percent as a decimal. Equation=? n=? My friend and I are both stumped on this question.

    asked by Madeline
  82. math

    Students contributed some money to help needy people. They bought twenty four 2-kg packets of flour, thirty six 1-kg packets of flour and a fifty kilogram bag of sugar. The flour was packed in 500 g packets and the sugar in 250 g packets. How many

    asked by kudu
  83. chemistry

    calculate the number of moles of cacl2 that can be obtained from 25g of limestone caco3 in the prescence of excess hydrogen chloride

    asked by esther
  84. Physics Gravitation Question

    Vesta, a minor planet in the Asteriod Belt between Mars and Jupiter, has a mean radius of 525 km and mass of 2.59 X 10^20 kg. The Dawn Spacecraft (m = 1240 kg) orbited Vesta in 2011 & 2012. Find the local acceleration due to gravity at the mean surface of

    asked by Anon
  85. Physics Gravitation Question

    Vesta, a minor planet in the Asteriod Belt between Mars and Jupiter, has a mean radius of 525 km and mass of 2.59 X 10^20 kg. The Dawn Spacecraft (m = 1240 kg) orbited Vesta in 2011 & 2012. A. Find the local acceleration due to gravity at the mean surface

    asked by Anon
  86. Physics - Gravitation

    Vesta, a minor planet in the Asteriod Belt between Mars and Jupiter, has a mean radius of 525 km and mass of 2.59 X 10^20 kg. The Dawn Spacecraft (m = 1240 kg) orbited Vesta in 2011 & 2012. How much energy did the spacecraft expend going from the 2750 km

    asked by Anon
  87. Physics

    An object of mass 1.00kg is moving over a horizontal circular path of radius 2.00m, with a speed of 3.00ms^-1. Determine: (a) its centripetal acceleration (b) its kinetic energy (c) its period (d) its angular velocity

    asked by Tyrese

    An aeroplane makes in emergency landing without landing gear. If the aeroplane touches down with a horizontal speed of 60.0ms^-1 and the coefficient of friction for aluminium on asphalt is μ = 0.500, how far will the aeroplane slide before coming to rest?

    asked by Steven
  89. physics (urgent)

    A flywheel with a moment of inertia of 1.00kg m^2 is rotating at 100 rpm. What torque is required to bring it to rest in 10.0 revolutions?

    asked by paul
  90. Math

    James had three times as many nickels as dimes. If the total value of his coins was $1.00, how many of each kind of coin did he have?

    asked by Anoymous
  91. Algebra

    The width of the garden is 5 feet the length is twice the widt. The strawberries take up 3 feet by 6 feet how many square feet of the garden is available

    asked by Wanda scott
  92. Advanced Physics

    What are the displacements for the following vectors? I. A vector moving 45 degrees northeast at a velocity of 3m/s and the turns 30 degrees southeast

    asked by Chimpinde
  93. Chemistry

    In a similar experiment, a sample of tin metal was dissolved in nitric acid to produce 23.00 mL of solution containing Sn2+. Titration analysis resulted in the calculation that the concentration of Sn2+ in this solution was 0.65 mol/L. b. What mass of tin

    asked by james
  94. Spanish

    Please help me and check my answers! Llene el espacio en blanco con el MANDATO apropriado. 1. ¡No _____ tú esas tartas! (TOCAR) toca 2. ______ Ud. la lista de ingredientes para el flan, por favor. (ESCRIBIR) escriba 3. No me _______ Uds. Esas cosas. Son

    asked by Anna
  95. physics

    A solid ball with a volume of 0.1 m3 is made of a material with a density of 2800 kg/m3. What is the mass of the ball? -----kg

    asked by Katelyn
  96. Math

    A square floor had 100 tiles each tile is 1 square foot what is the length of one side of this square

    asked by Khia
  97. physics

    A cube of ice, 28 cm on each side, is melted into a measuring cup. What is the volume of the liquid water? ------cm3

    asked by Katelyn
  98. english

    what are some of the main ideas and details of the olaudah Equiano story I know one of the main ideas is the slaves on the ship were kept in close confinement under terrible conditions and I have the detail for that main idea. any other ones?

    asked by lamisha
  99. chem.

    A mixture of gases contains twice as many moles of As as Kr. If 0.300 mol of Xe is added to this mixture, the pressure increases from 1.26 atm to 1.47 atm. how many moles of Ar are in the mixture?

    asked by anonymous
  100. Physics

    A ship is first seen on a radar screen to be 9 km east of the radar site. Some time later, the ship is 18 km northwest. What is the displacement of the ship from the first location it is seen at?

    asked by Nathaniel
  101. Stats

    When making a decision on whether a sample mean is significantly different than a population mean given that you sampled a small sample (n), what is the correct reasoning for choosing the t-distribution over the standard normal distribution

    asked by Plzz help
  102. geography

    If the time at town A (longitude 75 degrees west) is 5.00pm on Friday,what will be the time and day at town B?

    asked by anonymous
  103. applied physics

    what angle do blue light wavelength of 460 nm and red light 680 nm disperse upon entering from vacuum to a dispersion medium with n(blue)=1.349 and n(red)=1.213 at an incident angle of 20 degree?

    asked by jack isaiah
  104. geography

    If the time at Town A longitude 75 degrees west is 5 p.m. on Friday what will be the time at Town B longitude 120 degrees east

    asked by anonymous
  105. Maths

    Find the rule for the volume of a cylinder in terms of r only if the height is equal to its circumference. The surface area of a cylinder is 2pi square units. Find a rule for h in terms of r.

    asked by Ted
  106. Statistics

    "Suppose two independent samples have been collected.Based on a sample of 26 from the first population, you observe 14 successes. The second sample of size 26 had 17 successes. What is the critical value for a 85% confidence interval that compares these

    asked by Chris
  107. algebra

    lisa is six less thatn twice chris's age.write an expression for lisa's age

    asked by tracy
  108. Physics

    A ship is first seen on a radar screen to be 9 km east of the radar site. Some time later, the ship is at 18km northwest. What is the displacement of the ship from the first location it is seen at? 25.2 km (INSERT ANGLE HERE?!?) degrees north of west

    asked by Nathaniel
  109. chemistry

    Calculate the Debroglie wavelength of a mass 1.0g traveling at 1.0cm/sec

    asked by Aweda
  110. Stats

    Depending on your school commute on your way to to campus, you regularly stop at one of two of your favorite coffee shop locations "Fresh Pots!". You begin to suspect that one location is inconsistently producing their coffee by watering them down or over

    asked by Plzz help
  111. chemistry

    Calculate the linear momentum of photon of wavelength 750nm. What speed does an electron need to travel to have the same linear momentum.

    asked by Aweda